The Oregon statesman. (Oregon City, O.T. [Or.]) 1851-1866, August 31, 1863, Page 2, Image 2

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    The Rebels ara Discouraged.
Lata tiles of the Richmond papers contain
excerpts frnni rebel newspapers, oorrestiond
enoo nnd editorial, which bow that rebel hones
ore (Inking Taut. At no tirao tinoe tho war be
gan lifts there hoeu such a gonernl tone of de
spondency pervading the rebel press as now.
'1 rue, the Examiner and a few of tho uiiiro
sturdy sort are whistling desperately to keep
their courage np, hut, even amid the acrimo
nious and sore headed "leaders' of tho most
Influential journals appear confessions of the
immiuoncy of the end of their straggles which
aro rcmnrkahle. The Qolumhus (Ga.) Timti
lias mndo up s table hy which it shows what
proportion of troops will coroo from each State
under tho Into ooutorintion en mane of ,KtT.
Davis. It liases its calculations upon the cen
sus of 1850.
' The editor theu ndds that a fair ratio of in
crease for the decade Inut past has becu added
to the figures of the census rjf 1850. Imt that
one-third of Tennessee and two-thirda of -g
oin have been deducted from the amount
credited to those States, as that proportion of
tin two States is in possession of the force of
the Union. Of the total, 9,",324, tho Timet
it.., . i & n - nm i.. ...
pnj iiini m tciist, .j.wt'ii are now in me service,
leaving only about 70,000 to he rained hy tho
conscription. Uatlier a bail outlook that for
jeu., especially wtien we remnniiier tlmt Ar
kansas, Louisiana mid Texas havu been segre
gated from the other rebel States by the open
ing of the Mississippi, and tlmt we ure in a
' fair way to split off Mississippi, Alabama, and
a big slice of Georgia before the conscription
' can be enforced. Yet, right upon the heels of
this calculation, comci the wail of tho ltiilrigli
Progress, which, in the oonrse of an article
copied and commended hy the Richmond .Sen
tinel, admits that "the condition of affairs is
such that we must havo more troops or aban
don tho cause." The Enquirer of the 'i'M of
July concludes a lachrymose article with an
indictment of the rebel President, sayltijr that
his culpability consists in his not using all the
powers conferred upon him by tho Constitution
"that he has foiled to demand a new lease of
the power to suspend the Habeas Corpus Act
baa failed to ask for new laws regulating the
election of army officers ; has failed to remon
strate against the law authorizing army sur
geons to issue long furloughs by wholesale for
change of air ; and has not unbred the con
sci iption of all foreigners, including the Con
sols, as he ought." Tho article concludes by
saying that the editor has views which will
soon be announced, that readers may see how
' Imminent is the crisis which If "not pressing
enough, perhaps will he next week." Army
correspondence of tho same paper, dated at
Martiusburg, July 14th. shows that a generul
feeling of disgust and disappointment pervades
tho rebel army at their nou-snccoss in their
lute invasion, of which the writer speaks in
terms of sarcasm, saving that what he saw ol
' Maryland convinced him "tlmt Maryland is
' neither with as, nor of us ; for my part, I say
'let tier alone,' I believe she Is 'joined to her
idols.'" Of Mnrtiiishurg and vicinity the
same wi iter has no better opinion, saying that
one feels opon entering the place that he had
left Virgiuia and entered Yankeedmn, the town
lli-tnff tilir..lir IJninnivmil Tim r.ilml
(tiers, he complains, are scowled at hy the resi
dents, hilu tho Yankee prisoners were actually
cheered by dwellers opon the soil of Old Vir
ginia, and those who were esteemed as the fast
friends of the Confederacy had the hardihood
to minister to the wants ul the captured "min
ions of Lincoln." The North Carolina papers
tiro still recalcitrant, and prophecy ruin, disns-
ter, and another revolution il the iron hand of
despotism of Richmond is not relaxed from the
(jtate. The Standard says that, ns usual, the'
old North Htate is called npon to bleed more
freely than any of the rest of 'the Confederate
States, notwithstanding she has sent from homo
mine of her sous thnn the Confederacy has nl-
' lowed to remain for the support and protection
of the aged and defenseless, and adds that
North Carolina may reach a point beyond
which easy forheurauce would lie no virtue,
but crime. That is bold talk for rcheldom.
Sunday California Item.
The confirmed surveys, with pluls. certifi
cates, elo., annexed, of several nrivale land
wived from the Surveyor (ienernl of California
for final adjudication at the General Laud Of
fice. Of these are the Minn iog i Claim of
Jose Maurice Amador, at Sun ttmunii. nm.inli.
ing 1(1.516 U.V 100 acres) of John Yonutt. ad
ministrator of the estate of J use1 Dolores Pit
eheoo, nt Santo Kiln, containing H.H!i4 4-IH0
acres; and of Jose Maria I'lores, at La Lieo
ra, containing 44.700 50-100.
The Medical Director ol the Department of
New York hue beep ordered by Surgeon Gen
eral Hammond to collect and send to Califor
nia a corns of Assistant Surgeons, number
not stated, giving them transportation nlld
lit pet moo ih. This is like carrving cools
to Kewciiellc, for n Snfgonn from California.
Dr. A. O. Soule, of Yulia eoiinlv. has just been
detailed for duly at Fort Schuyler, New York
Ex Govrroor 8. L. Harding, of Utah, is an
applicant for the Governorship of Ducotuh. de
clined by John A. Potter i hut he has been put
off with the office of Chief Justice of Color
do, whereat he Is not reconciled. He is not a
man of great diffidence.
Ill the Richmond Sentinel, July 2.'Id. appear
ed the following item in a stock sale advertise
ment t
"In addition to the above 11.000 Sacra
mento City (California) six per cent, bonds,
coupons, ItfflS and ItHW attached good foreign
Who was the-Calfornia rebel that had those
sold in Uie Confederacy.
"OnpilKt-a C. KitRK."as, he chooses to rail
himself in print, has already' depatled lor the
land of Opiiir. He fell in love nith and mar
ried Adah Isaacs Menken, the actress, who
also called herself Mrs. Ileeonn, a title which
the pugilist of that name declined to admit she wore with his authority. Adah is gay,
dashing, handsome, and beautifully formed,
and Orpheus was romantic. Impulsive and fan
cied his wife a divinity in lights or giiuto
thinguuiya. They soon discovered that liny
bad mentally erred in selecting each oilier.
He could not endure her love of pnhlio admir
ation. She uvula" hare her way. He grew
wretched. His fun forsook him. He could
write w ell no more. First he determined to go
into tho army and gel shot. Next, he rmolred
to go to California, with his wife and get rich. '
She preferred the latter programme, and so
ends the story. St. Louis Democrat.
A Disit Gen. Frank Gardner, the
recent rebel commander at Port Hudson, is a
deserter from the United States army. He
held a commission at the beginning uf the re
bellion, aud entered the service of the traitors
without w aiting to tender his resignation. Ho
is liable, therefore, at any time to he tried and
shot for bis treason rnd desertion. We believe
he is a eon uf Col. C. K. Gaidiur, formerly
Purveyor General uf Ibis Slate. The tailo r,
we are glad to know, is intensely firm iu his
loyalty, as also are bis sons, Clinton and
Charles, who were well known In Oregon. The
latter baa been for some lime the faithful Ad
jutant General of the division under Major
General Parke, formerly connected with Ilia
N. W. boundary oniniuiiviou,
Kationai, Democratic Coiimittcr.
Newport, . I., August 13. At a meeting of
the klecutive Committee of the National
Detnnoratio Committee, held at Newport to
day. the following resolution was unanimously
passed i
Resolve J, Thai a meeting of the National
Democratic Committee be called at the St.
Niobolaa Hotel, New York, on Monday, Sep.
leaner 7, 1&& at noon, fur the porposa of hi
ing the time and plaoe for holding the next
National Democratic Convention, and to lake
into csHwideralion such other- matters of inter
est OS will probably com before the Cornea-
A Youthiti. Major Gkmskal. Frank J
Ilerron, of Iowa, is the youngest Major Gen-t-ral
In the United Statea army. He Is only
20 years of age, bot his bravery, efficiency aud
meat ars worth of niaitm-r ytart.
Bombardment of Forts Sumter anL
Burning of Lawrence, Kansas, by
LmTMVti.LB, August 21.
Nothing is known positively as to the .move
incuts of Rosecrnns' arm)', except that it is
moving in a due easterly direction, supposed to
be destined for Chattanooga. It is supposed
that Uurnsidu's force, now on the move, will
act iu conjunction with Iliuecrans and will
sweep through Eastern Tennessee and occupy
it. Sending urmy news from Tennessee is for
bidden at present. Nothing will he known till
objeots are nooomplished. Negro regiments
are being rapidly organized In Kosccraus' da-
pnrtment; already live or six are under way at
jsasnviiie, w inciiesicr, aim i uiiaiioimi.
Jackson, Mihh.. August 18.
Federal cavalry from Y uzoo City reached
Dnrant Station on the Cent nil Miss. Railroad.
They captured a train anil did serious damage
to Ihn road to the northward. Tint Yankees
are carrying two locomotives and trains north
ward, and a heavy raid is coining south from
Memphis and Charleston nutil.
Lkavknwoiitu, Aueurt 21.
About six o'clock last iiiulit the iruerrilln
Chief Quantrell with 300 strong, crossed Iroin
Missouri to Kansas, near Gardner, liu miles
below here, and started for Lawrence, urriviug
there at 4 o'clock this morning', he posted
guards around tlie city so no citizens could es
oape. The remainder uf his command pillaged
stores, snooting citizens, und tired houses,
gentleman who managed tn escape hy hiding;
in a cornfield, says ho swain the river nt eight
o clock, ami on reaching tho lilnlT on this side,
had a plain view of tho city which was in
flames. Ho thinks the loss (2.000.000; by
this lime much more as they seemed determ
ined to destroy everything that would hum.
We cannot learn that any resistance was made,
the people being taken by surprise, the first
alarm being the crackling of the Amies ami
shouts of the rebels. Gen. James II. Lane
was in the city ami it is feared he hits fallen
into the hands of the guerrillas. A large num
ber of Union troops have been sent iu pursuit,
hut the result is not known. The Mayor of
this city has issued a proclamation, saying that
people need have no apprehension ol ('er,
rtu every able bodied citizen is requested to
provide himscll with arms mid hold liiiusell us
readiness to aid his mends in nny part ol I he
State at a moment's notice. He censures the
General commanding tilt.- District, who, with
5,000 men under his coiuiiutiid, allowed a few
guerrillas to go 50 miles into the interior, burn
a city mid destroy f 2,000,000 worth of proper
ty. He iutiimites.that citizens must depend on
themselves for defense of the city and Statu,
Washington. August 22.
A late Chattanooga paper has the following:
Wo look for the worst at Charleston. It will
never be taken as it stands however. Jour
nals of that city may put their best lace on the
matter from motives of patriotism hut we bud
ns well prepare for any emergency.
A correspondent of the Savannah Uepubli
a growls considerably at I lie reconstruction
tulk of the Raleigh. (N C.) Standard, and
suvs our late reverses have developed a number
ol cases of weak kneed fellows, who are ready
to Tall down ami lieg mercy ol their xanliee
Cincinnati. August 22.
Troops continue to puss through the city.
News from liumsidc is to the Mills. It is now
predicted that oar udniucf will engage Buck
Iter in two weeks. The troops are in line spir
its and pii-hliig forward .nwurd Kooxville.
from reliel sources comes the prediction ol an
other raid into Kentucky, wln-n harvest, com
mences. Not credited in military circles.
Ni:w YnltK, August 22.
Special Washington soys a letter Iroin no of
ficer iu high command in Army of the Com
herlnnd has been received, and says the whole
country hetween ChultiMiouga and J --(.(-
.. I. II ..f yl ---,.. -..... ...i i. . i. ...,,
army. Di-niiwuciioii exists mostly uuiuug
Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee reg
incuts, who say tin-) have nothing lelt lo light
for. Troops bom other States say they will
also desert as soon ns their States nic oeuopieo
hy Union troops. It in known that two Mis
sissippi ami one Louisiana regiment left iu
body, there being no lorce to stop llieiu. Judge
Goodwin, Chief Ju.lico ol Arizona, has been
appointed Governor of that Territory lo till the
vacancy caused hy tho death of Gurley. it is
known in New York that an Ariiouiaii expo
ditioii will leave that city iu a few days.
Wahiiiniitdn, August 22.
liebel cavalry are busy enforcing conscrip
lion in Virgiuia south and west ul the Happn
hunuiH'k. Suiiie districts have heuouio nearly
depopulated nf aide bodied males none uf
them and but a few old women mid children
rcinuiued. Parlies nro also scouring tho conn
try for provisions ami forage. There is wide
spread sullermg. hears ure entertained of
luiuiue the coming inter. Negna's are being
run south to keep lliem Iroin lulling into the
hands of thu I uukeit urmy.
FoM'Ign Jlcwi.
Nr.w Y'ihk. August 22.
It is officially announced that the Emperor
of Austria, iu an autoxnipli letter dated July
;ilst, has invlled all sovereigns of the Geriuamu
Confederation suituble lo the reiiiireiiients ol
the ngr. The Emperor proposes Fiaukforl as
the plaoe and the Kit la ol Aogn-i the time for
the meeting.
Nrw Yom. Aug. 22.
The Herald has the following s
lleailipiarters Army uf liilouiac. Aug. 21.
Information from different sources leads lo the!
belief I hat rebels ant lest inr our front and in
ing lo Richmond. Desetlers from army
say movements of troops ton arils Fredericks
hutg was uuly a rose in cover Veal object of
Lee which was, leading his men southward via
(iordousvillv. Day before yesterday, large
botlies of rebel cat ally marched towards Hap
iiahanuock, driving in our pickets. They came
boldly deploying In fine line of battle mdi r. Im
mediately, all the corps along the river were
put in motion under arms, and in this position
liter remained until morning, alien the enemy
had withdrawn. A pavalrt recntiuoissauue as
then made which. went as fur as Culpepper but
found no enemy on the contrary, obtained
such information as leads to the belief that the
n hole rebel ;furee had left in the direct ou of
Gordonsville. A complete panic prevails in
Richmond. To obtain greenbacks, many deal
ers w if) lake no oilier money for w Imt tliey sell.
1 he i.xouirer pilches loin ;hc Jew tirocllvi
ties of Itetijaniin. rebel Secretary) rough sisal.
mill classes He manni as one ot the kind
The army of ihe Cnmberlaudjiss umrchtd to
Chattanooga in 3 divisions.
Cllli'AOo, An. 22-
Washington ourrespon-leul of Ihe Cincinnati
Uattlte saystleii. Itusrcraits has been author
lied to mount Ihe whole of Ins division, and lo
arm lliem Willi Sharp's or some oilier rnvalri
carbine, and In add In the mounted force thus
raised a body id from il to .Valtl regular cav alry
Advantage Iu be gained by this orgaoiislioo
oaiilini lie over tsliuiali vl.
LoriaviiXR. Aug 22.
Nashville (,'ai'oa sais iiiloriiislion of a r ha
ble character confirms pieviously published re
ports oi the iienmraiii ttioo ot llragg a army
reniifssceans are t-stcciaHy averse lo psitloi
paling any further in the war.
There Is great suffering and destitution Iu
North Alabama, ptople being confii.ed Invert'
scant supply nf floor and vegeiablea for food.
Meal is not to lie bail, except iu the smallest
quantities, and Ihe prospects for coming wittier
are tiara and dismal. U nless rebel Is ottered,
the pour, huudreds uf them, uiusl die of s'.arva
San Fkaxcuco, Arc. 2.1.
A call of a number uf our prominent cilitrns
oantrti to tmnnnaiv anntner iieaei in opposition
to Ihe one already nominated by the republican
convention, baa been issued.
- PlIILADRI IIIA, Ang. 2-1. .
A letter dated on board flag shin Dinsrcore,
olT harlcrtoo, 13th, sail the attack cow-
menced da before yesterday morning t day
light by sicgo euns of Gen. Gilmore. At 6
o'clock Dahlgreen proceeded 'on hoard We-
liawuin anil with Ironsides ami entire monitor
fleet attacked batteries Wagner and Gregg
with irreat furv. nomnletelr ilftielnir Wnirner
and aliimsf silencing Gregg The wooden gun
boats, seven in number, also joined in assault
and enabled all shore batteries to pnnr their
shot and shell into Sumter. At 10 o'clock Ad
miral changed his flair to Pusaic and with Pa-
tapsco proceed within HOOynrdsnf Sumter and
shelled the sea walls with the rifled guns of
hose vessels for an hour with marked effect.
Sumter fired about fifty return shots doing no
damage tn the vessels, while the walls nf Sum
were badly seared. Captain John Rogers of
Cntskill went within 100 yards of beach in
front of battery Wngner. After firing number
of shots, a shot from Wagner broke and piece
ol tho interior lining struck lingers killing turn
instantly ami also a paymaster who was stand
ing at Ins siilo. these were the only casual
ties on laud or water during six hours bombard
ment. Damage done to Sumter can be Seen
without glasses. KchcU had built n false wall
opposite our batteries. It extended tn within
ten feet of the top of the wall, was forty feet
high and ten feet thick. 1 his wall is now a
mass of ruin w hilst the old wall was broken
full of deen holes The nnrnpet Is crushed
nud ragged while the northwest wall is gapped
nod cracked down almost to the water s edge.
The harbor nud Stono river are full of torpe
does. Ahnut twelve of them have been picked
up in Stono. One exploded under Putupscn
raising her n foot out of the wati r but doing no
damage. No duinugo was done to any nf the
vessels during the hunt. 1 he Admiral ana oi
ficers aro confident of ability of thu monitors tn
batter down Sumter. He is. however, inclined
to snve these vessels for the heavy work re
quired after Sumter has fallen, and let tho ar
my reduce the fort if possible. The fleet with
exception of Wehawken and Nnhant returned
at 2 pm. They were required to keep Wag
ner Quiet add prevent removal of euns. Shore
butteries continued firing during the afternoon
and night with good effect. The batteries are
still at work this morning (lOih). The We
hankin and Patapsco are in position to keep
Wagner and Gregg quiet. When tho Arkan
sas left, the fleet was at its moorings. Gilmore
announces that the w-irk t litis fur has been en
tirely satisfactory, and that Sumter has been
dam nired ereatly. Tho loss uf Captain ling
ers is in null regreted hy the Admiral. When
the Arkansas lelt. at 7 o clock, on morning ol
19th. huge volumes of smoke arose from Sum
ter from burning of cotton. Officers of the
Arkansas believe the fort was captured, silenced
or 'entirely destroyed by noon her guns replied
feebly to ours. GrczK was entirely silenced.
Wanner still held out. Thu hoiutmrdincht of
Wednesday mornim; (Will) continued as fori
uusly as ever. Tho Ironsides, five monitors
and tlio shore batteries being engaged.
Refugees from Savannah say there is nearly
a famine in that city.
rillLAIif.l.PHIA, .''g. 2U.
By Arkansas. Navy Department, received
dispatches confirming the above.
Nrw York. August 21.
Money ensy nt S'a)7 per cent. Gold unset-
tied s opening nt 2.'i. declining to closing
ut uorernuieiil slocks il rm ami un
New Yoiik. August 24.
The Ilerald'l special says, Li e has been re
ceiving reinforcements for the past two weeks,
and is evidently iiicparine to attack us. Our
scouts report the enemy iiiiikioir another cam
puigii. which contemplates a movement similar
to that of August lt. Deserters corroborate
this news. N.C.. August 22,
Rehel newspapers iu tins State clamor loudly
for the supprci-siou of the Raleigh titanJara.
lie olliclal paper, which of late hills defiance
to Davis and the destroyers of the Confederacy.
The lloUou, Teiin.. Journal says, speaking ol
lining's army. We don't know its strength, but
taking its present status iu consideration. Willi
the well known ndroiluess and sagacity of his
antagonist. Ilrugg will find I, is position hur.unl
mo, uiul t.rtt..' ..I.- l.u-.. im (frenter ell
l.ii ii limn now setlis ro ovixr l i-
purnnt that Rnseeriius intends lo flank both
sides nud no doolit throw another diversion
Into F.ift Tennessee, by way ol Spuria, thus
compelling itnigg lo loll lined to Atlanta.
pimruKHM MiiNituH. August 24.
Steamer Maple Leaf, from elf Charleston
Aug 211, arrived. When she left. Sumter's
guns were silenced, several breaches hail been
made in I he walls of Wagner, mill by the aid
of sharpshooters, the guns uf the batteries were
nearly silt nceil.
Mkmpiiis. August 21
The steamer City of Madison was lilonn np
nt Vicksburir. Wednesday the 10th. while load
ing nmiiiuiiilion at the icvee; ahont (i'l lives
were lost. 1 he explosion was caused by cure
less handling of percussion shells hy a laborer.
nTKVRNaiiN, Ark., August 22.
Welder crossed the Tennessee last evening
and burned a small railroad bridge near Shell
Mound, thus severing communication hetween
the rehel right uml left l in view of the luinrao
liciibilily of the common roads, litis moreuieiil
is an important affair. We a 'so secured a fer
ry boat aud two barges, nud brought theui to
tiiis side. The advance of the Army of the
Cumberland wns before Chattanooga! August
21, and opened nr.- on Hie ciiy; dm ing the lore
to soi the enemy replied from nineteen vims,
mostly small, aud doing lilile damage ; our fire
was very destructive, and every buttery which
opened lire on ns was silenced or disabled.
Euriov's works on river are said lo he very
si mug nil h parapets no less thin fifteen feet
wide. Several water butteries oil I lie with the
rier. Discovered one steamer loo-, red in Iroot
of the city t burned In-r and disabled another.
An attempt to destroy pontoon bridge of forty
seven bouts was frustrated by rebel slinrpshuot
,'r- I reported there are tun rebel divisions
in city and one on the railroad towards Bridge
port. Contrabands report that Johnston has
arrived and superceded Ilrugg. Paroled men
Iroio Peinbertou's army are coining mtoiiur lines
I lift say tin command can never he lot to
gether again. Thu rebel right nnd left cannot
ctt operate because uf impracticability uf Ihe
Caiuu. Amr. 21.
I.stest advices from Gen. Steele's (Arkansas)
expedition say lliitt headquarters would be at
Clarendon on While river, August 7. Small
parlies of gnerrillns were constantly hovering
round our Hunks anil rear, ljun boats had as
ociidfil Lhilc Ruck river as fur as Searuer. tak
ing 10 rebel steamers, both ill g'tod order.
AI rtearot-y, rebel battery was lound ami si
It-need by the Lexington with no loss; seven
wounded. Ileitis destroyed uonlonu bridge by
which Alarms, lose enwsea river. He was
joined by I'nee on this side. Kirby Sutilll was
at Little It'K-k. Rebels are reported tit he for
tifyin Hit on Mela, 50 miles this side of Little
Rock with iutVulinu nf making stand at that
place. Lei rm stand, d-It em !
Mrmpiiir. Aug. 20.
General Hurlbuit started un expedition from
La Grange, Teiin , on l.'llh under Co innund of
Lieut. Col. Phillips of Oili Illinois mounted in
fantry, aud readied Grenada on the 17th driv
ing Gen. Sherman (reliel) with 5HRH men and
three pieoes of artillery from that nluoe. Thev
destroyed 57 lnroiiiHltter and upwards of 400
cars, depot nuiltling. machine and blacksmith
eho. A large quantity nf ordnance and
stores were cttpiun-d, together with SO railroad
llieu aud IHIiulN-r of other prisoners.
Navr York. Anr. S4
Mori is Island letter dated 10th. stalt-e thai
Giluiore's batteries conlmie Bring and Ihe
walls of Sumter were gradually ciuniblin lo
rums, i ne ivot-i nag ss snol attar I toe tin
Ihe lSih bill was ivplsced. Violent storm
rsged en lath. Parapet nf the fort la coin
plelrly demolished, and abutments at south
east angle mostly torn away, llrrsche have
been made through a ba h our pntjeetilee fly
crashing against lhe opposite walla, Deserters
say t ffcel on Sumter la terrible, and that four
nii-p. were killed and six wounded in Wagner
on Monday. The rebel batteries on James
Island continue heavy lire hot without much'
damage. Sautter la gradually crumbling to
ruiua. Nkhiiiond patters -of 19th sa veter-
dsy the hoinhanliiKUl waa mora furious than
auv previous day. The Ironsides, nx tuoui-
tors and six gunboats with all the enemy's land
batteries opened on Wagner at daybreak
throwing 20 shells per minute at our works.
This continued until I l.when the fleet and land
batteries turned their attention to Sumter. Iron
sides and six monitors approached within three
fourths of a mile of the fort and battered
vigorously against south face. Sumter replied
vigorously with her barbette gnus. The con
test lasted about seven hours, when the fleet
having been hit a number of times drew off out
of reach with flags at half must. Cnpt, Hog
era and paymaster Woodbury (federals) and
Capt. Wauplcs, chief engiueer, (confederate)
Saw Francihco, Aug. 21.
Steamship Oregon arrived here last night
from Mazutlan, Ouaymns and other ports on
north western cokst of Mexico. Sho brought
$114,330 in trensurer and 250 packages ore.
i -"
Land Case-Fortlllcatloni for San Frnncls-
co-The Chapman Alfulr-Cimtom House
Keeelpu toffee,
San Francisco. Aug, If).
In the land case of the United States against
George Norris, Judge Huffman to-day caused
an order to be entered reciting that claimant is
entitled to survey and patent.
Thu first plan of additional fortifications for
this harbor has been abandoned by order of
General Halleck, whose knowledge of the to
pography of the harbor was considered in
Washington fs entitling him to innke a new
plan. Instead nf works on Yerha Bnena Isl
and and Rincon Hill there will he constructed
for the present, twn large butteries of ten guns
each on Angel Island, and n heavy battery at
Point San Jose. The batteries win lie larger
than those formerly contemplated, and heavier
timbers will bo required.
lhe lirund Jury nt me united states are
examining the testimony against me owners
and crew of schooner Chapman.
Receipts of Custisns for the hrst ultcen days
of August amount to $101,313.
Private advices from Rio tie Janeiro to July
0th state there were no coffee shipments in
prospect for this port ; and none since the de
parture of vessel, which w ill nut be duo under
ixty days.
San KnANCisco, Aug. 20.
Ship Hunker Hill. 145 days from New York
to DuWitt, Kittle Si Co. April ild, shipped
heavy sea, which knocked olf skylight, stove a
hob iu the poop, lilted' cabin with water; wns
olf the Horn two weeks in severe gales. Ship
Hoogly, 100 days from Ho-ton, to Meader, Lo
lor & Co. ; was thirty duys ulf the Hum in
heavy weather.
Homicide In Orovllle.
Oitovitx?, Aug. 20.
Timothy Mitlnny was killed hist night by his
partner, John Farr n, who stabbed him twice
with a butcher knife. Verdict of jury iu ac
cordance with the shove. C'uuiiot ascertain
the cause of quarrel.
In I on Meeting In Tchama-Allrgcd ffcaa
unable Correspondence.
Red Hlui-t, Aug. 20.
J. 0. Goodwin addressed a large and ebthil
siastiu LJuion meeting nt Tehama last evening.
Iu his speech he read letiers written hy Chas.
R. Street now of the Murysvillc Expresi to
his brother. Henry C Street, showing an or
ganized and (reasonable attempt to procure the
secession of California in 18(H), and the forma
tion of a Pacific Republic. The letters impli
cate Htircli. Scott, Latham. Guthrie and many
others. Goodwin made a haul of these letters
at Shasta. A large delegation from Red iilulf
ai tended the meeting with banners, music,
Arrcat of a Murderer-larceny Trlal-8en-tsiice
-Military AlTalri-Arrital or the
Hoses Taylor.
' San Fkancisco. Aug. 21.
Chief Burke nnd officers Ellis, Cliapjrelle and
Glover, returned this evening after a hard
chasj after Carlo Emanuel Odiuardo.nho mur
dered the Italian Pissauo, by-cutting his throat
iu an alleyway about a mouth ago. They
caught Oilmardo last nigh, fifteen miles tins
a-.t,. -r I--g OUWncit g-flit, i
around the bay. He a as well supplied with
money. The olllcers gt ou thu truck of thu
murderer last Wednesday.
Thu jury iu the case uf Henry Rusche. for
grand larceny, failed to agree aud were dis
charged. Curl Swartz, convicted of swindling an in
sane man. was sentenced lo one year in the
Stale prison. .
Receipts of treasure frnm the interior since
luslstfuiucr.amuutto$l,750,l)O0. Gold bura
quoted 'at HJ02S4II. Legal Tenders firm at
Hunkers' dispatches do nut confirm tho re
ported advance in war riks or treasure ship
ments. Accordingly the report is ignored in
present transact Ions.
Arrived Steamship Muses Taylor, w ith Nuw
York passengers of July 2-ld. Passed steamer
Orizaba at Acapulco.
A t'AKD.
Lewistun, August 8. 1863.
Editor Gdi.kkn Aqe Sin Iu the pro
ceediugs of the Democratic meeting held at
this place, and published in thu last issue uf the
Age. I notion that all the speakers are named
mill the exception of myself; giving a cursory
statement of their several attitudes as regards
the present rebellion. In order that my posi
tion may not be misunderstood, I deem it prop,
er to state that Ihe report of lhe proceedings
was not submitted to me, neither did I see it
prior to its publication. I stated ut the meet-,
lug thu position I occupied as regards the rebel
lion, and will only say now, however, that 1 did
not accord to all that was said by the speakers
for several reasons, one uf which is that they
censured the aula of Ihe Administration with
out furnishing or suggesting a remedy. ' It is
true I differ with the Administration in many
matters of policy, yet I feel it my duty, us a
loyul cititen. In sustain it in all legitimate
nieasutes in its efforts to put down the rebel
ban. I believe, t. that the Constitution must
he the guide and polar star of the Government.
In the words of one of the Albany resolutions,
" Pence must be secured through victory ; that
the restoration of all Uie Stub's must be brought
back under Ihe safeguard of the Constitution."
I do not deem it iieoesaarv to define my po
sition at li-ngih, and should have 1 -t it pass had
the reported proceedings shnil that 1 did not
eunvur with sentiments uttered by some of the
speakers, aud do not wish to lie placed in a
false position, having been chairman "of tho
meeting. L. HEATH.
Onr Tolerant Rkpurlican. Guvirnor
Salomon, of Wisconsin, in a speech just after
thu battles of Vickeburg. Port Hudson aud
Gettysburg, made ase of the following tolerant
language which la so nearly a solitary exoep.
lion among that class uf politicians that we
cannot reliain from quoting t
The speaker then alluded lo the charges of
arbitrary exercises uf power by lhe President.
They were Ihe invention of brains prompted
hy disloyal hearts. There were, of course, dif
ferences of opinion among loyal uieu iu regard
to public measures. ' s a -pi,,
rule laid down by the President in his recent,
letter respecting Vallandigrjam waa an excel
lent oue. II s ikomld tear with criticism fron
sua irAoss keartt trert right. Call at awa si
traitor who it la favor of putting dottn the rt-bell-on
arms, (Aoag As stay criticise the acts
and mcaiurtt of the goternntent. Oue spirit
prevailed in the army. It cared nothing for
parlies, il knew only tlie country and the Ang.
The same spirit should pervade the whole peo
ple, and the recent victories and Ihoso he waa
sure were about to follow, would do much to .
bring about that result.
tV General Meade waa frequently nnder
Are at Gettysburg, though ha di ea not appear
lo have expueed himself ouneceesarily. He rod
along the hues alteuded by his orderlies, guid
ing every movement, and baiting and sending
to the front demoralised officers and oen. At
oue tiute his horse a as killed under him. a '
canister shot passing through Ihe flap of lb
saddlo, rajiti the kg of tha General. .
-r I . -A ...... .t . i. ivirt
(l ie uirrnDii 'um
onolal Papse of tha Btata.
m,. ,....m.n I. mil,ll.hMl ttecklir si Silent. TVrim, 1-1
pi-r ysr, slwsvl In silvsri'-e.
r : ' . ' . . in ,.. .t.a-Ma ,h- tnl AWlnff ThISI
U"gnl arpruieii - nn
Twrive llni, r l-s, nn Inserllun SJ JJj
ir The itifi art prirtt tn erin. .s(wl Tenjltr notu
Kill be taken only ut Ihttr current soius.
Lviisl sail ll lrnll:it silvtrUssmslits mint OS prepsia tn
Insure Itnertlon. ,-tinfftn
A'lmlnHlrstors nooc, nn .1
.... .....,.,1 uwnu mit h ttrvnit n. Unisys or
rtere'l eul.llshnl by tht county Judge, nd (usrsnleed 10 be
be psia by mm. t ,, .
Arfwrtlslns n"' PM l,Wn " 1 f
when ontrrte '!. will lis Ineresinl twenty-live per cent. ech
' Re-nliisnces rosy be nixie by mll l tlis rlile of the pub
Ushers, II mailed In the pretence of ft puitmsiter.
CEAHDALL tu WAITE, rnDllsnsrs,
We shall, next week and thereafter send bills to
thoso of our subscribers who have not paia tneir sine
srriptions for the current year volume IS. We huvo
waited on many of theiu six monllis, and we turns
ihey can now afford to pay for that time and advance
six months' pay to us. Those Indebted, will greatly
obliire us by making prompt remittances of the Bmounts
J -..,. ., i rfeti'
due, tnanoivLu orou,
Salem, Aug. 31, J863. Iw2t)
The news of the last week has boon deepening
in Interest, daily. Tha progress of tho siege of
forts Sumter and Wagner is detailed at consider
able length. Tho bombardment commenced a lit
tle over a week ago and has gone on steadily up
to onr latest dates with great fury and uniform,
though not very rapid, success. The people of
both North and South, had been taught that Fort
Sumter had been made Impregnable, but tha pend
ing oper atlons of the fleot and laud batteries have
thoroughly dispelled that deception. The walls
of Ihe fort, according to representations from both
sides, are little more now than a mass of ruins.
On the 2id, as many as 30 or 40 breaches had
been knocked into the walls. The southern wall
was nearly demolished and the northwest corner
and arches were tumbled down, The interven
tion of a false outside wall availed nothing. The
barricades covering the magazine and the sand
traverses were badly damaged, The Charleston
papers admit that our guns from tho monitors aro
too much for tho fort, A fierce cannonade on
Forts Wajrncr and Gregg Is also kept up,"pre
venting them from rendering any effective aid to
Sumter. The gunboats aro daily approaching
nearer the latter fort. Of GO! shots fired at Sum
ter on the 23J, 419 struck inside or out. Rhett,
the c immnnder was wounded, Col. Gaylord snd
Capt. Wanples of Wagner were killed. Com
mander Rudgcrs of the Catskill was also killed.
Casualties in all the forts are frequent and daily
increasing. Gen. Gilmore, on the 22A, demanded
the surrender of Sumter and Morris Island, threat
ening to shell Charleston if the demand were not
complied with. Beauregard refused to surrender
and Gilmore accordingly gave notice that at 11
A. M. of the 23d he would open on the City. All
Infoniation received from both federal and rebel
sources, indicate that the forts must soon surren
Bosccrans has reached the linmodiate vicinity
of Chattanooga and a rebel telegram says he com
menced shelling the place on the i'M. Johnston
has superseded Bragg in command.
There is nothing of much importance from tho
A terrible tragedy was enacted on the 20th at
Lawrence, Kansas by a band of guerrillas under
the notorious Quantrell, who suddenly aftacked
tho place, set it on fire, and then proceeded, du
ring the universal alarm, to sack the eity. After
accomplishing their hellish purpose, lhe guerrillas
loft. Up to the 2ilh, the citizens had recovered
from the ruins Hi bodios of thojo who had been
burned to death. The details of the scenes that
wui during the stay of the gang are said to
be heart rending. Jim Lane who was in the city
es-aped and is now in hot pursuit, swoaring he
will hunt them down like wolves.
The arufy of the Potomac is still Idle and Ihe
Tribune's special jays there are endiatic symp
toms that it is preparing to fall back near tlie Po
tomac to defend Washington and await comple
tion of army work iu tha South. There are other
symptoms that Lee will soon assume the aggress
ive. He has been reinforced.
Disaffection toward tho Confederacy continues.!
in North Carolina.
The draft is proceeding without any further
Gold is declining and has now reached I22i, a
lower figure than has ruled fur many months. If
Charleston falls, gold will go below 120.
LATEST. Gilmore has shelled the City of
Charleston with such effect that Beauregard has
asked a truce of 40 hours, on tho ground of "hu
inanity." The best thing Gilmore rau do for hu
manity is to love) tho Sodomite city to the ground.
Alum. The radicals are having an uni
versa! jubilation over the report tlmt Jeff. Da,
vis has offered emancipation to all the negroes
who will volunteer In fight in the rehel army
against the Lnited States. The fact that the
enlistment of negroes nnder JelT. will not tend
to weaken the rebellion seems tn be overlooked,
or else that fact is one about which they do not
care, so long as the offer of the rebel President
appears tn insure the free-loin nf the negria-s.
The negroes emancipated, of what consequence
is it to your radical abolitionist that snch eman
cipation with the terms upon w hich it is grant
etj, may swell the rehel armies by tens of thou
sands of blacks whn-ii the radicals have claim
ed In he as good soldiers or better than white
men? The j.-y of lhe radicals and the fluir
ish of triumph with which they herald the
"abolitionism" of Jeff. Davis, comports illy
with the profeninne of loyally with ahich they
load every speech and newspaper. Profession
and practice may be very wide apart and there
is no better illusiralion of that fact than is now'
furnished hy the radical fanatics. They have
for mouths declaimed from all possible places
that "God and the negro," and especially the
latter, were to save the Union. Now, that
Jeff. Davis i stealing away lhe right hand men
of G-d (we do not ray that irreverently; we
merely billow the strain of lhe fanatics) and
pulling them to the destruction nf the Union,
ihe abolitionists are hugely rejoiced not be
cause, alone that the Union may, thereby be
endangered more, but thai the freedom of' the
blacks is more certain. Wilh this sentiment nf
theirs, of overruling svmpa hy for the negro,
they hail the offer of Jeff. Davis with acclama
t ons that swell from Portland, Mrine, lo As
toria, Oregon. The more negroes Davis cup,
catch with this bait, the hither will swell ihe
anthems aud hallelujahs of the radicals, though
every negro should lie a gaunt niglnmare upon
Ihe hope of saving Ihe Union. The radical
throng are the natural allies of Jeff. Davis and
might as well be ngliting under his banner with
muskets in their hands, as In he lending him all
their moral power of sympathy.
Proposro Roao to the Minks. Several
business men In lown are taking the prelimin
ary steps to survey a mad across the Cascades
in Ihe neighborhood of the Santiain, to the
Powder river or Iloiie river mines. A party
will start immediately after the State fair to
explore- the proposed Mutes. If even a pack
trail shall be found practicable, it will result in
vast advantage lo this valley to have il opened.
The distance from Salem lo Boise river by
way of Ihe Santiam gaps, is not treater th.r.
-from the Dalles lo Boise, and it is thonght.
trv oeuer 000017. At all events, it isj
worta wane to make tne explorations.
nrSea Ibird page, for latest nwi.
DoiiicMH' llvina.
A good many iifnurfarnu-rs aro rais
ipg'tobacco tiiis year, who are unacquainted
with tho culture nnd curing treatment. For
their benefit. clip the following rt.lo for
When toliHcro liouuis 10 ripen ....
.' . , ... 1...
spots liiaKS lie r si'l--" "" , , , , ur
ake iiiair in,., v mull led or pied
.1 nil II IB Iflivun
, whole p i ' IW ,,, , ,,.,) fr
eik-a of lhe half, then if it
to unman n ""' w.iavt il tiioi but
Itreaks short and seems 'rml. say
t during .he awunriag process, v ,
- r.t ti,i in one wee s timea P'."T"J - -
, one "--.- -,:,, .,5,.r mil
K,-on a l. . - . . 1BVO,- ,,
in weiaiu-iii in giton-u ' ' L " ... ,,! loss of
a few of tli
lower leaves, would u more iu" "
ur iu". " ...,i ,i..
peusated both in quantity anil quuiiiy ""
plant to got well ripeua
Arrival or Imhiobakm-Oo Thursday
lust a train of nine wagons passed
through town. The teams were inules and
horses, looking remarkably, we 1, The tram
was from Keokuk, lown, anu win
remain in our valley i Ihe immigration will he
ouite an acquisition to our county i one ot tt e
gentlemen infortned ns that the immigration n
Oregon and California the present year would
be large. Southern Oregon is tho place to ac
commodate quite a liumlier ni enierpiieioa
men uf iuduslry and capital. Intelligencer.
Tl. ,! tn Ihu milltnrv Post is coin-
nle'tl-d'tii the lake, and within a few miles of
the location of tlie Post. We are. Informed
that Col. Drew has received orders to immedi
ately build tablet for thu horses. Ib.
Oregon Raii.rod Survey. S. G. Elliott,
engineer of tlie Oregon Railroad Survey,
.-;,..., t il. of the Murrsvillo Appeal,
August 7lh, that ho is getting along finely, and
reports the country to tie very iiivuniiu m
cheap construction of n railroad as fur us tho
crossing of tho Klamath river. There will be
but a lew miles nt expensive rouu t". ""
between Murysvillc and Yrcka. To the hitter
point the grades will be light, and the bridges
f.r .i,..r .no. wiih the execution of the cross
ing of the Sacramento river at Red Uluff. No
extraordinary cuts or high embankments will
be icquircd. Henlinel.
...We learn from the Mountaineer of,
the 24lh, that on Monday, the 17th, the pack
trnin of A Mr. Nelson was fired on by Indians,
about 21 miles this side of tho Sonth Fork of
John Day river, and twelve of thu animals
stampeded with their cargoes. At the lirsl lire
one of tho men was wound -d, but thu party,
consisting of three men, made the best fight
they could and succeeded, finally, in getting
back to the Sonth Fork. Six men started with
Nelson next morning iu pursuit. They track
ed the Indians a short distunce from the scene
of attack, when they found four of the horses
and twelve packs, portions of which were cut
open and scattered nrotind. The Indians were
not overtaken. Mr. Nelson's lost is about
$1,G00. .
The Odd Fellows ol Jacksonville cel
ebrated the third anniversary of Ihe institution
of their Lodge un the 18th iust., with consider
able eclat.
. . .The Fall races over the Bybee track,
Juckson county, will commence on tho loth of
October aud ccotiuuo three days.
...Thu Mountaineer learnt that Mr.'
Henry Miller, formerly editor of the Oregonian,
is now in full ownership nf one of the richest
claims iu the Boise mines.
. . .The Sierra Neva-la on ber last down
trip, took away $195,558 in gold, besides a
lurgo amount in the bunds of passengers.
Tho Governor has appointed John II.
Couch Port Warden of thu Columbia River
District, under Hie provisions of an Act gf the
Legislature of 1860.
Van Tichnel, the man who is charged
with killing McDaiiiels nt Canyon City, arrived
at. the Dalles yesterday in custody of the Dep
uty Sheriff, aud is now confined iu the county
jail. It is understood that an application will
be mnde tn the District Judge for a hearing
w ith a view tu admitting the accused to bail.
Po8TA"..Vc are informed that the Post
Office nt Pleasant Hill, Lane county, is discon
tinued, but that tho t Dice for that region will
hcrcultcr he at Cloverdale, where J. T. Gilfrcy
it present Postmaster. Oregonian.
Bold ltomiKitv Ou Tuesday last. Mr.
Loveland, n miner, from Colville, w hile coming
down from tjint place, was overtaken at Dry
Creek only six miles from this city, by three
men, one ol wiiom accosted him lamil arly and
asked him if he wns from Colville. Upon nb
tniuing an unintuitive answer, they drew their
revolvers ami nnnieiliutcly commenced shoot
ing ut him. The first shot they killed his
horse. Ho drew his revolver nnd shot one ol
them whn fell forward exclaiming. "I am kill
eif !" He fired ut another nf them who threw
his hand up to his side indicating tint hu nas
shot also, but he did not fall. In the mean
time, Mr. Loveland received a shot in nno nf
his legs and auotber iu unu of his nrms ns he
threw it up to fend off a pistol aimed nt his
head. At this stage a can became fastened in
his revolver, and it censed tn revolve, when a
ball from a pistol in the hand of one of the as
snssius grazed his head, and together with the
hock fioui the pistol nhich was held close to
his head, stunned him so that he fell. The
two remaining robbers, thinking they had killed
him, at untie possessed themselves of his caa-fin-.'i
containing between fourteen and fifteen
hundred dollars iu gold dust aud picking up.
iheir fallen companion, one of them took him
on before him. and, lea-ling his horse, they
rode off to ward tlie mountains. After the rob
bers had departed. Mr. Loveland wnlked to a
hou.e on Dry Creek, only a mile distant, where
Ins wounds were dressed. He has since come
into ton n and is doing well. He came down
from Colville to buy cattle and brought with
turn a couple or Indians, who it is supposed
communicated the fuel that he had money
with hun In the Indians at the mouth of the
Pelouse. where it is believed a band of thieves
have their rendexvous. and from whence they
most likely billowed him. The robbery occur
red about the middle of the dnr. ShnVirr nn.
liain has been making active effort! lo catch
the thieves bnt as yet has obtained on clue lo
their whereabouts. Walla Walla Statesman.
Ouo hundred and Iwenty-fira puck
animals were loaded last Sunday, for Boise,
Warren's Oro Fine, Elk City, and Beaver
Head. Leviston Age, 13(A.
Thr First On the 8th inst.. the wife nf
Mr. Shnniway. of Willow Creek. Camas Prai
ne. gave birth to twins, two beautiful little
girls, tha first occurrence 'of this kind in the
Territory. Good for Idaho! A ge, 154.
Tne rt at the mouth of the Coluiu-
bia, it U said, will mount twenty guns consist
ing of 13 inch Rodmans and lO inch Colum
biads. i ne tix-pnonder cannon at Corvatht
nat been assigned hy the Governor to the Ta
hiti Light Artillery.
....The Democrat tayt Mr. J. V. )m,
living near Lebauon, left home last Monday to
do tome work on a drift pit, io Sinlmn
river, since which lime ha hat not been heard
from. It it Uioughl he hat committed tuicido.
....The Linn county fair will b, held next
Wednesday and Thurtdav.
Tim Sentinel ileniea lhe statement that
soldiers had lately d'wr,i"l' fl'""1 C"n,P
It is reported tlmt the military court in
session at tha Dalle, wns convened fni 'the , pnr-
f examkiinz charget against mpv. ...
V. Spencer, involving i
Ins inaracier o no ui-
. e
Thc chaigi'" aro not pub-
(leer ol lliu army.
Twn military cnu.paniet (infantry we
appose) have been organixcJ at
They will be present ut the State fair.
Sanitary I'ind.-TIic following additional
donations nro acknowledged : Contribution lit
church at Forest Grove, by Rev. E. Walker,
$10 75. Adnin Day Cainaitis vnllej't sJlO- W.
D. Hare, Ilillsborn, $5. J. A. Sterling, Oak
laud, 2 50. Win. Shaw, Silverton, $2 David
Taylor, $1. Total, $37 25.
.The Mountaineer tayt Van Tichnel
charged with the murder of MoDanielt, wat
discharged last Wednesday from custody by
Judge Wilson on account of gros irregularity
in the llo waS iinmeiiiau'iy nr
rested again and taken back to Canyon City,
fur ro-cxniniuation.
Tavmasi Rittt in tiik AiiMY.-Mnjor Geo.
Marston, paymaster U. 8. army, arrived by the
last steniner from tho East, nnd hut been di
rected to pay the troops stationed nt Walla
Walla, Lnpwai and Boise. Major Francis will
'pay them nt the Dalles and at Colville, win o .
Major Winston will, ns heretofore, disburse gold
and greenbacks to the brave defenders uf onr
rights who are located west of the Cascade
mountains. Orcgnnian, ,
r.rii. ArrtltKN-e IV WASIIINOTOtf TkRIII- '
TORY. On Monday morning last the chief
mate anil lour seamen iieionging m tuo mV
Benjamin Knss, lying nt Steilacuoin, were pro
ccedmg to run out a kedgc iu a boat, when by
some unfortunate accident the boat wns drawn
down by thu stern, and tlie inntu unit one ot
thu ecaincn weru drowned. Tlie nther three
men were rescued by the mail boat Narcissus,
Capt. Black. British Colonist, 15fA.
Cupt. Harris McAlmond of the sloop
Loneda, hat been placed in command of tho
cutter Joe Lanu at Port Angelm. Lieut. Sei
dell was formerly in command.
.i..JohnC Curtwright of Salem ha been
appointed Deputy U. S. Assessor for this dis
trict iu place of Ahner P. Guiuee, removed.
Mr. J. C. Mtttheny has completed hia
new steam ferry boat to ply on tbo Willamette
at this plaoe. It is a fine boat, and will supply
n great publio want quick nnd safe transit
from shore to shore. Look for his adverlisuino
incut next week.
. ...Tho Oregonian reports that Win. Baker
the Postal Agent for this coast hue returned
from Victoria nud gone to San Francisco,
"having successfully accomplished as- we are
glad to learn, the objects of his recent official
Wu do not know what may hnvo been "all
the object! nf bis recent official mission," but
if any of them related to the improvement of
mail matters in Oregon, we question whether
he has accomplished anything. It would ba
out of the power of ordinary men tn accom
plish much upon a single ride from Jacksonville
tn Portland in the California stages without
stopping somewhat longer than the time re
quired tn change horses. Mr. Baker may bo
an extraordinary man and may do by intuit ion
what requires examination and study by other
men ; but wu never bad much faith in any
thing bnt works. There are certainly many
things iu our Oregon mails that would bo the
better for tho personal attention of the postal
agent, which he, perhaps, did not learn hy his
There are sntne badly arranged oonnectinna
of mails nnd some careless or incompetent
postmasters who should be removed. We do
not think tlmt Mr. Baker troubled himself
about a single item nf this kind in the State.
If he "accomplished all the objects of hit re
cent official mission," it it clear that bis mis
sion did not relate tp Oregon.
Mr. Samuel Goff, of Polk county, in
forms ns that he will have his stenm thresher in
nperatinn nt the coming State Fair, and will
thresh 400 nr 500 bushels of grain gratis, if de
livered at the machine. '
Robert ewcll Jr., a son of Dr. Newell
formerly of this county, was killed nt Lewiston
on tho 26th, by a man calh d "Frank."
Drafting. The Scripture is opposed to
drafting young men just married. Read this :
"When a man hath taken n new wife, lie
shall not go to wnr, neither shnlfhe he charged,
wilh any new business, hut he shall be free nt
home nue year, and cheer up tho wife which
ne nun luiicn. Jjeuleronomy. 24A chapter,
olh terse.
If that is to be the rule, the lists of "mar
rieds'1 will be longer than the conscription lists.
s. J. Mccormick
HAS j,it reeeiveil a larire addition'! his slock of
Stt'llOOl, BOOKS, coniprieinK-
nnd nil other
School Books nscd In the Slate,
together Willi a large variety of
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