The state Republican. (Eugene City, Or.) 1862-1863, September 13, 1862, Image 4

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It is compounded entirely fitun (JUM.S, aud has become
an established fact, Standard Me iL-iuo, and up
procd by all t!i:it Imvo tued il, uud I no v resoled 10
witn ciiuii.lciKC in all tliu dne.ins fur wlii .h it is rccniii
inu: l l It lias eiire ltluiH.i l Uwiijin Hie I i.-t two vera
wlu had u; uil of rc.iot', a Hi.' uuuktous uu
solicited cci ti.ijiic in inv p.i-.-c.-M.m nil vv.
T ic, d jse must be u.l i.l"l to Uu,i'-raiiicnt of the tiki ig it, an I use J ill sueii quantities us tu uct
gently ou tlio Uo.vels.
Let tiie dictates ot vuur jn 1 j.nont K'li le; von in llie use of
Uio Liver lai iguiutor, an i it will cue Liver Complaint,
llilious Attains, Dvspcp-i.i, Cum. no D.irriici, Mi.uuui
C noUiuts, Dysentery, J'.UjM.v, S mi- SLonaca, Habitual
C jsiiveuess, l.'tiolic, Cnulei'j, Ciioieru l ubus. Cholera In
fantum. Flatulency, J.miKlijf, Fein ile vVcukiic-s, . u I in.iv
be. used ii ilv in mi ordinary Fainiy -Medicine. It
will cure Sick Headache (as t.ioiisaiiil. can le-nl ), in
twenty minutes, if two or three te.ispo'Miful ure taken ut
the cuiniucuceiiicnt ot uttuck. All who use it are giwng
their teatnnony in its favor.
Mix water in t!io inoutii with tlio Iniigorator, and swul
loir UjIIi together.
SauforM Family tatinrlic Pills,
compounded iitDM
Pure Vegabla Extras,
And put in glass cases, uir tight, unci w ill keep in uny cli
nntte. Tuo Family CATHARTIC I'll, I- ia it rentle but uclive
C.ilii.irti3 wiuea tile proprietor haa used in liia piaellce
tor more tliau twenty years.
Tue constant. y iuercu-uiig dcin m l from those who have
long used the Pills, and the safM'.ielion whicli nil express
in r.-g ir-l to their use II la indaeed lne to place lle-m within
the reach of nil. proles-iou well know that dillereut
Cathartics uet on dill'-M-cut portions of iLcbowela.
Tim Family C.illiurtic Pill Ii.m, willi r. lercnjc to this
wall established fael, been i nnp.i.iu I- I from a variety of
the purest vegetable exlracls, w iiii;. i net alike iijiaii even
part of the niiin -nt.iry canal, and are ; amf s.if.t in all
casus, whore it Cathartic ia nee.Ie I, sueii n Derail "ti la
of the Stomach, Sleepiness, Pains in lite Hack iuil i.uins,
Cosliveness, Pains, mid Soreness over llie whole ho ly,
from su l len cold, which frequently, if neglected, end in u
long course of Fever, l.oaa ut Appetite, u Creeping S.'nsa
t ion ot Cold over the llody, Rc.tle.siics.s,, or
Weight in the Head, all lull iiiiiii.uorv Diseases, Worms
in t'oildrcn or Adults, Kliciiin.itistii, 11 great l'linlicr of the
blood mid many diseases to w hich llesli is heir loo numer
ous to inentioii'iii tliia advertisement. Iloae, one to tiirue.
The Liver Invignrutor nod Family Culliuitic Tills me
sold by the Drugista evervwhere, und by
Redlngton &, Co.,
Sole Amenta for the l'acilie Coast,
4 1(1 und 418 Fronl street, San Francisco.
N.lMKI.Y t
riHRSE Rxlraela possess, in tlio most concentrated form,
I the delicious taste mid ninch aditiired lluvnr of the
riillereut uriiclea above enumerated, and lor all culinary
purpose will be found the most economical and convenient
manlier of commuiiicatinj the II iv,,r. lie particular to ask
for the kinds prepared by ua, na theie are many kinds in
market possession but little, if iinv, of the real llavor.
I'reparud und sold by Ui.DI N F TON . CO.,
41ii und41S Front street, San Francisco.
Any One Who ProJVssos
ENCES, ASSUMES to impose an absurdity upon the public. On
the same principle, any one inejiciue w hich professes
tr cure all diseases is unworthy of the slightest etuilidencc
und should at once be denounced us a ipi ick nostrum. Toe
Gracfonberg Family I-Iediclae3
T)o not assume lo cure all diseases w ith one lvincdv They
have eleven ditl'ereiit medicines, c;ich ud.iptcd toilst.ceu
liur diaeaae, and time baa proved beyond u ipaestnm the
ellicucy mill certainty of these ptcparatiuiis. Their list
comprises the follow iii;: medicines :
cn.KFiiNiiKiio vkof.taiii.k pills ;
HU.F.Fl'i.Mlrilili'S SA IIS M'.Mil 1. 1, A ;
iit.KFi:Ni;i:itn's riLr: I!i:mi;ov :
iu.i;Fi:Nii;;itirs i)vsi:.nvi:iiv svuri' j
( 1 1 1 ii K N M i I T N T A I N Ol N I' M K M T ;
iu.i:Fi:.iii;it i consi'.mi'Tivk's iiai.M;
tiU.Iir'liSIIKKO K Ii I.OI I IN j
(tlt.KFKNtirit.t FI'.VKit N AOfli R CUI-.DV i
;u.iiF; iiii.M.i'ii iiini-.KS;
tiii.i.i i;niii-.i;u manliji, of iikai.TiI.
For sale by all Druuists thiiiii;;houl the State.
t; vi. ao!: rs:
i;i:i)IN(ITuN .k CO., Wholesale Driisistn,
4l'i and 'Us 1-lout street, San Fiaiici-e .
Bloom of Youth,
Lt l"l tt YL G A P I it A Fi 'IXG
VOMtLKXloX AX!t .vv'AV.
S"K AfX 'nis Ur tin J. ciiU dust,
-I I T unl -1 1 Kntnt ulivi'l, S.m F rancid.
Dr. Baker's Fivx Fan?.caa
Is ciinp(roti oiitiroly nf lifulinu muim, utitl vi'irvt.ibli oil
hiuI lu'i tiH. Il ih i rTily Knic tur ilif inoni tU'tij.iti' li
(Mil iini! Mnrciilv miv Ihut I Ituvo m-vir known iinv,
h v ever. U'liiMli. It in' injutoJ Iiv u in tin ImI. I wi.i
t'untiiiiii' i ut l!n' titlln'U tl, li li ne nut -tl ir, tu t- ii
!'.r liillu.viti ili-.t'.i.'H, it 1 1 icy nit not a.iti-lit'it wiiii
it h Itculiiix i. t-i -Hi's the inmn'V will be fliei-rliill v relivud
i bv the jtcnt wln-re lite iikiIi. a tr s.ile.
II yo.i have Fain in tiie Stinnaeh or llo-.vels trr n ih'i
of I'lini Fan:iceu tut ini:iliv, b.ittte extern, ill v o -r Iho ai !
utl'vte I. iiiiil v-iii will ut oiK'e rotjiv t:i.' ntHei' uetimi aitu
relieve llie pain
It tni have a tlruic nr Wo in I, h itlu it we' I with the
Pain F.tnae -a tinii'i it l.iv It will relieve tho pam
nn t take unt all itu puittMi, u.iil hval tlit wuun.l in a Miuit
it' you nrr mitliM imj fr "ii Neuralgia or K!ietitn Fain
A , I t ii I '.mi Fana i A f - ely, uni tike a i),Me n it line:
naiiy, m triii in;, noun ui;;il ; it will not only cure tin
juui, but wilt te nove tnv eau ti lit Uienit.
Il yoii have the I -jMjst ,i anil your 1 i -t
your Stoeuuh .itter eating, take a tlone ol' Fani F.iii.uv..
utter eaeh meal.
It voii h ive a C.iiikeir.l or Sire Jlontli or Threat, nppU
the Fain Faiui.oi tt the u!le.le,l p.nts hiuI jiarle lue
mouth or thr Kit three or lour tiuu" a day
It' you li.ivelhe li.irrh.r.i, or .1 tvlaxed stale of the bov
U take fi-w iluse ot lli - Fain Fanaet-a, an l they
oou b rt'toretl. It ou lui e a piinilul nivcIIhi, hatht
the p.irtn Irei ly, ntul you will aooii relieve the pain, aul the
nwel in will be reMi.-e I. It you h i e a severe too.lm In,
iipply tiie Fain Fanaeea on ft n ei e of e tlo . und b Ulie tiie
giiin ut the miuie time; it w I top r ( ti uilaiiily.
If you h o e pain in tiie Hiva-i, .-i.u n u k or kui.irys
balli! the pttrts ullW-tt-d moriiiu mid niht ; ut the naine
tihitt take ft done iiiternatlv.
It" mother has ft t'ltked Iheufl, apply the Fain Funncca
as hot ft it can be borne.
It you leel chilly or cold, in though yu were oinj; lo
e ft fe or, lake a done of Faniveru,
If von have n wound, rut, or i(;ills on your lmrse, npplv
the Fain Fanaeea ; tt will take out the intl.ttuiition, unit
heal the sore in a short time, Shl hv nil the prnmpul
drug-ils mut by KKHLNtiiON A i O.,
4lJ ftiul 4H Front !.ireet, San Krati ico.
unur is i.iri; winioi r iii:i,rn,
f f im I Iiot t'W ure tree Ironi the nnmeiom ttiiiut ntM
ftri'itii trom nu import nl ite ot the blood T He warned in
time, am! purity your Mmi.l and rvtoic lualih, by takum
Seov ill's ltl.od an M.iver rup - the b-t blood put ilu r
kiHtwn, us the iiuitii'ious eei ti ,u ;it. of n in;ii kable cuie,
in tue h in -Is I th' propi t 'lor. iim itiou.dl v prove.
As it rvrihi; remedy, t i put tlv toi l cbvitiM llo bloinl.
If l ic;: l IV lr;tl itll llli.is1 s ,iti I i:upir:l ir, W H-'l t
with C"Liid-iief tnei t i no h utt-r rnnclv thau Si'i
UA. S liLOOD AM) l.lKlt SMU'IV Uivc it trial.
ii!:inv; ion a ov,
ho'oiile Aent,
4 . i in I Fr 'nt r,-,t w i Ki tn-ieo.
Dr. Win. Hall' Ualsuin for the Lungs lias no
eijual im a luog niediciu, und is especially
adapted to the Constitutions of Fern den and
those su!leriti) fro u t'onsumptijii or any
Luu complaint Give it a tri .1.
JkCi!iii'ton V Co.,
Wholeaale Agents, 41tl uud 41a Front street,
San Francisco.
Sarsaparilla c Stiiiingla!
It is hereby recommended by physician to cure the
fotlotvinu ilUoutc bu ing their urigtn in u disordered
Htiitu of the blo.nt :
Canker, ri xrations and Enlargement of the Joints, Can
cernii Tu uon, Kry.-iielas, Kiiiij's Evil, St. Anthony's
Fire, Wlnlo Swelling. )btinatc KruptioiM, Fimpies
ou the Face, Uhcuuiatimu, l!lutchesf Fn-tidei, Dyspepsia,
fte.; Hypliilitij and Meiciii'eil Affections ure cured ;
ChioaoMs or Obstructions in Females; l.eucurrhuu or
Whiles, are rjlijved b.' tit j uo of tliii M jdiw'iue. lnvdhul iiro.H'i'ties of S iia t iril! i in conjunction
wim Siillinia are well known by nil medical men to be the
h.'t com, maud vet discovered to ch-aiisc. mid puniy the
bloo I. and era lijit- all In nors fro n t i-' system.
We have j.-iven Ide receipt to inot physicians in the
couutiy, t.'i.a tliry may ku ov woat t.iey are usiul;, ami will
eoni in lie to si'iitl it by mill to those desirous of kiioivini;
Hie inie lie.its enteriti.; intj lliU couipoitiou, that they
inav n.LMJi i it in th '.r pi Mi-tije.
Thi pre laration stands ut tau held of the list of reme
dies forcnriny idl d.seases ari-inir fioui impurilies of the
bloiel ordi- . s d imilter lurk in in he svstem.
T o i nd vl o h i e used the St .1 i 1( i i nd Sarsaparilla
will ti : stily to its ivnntrkuhie elleet in loovio ul; i.itvuri
ties IVom their blood, irmuj; tune and vior to the whole
liiriiiin frame, and re.torih u healthy uction to all the
lunetiou-i of the body.
TIk testimonials iceetved in its favor from tnauy mem
hers of th; Medical F.i:ult would, were we to publish
the ii, liil a larf volume
It is pre; tare I under llie supervision of one of the oldest
and he.-t prnc i id chemists in the country, (Mr. W. S.
Mori id, Cine innaii i, so as le insure a uniformity of com
position and purity in all the ingredient.
As u spring comedy, to purity and cleanse the blood,
h aving it five fro n nil h nnors uud impurities, we ussert
with coiilitb'nee there is no better remedy.
S lid by all Oi ugists, mid bv
HKDIMJTOX k CO., A-rcnt.
41'1 and 1H Front street, San Francisco,
To whom ul! orders should beuddressud. li't-ly
Fish's Infallible
It, pruvt'tits tlio 1 1 ; i i i fruiii fallinr ifT. It cures
iUliluis and roinovfs nil daiidrull" from llie
It allays all init.itiuii ut the sculp. It cools
aiul i-i'l'ii'slii-s lite, nnil impai ts to the hair it
hcallliy lively appearance-.
1". S. Tlio iiropertiea wliicli remove d inilruir mul scritQ
from the lieail, allay irritation mul free tlio nealp from liu
inor.H, renilei'!4 tlii.s article invaluable an n lotion in nil cu
taneous ilireetions ; micll ns Itcll, liash, Salt Hlieutu, (.'liil
lilains, Kn ?iielas, liingwornm, .sliiulea, Ditca ntul Stints
of liiM'cts, and all cru pt ions ol' the skin, etiiieeially tl ut
caused by 't'Lu Ouk.
Tlii tmhj genuine urticle in put up in Pint HnttUet nut!
lias the written ij;natuie of X. Mill', tht original pmpiit
tor itnd mifffwt 'ti'rr, on the label iiutl wrapper, llewurc
of till put up ill dillereut style, which is cttuiitttjelt.
4"9 nnct 111 Clay Street, San Frutieiavu.
fc.Toi KT().
Tor Rale bv
Dr. Willi im Hall's Bihim for the Lung3
TlX.t lll.ool). tli.DS. I'Ul'dll, l. H.l KN.A,
KASKS itV TilK I.L'.NliS.
Dr. Win. Hall's ll.iUnn lor tue Lungs, in nil cases gives the
bc-.t id' satiitiiclioti.
111-. Win. Hall's Ualuin for the Lungs, has wrought more
cure since it introduction tliun uny other cough medi
cine. Dr. Win. Hall's llalsum for the Lungs, is endorsed by your
leading physician ns the alet uud best remedy now
b: t'ole till public.
Dr. Win. II. ill . lialsam for the Lungs, is safe to use among
eliildteii, and yet powerful in ease of chronic pulino,.ii
rv iliie i-e.
Dr. Win. Hall's lialsam lor the Lungs, In ings in certificates
ii! iiKil daily, ot its wondciful cure in ud pait of the
The iiuii-e sti i'vitig proof the intrinsic woitli and excel
idieeof Dli. W.M. HALL'S ItAI.SAM for the I.L'MJS, i
hovvu in the lapubtv with which it becomes a gc.iciu.
I.u oi He ith llie pc, pie. There is nothing of a .vuulai
; ure bill w hat is ca.t into the nhade w hen llie lialsam
ocen thoroughly lestctl. Toe agents for its sale, the eouu
irv over, in oiticliug new supplies, ure xcry eulhit-.ia-.tic
in its favor, saiiug: " It is ju-.t the thing; it tuts like a
.h um; its i Meets are truly ui.igical."
Tiie purch.tscr sh -uhl b very particular 1 1 iisk for, mid
lal.e none hat Dr. William Ha l's Il iUuni fur the Lungs
vliich is warranted to give salislactien or the money le
an ilea.
For ale b.- ull Druggists, mid bv
Sole Agents, 4 'V und -111 flay St., San Francisco.
ouoarior C8. ruWucrB,
UrAliUM'..D to u akc Light Sweet and nutrition
i:.uallv adapted to l.O.l I ES, lIi'T HSCl T, .TCA"
II lit. ti; AM' t'AKt'S, lil.XtiElUiltEAii,
Warranted follv npial to nnv in the o arkel.
Ask for KliDI Nt.'IMX A rti'S V FAST I'tlWDKliS, mid
t ike no other, if vou would have uniformly goad brcud.
Manufactured and old ut holesiile, bv
') mid 411 I'luy St., Sun Fruuciseo.
nuooKLYx i iorri:r,.
couxt:: ii:oAn Ay am saxmwi: stjuajs,
Suu Francisco.
mTHK rnprictorof tlu well known Hnd old es
tablished House is still Ml bis old lriel teedinn
the public lor iho low mini of nu n ioi.k.iis per
t.rA,.iod theory i "Still they conic !" This Hotel was
ettuhlitht d in 1 nd the I'lopnetor pnoidl v np(MMils to
lis well known reputation, ttnd h1 the .tin time pledges
lume!t to u-r eery endeavor to add to the coiebirt and
convenience of hm must. Hie ltrokf n Hotel VAiON
wid ulwtt s be rci-iy on the wharf on thr urnrul nf the ! c o ev p.en;eis and tln ir li;i-iii:o to the
HooHe, five of rli ire. To prtvi-nt imposition be positive
utd see th it ItKtioKI.VN IHU'l L is painted in Ur-e let
lets in the sides if the tMunibu.
Ih'.ird per tiny, 1 Hmo d per week, $1 ; MenTs, Mets,
l.oUunr ."ovt. ldiutft per wwk, t i to $ t ; Sinlr
rooms ;o cent ptrmght. JOHN Kl 1 l.Y. Jr.
Jan 1 , I'm
Private Medical and Surgical Insti
Oppoaite the l'acilie Mail Meamshio Compuuy' Ullice,
s.- m:aci4 o.
l.titlli.'hr.i in Is.'.-y,,- ti.t I'mnoumi Cut of all pricatt
vln-oinc Uif'te, an.4 Jr tut Hupp, tot,tm J tyutttwtt y.
tZAI'KiV, il. II., late in the liuugariut, l(evlii
tiuiiary Wur, t iiit-l i'l,iciau tu llie .i In,luei.l id'
Ituiivcds, 4'tiief Surgeon to tiie Military lliispiiui ul resth,
lluligai v, late Lecturer on i.iseusea ot Wuiik-ii und lliiltl
reu, uud llunurury Member of lne 1'hiladelphiu lullegu vf
2-t'" 1'in tieiilar attention paid to the treatment of diseases
peculiar tu women uud thildren.t j
Ollice hour from u . M. till v.'e. u. t'oiiiinunicutioin
ftti ictly vuiitideiitiul. I'crmiiiiciit curw giiuriiuteed, or no
pay. t'oiixulluiion by letter or otherwise tree
Addles lh: L. J. L'ZAI'KA )', Sut J-'i-uhcuko, Oil.
To the Alllictt-d.
DR. L. .1. CZ.Vl'K AY returns his sincere thanks to bis
numerous patients fur their patronage, an il would
lu .e this opportunity to remind them that he continue to
consult ut In Institute fur the cure of ull foiina of 1'rivule such as S phiils, tiouoribeu, noeturniil emis
sions, uud ull the coimcipiences of tdf ubllse. In the lu st
at.igcs ot syphilitic or gouorriioeal diseases, lie guarantee
ii cure in u few days, without inconvenience to the puiient
or hind. unco to lus business. When n putient, by ne
glect or no. roper treatment, has developed the secondary
syuiptoiitsof syphilis, ucli us buboe or puinful swellitig's
un lue groins, in ulei rs in the throat mid nose, which, if
not ebeckt-a, destroy tlicsoli parts uud cuuse the bone to
luoitiiv, separate uud eoine itway, leaving the sutlerer uu
object hideous lo behold ; or when blotcues uud pimple
bieak out on the skill ; or wl. tube bus puinful swelling
upon tlio bones, or when bis constitution is injured sous to
picdispuse to consumption or other constitutional disease,
ttie Doctor guarantee ueure or usks no compensation.
in ilieiuualisiii chronic or iieute ; in dysentery or diar
rhoea, he tut safe ami elfcctiiat remedies.' For the treat
ment ol the coiiscipic nccs ol self ubiise, sucli u nocturnal
emissions. ncrvuuMicss, timidity, headache, pains in the
back and limbs, wiih general weakness, loss of appetite,
loss of memory, injury to the sight, restlessness, contusion
of ideas, dislike lor society, und u feeling of weariness of
lite; with the nervous Mstem so excitable that slight
noises shock or startle the patient, making his existence
miserable. 1-or the above maladies the doctor will guaran
tee n cure or no compensation. He can be consulted
free of charge, and invites all to call, u il w ill cost them
uotning, uud limy be much tu theirudvuiituge. Ollice hums
from 'a a. u. tu ti p. ii.
Dr. L. J. Cinpkuv is daily receiving applications from
every pait ot iiusstute uuii from Oregon uud from Wash
ington Territory for ihc treatment of every lor in of disease,
iiuu there i not one w ho will come lin ward und express
dissali.siactiou ; on the contrary, the Doctor i in dailv re
ceipt ol letters, expressive of gratitude und thankfulness,
some of which ure published below by permission.
Stockton, May 21, If. 15.
Dear Sir Having entirely recovered from iny sickness
uvuil myself of tin opportunity In return my thanklul
acknowledgement lor tue relief that you liuve given me.
When 1 think of the distressing bndilv weakness, under
which 1 have suil'ered, and the nervousness, headuche,
feui fulness, wiint of conlidencc, dizziness, restlessness,
weakness in the limb, loss ot memory, confusion of ideas,
dislike for society, nocturnal emissions, und ninny other
symptoms, which had made my life miserable, lean luirdlv
express the gratitudu 1 feel, for my existence had become
u burthen to me, and nothing iill'urded me the least gratifi
cation, whilst now, 1 leel perfectly well and cun cujov life
to my entire satislaction. Knowing that there are many
iilllietcd us 1 i.uve been, you havu permission to make use
ot this letter as you think proper. Uclicvo me gratefully
vouts, M. MIUIKLS.
Tu Dr. L. J. C'zapkay, San Fruuciseo.
Sacramento, Mar IS, 1855.
Dear sir Such is llie thankfulness 1 leel lor the preser
vation ot my health of both body and mind, und I believe
of my I hope 1 will not be considered intrusive
in tendering my tiiuuklul acknowledgement Or restoring
me tu hc.uiu, uud making my lite a boon worth preserving,
w hen it had become u burthen too great for lue to bear.
Vil li i. u 1 wusto u vice that had undermined my constitu
tion, unit developed u train of iiervou svmptoins, such us
nervous debility, headache, distressing" timidity, sell'-ilis-trust,
ili.incs, iove ol solitude, loss ol' inemorv, mul want
ot resolution, besides ii lossof treuth and energy, which
hud ma le my waning moments w retched and Iny sleep un
leticshing. uud wu l ist bringing tue to the grave, but
thanks to your skid, 1 inn restored to health, vigor uud
energy. Hoping tu guide other where they may tind
reliei, jo.i have in v pi i mission to make Mis public. '
Oratcliiliy yours, LKO.NAUD WHITE.
Tu Dr. L. J. t'zapkay, Sun Franciscu.
M.viiTsvtLLK, Juno 3, IS".'.
Dr. L. J. Cznpkay, San Francisco -Sir I have used the
lust of your incoici. e, and do not think I shall need tiny
more, us 1 teel very w ell, except tinil 1 have not entirely
got my strength let, but soon will with tin-appetite 1 lime.
Il l.s tmve weeKs, you lit vy recoiled, since 1 Cal'ed ut
jour iii.-tiime, in ii in, constitution, a I thought, entirely
oi-OKCo, alio never tnolignl on would oe ube tu cine llie
pcl'lecli;, but Inought o,i n.i.nt b.- .line to do ftoillclhillg
10 e.,.-e me i a, ii in iny 0 iciw uutl in ud, and trengtiien mi
ilinO.s, w lilco a ci e .mi .vt';u that tue Wouid alniusl gil'C wu'v
iiniler me, wlie.i 1 w.aKvii, and to eti-tticll iu ue, I'cs o
thai 1 wonhl not git t.ei:e.l and tiiluote ul every tlli.e
t.ung. Noiv Iii.ii yon K.ioiv I cxpeetcJ, Voii 111..1
juilge of u.y Mlllstaclloti ill my complete leeovery Ironi swiiptoms and lne reiuoial 01 ttiose Olotctie ami
soies front my skin, unit lne nicer 110111 iny throut, uud
the enure stoppage of t-nose euiissions, winch you suid
were principal, y cause of my mckiic-s.
1 can hai-tiiy leil yo.i woicii is tiie greatest, niyjoyorniv
surprise, for except not Having fully got my stieiigtu, 1 feel
us well us any man call teel.
Lueloscd 1 scud you Twenty Dollars over your charge,
and Mink un seif cheaply cured. If you think anybody
will be beiientled, you inav nil this loiter in tiie papers.
Uelievc me jjiuiclully yours, THOMAS 11AVDF.N.
The undersigned, desirous of tciiuuinting those who may
be unfoitiiiiatu eitougii to be siiuiiurly tttltictcd, where 'a
permaiieol relief of luetr siiilerings muy be olituiiied, feels
it b s duty to thus puhliciy express his sincere gratitude to
itr. L. J. t'zupkuy, lor the periutiiieut recovery ol hisheulth.
iiorne down ny tne distressing symptom incident to the
vicious practices of iiiieoutroiiable passion in wiulh, de-pics.-cd
in bo.ty and mind, tiu.iole to pei lbrm even the most
iiilling duty i.nposeo upon tue daiiv u ocatiou of life, I
sought Hie udi ice of main pn sieiaus, w ho ut first regard
ed iny disease ti of trilling uuportuiiee, but iibts! niter u
tciv weens, uud in several instances mouths, of their treat
ment, 1 loiiiiil to my u.tiitterable horror, Ihut insteud ol
relict iny syntpioiiis oec.ime more alarming in their torture,
and being told by one Mat the disease, being
confined 10 tue Oraiu, medicine would be of 110 consc-
plence, I oespaireil of ever regiiiimg my health, strength
.111.1 eueigv ; unit as 11 last resoi t, und with hut a faint hope
of recovery, l-eabedupon ir. 1'zapkay, wtio, utter exain
iiuiig my ease, presc ioed some w tiieh almost in
st.iutiy Vcltcvcd me of Ihedull pain und di tztnes in my
ncad. " Kncoiitage.l ly the result, 1 resolved tu place im'
seit iiiiiuediatcl tiuiler Ins cate, und, by stiict obeiiieuce
to hi directions und uovice, my bead became dear, mv
ideas collected, the constant p. 1111 in my back and groins
the weakness of my limn, me nerrou reaction of my body on llie sligntest alarin or i-xcilcnient, the inis
.iiiluropv uud evil foreuodiugs, lne sell-distrust and want
ol couudciice 111 others, the incapability to ntudy und waul
at resolution, the ft ightful, exciting, uud ul time pleas
urable divumsul iiignt, followed by involuntary discharge
nave nil disappear d, und. in fact, two mouth after hav
ing consulleii lue Doctor, I felt a if inspired by a new life,
that llie Inch, but short time ago, I contemplated lo end
by mv own band. -
With a view to guard the unfortunate from falling into
the snares ol ineonipcient ipiacks, I deetn it my duly to
oiler Mis testimony to the merit and skill of Dr. I'zapkay,
and recommend I11111 to all who may stand in need of medi
cal advice, being assured by ntv own experience that, once
under In care, radical and permuuent cure will be etl
eeted. M. F. FII.I.MOKK.
State of California, city and county of San Francisco
Subscribed and sworn to before 111c, this 17th day of April,
A. D. ls"t). tSigncdi Johs Miiiulktom.
1 1. . 1 Notary I'ublic.
OU local weaknes. nervous debility, low pirit, Wssi
tude, weakin of the limb ami back, indisposition
and incupuhtlttv for labor aud study, dtillne of appn--hension.
!, of memory, aversion lo aocicty, love of soli
tude, timidity, If distrust, dullness, headache, involun
tary discharge, pain in the side, atleelions of the eyea,
pimple on the face, exiial and other inHiniitie in man,
are cured w ithout fail by the Jutly relebratiM physician
and surirmin. L. J. i'zatikar. Ilia method f cariiui dis
ease is new, 1 unknown to oth-r', and hence the great
sncres. All consultation . bv letter or otherwise'! free.
Address L. J. I'zapkay, M. D , San Francisco, California.
m. ureal t-tessing to uiunainn : lunoceni, nut roieni ;
l'v L ). Ci-ipkay't I'roph-liC-c-im, e!f disinfecting
gcntl, a sure preventutive nguiiisf gonorrhoea and yph
ilitic diseases, and all unsurpassed liniidy lor ail vneieul,
acrufulous, gangrenous und cancerous ulcers, fu-tid ill
chai ge Ironi the vuginu, uterus und urethra, and all cuta
neous eruptious and discuses. A vaccination is a pre
ventive against small pox, su 1 Dr. L. J. Czupkuy'i 1'ro-pbilactk-iiiit
a preventive uguinst syphiiilicul and gouor
rbical dim-uses, hurinless iu itself, it possesses the power of
cheinieu ly dvstvoyiug the syphilitic virus, und thereby
saving thousand 'from being luiectcd by the most loath
some ot ull disease. Let 110 yoitn man who uppreeiate
he. dlli. be w ithoiil Dr. I'zupkav's I'io) hilaclieiim. It is iu
ry convcnnui packages, anil W'hl be found very couve
lliel.t to ne. being used us a ulp. I'riee y . For sale ut
Dr. I zapk.iy's I'l it ute .Medical and Sorgicul Institute. Sac
laiiftinto sireot, below .Montgoiiieiy, opposite 1. M. S. S.
(.'o.'s otlice, Sail Frauciseu. jy 1 II 1 jr
Hall's arsapaiiUa,
Yellow Dock and Idoide of Potass.
This celehruted prepuration bus stood the tst of six
ycaii with tiie C'aliloi iuu public who are justly consid
ered us a coininuniiy the most inteliijtiit in the world
during which pcriotl we ure proud to suy it has yiveu more
than batis'uctioit t hus hceoine thu
ll()LSKlitll) HK.MKOV
For Califoruiuns puiticiuurly, who, trom much exposure,
bad food, itnpcrlect shelter und irregular habits, sutler
more ho'ni
Than uny conimuniiy in the world; and wc ure safe in say
ing tnut us u rule, Lulitorniu Ivtieuiuutim cannot be cured
thoroughly without tt tree ue ot
HaJl's tarsaparilla.
It is the only preparation tnat win I'L IU Klicmnatism, as
Ihuus.iuds can testify who have tncil the inediciues of the
Jlest Ductots in toe country, wi tl. out receiving uny benefit
Uiere iroiu. In ull caes it ives iniincdiate relict' when
takcu us per directions ou the bottle.
In delicate health would do well to try tlio virtues of this
remedy. us U insures a peculiar hcueliei.d influence upon
llie system not oulaiued by uny other remedy. It
quickly removes t'roiu the blood uud other tluids the im
purities ut unlit-alt hy secretions, which engenders a long
train of diseases, such us
Ulcers, lioils, lttotchcsuud 1'imples on the Face and Hotly,
Huinors, i'ustulcs. Tumors, .Sores, Kose or Krysipelus, Tet
ter, Sciild Head, Swelled cck, Liver I'oinpluiut, iuinbago,
tiout. Chronic .Sore Kcs, C'unccr, Kulurgemcnt of tiie
Ovaries, und diseases ot
The Heart,
are cured by the renovating action of this truly valuable
medicine. It acts like a eli irni, purifying the blood of all
11101 bid and corrupt matter, and ut the same time strength
ens uud invigorates the entire system.
Salt Rheum
will positively yield to the medicinal powers of tins reme
dy, iu conjunction with Hull's Hosemary Ccrule, it
has cured c uses of over twenty years standing, the disease
covering nearly the whole surface of the body.
Mercurial Diseases
and ull diseases arising from Lend, Mercury, and Arsenic,
such us Aching pains m the Hones, Dimness of Sight, Low
Fevers, aud worst of all, Alercureal KheumutUm, are re
lieved by one bottle of this remedy.
Night Sweats,
Wasting of Flesh. Spitting of Mood, Habitual Costivoness,
aud Files thousands can testify to thu ellicucy of liad's
Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock and Idoide of JVtass in the
above named discuses. It increases the uppctite and the
tlesh, gives a healthy tono and vigor tu tiie whole system,
building up
A New Constitution.
As the constitution is the blood and this remedy thorough
ly purilies, clcuses, and purges it of impure matters, and
at the same time stimulates into heulthy action the whole
Visceral System, w hich is engaged in the manufacture ot
the blood, hence the health of the whole system will fol
low aud u long life, w ith a healthy and cheerful mind
sure indications of a healthy bodv can be obtained by the
most delicate person, by thorougl ly purging the blood in
the spring aud fall of the yntr, with Hall's Sarsaparilla,
Yellow Duck, and Kioidcot Fotass.
Owing to the greal and unparalleled success of tho
remedy, hundreds of unprincipled persons seek to palm off
on tlo' puhlic, wnitTiii iisS thaii called by the Maine mime.
1 he Genuine Hull's Sarsaparilla coutaing neither Spirits,
Mercury not Arsenic.
So d by Drugg sts' and Dealers everywhere for $1, aud
by the proprietors, IC. Ii.LI & CO,
oJ:'iin WI and 533 Clay street, San Francisco.
Cor. Front and Broadway Streets
a Ay ritAyviavo, cal.
t u n :sr n: 11 s
The Gi cutest RuncJy if Ihe Aye.
...Full THE CUHE OF...
Dyspcpsin, Liver Gunplaint,
Wwikness of tiie Stornncli,
Or Derangement of the Digestive Organs.
"Turners' Forrest Wine Ditters,"
Are sure to regulate the xtomach, the mail) avenue to the
whole body ;
Arc sure to counteract Uilliounnesa, when in a uiularoun
climute ;
Arc urc to agree with the most weakly, as well as the most
rubtist person ;
Are sure to create a gooil appetite ;
Arc very pleasant to the taste as a beverage,
Are economical and chenp.
All travelers should cany t!ice bitters with them to pre
vent inniotisncss nnti rcverscuuseu dv
change of cliniuie and water.
Seamen should carry them t prevent Scurvy, Ship Fever,
und the like, when they are deprived ol
coolitig, nutritious vegetables.
They are a very rich, nnti ilimis Wine, formed by the
addition of nine ilill'ereut kinds of roots, luirks and herbs,
iniikiiiK a very palatable us well ns oueof the most nourish
ing liilters in llie known world.
S,.M Wholesale bv
Comer Washington unit I- rankliii streets, N. T.
MiHirara street, ltutlalo, X. Y.
Corner ilroadway and 1 rout streets,
And for sale by Mi-rt-hants anJ Druggists,
Turners' Ginger Wine ! !
Turners Ginger Yine ! !
This article Is prepared from pure White and Jamaica
ttiiiger Hoot, in such manner as to form the best snd most
pleasant tonic ever introduced : and is an invaluable rem
edy for Pyspepsia, Indigestion, and lor all diseases where
a senile stimulant ia reiiuircd to bring the system into
healthy action.
One Million Gallon, in Barrels and Cates, eold
Throughout the world, thereby proving its nnen,naled and
unrivalled merits. It has received the approbation of the
.Medical Faculty throughout the l ulled Slates, and wher
ever known.
SM Wholesale hr
Corner V sslunvton and r ranklin streets, 5. V.
Niagara strert, lliilfalo, X. V.
Corner llroaJwsv and Front streets,
AnJ for sa'o by ilerchantt nnd Druggists,
Jamaica Ginger.
It is not only harmless, but it is eminently beneficial 111
all cses where a wurm Cordial or a re
oniied. Kspecially is this llie ease when there is tell by the
imtieut a senso of exhaustion, uiising Iran either beat or
fatigue. Under such circumstances a few drops taken in
half a tumbler of water, with a little sugar, will be useful.
It will be found in such cases a pleasant und ellelivc resto
ralive i on this account this Essence is a highly important
udilitiou to the vovuger und traveler's portinaiiteuu. It M
uUo iuipoitunt to 'the faiuilv collection ot remedies for Ull
euses. This article, liku (he Oin-er Wine, is ciirefullv and elabo
rately prepared uud selected from the best iiiality ot arti
cles. It possesses all the true properties of the Jamaica
liinger, uud wc do not he.itate to wai runt it to be free ironi
unyund every injurious or irritating properties.
When there is u great Nausea of the stomach, or oppres
sion of Spirits, urging Ironi imperfect digestion, from
riding in a carriage, or from the motion of a vessel at sea,
tins Essence, if tuken iu accordance with the above direc
tions, will be found invariably to give relief.
In ordinary Diarrhoea, incipient Cholera, and indeed in
ull diseases b'v which the nervous system may become pros
trated, und tiie digestive organs deranged, this taseuce
will be found most invaluable.
Corner Washington uud I-ranklin streets, cw 1 ork.
Niagara street, lliillalo, X. V.
Comer Uroadivay and Front '. FR vxc,sca
And for sale by Merchants and Druggists,
Manufacturers ot every iJescription of
Corner Front and Broadway streets,
June S, 1802.
This new and remarkable Chemical ltemedy a prepara
tion of oxyriizahle phosphorus was discovered by the cele
brated Dr. J. F. Churchill, of Paris. It bus been used bt
over ten thousand physicians, during the lust three years
with results unpui allcli d in the annuls of medicine ; crea.
ting an entire revolution in the treatment of Chronic Dis
eases of the Lttuirs. Stomach, und ull morbid conditions of
the Nervous and lllood Systems. Lunumptwn is no ton
ijrr an iiti-iirMi- innl'iihi, for this Uemedy bus rtttoriU hun
'dred, in alltotjioj' t,e ilimatie.
Have n two-fold and specific uction on the one hand in
creasing the principle which CONSTITUTES NEKVOl'S
ENKUCiV ; mid, on the other, being the MOST POWEK
act with promptness and certainty in ull general morbid
coudiiions, such us Chronic llroiichitis, Asthma, Scrofula.
Marasmus, Anemia, Female Complaints, t-te., uud in all dis
orders of the Nervous or Hlood Systems. Their elleet upon
the tubureular condition is immediate nil the general
symptoms disappearing with a rapidity which is really
marvelous. They increase the nervous or vital energy, re
lieve Cough, cheek Night Sweats, diminish Expectoration,
Improves the Appetite, arrest Diurrhea, and promote re
freshing sleep. A FA lit THIAL IS A CEKTAIX CUKE.
Winchester's Genuine Preparation
OF TIIE IIYPOPIIOSPlllTES is the only reliable form of
Dr. Churchill's Kcniedv, and is approved bv the Medical
Profession ircnenillv. USE NO 0TI1EK, OU ANY REM
Circulars containing Hie only authentic information
in regard to the new treatment, frets
J f Price $2 per bottle. Sold Wholesale and Retail at
the California branch Depot, by ft
604 Mission St., two doors west of Second, Sun Francisco.
Sands' Sarsaparilla,
All Diseases arising from an Impure
State of the Elocd cr Habit
of the System.
IN" thi preparation arc strongly concentrated all the
medicinal properties of Sarsupurilhi, combined with the
most etlectiial aids, the most salutary productions, the most
potent simples of the vegetable kingdom ; and the combi
nation is such that one moililies mid improves the other,
producing a compound ditl'ering entirely in its character
and properties from any other preparation, and unrivalled
in its operation on the system wheu laboring under disease.
It bus been so fully tested, not only by patients themselves,
but also by physicians, that it has received their unquali
fied recommendations and the approbation of the public;
and bus established on its own merits a reputation lor val
ik and rrriCAir tar superior to the furious compounds
bearing the name of Sarsaparilla.
Miwtirkt, Cal., Jan. 19, 1850.
Messrs. A. B. k D.Samis Gentlemen : I beg leave to add
my testimony in favor of your invaluable medicine, hoping
it niiiv lead some other iintbrtumtte beings to try its cttccts,
und tliut they may be benefited ss I have been. I arrived
here by the overland route, about the first of October last.
A few days ul'ter 1 wus attacked with a very disagreeable
eruption of the skin, which my physician could not cure.
1 happened to find your Sarsaparilla in a store in this place,
and remembering the popularity of the medicine at home,
I purchased three bottles, w hich had the desired effect of
removing my dillicultv entirely.
With high regards, yours, etc..
J. II. MILLKK. Lieut. U S. A.
Prepared and sold by A. it. At D. Pnnds, Wholesale
Druggists, loo Fulton street, corner of Williuin, New York..
For sale by DkWitt, Kittl A Co., II. Jonvso k Co.,.
and Kkdimitox k Co., San Francisco ; Rica k Corns:, Ma
rvsville; It. 11. McDox ti.n k Co., Sacramento Smm
Davis. Portland; WM. WALKEK Eugene City; and by
Druggists generally. ii7-t'.nl
$100 REWARD.
better Antidote for all affections of the
Antidote and Rose Injection.
The worst cases of floxoRawB are rdically cured bv two
or three bottles. Slight cases in two or three day. " This,
preparation will do what no other remedy can. or has been
known to do, vii : Cure every case, no matter hoar compli.
catcd. Thousands can testify to this fact, who had, previ
ous to nsing Dr. Allerton's Antidote and Rose Injection,
expended hundreds of dollars on worthies aostrumt and,
humbug doctors.
TB THIS REMEDY! Two ot three doaee is anfficientf
to convince you of its superior medicinal virtues. The
only restriction while using the Antidote is to avoid all
Spirits and Iteer. or Ale. lie sure to ask for Dr. FRANK
ALFaTOX'S Autidote and Ro,e Injection. Take it accor
ding to directions on the bottle and it will cure yon.
Sld by sll regular Dnngisti and Dealer in California,
Oregon and British Columbia. An: Rose Injection. II Three)
bottles is nearly always suticient to perform radical cure,
leaviug ao trace of the malady in toe system, which casv
out be truthfully said of any other know nrcpara'ioa.