Portland new age. (Portland, Or.) 1905-1907, April 13, 1907, Image 5

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Jfarttanil Nro Ag
JhUbllihad UM A. D. Qrlffln, Manager
Offlee, Room 317, Commonwealth Building
To lniora publleai
means sot Tatar
a little too far when aho claimed that 'man that wo can sea that ho u a cni
she could bo to any of the banks ored man.
and get $20,000 on character. Mr. i .
C. A. Rltter was the next speaker' Mr p A Denlson will no doubt
for tho negative. Ho waB followed try to appointed one of the As
hy Mrs. Fullilovfl who found tnn mln. Blatant Prosecuting Attorneys of dil
utes that was allotted to each sneak- ?a- Mr S. A. T. Watklns who has
Kyerett Market. (B. L. Peck. Pron.U
Choice Meats and Poultry, 418 Everett f D rllil.
Street, corner Tenth, Portland, Ore.lvJ. lVllalGr
raone main 1640.
Babfeription price, on year, payable in ad
ranee, SJ.00.
Local News on thli Pago bjr
C A. RITTBR. City Bdltor
O. Anderson. atanl anil flatttv am.
fcS'US1 !L,5ui!l er too short to give her argument no,d tno fllco for some time 1b now'cri. Twenty-first and Thurman
,Un morning 0! ,n fayor Qf charactor Mr B D going out of office very much dls- treat, 'phone Hood 67. Fresh
Cannedy was the last speaker on tho l,Koa W a "fKB number of tho law-i"ea oonee a specialty.
negative. He made some very tell- yorfl ana 'ho peoplo who come In
Ing points for his Bldo, after which In contact with him. Ho got tho swell
a flvo minutes closing nrgument Mr. ?ead bo that no person could hardly
Fullllovo revlow tho ontlro subject. tttlk to "m and when they did, they
Tho Judges thon retired and after a could hardly get a satisfactory and
lengthy aeBslon returned and report- Intelligent answer from him. It is
od that thoy woro unablo to ngroo to bo hoped and trusted that In tho
on a unanimous vordict, standing 2 whole history of Chicago in tho fu
to 1 In favor of tho affirmative Tho turo w'll over such an individual as
next meeting of tho society will bo Mr s- A T. Watklns over got Into
hold Friday, April 10th at tho A. M. nn mco ,n this city. Ho Is now go
E. Zlon church whon tho subject for ,nB out of omco, and may Cod bo do-
debnto will bo "Resolved that tho ,vouuj manned ior mat.
US j
Mr. Paul Strain tho scnlnl pro
prlctor of tho Chicago Clothing Co. Sword has been more benefit to tho
in thn Ainswortlt Iliilldlne. Third nnd Country than tho Pen." Tho nfflrma-
Oak Btrects, Is n firm and truo frlond tlvo will bo supported by Mr. Feath
of our people. Call and get acquaint-, orstono and Mrs. Darbour. Tho nog
Try tho Pacific Laundry Co. for
good work and prompt service. Main
omco first and Arthur streets, Port
land, Ore. Telephone 649.
John Schald, dealer In hardware, tin
ware, sheet Iron work, guttering,
spouting and roofing. General Jobbing
a specialty. 149 Russell street.
cd with him.
Mrs. J. N. Fullllovo Is qulto 111.
Mr. S. S. Walker Ib qulto III with
Mr. J. Donto of Salem Is tho guest
of Mrs. Llzzio Watcrford.
F. D. Thomas returned homo from
Oakland, Cal this week. Ho roports
his daughter to bo very low.
Sim Reddy Is still confined to his
bed at tho Good Samaritan hospital.
ntlvo by W. H. Roblson nnd Miss
Rllla Gray and two others to bo se
cured later. Tho public Is cordially
Invited to nttend. A short musical
program will bo presented.
A. L. UAllUUIt 1
Candidate for Auditor for the City of
Mr. A .L. Darbur is a natlvo of tho
Btato, being born In Polk county,
Juno 4, 1801, and was nnmed after
Abraham Lincoln, Ho graduated
from tho National Business Collcco'
of Portland In 1873, and has nrnc-
Mrs. J. HouBCr Is still undor tho ucnuy resiuca in rorimna Binco inai
physicians care, llttlo if any 1m- tlmo. Ho wns credit man for Pago
proved In health. & Son for ?" At prcsont ho
hns chargo of tho collection dopart-
An Interesting mooting of tho Tnx- jnnt of tho Oregon Trust & Savings
paycrB Loaguo was hold on Tuosdny J'nnk. Ho Is n Roosovolt republican.
evening jit tho Bothol A. M. E.,f family consists of wife, flvo boys
church, ftna thrco girls. Ho has always taken
nn nctlvo Interest in tho ropubllcnn
Hon. T. Ewlng, of Alaska, spent Prty, and Is also prominent In sov
Bovoral days In tho city this wook. ora' fraternal organizations. His
Ho loft Thursday morning onrouto Platform Is practical business meth-
for Oakland, Cal. UUB "'"orcou in inu omco una 1110
I peoplo honestly nnd courteously
Mrs. H. M. Gray nnd Mrs. D. M. served. Hob novor hold polltlcnl of
Nowman chaporonod a party of "co-
young peoplo nt a box pnrty at ono
y of our leading thcators laBt Mondny
Wo nro pleased to boo our old I Moving and removing this Individual
frlond, Arthur Harris, who had n awmmwmmmmmmmmiirom tho pollco department.
flngor nmputatod on account of Tho Now Abo ,. on ..1- mt r...',
It Is an old Baying but neverthe
less a truo ono that "Truth crushed
to tho earth will rlso again," nnd
when your correspondent after and
boforo tho election said that Mr. F.
L. Darnott, tho colored candldato for
ono of tho Juducs of tho municipal
court In Chicago was unreliable, un
popular and not tho man for tho
place, and thnt tho colored "people
knifed him nt tho polls, somo persona
attempted to contradict It by writing
articles to tho Now York Ago, and
now tho Chicago Conservntor comes
out nnd nffirms what your corres
pondent said, and says that tho rea
son that ho wns defeated was bo
causo ho waB forced on tho ticket
against tho protest of tho colored
peoplo and that ho Is weak and un
popular, f
Pollco Officer McCnll, who Is now
stationed nt tho Cottago Grovo Avo
nuo Station, nccordlng to Lawyer
Thurman's statement Is Indebted to
him in tho sum of $25 for services
rendered In getting him acquitted of
n chargo of disorderly conduct that
happond somo tlmo ago. This Is tho
tmnio man McCall who Is now a po
llco olllcor, who wns arrested In a
disorderly houso n short 'time ago
boforo ho got on tho nollco force.
with somo other bad characters, and
nftor tho lawyer got him out of tho
trouble, ho now refuses to pay him.
If tho facts aro over brought to light
In roforonco to this Individual Chief
Collins of tho pollco forco of Chicago
win do tho community a favor by ro
Royal Market,' Balr & Worth propri
etors, fresh and cured meats, fish,
poultry and game. 439 Union avenuo
north, cornor Tillamook. Phone East
North 16th Streot Market, A. Wur
tenborgcr, proprietor, cholco poultry,
fresh and salt meats, phono Main 1395,
230 North Sixteenth street, Portland,
L. N. Necs, boot and shoomakcr.
Flno repairing a specialty. Give lilm
a call when you need nnythlng fn
this line, 322V6 Williams av., Portland,
Condldate for the
Nomination for
Primary election May 4
Henry A. Belding
Candidate for the
Nomination for
Councilman, Sixth Ward
For the Improvement of tlio Sixth want
and a squaro ileal for tho laborer
Primary election May 4, 1007
The Beat of Everything a
Our Line afthe Beat Prices
N. W. Cor. Firat & Sherman Streeta
Tho Oak Cafe. Choicest lino of
wines, liquors and cigars. P. W. Pick,
proprietor. Oregon Phono Pacific
2118, corner Fourth and Oak streets,
Portland, Oro.
Northwest Window Wnxhlng Co.
Window Washing, Whlto Wnsh
ers, Floor Oiling, Brass Polishing,
Floor Scrublng, Furnlturo Cleaning,
Stovo Polishing, Pnpor Cleaning,
Rug Cleaning nnd Ynrd Cleaning.
Call for Jnko Ellis nt 335 Couch st.
blood poisoning Is out on tho streot Nows Stand, 500 Thlrty-sovcnth st.,
uguiii, uuuuubu nun (uiiu jii. I UlllCagO.
Tho enterprising firm of Chnudlor
& Ballard lmvo recently purchased
nn olegant forty-horso power auto
mobile. Thoy nnd their frlonds aro
now tho onvy of thoso less fortunato.
B. B. Johnson, n paBtor of tho
Baptist faith lately of Denver nnd
Salt Lako arrived In tho city this
wook. Ho wants to locato In tho
woBt nnd Is looking for n good loca
tion to start church of his falthv
Margarotto Washington, a comely
arrowed on 'Tuesday 'evening , 0DI,rt' Ia" ar tU dty n a V,B,t'
April C, 1007.
Mr. S. B. Jones, is now on tho sick
Mr. Robort H. Williams of 34GG
Dearborn streot is very sick.
Mr. Theodora W. Jones Is back in
Chicago from a visit In California.
Mr. A. L. Harris ono of tho lend
ing colorod mon of Johnstown, Pa.,
was In tho city Inst woek.
Mr. Gcorgo Roberts of Buffalo, N.
Y., nnd Mr. Samuol Beck, of Dav
269 Flnndors street charged with Rov. R. L. DIckcrson pastor of tho
larceny nt two different tlmos. Sho St. Marks A. M. E. church, corner of
wns hold for trial but claims to bo, 47th street and Stnto has boon trans
nblo to establish an alibi. If erred to Loulsvlllo, Ky.
Thoro scorns to bo a vory strnnga
nnd bad practice among sovornl of
tho colored womon in Chicago who
hold tho position of deaconess In
several of tho colored churches In
Chicago. Thoy now mako 11 groat
display of thomsolvcs by going round
through tho streets of Chicago with
n great band of whlto ribbon over
their hnts and heads. Their nppoar
nnco In tho street Is wholly disgust
ing, nnd it subjects thorn to much
tnlk nnd criticism. Thoso who per
sist In noting so much llko fools
mostly belong to tho Bothol A. M.
E. church. It Is about tlmo somo of
thorn woro getting somo sonso In
their hondB and stop acting so much
llko fools nnd koop oft thotrcots'of
Chicago, with tholr whlto bnnds on
tholr heads, nnd lot thorn lenvo tholr
Bibles at homo, nnd not enrry thorn
nrouna in ineir nanus. Thoy aro dis
gracing thomsolvcs and tho churches
thoy belong to. Hereafter wo will
givo tno names of somo of thoso don
Vulcan Coal Company, wholesale
and retail dealers in houso, steam and
blacksmith coal. Foundry and smelter
coko. Pugct Sound steam coal In car
lots, 93.G0 per ton and up. Wo handle
all tho bcBt grades of domestic arid
foreign houso coalB. Phono Mnln 2776.
Omco 329 Burnsldo St., Portland, Oro-
Dopot I.onn Offlco, Joo Bornhnrdt,
proprietor; flno watch repairing, old
gold nnd silver bought; business strict
ly confidential; bargains In unredeem
ed pledges; money to loan on dia
monds, wntches, Jowclry, guns, pis
tols, bicycles, mimical Instruments nnd
all articles or value 124 N. Sixth
St., Portland, Oro. t-f.
J. E. Werlein
Candidate for the
Nomination for
Primary election May 4, 1007
.. a..,.,. .,Anin. .ii nn. Mrs. Claro Hardin of 361 Thlr
On Sunday ovonlng, April 14th, iit, ... ,, v , ,,.
lmSr SlrSSSSL W.!8 Springs. Art., tor her hen 1th has conesVes of ti 0 c ur hes w h o wa n t
morbenrBno?thnnlthE.0ZKrc8hunrch - tho c1' foo,lD Jl
ns a token of tholr gratltudo to him 1
for supplying tho pulpit during tho
ansonco of their pastor for several
wooks. ,
Ralph W. Tylor, of Columbus, 0
has boon appointed by President
Roosovolt as auditor of tho Treasury
of tho Navy Department. Mr. Tylor
is ono of tho most prominent Afro
Amorlcans of tho country nnd can bo
dopondod upon to fill tho offlco with
crodlt to hlmsolf and his raco.
On Thursday tho Orogonlan with
its usual fairness treats of tho "No
gro Quontlon," In Its leading edi
torial. If tho papors throughout tho
rnnnlrv wnnM ertvn annrn in n IMHn
moro of this kind of matter and not out t0 1orn?n ' Sunday nnd It
Mr. O. F. Adams, registrar of tho
Unltod States Treasury at Washing
ton, D. C, has been in tho city for
sovornl days, nnd loft for Washing
ton, D. C, last Thursday.
Tho Douglas Contor Dramatic
Club will givo Charles Chestnut's
"Wlfn nt Hln Vnnh" nn tho UOtli
of April at tho Oakland Music Hall '? duo to tho notorious conduct on
in Chicago, III. Mrs. Francis Par-1 "10 van or somo or tho colored mln
kor Wooloy has dramatized tho work 'J.1? in tho A. M. E. churchos in
holy and saintly that thoy must mnka
n show of thomsolvcs In tho strcots
of Chicago,
It Is roportod upon good nuthorlty
and from what your correspondent
Is nblo to seo and hoar, that tho ma
jority of tho peoplo of Chicago havo
lost all Intorost In tho colored
churches In Chicago. No doubt this
nnd tho cast of characters in tho play
will bo among tho best young mon
and women in tho city.
Tho Colorod Compact Knight Tem
plars undor tho managomont of ono
R. E. Mooro nod his followers turned
dovoto so much spneo to scare lines
of tho misdeeds of "Negro Brutes,"
A,V,wo would soon hnvo no Negro Quos-
: lion 10 ooinor mo country.
On Tuesday evening two whlto
mon visited tho Alpha Cafo und
whllo ono of them engaged tho pro
prietor, Mr. Sam Washington in con
versation, tho other ontered tho tele
phono booth and broko open tho tele-
phono box obtaining It Is bollovod In
was said by thoso that noticed and
saw thorn that thoy woro tho hardest
looking sot that had boon soon on
tho strcots of Chicago for many
years, and during tho sermon nt tho
Chicago, for In tho past fow years
in (jmcago tno conduct and tho ca
reers of somo of tho colorod minis
tors havo been not only disgusting
nnd demoralizing, but tholr records
havo boon ns black as tho midnight
of etornlty. Tho conforonco hns
Bomotlmos In tho past attempted to
cover It up and whltownsh tho rec
ord of somo of thoso notorious Indi
viduals, but tho masses of tho peo
plo in Chicago know It and hnvo
nothing to do with thorn nnd oven
Tho p 1 o
ncor paint cs
tabllshm o n t
of Portland
is that of F.
E. Beach &
Company, of
13G First St.,
tho o 1 d 0 a t
and most ro
llablo house
of Its kind In
tho Northwest. It carries an Imraonso
stock of tho host things in paints and
building materials, togothor with an
unusunl list of Bpeclaltios. Thoso who
need anything In theso linos can cor
talnly profit by going to F. E. Beach
& Company. Remombor tho number.
13C First streot.
J. F. Boothe
Candidate for the Republican
Primary Klcctlon May 4th, 1007
W. S. Lotan
Republication Candidate for the
Nomination for the Office of
J. Tj. Montgomery
rreah, Smol.dnd Salt Meat,, rish .nd
Poultry. .-rh Keltic Rendered lard.
fhono East 633 61)7 Williams Avo.
A. H. Willett & Co.
Wholcsnlo and Kotnll
Special Price, to Re.tauranta
Prompt Delivery
Phone East 283 128 Grand Avenue
do to tho
48 North Sixth Street.
Phone Main 1997
tho neighborhood of G in nlckles clont and Accepted Scottish Rito, on
thorofrom. Tho matter was roported
to tho pollco who havo been unablo
to dlscovor any cluo to tho miscreants.
church, thoy woro to bo seen going somo of thoso unworthy nnd inslgnl
out nnd In tho saloon nnd somo of flcant Individuals havo tho audacity
10 in. mis iimo orror tnonisoivea ns n
candldato for Bishop or olso havo
chargo of tho Sunday school dopart
mont. Tho membership of tho col
orod A. M. E. churches In Chicago
was threo years ago, six thousand
(0,000) nnd now thoy only havo 4.-
000, and you can go to tho churchos
nearly any Sunday night and find
them only partly filled.
tnem woro Intoxicated and very
drunk. Thoso spurious masons aro
a dlsgraco to tho peoplo of Chicago.
At n meeting of tho mombcrs of
tho Prlnco Hall Consistory of An
laBt Thursday, objected seriously to
tho continuing of tho namo of Prlnco
Hall for tho Consistory. Thoy as
serted ovor and over again that
Prlnco Hall, of Boston, Mass., was a
Masonic Impostor, and a notorious
Tho Cost of Interments Has Ilecn
Greatly Reduced by tho Ilolmau
Undertaking Company.
Horotoforo It has boon tho custom
of funornl directors to mako charges
for nil Incidentals connected with n
funornl. Tho Edwnrd Holman Un
dertaking Company, tho loading
funornl directors of Portland, begin
ning July 2, will depart from this old
custom. Whon tho casket Is fur
nished by us, Its cost will Includo nil
charges, such as convoying tho re
mains to our chanol. outside box. em
balming, hcarso to cemetery nnd all
sorvlcos which may bo required of
us oxcopt clothing, comotery and car
riages, thUB effecting n Baving of 2C
to $75 on each funoral.
330 Tnird Streot. cor. Salmon.
Primary Election to bo hold May 1, 1907.
"If I am nominated and elected Iwlll.tlur.
Inn my term nt office, protect tlio Intorcata of
tho 1-1 (tli Ward and generally tho whole city."
W. C. Puffer
Candidate for nomination on the
Regular Republican ticket for
That tnoacanonMiBRcaUlsanowBprlnB
Is a Good Thing
to keep In mind that It pnyn todrom well
ING COMPANY, 69-71 Third Street
FllANK WMKlKIt, 1'rop.
Round and Oval Tanks and Casks
Beer Kegs, Barrels, Etc.
Repairing of All Kinds to order.
'J wentiuth and York Strcots
Successors to F. R. TELL
Dealer In
681 Klnt Et riumo Main 1981 Portland, OrcKon
Hotel Scott Bar
Political Announcements
Among the councllmen who havo
sorved tho city faithfully and desorvo violator of tho MuBonlc law, and tho
n .second term Is Councilman Dold- mombors by n unanimous voto
lng of tho Sixth ward, who Is a cun-'changod tho namo from Prlnco Hall
dldato for ro-olectlon. Mr. Holding Consistory to tho nnmo of Western
has been nttontivo and fnlthful In .Light Consistory of Chicago,
the performance of his duties, has TT . , . .. .
looked out well for tho Intorests of ' .. "onornUlo Frod Dusse. tho repub-
tho people of tho city In general and MS" "V'1 B!,?'tfe?,Tnynr ??
his wnrd in particular, nnd ho ought ".ilLHA0' ,
to bo ro-olected, as tho voters of tho cn" e sn d to, tho everlasting credit
Sixth ward wlUJoubtless decide. '8 tood & th.lrollt!TK; toV'fcJi Jl&"
,.-... . . . , 'tho last and wont down In defent.
Tho debate announced to take Thoy voted for Mnyor Ei P Dunn0f
place , at tho A. M. E. Zlon church last tho,r cholco for mayor of chlcaB0
Monday ovoning drew a largo audi- und although ho was defeated, they
once. Mr. O. W Kinney was chosen went down ln dofeat wlth hlnii Tber0
ns chairman and Miss Ora Rhodes as aro n 000 cojored voters in Chicago
secretary. It had been intended to and ou't of tho n 000 colored votea
j.,u ouu.k I'lUbtou uul tj,at wenj cast for mayor 0f ChlCngO,
those on that part of the program Mayor E P, Dunno got over 700o of
were unavoidably detained so tho them
debate was declared In order. Messrs. j
Featherstono and Leo and Mrs. Bar- Whenever tho bishop of tho A. M.
her were selected ns Judges. Tho E. church is so white that yon can
president thon stated tho subject for not tell him from a whlto person,
debato to bo "Resolved that Char- and who Is so holy and good to let
acter Is Greater Power Than Money." them tell It, nnd you never seo him
Mr. J. N. Fullllovo opened for tho mingle with the colored peoplo, ox
nffllrmatlvo and refered to many copt the time that they are ln tho
noted characters in history In sup- church, nnd that always happens to
port of tho affirmative. Ho was fol- bo when there is a good fat collection
wed by Mr. H. Sproull who In an on hand, it Is about time for the col-
All of tho now perfumes at tho
Imperial Pharmacy, 48 N. Sixth
J. Wallgreon, dealer In staple and
fancy groceries, G34 Thurman street
reiepnone Pacific 911.
A good place to get your soft or Btlff
between Second and Third.
Tako Cascado Pino and Tnr for
your cough and cold. Imperial
ruurmacy, is n, aixtn street.
M. J. QUI Co., wholesale and retail
meat dealers, 512 Mississippi avenue,
Portland, Oregon. Phone East C65.
Always ask for tho famous Gen
eral Arthur cigar. M. A. Gunst
& Co., general agents, Portland, Or.
Special care given to your pre
scription at tho Imperial Pharmacy
48 N. Sixth street. Phono Main
Robert A. Preston
Candidate for Rr publican
Nomination for
Councilman, First Ward
For Improvement of tho Flrit ward
und a Kjuaro deal for tlio lalmrer
Primary election May i, 1907
Real Estat and
123 Russell St. Portland, Or.
Tako pleaiure in announcing to
their frienda and patron and the
gene'al public that their new and
elegant atock of hlgh-clait Ladle
Garment, contiiting of
Cloaks, Suits and Waists
la the largest and mott carefully ae
lected ever offered to a diicriminat
ing public.
A cordial invitation ia extended all
to inipect our atock.
392 Washington Street
Phone Main 6208
William R. McGarry
RepuMcan Candidate for
Kroah Milk and Cream dollvorcd twlco a day.
Wliolcialo and Itctall.
I'hoiiM: Itoi., Union M73. Depot. Kait MM.
OfllMi and Depot, '11 Union Avo. North.
Your tupport solicited for
Republican candidate for Auditor of the
City of Portland.
Primary Election May 4th.
lo patronize tliu
Opponllc Hall l'arlc
Wcnnlo French & Davo Heiidrlck, Prop.
Cor. Slth and Vaughn fit. Portland, Ore.
The AnheuBer. Henrr If. William.
proprietor, 234 Morrlaon street, comer
eloquent speech portrayed tho power ored people of Chicago to lot such In-. Second, Portland, Ore. Telephone
Main 1517.
of money, claiming that many of the dlviduals as that know, and undor-
exampies quoted by the preceding stand that they aro not asleep on
BpeaKer were mnuencea oy money, sucn matters, it is to do noped that Ryan ft John, dealera In cholc arm.
Miss Suslo Crawford followed In a hereafter at tho next general con- eerleT meat ash nd noultrV h
carefully prepared speech in favor ferenco of the A. M. B. church, when Mala 621 61 North Pai .5aVP
of the affirmative although she went they elect a bishop they will elect a mt Davis "eat, cor-
Geo. J. Cameron
Candidate for Republican
Nomination for
Portlamd, Oregon
Primary election May , 1907
New Cheese & Butter Store
Cheese a Specialty
Butter, Eggs, Honey, Teas,
Coffees, Cured Meats, Etc.
The most up-to-date In the
Swetlantf Bide., 126 Fifth Street
A. W. Holding H. A. Uoldhuf
Jewelers, Opticians
di'amonds, watches
jewelry and optical goods
Geo our Hneclnl Wat!. xrn.,...nn
Railroaders , Lomm-h nnd Miners,
stumped BohJIiiK lJr0H. Tho most ac
curuto timepiece mado.
JtenalriiiK 11 iclalty. All work war
ranted. Old gold and silver bought.
45 Third Street
Bet. Ash and Pine
CIIAfl If. JACKSO.V, Prop.
Th Modern Cafe
Open Day and Night
Private Rooms for Parties
Phone PV Jfk 2832
C I desire to announce that I
have moved my pldce of busU
ness to the second floor of the
new Swetland Building at fifth
nnd Washington streets.
L Assuring you that I have ex.
ercbed careful and earnest ef
fort to please, in the selection
I have made of fabrics for the
coming spring. Your patron,
age iarespectfuMy solicited. The
Kyles prevalent have bytn re.
Successor to GrUwold ft Pbcglcy
..'dv..- "--'. -.
at.. ""'""" iHUaiilji iiiiwiob