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Stljc rcgou Clvgu
W. L. A DA Mit SUIToa AND raufSUTUS.
tJ)T I. W. Casio is authorised Is do any bus.
lucej couucctsJ with Tit Argus Offics during dijt
bsenct. W.L. ADAMS.
TUS Constitution,
We itiall vole against tho Constitution
for many gooj reasons. Ws coniJof it
hugs viper, with poisonous fangs in its
held, legion of egg in in belly, an J
WI sting in iu tail. It ii now coiled
up, labeled from head to tail with democ
racy, trying to charm lite people to take
it into their bosom, when it will instill iti
polon into tie body politic, and rondo r it
Ai completely paralysed as under tlie odi
oui principle of caucui sovereignty.
That it has soma excellent qualities real
Lining scales of pure silver, glittcuing in
tbe bulk of its snaky coil, we concede
Indeed, who would be expected to take
thiog into his bosom, that at first sight die
. coversd itself to be all viper, scaly, hissing,
and slimy I As it is now " on exhibition,"
to be examined preparatory toonr accept
ance at an annual cost of some thirty or
'forty thousand dollars, let us be as sbrowd
and cartful as horse jockics at least, who
are very careful not to get " bit" in bar
gain. In examining the thing, let us be
gin tbe work with its head, and, like the
Yankee buyer of horse flesh, suppose w
"open its mouth" to b'gin with. After
its jaws are fairly iqueszed open with a
stick, what do we aeet la article I( sec.
ht, we read :
" We declare that all men, when they
form a social compact, are equal in rights."
Do you ace the direction in which that
fang is designed to dart I It ignores all
natural, unalienable rights inherited by
man from his great Fathtr. It acknowl
edges no rights outside of conventional
compacts. The great fact enunciated by
our forefathers, that "nil men enjoyed the
unalienable right to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness," and thai "govern
ments are institute! among men to secure
these rights," is purposely lost sight of by
this Constitution. "All men are equal in
rights when they form a social compact."
Broad philanthropy, indeed I Then five
Yankees and two Missourians from Oregon,
finding themselves shipwrecked on a deso
late inland, desire to form a "social com
pact." The five Yankees being shrewd,
and having the bulance of physical power,
and viowing thomsulves as of a "superior
-race" to Missourians, conclude to live an
easy lifo, and subject the Missourians to
thoir government and make servants of
them. The Missourians would be apt to
object to this, but the Yankees would only
have to point them to the constitution of
Oregon, for which they had perhaps voted,
to show them that it was only such men as
formed a social compact that wore equul in
rights, and aa the five Yankees hud very
shrewdly concluded to "institute a govern
ment" for themselves and had left tko Mis
sourians outside of the compact, they were
in precisely the same position in which
Judge Taney viowed the inferior races at
the time of the Revolution leno, solitary
wanderers, outside of social compacts,
destitute of all unalienable rights, and
liable to be preyed upon by any force
that was adequato to their subjugation.
To be sure, these poor Missourinns
might quote the declaration of Independ.
enceasasolemn asseveration by their fore
fathers of the existunco of these rights,
as well as the piratical character of all
41 governments not instituted among men
toseoure" them, but the Yankees would
only have to point them to the fact that
Breckenridgo, Vice President of the Uni
ted States, stated in a stump speech at Iay
ton,'Ohio, last summer that " the Declara
tion of Independence was a political ab
straction," also that Douglas said " it was
only meant ,'o Apply as bcttrctn us and the
people of Gnat Jirituin," and John Pctitt
declared in tbe U. b. Senate that it was
'a self-evident lie." The Yankees would,
of course, inform thrm that the Oregon
Constitntion was fronted !y modern demo
crats, on purpose to harmonize with the doe
trine of lireclenridgc, Douylas, and Peiitt)
three distinguished democrats ; and as the
Declaration of Independence was a " self
evident lie," cr a mere" political abstract
ion," and was only " meant to apply as
between us and the people of Greet Brit,
ain," and not betwoco Yankees and Mis
sourians, therefore, there was nothing in
the Declaration of Independence, nothing
jn the Constitution of Oregon, mid really
nothing in the Bible, to prove that an " in
ferior race" should not become subject to
their superiors in number and physical
Ws have now looked into the mouth of
this venomous reptile, and shown it to pos
sess a Cing, poisonous and terrible. We
aball in due time proceed to dissect the
belly, and drag out some of the "armed
Moors," who like those secreted in the
belly of the "Divine art uf Pallas" to open
lbs gates of Troy to the hungry Grecians,
are waiting to ruth out and "eat up the
people's substance."
The first section of the first article of
this Constitution ought to be enough to
damn it with any enlightened roan, and sink
it se deep in Ocean, that a Kanaka couldn't
raise it by diving.
The Commodore arrived on Monday.
The nei fiora California is unimportant.
XiT There has been a terrible wailing
around the Land Office in this city lately
Guthrie "weeping, and refuting to be
comforted" because a petition Las been
deposited in Jo Lane's breeches' pocket
signed by Judge Williams, Deady. Gov.
Curry, Harding, Grover, Smith, Nesmitb,
and t'itnpkay's agent, with perhaps few
other oath-bound members of (he midnight
caucus ccmpirstnrs at Salem. The peti
tion is said to sk Uuchanan to hand over
the keys of (he Receiver's Office in this
city to A. L. Lovejoy (a man tho seat of
whoso fanta is full of splinters from the
mourning bench of caucus sovereignty).
Now this is a matter which we care no.
thing about, consequently we shall make
ne objection to this strict observance of
tbe " lime-honored usages of our party,"
in removing an eld callous-kneed devotee
for a new convert, who is yet able to show
a fair crop of splinters from the mourning-
bench of "driven-nigger caucui sover
Tbe facta are simply these : The clique
has concluded that to " save the Union,'
Lovejoy must have the office, and that
" Outhrii mutt go heme to tee hit uncle."
The wail that goes up from the Recciv,
cr's Office at midnight is said to sound like
this "I wish they'd le t tht Un io n
Without Siumk. If we should point
out all the falsehoods of locofoco papers in
this Territory, we should have little space
for other matter. One of the most bare
faced and shameless we have noticed is
that of the Occidental, which publishes
the two following resolutions, and aaya
tiiey were passed at a Republican meeting
in Ohio:
"Jtctoleed, That while we deeply op
pose the necessity of the shedding of hu
man blood, and the destroying ol human
life, we should rejoice in a successful slave
insurrection irhica vould teach slave-hold'
ers the wrony aud danger involved in the
act of slave holding, and tbe numerous out
rages which slavery necessarily inflicts up
on Us victims.
liesolved, That the slaveholder should be
made to dream of death in his sleep, and to
apprehend death In his uisli aud teapot ;
fire should meet biro in his bed, and poiaen
should meet him at his table; and the si
lent angel of death should everywhere be
invoked to affright him in the midst of his
murderous slaveholuing rovelry.
Now, the fact is, the Occidental would
have perpetrated no greater fulscheed if
it had claimed to extract these resolutions
from the Bible, for no Republican meeting
in Ohio or any other State ever had such
resolutions before it. Such silly efforts at
making nigger rotes, show how that paper
appreciates the intelligence of its readers,
most of whom we presume would have be
lieved it if the Occidental had told them it
was a part of the last will and testament
of Henry Clay.
JfiT The Occidental and Sentinel have
already read out all free State democrats
from the black-domooratio party. The
former paper, in winding up a jubilant ar
ticle on the advantages of slavery here,
" But one obstacle prevents its realize'
lion, and that is that ugly monstrosity, re
publicanism, aims tree slutcism, alias ab
olitionism," Here all free State mea are ranked as
abolitionists. But let us hear the Occi
dental further
" The attempt of the Free State men to
appropriate to themselves tho honored
name of Democracy, reminds us of an an
ecdote which was told during tbe famous
Hard Cider campaign, when Gen. Harri
son was elected. A skunk (commonly
known as polecat), becoming ambitious
and desiring to cut his old companions aud
get into bolter company, went one day to
l lie Uen ot a raccoon, and introduced Inni
self as one of that species of animals.
The coon was somewhat sceptical as to his
pedigree and said to him : ' You don't
look like a coon, you don't talk like a
coon, end I'll be d d if you smell like a
coon !
" So with Frco Stale men ; they neither
talk, act, nor smell like democrats, and tho
imposture they would practice upon the
Democracy is not less excusable than that
the skunk attempted to play olT on his
connship. I hey had better take tbe naino
of Republicans at onco, for their creed and
their associations will never permit of an
other name."
So, then, a man to be an orthodox dem
ocrat has got to " smell like a democrat"
that is, we suppose, he must smell like a
"niyyer." (Wonder if Hall would fel
lowship Hibbcn f )
We have heard a great deal said about
"stinking democrats," but we had no idea
that tho "smeir would be made a teat of
fellowship. The idea, although original
withjba Occidental, is a "piou3one,"and,
if tho rule is strictly enforced (which we
hope it will be), it. won't unchurch half as
mnny locofocos as a man at " first blush"
might suppose.
S. K. Barlow, Esq., known all
over the United Slates as the man who open
ed the wagon road across tbe Cascade moua
tains, and discovered the boues of the an
cient Mastodon Maximus on the banks of
the Willlamette, has just returned from a
trip to tbe head waters of Clackamas, and
brings a specimen of anthracite coal,
which he has discoveied. We have the
sample in our office. Tbe same coal has
been discovered en Rock Creek in this
County, and we expect we shall soon have
an abundance in onr market.
GO" The Standard is supporting the
Constitution precisely as it supported Jo
"Good Lord, Good Devil, Amtn.' Clo.
Bkactikii. v, It will be
recollected by all our readers that Jo. Lane
in his I'ortUnd speech last Spring, as in
deed in speeches in other places in the
Territory, charged that the reawm that the
war debt was not paid was that the "Ulack
Republicans had majority in Congress."
The loco foco papers in tbe Territory gen
erally were buy in circulating the same
calumny, and informed tho dear people
that when the "democruti" had a majority
they would i in mediately pay the ludi.
an war debt. Nov the bluck democracy
have some twenty-six majority in the
House, and two thirds of tho Senate ; but
all at once the important discovery is made
that black democrat will not pay the war
debt, even with the help of Jo. Lano, utiles
we adopt our Constitution. So sooms to
talkDelazon in a speech published in the
Times. Hear him:
"I Lave already alluded to eur five mill
ion war debt. Now, air, I have very faint
bopesofthe payment of that debt bv Con
gress prior to our adinissiou into the Union.
The opposition to it is strong, aud I fear wil
be effective, but admit the Slate into the
Union with senators aud representatives,
and it will change the feelings of Congress
toward the country. Congress will feel
that here is a young sister entering the
Union, and will be disposed to exercise a
liberality towards u that it will never ex
ercise towards a Territory. You need aud
mutt have a Stale representation to counter
act a thousand adverse iurluences to your
just claim."
What confidence cat) Democrats have In
such jsnus faced demagogues t
Mori In posted Emissaries. Tbe last
issue of Cznpkay'a orgaii contains a very
silly, wishy-washy letter in favor of slavery
in Oregon, by one Pickett, a new comer
from California. This picked is the same
man that wrote a pamphlet containing
abuse of Fremont, and which was so over
done and run into the ground, bat a Culi
fornina told us even the black democracy
in California were ashamed of it, and left
it on the hands of its author, who had
his labor of writing and expense of printing
for his pains. This makes the fourth or
fifth emissary that tho slave interest has
sent in from abroad to help regulate our
How much money has been shipped in,
remains to be found out, but we have rea
son to believe that many thousand dollars
have been deposited in proper hands to be
used for the pro slavery cause. We should
like to know if Shuck of Yamhill ever had
a tender of money as an inducement to sell
out to the pro-slavery party.
Czapkay's organ thinks that its
present subscription price is entirely too
low whereas the fact is, the price is cer
tainly kigh for a sheet that has no brain
capital invested. The editorials of that
shoot (excepting perhaps now and then one
liko tbnt stolen from the Albany Evening
Journal or some abolition paper) have been
the samo in substance for the last five
a, t .11 1
years, iuey nre principally mnuo op oi
"the time. honored usages of our party,"
"democracy, democracy, democracy,''
" Dryer's corduroy articles," " 'What about
the Pen Yan affair?" "sorts," "sore
heads," " bolters," " the time-honored usa
ges of our party," " Algerino Leland,"
" democracy," " pizzarinctum," " time
honored usages of the democratic party,"
" floating political excitement, and the
great democratic party," "Parson Billy,
and tho great democratic parly," " whito
hairs in a ring, to save the Uuion," " Air
goose Adams, and the time honored usa
ges of our party," etc., ic.
The above, with a very few variations,
have constituted the bulk of the editorial
of that sheet for the last five years. In
fact we presume that its editorials, liko ad.
vertisoments, might easily bo altered to
suit the occasion from week to week with
out distributing tbe matter. A mallet,
sbecp's-foot, and pen knife, is all that is
needed to fix up throe columns of edito
rial in about fifteen minutes.
It looks ridiculous to be sniviling about
the cheapness of such a paper.
OCT Persons who visit this city on busi
ness ought never to go away without first
calling at Bradley's Book Store and buy
in I some useful books for the family.
It would indeed be a fine thing, if those
who spent their money for poisoned liquor,
would invest it at Bradley's book storo.
We have noticed several poor fellows
(some of them we are pained to say are
heads of families) in town lately, who, in
passing along the streets, thought nearly
every building " tuck a sheer on 'em." Wo
would merely suggest to such friends, that
the next timo they conio to town, instead
of taking "a sheer" on tbe grocery, they
take " a sheer" on tho book store, and car
ry home something to please the wife and
little ones. This being done, and, our
word for it, the children will 'smile on
them, the wife willsmilo on them, fortune
will begin to smile on them, and trouble,
disease, poverty, and the Devil, will soon
bo found to have " tuck a sheer" the other
03" The Portland Times calls the Re
publicans of Miunesota " white negroes."
We are truly sorry we cannot reciprocate
the Compliment by calling all the driven
nigger democracy whits men.
OCT TLe Mormons have all left Carson's
Valley, California, and gone to Suit Lake
by order of Brigham Young. Their farms
have been purchased by newly-arrived
Immigrants fie in tile States.
tlT The Yamhill llxpresuututive who
has gone into the proalavery party, has an
other long letter in the last Standard, which
conclusively proves the poor fellow to be
demented. He sooms to be under tht in
fluence of a disease that approxinatea very
closely to the delirium tremens. It is fill
ed up with silly falsehoods, extracts from
speeches of free negroes, the Occidental,
Frank Martin's letter, and the assertions of
poor Piorce in reference to the treasonable
designs of the Republicans. In rebuking
Leland for not believing that tho Union
will bo disotved if Oregon is a free State,
the poor shivering creature rolls up the
white of his eye, and with the sweat start
ing from every pore auks" What proof
do you want ? Can you hear it thunder f
Can you see the red forked lightning paint
ing death on the sky 1"
We should be glad if some personal
friend of his would climb up and rig a
purchaso on his long ears, that are now
drinking in such terrible " thunder" iu tbe
" sky" and turn them downward low
enough (o catch a littlo of tho " thunder"
uf his outraged, sold, and betrayed constit
uents, who are calling upon him in "thun
der" tones to " resign."
JtW Czapkay 's agent still refuses to ex
change with us. Wo shall scud him now
and then an Argus, hoping that tho whole
some moral principles we advocate may
have some effect in checking the poor
creature's progress on the downward road
be is traveling. We should send him the
paper regularly, if he had brains enough
to comprehend all we priut ; as it is, wo
think about one paper a month is as much
as suoh a blockhead can digest.
OCT We have just received the Oregon
and 'Washington Almanac for 1858, print
ed by S.J. McCormick, Esq,, the enterpris
ing proprietor of the famous " Franklin
BookStore" at Portland. The work is
got up in a stylo that docs great credit to
its publisher, aud contains a fund of statis
tical, historical, biographical, and pictorial
information, that renders the work invalu
able to every Oregonian. The Almanac is
worth a dollar, but we presume it can be
bought for about a bit. The fact is, Mo
Cormick sells nearly all kinds of books
03" The Steamer Elk, designed for the
Yamhill trade, made her trial trip to Cliain
poog last Thursday. She is said to per
form admirably, having made tho tho trip
from Caiicmah up in 131 minutes only
fivo minutes inoro than tho best time of
the Enterprise " Fonos' " description ef
the trip next week.
OCT" Were the prs-sluvory party found
occupying common ground with the re
publicans, on any question, who docs not
know that tbe Statesman would recognize
them only as republicans!" Occidental
Of course the " Statesman" would, and,
nccording to yonr own system of reason
ing, will prove yo to bo a "black repub
lican, alias a free soiler, alius an abolition
ist," because you now "occupy common
ground with us in opposing the Conjtitu
tion and the " Salem clique."
" That Slate (Ohio) is free negro, and
there is no use grieving about it." I'M
land Times.
Of course, you ought to bo the last man
to " grieve" about negroes being " free."
05" The Second overland ranil from
Sun Antonio to California has arrived.
Tho first trip was made to San Diego in
thir'y-fivo days, and tho latter in thirty. .
03 Wo havo had warm showery weath
er for more than a week. Grass has start
ed finely, and the prospect for an open
winter is good, according to all the eld
signs. We hope our farmers will nil sow
every sere of wheat they possibly can du
ring this month, after haviny soaked all
their seed wheat in blue vitriol.
03" Tho Occidental has received the
following letter from one of his negro
worshiping subscribers. It is not only a
fair sample of pro-slavery literature, but
comports well with wooden mold-board
plows, prairie schooner wagons, nig;
hoes, axes, and olhcr samples of the fine
arts generally, we used to have in West
Tennessee. It will be seen by the letter
that the greaser who wrote it, like many of
his brethren in these parts, is not able to
raise tbe tin to pay for tho delectable Oc
cidental, and we presume he hasn't money
enough to pay his honest debts :
Augus tho 12 of 1857 Mr editor of
tbe Occidental messenger I Now tak the
opportunity of sending of yo a fiew lines
to In form yo that I Wishes your paper
dis continued As i bav taken hit for a short
lim I Wish ye to sen i me a fiew lines Two
let me no what yo charge Me for the time
i bav taken your paper and i will send yo
the Chang I hav receive the 7 No
P O no mor at presant.
03" Lady Franklin, with the assistance
of a few friends, has tilted out a steamer
for another Arctic expedition in search of
Sir John Franklin, or rather his. remains,
as all hopes of ever finding him or any of
his party alive have long since been aban
doned. The object is to satisfy a burnin
desire in the breast ef the widowed lady,
and in the heart of the world, to know
something more of the fortune that befell
the explorer, and, if possible, to bring home
his bones to rest on his native soil. The
steamer Fox, commanded by CapL Mc
Clintock, sailed from Glasgow on the 8th
of July last. As the steamer shoved off;
and started upon her perilous voyage, Lady
Franklin with a vast coticourso of sympa
thizing friends, stood upon tho rocky bights
above, waving il many a God speed, and
lifting many a prayer to Iloaveii for the
success of the expedition ; to which wo ro
spoud in Orcgou, einon! and nmenl!
03" The overlund immigration to Cali
fornia this season is estimated by the Cal.
ifornia papers at twenty-five or thirty
thousand, more than two thirds of whom
are women aud children.
Cum I lbs Drlvi Mutrrs lata Nutilrcltim
Htiualler MoverrtiiBiy a Wsutnalile
litres y.ll
Opposition to tho extonsion of slavery,
aud the total exclusion of slave holders
from the territories of the Union, wo till
know to bo the life and soul, the main url-
cry in tho heart of bluck republicanism, or
abolitionism, and that iho opposite are the
grounds upon which tho pro slavery party
stands. They believe that the territories,
being common property, nil nlikn uro en
titled to citizenship upon it, ami that no
power on earth has a right to exclude any
portion of tbe people of the Union fnun
such soil because of tho character or des
cription f tlnir properly. How stand
the free state democrats! Where aro they
to be found ! With the pro-sluvcry dem
ocrats! No. They say on this subject
the republicans are right, and nr acting
in conjunction with them to muko Oregon
a free-soil state Eryothcj are black re
publicans they hove deserted the demo
cratic army and gone over to the enemy,
and are now their coadjutors, inhaling all
the sweets, nil the odor of freo negroism,
and now wear the budge of disloyalty and
disunion. r
" We hold that if a man bo a democrat
he cannot niTilinto with the enemies of de
mocracy. No two tilings can bo more dis
similar than the principles of the republi
can and democratic- parties. Those who
are not for us must bo against us. When
we see the gun pointed nguiust us, we
would manifest a foolish inditd-rence to our
safety to wait until wo saw tho flash of the
burning powder before we took measures
for protection. The free State democrats
havo placed lhcmclves in an attitude of
hostility to us, and wc shall treat them as
much enemies, as wo would a man, a lory,
who would basely go over to tho forces of
tho invaders of our country iu timo of
war." Occidental Messenger.
For tht Argus.
Ma. Editor The Constitutional Con
vention has at length ended its labor?, and
requires the peoplo to pronounce upon its
progeny the second Monday of next month.
Three several years had the people de
clined to gratify the hungry office seekers
of Oregon by forming a Slate government.
Rut last winter a scheme was concocted
to obtain by fraud what had so often been
refused to n direct application.
Circumstances fuvoied the success of
their schemes. Congress had made, some
changes in the times and places of holding
District Courts in the Territories. The
Legislature of Oregon intentionally omit
ted to remove the inconveniences the
change imposed upon litigants, though
fully empowered by tho organic law to
do so.
Those interested in tho payment of tho
expenses of tbe late Indian wars by Con
gress, were assured that the additional rep.
rcsentatien in that body to which wo would
be entitled as n State would insure the
To those whose fears were excited by
the Died Scott decision that slavery would
be introduced among us, it was said, by
forming a State government only could
they prevent tho evil. But the most forc
ible argument, or at least that which pro
duced most votes in favor of the conven
tion, is in the 0th seotion of tho authoriz
ing act itself. It declares, " The delegates
to said convention shall ho allowed such
compensation as shall be hereafter appro
piated by Congress for such payment,"
thereby implying a falsehood and for a
fraudulent purpose. Wishing to deceive
the people into the belief that Congress
paid the expensos of State conventions,
and that they could allow tho convention
to be held without expense to thcrnselvos
aud reject tho Constitution if they did not
like it afterwards.
Tho principal actors in getting up tho
authorizing act, being also tho manogers of
the Convention, they have produced an in
strumcnt in porfect keeping with tbe mode
of obtaining the authority to do so.
In order to cheat the people into its ad
option, the Constitution has in it some good
provisions copied from the Constitutions of
other States. The Constitution of Indiana
being the favorite. It also makes some
changes in the administration of county
affairs, and has some features peculiar to
itself, which at another time I will notice.
But none of the provisions adopted from
the Constitutions of the States secures the
rights of individuals more amply than
they are now enjoyed by us through the
ordinance of 1787, adopted by Congress
for eur government. None of the changes
proposed in our administrative system are
forbidden by tbe organic law, and may if
thought improvements be put in force by
he Territorial Legislature, without the
people takiog upon themselves the burdens
of a Stale government in order to test
While it initiates no new development
of tbe Democratic idea, it omits many
things necessary to good government in a
country like Oregon, which in many re
spects presents distinctive features in sur
face and people to the Atlantic States.
I cannot for my life see what present
advantage can result to the people from
adopting the Constitution except the ad
diliooal representation in Congress if they
are willing to pay $100;000 o enable
loino two of tho Sulcm faction to go itQ
Lane to Congress, and think will pay
they can ratify the Constitution; If not, not'
But for those who framed it, iu prsvig
ions are admirable, it creates fthamberof
offices which thoy expect to mouopoliw,
Il fixes the capital nt Salem, and make
such nn apportionment of rcprrsenmion
iu the Legislature as will keep it i,eref
what more do they wib 7 A
Tub Siiiftinu IIuks of Lipk. Lifo has
for an observer, such a quick succession of
interesting and amusing adventure, ilm jt
is almost inconceivable ho should ever feel
dull or weary of it. No on day reiem
bles another. Every hour, every minute
opiB new stores to our experience, snj
new excitement to our curiosity. We ar
always on the eyes of the morrow efsoroe
surprising event. Like tho moth, we art
forever (lying towards a stnrj but with
this difference, that we attain it ; and, If
sometimes we find that the halo which we
fancied a glory is but some deceiving mist
at least, we have learned a lessnn. If we
look upon life morely as humble students
wo shall not feci any great bitterness tt
such disappointments.
It is only when we hug our ignorance to
our hearts, that'we are, and deserve to be
miserable, when we embrace tho cloud'
that we lose the goddess. But, if w open
the eyes of Iho mind, and determine u, bo
neither wantonly stupid nor inattentive, an
enchanted world begins to lUe from chaos,
Tho expect oven of the room in which we
sit grows live with a thousand unsuspect
ed curiosities. We discern that the mest
ordinary person is invested with noticeable
characteristics. If we design to look but
for five minutes at any couimonplacs thing,
we become aware of its peculiar beauty ;
and (hero is not n bird thut wings through ,
the air, nor a llowcr that blossoms in ibe
garden, nor an insect that crawls in tho
depths of tho earth, nor a fish that swims
in the water, but has its own singular and
delightful story. Charles Dickens.
"f Uy ltv. (leo. C. Cliunillor. Mr. Wiutr V.
May to .Miu Viruisia 1'. N',itus, all uf Ihit co.
I iS'V OK 1.ETTEU3 reniuliilnir in ilio Pol
A J Office nt Oregon City on Iho iiUth of Sep
tember, 1S07.
Anderson Cliartri
Allen Luruyi-llo
Itrighuni S O
lliown Win
llr.MW Juliu
llrowu Isuao
Ik'oler Kriinklin
llarnrs C'ulcb
llnulli Charles II
liolmid Kiuiicls
I teen James
Tunnell Win 3
C'liililera Tlum U
Crockett II M 2
Clink lli'iij
t'hanpJl Lyman
Depiiest A M
Hun is Anderson
Evreaid Mr
Kmbree Win W
Ewiuj Francis F
Kruzier David G
Kord N
Gnnsinilli N X
lirceno II K
Ile.tges J K
Ilockeromilh OeoU
Hutchison S II
Ingles Dcwit C
Juinet Jawph
Lake Juiuen A
lamina or Oeleua
Morford Mn A
Alcipx Ituchel
Miller Allan P
iMunloo John M
M'Murruy Torrenrv
M'Douguld Kunald
Nusli Jonathan M
Ourien Jjiius
Olds Daniel O
Oilesby 8 It
Vowcrs Edwin
1'ooller T V
l'adbfrg Henry
Koed Dr
ltaymond Henry C
Ross I'hos
Kuinionil Piorre
Spectator Oregon
Tevis Jumna
Taylor D II S
Torrance S II
WiUun John J J
Winters R.ibert
Wulay Jolin
SCuimvalt John
Forest Urove, Washington Co., Oregon.
Rev. S. H. Marsh, A. M., President,
Ilov.U. Lyman, A.M.,iVo. Mathematics.
riNIE collegiule year, consisting' of'oiie' term or
-L nino msnilu, will commence on the first!
Widnesday of November.
It is tho design of lltia Institution tot lunvitHia
(borough and comploto collegi.ite education.
There is a Librury of 1000 volumes for the use
of tho students
Applicants for admission to collego must hare a
knowledge of the common English branchi'i, and
havo studied the ancient languages so farsata
havo read portions, of Cesar uud Cicero and ids
Greek lieadnr.
The tuition fee Is $33 per annum.
Students fitting for college, as well a others
widhinr to pursue collegiuto studies without enter
ing upon the college course, will bo uuder llie in
stiueliou of the college touchers.
The full term of 1 1 weeks in the preparatory
deirtuient commences on Iho 2d Wednesday of
September. Tuition, 8 per term.
Tualatin Academy,
Forest Grove, Washington Co., Oregon.
Rnv. Cushino Eells, Principal.
The fall term will commence ou the first VeoV
nesduy of November.
Tuition iu the common branches, g6 is ilk
higher bruuehes, per quarter. 2liy
For Sale at the CITY BOOK STORE,
alllE following works
. Magio Staff, by A. J. Davis;
Great Iron Wheel, by J. R. Graves;
Dred, in 2 voln, by liarriet Beeeber Stowe ',:
The Home Cyclopedias,
of the World's Progress,
" " Useful Arts,
' Europe,
" Geography,
" Kino Arts and Literature,
" Biography, &c. Oct 3-
Probate Notice.
"VTOTICE is hereby given that James Officer,
AM administrator ou the estate of A. J. Cutting,
lute of Claekamas county, deceased, has rendered
his accounts for final settlement to the Probsts
court of said county, and the third Monday iu Oc
tober next is appointed for the adjustment of Ike
same at Oregon City in said county.
October 3, 1 857-25w3 Judge of Probate.
Estate of Robert Moore.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersignei
have been duly appointed executors of lbs
will of F.obert Moore, late of Clackamas coonty
deceased. All persons indebted to said estate sre
required to make payment immediately,
nni,.i..;;ii.i .m A Miate moat pre
sent them with the necessary vouchers to us at lbs
residence of R. C. Crawford in Una hit, wiu"-
ooe year from date, or they will be forever Darren.
K. V. IKA" f OftOp
Oct 3, 1857. 25w4
Administratrix's Notice.
OTICE is hereby given that letters ma-
minixtmiinn hin Imm-u rrauted to the under
signed by the Probate court of Clackamas coonty
on tbe estate of Geone Irvin, deceased, late
d eooDtv. All Dersons indebted to said esimw
re requested to mke immediate payment, ana
all baring claims against said estate ars ""J""
to present tbem to ma withia one year from"
data of this notice at mr residence rod"'"!
riTer. MAKI A an
Sept. 2S, 1S57-24M
J- IMES just received sod fe sale kj