The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, February 13, 1865, Page 3, Image 3

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    fthc (Oregon ftatcswau.
A ('Alt II.
To the Eihtnr of the (irifiiK Sentinel:
Kilt In the Itim-oiter of llie Mil Instant II Is my
iniHrnrlnnu to be mentioned, in connection with Oth
ers, in ItM'tllB lit' t!utll1HUIIfltll illtl.
Aa it, la evident llm Hepmtcr iilins theri'hy to fo
ment disfnnls. which ho supposes to Mint itmnnir tint
siippnrlers of llie Uoverttint'iit. il will he, well t,,r
timet, g'tilleinn, ue well as 1, tn examine their jinst
eoiiilnt't. und their feelings curefnlly iti aider to relm-m
HO till' IIS Hot llgltill to deserve tint pl'lti.6 ot HI) ellelny.
1 linvu Liuuii iiiinWuin discover in anything 1 linve
suitl or d'liie why mi ubsi'itm liti'iner, in no wnv lieloro
Vhu public, hint received itti large u hIiui-h of iiiin tlnm
ning pntise. It lit ti-tie, I would liuvc nil lliemeiisiirus
of the AtlinllilllrtitiiHi the wisest iintl best, und nil it
nppoinlineiiU Ut nllictt the ablest mid moHt liierilnrio
nit with some of theso I Imvu not been etitisllcii but
' If hy ii word of censure I Imvu oU'emled it friend or
given pliitisurn to un enemy of the country, that wont
shall be spoken no nioro.
The lepnrter siiys 1 Hill llm "most cnnsiBtnilt parti
ami." While tliere wits tiventhctippeuruuca of patriot
linn in the party i-ul linu- itself UeiniKmtic, I Imvo
treated Its HUiiiirturx with the tulemnce mid tiomlesv
I claim fur myself: but sineo tlio fnir issue iimde up
iind.pritBontuil to the people, in tlie lute Presidential
election. I'have eoiiahlered those whourrtiyed thum
solves against their country niton ihe trwl of tlml.
issue an unworthy of either Inlcrutifo or courtesy
those wlio understood the imtitu, butmiise they are
traitors, and those who mtpported tho wrong through
ignorance., liuinnmo they huve not quulilled tliuniHul vih
to discliiirgu n high polltleiil trust iinderauuidiiigly.
With u man I believe to be it trno friend of bin coiinti-y
1 nevur inive nor novor will tiiurrul becnuse we do
not agree in the mode of best promoting its weliitre ;
-nml even now, when political parties no lunger exiitt,
and men are for their country or iigulnsl it, I feel more
of sorrow than anger towards those wliu thrnngh ig
norance and the prejudices of hlrlh anil education,
urrny themselves on the side of its enemies.
Tlie Reporter says 1 am "the deepest thinker" "of
groat depth of thought" which seems to bo un ad
mission that iny'thoughts are correct. 1 liavetohl tho
etlitor of the Reporter that 1 thought him a traitor of
as deep a dye us JelF Davis, und cerium others, his
present patrons, were no better. As theno thoughts
are bust d on better evidence than the admissions of
-Ilia Reportee, I think, snstumcd by these admissions,
1 have a right to consider thuni well founded.
I think further, that it Is no credit even to a "cop-
Iierhead" coinuiimiiy who would tin-ii out ft unlive
mm citizen, who "baa done the State aome sorvice,"
anil put a "foreigner" and natural traitor in his place.
The "old man" about whom tho Reporter uses the
trelincd terms "drivel" mid "slobber," whatever wrong
be may have done or said in the heat uf controversv,
tir by following falsu lights, bus a heart in his bosom,
which in ti.ncs past, "beat true to tlie nimtic of the
In Oregon, twenty venrs uge, when as now there
were no political parties, when nil were lirilish or all
-AinerirniiH, and the side of wealth und advantage
were with the formes-, lliul "Old Mau" und myself
stood shoulder to shoulder for our conn! ry. und for his
sake it grieves my heurt if we do not so stand now ;
mid I inn griuved there is a entinnunitv anywhere so
forgetful of nasi, services, so stceied Hi fruition that
would turn that "Old Man" and htithfiii servant out,
-anti put a "reptile" in bis place, win -cannot write
three lines without betraying the bitterness of bis hit
trcd to our country, und the grossness and lillhiuess of
llilt IlllllirO. JKSBK APFLXOATK.
"Givb it A Oiianch to Dik. It will lio re
iiiniiiui'retl that tho lutti Cliica;o Convention
iliil nut its'ls usual with bodies dissolve
-nnconililiniiully, lint niljuiirnod "niilijrot to the
"cull of the Xiilinwil Demuurutio Coititnilteu."
Since tha Presiilcntiiil election the New York
A(tt'5 (pence ileniocrntic) is mucli exercised
hnut it, mid urges tliitt it be culled together
-again tit have an opportunity to diet gracefully.
Tito Newt supported tlio platform, but '"(pit
giou' tho oitndidata. It tnkca occasion now
to tay many ipiteful tilings alinnt the whole
concern, tho following front a late ii'stin for ex
ample .
We fuggest to the executive cntnniitlee of
the Nnliiinal Democratic Convention the pro
priety nf calliti(f that body together, and giving
.it an oppnttutiity to adj urn line. die. Thu
ennrenlinn, by it own resolution, in gifted with
kind nf quasi immortality, dependent upon
the volition nf its Executive Cominitce. The
gentlemen of the Convention are naturally
uneasy nnder thin doom of eternal organiza
tion. After demolishing their platform, it ii
tho refinement of cruelty to compel them to
dwell forever amid its ruins. We hope that
Mr.Bf.linrint will disembody this troubled spirit
nd bid it God speed across tlio political atyx
The New$ alto alleges that there was (reach
ry in tho old "Albany Itegency," and calls
for tho disbanding of that clique as a nuisance
and tlio imposition upon its members nf tho
mark nf Cain. The offense of the "Regency"
was the support of McCleilan in the Conven
tion, and a little "war" declamation which was
especially obnoxious lo the ValUndigham and
Wood branch of tlio democracy. The New
York World on tho other hand acciis s some
of the Newt faction who happened Ut lie ballot
t)OX Jtcepejs of the elcction.of defrauding Gov.
Seymear cf three or four thousand democratic
totes. Tho democrutne family in New York
do not seem to be any more harmonious than
their brethren in Oregon. -
Bbsults of Abolition im Mauylanu.
The effects of emancipation in Maryland bid
fair lo be as beneficial as it was predicted they
would be. From tlie sales to immigrating pur
. ties noticed in the Maryland newspapers sales
that bnvo fuMoyred na a cnnseipieiice epnii tlie
jusuroticu that freo labor is to be tlio rule in
that State tlie reason and appropriateness of
tbe President's words that "l ho Genius of Re
"bellion will no moro claim Maryland" m iti
etantly seen.
Maryland has a sirl of unexcelled fertility, a
olimate as healthy as it is mild and genial, and
uperior facilities fur cotumiimcatinu with the
interior, ns well as coiiHcf thin with the ocean.
Nothing but the blight of slavery has made
Maryland second in wealth and population to
Massachusetts or oilier free States. This re
moved and the only obstacle to her prosperity
is gone. The adoption of a free constitution
was great era in her history.
Tuh Kaltinioro America a. wbig paper
twenty years ago, afterwards conwn alive. but
never distinctively republican hut aUuys
- been tbe chief paper iu influence and character
in tlio State. Upon this subject it says :
The abolition of slavery in Maryland is at
tended with the good results tho friends ol
mancipation eipeoted. A steady stream of
immigrants from uur sister, Male particularly
Pennsylvania, is pouring iu upon us, now that
tree labor lias become a 'Settled laet. In
every county of the Statu largo talea of land
nave taken place miring nw past two niniuns,
and the purchaser are men win intend lo set
tle in our midst, and who do not nurolia?o for
the fake of speculation. The worn out and
naif tilled tracts of tho large slaveholder in
in the bauds of fanners who till tlietr grounds
by free labor who euctsiiragc free schools, and
all the accompaniment ol trcu institutions
.will soou place Maryland in the position among
- tbe free Slates that tbe should have occupied
long ago.
CT" Geoeral Sherman is described by
Captain as "a man who has a gauut loot
boat a U he got Hungry naea a boy and nev
r got over it. A nervous man, never qmot.
pulling his whiskers or nuiioning bis coat, or
twisting a string or rubbing a finger but with
kind of look iu his face that reminds one nf
panther, if be got angry, fiery, keen, power
ful and a genius."
Tfli Olhest Voter is tiik United
' State. Seth Marviu, ofConneaut township,
Crawford county. I'ennsylrania. aged I03 ypar.
deposited bis vote fur l.inioln ami Johmon, in
that place on election day. He bat tea grand.
Mot in the Union army, and insisted that hit
Bam be placed upon Ihe mil by (he enrolling
officer, il was iu the battle of Monmouth, in
the Revolution, and retains all bit faculties bat
hit tight.
IT "When a superior race like ours," said
woo of the chivnlry In a modest hmking fednal
oldier, "comes in contact with an inferior race
like negroes, what do yon think will be the re
ault I" "I guest the oonlaot uiest result in a
big trap of mulatloet in your State, jmlging
from tbe complexion of a good many of your
people," retorted lb soldier."
OtT With 'I'iiuiii IIkads. Tho House
yesterday passed, by a vote of IW to ,'W, the
bill to (Imp from tho rolls nf I ho army till Ma
jor and llrigudier Generals who uru not in ser
vice corresponding to their rank, nml reducing
to their legitimate rank nil of such officers ns
nmy belonging to tho regular army, but who
now hold omiiiuissioiis in tho volunteer service
This bill is a pet measure nf Hchenck's, and
was introduced by him at the last session. It
now hits, however, number clause, which pro
vides that on the fifteenth day of every n th
hereafter, beginning with the loth nf February,
a iiiusteritig-nut of tho unemployed shall take
pluco, which has since been added. The pas
sage of the bill was originally opposed wilh
great bitterness by Cox and his compatriots,
who wero anxious to savo McClellau, but now
that lie hat resigned, their motive fur apposing
the hill has gone, and, to keep up a show of
consistency on their former record, tbirty-eight
of the in voted against Ihe bill, but a majority
dodged tho vote, leaving the Unionists to vote
solid in favor nf it; thus ouco again exposing
tho liollowness of thu "dumocratio" professions
uf a desiro to seu economy practiced in tlie
military power of the government. Cor. Sue.
Union. .
If this bill passes tlio Senate, as wo hope
and presume it will, It will have the effect to
dismiss thu following officers : Major Generals
David Hunter, Ambrnso E Dorntidc, Franz
Sigel, Raiiinol P Hcintzleinan, James S Neg
ley, John M Palmer, Julius II Stnhl, Carl
Schnrz : Brevet Major Generals Wm A Aver
ill, George A Stnnard , Brigadier Generals 0 '
W Morrcll, Snni'l D Sturgis, Kleaiter A Puine,
Adolph Von Steiinvehr, Jacob G Latmian, 8
S Fry, Mahlon D Manson, Fit Henry Wurron,
Francis B Spinolo, Alfred W Ellett, Thus W
Sweeney, Hubert 0 Tyler, Alexander Scbim
itielfciiniug, Frank S Nickersoti, Gabriel U
Paul, Walter 0 Greslimuii, James B Lcdlie.A
B Underwood, Cyrus Bnssy, Wm F Bnrtlett,
John B Mcintosh, George II Chnpman, Sulden
Conner, Eli Long.
The copperheads nio full nf all sorts of mel
ancholy apprehensions for the country, of
cours.0 ; but they have n way with them ns il
they saw each bush mi officer. Their present
greatest anxiety is lest thu European powers
may recognize and help the rebels iu conse
quence uf their freeing and turning tlio slaves,
nud' the admonitory ninrnl they deduce from
this new danger is, Old Abe begun it; if we
had not put the negro into the war the South
never would have doiio it. They say that the
North nml Smith both going for eiiitiuuipalion,
Europe will Imvu nothing to chooso oil that
point, and ns its sympathies are with the Minth
in oilier respects, recognition and intervention
are pretty certain to follow tlio arming of tlio
slaves by the Davis government. Vice-President
Slcphciir intimated this hope some time
ago, and tho Hichmond Enquirer has reccutly
made it one of the strong arguments for arm
ing the slaves. This matter gives lo loyal men
no particle of anxiety. After the rebels have
armed their slaves, let Europe recognize the
confederacy. Thu moral support of recogni
tion will be of no vuluo now, and Micro is no
foreign power thut will dare, render them ma
terial aid. The conditions of the problem will
remain substantially tho same, will) this fact in
our favor, that slavery is certain lo be destroy
ed iu any event, and (hat (hereby the chief
motive of thu South for Continuing the contest
lulls. Our copperheads may dismiss their pa
triotic feats. The rebellion is too far gone to
be savo j by its negroes or by foreign support.
An Incident ok tub War In tho annual
report of tho Secretary nf tlie Treasury We.
find the following language i
" Failing' to raise the mentis required in the
ordinary mode, and urged by the conviction
(lint the largo amount of suspended requisitions
swollen to more than $l:)O.OI)ll,u()()-sbould
be reduced, (ho Secretary resolved to use nil
the means nt his command to pny so much ut
east ns wn due to our brave soldier, who
were sull'eriug from tho long delay in satisfy
ing their just claims, but still coniinniiig to
serve their ennutrv witli unHinvhiug courage
mid uncomplaining devotion, To effect this
object he was compelled to replace the whole
amount of live per cent, notes w hich bad been
cancelled, ainounlliig in the whole (n more than
eightv millions ol dollars, und even slightly to
oxceed that sum. Moro fully lo accomplish his
purpose, the Secretary resolved to nvnil himself
of tho wish expressed by many officer and
soldiers, through the iiaymnsters, to iffer to
such as desired to receive them, seven-thirty
nottsuf small deiiomimitioiis. Hewn grati
fied to find that these note were readily taken
iu payment to n largo uinnuut, our gallant sol
diers in tunny instances not only receiving
them with nlucri'y, hut expressed their satis
taction nt being uliie lo ml their country hy
loaning mono'.' to Ihe Government. The whole
amount uf notes llms disposed of exoceded
twenty million of dollars."
Tho plain English of rill which is, that our
soldiers in Ihe field have, during the yenr.lnaned
to thu government twenty millions of dollars to
carry on tho war !
Can any parallel to this be found in bistort 1
Wo surely kuriw of none. Ami can any man
doubt the result when such are the mean by
wlrch it is to be wrought out ! Flag.
Tiih Fknians ami tiibiii OiiJiicrs. The
Fenian brotherhood now claim a ineinhcrshin
of .rilKI,(KKI and funds to the amount ol ' $1,501),-
(MH). A Boston i ennui lalelv made some rev
elations about the spirit and design ol the or-
It r to nn hpiscnpul clergyman, and soon niter
was waylaid und almost killed by beating. The
revelations that be made huvu been uoiniiiuiii
culed lo nur government und to ihe govern
incut id Ureal lirilaln. I lie l'eliluus will
hold a nalionul convention, to be composed ol
a thousand members, at Cincinnati, on thu 17th
of January. Thu call for this convention nil-
uuiiiices that Hits will be tbe last general con
vention to be Held in tins country that before
the necessity exist for another convention the
lires uf liberty will bu re-kmdled upon tho al
tars of In-hind, nud Irishmen, from all parts
ol (lie world, will no Hocking hack to (be him
eruld Isle lo right their tunny centuries of Brit
isli wrong, the t eiiiaut wisli lo restore Ire
land to an iudepcudeat position in local gov
eminent, such as it had before it was united
with England and Scotland in parliamentary
representation. 1 heir secret order has on ex
istence wherever (here aro Irishmen, and (hey
will admit men of any nationality who will
heartily join them in their purposes for Ireland.
The Cincinnati convention is expected to swell
tho general fund lo a couple uf miliums, und
Ihe Fenians everywhere are busy now collect
ing funds fur that purpose. The Canadian
Catholics tiro kept in a sluto of feinient all llie
while in expectation that the brotherhood there
will make an nttenipt at rcvolu ion. TheCath
tdict and Fenians are not nlwuyt on cordial
terms, though most nf (he Feuiant aro them
selves Catholic. Tho Catholics of other na
tionalities teem to be jealons of their power
and influence, and nerhuna too fear that in anv
emergency they would desert the church and
cling to the brotherhood. The objects that Ihe
t emails are aiming at will help to keep them
on Ihe right suV of American politic, and we
apprehend no trouble from Ihein unless some
of their lenders get corrupted by am
bition and try to wield the whole power of their
organization fur their own purptsei. It will
be both interesting and profitable to watch Ihe
progress and development nf this already in
fluential body of men. Springfield Jir pub
lican. Sr.xT tu Jail. Two vuunir men (what a
pity) called W.J. and II. Foilis, ,re. tried
yesti rtlay liefnro Justice Stevens fnr stt-alittg a
carprl bf bt-lungiug to a liliml man. win, was
topping at lliu Astoria House, anil convicted
of petit larceny. Tliey Here P(.nl , for
three luoiilks. Marine Gazelle.
I f An attempt a as made in Saji Francisco,
lately, to assossiuala linlierlai.n. nho exposed
and caused tlie arrest uf Michael Haves, tbe
wtiul.l be pirate. Two men dialed liitn into
an alley on Market street and assaulted him
with a knifo and piitol, bat ho managed to es
cape, from tbem.
Ill no depirtmen,t nf printing has (hero burn
more unwearied perteveruneo limn in Ihe per
fecting of typo setting machines. Their feas
ibility wits first proclaimed by Dr. Churoh in
182:1. but bo novor succeeded in his experi
ments. His Ideas were adopted, modified and
improved by many European inventors, hut in
all otises without any practical result. One nf
these European machines was set up in the of
fice nf the New York Sun about 184(1. and de
clared by its working the possibility nf tlie oil
en declared impossible invention, Its econo
my was not so apparent, mid tlio patetiteet
abandoned it. Other inventors have been more
persevering and moro fortunate. There is a
type-setting machine now in such successful
operation iu Londnn that the patentee feols
warranted In advertising to do composition nt
n great reduction on established prices. The
first practical success must be conceded to Dr.
.Mitchell, of Brooklyn, who lias produced a
machine of grunt ease and simplicity in man
agement. Mr. Truw, of this city, has several
of them Iu daily operation. - Their avcrngo
product, letter furnished, it 21), (HID ems per
day t ami Ibis is done by one operator who jus
tifies his own matter. Tho type is distributed
by another machine a modification and im
provement on tlie one invented and exhumed ny
M. Victor Beaumont in 18.)4.
It must formidable, rival Appears to bo the
machine of tho Alden Typo Setting and Dis
tributing Machine Company . n description of
which has already appeared in this journal.
This marvel of mechanism has recently been
put on tritil iu tho New York Herald office,
where, with a comparatively inexperienced
operator, it has been successful in composing
2.0(10 ems in thirty minutes. Tho machine
distributes as well ns composes, ami at tlie
same timo; but when worked nt its highest
speed, it requires a justilier at well as an oper
ator. Fifty of these machines havo been or
dered by different printers, nud will no doubt
be in operation within six months. Mr. Charles
W. Felt, of Providence, is still at work on tho
details of his machine, which is intended to do
both composition and distribution by a method
radically different from thut of Mitchell's and
Alden's. Wo have seen favorable notices of
hie invention in two Eastern miners, but can
not state how toon it will ho perfected. Mr.
Felt is also busy on an invention, which is re
ally a two handed stick, by w lrch. lie claims,
it is possible for any cnmpnsiloa to greatly in
crease his prrlormance.
Mr. Stanton, of Boston, recently laid befnrn
the employing printers uf (bis city an explana
tion of llie Houston composing inauhiue, which
appears to rival thu Mitchell in its sini licity.
This invention hits already secured the support
of several Boston ami New York printers, and
will soon be iu a position to invite the critcism
of the public
It may be that sonic one or more of theso
machine may not be successful in securing
gioat popularity, hut there can ho no doubt
that ten years hence it very large, if not thu
largest, portion of type setting will be done by
machinery. The Printer.
1ST A fearful hurricane accompanied by
deluging shower of rain occurred iu the prov
ince of Valencia, in Spain, November 3d and
4th, by which four town nud several adjoining
villages were submerged in water. About 100
square miles of the most populous territory, in
tlio provinco were inundated, t nun the. near
est approach to the valluge of ouly tho
church spire could he seen iibovo water. Olio
thousand head of cattlo and ICS duineslio nni
tiials were drowned ; 217 houses weroiuiucd,
nud 035 other were iu n tottering statu. In
Alcirn alone upwards uf 200 houses near the
banks of tho river were completely swept
away ; others hail fallen since, nud many have
had their foundations supped. The poorer
classes, whoso houses wero of one story only,
wore obliged to get nn the roof to savo them
selves from being drowned. Thousands from
their bouse tops anxiously looked for the morn
ing. Tbero was no escape. Thu water b!id
risen to the height of six or eight feet iu tlio
highest parts of llie town in tho lower part
whole houses were covered. In the convent of
(.'tircagente the water was fifteen feet deep.
Except cats and dogs not n single domestic or
farm animal has been left nliv'o. Now that tlio
waters have subsided, the streets and house
are full of llm dead carcases nf horses, mules,
do'ikeys, pigs, goats ami sheep. On thu first
entrance into die town twenty-one corpse
were found in the streets ; bow many more aru
to bo found iu Hie houses that have lalleu, how
iiiunv drowned in their beds, and how iniinv
swept away with the flood no one presumes to
estimate. Already above ono hundred corpse
have been taken lo the church ; but there is
no place of interment for them, scarcely a ves
tigu uf thu cemetery having been left.
Chief Justich Ciia.w. Tho Washington
correspondent of thu Pitteburg Commercial,
writrtig under uaife ot tlio l.ith ult., in noticing
Mr. Chase's debut on the Supreme Court of
the United Sta'es, s iys:
"Chief Justice Chine look the oulh to day
and entered upon the duties i f his high oUiuo.
The Court ouuie into the Chamber as usual,
accompanied by Mr. Chase. The Clerk (lieu
read his commission, signed by the President
and Secretary nf State. Mr. Chase then read
tlie oath of olHee himself, there being no judi
cial ollicer higher than he to administer it. At
he came lo the conclusion of the oath, he laid
it down, and said, raising hi baud, "So help
me God." Ho then took his seal on the bench
robed in a black silk gown, as is the custom
with nil of the Judges, ami tlm business of tho
Court proceeded a usual. Thu scene was
witnessed by tho lending ineniliers of the bur
now in the city, by several Seiintnr.1 and Mem
bers of Ihe House, and a large concourse of
TlIK ItlUMT WAY. Secretary Stantuu liu
conillieiiued I Ii ti work. Li'1, llie pruning pro
ex's extend Ihroiiyh all lint branches, (iive
mi aid or eoinlort tu peace men ur rebels. Sec
retary, you are doing a good win k.
A few days aRo .Secretary .Stnnton J
twenty clerk from Ihe Quartermaster De
partment, some on charge uf disloyalty, and
some fur intense zeal ill opposition tu .Mr. Lin
coln's ru-clrctiuii Uuu nl tliein came directly
tu .Mr. Stanloii ami asked hint if lie considered
a man disloyal because ho favored the election
nf Uen. Mut'lellau. "liv no means," was hi
rep y. "but when a ymiuj man receive hi
salary from an uilmiiiislratiou. mid spend hi
evening in denouncing it in the must ollensive
luiiriiiice. ho cannot compluin II that ndiuiiiis
trillion choose une of its Irieuds to tuke hi
pluce. Tins is what I have douo in your
Qt'K'K Tiup AT 8sa. Tlio liaik Samuel
Merritt, Copt. Wiggings, left Sail 1'ruuoiico
ou Saturday, Jan. 'ii, and arrived in the river
nn Thursday, Feb. 2d ouly Ave days from
San t raucisco. 1 his is llm quickest trip uf
the season. Marine Uazelle.
Special Notices.
A VKRITT The crodec! n most nc:r rtntedlet from
lite 'I..Vrtory of Nsture," srs eutliraH In Nrw.U's
Ptiltnin.ry rn"P. CKKTAIS, SArr, ASDHPrKIIY CI KK
for sll ducats of siel tunu.. Ills iu.lhr f
frrtiTi. m ailolt or Itit.nt It- rai.-.. sn-l ran he urtt with Int.
punliv tud OHTAI.NTV or ItlXIKrin sll sal.lrrl.of Put
oton.rr sITtrlioii.. I'm iiq etlirr, if litis Bjo.t iksirsble
fr'trllrn riu be hid.
ffTlio couolry sent, lo be lillwl villi SwlDc. lor Ut
cure of Lou 1'nwi.t-s, tlist on. fcnos. which to use
for want of cotillifrncc In llirir mnlical propt rltM, bil from
the rctiisrksl'le curr. sml tit. high order ott.1 ..Ir.orUtutr
efftrsry ot All.ti's Lun Hjl.ant, Utal e art cottiwllc.l lo
refar the .ri.l.n.'ra of our I'ttM., and conn l.talf ital. for
r.o.'l. o,l C .1.1. ao.i t!i. I Hy.lnl Uon.l.r CON
Sl'MnitlN, . Ihlnk Itial prrarati'tn A safe and ccrlam
cur. Utal I. oo l fort lbs iiul.lic.
For sile br .SMITH IMVIS, .(rnl.. I .rllitnl llr.fin.
Also, hy tit. In .'.lolly Mwlkltt. s-tt. rally.
UR. IKISTKTTKR S STtlMAt II Him.l:S.-ll rmoraU.,
ptir'.A-. an.l tr.nsthed. tlir ,;.l.ol, .lid ai.i. Hi. .tne,a Il in
Ihe performance 'if It. fanrthin.. It Is a sov.rripi .c,rtc
f.,r lnttrtlns rtreofth, vtr"r and .-e to th. .j.l.m, ;t
p.M...iiir lh. curaltve iN.w.rl fr alt itla.n from
a slrUwel .lomach. In tlia m.l sv .-re cai.. nf rramp,,
tli.rh'a .tirt veaitn.. In til .t.imarlt, the "lllt.r, ha.
tw.n ssl'llr t,t.t. and alwa.a with th rr.awn .urceM.
JM-t I'Jf H Itrutt .t. ant il-.l-r. .rerywUere.
IIDPKmR THK Arrt.lfTIIl-In another .arl ol th a
rljM-r will t foufi'l lh" a'l.rtit.tiii,t nf lh. r.l.brat'd
nsl.lut. .t.l' by lr. i. U. VufNU, In Is'.l. In th.M
B. ut iWett rhirl.laiti.m II 1. a hiti, lo th. iuir-ririr ,
point out In th.m h.r th.r sr. .ure nf outlining Ihe
tttahed tor ann rttrp. I'ihIt the car. .f th. .killfnl
boetof lh. and Iroalld r.n S.tmI Utenwl.n of their
bar.l.n "f y.U .t 'l '.B)e, la, a.,u their rroH, and se
cure health atfl haptone... tl ,oa are .irk nr Ir trout.).. di
no, MatMle. R'S4 Ihe ismlsnwM anH folin lh. adtlce.
lit not H.rr'l the nnettw-r nor lh. manner ml llr.rtlns ymir
klur. lliNSt I.TATIO.N urfll K, tH) a.hlnjlnn Strel,
eae Pranrtf. e. 49-a ai
Si nt.iMiTr Cm t.K'.K. The semi iiiiuuiil examina
tion of the classes I'rinneeted with this institution was
cmiinitmred on Ihe Htli, and continued for two tbivs.
Mui'h iTi'dit Is due Professors (.'rawforil untl Heaeh for
tie able and ellb-it-ut manner in whirl) they Hre con-dnt'litip-
Ibis school, which, under their direction, with
the patronage its merit deserves, is destined lo lie
phu'fil iimoinr the leadiiiK schools of the Htale, On
Friday evening the 10! h, nil exhibition was i veil
which resulted satisfactory to illloiineoriiod. The pro
ceeds (arisiuir from il tifty cenl admission fee) are to lie
appropriated forth'1 benellt of Ihe college. X
floss into TIIK Si.Hvii'it. Mr. Samuel J. Pennls,
nprelly fair cotnoiliHll who has fnxj neatly umtised a
Portland audience on the boards of our Tutmtro, lias
"ehanned bis base,1' and iroue into Ihe active drama
life, us a Cavalryman In Company K. Ho was joined
yesterday by ''Itctldy," the fatuous bill, poster ant)
'property inun" of the same troupe. We wish the
boys good luck ill their rbosell chuittcters. Oregoni
an, lliA.
Til K Kksians A Nutional Convention of the
Fenian Hrotherhood Is to bo held ut Cincinnati, Jan
miry 17 It . and it is expected that there will be one
thousand delegatus prusent. The ctttl for tins Con
iitlou announces liuti tins win re mo last uetierul
Convention to be held in this country I but before
the necessity exists for anotbor Convention, the tires
of liberty wil he rekindled upon llie ttltars of Irelund.
I.VE.vira Hilly Smith, of Virginia, says that "llie
negroes are found co operating with the enemy, and
occasionally indiiliriliK il) the utterance nf treasonable
sentiments mid threats against our fellow citizens."
The idea I bat chattels can niter treason is radical.
Wonder if any of tho horses or cows of tho Confed
erates have, been known to "utter tieasouable senti
ments T"
Tun Voicr. or tiik Pkopi.i! thu Vole or Oon.
It lias been truthfully taitl thut the voice of tbe peo
ple was novur more unmistakably tho voice of God
than iu Ihe recent election. It was in this faith that
a I'lurgynian of Mitldlelown, t't, at a recent torchlight
distilav. exhibited a transparency over his door, with
atpioletioii from G' tiesis xxii. 15 "Tho aupel of the
ijoni called unto Auruiuiin out ol heaven a second
THE operation of this palatable remedy upon the
stomach, liver and the excretory organs is siiuru
larlv soothinir nud conservative. It regulates, recruits
anil purities thetn. llyspepsia in hII lis forms yields
to us control nnti luviuiaituir properties.
' Vigorous digestion and puro bile produces nutrillous
hlonil, und nutritious blood a Jiealthy frame. Does
the victim of a dyspeptio stomach and a disnrderutl
liver ttesire ro Know now inn iiuresiiou niitv ou un
proved, the bile and oilier rluiils of tlio body ptirilied 7
Will ai'uoinnlish this desirable revolution ill thosysteui,
jnliilinif too secretions nnti excretions, giving tone
llie nniuial ittices which dissolve the food, strenvtu-
en every relaxed nerve, iiinsela und fibre, and brings
tno wjioio inttciiiitery 01 vuauiy into vigorous uuu
neHiiiiitii piav.
Tho best means of iinpurtiiitf vijror to the broken
Intvn frame and slinltcred eonstitutioii, winch bus y
been invented or discovered, is pi-ottered to the feeble
ol until uuu ull aes 111
Debility, from whatever cause arisiuir. may bo
cured i stroiifiih, in whatever manner It inay have
been wealed, mav bo restored liv the use of tins now.
tul and Healthy luviKoraut. for intUKsiitin aim its
painful oll'otts, bodily and mental, I hey are u positive
spec) tic.
A lYUllli tu iiir. Aur.o.
In tlie decline of life the loss of vital force conse
queut upon physical decay can only bo safely supplied
by seme viviiy'uiK preparation which recruits the
Btrci'uih and spirits, without untniliiiK the exhaustion
which is alwitys tlie lltiui eiiect ol ordinary suniuiuiiis.
M e lender to tlie aired
As an invitrorHiitHlld restorative, iinttiediato in its bell-
ilicial uctnin and permanent in its eltects. -It tones Die
toiiiiit h, improves Ihe uppelito, and acts like a cliurm
pon tne spirits.
t un r b.iiAi.r.3.
Thousands of ladies resort to it lis a remedy for bys-
riu. t iilleriuir of the heart, nervous hemmi'lie, vertl
Ito, Kciicra! debility, and ull peculiar disturbances und
dcrniiL'onicnla to which as u sex, they aro subject. It
cheers nud enlitrhletis the depressed mutual powers, ns
well us streiiKtlieus the body, una us use is never 101
lowed bv anv rc-uetion.
tir BIWARK Of COUNTEJtl'EITS. I'mcbuse
oltlv of reliable dealers. Sold everywhere.
Sun Francisco.
Nolo Agent fur the State.
itr. W. WATSON
REHPECTKIHiLY oilers Ins services in the pnte.
lice of Sl'ltllKliY, OHSTETKIi'S.aiid At 1,1)1
IN E, to the citizens nl Salem utttl Iho Btirroiiniliuir
coiinirv. flllUenittl resltlenee sernntl door llurtll ut
the SiMcrg' Acudeiuv, on Church street.
Feb. I, IKbj. 49tf
I "l K, the tiiulf rp'titucd oirer ur large anil well
V lee ted stni-k ot tiierclinn(lie ill
un uccotit)t of in liking a change iu mir liir-i,icit. Our
slock con-iiftiis of
hi id uiHiiy other ur tides, too munvroiiii tu mention.
-Come One, Corue All,
an thin clmiK-if of buying LOW-PRICED GOODS
is not oH.'rc. every dny. KxHmino our tlotk, mid
Bulimy yourut'lves.
All Kinds of FarmrrA Produrc Taken In
All m'rsnim tnilebUMl to us either bv note nr bnok
ttccotiut, wilt oleniH! tuine forwnnl ami nettle I he wtnie.
Hnletn, rt. ft, IWiTi. 4'tm'.
rilHK COPAirrNKKSIIlI ImreU.forfi exittin Im
1 twnii .1. VY. Ilrown. AI. Alvcrs Si J hit Miiuhes.
uinler thu tirm iiamo of Hinwn. Mvitb V i'n. in tbi
nur ilivi-i ly nuitiiHl concent. The t.iiflin'M will
he coiHiniieil tin lieretitfore uhUt tlio tir in imiue of
Mvers. II uu lii-sj it Co., to whoMi Hit Hfiif n line tlie thru
will be jmitt, und who will HHumy ll li.ihililii'ri.
si. . 111 ft.
. M MYKliM,
joiin nn.iiKs.
Salem. Feb. lt;j. '.twi t
iMssolufioii ol' u-Mii'lnrrHliii.
rPIIK pHrtiiere'iipheretoforooxiitlinir betwooti Avert
X 6i lIciuiT, iu llie Brewery buitiueiw. in the city of
suietn, is huh ouy iiiMioived liv mutiuii coiiwni llnwe
havniff cluiuis will ireent them, aim thone indebleu
will evil and si-tllu iiiuueimtelv.
6u1.mii, Vuh. t, !8tW. i(w-y
Improved Ki-ir-AdJtiMin;;
Awarded First rrrmlum at the Oregon
nime r air, ixoi.
' a -1 1 r. rimiwaeeperi lll'.l riir..-l,, r II tax res
1 lime and climbing, and promotits healtli and good
Alnlraetfrnm Ejatninint Committee Prnn.-I f tkr
trial Kihlblllon nf iHfti.
"('I.OTIir.' WKfVUKKV-" A variety of li.ew
ej-rrttrmt knmaetvy AWm titii funud r(Miii-(intf fr
piijuiliir fivr; tlioiikdi iionr of tlifrn nrv cntiUrrt to
pri'inium, wh rwinmlfr the 'Kl'KKKA ixtubil-d
liv M K. Triiver V Hrn., wntiliv of hotiontlde rhii-
lion." f te No prftninnii nt ild Kxfnliliimi rt
MwitrtlfHt lit HrtU '-a nf ("rftvtrrn niHiiiifHur.iirp
The Kl'UKK K i-ii--l.tTn no v'trm ur wwdni iHtif,
tliitmli w-n-wii, ur rnliiwr liiindii, lild lo UrrrHne dm
nrdtrel,tut i niiidf iiri'rtOMlloili(frr.hY (he u f
ralfnl Klllptlral Bird Springs
wliirh ftidT H Sr'f Atjtirtf. Conremettt, nud )
rahlf. Tlt Imfirnrr.l Kl'KKKA lg m i tt (tlitll
foti(rtirid thnt il will n-ndily lit Biry ixf-J or nlnii
H Tub or Wiiliinif MMrliiitft equally writ, mul ia !
wvt rpdif, n Imldfl, itd camt'tl ft ant of ordtr.
Every Family Should Have One.
Hun KmiH-t. mid Porttmid,
Airrnt-4i.r the I'unlir t
DfMfwitorv witli. nnd fur Mlt Uy, Mfnrn. AnritntHT
tt ilenn. Vnnlntid , J. I'i kiiim i.'ooMr), h.tni ; und
ia tho ptitKil Wwufltbroa(bout thttat. . :m4
M tJ IN 1) AY H CJ I O O L
mini Massachusetts Nmiduv School Kociely, For
sale HI Messrs. H'irtrren 6l Shitttller's, First street,
near Abler, I'OUTI.ASI), OUEUUX. Uoceivhig
new invoices bi-monthly.
Secretary itud Treasurer ( Iretron Tract Socioly,
Illy I (). HI 1 1 N I) I , Kit , I leposiiary.
Farmers, Mechanics and Traders,
IAVINO opened a lieoae, and and established my
self in .
For llm ImtiHuctiou of u iiencral Mercantile Jluni
ticii, would bpjx leave to cull voitr Httntion to the
(Hot that wo cku hl'II truud h vdoiip in Oreuoii Citv nn
tlmy ciin hi l'urlliiud ; we expect to kuu) h funeral
UHttoi-tinunt of iiiercliiiiidieo, tvidi im grocuviu, drv-
iroofJH, doom nn 'I ilioim, Imrdwiire, tunnel-1 loom,
qiipemiwHi'tt, nillcrv, Hiilin cloth, yiinny Hack, wrai
pinif jtnpcr, &c, cue. A I ho, Liverpool and ground
ulnuiMilt, mid u yod nMortinent of drain, indiiro,
blao vnrtol, Sic. All of winch wo will h.-II ut Port
Innd prii'BH therl)y Mjriiiff tlio frtiijlit to tho pur
c.liiiHrti'. Wo will alrio tuko wln-ut. oata. hotter, hueon.
hi id, fKK". pork and potatopH in exchange, or pity the
uhji iur iiiu Burnt), iau hiui see.
OretfonTlty, Nov. 1, lftfi-1. yM
Private Medical Institute!
ICet ubl intietl hy
And all Female Complaints.
Constilling Ollicc,
CO Wnsliliirton Htrcct,
Second buthliti"; bolow Montifomory St.,
wo cuitn, NO PAY.
For Direction, of Letters, See Below.
on this coaxl un uiiinternintud atu-cecii of Fourteen
ycar,miM imt iicconie one ot Mm renowned nuiiiluli
of the ttjre. What the celehmted Lotk llonnitulu it to
LoiKifiti, una ti. e no cm renowned entuhhuhmeiit of
lticortl to rai-lfi, tins liiHlitnlo hits -beeoine to the IV
eilie Coitot. Tim UhmihiiikIh Hiinuiilly received und
enred, plHce II in point of nnniher of putioiitH anions
tne very unit ortnu ttie sti(ce ol lie treat-
inent ninkn it sccono In none.
LAIilTIKS IX KKMALKtSaiethegreHtdi'Htroyei'Hof
NPiuui. incy iiiHiiiiioiiHiy aiincit itiuHyxtemana xmti
unity mult-riniiie Htid dent my it j they drive the bloom
from the cheek, the lustre from the eve. the strength
und vijror from the frame i thev tfive to the world
nunv and diteineil offHprin, and poion, tlirotih nc
eciimvu, cuertuiotiti the rare oT uiun. Tlie niarkti enn
be wen in Nrroiiiln, ('ntinniniioii, CrippleH, t lie Idiot
ic, the IWIyiic, the IiiHiiue, etc.
There is no more terrihltHt'onrge to the bnmun nice
than those dieHtteK nrricii;jf from the contnminalion of
V'eiipntl I'oiHon. The mihii'Ht forniH. by relautiiiK to
tho bloud, hohi -ver over the one aHlif'led.the nword
of dcrjtnietioii that is liable iituny moment to fall and
bliKht to utterly dewlroy all eurtlily liope.t.
MEIUU.'HY, nvosrniznl tt the mtrnt fatal mrdirai
enemy to man, rouihiiiiiifr wilh the Venereal, donnlfs
liis riiitinrein. Tiiotto who hitvehecn trtmled wilh that
fmrnii'ions tniuera pman aro not cured ; the disease
inn only autned a new font).
Do nut be Satisllod Mltli rnrtlal Cures
thut h'tivo the poison to crawl through the sytteiti,eut
injf its way in'o the tintmeH and orHn hi'menil. the
Hppureuily sinooili fotrfuce. to buret 'out in the future
H-iilt a virulence thut will hatlle theelffets of luediaiMo.
WHEN PEUKEtT tTltEKrun bo obtuinod bv eon-
soiiHiiltuitr a iiTivmrniu whom lonjir nrm-tiro und thtro-
ukIi luvfiHiiuaiioii into the cm.nen ot DISEASE of the
LKINAUY OlUIANrS cuubloe to deterniiueut once
tlio inn nre of tlie diseabe.
In all difciiru-s enlniHted lo the doctor's euro, PEK-
r Kt T nrr.MJi ami I'I'JKMAXENT
Cures are olwaya Guaranteed,
In Syphilid und its adjniieft; Oo nur rum und Its tie
fompuiiymv iImciuch; nil (ltt!mltri ot the illauuer,
Kidtuiys und proMrute; Sfiuiiml Weuknti ; i
rnweHoftlio llfiuluud l.iintfrt; lviieifiu Itnimftiiion;
luipotenrv :Iiiripicnt ('otinumption. und ull di-n'itfen
of l he I'rimuv orKHtit". in euih.T ncx, cure nlwiiys
wr'ntnteii, UK SO PAY UKOl IIIEI) ut Ihe PHI
Seminal Weakness or Bpermalorrlitpa,
Tne yotiuir man who exnerli-neps that irrowiuu
wenkiiKiw in his nmpriilar und inrnlul oiuuiiiution
should slop to whene it iirixon. He will Und
iu the weiikitefs of the buck, trcmhUuir nf (he limbs,
disordered diuextion, nuiu'countuhln luiliutr of the
powers ol the miiiJ, (HHiurtie tor so tvlv, ilreail of nn-
n end in if liouble. hiri'lindiiiirs uf evil, slf-etilesancs),
troubled und luftivinru dreioiiH nccouiptinifd bv uruvr-
in it deafnens, Ions nfmuM-nlar power, and numerous
oi nor nviiinuiiiB tu iiinrrtjrii.i'.itim. i u (Kwiina int
res ol mat niont iernni ami oesn ticiive oi an omens
es, Heuiiiuil VVenkut-fs Wastinit nwav bis (towers,
iH'slrovuiif his hone of life und tmtuhooil, und dmiririuir
hitu bIodk tbe broken p;ith of lit rxinienee toward a
preuiniure itmvo. To him who tinds his life diihbliii)(
out lu the iltiM')mre of th? vital prinriptil of exintenee
in nocturnal and diurnal emitviouH, the more t-esiuition
of therHiies ol its nppctininee briupt noiirtsiirntifeof
re lief.
MarriHue. that holy nlhcu, the sjift-ifniird tml hone of
mHiitiooil. brinus to sui'b a one no Imt re of rare, hut
adds tn his nij-ery in (he knowledge that tho one who
looks to mm lor n mum ol nvr tiAppiueM, is a rirttiu
of his evil, Htid hii inuorrnl coinpniiioii of his punish
ment. He nd-ln to his inirjcry and disnrdi-r until hope
leaven liha. There is uo rem it except In (jroinT and
skillful tmiliuent. CoiiniiIi, Mkmi, at onre. a ptivsirian
whom lonif practice und careful rum'iircli hits mude
IhoroiiL'hty coiivciMtul with every phane of the dis
etino 1 lioe who have im'couic the v m tuns ol itoiMai v
vices, thut dread fill, fiiscinatiiiUs and detractive bub
il, whit Ii tills thouruiud of ate k rooms w ith puiulyties
and coiisnmptivcs, und buudredtt of uulimeiy fmves
with its idiciiiiUmI victims, Mioiihl coiitoill without a
moment's dcl iy, one who will svmiialhixe wilh their
sulb-riuttfi. To stih the Jl.H-lor would enM:ciully ad
dri-Ks hiinslf, KivinK to each nud all Hasurnnre of a
PKKEKri and PKUMAXK.M' VVUK tnlhat h,n-
dranre irom iHBitiet change of dirt, or J'rar of tJ.-
IK not forget die aiiros re netow.
Inipoiiiint lo I'ciiinlrs.
When n feinnle is in Irmible oralliit'tcd witli disense,
untl ri'ttuires uiidifiil or stiriti'.tl iissl.litiit'o, tin enquiry
should he, Where is there a pbysit inn who is fully
competent to it'lminister relief, nml who. respectable,
sluinling in society ret-'immentls bitn to tbe ct'ttHdeiice
of llie cotiiuiuiiity I The I'tH-tor, uiiderslHtiiitnif iiow
iiiilM'ntlivelv nweawirv lliese reililireuienta ure. lecls
rulled upon to interptMC, und hy ealliuir (lie ntlftitixn
or tlie nllllclf'l t 1le Met nun lie nut iteeii u rui,
K INKS for twenty yenrs. uinl is fully quulilicd to ud
uintisler in all t'HM'S, liolh niedii tiliy uml stirgli'Mll v,
not in a sittertU-iitl niHiiner, but in as lh'iroiili a mini
tier as years of aunty and pniclice holit iu hiwpilula
and prlvme tniniliea run niukn, fo suve Iheitt from
the of tlie luiq'iulilied, uust-rnpilltinns, utttl dee
ignintr. Tberettire, fittnilies run rely tipnu biin aa
upon a father. All ill alllii'titin can flntl iu him one
wlio ran fcnl and syniputliiza with and befiiend ihein
iu trouble one inwlioseserrerv ibenini't.t c'liiti'lenre
eiltl l. pl.,ee.l, VI NI' I.T.t 'I I' ' V fR V LiTfEII
till nTHEIIWISK) FREE rVc ..l ire., below.
pounded from ItiApiivntepiesrriptioiiaof lilt. VtJL'Ntl,
have uow o'lUtiued a mMt extended popularity, and
are correctly viewed lo be tbe snfeat ana surest rente
dies for the eoraplmnts for which llie are applied.
Tiie eonsluiitly at'cruing tcatuiitmiala ni their elllraey
dm-htre them lo be pre eminently superior in their ac
tion. Nn Lady should he without these Retiovntiug
Airents. Knlte geniiine utiles. priM-tnrd nt this ittlire.
l-ttt bv Mnil or Kxpreae, It, mtr purl i,l llie Stnle.
Hn l'e ami llilnllil'le. bt.ltng tr'un lour losix liuuttba
I'rice (Hi H!KN(H li nar, or fkjiai.e
HtlNTIII.Y IMLI. sitppris.i.iita After tifiv
Vnr f iprr Hoi.
to roititfPoin; i
l'titti-iiU rM-initii hi an? tmi-t nf llm Ktats how(s
! diftiuiit, wlm nmy drti inHtlirtil udvlif on tlii ir rr
(.fllV THN-i. HIM. Wilt lIlMlK pn.MT to utihmti h
Writ1H HMtrniftit oi porh In 'rt Itph to ImliiiiiK u
t?rMii.l inirrTifW.Hrf fi'Mr-1 tli tlieir coiiiohiiii..
lion wiH be hfW ni". wt-rwl.
Alllrtlt-r miwl L Mtldiawr lo the rories-iMiiidiug
n. F. J(SELYN, M. I)..
WO Wa.lnngtiiii Street,
. 0. San Franciiro, Cal,
liog 735. I'
MK. ' t I'tm wees seen taltinu ntv "t -O
II.Ktnd Hlnl from Nuleta last Week, an.l2a
if vua do not return her in a verjr short lime, I will
prosecute von for stealing.
BJeai,De.Su,llf.l. ... 4ttf
1865, CAN YOU READ? 1865.
For particular!, enquire of the Proprietor!.
jN'oteN ami As-'ooimlM
To disposo of. tf?" Don't wait until you are called on.
Get Out or Debt, and Stay Out!
Every Variety of Goods,
iron CAKII,
or almost anything else, except PROMISES.
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BkI,Jii.S, 44"'
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Very Hindi Ilrdiirrd Frier).
also, tiik ci;i.tmtATr.n
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And nitmv other articles, too numerous to mention
hII of which we oiler us low lis the lowest, forrotdi
Call and examine. D. W. U M. It. COX,
Kiilem, Dec. UK I4. 4:itf
Notice lo Donation C'liilmiiiitx.
LiKn Orrirr, llti.Kut ttn,Oitr.(iii)i, )
Kwpiiilier l!. Wil. S
IIKRKAS. Il linvinir beotime h miiltttrtif itet'cs-
sitv lo' nr eft tlio tifriiiiiiit-nl rt'rtii'ils tit tins
Olllm, mill to ilntvrtniiie llts viiliilily or liivtiliiliiy of
iloiiiillon I'liiims hi tins tlMilt'l, iitiiiiy ol wlnrli lire
imtriiliir nml soma vuiil ; uml it lining csieuliHl to tlio
Uuvuriitiient, an wi'll us In tlm triMierm mit'i-t'si tn ine
CLAIMS, mill TlUVSi; l OVKIil'.ll II Y lftAI-tl
1 1 1 l.hS, sliimltl tie liroiiitlit Into niurKet ut us eurly a
dttv us iinssilile tlierefoi".., Ill tiiirsiiunt'e of insll'tlc.
tiniis.we liercliv lintilv nil iliiliHliuu t-luiliiliilts. tliuir
ttssivuees, fir lentil ri'ii-esetitiitives, wlto lutve uot liletl
in tliisolni'fi proor ol touryeurs' resmenos mm cttiti.
viitinn. na rerillirefl liv At'L of '.Till Scllteltllter. lH,tl)
mill uitieniliiients, to tlo bo within three months from
dtttti i nil who lutve mil litkeii tlio ontb of ulle
w uitii e nail iiittl f"r issiiinu Until cBrlilitules, us run
tetnttlnted bv the lilh section uf Iho AM of Mill Mny.
lKtl-J, mo resiiotttttillr retineslo I to comply us curly us
nossilile. lo suvo expense uuu irounie. 10 ititiiw nv
inr ut u distance from tlie hnlid Ollic c, it is Iterebr mi
noiuiiTtl thut most if unt ull of said business inn he
siitisrurtoilly tmiisnctt'tl IIii iiiikIi tlie minis or express.
. .itmn rvi'.i.iji, ucit.ior,
tllnill ADDISON K. KM NT, Keeeiver.
Commercial Street, near the Britltfe.Stilrm, Oregon.
I. V. ilIONS.ll AW, Proptictor.
rillllS well knnn ii bouse hue lulely Iteon rrlltted,
I uml is now reutlv for liis iiceiiininoilHtioll of its nn.
nierous puirons, with Single mitl Double moms well
furnished, und the proprietor hopes hy strict stlt'lttioll
tn his business In Merit a libernl sliitro of pntronnKe.
A hiick nUvnvs iu iitleiitlnnco to curry pusseni(ers
unit initririiiro t.t or lrom tlio House.
Nov. lo. UllUltll
Now l'liotofrriiji Oiillei'y
lIrM. LA 1 114 ATKES03I
nAH oieued n new Hicttire (lullerr over Stranu'i
Tin Store, (-'oinmerciiil street, SALEM.
riiotoKl'iiplin, of VminsiH Sir.fsi,
1'nrlrsi d Vlxiti',
Kvery Mtylo of Pictures known to the Art
A fine nssortnietit of i'hol Kniph ALBUMS.
Pnleiu. Nov. !W, IMiil. !ttf
New Store, New Goods.
Hhb jut ojwned large mid well nt levied aiwoii
mettt of ,
Which he will exclmnue for rush and all kinds nf
Kt on Imnd und iiiitilu to oidi-r, al sliort noih tj mid
lit loW hUC?8. i 1)0 PClliIHtl'tl
Clothes Wringers of Different Eindx
And a good mmorltiicnt of
Useful Household Articles.
AlwHy in more Hud for wtle Kt rina wliit li
My Stuck Cannot Lt Beaten,
Call and see uie. I nil! satisfy aiivh'Mlr who
wauistohnv (lOt)l) AIITK.'LI'.K,
Cheap for Cash.
Pmt fttvor lhntiksjllv rrmemltrd, and fntnr
pHinMnun rrapH'tfiilU oh.iih1.
i y( hII m fin door north of Hniu' Jewelry fltor,
.ooituemiti etrt-i-i, Itoti. 4IH
P4rKTKH J f. 12, IM.4.
OTAl'LKrON k MY MIS. htilim. art? u..w uuimtttc
O tnriiiK Ibtp tiisv liUM , nlii' li, for t lu'itpntit, ti:i't;o
m) tn tt. rivr n0 llifiriiKliui hi Wttxuing, aif
L'mrfntttt hy M'trkt f lie kiwi EVER
IM ft .V . .
TIm t aWi m il Votimr't p.,tnl iintU iiwn iu -r't Hd
In.itng vi.otiies winsai.i;, wui ti i.iiu- u-i
In tiP,ritl rmi wily lit atu lid to inrir w.ifliing m
i.tvt thftn i "ll. W ut'itst-t-iy apst dor to the
M t'tflun Holla, P4irin.
i. o. o. r.
rilKaskkKrA UtW.K. No. I, mr-rH nvfrv
Wloriln rTPiiinf, t IU IirII in Mclmen'e
llulhltitit. urniiirti in f-t miri.ii'it r in-
viut tn ftttfmt. u. h. vnturu. ri U
J. H II. K tUcrsrfsry. 4tt
A. T. A. M.
f SAI.HM Ulllim No hi.l.l.iur.lul.rtumnnnl-
eatlntiaon tha atcund and l..rta Sisla,s in arU
mwtilli. Ureuiren la $vo .laiitllus sr tt.u.'l lu alt.lHl.
T. H. Cos, Heft's". 'HI A M.l'AUI.V. W. M
A t urd.
I-vR V AKINXI H having returned lohlsraimnnr
J i Ueibel, will give strict alteutloa to all calls in thai
line of bis profeeeton.
Itethel, folk cuuuly.Orcgua, Nov. 38, 1881.
BO , GSO ! -
Claitical, Scientific, Poetical, Mechanical,
Medical, Surgical. Biblical, Ucnloxual,
Phrenological, Phyiiolofrical, Philo
lophicat. Phonographic, Military,
I'ete.mary. Surveying, Mill
wright. Engineering, Draft
ing, Housebuilding, Rail
road making, Steamer
and Ship-building.
front street and Washington street,
9,000 School Books, by sll the best authors, at Ian
v nuicisco prices, ut
90,000 rfnires Russian bennd Blank Books, at less
than Ban r ranciseo prices, nt
8,000 reunts Note, Letter, Cap, and Leiral Cap Pa-
Iter, at UHAHLLN liAKUr.1 1 B, I'ortland.
S,00O Diaries for 1865,
80,000 Novels and Song Books,
8,000 rots. Beientinc and other works.
ut UIAKLiHS UAlillbl i o, rortiana.
per, Mia anu Liinen,
FINIMftU ROD, Lines and Huoka, .
PIIOTOURAPII of alt tha Noted Mea and
I'lucca in Ihe WsrM,
fllFI" BOOKS, a splendid asMrfment, at
uiiAici.i'.B iiAitKtn B, rortiana.
I.ATirv, French. Spanish, Greek, German, Italian,
and Welsh hooks, at
Bobinsion't) Ssjrlcsof Arillimetic,
t7The Host mid most l'optilnr In the Atlantis States.
And 10,000
Articles, too
Numerous to
Apcnt for' 1IKADLE & CO., Dime Book Publishers,
Kew York.
Newspapers, Magazines,
tlcUmO nt CIIAULKS BARRETT'S, Porlnu'd,
Has Cured Thousands,
"A cough is eucnill)' the effect of a cold, which
has either been Improperly trnuted or entirely ne(
lectetl. When it proves obstinate, THERE IS AL
CES, us this sl.ows a weak stutoof the tunys, and la
often Iba foremuner of consumption." Buchanan's
DomcBlie Medicine.
Some of you can't, and w pity you. You have
tried every remedy but the we destined, by Its intrin
sic merit, to supersede alt similar preparations, Il la
not surprising you should be reluctant to try sorae
lliliiH else after Iho many experiments you hare mude
of trashy eompouiide foisted ou tha public aa a certain
cure i but '
Is ri'iifly Ihe VERY BEST remedy ever compounded
fur lite cure of Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Asthma,
VYhonpInK Clinch, Bronchitis, and Consumption.
Tliuusunds of people in California and Oregon have al
ready been benefited by Ita surprising curative powers.
Dr. Hull, in bis "Journal of Health," speaking of
lbs dentil nf Wasltington Irving, asks tha above ques
tion, und atldst " He might well have remulned with .
na for some years to come, had It not been for advico,
kindly intended, no doubi, but given in thoughtless
ness and rerklese ignorauce.
He had la' Cold I
Wlili-h, by some Injudicious prescription, had been
enlivened into nsibma." Let me say to Dr. Hall that
that "prescription" was uot
KEEP IT IN THE HUD8K, asa It freely, glva
il to your cbildrea upon the slightest Indication of a
Cold, and yon will thiisk and speak of il as all do who
have become acquainted with Ita merila.
HKDINOTON at CO., Agents, -.
Hau Krancisco.
And for sule everywhere. de-t.inliis
Kendall's Amboline.
Is a Stimulating, Oily
Mtii'Ai.nD raariatTiua
Extract of Darks and
Herbs. Il will care all die-
eases of the scalp and Itch
ing of tlie head, entirely
eradicate the dundrtifaiMl
iievents Ihe hair from fall
tig ont, or from tnrninir
prematurely gruy, causing
it to gr tw thit-k and long.
II A 1 11 !
It Is entirely dirierent from
all other preitaralions, and
rau be relietf on.
Pill up In boxes eoulaiuing'. wo bottles price, $1.
Sold bv all llntirtrisls.
Xoil'l itatlery St., comer tif lllav.HHn Krancisco.
(HI Portland.
Iu li e Circuit Court of the State nf Oregon for the
enntitv of Marion, Maarh Term, IHliJ.
Alice K. IMiaier, IMaimitl,)
ra Still for Divorce.
Frank .1. Hulister, Deft )
'IM) KinnkJ. Ilollsteri Von are hereby notilled that
X tbe above named plaintttf has couinieneed suit In
llie above named court, and filed her complaint pray
ing the eourt lo dissolve III bonds of matnmnnv here
tofore existing ImKveen Ihe plaiuiitT and yonrself, on
the irroniids of burh, cruel, and iiihtinian lituuuieui
and personal indigniiies towards plainiilf. Now, na
l yon appear at lite rircuil court ul Ihe elate of Or
eutm tur the comity of Marion, on the second Monday
iu Mart'h, into, aiid answer llm complaint hi saia
caase (lied, lies plaintiff will apply to the court lor lh
relief ilemandetl therein.
rVolieliors for l ompl' inaal.
liv order nf It. P Itoise, Judge.
January W, '&. 6w 18
Dress Making and Needle-Work!
NUM. K. I'ADDOt'K Is prepared lodnall kinds of
work, lrom rulteig, ttttiiig aud nuikitig the flue
tlrewa-a, It, the heav teal needle work, l'eraona wish
iltlf sewinu of any kiud dune will pleuao call oa her,
nl lite reentettr of llastiel Israug, bear llie Conxrega
llonal I bonh. 4a(
rKWI.Y fini.betl, nlrv, and cniuforUblt re wits,
i withaH-atal a well furnished table, to be (if
Ji.yetl al trttr honae hy paying front j to $7 per week.
Iltir plnee is thu larue 'huildtug ou Idbeily street,
eetllli ul tlie Woolen Kartet v.
Also, w. II carelully atleul lo the trevehst aed hW
horse. ,
Karmera, tl ua see year eggs, butter, parselpa,
chit-kens, 4cc, skc ,hvfore selling elsewhere.
tlr.ii, NKWKLL.
H.tiein.Jan.'.'-J.IM. ' t,u
T)KIMI1 duly amhoria d lo artlk, tho koainese of Hi
1 1 late finite of lliiuiistva i Ma law. aud Huiaialun,
V iksai. at to, 1 will pay all claims against tbe sank
Drew en demand, and all penoae luk ta to either qf
lite above kuuavs ate acojueeied to ttla the same Willi
me. C. ti. IlUillbTOS.
OOea at 1. L Parrl.l. Ii Co. s Ugok slora
ronland, MoT. 10, ISbi Tl