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    l)c (Oregon CVrgttG,
t. nm, iuitoi ami raursir.To.
(fCT It will bo recollected I In, t Mr. I'll .
ridge of Tennessee submitted a resolution
to Congreson vlie loth of Inst D-cumber,
condemning ilia African slave trade o a
' LorriJ and inhuman tr.ifhV, sloping lo
lliQ moral lentiim-nta of ihe eii!i 'hti ncd
tKtrtion of mankind," nixl that any "nc'ion
on the prl cf Congress li-jjcbVi g or c n
tiiving at ilia legalizing" ol tho infiic
" would subject (La United State lo the
reproach oiid txcratin 'f ll civ-iludnd
christian popl throughout ilio wnild."
resolution pawed by a vole if 152
yen, Ij 57 nays.
The Nw Yoik Day Uok, lo which wo
lutvo frequently alluded at a vi-I-nt locufo
co IibcI, conic do n uj'oii E hent'c,') fur
ottering the rerdution, am traitor" open
ing up" r atrocious crusade vgaiuit th'
.South." A (let publishing Mr. Ether
idg ' resolution, it ay :
" We publish it for the cpecM b'tieKt
or our SuiiUturn friends, ami, at the )iniv
time, solemnly ask lhr-in how we ar to
make head agmt ilua ulrocto'u crusade
s;ilnit tin South, whin they themselves
not only harbor traitors In Hair midst bu '
actually honor them wiih a cnt in the
national Legislature! The mover of thin
iufin"tis resolution," die.
" Now, can il be possibly, or is it in the
liu'uro of things pos-ible, iliat bt inginjj
these negroes here, 1 wrong? Can ll b'
wrong lo transform rude and brutal aavii
L'e into useful and happy Christians 1 Cr
can it lie right to carry lhoo negroes back
t i Afncn, 10 transform Cnii-tun bcinys 111
to running, cmi-hi-tia Isnviigca? "Ye
the " civilized world ay " yes, any the
toadies nml lacquey of kings ami Hii-to
crals "yea," say the tt,lio., rs of Kuiop
ran oppression all t!,oio w hu desire l
preserve nrtihcinl distinctions among those
dod has mndu equal "ye," '"' 'he dc.
bided and dcVnuched Abolitionists, and
" yes" gays moral and humane Mr. Ethe
ridge ! Out Ihia ii only one sidu of the
case, though it ia abundantly sullicieiil lo
ruiiviuce any anno mini Unit astupcnJuou
imposture i prai licid soincw here."
Wo have before showu '.hat many prom.
inent locofocos nre avoucd ilUuuioiiis',
and we bclicvo that every one of ihe &"
men who voted against tliu Elhcri'lgc reso
1 01 ion was n locoloco, whilu the Duy Book
ainhlushingly advocates the revival rf I lie
slave trade lis true democracy. Well,
there must bo a " revival" of nouio kind in
thu luenfoco chtircli, or it w ill yun gu in.
The returns of thu lust tlcciin, t"g ilinr
with ihedct'eut of Forney, ciuikJ the
ovcrsocra to report with .iiin that " Mi
tu t been a tlighl dcenanc in our numbers."
Tho Day liuok by advocutinj; thu "re
vival" of tho slave trade, has not forfeited
its sent at the communion table of h
chinch; indeed, wo huve aeon no intima
tions that it lias ever been " admonished"
by any of itk brother editors. Wagniisi'llcr,
Lebo, and Mcnear, who lolled n locofuco
cauein, have been burnt in rflljjy , read 0111
of tho party, kicked out of it, and cuffed
out of it, betides bring siinrlid at, and
apit tipol), by tho ttholu editmial corpse
from tho Pennsylvania!! down to Czap'a
organ, whilo ilisiuiionists and slave pirates
aro sound membors of the church! If ihu
editor of tho Duy l!ook had been guilty of
iionuig a caucus iur nnniiniiiin a consta
ble for the Eiio Points piccintt, lie would
linvo became n football for every locofoco
to kick at, but as ho is only fur declaring
.piracy a huiiianu calling, ho ia not at all
aubjeet lo bo dealt with in tho modern
democratic organization. Well, the doc
trine of the Day Hook ia the only cordis
tenl locofocoim thero is, iifier all. ll liar
nionira well with tho old Calhoun doc
trine- of "Slate liyhts," will tho doctiine
that " African Slavery is a humane, moral
lid Christian Institution," m nho the
kqun'tor sovereignty d'.ttiiiio that "Tho
people of tho Territories tdmll have khivo
ry if they choose, in ."pile of 1 hu U. S. Ciov
ernnieiit, and the world. " J I' are to
buy negioe, what is the diilVrenco nlioiher
wo buy 1 1, jin of Wise or tho King of Daho
luey I V ill aoino mail veined in locofoco
olhics te.ll us ) To us il does aeem a per
.u 1.. II 1 . ....
i' oiminn iu hu i-i)iiineiniii 10 pav ist
$5(1(10 for " a good sound nigger" when as
jjood an article can bo bought of thu King
if Dahomey for $.)0. It somo how or
other doun'm seem to accord with tlio doc
tnna of" Proe trade," " individual rigl U,"
ml also with L-gislation upon a p.,,p
T basis and tho equal rights of mankind."
fXrOn tho -lib of ihu present month,
John Applelon of Maiuo was lo take
charge of the Wellington Union, n sole
tditorand proprietor, in place of IVo'Cu's
old favorite. It is said that Appleton is a
particular favorite with Riichanan, and has
lila eulira confidence-. This is tho laiiid
Applelon who edited ihe Argus in Maine,
of whom e have lul occasion (0 speak
as a rroeauo aooiiiioiu.-i. no was once
tho secretary of tho abolition society in
Portland, Me., a 11 J was uotcd for his hos
tility to thu South. Like all ajio.stutes, he
is said to bo now peculiarly bitter against
Lis quondmn brethren, and can swallow
as much wool as Wise himself. He ought
to be promoted by the party, and his am
biliou and talents have nt last placed him
where he can exert a widir influence for
black democracy thsn be proliablv could
as overseer on Wist' plantation, the only
poat, excepting as cdi'ur of tho I'nicn, he
ii fit for.
Over tka I alt.
Ve have to rrcord another mrlanc'
accidfnt tbit wctk, which taaadJd two
mora lo th lit of prrns who bare al
ready lo.t their lives around lh Polls at
this tity. Tba aleamer rorllanJ came
ocr the Fulls on Inst Tuesday afternoon,
with Cpli.lii Arthur Jamin, and Alexaii
d -r lUU, a deck band, ou board, who, f
courso hive not b-en hearj of since. Tlie
I'urtl.mJ had I. ft the baiu of the woik
on the nher aide of tho river, whiro ahe
h id leeri to unload her freight jual brought
J ,n from Yamhill. Tho regular engi.
netr waa on tbi aide of tho river attend
ing to repairs of the rudder which li-id
i.'ivi-n way whi'o up the river, and which
Iwd U- 0 la.hcd with ropea for temporary
ut. I l.c engineer for the time "at
Dut.b Pete, a fireman. Wben the boat
tinted off from the Mills her rudder be
enme unmanageable, and the went broad
kide upon the breakwater, her stern slew
ed 11 rou nd, and ahe went over stern fore-
mo,t. Just at this jnnctuie, Dutch Pel )
jumped ovciboard lno tho bain, but wa
carried over tho brcaknuter, when be
caucbt bold of a snw.log tint was fast,
and Iir was soon roped out by persons in
the mill. Tho boat darted with great
rapidity down tho shute toward tho fulls,
stern foremost, br engine woiking nil tho
time. !(foro the reached tho Lrii.k of
the fill, Jamison and Del! jumped otr.
Tha boat iu going over tho brink cf thn
fails, broke in two, and whislled. She was
torn into ton thousand fragments, which
soon came drifting past the city. Her pi-lot-houso
ennio down almost entire, con
taining trunk', clothing, bedding, guns,
and other articles which wcto nearly dry,
shotting that it escaped br ing submerged
in making the frightful pas.mgo.
D'Hli men who lost their lives were ting
le. Caj tain Jamison lias two brother
here, ono of whom runs tho Enterpiise,
unJtl.e other w.i cngit.ecr on Ihe Port
land, but was on this aido of the river at
tho time of the accident. The ono who is
lost is tho same person we mentioned n
year ago, as having periled bit lifo with
I,i 0 White in rescuing a boy that wn
about going over the fulls in a skiff, lie
was noted for co dnos nnd intrepidity in
time of danger, nud, by his steady habits,
industry, and honesty, ho bad won the
conlidi nco of all who knew him. We
kiiieerely ayinpalliio with his alllicted
brothers, who havo met with nil irrepara
ble loss, far from home, in a strange land.
Jt-t?' We nro informed by a gentleman
of this city that ho has written lo n fiietid
who proposes to come to Oregon, and ro-
qti' sted him to bring out an oil mill. Tie
probability is that an oil mill will be start
ed in Ihe course of a year. That wo ought
lo have one in operation within tho tit xt
twelvemot.lh, wo can easily demonstrate
From tho best data wo can get at, our Ter
ritory is coimiming not less than four
thoiisund gallons of linseed oil per annum
at mi aggregate cost of at leust nine thous
and dollars. This is a small item of ex-
pensn coinpnred to what is sent out of the
country in cash for aalt, sugur, iron, brooms,
per, farming utensils, and a hundred
other things that wo ought to produce at
home ; but it is worth saving. Dcaides, oil
could ho manufactured hero for the Cal
ifornia market, and, nt present prircs there,
enable thu manufacturer liar a to pay two
dollars or more per bushel for flax seed.
From our own observation, llax does ro
maikahly well, and our land will turn oil'
at n moiK ruto yield fifteen bu-buls of seed
to the aero. This at two dollars a bush
il would give n return of thirty dollars per
acre, rather inoro we think than can be
made from a win at crop. Now, what wo
wi-h to say is, that as wo shall havo tin oil
mill in operation, 'e shall need iho where
with to supply it. Inordir to have this,
we must begin to raiso seed. Will all our
farmers' get a little seal nnd tow thi-.
sprii'g ! Try to sow nn acre, if conveni
ent ; if nt, sow a lillK-, and let uj bo ready
for the oil mill.
Ji" We me under particular obligations
to Miidi of our friends as have been suc
cessfully engaged of Into in extending our
circulation. Wo still have room for more,
ami wo would lik lo book the names of
sevcial hundred who have been intending
lo lake it anon. Our present volume close
in threo weeks more.
Just hero wo would like to say lhat thero
are many men who have now been taking
Tho Argus nearly two years, who have
never yei pain us a cent. v e nr6 now
actually in great need of iho money. Wo
have borrowed and paid interest in order
to be lenient on our subscribers. Dunning
we hate, and wo havo never yet sent out
bills lo our kubscibors, as most publishers
have, 'l'his of course is tho same as dun
ning. Uur patrons know what they owe
US and vv never coiilJaoo why a debt can.
uot he paid without any duiininj:. Many
of our putroiis have paid us up promptly,
o-..ues umi.k ineir intiuence lo procure us
new subscribers. Wo aro getting along
finely, (or would be, if wo conld c-t our
pay,) but we would liko lo du better still. :
We aro now priming ( things considered!
by for the cheapest paper in the Territory,
and no man can fail to get his money back
who takes it and paut for it.
0" We have neither seen or heard of a
Table Rock Sentinel for many wek.
Will aome of our correspondents at Jack. I
.onville infcrn, u, where it wa, w hen last ;
seen, whether it wa on ' gno.1 8ra." or ,
not, and whether it had a bell on 1
I f f a undaratnu'J that there Ulvg
oKl a the Land Office at SaUm, wliitu
I accounts for tht"Jlajr in issninj patrnU,
Col. CSardorr was abused by Ctapkay a
agent aa being the cauaa of this "delay,"
when tli blockhead knew that Col. 0. bad
no control over the matter; bnt lie
thought bis readara knew no better, and It
was a nice opening to abuto Gardner, and
vh;tal himself with the country pople at
a faithful aud vigilant democrat, and thu
apologize for having hit fullier-in law ap
pointed in Uar liter's place. If no patent
coma for the next ten ytara, we khtll hear
no mora complaint about "delay iu issuing
as lorg aa the Land Office is in the fm
ilr. If Fremont bad been clroted, we
,i10U, lJ8Ve had the Angan stables awrpt
out of every unclean thing that now hold
rdlico iu the Territory, besides being aura
of a Pacific Railroad, which would have
enriched every lundholJer iu Oregon. At
it ia, we mukt grin and bear it through nn
other long gloomy four yeari of iniarule.
We do not wih to U understood as inti
m it'mg that there are do ofliciuls who do
thrir duty. Wo believe thero nrn somo,
and a faithful public servant wo honor even
if bo is a black democrat. Jiut we know
it to be a fact that an a general thing, any
official who dare lo be a gentleman, will
soon be kicked out of the locofoco party.
Wo w ill imianco Col. Gardner and Col.
Kelly, whoso fault have been that
they wero not entitled lo be called very
dirty dog. Cznp'i rgan nnd all the other
locofoco paper bavo been literally howling
for tho lust year, on account of derelictions
of poatinasters and mail agent by way of
detaining innils, robbing mails of money,
and other delinquencies loo numerous to
mention, and this paper at Salem iay "we
nord a change, anything for a change, even
to a Clack Republican administration."
Well, after nil this fuss, what is done!
Czap's agent says ho finally ferret out
ono mail robber, who has been at his old
tiicks a long time, and becauto ho is a lo
cofoco official, he covers up the whole mat
tcr, and agrees lo kcop dark for a certain
consideration, instead of handing the- vil
lain over to the law, as bo was bound to
it.. Tl.11.. I ;u tin,t ..!.. fV.lin
left in office to steal oilier people's money,
intend of being removed nud placed iu the
penitentiary, where he, and tho scoundrel
win "ferreted him out," ought lo be.
"A Mlow feeling makes one usonJruui kiud"!
Tho best that can be sai l of this whole
transaction is, that it is a fair exhibition of
tha policy of locofocoism in Oregon:
Negltxl duty, get your salary, steal all you
can, conr up and hide for one another,
and t lion whip the ''floating political excre
ment," as Czap's organ calls the hard
handed yeomanry, up to thn polls to vote
a "clean (f) detnocralio ticket'
Ry iho way, wo had like lo have for-g'nt-11
lo invito tho "floating political ex
crement" to call at the Laud Otlico for
their bherp skin.
iT Tho last Advocate comes to band
with an article headed " Personal," taste
fully displayed by heavy ink scrawls cir
cumventing tho wholo concern. Tho ar-
tide is nothing more than tho ejection of
n lit'.lo chronic bile at tho writer in our
paper two week ago, clearing up tho
charge mado against J. Y. Bell. Now
we aro Ht n lo-s to know whether " bro.
Pearno" made thoso heavy ink-marks
about Iho nrtielo merely far ihe purpose
of culling our attention to it, or whether
hn was so ashamed of it tltnt in the copy
he sent to us, ho determined to dip his fin
ger in tha ink and cxpungo it, by blurring
it over. In our wonted charily, wo prefer
lo think it was (or the latter reason.
" Bro. Pcarne" charges our correspon
dent with much loos-eness of style, ccc,
but does net attempt 10 point out but one
discrepancy in his statements. Hero it is:
"Ho says wo sta'ed that "Mr. Bell's
letter reads, the Prot. Moth. Ministry," A-p.,
while the quotation from tho Advocate of
Dec. COih, which ho gives in support of
his allegation of falsehood, sayi, " He
(Mr. llell) represents," etc
Now " bio. Pearno" are you not asham
ed if that silly quibble 1 Lt'd not our
correspondent giva your remark about
him in tho paragraph you quoto from, en
tire, verbatim ct literatim? Afterwards,
in speaking of the matter, bo casually
uses "reads" for " repreenU," nnd you
proceed to make, a silly criticism upon it,
nsAlwrvrrsinnof fad, just as though the
" rrjwntatiou" of an nrtielo was not
founded upon tho " reuing" of it. Why,
" bro. IVarne," thi is certninlv nicer work
than splitting the hundred and first hair on
the head of regularly-combed Ilard-Shcll
ed orthodoxy.
Ry the way, wo like the plan you have
bit upon to have your editorial read
Hereafter when you write anything inter
esting that you wish your readers to no
lice, just make big ink mark arouud it.
It will probably cause it to bo read, where
as it would otherwise escape notice.
Wo shall not retort upon you for charr
ing car with being "utterly devoid of elf
respect' because we published lhecommu
nication aforesaid. Our creed doe not al.
low us to return railing for railing, beside
we are out of ammunition for small came
just now.
OCT The Court House at Lafayette was
sever! week aince burnt down by an in
cendiary. The records and paper Wong-
- , " uoumJ' ""-
hi paper from the Court Houee to an
o'lir buildinc.
We learn that ihere is cona'ant dealing
(till going on in and around Salem. Sev
era! store have been broken into aud
valuable iu the way ef money and liquor
abstracted. From their ' hankering" for
liquor, we preaume thi must be ihe ain
gang of scoundrel that have been harbor
ing around the rt of government, steal
ing " poll looks," "election returns," nnd
" r ibbing country pl office of money."
I: teems bard lo catch the villains, for
aa soon a one i " ferreted out," the tni
chief I cvprtd up through " politkul and
fain i'ij eontidrra lions."
ST A long lime agi we saw notice in
the Advocatonnd Standard that we were
uliout to start a paper mill in Oregon City
U' have searched diligently in every
nook and corner, where we thought a pa.
per mill would be likely to be reared, but
we have sern none, nnd heard of none,
neither can we find anybody who lias.
Now we believe a paper mill could be niado
to pny, and we of ourio ought lo have
one, but we tee no sign of ono yet. Will
tho Standard and Advocate give us a little
more light about the paper mill ?
(tt'" We learn from "one of em" that
tho locofoco wire-puller in this city have
already made out a full "democrtio ticket"
for the coming election. All that remains
lo be dono it to go through the form of a
convention to ratify il, nnd the motion of
an election in June. We havo not yt
learned whether tho "nncircumciscd" bad
any band in getting up the t'e'let. We
preaume not, however. Their business is
to vote tho licket, not lo muke it.
jCxT Will the Postmaster at Sulm
plcaso to bear in mind lhat lie violates iho
law regulating Li duties when Le tend
back The Argus wo send lo Cznp' orgnn,
marked "Refusod." The paper is " paid
for," and we feel particularly anxious thai
he should read our strictures on tho con
duct of transgressor!', notwithstanding he
still persists in his silly refusal to exchange
vi e harbor no malice lowarJ tho poor crea
ture, and we shall endeavor lo reform him
whilo tho lamp bold out lo burn," by
sending him The Argus, with nn occasional
truct on "7Vie Sin of Lyinj"
OCT The Missouri Democrat, Renton's
organ, in fp"aking of Judge Doolittle, tho
Republican Senator from Wisconsin, says :
"The Wisconsin U. S. Senior. Judiro
Doolittle, is a ready, elomirnt debator. a
man of unflinching integrity and of Ihe
ugliest moral character, collided with
largo experience nnd varied leurnine. Mis
election will do honor to tho party nnd lo
the noble Slate he (s to represent, lie has
always till within iho last year or two, act
ed with tho Democratic purly, and he
now A3 ever, hold.i lo the true faith of the
falhcrs of that parly. Willi Douglas and
llio authors of iho Xebruska iniquity, he
has no sympathy."
The Democrat tell the truth exactly
when il says that Judge Dooliitle, as n lie
publican, "holds to the true faith of the
fathers of the democratic party." The
fact ia, on of tho lending men in the black
democratic party, told us Inst year, that
Jctfcrsonian democracy was nothing but
rwnow nothtngisin. liy this ho meant to
say that "democracy now isn't what il
used to bo." Exactly so.
It will bo recollected that wo published
an nrtielo from a Buchanan paper in Lou
isville, Kentucky, lust summer, in which
General Jackson's bones wero dug up, and
sacrificed ou tha alter of modern domoc
OCT W'o nro under particular obligations
lo Creely for that Triliuno Almanac. It
contains a fund of statistical information
that renders;! exepedinstv valuable.
Yamhill, March 10, 1857
Pear Adams - I notico in your issuo of
Jan. 3d a piece bended "Slavery nnd Free
dom,' over tho signature of J. E. L., from
which he appears to he just awakened to a
full consciousness of Iho danger of Or
egon's being doomed to tho curse, the
withering blight, of slavery. I nm lad,
very glad, that ho has been roused from his
sweet dreorns and premature hopes of re
curity. And I hope he can realize the fact
that a few word rightly Fpofcctl in dun
season are often proJuotivo of great good,
and nlso thut an inadvertent slip of the
tongue, an arrow shot in the wrong direc
tion, often creates irreparable damage.
Therefore wa must think before we speak,
'00k beforo we shoot, lest Ihe shaft in
tended for iho enemy should light in our
own camp. 1 he cnsis is fast approaching
Ilia: will cither proclaim Oregon a free
State or a land of boudage, and much re
mains yet to bo done. It is necessary that
wo should be united, that we should know
and understand our enemy. I can assure
my friend J.E. L. that it ain't "Pikers1
against whom wo sound tho tocsin of war;
our foe is more subtile : it conceals its real
intention for no other purpose than to lure
tho friends of freedom into the belief that
there is no danger. Therefore I caution
our friend to judge more leniently of the
poor Tikers not that I feel aggrieved my.
self, or that I am in any way offended. I
have long been aware that we are regarded
with a jealous eye by the friends of liber
ty. Why it should be so, I know not, un
less it is because we are so unfortunate a
lo bail from a land that hai been from time
immemorial infatuated with a !i:t!a worJ
and a little song commencing,
Imocrry a our principle, AIliJi I Alih ' '
It ami Bolh o'eWe, Allah!
Il ' lo oar iry
What th m lo Ih. body, A I'.h ! A !I.h ! !
..uu iur a. mtrfr'T ! Allah' i'l.L
Not being able to appreciate the bcautt and
cxci Henry of the sublime little piece, I
learned no more.
But, howover, I think that our friend
will readily tee that the war I not against
the Piker or the, people of any particular
Suite. Rut it I against the 'locofoco"
eenerully, and I Lope in future lie will
hoot that way, for it i "moself " he it
is talking about when ho apcuka of Pikers,
yet I don't Inow thut I nm 107 lens
ciou ubout it. But great care khoiild be
taken to avoid iho natural jealousy of hu
man oat 11 re there is a strong teniiment in
man, a secret tie that bind him to the
laud of bis bi'lh, though that land poa
lea nut ono bright onis, I bough it be
a land of tyranny and oppression from
which be wa forced lo flee, still he holds
sacred tho memory of hit native laud.
"The anvago lovn hla native shore,
Thoe-itli rude llie soil and dull ilia air'' ;
Then wt-ll miflit sou uf 1'ikt sdore
''i'lie land which nature fonm-d to fair."
Now, my brother Piker, you will (oiin
bo called on to vote for or ngainst slavery,
nnd I nk of you to be ruled not by avarice,
but follow the promptings of your hearts,
their dictation will be just. Look nt the which surround Oregon, aud
o-sk yourselves, Would it flourish better
with slavery than without it I Your an
swer must be, No. Again, look at the
difficulties Attending their tiansportation
hither; upon the high sras they me as
free as any man, and any vessel suspected
cf having slaves on board is liable to bo
boarded by Revenue cutters, ihe enrgo
treated as contraband goods, ihe crew as
pi rules. To attempt to bring them across
the pluius would be almost equally as per
ilous. A I'iklr.
Fur tht Argus.
Capt. Arltonr Jainle.o.
Tho melancholy nnd sudden destruction
fjf the steamer Portland on Tuesday last,
is most deeply deplored as the cause of the
awful denth of her master, Aktiiur
Jamieson. Of him, it enn bo sai l, with
nbsolutc truth, be lived without nn enemy,
and died mourned by nil. No ono who
knew him, nnd few among us wero better
known, could fail to esteem and love Lint,
and honor ihe amiable nnd excellent quali
ties that compostd and ndonied his char
acter. With three brothers bo enme to
Oregon from Scotland several years ago,
and their live here since have been
marked with the sterling integrity which'
is characteristic of iho best of their race.
One, the youngest, died three years ago,
beloved by all who knew him ; tho oldest
is the present popular master of tho En
terprise, and the other, though regularly
employed on board the unfortunate " Port-
and," was providentially engaged else
where, nt the time that Arthur met his un
timely fate. While wa giieve that he'
tho young, iho strong, the cherished,"
has fallen so early in the wrary paih of
life, nnd deeply sympnth'za w ith tho sur
vivors iu their bitter fraternal sorrow, we
rejoice in his manly and honest virtues,
and especially in that generous In roism
int always marked his character, and thai
promoted him, only a few months since,
close by tho spot whore the broiling, angry
waters engulfed him, lo risk his own liTe
to save the unwary boy whom ho rescued
from imminent death. Alas! that no
friendly arm was nenr enough or strong
enough to save tho gallant hero iu hit
hour of fatal peril. n.
Lebanon, March 10, 1857.
IF". L. Adams, Esq.
DeaiiSik: 1 writo for information.
You may not bo aware that there is a gun
eral talk here among the hushito faction of
tho ''black democracy" thn' there nro men.
sures on foot lo unite the Republicans
and Whigs with the bushites at the com
ing ehetiiiii, in order lo overthrow the
Siar.durd or Leland drmocracr, which is
now understood lo ho the nucleus of ihe
proslnvery or negro-worshiping party. If
any of you have been selling us out lo the
bushi'es, w-e would like to know it before
the title papers nro made out.
A IvErrnLtcA.N.
"A Republican" is informed that the
members of our pnily are all fret-nun, and
not liable to be put up in the shambles
and ''sold'' like locofocos. If there is any
liffe rcrce on the free State question betw een
ihe two factions ef the democracy, iu favor
of the "Salem faction," we would a thou
sand times prefer A union with that party
to a union with tha other, if indeed a un
ion should be necessary. We understand
that Judge Willicins.Delazon Smith, Gro.
vcr, Nesmiih, Waymire, nnd Consor are
all 8tron!r free State men. while nn it,-
other hand Avery is said to be a worshiper
of wool. Let the friends of freedom watch;
what we say unto one, wo say uuto all,
Nebraska Hems.
An Old Mas and His Sox Froze.
Au old gentleman, 50 years of age, and
son. aged 15, by ihe name of Foe, recent
ly from Cleavland, Ohio, started on a claim
hunting excursion, from this place, the
first of this month. When near the head
waters of tha Nemahaw they were over
taken by the tremendous tornado of 'he
2nd inst. Possessing iron constitution and
ereat courage and energy, they manned
to weather the atorm until Wednesday
morning, when they set their pocket com
pass and tteered their course for Nebw
ka City.
Their matches wero wet. and
their provisions were frozen so hard it was
impossible lo eat them : thev traveled 10
, , - - ,
days w ithout food, when they became ex-1,l n,l 1.. . .1 1 1 '
nausted. and lay down on the snow to ret. i
In a short time'lhev found iheirhan,'. nH 1
feet were frozen, and, to use their own
words when they struck them together1
they would rattle like icicles. Thev then !
cut off tbeir bf ots, at the tame time cut- i
linj their fect rerv bd!y, nnd
raw I'd ?n
their band and knee ix miea t
North Branch of the Little Nemahaw, fnt
mile wet of Delaware City. Thtr'(lnd.
ing a d.rfi-rud thnnty, they lay dowg j
die. Mr. T. II. Dunbar, 'while hunting
passed near the shanty, and hearing
noise, went in and found them mora dead
than alive. Ho toon got assistance, look
them to his father' house, and inatsnlU
all band were nt work to tave tin m
they were kept in a largo tub of cold w.
erfirfivo hotin; they were then plteaj
iu a conifortallu bed, and every pouibla
cute taken of them. Tho whole famir
watched the unfortunate men all nioli,
Thn next nmriiing they were removed to'
Delaware City, where they were all ctr.
ed for until Monday last, when they wrr
brought lo thi place by Prof. Sand, ft
is a remarkable fact that after being four
day without food and nearly frozo to
death, the beautie of the country attract,
ed their attention ; they even aelecud
claims whilo crawling on their handi and
knees, some five miles west of Delaware
City. And while the flesh was dropping
from their feet, their whole topio of conn
sai ion wa the beautiful location tnd ir.
rounding advantage of Deluware City,-.
Xebraka City A'cics, Lee. 13.
('Ak Benton' Ootnloa ef Mw Uitaw4,
In a lecture recently delivered by Col,
Benton, nt Truinout Temple, Button, h
said :
"I have spoken in the presence of all
this, and for a higher purpose than I bad
defined myself 10 have been mado for
for the purpose of helping lo snv wlm
our forefathers established.
" I hnve traversed Now Knjfatid forty
days of tmvel nnd sojourn among ber peer.
pin spcuniu 10 innse.', IttlKIIltf lo llldf
viduals enjoying hospitality both at ik
family table and at tho company feast
one subject always uppermost in my
thoughts, anu I have qualified myself le
speak upon it. I hnve qualified myself 10
apeak of the loyalty nf tho pem.le. and
ran bear witness to their ciril as well at
to ihcir sociul feelings. New England
is endeavored to be ninde the cause for
the segregation of iho Southern Si stee
lier disloyalty to iho Union, and designs
npon tho slave property of the South
uinking it n measure of self defense in th
South 10 w ithdraw from the Union. I cao
speak for New F.ngland on ibis point.
SI10 is sound to tho core on tho integrity
of the Union, and ju-t and fraternal to the
rights nf tho South. I speak of the maw
not of the individuals w bo constitute lue
" Foi-s lo tho Union nnd lo. the Soutlr
are here, but too few to rule ibe mast, or to
give chaiaeter to iho mass, or to give, un
easiness to the slave States. All are
against th extension of slavery by break
in; laws nnd compromise, nnd in lhat I tut
no bi Iter than Hiey ; but few, very fev
they tell nio not five per centum of the
population would disturb the relation of
mast r and slave in nny place where that!
relation exists by law.
"Asa community, New England is loyal
to tho Constitution, to the Union and lothe
rights of ihe Sviuth and ibis every
Southern mun may see as well as myself,
if ho would come, like me, nnd see furhinw
self; and from experience, I guarantee
himn pluisantaiid hospitablo reception if
ho comes."
News fiom the Atlantic States.
Tub Indian War in Oheuom. In ther
Senate, on the 31st of Juiiuary, Mr. Hal
commented in severe terms 011 the conduct
of Guv. Stevens in proi liiming martial
law, and arresting the J u 'ge of the Fed'
eral Court of Wellington Territory. He
was opposed to placing n single dollar in
tho hands of sncli a man, and though that
i 1 thn days of the Roman suprcmecy no
outrage equal 10 was ever perpetra
ted in the most remote provinces of ikuf
ompire. Debato followed respecting tha
policy pursued towards the Indian tribe
on the Pacific const. Amendments were
then ngreed on, appropriating nearly
$"00,00(1 for the rvstoratina and inainton.
anco of prnce, etc, in Oregon and' WasH
ington Territories.
A most mysterious and appalling mur
der was committed at No. 31 Bondalreetl
New York. The victims was Dr. Harvey
Burdell, a well known dentist, who w
found dead in his room, his body Icing
pierced wiih fifteen wounds, and his neck
showed cvidrncis of strangulation. Tk
motive for tho murder does not appear
have been plunder, as none of the prop
erty nf tho deceased was taken or his pa
pers disarranged. The Coroner bad cpro,
menced to investigate and examined sev
era! w itnesses, but nothing was elicited
that could positively implicate ap.y one iu)
the porpetrator of this most fpu trap.sai
Bits of correspondenca between Geuer
al Scott and Secretary Jefferson Davis, re
cently communicated to Congress, bae
been mado public. They foreshadow the
opening of a budget w bicb, for the credit
of the country as well as for the parties
concernud, ought to bo suppressed. Both)
of these gentlemen have sufficient ability
to bo very abusive to each other. Tbeir
friends would much rather give them the
credit of its possession than wilnos its ex
The Central American Treaty was re
committed to the Committee on Foreign
Affairs, by a vote of fee to one. Thi in
dicates its rejection by that body, as a two
thirds vote is required to confirm it.
Such a proceeding cannot fail to complicate
the relations between Great Britain and
this country.
Gen. narney has recommended active
hostilities against the Indians in Florida.
ti, t..,, ..i..:. ...... ,k. !, aaxre
mica, aimo luni o
. , - ., . ..
were concentrated in the woods near iNew
, 11 1
Smyrna, and that Gen. Harney had callra
fr niore troops for the purpose of sur-
rourrtiing them.
0 Every homo cn earth should w
rn'riaturc of L.v?n.