The Oregon Argus. (Oregon City [Or.]) 1855-1863, June 30, 1860, Image 2

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    frenutno IHuMrJtloii of " the muI'i liuwu
deiire," that is wortli remembering Uy
thin tiiiw, the oihrr nn-mlOM of the fmiiily
had ruturunl. I7 eye wai molar, every
clmtk wan bcdcwml wlili tear. Tlio (lov.,
wvpplnjf like a child", ut forth bin bind
gwitly to be', end untreated Iit to riw,
wlica "lie calmly ami iniioc'cntly looked up
In hi fHcend jid, In the moot mthticuul
iuijilorinK runnier, "Oh, Governor! I can
not! Oli! for tlio xuke of tlmt merer
whli'h you yourmlf eravu from tlie Al
in v, don't Lid mo rUa till you rhow
merry to my poor, dnr h-inhaiM! 0, for
Hit Joru"s mku! 0, Gournorl for the
giiko of our Lord and Savior, liure mercy
on my ileur, sufli-ring husband, or let me
d o with liim!" Throe were the lut word
I heard lur dUtim-Uy iiiM for, from the
time slut threw b;rself nt the (iot.'$ feet,
my pyiitMalit'4 wero biiujr wrought upon
over ftnd uliovo what they were abbi to
biur, mid I bad bwii on the lookout for a
fuvorubht oportiiiiity to el'fu from aueh a
tryinjr kcimw. I u tliin I had jutt wimciled,
ond witli iirJumlioly bu h I diiwtul my
way to my own revdenop, whero, In quii t
retirement, I lutyht ronte-milute the sol
emn miI puinful ncinn I hud jtmt wituewd.
( an it ho no! and, if so, how linmiliotiii
tint, " to t (f rent extent, the huiiiiti of
m in coiihInU in destroying tlie ImpoiiK'Mi of
o.ic another.
"There" merry la earli ray of lijlil
That mortnl eye 'r mil.
There' merry iu ejcli bie.uli of ir riiorlul Ih c ar Attn J
There' iiien-y b-iili for bird ud leaat,
Inliud'a liidiiijeiil pi. in.
OVr ill ill" world, fimn Weal In I'ait,
ISut m in baa none for riiuu.'
Now, the upiilication of (his little ori-
lode is cany and ut hand. May it not af
ford a uxi-ful le.iion to llio.o who would
bund the knee in rnyer to the "Snurcher of
hearts"? Only Hunk wluit would linve
Lcen the fitu of thin poor, ilintnuscd wo-
limn a petition t J the u or., hud ulio coinu
to pkud for tin! life of her husband wiih
uil the aystuuiutii: displny of the Kusaiati
soldier, or with thut culJ formality and
Ktudied rhi'torii.' to common, nlusl ' where
prnyrr U won't to lie heurd," even within
thu more enlightened Christian comuiuul.
ties. JOvry upward plum-in of tlio eye
was the expression or her hearts utterance,
every word was tlie oiitpouriuu of her very
soul in prayer and pleading's lor im ny.
iViid if thus to a IVlliiw nun !nl, who at
most " can only bill tho body," with how
lunch mora humility Miould tiic h.niur up-
proucli tlio pri-siMice of tlio lirurt-si'iiri-hiujr
(ioil, who can tint only kill the body, " Lnt
liutli power to kill l.olh body anil soul."
How well irruilinleil should ho hlH faith
how purn hi z-.-ul! how humble und how
fvrvriit h it petil on.i!
Nor would it lie just to close thin nrtic!
tedious and insipid n it tuny nppear, with.
ont piviug crotiit to whom credit U duo.
I hulicve it was thu talented Ldar A
Too who, in trcutiii'' of woman, made the
following just and truthful remark: "No
lioMcr llieiuo ever enai'd the pen of poet
It h the miiil-clcvatmj' idea, that no man
cm consider hinisell' entitled to eomplui
of Falo, while in his adversity he xlill re
tains the unwavering lo.o or womun."
Iuileed, every day briuga proof of the cor-
ri't-tuesK of tills Nciiliuieiit of the lamented
poet. .Mi-fiii'lnno may follow misfortune
thu heart may ho rent in u thomnud wny
the pathway ofl.fc mny be strewed with
tnnlH and iidvrrsltiei, hut o Ions lis
mini 'retains tin iniwit vol inrf love of o
innn,' ho can never bo truly miserable.
ln Iiiir left to him u wcll-Mii-Inx of hoppi
ncss which tlio poisoned airowKof flnmier
cannot embitter, nor thu iieorcliini; lire of
misfortune dry up or dimmish, lim sink
in heart is soothed and cheered by her
word, which fall on it in tlio duya of its
horrott.i " like thu fiiuiiiuir, of angvl a wius
on tlio wcurv and fainting soul." o mat.
ter wlnll may bu his falo olh'Twise, he hu
atill Kouit t tiinj to livo lor. If the cannot
aerreen him from the otrrni, the aharis it
with him, and the liiie'iuiyo of lax hlo in
advortiiy is,
" Oh, vliul wm love made fer, If 'iwere not the
Through j.iy mi I lliruiili aorrow, tlnoiigh glory
mill kiiiiiut'i
I It now not, I ll- k iml, if ?lllll'i hi llmt heart,
J C tit 1 kiMW llmt I luve Ihi-r, wlnilfv.r Ihnu art;
I'll. hi li.iM culU ! inn I In nugr in iiioiiiiiniii.fbi.ini.
Anil lliv iiiikhI I'll bo tliruni'li Iho Iti.iln or llim.
'l'liro' tin- turn ti e mlir nLma thy Hini.a in inirsuc
An. I klii. I J Ihco ii.l mvo ilioo, or erili lliucoum.
And audi was tho faithful, prrspvering
love of this poor woman, ilia Uov. com
muted thu sentence ol dentil on her liu
baud to Impritaiiimctit in the Statu prison
Tor hie. bul ciiviimstanccs ti'Hiisimi'tlFiil).
sivpieiilly w hich called for his pardon and
restoration to li.u lormer citiwnsliiii.
I,et those, tlierefore, who would nucefod
ill their petitions In tlie gieut Kuli r und
(rovornor of the Universe, iih this poor
woman auccecUeit in tier petitions with the
(Jovernor of a Stale, i-umu forward "iuii
full nssiiiiini'o uf faith, having their lu u its
spriiiklod fiotn an evil conscience," and
with "that run h nliich worketli by love
and thev will us assuredly "obluiu the
Llcisinj." Autcis.
Oukcon City, Juno 20, 1 Stilt.
tjf The Mountaineer, the Democratic
paper at tlio Dalles, contains tlio following
in Its issue of the 2m h in-t.:
We learn that Col. Kelly, and tlio little
Land OllU'o diim;, nt Oregon City, imule
lIUMilsetve supremeiv rutienlotia on Urn w
union of the visit or Mr. V. C. Moody to
that place, for lie purpose of canvassing
tho vote lor joint bonator. lheso ornfc
!!, we nru told, cursed more roundly than
ever tho nriiir did in Flanders, And received
their visitor with such gentle salututions s
"pirjiiivd villain," "infamous scoundrel,"
and ncuily every other rilo epithet known
only to those who bare practiced in tho
lowest schools ot vice. 1 hut somo of the
parties referred to should have Hum de
meaned thenis Ives, is no more than to be
expected; but from Col. Kelly, man who
aspires to lo!v position, we must confess
welookidfor better thing It is about
time that those who aspire to bo ''leaden'
in Oivpui, had learned tho lesson that
yile alines and vulvar vituperation make
only njainst those who descend to its use,
and that it falls harmless at the feet ol those
who are expected to fall before a torrent of
filth. Mr. M. was at Oregon C.ty. in the
discharge of a public duly, and common
decency reipiired that he 'should, at hast,
have met With a courteous reception. This
wa due if not to the man to the com
munity of which he wm the accredited
repn setiti.tive. Riving aaiil thui roach, it
it proper that we ibould ijieak of the pre
trst fT t'': ".t'jur.H if toipotent raft aad
fury. It apix-ara tlmt at the expiration of'
the tune fixed by law. the County Clerk
called to hii owUtance two duly qualified.
offlciuli, and proceeded to canvas the rote
call at the general election. Upon tut can
rau beiiiK iimdu, it waa ascertained tlmt
the poll-book bad not been returned from
the Walla Walla and Umatilla Precincts,
aud an a couaeipiciice ibe vote of theao Tre
cincU did not aptear in the abstract that
wai prepared for theusooftlie Hoard of
Canvaiisera of Oregon City. Subsequently,
aud late on Sunday afternoon, the Walla
WalU poll book i were received, ami we
bnpn to know that Mr. Moody used every
effort to have them canvassed. To that
cud be iunmoi,ed two persons to Ida assist
ance, and waited to the very latest mo
ment at bin oflice, in tlio how that they
would attend, and finally in obedience to
whut be understood to be the requirements
of law started for Orefrou City, Inking
with him the inlksiiij,' poll books. This, we
repent, the head ami front of his offend
Ui, and for thus iliscluirln hie duty, be
has boon abused mid denounced by a sense
less puck of inflated political tricksters,
whoso hiizhcst umhitioii ia to do Joe, Lane's
dirty work. In obedience to the demands
of these parties, Mr. Moody lias rc-can-vhsmuI
the vote of Wasco county, and
leavci again this morning for Oregon City,
where we lChn:uk for him the courtesies
that tiou'hcro eli-e are denii d the strunirer.
El)c (Drcgou Clrguo.
VJ. . Adams, ...
Rcpublicaa Nominations.
For Prmi-ltiit,
Fur Vice J'irsiilnil,
(' MAI ST..
For Prfjitltiitiul Iilcctort,
T.J., II. J. Pknijka, W. II. Watkiss.
The owner of this can have the sumo by
calling nt this office, proving property, und
puyiug for " one insertion":
Wasiuncton Ctrv, May 4, 1SC0.
My Dear D : Tho samo steuiner that
carries you this letter will bring you the
news from Charleston in full. I not your
lost letter, uud I thank you a thousand
times for it. It was truly a refreshing
epistle, coming ns it did from a firm friend
and a life-long Democrat.
I am glad to see tlmt the great Demo
cratic party is united on Sbeil. It was
indeed n lianny concentioii. that runninn- of
tJI...:l l..'ll I . .... II .. . .
' O
oiien. ii win iirmir county OacK
into tho Democratic fold Ly moro than
ROVeil llumircU mnjority. Itll.t Stroke of
policy will kill off tho lust ono of tho cut.
throat Tillains the Dusli nliolition disor
ganizes, hlieil will curry my beloved Or
egon by more than lieu tlwustnid majority.
Mark that! I med not tell you that the
news from your Juno election will more
than dotihlo my nlfeetion for that nolile
people! Besides the time I hare devoted
to tlio Charleston Convention and my war
hill, I Imvu done nothing but think about
my people in Oregon. If Ood ever had a
peculiar people, llicy must all have looked
just like my Oregon constituents.
You will sec by the papers that the
Charleston Convention has split. Our no
blest Southern Democratic States withdrew
iu disgust, after learning that tlio majority
of the members bud hecotned completely
l!u.sii.i'd. I telegraphed to Stout to se
cede, and go with the South, as that was
tho real Democratic party. You mny de
pend upon it, tliia was a good move, and
enhances tho prospects of tuv war hill
nma.;ngly. Kvery dollur of that debt will
soon bo paid, besides, I have other bills
ready to he handed in, iippropriatinj near
ly nil Ihe money in the Treasury to Oregon
enterprises. Our great State stands hieh
hero, and wo could get anything we asked
for, if it wasn't lor tlie Dluck Republicans.
I think, however, since tho turn things
have took at Charleston, all or my bills
will bo passed at an early day. Stout has
been feeling around below, and tells me we
uro ull right in Iho House.' I ahull keep
everything right in the Sennte. The regu
lar Democratic Convention meets ut Rich
mond, June II, just a week before tho
Hush Douglas abolition convention ut Bal
timore. This gives us an excellent start.
Yon may be certain that nothing will be
urged iu the great Democratic Convention
at Richmond but thecluims of our beloved
Oregon. '
If I thoufd fail at Richmond, I shall be
candidate for the bug term iu the Senate.
I feel tlmt I nn) fust growing old in your
ervice, hut I am willing to continue to
iniiki! aacrilicvs for my people as long as I
live. My love for the .SWA ia hurdlv sur-1
passed by my burning attachment to the
noble Democrats that have Mood by me iu
what will soon lie tho F.mpirt State of Or.
rgon. I wish I had a hundred clerk so
limt I could write to all of my constituents.
I would then lova to wr;te t0 tm;ir wjvel
and enclose a tender littlo Liltct for each
ear child. God bleu that people. Oth
er diVtingiilshed Senators here, in making
brilliant speeches, are alwava wferrinr for
examples to the heroes of Greece and
Rome, such as Cortei or Koskiusco, that
fell at the battle of Tbermopily. but
never draw on any people for deevls of no-,
blo during bat my Oregon constituenU.-
I till you, an Oregon Democrat ia every
way superior to any of tho antkliluviuu
but I Butt re, as I an now ttarly j
fxlmimted. I am up eveiy nU till afu-r
twelve, errumrluir the war debt nonera. and
I vuin!iiinir diflicutt billa prenared by tho
be ad of the department all about Or
rgon Ihtrrota,
My love to every man who yotci
Dnuocrutic ticket. Yours,
I'oon un IIoxEar,
RtrakUcaa riMUra.
AihIhJ. 1 1n! w. lha ileleealcd renrewnU.
live i'f lb l;e,ulill. Klrcli.r. of ill I'nlud
riiai", iu euiuiva mble.l, ia (lie ductivf
U Hi duty w uwt to our c-oneuiuenU soil vur
lOuriirv. oiiio in Hie fullowinir ilre erelion:
Pint: 'llit tho hiMry of iho nniia during llit
hut fnur )vr hte fully eekib ailed the pMritjr
ml urceieiiy if Hie orgaiul il.on na priiu
l onof Hi. It. publiiin.nrl)f,iii. Unl lb miw
wlucb eulled il inlu rn.leiite tre ninrint ia
ihcir i.a'ure, Mini nuw more ihan evr brum at
m iml iu name fill iml cen-lili.lional Ir'oinuh.
Hmnd: 'I lial Ilia nuniurn.inof of llm principlre
promuljal.d in III Drelarulioii of lii.kinaiic,
und tmbol.edia ihe Cuiia.iluli'iti, la
aruliul lo Ihr DrMi-rtalioo uf our rf eubliciin innti.
luuuiia) that Iho Kedaml Cimal lulion, Hit r ghn
of Hi Mules, anil Hie Lii onuf ilio Males, limn
aud ahall Im prearrvail; nod that wo lo-uawn
MliMlriiilialouoi-lf (viduii. Ilisl all men are
ciealvdrniial;llial llieyren low.d by lhairt re
Creator nli vc-rbiiii uojlirimbl richiK thai
eiinaiu llnaa, at I, fa, riy. and lha purauit of
liaiue' lliat to aacit'e llifo r'liH. guvai li
me un art inititutxd among U' u, ilrr.y ng llmir
jii.l puwtrn fruin Uie eoiuwut of tlie guveriied."
Third: Thai to the Uuion of the HlaUa thia
I nation owes iu uupreeedcolod inereiuo in opul.
tu: lit aururiaimr ilevoUHinirnl ol niaierim re
auurera; In rapid uugniruUtaiU of wealth; ill hap
l.ine (I horneiiii-l ila honor ahlaid ! and WO ho!d
iu ubllorrrll all a.:lieinr for ili.uuion, lO no fruin
htaver aoureo they may. aud we cuigratulmv
Iho vouuiry that no Krpubli.-an Mrnibifof Con
limn hoe uttered or euuultnuiierd a llirest of d a
ui.i'Jil.null. Ii nude bv Jl. liiwrano Mnnbera of
Cimgieae wiihout rebuke and Willi appauea from
Iheir (Miiilicnl ananriaU-a; and wa d nouuee thoae
tluoiita of ciinuu ou. in cw- of a lopjlar overlhrnw
of ttioir avrndi-ncy, aa drnyiiif the vilal prinilee
of a freu Uoveruim nl, and aa aa avowal of con
trinplale I liewou, which it ia the imperative duty
of an imliijiiunt peojile ttrungly lo reouke ana lor.
avrr silence.
fourth! That llie nuliilenaqce lorii.lnte of
the ri;hia of the Slalra, and eiecially the right
of eiu h rilale to ardrr and control ila own domes
tic inrliluliulia, oceurdiiig to ila Ott u judgmrnl CI
clnaively, is rao iitial lo that b.iloie of m cr a
which Hie perlrclion ami endurance of uur polit
ical l.iilh diieiids, and we denounce ill" lawlrae
iuvaaiuii by aimed force of any Stule r Territory,
no mmiur under wlialpreloxt.iui anieiij Iho gruv
t ofcfiiiiri.
Filth: ,'J ht the prreent Democratic Admin
irtrnlioii b it far nceiilol our worel apprehene oils
iu ila liivuauroleM aubwrvirm y to ll.e enactions
uf a re et.onul inl. resl, aa ia '.-iilly evident in iu
dmpvrate exert. oue to fore the infaiuoua Le
coiiiplmi Cuntiiluiioii upon th pmlraiing people
or Kiiuiaa in ciitruiug the pemonal m'a'iou be
Iwern niiialxr and eervuut l involve an ui.quall
tied properly in rx-inou in il attempted enforea
iiirnt cvrry where, on hind and sen, through the
intrrvi 111 ton uf (,'ongrrsa and the Federal Courts, or
th extreme prvtvimiuna or a purely local interest,
aud its general mid uuviiry nj uhuno of Hi power
inlrusird to il by a coufulin peuple.
Sixth: Than Hi people ju-tly view with alarm
the rocklena extruviigmiee wh cli prrradra every
d. partiptiit of the Federal liuveriinit-nt: a
return toright e.-onomy and avcounlaliilily iaiudia
prnauble lo arrest ill" ayatrin of plunder uf (lie
public treasury by favored partwani; while the re
cent aloi llii k drvelupmentaof fraud and corruption
at tho metrouolU, ahuw that an enlir
cluinjTc of ii.linii'ihiruli"ii l impenilively demainled.
I . le'""h ' doir"" !"' '
I ut Mil Mil nril. .itvli r..n,u n.irra. Mi.h-.u intA nnv
.. . .. ... . w
or nil th Terntoihs or the United Stales, la a
I J"e,r,u P"J-ii""l tiry, at variance iih th
lemponiieoiis expnailion, mid Willi Irglslntiva and
judical lirreidrni, is revolutionary in ita tendrney
and subversive of Ihe pence uud harmony of llie
Lighih: That Ihe nonaiil condilien of nil the
trrriiory of thu Unilid Stale ia that of Frre.lom;
thai a our t,rpub!icun f.illif r, n lirli I dry bid abul
iilied s'avery in nil our lerrilor es, ordiiiue.l llmt no
I prraun ehould b deprived f lire, lils rty, or prop
erly, willioul due pri.cira of luw, it lie oium our
duly, hy leg'alatiiui, whenever aueh l gilal inn ia
llrRer-aury, to mninlaiii Ihia prnviaioii, or the Om
alilutioii ugniurt u II ullenipts to viulul It; mid iv
deny Ihr nulhurily of Cuiigrevi, uf a Territorial, or of any individuaUi, lo give legal
vxMteuco to Slavery in any Territory of ill Unil
id Slulra.
Ninth: That we brand tho recent re-openinj f
Hi Alneau tlave-lrailc, undur theeuvcrof oui na
tiounl tlnff, aided by wrveraions of judicial puvrer,
as a crime apiiusl huiniiiiiiy, a buraiin; aliama lo
our eounlry and nge, and we vail upen Congress I
lake pinmpt mid e.'lioieiit nienures fur llie Uilal
ami final aiipprrxaion or tlmt e.xeeruble Ir.iflio.
Tenth: 'i'lmt in Hie recent vetoes by their Ked
eial Cii.veriiore ul' tho aci or the Lrgikliilure ur
KuiisuhiiihI Nfbrak:i. prohiiiiliiigSIa 'fry in llnn
IVrriturii-s, we liml a pr.icllcal iihiairal.oii ef ihe
buiialed Dcnii'cralie principle of noii-hilerveuliun
and Dnuillar Mm-nraiiMilv. miu'luI .l in lli.. liHiiu:it
j nnil Neln uhli.i bill, and a dpiinociuMon of the de
ception and fimid involved therein.
Wttrittk: 'Hint Kiimi almuld of r'hl he iin-
medintoly adin'lled asaSlnte under the CouMilu
I tiuu recently furmed mid adopled by her poople,
ami ucc. i:cil by llie House ol Kepri-. iitalne&
Ticrlflh: That while piovi.tiug revenue furlhe
upparl of ihe (ieueral Unvai iimeat hyduiiea up
on iuipoaia, touiid policy reimirra audi an adja-l-iniill
of lheso iuiiosia as lo eiicniirae the drvel
opulent of 111 iinlusiridl iulerrala of lha nhoie
country, and we commend that policy of national
exehaagra which secure to the working men lib
eral niigia, to ajncul tiro renieneraliiig prices, lo
nieohiiuicauiid iiiiiiiufuetuieraiin uiln.ii.-.ic reward
fer lhrirki'l, l .bor. iinj enterprise, and lo the na
tion eoniinerc'nl pnwprily and imiepeudene.
ThirtetHth: That we pruleat auinsl any tak
er ulirimtion lo others nt the Puhl c landn held bv
iicluul selller. anil against any view of th fn
ll.mieaiead jioiii y which regnrda the settlers as
poiperaer u p'lcant lor public bounty, and w
demand Ihe pimmre by t "niigreM of the cmnp'eio
and ntlia!oiory llomealead measure which li.n
a'rrinly paa.d llie IIoiik.
fourteenth: That tho Repuhlicnn parly is op
pwed lunny ch.iuqe in our laws, or
any Stale leitidation by which tho r glileof cili
leiuhip hiihetto aeinnled to ininrgtonia rrom for
eign lands. hall le abrdged or impaired; and in
favor of gviiitf a full ami elhcir nt pmieilinn to the
riu'litaof all elasinf eitiiena, nhriher nal.v or
naturalised, biih at home and abroad.
Fifteenth: That by Congresa for
River and Harbor linpiovi inenla uf a naliunol
chaiacier, required Tor tho eccoiiiinodalion and re
curity uf i.n eniaiinj; coniuieree, ar iinilmriied by
ihcC iu.;:tu:ion uud junrird l.y an obligation of
the (o eminent lo protect th lire aud pr peily
of it l it (rut. . . ,
Sisleenlh: That a railroad to the Taciric Ocean
it iinprrnlivelr demanded bv the iniereata t.f Ihe
wiiol cvuntryj that iho Federal (iovernnmnl
""t1" lo T "uVr '"'diie and elhVient aid in its
enlmeiion, and thai a preliminary thereto a dur
i j ovarian i mail i-houl-l be promptly labliriel.
Seventeenth: tma ly, having fonh our
diet netiv piinc'pli-jaii.l view, we invite Ihe co
o;erai on of all eitiaena, b..wever differ ng on otli
rqu.vtinua, who nibaiauiully agre with iu in
uie.r aiiirmaore aoJ eepporL
" Adams. of the Argus, thinks his father-in-law,
Dr. McUride, would make capi
tal United States Senator. Eugene City
Herald. 3
"Adams' fatlier-in-iawn has been in Lis
grave quite a anmber of year.
Th ivrf..-.:..
, "dde. deatL 7nJ, 7 llZuZ
V s Senator rr.,... ,l.. c. " r, , ?
w. ibe 6th insu.,t .( :
- ua icmucucv near
RtTiTtSra.-Col. Baker rtturned from
Cah'fornia oo the last ttesmcr. -
i,Ti.u mou tub
We have ncw from the Kast to the 3 1st
of May. W re under oblige tloua to
Trncy k Co. for lute jiacri,
Washixctow, May 25. Tlie receipt of
the Treasury last weiK were i,ibi,ouu,
an increase over the sum on baud for the
previous week ofort.OOO. 'Ihe amount
JiIn I lo draft Lt 17.280.000.
All the Oppoi-Uion nnmberi of tlie
Pennsylvania delegation are heartily for
Dm f'iiliun-n nominees, excent one, who bat
nut defined hi position.
It was stated, on cood anlhoriiy, that
John AiMilcton, Assistant Secretary of
State, resigned to-duy, and that Henry
PrcHcott, of South ( arolma, mm ieen ion
ill reil anil aoee nted tlie position. It is un
derstood that Mr. Appleton waaiiomiiiukd
th the Senate to-day for the Mission to
Robert D. Gnllnsher. of Kanngawa
Japan, is here completing arranuemenU for
a line of clippers from New York in the
Japan truile.
Letters have been received from Mr.
Everett aulii'iiiwr the opinion of his friends
here as to his acceptance of the Baltimore
Convention nominutiou. Tney advise him
to accent.
The Postmnstor General reports that
the books oflhe New York Poatofliee show
a deficiency of $115,000
Tug Pacific; Raii.boad Kii.lf.ii. The
Pacific Railroad bill bns been re-commitUd
to tho Select Committee of the House,
which is rtL'arded as equivalent to its po-t
poiiement for the present session. Reasons
fur thus disposing of it include the contrary
opinions as to loo proper ioc.ui.ou oi un
Road, and thu Insufficiency of conditions to
secure tho execution of the work.
Coaiiveaatoaat frateeAlatfi.
Wasiiinbto.v. May 28. In tho Senate,
the bill mukintr appropriations for the cont
plctiou of geological surveys of Washington
Territory and tho Stuto of Oregon was
Mr. torwin moved to postpone tne con
sideration of the Pacific Iloilrond lull
which, after a good deal of wrangling
was lost, by a vote of bl against 1 IS
Mr. J'lielpa' nimiiumrnt, to strike out
the routo through Suit Lake City, was ro-
ected 43 airaiust 73.
Mr. Reairaira amendment, to mnKe ti;e
proposed cruntecs merely trustees of a
company to mum the road, was r j 'cteii.
An amendment hy -Mr. Keagau, that
the grantees shall . within tlirco months of
the pui-Miiro of the act, to delermiuo tlie u-
niount of capital necessary to complete the
road, open subscription hooks in -ev
York, New Orlenns, and other pines,
was agreed to !)9 against 5. Pending
amendment to substitute tlie 'icxas bill
tlie llouso adjourned.
May 2!). In the Srnate, a motion to
disagree with tho House on the amend
ments to the Homestead bill was curried,
by 28 to 20.
Mr. U win moved that tlio fceuato Uis-
ncree to the House nmciidiuciitij to the
Pacific Telegraph bill.
Mr. Grimes moved to concur in the
House mnendincnts.
Mr. Gwin was satisfied with his motion
to disagree. Ho hud no objection to thu
reductions made by the Horse,
rendu? the coiKderat'on of the sub
ject, the Postoflice Delicietiey bill was taken
The IIoipo resumed the consideration of
tlio Pacific Railroad bill, after debate, in
which Mr. Davis, of Maryland, showed
the bill was totally impracticable, it was
recommitted to the Committee by 100
against 87.
Mr. Curtis having ineffectually tried to
get leave to report ut any time, tho House
went into otiiin. t tee lor general debate.
Mr. Washburn, of Illinois, gave a his
tory of Ahruhnm Lincoln.
May 30th. Iu the Senate, Mr. Seward
appeared in bis rent, and was warmly
greeted hy ninny Senators of both pui t;es.
The Overland Mail bill was taken up,
when Mr. Halo withdrew bis substitute lor
the original hill.
Mr. Ltithum offered an amendment, au
thorizing the Postmaster-General to con
tract with the contractor on routes between
St. Joseph and Great Salt Luke, and be
tween Salt laiko end Plncervillo, for a
semi-wot kly mail; the iliKtaucc to be run in
twenty days, ut not more than $102,000
per iiiiuum. Also, to contract for the
transportation of rending matter and frank
ed documents by steamship, nt not ovar
$400,000 per annum. Also, to contract
for a daily mail, by coaches, from April 1st
to December Ut, mid a tri-weckly for the
balance of the year, from Sacramento to
Portland Oregon not over $10,000 per
miinm. Also, to contract for a weekly
mail from St. Pun!, Minnesota, to Dalles,
at not over $200,000.
Mr. Latham explained the provisions of
nis amcniimcnr. tte spoKO at length m
favor of tho Butterfield overland route.
Congress has no right, ho contended, to
terminate tho contract by exercising des
potic power.
The Overland bill was then postponed till
Tho "House bill for the admission of
Kansas came up.
Mr. Collainer advocated it, and it . was
postponed till Monday.
The Oregon war debt bill was taken np,
and Mr. Lane defended it as proper.
Others fpoko on the subject, and Mr.
Hunter moved an amendment aulhnriziiur
a loan for the payment of the amotiut.
Lost ayes, 1 1 ; noes. 30.
Ad aniendinet that all money paid nnder
mo act oe to persons who actually did
service, and not to assignees, was agreed
io, anu tne bill passed 31 against 17.
It appropriates $3,100,000. .
The Japanese are still the Koms at
Washington. Since the accident to the
rwagara, it has not been decided what
hat ys-
will be the arragement for their return
They will prchably rrniaia unli)
Niagara is repaired and reaches Panama,
Latest accounu from Pike's Peak speak
of new discoveries. Tlie number returning
to the State ia daily increasing.
A dispatch from Washington says the
Government has intelligence of the capture
of another slaver off Cuba, by the steamer
Crusader, Lieut. Moffit. She hid 450
slave, on board. She was sent to Key
A Houston mass mettinj, held in Union
a .1 ..T..I A ..T ai.aa
2'jth, was attended by swrul thousand
The House Commit Ue ou Foreign A flairs
unanimously agreed to report the Senate
bill appropriating $10,000, to Towi.send
Harris for n"g''li";f 1,10 tmiJ
Slum, wh'ch is, Indeed, as on acknow ldg
nient of Us valiiubltf service to commer
cial Interests- In cu-h.
Lately Madam Rod'scn, widow of w
Into P.iwlnti .Minister, was iiiarried to
Cupt. Scott, of the British army. Ho was
dnsscd In full uniform. President Buch
anan gave the bridu away. Among those
presi i.t were Lord Lyons, Secretary Thomp.
son, and many of the Senators und Rcjf
resentutives. Madam Bodisco was the
daughter of a Mr. Williams, ueur Wash
ington City.
Sumo further Important revelations Imvo
been made before tho Covodo Committee
at Washington. It appears thut Attorney
General Blin k was deputed to offer the
Post Office Malik printing to Forney, of the
Philadelphia, Press, in case he would chungo
bis course. The profits of this job during
Buchanan' term were estimated ut $80,000.
Formy, however, declined tho proposition.
There is scarcely a shudow of a chuncb
for tho Homestead bill becoming a luw.
The Senate will insist upon its amendments,
and tho House arc equally to adhere to
Somo fifty miles of the Atlantic Cable
have been taken up to a point extending
itawurd fifty miles from shore of Trinity
Buy. Fractures were found in tho cable
just where they hud been indicated by the
instrument on shore.
Frnni V.urnpe.
Tho steamer Palestine, from Queens
town, Muy 17lh, brings tho following:
Gakiiiauh in Sicii.v. Garibnldi with
over 1,000 followers, had lauded at Masuhi,
in Sicily, under tlio fire of two Neapolitan
fiigutis. Ono of Garibulds stcatuerj was
captured, n:id the other sunk.
Tho volunteers who hmthd were nt the
moment of the mnil g dipnrtuaj fighting
with the Rvul troers.
The stcunicr Arabia, with dates from
Queciislowii to the 20lh of May, furnished
the following later news:
Iutelligfiico relative to Garibaldi's expe
dition is still meagre uud conflicting, but
the repot ts generally concur in slating that
ho was making good progress. Some say
thut he had captured the most important
points in Sicily, except Messina uud Paler
mo. After his lauding nt Musrula, the
Xcuo!!ian war vessels bombarded thut
town, without a warning. The British ves-
: ls interposed for the pi oti ttion of the Brit
.'si'.!cnts. A Royal niinoi.iicjinetit Ins been re
ceived t ii Madrid, that the King of Naples
hud applied for foreign intervention.
At the histcst dates, Garibuldi's forces
were gaining on Puhrmo.
A letter from Garibaldi explains thut the
steamers used by him wcru taken possession
of forcibly, und not chartered. He hud
issued proclamations to thu Romans mid
Neapolitans, calling on them to revolt.
Col. Medici was forwunling the prepar
ntious for a second expedition, ond 0,000
vuluntccis had ulreudy been euioilod. It
wus asserted that the enormous diplomatic
representation made to the Sardinian Gov-
ernintiit, would decide it to prtvci.t the
departure of the second expedition.
Great agitation prevailed ut Naples and
I.vsrmtECTiox at Palermo. Palermo
dispatches of 15th Mny, say that in live
churches, nt the termination of the muss,
shouts of '-Ituli) forerer! Liberty forever!"
were raised. In tho evening, the people
to the number of 10,000 assembled. The
police wero unable to disperse them, and
the troops were called out, when they
fired 011 the piople, killing 4 and wound
ing 10. Several persons were arrested.
The latest accounts from Naples repre
sent thut tlio utmost consternation tiro-
vailed. Tho troops were desperate, and
tumultuous manifestations wye taking
place. The Royal family were packing np
their jewelry and valuables, nnd tliero
were strong indications that a general in
surrection would take j l.icc.
Two Bklts Savers Retires fuom thk
Rixc Bell's Life of Muy 19th announces
that a meeting took place between Savers
and Ih-cnnn at its office on tho 18th, to
discuss the meusuro for tho termination of
tho dispnto between them as to the poss
ession of the Champion's belt. It was ulti
mately agreed that two new belts, exact
counterparts of the one so much coveted
should be made, the umount necessary for
their purchase to be raised by public sub
scription. Euch candidate was to head
the list for tlie belt to bo held by his oppo
nent. The old belt will remain in the pos
session of the proprietor of Bell's Life, to
be fought for whoever aspires to tiie honor
of wearing it. Saycrs has engaged to re
tire from tho prize ring.
BUYS nil Und, f
Chert it, Applet, cl-e., Ae
eella all kind of
Am, Or an get, Fig, Ratiiiu, Conditt,
Stationery, Newspapers, Periodi-
caL, oveL-s etc.
A?etfr the Sun Frmnruet Bulletin mud
Alia Cnhj'trai; the bt$t ptoert mlhthed an ii
Fteiie rnit.
IT All ktmdt ff Vau'act hughl tnd told ta
S....ure. Xt-vr VoiK, on the iujjih ui mo
rraieemt Valaa, iiv. BB-
Al 8AI.K.M,Hllll!,
nil llie I...I UYIuaaiUv. Ilia !JA ,."'
at 10. .'clock A. M. liu.;,,,- e(Z TJ'H
ijuirc III allei.daiic uf every nirnibir,
Ornaa im lU, x, t"HTaf t -
Meeleal Harmony (lull evry Frill.?
al liall i.t 7 icl.k. Iliaihrei, j m'4 H
aiilivil..llualiei,a. D.linXlWw!.'
1). W.faAin, 11.8. '-"L.K.W.p.
Oiten..Ji l.omia iSo. ,1 meeu i il,,.,, 11 ..
I !"'' '! Ollle. oil Momlay
raeli a k. Urrlhr.n iu r aianli,,-,,, "f f
lu alien I. . C. C it.V KJIW , v' "
Tiioa. Ciiannan, lite. Srcy. ' 'j'j '
ZVZultaomeh Lodgo Xto. 1
A Vl . A; M- i,M' ,UI'1 cn.ninullu
iV l una ill lli hi,i.r TeiiifN-raiie 4a
th hnlurday urc, uiiy lh. fui Muu .
imiiilli. liielliivn 111 gnud raiiillo,. u,
I., nileml. A. L. I.OVEJOY. W u
I). W. I'kaiu, Sec'y, , " j
fj" The next regular inevtiliff ; h, aa M
! ei ailing, J una SO, I NtO. "
Had. Havaaparnn,-,
u-ineily itmiib nea 111 ilarlf tliepri.n.ri,uf , V
li- il e, a mil.l cailmnio, and a lunin. t,, !
ly leiiiovr frmn llie blwnl, and oilmr fluid, Lt
body, Hi iiii.uiiiir iin.h,y
euernder un l f. d due.-, ,u, .;
iw.l efllie ninlaily. Alllioiijli pruve.l to,m
ciom j may be lukeu al ull linira Wi;li p,J!L
wifely, aa il culiluius Im n werful itt T "J
deliililule the )lein, or luuou
the coiialilulinn. ",
I'reuarrd nnd o!d hy A. It. it D. 8ANDS lta
Fiilmu at , New Voik. J'rico $tl perb.,iiii
ID" lte.l llie adverlinempiit in anothrr eol
Hold by Dr. h i I-.KI.K, Cif,
Prugjialj (f.-iieruly.
MoffaiHaTTfe WUTl!rw5r..i mUl
celibriiy wliieli this pr.-e:iiii i,t nied .-in a,?
iniiied lor i:a ilivari.ililu tffieuny in ull
wliieli it profew-ea lo cure, bus lenjend lln nui
I'Mclk- uf wlniilulioiia . uJII iiif lint only tmtmi
ury but auwnrlby tif Idem. '(Vy ai ,iwi
by their fruila; tbeir Ruml Km ka Unify for Ihfm
nml lliev lli.ive nut by lb f.iiili 0( llt ervjol
IiiulleuM-a of ciiin n.K, dys.ep.i, lilieumJ
liver ati-ell"H, piies, rlieuinat ni. letrraand tern.
o'oiiim-e lieud-aclii , nnd nil (jnu ral ttttlti
liienla oflieulllt, llieae I'llin mv iiivatlalilynrtjj
a terlein und fn eily reumly. A a nse , ,;
pluee llie bile I'lila iK-yuuii Ibe rencli ul CiiniMliiioi
Millie of ev.ry ialieul.
l)r. .Miiir.n'a I'lncuia li.ltera will br fnundejoil.
ly tlTieai-i.'U in all cu' f nervous ileblliiyrj
nt-wi, brndiiehe, tlie ielineH iuciil.-rit ta reinalM
in il I cule lu-uilli, and rvi ry kind uf wnkmaf
the il ee. live .i (,u n. l or nile by Dr. W. 0
MOI l' AT. 3i)j Hp.uilvvuy, Jiew Vuik, ludk.'
Medicine Dealers and I'rug-flsu geiri;
tlirui;liuul the cuu'iiry. , 3,
WIsUVh I'.aUatu of Wild f.arrry.-Tb,
only I'lire niid jreiiniue IIhIkhiii in. and mrlli bat
Ivveiity yeai liua beeu, irrMird by Situ W,
1'i.wi.k Co., nf Ho-inii; ond Ihrir prM
ii ui.e, Ma Weil as llie n-rill'ii ai;tuiiuit ef L
Dull, umieur 011 llie outer urn.iuera. A. too
W1111I1I aeoid llie IfUiielu uud hate gcuuiin,
lute no otlteri' nr Wii.n Cusav. Tliaii
vnluub.c reimdy is ibe bevl une exlunt Tnr tin-Hb,
sure, e'priiv, uinl nernmiiiMrt vure of crmglii,
cold. Hire tin out, hronrhitit, asthma, l.'rariiy,
I'ueumoiiu:, eroup, whooping toufo, t'.tediag tt
the lane, p tin in the In ram or ride, and iu lart
every furai nf, eli.M, uud lung cvmidiint,
m well .-i I 'uxMiMrrioa ilielf.
Tbla Iiiiiih bul l sjiniild be iii llie haDda
uf every f.nnily uud ill ii v.." ul, a, lnry
en lion of il lu a ri;lit pnld will c:iue inilnrdiila
relief; wbile of lunj kliindini;, ouMiailr,
and ai; urenlty ii, curable eliurn.-ler, will au civ
yii Id lo ila uundei I'ul curalivu miren and ii
Creut a.lui:uliuu lu llie wunla uf man nliru i'-llt-le.1.
Kir wile in Cnlifiirnia by Itedinlnn k Ct,
Henry -leliimeii It Co.. CliurleaMorrll, SaaKnia
e reo; K. II. .Mel'eiidld A: Co., Sarrcraeali j
I ! i. e. O Ilia .VCo., .Murytville ; r-miili At Dtiu,
t'urlkuid, Origuii. frttyro
At Cuneiivill, Julie VK, Ly Itev. 1).
Mr, ln.ii.ih (iier to Mrv. M. ii. Cveily.
I 1S T Ol-' I.KTI KIIS remaining in tlie Pot
J OlPice t.l Orooa City, .luae 3u, le'liO.
lUmm AIIW 2
II n ff ii in II i
Eiuhnrt 1'K
Golilxmith A
finheen Sam
Itumly Juhn
H jhtoure lliehrrd
liritzner John
Lefehrre Monsieur II
Loony Atenith
N. CIurt Mi Amtiiit
McVlnrt .Vri MortU
M 11'A.riiry 7'
MeVurtu (J F
lli ley I'atriek '
Shaa Jnu tiltckauA)i
Stanley him .
Smith JS
Young Geo ;
Vort'i-n Attiiuiltt
Final EetUcmcnt
"VfOTICE ia lierel.y (iivrii Hint J. T. Apfef
J.1 wai, mini tiiatrnliir of llie eslnle of Jane 0.
Mourp, den'il.. Into uf I'lackuiiiiia co., Slnle of Or
egon, bus filed liia acenuiiialiir liunl belikfimul.""'
ibe rir-il Monday ;n Atiju-t uexl a appiaied'
llie ( nf Hie aiiine ul tba euuil-hoiw
Ureuii Ciiy iu .ml county.
i:oi:i:i;t caufielh.'
JinieSC, ISfiO-lSvvt CoiiiiivJtffp-
Executor's X7otice.
OTK.'l; ia lieieby (.veil Unit lliu nnderwfn
Una been da y upj.oiiite.1 ixecutorni iw
lute uf John Kiiop, die d, lale or UaekaBtai c,
Slate of Oregon. A !l peimin in.lelileil I1' "J
tale nro hereby ooilhvd to make puyinent,
perauii li.ninj cluiins agaiuM Ibe rad deceaiel
must preteut them In tba underaignrd al a"'
deuce in suid county within one year froo
date, or ihey will be forever burred.
TnneSa, I8t!0-I3w3
Ia Justice's Court. .
State of Oregon, I
County of ('litetamaf.
TOU are hereby uolified llmt a writ of atta
X. menl hna been issued aguiiul )"
properly uttaehed to mliafy the demand N--
i iisiiii uinouniiiig to seventy dollar ($70,0)'"
Now uulesa yon appear before I. E. tilea"""
Justice of llie reuea in and foraaiJ eounly,
office in Lower Molulla urecincLon lb !"
uay of Autriml, lHlill, at IU
o'clock . J-
nient will lie rendu
-ou, ana yir rt
erty auld to pay the debt.
June , lhGU.-Uw4
I AM atwavaon baud. nd will all
Drawing up of Deeds, Mortgf jes.
Leases, Bonils, Powers of
Attorney, Contracts, fcV
and all other hiiaineaa commilted t BJ
Office directly tpporitt tkt fSii
uuel6,lSCil. J. K. HUKWiii
TTfOLLD inform lh pepl f 0n?4
y V and vicinity dial be wiU keep a fTf'
Ready-made Coffins, of U sizes,
constantly on hand.
He will also keep a .
iaa as a. J- g 9
and wiH be pr. pared to alteod M eJ
kuaioea of funer.ii cooihkm!
Shnp ner tkt Seminar.
IT Cu;m fn-m th coonrrT 'eVT