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l)c rcgou Clrgtt0.
Stnto Ticket
J. It. McBkide, of Yambill.
John Dkn.nv, of Marion.
' FOH sncBUTAiiv or STATE,
Leasdeu IIouiii3, of Clackamas,
E. L. Api-i.koatk, of Unipqua.
D. W. Ckaio, of Clackamas.
Pros par Is A beat.
The proceeding! of the Republican Con
vention in Washington county, which we
publish today, give evidence tint the
gooj cause it progressing. Our friands in
that county have hitherto fulled to organ
ize, owing to circumstances ever which
they at present have full control. We
have not the pleasure of na acquaintance
with any of the coinmittee on resolutions,
excepting Dr. Juhnton, whom we have
known for some time to bu sound Repub
licin and a man of sufficiently good judg
ment to see that Drilling short oft thor.
ough organization of the Republican party,
based upon immutable principle, can ever
accomplish anything towards real, ll.or.
ough reformation in all the departments of
the Government.
While we would be glad to have all
men who have do sympathy with tho de
mocracy, unite with us, we cannot of
course expect every man who has hereto
fore rallied under the temporary banners
of "people's ticket," "law and order par
ty," "Whig party," and "American
party," to adopt the Republican platform
unless he is a Republican in principle.
The Republican organization is n perma
nent one it oilers a sure foundation to him
who cherishes the principles of Clay, Jeffer
son, and Washington, in whole, so fur as
they aro involved in tho issues of the pres
ent day it is a party that is bound to wrest
the scepter of power from tho clutches of
sectional secessionists in 1S00 a party
which will then hnve seine government pat
ronage at its di.posul in this Territory or
Si rite, no the caso may bo a parly which
will then make a thorough reform in the
postal arrangements of the country, dis
miss dishonest and illiternte postmasters,
and place meu in their stead who wi'l nei
ther steal nnncy nor fuil to hand nut ell
papers to all men, whether Christian or
gans, Jewish, Infidel, Nnlionul, Pra-nlnvory,
or Republican. Then even Czapkay'i or
gan and tlio milk-ntid-molasscs Times will
he punctually delivered to every poor crea
ture who is unfurl unnte enough to bo la
king them. The Republicans ill aUo
overhaul our Land Offices, and see wheth
er Col. Gardner was really the cause
of the present "delay in issuing patents,"
mod whcthor.our honest farmers are all In
pass away without ever having had thrir
yea blessed wiih the sight of ihoso "put
ents," or even a "certificate." Sinecures
in tho shnpa of surveyors of ports, who
liave now nothing to d but whittle dry
goods boxes and pocket their salaries, will
receive honorable discharges, accompanied
with certificates of qualifications for good
grubbors and coal-di'gors tho great Cen
Iral Pacific Railroad will bo pushed
through to completion, nnd tho iron horse
will como snorting (Imwd tho Willamette
valley, houling a train of enrs loaded down
with hard-handed free white luborers, eager
to sottlo among us to develope tho ngri
cultural resources of the country, hew
down our forests, dig out our mines, im
prove our water-power, build up churches
and schools, support Republican papers,
scatter the blessings of civilization, art,
science, and a Gad like philanthropy far
and wido, turn our prairies into yellow
fields of waving golden groin, our hills and
valleys into fruit and flower gardons, be
sides enhancing tho vnluo of lands, and
annually pouring exhaustless wealth, the
yearly product of free labor, down tho
groat natural ouill, te be shipped off to
Asia and the Lies of the Sea, to be ex
changed for tea, apices, silks, cinnamon,
and gold. Then, the polluted rag of sec
tional Democracy will be hauled down, and
wrapped as a winding Bheet around the
carcasses of the narrow-souled leaders of
the party, and in its stead will float to the
breeze the Flag of our whole Union, glis
lening with thirty-seven stars the Decla
ration of Independence will be pulled out
of the miro into which Breckinridge and
Pettit hsve trampled it the Constitution
will bo the acknowledged bulwark of free
institutions the slavery agitation will be
settled by rolling the black wave of nig-
gerism back to its own dominions, and
locking up nigger capital, and niggerwor
sniping capitalists, in their own den, to
"manage their own domestic institutions
in their own way" President' messages
will be devoted to more important matters
than an everlasting song about niggers
Congressional debates will pertain to meas
ures relating to the advancement ol the
interests of a hundred million freemen
popular sovereignly will to looked ujwi
as an American's birthright sod Lecemp
toa will be remembered enly u the black
rock on w hich modern democracy st'audrd !
The bones of Duchnnan, Jo Lane, and
other driven nipgers, will be decently in
t erred slung aide of limes of JelT Pavie,
Tomb, Kelt), Orr, Brown, and other se
cession lire-eairrs, in one common charnel-
house down on some Islsnd in the swamps
of Florida, where the ring of the hammer,
the whliila of the Iron horse, and the
merry song of untold millions of liappy
fiee laborers will never dxturb their derj
rrpoi; but where the screech of the owl,
the howl hi the wolf, the hum of the m
q-jjio, and the splash of the crocodile will
mingle with no sound, ssv the crsck of the
whip, the oaths of tbe overseer, and the
shrieks of female cotton-pickers I
Such are some of the objects and pur
poses of the Republican party a party
which any historian or statesman of any
sagacity might see is bound to triumph,
where a rapid augmentation of the popu
latiun conies from the ranks of while la
borers, who are all fiee and all permitted
to vnte. When these great national issues
have been forced upon the American peo
ple, and when the great heart of the nation
is throbbing under the omnipotent mean
ing of iLese issues how superlatively silly
for any Republican or any fre soil Drm
ncrnt to close his ryes to the greet notional
questions which rise above all others in
importance, and run off with either one of
two factions which loth agree at to Buch
anan democracy, but are fighting about the
tremendous issue as to whether a locofoco
it bound by eaueut action, provided hi
doesn't go into the eaueut 1 1
Let all factions, squads, grumblers, and
outside skirmishers butt their brains out
in quarreling over a bone without meat or
manow, but let Republicans stand by their
colors, marshal their hosts, and give their
ticket such it vote as shall tell In moral
influenco upon the next campaign.
&TT Let it be remembered that tho na
tional platform rests on Jo Lane, nnd Jo
Lnnc is seated on the Salem platform, call
ing piteously on nil Democrats to vote the
busliiie ticket. Every man thereforo w ho
votes for a single national, indorses not
only Jo Lane but the Salem platform and
Cznpksy's agent, with Lane's nigger.
The "nationals, in getting up their
platform, either thought that Oregonians
were a set of asses, or else they were a set
of very silly politicians themselves. While
their platform has failed lo satisfy the fire
caters by trying to steer between Buchan
an and Douglas, nnd the dirl-eaters, by re
fusing to endorse bushism nnd Lecomplon,
it has disgusted all sensible men by its
cringing, lickspittle servility to the figure
hend of the clique, and by its Intended non
committalism on the only really important
issues of the day. It is a hotchpotch dish
of national viondt, which really amounts
to nothing more than bushism, Jo Lane,
and Duchannniam served up in a different
way from what it is set before the
Democrat, whether nationals or Salem
ites, aro much in the same condition of
Peck's boarders. Teck kept a one horso
hotel at Cairo, III., end proposed to feed
his customers on "every variety the mar
ket nfforded." The first dish served was
catfish baked, the second, catfish boiled,
lit') tliird, catfish fiied, the fourth, catfish
stowed, tho fifth, more catfish, the sixth,
rBtfih omelette, the seventh, more catfish.
Poor Peck did the best he could under the
circumstances, but it was hard tocotnitice
his boarders, although they Imd dined on a
great many dishes, that they had eaten any
thing but catfish. If tho " nationals" ex
pect to sot a different table from the bush-
ites, they must give us something better
than Jo Lane nnd Duchnnan. It's too
much catfish for any but a bushite.
(fcj Wo have not hoard a word as to
how the battle goes on in the South since
tho nationals nnd bushitcs went out ihore
lo take the stump. We judge, however,
from the lone of Czapkay's organ, that bad
news for the csucus-sovereignites is com
ing in. Its weak and snarlish tone forces
the conviction upon its readers that the ed
itor is either mightily frightened, or is en
tirely prostrated by a chronic dyspepsia
and another attack of the diarrbwa. It
gives us unmistakable evidence that Gen.
Barn u in is pouring some hot shot into the
bushite camp, and stirring up the Snlem
snakes with a sharp stick.
3 Czapkay's orgnn contains a letter
from the " Mary Ann of the Mexican war,"
dated March 18th. The old granny slob,
bers over the split in the locofoco pnrty,
snivels about the dangers the Union is in
by reason of this split, tells the people he
would like to be elected Senator, and then
winds up by begging every man who has
a "single democratic drop of blood in his
veins to vote for the " regular nomineet"
(busbites). What Jo Lane means by a
"democratic drop," we are at a los to de.
termine. The only really "democratic
drop" we can think of, is the "drop"
winch Jackson threatened to use as a plat,
form for Calhoun, the father of democracy.
Calhoun was to have stood on it with a rope
around his neck an excellent type of
what ought to be the platform of the Salem
clique as well as the position of the gentry
w ho stand on it.
C3 The circus of Uinkley St Kimbsll
has been reorganized, and is said to be a
great improvement on that of last year
The skill exhibtrd by the actors last fall
was such a we have seldom seen equaled
ie tbe Stales.
fJT listing no doubt that the most of
our readers would like te see correct pnr.
trsit of Cxaptay's agent, new candidate on
the bushite ticket for State Printer, we
have had our artist try hit hand on the job
The picture is said lo be ue timile of the
poir creature as he appeared on (he morn
ing after the "Jackass JubiW at Salem
Any person upon examining it will at once
recognize the ' sound and reliable democrat'
sticking out la every wrinkle of the counte
nance. The real sentiments and in.stinks
ef the man are happily expressed by the
mouth and eyes,
05" The Nationals held their county
convention in this City last Saturday, and
brought out the following ticket.
State Senator fur Clackamas tod Wasco,
W. A. Starkweather.
Stale and Territorial Representatives
George Rees, V. A. Colls rd, Wm. Singer.
County Judge J. D. Post.
SherifT-C. F. liatie.
Assessor C. Boy nton.
Treasurer Capt. Johnson.
County Clerk Sep. Ileulatt.
Co. Commissioners J. 12. Taylor,
Uaae Whealdon.
Surveyor S. L. Campbell.
(r The busliiles voted in the various
precincts last Saturday fur county officers,
There was little voting done in any precinct
but this. In some of the precincts the men
to wham the poll books were sent were so
ashamed or litem that they stuck them
away subject to the order of Czapksy's
agent. The Oregon City officials, of course
had the thing all their owe way. The vole
of thit precinct decided who were the can
didate excepting, perhaps, the sheriff.
If there was any other exception we have
not been able to learn it. Here is the
Represent stives F. A. Hedges (Sub
Indian Agent), Mr Jennings (Sub Indian
Agent and Contractor), Dolph Hannah
(candidate against Smith and Williams for
U. S. Senate).
County Judge Robt. Caufield (present
Probate Judge).
Sheriff A. Holcomb (present Sheriff, by
the grace of I ho bushite).
Co. Commissioners Bullies Holcomb
(present Com. in consequence of having
long tailed on lo the busliiles).
County Clerk Frank Holland (present
clerk, an agent for Czapkay's orgau and a
sworn bushite for life).
The rest of the ticket we have not learned
but they aie, f course, all sound and reli
able busliiles, selected for their love of the
(i) nasty and their haired of the "nationals."
03r We had made our arrangements to
visit the diHt-rent counties in the Territory
in company with the Republican candidates,
but having been nominated for an office in
this district and put upon the course,
(much against our inclinations), we shall
be obliged to attend exclusively lo this pari
of the political vineyard. We shall dtvo'e
some of our time between this and (he elec
tion to trying to hold some of the Ctnckn
mas stumps down, after having put modern
democracy under them.
03" Dr. Henry made a very lair speech
in this city last Saturday, in which he took
occasion to denounce the busliiles, pitch
into Delazon, nnd declare himself as stand
ing aloof fiom all parties. (In sympathized
with Douglas, and retained his attachment
for Henry Clay.
The Dr., after trying pretty much nil
parties, has become disgusted with politics,
and will probably lay low, waiting for
something to turn up. He as good as de
clared, however, that he could support
none of the tickets now out unless it be the
13T Tho Sentinel says that Grover,
Kelly, Delazon, and O'Menra spoke at Jack'
sonville, April lftth, to about 400 people.
The candidates and ' Delazon spoke about
nn hour each in the day time, and Del a
nznn spoke two hours in the M. R. church
after night. We wonder if that church
would be opened for a tempcrauce lecture I
03" The Sentinel and Herald are both
pegging away for the bushite ticket,
lea a acts.
We learn that Czapkay's organ refused
to publish 12. M. Barnum's appointments
for public speaking, even when the money
was tenaereu m payment. Hits is a spe
cies of meanness that probably no other
paper but the clique organ and perhaps its
little colored satellite at Portland wo"ldbe
guilty of.
Charles Jones, a single man, who was
employed on the, new foundery in this city
was seriously injured last Thursday by tbe
falling of a doom bent, which struck him
on lhe shoulders, crushing him down and
severely bruising him. Mr. Love discov
ered him soon after the accident happened,
nnd came to his relief. The bent was hut
about eight feet high, but of such w eight
that it took two men to lift it so as to re
lieve the injured man. Mr. Jones was en
gsged alone at the time of the accident in
nailing braces to the bent as temporary
Dr. Steele thinks he mav recover.
03" All persons who have any desire to
subscribe for the Argus or to send us any
loose change they may have about them
will please transact the business with J. R.
McBride, the Republican candidate for Con.
gress, who will probably be around among
tbe friends soen.
, Mere Baa Keeks.
We are glaJ to see that Fowler ti Wells,
who are ever alive to the wants of the who's
community, are about to try their hands
upon eeconJ series of hand books, upon
"lhe House, Hie Gardui.," "The
Farm." and "Domestic Animals." We
hsve no doubt but the hooks will exactly
meet lhe wsn's of ninny of our Intelligent
farmers who have often written to us for
oiks upon rural architecture, practical
horticulture and agriculture, besides such
as offer valuable suggestions upon rearing
domestic animals.
These new hand hooka propose to give
all this information, and the whole four
will be furuished (muslin bound) for $1,00.
We should like to see a thousand of these
books circulated among our Oregon farm
ers. We hnvr naturally the most lovely
country on the globe, and if our farmers
and gardeners will cultivate their tasles by
the study of such books, and improve iion
the suggestions mudo by them, they will
soon find themselves in the possession of
homes so attractive lo themselves and so
di-ar to their families that they will never
think of "selling out," besides finding
their burthen of labor much lightened by
what might properly be termed n few
" Yankee conveniences." A man couldn't
make better investment than by sending
a dollar (with few stamp to pay postage
on the books) to Fowler & Wells, 308
Broadway, New York city, for their Rural
Hand Books.
S3" In our advenising columns will be
seen an offer of Herring's patent champion
firs proof safrs to such as may wish to
purchase. We once beard of a man who
was written to after a big fire to know how
Herring's safe stood the heat, who replied :
" My safe was taken out nud unlocked after
il had been undei a mass of burning ma
terial for forty-eight hours, when to my As
tonishment I found a turkey which my
clerk had put into it the day before the fire
leaning up against my ledger froten to
Gold Minks. Tho Herald (Sleilacoom,
W. T.) of April 23d says that the news
from the new mines is cheerirg. One In
dian and one whiio man had come in
from the mines. The Indian says he
worked in the mines last winter nnd made
n hundred dollars a day for six days in
succession. At no lime did h make less
than 85, " bile, much of the lime he made
from fM) lo 840 a day. The whiio mint
reports the miners lo be making from five
to six dollars and in many cases thirty,
forty, and fifty dollars a day. The rivers
are said lo be too high for profitable mi
ning at present. The " big raises" will
not probably be made (if made nt nil) (ill
next fall. All account from lhe Sound
agree in representing the route to the
mines by tho Sound as very difficult.
Large numbers of Califomians aro inking
passage from San Francisco for the new
S3T The now foundery of llurly& Co.
is in operation. It ia a splendid affair,
and an honor to the City. It has already
reduced tho price of castings to ten cents a
ft3" Capt. Ainsworth it Co. are building
a new boat in this city. The boat of
O'Loughlin Jt Co. is also rapidly progress
ing on the Linn City aide.
03 Many thanks are tendered to those
friends who are laboring lo increase our
circulation, and lhe flattering letters of
strangers aniLacquaintances in Oregon nnd
tne States, which wo often receive, are duly
03" James Barlow, Eq., has withdrawn
Lis nattl a a candidate for the Legislature,
as he is off for the new Wi,
03" Mr. Cranston writes us that Josepli
Davenport is the Republican candidate for
blierifT of Marion county, instead of W.
03 Mr. Hall has left tho editorial
charge of the Occidental.
03" We have more communications on
hand than we can get through with in a
mon'h. Several which we had determined
should go into this paper are again crowd
ed out. Of course we cannot publish a
fourth of what wo get. We again respect
fully ask all writers lo be very short, and,
in the name of the patron Genius of Liter
ature, do for Heaven's sake quit rhyming,
and confine yourselves to prose. There
are not to exceed five persons in Oregon
who can write anything that is fit to insert
in a paper as ' poetry," and not more than
four of these ever try their hand.
03 We are under obligations lo our
friend Dr. Hutchins of Lafayette for fa
vors. That box of butler and eggs gave
us very frequent occasion to remember the
Doctor daily for several weeks.
03" Fulton applied svsiem to the rreat
praclieal uses of lhe a'e ; Morse has
bronchi electricity to be the dailv servant
of millions; Newton unravelled the maze
of the stars, nnd made their motions lhe
mariners' guide on the trackless ocean.
hat these men have done for scienee in
their departments, the Ciraefi-nberg Com
pany have dune fur humanity in the man-
ufacluie of tbnr fxmily mrlicin. They
have turned the grrat truths of science lo
use in the cure of disease and have meda
the occult discoveries of the great chemist
available fr the wants of every day life.
They have brought within the reach ol
every man the best wisdom and skill of
modern times.
Uaeltsasas Ce. ttr-abllraa tjavtatUa.
Pursuant to adjournment the Republic
ans of Clackamas county met in mass con
ventiun in the Court House in Oregon City
on Saturday, the S li It of April, at I, P. M
Joel Burlingaine, Esq., was continued
President, nnd W, C. Johnson Secretary of
the convention.
Dr. A. O. Henry being present, was
invited to address the meeting, which he
did ; portraying the dangers which threat.
rn the Union on account of the policy of
Prrsident nuchsnan in Kansas, and urg
ing lhe union of all honest men of all par
lies upon the Douglas platform a fu.lon
On motion, Messrs. W. L. Adams, Max
well Ksmsbv and VV. T. Matlock were
constituted a committee on resolutions.
The convention proceeded to nominate a
county ticket, by ballot ; a majority of all
the voles cast being required fir selec
tion, unless otherwise ordered by the con
veniion. Under tbe above rule lhe follow
ing ticket was nominated :
For State Senator, W, L. Adams.
For Rapreaentaiives, C. W. Bryant,
Maxwell Ramsby, and Jacob C. Rhinesr
For Sheriff, Jno. M. Bacon.
For Treasurer, Thos. Charman.
Fur Assessor, Win, V. Burns,
Fur Surveyor, S. L. Campbell,
For Coroner, Forbes Barclay.
For Public Administ'r, J. T. flunsaker
For Cuunty Commissioner in the 2d dis
trict, Arthur Warner.
For County Commissioner in the 3d dis
trict, Parson Glesson.
W. L. Adams, Capl. Rhinearson, and
C. W. Bryant were appointed county com
mittee for lhe ensuing year.
Tbe committee on resolutions presented
the following, which were rend and udopt
ed with no dissenting vote :
Whereas, errors of nerious nature tore
held by many ofour estimable and patriot
io citizens regarding the principle and de
Mgns of the Republican party, therefore be
it resolved
1. That w e believe the founders of this
governmeiil, w ho were sufficiently wise lo
set on foul a popular government which for
the first lime in the history of nations has
demonstrated the praclicittiili'y of a democ
racy, were sufficiently intelligent to under,
stand the meaning of the constitution they
famed, and knew whether the legislative
enactir.ents of their own time were constitu
tional or not.
2. That we believe thai tho policy they
inaugurated in reference to lhe government
of territories, in exercising a guardianship
ovcrlhein duriii'.' their minority, 0 as lo
prohibit legislation recognizing wrong, is
in no way inconsistent with true popnlir
3. Ihat republican hnve no confidence
in the KanA-Ni'brnsku bill as guarantee,
ing popular sovereignty to the territories.
4. I hat lliei ItepublicHi) parly, asaisti d
bv Dottulas and his compeers, have hm
stood up in Congress in defense of the rijj lit
of the people of Kansas to vole upon their
whole constitution, anri therefore the onlv
quarter from which a real honest, perina
unit di fense of popular right mav be look-
ed for hereafter, is the National Republican
5. 1 hat while the Republican party
has no organ, and no member of lhe party,
however obscure, thai is n disunionist,
therefore it ia lhe only pnrty that canal
present be relied on to rally around I lie
Slurs and S'ripcs in defense of tho whole
6. That in the history of congressional
enactments fur lhe last two year we see
abundant proof that Oregon need look for
little favor from confess until she is rep
resented in a republican congress by re
publicans. 7. Jnat the triumph of repufdican prin
ciples will alonu settle l Ik slavery auitation
and bring peace lo Ihn whole country.
8. I hat the charge so incessantly made
against the republican party by lhe organ
of tho Latter Day democracy, that it is
striving to elevate the black raca lo a level
with the Atiijlo Saxon, is wilfully and ma.
liciouslv false.
9. That the republican parly is lhe white
nian's party, nnd to it alone can the teem
ing millions of fr;K laborers that nre now
struggling against a chattel labor ruitnl,
which seeks lo inaugurate itself in ft'l lhe
States and Territories to tho ruin of the
poor whites, look for protection.
10. That we are in favor of principles
a rid men, the lormer of w hich must be
democratic, and the latter capable, honest,
and faithful lo lhe Constitution.
11. That we are just as much opposed
to Jo. Lane and the Administration of
Buchanan as 'n are to the humble! tool
of the Salem clique nnd lhe administration
of the oalem dynasty.
The following resolution wm presented
and unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That we recommend Tlon
W. T. Mai lock to the voters of the 4th
Judicial District as a suitable candidate for
Supreme Judge, nnd as a man in whose
ability and integrity we nave entire confi
The Secretary was directed to send the
proceedings of lhe convention to the Ore-
gonian and Argus for publication.
Whereupon the meeting adjourned sine
W.C. Johnson, President
Republics Meeltat la Washlaitew Ce.
Io pursuance of a call, a mass meeting
of the citizens of Washington county wa
held al Hillsborough, on Saturday, lhe sev.
enteenth day of April, A. D. 1859, when
the following proceedings were had:
On motion, Lawrence Hall was chosen
chairnisn, and R. S. Caldwell, secretary.
After discussion, on motion, a committee of
five was chosen to draft resolutions ex
pressive of the ene of the meeting. R.
M. Porier, H. V. V. Johnson, W. D. Ilare,
C. S. Silvers and A. Ilinman were choseo
said committee, and the meeting adjourned
for one half hour, at ihe expirei, of
which, convention ni.n.J .. . ..
port of said committee w, rPari .j .
mnu iha
ed, and finally adopted, as follow, . -
Wiikrbai: In the formation of 'hif(u
a decent nnd proper regard for theelu.'
of mankind compel , l6 boldl. Ll.
our principles, believing, as we L a,
JMstgovornmenis derive their .,,
the consent of lhe governed, .,) A."1
io ascertain the correct r.Wi . u7
pies oflhepeopl.,r,fWa.hlngin tW,
we, the citizens of Washington c.ul,. !'
inn com rn i ion asseiiinieit, on the Hit
Jay of April, A.D.I 9fi8, do publi.h ,2
fhjj" l b" (",, ,,u f116" ' prill.
mHMsl Anil I'steti I iitti .1.1. .J .
Hesolved. Thy I In ll,
veniion a thorough organization of i r!
publican party is necessary sod hi,. T
portsnt lo every lover of freedom, tBJ !T
carrying into practice by the election
sound and reliable men le office these t7
ciples inestimable lo a free people, n'm
ly, lht of conforming the government."
the wishes ef the governed.
Resolved, That we disclaim all cenats.
tinn or sympathy with the sbnlitiuu bo
urthe Oarrisonian school, but giV , Mr
hearty support to those iriilc,, nJ
viens taught by Washington, JrlT,rm,s)
Madiann, and their compeers, in reference'
lo the noil extension of slavery, mil t, M
dersiood lo be tho Constitutional provi.ioni
as expounded by lhe ablest slausmea of
our confederacy, leaving the question nfd,.
mesne slavery where the coniiimi,
leaves it, lu Ihe Mnica, each deterniiMLU
for itself.
On motion of II. V. V. Johnson, it wsj
Resolved, That all opposed tothe Saltm
democratic platlurm be Invited lo meet
with us in precinct meetings on the Irsl
Saturday in May, and choose delegsles te
to meet in convention at Hill.boro' eg l(
aecond Saturday in May, lo nominste a
ticket to he supported at the next Jnnv
election, each precinct to he entitled le
three delegates, and in addition, 00e fa
every twenty five voles oast in lhe preeiact,
On motion, a committee of fivs was ss.
pointed to cumuli with the different cosa
ties with which joint nominations are to be
mnde and report nt the meeting of ike
nominsting convention. A. Uimnaa, C.
S. Silver, W. H. Bcnneti, R. S. Caldwell
and W. ). Har0 wi re appointed as said
Resolved, That a copy of the rreeet
ings of Ihi meeting he furnished by the
m-creiary to the Oregonian, Argss, and
Standard, for publication.
Tbe convention adjourned.
It S. Caldwell, Scu'y.
(fOH.MBtlLV Till ' MAMMOTH,')
Reorgnnked with everything new aud erifi.
nitlfor the teuton of 1838 1
New Pcrrarners. New tlorsrs. New Wsf
Will Exhibit in Oregon City,
Wednesday t Thursday Eetningt, '
MAY bth 6 (Wl.
Connected with Hie Uomi aiiy are the fnflowisf
diMiui'ii slird and siiulur anutes, whsst prrf m
auces aro ol' the iiiusl Hlrganl aud isliatd clue
The during, terrific, tight-rude Dansesse, Ams
siuniil, mid E,iieiriemie, whose jirfforuMkcts
are indeed incredible until sera.
The great Shukrperiiin Jeter; aim eelebrsttd far
his great act of Juuolino on Hossssacs.
The graceful nnJ during Equestrian, distiag aiiksi
ia Ins incredible set ol throwing lour eaasrsstite
summersaults on horseback, which has si Srt
nounved by all other periorroers ss unevasiMt.
The secomnlihlwd Eauestrisn sad Ueacral re
former. Mr. Hiaklsy ia uolsd ia a variety at psrlornmiMe.
Mr. J. 11. KIEV
The great A rbbat and Gymnast. His fret s
pearmico in the ring on the Pacific coast, ttgeiaer
with Mr. J. L. Uinkley io a new perlorinauee se
titled The Trappers, or swinging bars.
The renowned Gymnast, Aerubat, aaJ IqaflaV
riet, ia his wonderful Globe Laperehr ael,l)ief a
hia buck on the lop of a pile ii feet b'gh, sad
ilmicmg a large globe on li s feet at Ihe saiaeusst,
Ihe pC'" iu the hands of Mr. Ausna-a feat sever
aliened by anj' th artistes ia lbs kwwa
During the evening's entertsinment, Mr. Anitie
will iiilrutluee his learned T'riek DofF"1'
whese prrforinuunes are interesting.
The evening's perfurranuce will oonoluds with s
very interesting ailerpiece entitled Lubia and As
nolle, by the whole Company, in spproprisle est.
Accompanying: lW aiteMishmeBi ss
. N. B.-Ureut attention has nsee paid te Ike
comic department, and everything that "Witse
suggestive of air immoral and immodest UadeaeT
has been oarelutlt excluded. M
Prices ov Awiiseioa llox $1,50 1 Fit
Polite anil attentive ushers will be ia ansae
sneer te seat ladies. ' .
4 43
5 V7
And Clique Candidate for Stale Prinltr.
Bethel Institute.
THIS School m onder the persoaal ewe "
PmI Hst.av.or Beihaujr College,
flourishiog coudilioo. 1 '
tcahs or -reman.
CMwaon Enilwli branch ........tW f T
Hi'lH-r anuehea in Matbomaties m .
Latin, Greek, &e, - B zv M
The raadeaU of the district US aw " - -
Board can be nal at ine F7V
.V.y 1,1858. CaaeC"