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    taUatcd, eloqueot and influential preach
art of tlie gospel in Lino county than my
aelf, wbo would ptrhapt not be willing to
.acknowledge anati tbeir "head eoma of
the moit popular preacher or (be gospel
in Oregon reside in Linn county, and I am
far from being vain enough (o suppose my
alf capable of elanding, or "walking" at
their "bead" aa their file leader. In fact
Delaaoo flatter me excessively In alibis
allusions to my charaoter by giving me a
decree of importance to which I do not
pake the slightest pretension. Delazon
evidently thinks I possess an influence in
this county which he has great reason to
fear.or he would not avail himself of every
ecaion to calumniate my character. In
. . . ,r .i.
common who more man iu7u iuru i mo
preacher of the gospel, aa well as of the
... ... . . . . . i
rea.iy iiiiii.g..t r " v-...,,
regard Delaxon aa a corrupt, unprincipled
demagogue, but why he makes me lb. .pe-
aial object of ni ease vituperation can oniy
L t.s.l riniiU lla na
waMMiw r-....r - -...
naieu my name wnu a seat in me
w . . -
gon. Ak I tnero a tue ruo. uiuzon is
dreaming by day and by night about JAaf
seat, and he i fearful and jea'ous of every
man who micht posibly be a formidable
rival. But allow me to allay his anxieties
ty assuring him that some six years ago I
resolved that I would not become a candi-
date for any civil office from fence-viewer
to the PresiJoncy. I will now except that
when Delaxon get to be President of the
United States I have tome thought of ap.
lilying for the appointment of running
minitUr to South America.
But Delazon has gratified his spleen by
falsifying my rote beforo the public, and
that too with tbe glorious viva voce "open
poll books" before hi eyes, lie aaya 1
"marched" up and voted for Keeney 1 cay
I voted for R. II. Crawford, H. N. Ueoige, fnVnds, and to auch an extent a will in
nd David Ballard, and David Ballard's sure them facilities for a constant develop-
name was entered under my own eye in
the "book" in a plain round back band, in
place of Keeney. I have before me the
certificate of J. II. Line, Cferi of Linn
county, and Hugh Dinwiddie, Intpector,
and Origen Thomson,. Clerk of the election
in this precinct, both setting forth that my
name it recorded in the "book" as having
voted for Crawford, George, and Ballard,
and of course not for Keeney. I took little
interest in the contest, and did not election'
eer for Keeney farther than aimply to re.
mark that if it wero a matter of compulsion
I would vote for Keener in preference to
Delazon. And I yet say that netwith-
tending my "oath" aforesaid, and notwith-
standing "Me eteer" aforesaid, I do regard
Jonathan Keeney as a purer patriot and a
more honest citizen than such J mus faced,
hireling and calumniaiing demagogues as
Dolazun Smith. Wilson Blain
- Union Point, I. inn Co., O.T. )
' July 19, 1856. J
San FaA.NCisco, July 4, 1850
Editor vf the Oregon Argue Sik : As
I sit naiiing in my quiet room, I hear the
music and sounds of joy and glailness in
the (treets, Commemorative of lliilviuiid-
enee, for whrch our fifth... fought. I dm
reminded of the fact that other nations,
and people, and kindred., and tongue, de-
sire independence ; and I liaVe thought, if
r... ... k- r.. . t
. . , ,
VallPVS Of the I'aClfio. and Will ROon OCCU-
.i i .t i
Py ine regions oi anu on
the plains, thereby curtailing the red mans
range, and forcing, oloser proximity of the
race; it is important that we should now
consider well the causes which have hereto-1
for resulted in the destruction of one and
kL. J-.-l -T . L ,t I
ue ocvriiucin ui me uiucr.
.r4tianot (aaaome suppose; a necessary
censequeace of contact ; the history ol
Pennsylvania and the teatimony of Dr.
McLoughlin disprove it for it is known
fhaft iti gentleman ha lived for more
ahan half a century as a resident and tra-
tiler wllh llndians, and for twenty-two years
stf Jbat'time ihe was Superintendent of the
IluJson Bay (Company; and yet be de.
elarea in all Ihat time there wa no wasting
v.r. Both rare, dwelt tonthar in liar.
enooy Under tb -administration of impar.
tial law., and the Dr. declares hi. belief I
Chat jf no injustice was allowed against the
Iadian there never would be war from I
them, becaaae they know their interest, and
eel proud of the white tnan'e friendship.
But yet tie sentiment i common, and of.
fen expressed, that "IA race can't live to
gttier." The proper anewer would be,
'itf Ml home ; if yoa cannot live amongst
iFreochor Spanih, or Indian, why ibey
don't wia rou. But surely you don't ex-
pect any people to leave their own country
. ' , , i Tl..uniim.i
oryouraocotwsodalion. Theasnt.ment
ja DOi tra, became in South America, the
isle of the ea, a
ni throoghont the British
" oi I
iewiaieae, they live together,and no cause
In view of the fact that our people are basis for concord and happiness in human on six months' credit on SATURDAY, THE 93o Ui "d interest of the above named Willieton D.
. I f i ... i .... .... I II V I Uf AUiilJa l. loan, at lUa ulaek A h I v UOflcoca, lliai uv uw im vr unu ni ins uiiiv
takmg pos.ess.on of the beautiful government, and that ia impartial ustice, f. J, '.bn .11 .h. said judgm'snu were docketed .., ia and
art discord. The eantimeat u not credita
a4e to those whe make it, because it ia an
ckwowlrogmeot that the prople are o
reekreae the won't keep the peace, and
the gwverametH ee weak that it can't ra
alraia them.
- Let Us now look at lle eirtumttancea in
wb'icil we Hod the different tribe. A a
general thing each occupies a certain pre-
. aeribed diatrici, over which a jealdu con
trol held. Thie u aeceaeary for their
existence, because if driven from their own
domaiathey are forced upon their oigh-
: bort, and war etwee. The while explo
Weritaronf. The aetlve. at irst, awed
by raperior inte!3ct, ii ttrfc.ted ly t4;
work of art, are pleased with their visit
- on, and for a tiro confluence exist, and
mutual good will is exchanged ( butno
sooner do they perceive a design or per
manent occupancy of ibeir land iban leal
ouy i exoilr-d, and a natural desire full to
get rid of the intruders. This desire is of-
ten aroused to bate and murder, by con
temptuou. treatment and abuse of their
females. But the natives, not being equal
to an open attack, must use strategy, take
by surprise, or cut off in detail. And then
forthwith they are denounced a treach-
erous savages, unworihy to live,
Now, Mr. Editor, suppose a company of
foreign travelers, with arms and equip
munta as much superior to your as yours
ii ,y iu i,ii...i .u..u . .,i
i vi uuiii , auuuiu seme
upon your form, and subsist upon the pro
I .1 .' - r i i . .... .
, w,u iu.. uo
worse than our monopolizing the Indians'
land, and annihilating bia mean, of life
Ana suppose you Una no extraneous aid,
I ki . ,!:.. i.i . .
w. - ,...i.u..iD ihuuth, muiu vuu
noi use strategy or any meana In Tour
Lna.l In ,. f ik. I.I..J.... C.
I--; , ... , v, ..i.ruus.a 1 wr-
tamiy you would, and not be a treacherous
aavage either. Well, then, let us allow
our fellows to exercise the same impulse of
our common humanity. For undoubted!
the Father of ua all, who supplied these
streams with fish, and raised these lofty
hills, And made these valleys fertile, gave
them a the inheritance of the red tnnu'a
race. But as the reception of civilization
and science would lessen their necessity fur
such large domains, we could purchase all
we need bv their impartation. Vet to be
just, we should not think of dollars and
cents, hecnuse no amount of ihcse, or of
i -
their material value, would beanequiva
lent in their circumstances. The compen
aation should be given in such a manner
aa to assure thoin of our aincerity a
ing in the higher scale of being. In this
way the Indian would become a trophy of
our science, a living monument of our pbi
lanthrophy and religion, and a valuablo
element of our national atrength. And,
Mr. Editor, who does not see how much
better and cheaper and more honorable
this would be, than taking their domain
for less than value, and then spending mill-
ions to allay their resentment for the cheat,
But there ia a common notion that we
must 'whip them first," "chastise," "bunv
hie, dec. But the questions atise, what
fori and what good would it do t If the
strangers, whom we have supposed in pos
rsion of your farm, were to chastise or
kill some of the members of your family,
would that inspire you with esteem for their
jusiice I No, it would be as a smoldering
nre to consume your oppressors
Those who entertain thn above senti-
.-.... I : u I.;..
imiumrrc uu. .e.rou in nuiimu nioiory, or
they foreet that it belong to the aces of
ilarktl. ss, and is the language of tyrants
ask, riots nrt know that is repellent
111 its essence, whilst love is adhesive and
permanent !
.r,, , ,. .
1 lift Indian appreciate our
superior power; we have only to make
hi,,, conscious .hat it will be uniformly ex-
erased for hit interest, and he will yield to
our control as naturally a. ,he river, flow
to the ocean.
m, . ... ., , . . , .
tuero is men oniy one principle or true
a full nrontinol nlrnnuilnilnm
. .... .. i . .
rights of all and It is a truism COBHrmed
by the history of the World thnt where the
just right, of any da. .re denied, other
classes are not secure in thuira.
If then, Mr. Editor, a calm review of
the incidents pertaining to the origin and
i .1 I ... . 1
progress oi tue amasirou oinicuittes
have distracted communny, ahould dia-
close tbe fact that we have not dealt with
due consideration and forbearance towards
a less fortunate race of our fellow-men, it
becomes us aa a great and powerful and
magnanimous people to make all the res'.i
tution in our power. It become us to be
more earnest and exemplary by virtuous
live, purity, brotherly kindness, and char
tty, to attract these poor savages to good
neM Bnd , And' eoneloaion, per
twite ma tt ta-iLr A Vl111 i 07 A nnt kaa mArsl trttan
eyer fetdy in tb(Bl cxerci9e of thRl mercy
towards our fellow, which we desire of I he
final Judge, who is no respecter'of persons !
.... I
Krspecttuiiy your I
On Thursday, July 24th, Mrs. MvKinlat of a
Died, of Dhrenitis, at their residence la Wash
ington county, O.T., on ths 6th of June, 1856, an
iufant daughter of Almoran and Sarah Jane Hill.
aged 8 years, 1 month, sud 12 days.
Amanda Hill, the deceased, was a most smia-
0,e an, j,,, child. H.r native int.lltu.1
powers were conaiderably in advance of inediocri-
,J: Zi cnu,'"mP,loeuc',,Da
aociahle : a child indred of mnuh nromiaa.
But 10 ths providence of Him whose wsys are
inscrutable, who sera not as mao sees, Hs has ta
kes her to himself, and thus freed hr from th
"evil to come." O ! the thrilling interest of that
ever Bwnorable aaaouDcement of Chriat my Lord,
relative to in luture sum or those whs d,s in in
fancy "for of soch is the kingdom of heaven"
aad "Excapt yebe'oeovened, andbeeosM
at a bui child, y a'J eats enter inle ths
kingdom of beaven." Yes, .lease is the resting
place, tbe fiual home of all soch, wnr they nun
gle with "Ui aprrtU of jnat sncn mad perfect t"
where the wicked cease from troubling, and th
weary are forever at rest." Shenld not the eoa-
derations wtaa o fraoa earth, and attach as to
bearea t where we shall reunite "with those Who
have gone before ; where stands the infant dangb
ter of brother and eta Hiil, lb snany baoasof
lb Jordan, Waiting to receive, aad welcome, aad
iaoodue them lo th society of beaTea, and the
pared aa of Cod. Rer. 3: 91. What s attraction,
la bate a ohiid ia beavu '. J. McBaia.
jy The sbev aotic was accidentally mislaid,
bt it woo!! ksrt sppesred two wtsb ar?:T-
- 1 An Exhibit fifth Receipt aniExpendl.
turn uaacamu bounty for th cur
rent yiar, Ma; Jul, 1 858 :
Am't f Coustjr ux paid by Collector,
16339 47
483 00
- Co.teipaidbyCol..neweatWl,
. P H 4 H H
" received from licrasrt,
For support of Jury, $ 748 00
" " Roads, 618 88
369 43
9 60
JOJ ou
" Auditor Jr. Clerk
Dirt. Court,
w " Election.,
- - Criminals,
" " Pour,
-n Amw,
" Hhriff,
" Couaty Court,
u u Probst Juds.
479 88
373 30
330 IS
Hi 49
848 00
225 63
178 98
113 43
i'rosecutiuf Att'y, 67 00
Icidnul Expenses,
I Am'tosrsbovex
143 87
sbovefipehdilures,36l2 79
$7451 60 17431 SO
....- - tht Finanet. 0f ... c,ti
J "" "
Art , TnuarJ July MllUm,nti
low. f 1947 SO
.I Paid in ey Collector lor 1H55,
899 95
I u mum ou naw aaa'm'l
59 77
95 00
33 38
I " " " from Sues,
I ' OalS Of SlrsVS,
BslancsduoTreas. last aetuWl, t 3 96
School orders canceled July '56, 9167 18
T"""' con- irs.
I Troaaurcr'seom.ooam't paid out, 90 06
B'aceof skheolfuBdiairsas, 797 96
$9950 60 $-(960 60
An Exhibit of tht Territorial Fund
Ain't in Co. treasury at July settlement,
1V33, 9 481 58
paid in " by coll., for 1855, 874 55
new la rn t, 69 77
By tre aa. com. on sm'l paid id, $) 1 8 44
out, it 3i
".TerriloHellreamirer'irec'pu. 127 99
To balance remaiiuug in Ce. 'i'r., 76 99
91408 90 $1408 90
An Exhibit of the Finances of Claekamat
tounty :
Whole am't of orders issued up to July
1856, Indus ve. 150,459 18
Deduct whole sm'l of orders canceled,
(interest added,) 41,351 63
Debt of County, ft 9100 SS
Am t duo from Washington county for
keeping Win. Burris in jail, foM 79
Am't duo from Wasco eo. for
keeping John Hull in jail, 150 00
Am't due from Polk oo., 73 00
$916 79
Am'ls due on le of town lots-
Judgment of A. Hood,
" James Athoy,
" " H. Johnson,
Notes of Franklin Cadwell,
" " Wm. Stephens,
11 Isaac Miller,
" A.J.Cuttiug,
704 00
819 00
861 00
337 50
487 60
79B 00
838 50
Am't due the County, $5169 29
F. S. HOLLAND, Auditor.
Oregon City, July 16, 1856.
On Monday evening. July 91st, William IIin.
ar, son of John Thomas, aged 18 months, from a
diaeaee or Ins heart,
ttherrf'i Sale.
TT VIRTUE of certain elocutions issued out
-- of the Diatnct Conn for iho eouuly of Clack.
itMi, uulmtiAnla fit nMAlianW lina
-i". j--s . -i
and to mo directed, in favor of Samuel Hhafer,
Charles R. Butler, and others, against the Willain-
.... L. 1 1- i Mill:-. ...J 'I r-..
nd to satisfy the said executions I have kttied the
said executions upon the saw mill and warehouse of' I
0f land, beluga portion of Robert Moore's land
eisim, suuatea in uisosamas coumy, ano oouaoea
i aa loiiowa, io wn : iegiiinmir mi ine niuametio
Li... .i,.n.. k lin. ..t.nHi,.
the onnh boundary of lha basin up the bluff to a
rods from the edge or said bluff, thence eaaiwsrdly
thereof, thence by the said main channel to Ihe
northerly hue of said basin, to the place of begin-
. f ,hn BrM..H to ,i . ,h.hi.,,t k aa
H..riKl nmrniau. I
TheTboVdSM premie will b. sold sub-
Meet to a mortgage given by Daniel H.Ferguson to
of Claekamat County.
rer uxxDi.xr; ueputy.
July 26,1851
iobk JtetOi
-j- EFf my house about five week sgo CHEV-
-a-i ALlbK KIUlIAKUau.N, an insane man.
Any person Who will bring him back to m at
Uackainaa Ulty tliall be paid for his trouble.
July 19, 1656-14. JUSlil'lI UHUKCil.
TTTE sre just receiving a quantity of DRY
most every thing else a man oan mention. Farm
ers would do well to call and gat their harvest sup.
plies about now.
1 N IRON GRAY MARE, five year old last
XI. spring. She belonged to Iho Clackamas
company of volunteers under Cspt. Caaon, aud
was mounted by one Donaldson. On the return
or the company the gave nut. and was left at or
near the foot of Laurel Hill. Any pt-rson sending
1 r U ... 1 1 .u.ll L - I
.rA.A i.9 n 1 . rphnkriV
nt ,,f ih nl ini.r.rf t rmA (Vtmnanv in anH to lha alurc to the I'ollownift' described land eliiim situated IU
.-a ,-ir- BARSTOW It. CO.
Telegraph Notice.
I A T a called mreting or Uie Board or Director
XV. of th Psciho Telegrsph Coinpnny, held at
Lafayette on Monday, the Kid of June, Clayton
R.chardson and A. K. Burbank were appointed
Collectors to recriv th moneys dus on ths 1st,
3d, 3d, and 41b installments of said Company.
Th stockholders are hereby requested to pay to
ths said Collector th several sums now due on
said installments at th earliest possible period, as
ths money now required la complete iu hue to
Par order of tbe Board of Directors.
J.S. McITEEN Y, President
July 5, 1856. 12ml
Cor. 3d 4 Water sU, opposite Ferry land'g,
The traveling public are respectfully iavited lo
give as a call.
TIM UUUiUA iiuuac. m in moat pieasaatiy
located Howl ia ths Territory, and baa been eo
altered within Ih last few swath as la make it
sea f th moat commodious.
Tbe labia will elweye be supplied with III best
thst the market sfforda. Good aceaaunodauoa
far ladias and families.
Goad stabling aad feed fm bores, with proper at
tendance. 6PREJ1GEK at Entfla.
Job 28, 1856.
T Furnaere.
atrirea. Cell soon, rf yen u get M,.
Ws have 3 oighl-hatt taaoart aad -
3 reapais sad ratre.
TO LOAN. Inqrrr st lha
SJ. SJ. LOOM. ' . - B. MLTOH.
teat4 ell Salton,
TERS, Yo.,
HAVE received end offer for sale,
4000 IU Allsoli whiU load,
350 gallon boiled lloeeed oil,
300 " rew
3U0 lurpeotln.
8(0 Tildsii's No. I furniture vsrnish,
ISO MM eMen -
900 Japan
1000 lbs of putty,
6 doi Adams 6-10 brush,
6 dus saab tools aoaortrd,
10 packs of loaf fold,
10 Mlrar,
100 lbs of Swell's ssasrted colors,
3 gross of camel and sablo hair pencils,
6500 it of glass, 8x10, 10x19, HUM. 10x15.
Clated saab, auy quantity, of lbs fullowiuf ate
and prices:
ox l, 3,'.'S per window,
10x19, 4,00
9x13, 4,00 "
10.14, 4,50
1U.I5, 6,00
Messrs, L. A. D. would respectfully call the at-
t.niiott of Ih. tr.ds sud th. public f..r.lly to rx
amino their slock before purehau eawwhore.
Jun, M 18J6i "UVA3 'rZSm' t.
Bv Bark Ocean Bird.
TJ ECE1V ED June 4th the lollowmf GOODS,
Lli and now eellinf rapidly at a small advenes.
150 kegs syrup,
50 boxes candles,
60 hf bbls NO sugar,
10 bbls crushed "
13 dos brooms,
90 ' buckets,
SO gro matches,
10 Utile eider vinegar,
15 eases toliaovo,
35 " shoes, assorted,
95 grain nradlee,
I Ihreaher and separator,
1 reaper and raker,
19 straw cullers.
S. ftXilwaia,
Minufacturtr, Wholctalt nd Retail Dialer ia
TrN 4 corns was, nxsowas, sc.,
MsiuSt., opposits Mala Street Motsl,
Steamboat aud jobbing work attended to with
Orders from the country promptly filled. je7
Barneii and Saddlery.
p-SK Til K underatgned having 0iened anew
r; In BUTrEVILLE, Marion county, O.
Tr 1 T.. In the Post Office building, are ready
to manufacture and furnish al short notice, end in
Ihs best sud moat suhatantial style of the craft,
all kinds of HARNESS and SADDLERY
WORK, Trunk and Carriage Trimming, e.
June 91, 1856 -y KVVr & UOUK.
Those wbo Sell Ihe Cheapest Sell
I be noil.
hate the best selection or GROCERIES,
Boote and Skoti, also Oils, Paints, Glass, to sell
wholesale sud retail, cheap for eash or produce.
Uur stock in partconiisu of
6000 Ibseoffi,
2000 lbs No I Chins sngsr,
9000 " No 1 Balsvis "
1000 " Sandwich bland sugar,
1500 " crushed sugsr,
2500 " assorted candy,
50 kegs E. Boatoa tjrun,
SO kegs nails,
10 csaes pickles,
" pie fruits,
12 dot aseorted can fruits,
6 " lomato oataup,
5 ' pepper asuoe,
4000 lbs salt, different kmds,
8 doi brooms.
Largs aaaortmeiil of Queenawara, Glaaewsre, Itc,
10,000 cieara, bv the thousand, 40 bono tobacco,
China rice, Carolina do.. 300 lbs tea, 2000 lbs
dried spples, spies of sll kinds, 4.O., Ac. je7
Sheriff'i Sale.
BT VIRTUE of two oertain executions issued
out of Ihe District Court for Ihs county of
Clackamas, and to mo directed, one la favor of
Eber L. Bradley against Williton D. Woodcock,
for the sum of eight hundred dollars snd sixty-two
cents, with 18 55-100 dollars cost upon the same,
for Which amount judgment was docketed in said
Court ou Iho 8th dsy of April, 1856, oas ia favor
of Robert Caufield for the sum of forty-eight dol
lars and eighty -seven cents, with 15 BiMOU dol
lars coat upon the same, whinh judgment
was docketed in said Court on ths 21st dsy
of December, 1855, snd for want of personal prop
erty whereof lo make Ihs above named amounts
I have levied said executions upon an ine right, ti
Clackamas county, described iu Notification No.
977, now ou fils in the L.nd OfficsatOregoa City,
as follows,
bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a
point 0.98 chains east of a point 97.U0 cha. north
of S. W. corner of N. W J of Sec 4 in T 5 8 R 2 K,
thence N 42 drg. 30 miu. E, 35.00 chains,
N 52 deg. 30 mm. W, H.aO
8 9deg.30roin. W, 110.50 "
8 82 deg. E, 80.00 '
N 8 deg. K, 90.90
N 45 deg. W, 39.75 to ths
place of beginning. I shall proceed to tell sll Ihe
right, title, snd interest as aforesaid, or so much
thereof aa will satisfy Ihe above named amounts,
with interest and accruing cost upon Ihs sams, to
the highest bidder for cash at public auction on
at one o'olock, r. ., of said day. Sale to taks
place on tils premises, South half set spurt to the
wife. SEP HUELAT, Sheriff
June 28, 1856-1 lw5 Claekamat County.
New Firm and Mew Ooodi.
rtH E undersigned would respectfully aity to their
X friendt and the public generally Ihat they ar
STORB. On and sll are invited to give Ihem
a call before buying elsewhere. They will ever be
m.J In uhnm 1 1... ir myvla. anil lhfv Hatlar lhain.
Ui.ea that the ean suit the nubile, both as to oua!-
Canemah, May 31, 1d50. T
Zfew aftxrang-eBent
THE next term of our school will oommence
July 1, 1856.
The frimary Lepartmnt, limited to lb, will
be under Ih charge of J. ANOKEW POST.
1 he Preparatory Department, limited to Ma
id day pupils and 7 boarders will b under th
care of Ui subscriber, who will hav Ih super
vision of both departments. By thss srranrr-
ments ws bop te offer superior advantage to out
N. B. Non invited t attend but such is will
cheerfully comply with ths rules of ths school.
Neither do we want any one wno win no rouga
in hie p'tys with his companions, or use Sny im-
proper language. J. V. POST.
Uregon City, May 34, loSS.
Tor Sale.
I WILL bELL oiv situation on th
sUH blurt at Oregna Cily at a very low rata.
1 hav good dwelling bods, (table, and out
boildings, with about IU0 choice fruit Ires of lb,,
beat varieties, ia sa sncleaur of sight lota, til n(
which will be old low, at I have purchased araa.
sity la another part of ths city.
Msy 24, 1BSB Btr w V BUCtr
Caavab. SoV. 3ft. ISM.
(V- '" or cash arad sea
sJ'i'oi dr, load, chroma oreeo.
wbit lead,
prosaitn blu
red da
chrome yallw,
blk. da
' litharra,
aiu paint,
tOotaauaa aad psrmaaoat gvssa puuy.gtaaa,
at. J.NO. P. BROOKS.
"I"cLAXE'S celebrated Vorroifug aod Liear
Slain treat Bene.
I HAVE! Irasad lbs MAIN b'I'HEET
HOUSE, aud am now prepared to so
eiHumodals lbs trawling public Kfery sttaution
will bo paid lo the comfort of man sad boast.
Cb4rges reaeonablo.
I shall always be found on band by Iboas w
ebeoss lo patroniio mo. J. M. BACON.
Oregon City, Msy 3, 1856. 3tf
To Slerchanta and UUppere.
I POItTATION CO. hare adopud the follow
in( Urin of cbsrgas, Which will bo sdhsred to till
rurtlisr polios I
TianaDortation of mcrehsndis of produce
from boat to boat al works, psr ion, i vu
Slorasa of asms leas than firs !sys, as charge.
" " ever S av leas iiisa laosys, .)
u m I j It m 30 60
Each additional half mouth or loss will be
vliartid, par tna, 85
Linn City, May 10, 1856.
Oregon Territory,
ft' . I
' ftOYCE
Yamhill count
mo llliNKY UOYCEi la the asms of ihs
I United Statu of America, yoa are herebr
oomniniided to bo and sppir before Ih District
Court of Ihs UniUd Blstrsin and for Iho eouuty
and Territory af.ireaaid on Ihs first dsy of the nest
reirular lerm thereof, lo answer Ihs complaint of
Horace L. Ilariiaon, Hociirhlim Everett, and Mat
Ihew Everett, or that Judgment by default will bo
taken against you by avid pleihiiff" fur the sum of
three lliouaand dolljis, with lawful interest Ihsreou
from Hi Iwenly.sixth dsy of Septrmbtr, on
thousand sight huud.ed and Bfly-three, and costs
of suit, if you fail to appear and answer lb said
Witness, George H. Steward, Clerk, and
the seal of said Court, at Lafayette, In said
us J county, sfflxsd this S 1st day or April, A.D.
8. Ellaworth, Pllf's Attorney, Eugene Cily, O.T.
April 96, 1856. 2 -3 in
J 70 bbls snd hlf bbls N O sugsr,
30 u ' crushed "
4000 Ihs No I China "
10 hlf bbls Carolina rice(
15 " " dried spples,
IS kegs
10 hlf bbls posebee,
10000 lbs Liverpool salt,
10 cases table sail,
SO bbls Sauls Cms lime,
SOOU lbs msnilla rape, aas'd sixes,
100 kep uaila, "
6000 qr flour sacks,
6 bales drillings,
12 easss saa'd pie fruits,
19 " pickles,
20 bundles window sash, ass'd sitss,
94 pannil doors, " '
2 dos pol. grains aosops,
100 sacks Rio coffee, '
10 mete black pepper,
10 bales oakum,
100 single snd double blocks, aas'd sixes,
6 gross P it 51 yeast powders,
10 ds tino wash boards,
500 gab 8. 1, syrup,
4000 lbs whits lead, pur,
600 "led
40 gals copal varnieh,
IS dos point brushes, ass'd sixes,
IS "3 hooped buckets,
200 gsb boiled linseed oil,
100 " rsw ' "
Together with a good aseortmsnt of HARD
of which ws propose selling at prices to suit the
times. Call aud see lor yourselves.
W. U. DEMENT dr. CO ,
Msin st., opposite ths Lsnd Office.
Oregon City, April 19, 1856.
Charm an St Warners
MR. EDITOR Yoa will please tell tl our
fallow-ciiijen or Oregon that W ar stil
doing business uudsr Ih old firm, snd under the
old adage Ihat nimbi sixpence Is better than a
slow shilling. Ws wont to sell goods, and Will do
to as cheap a any other house in Oregon City.
Wo have enlarged our business malerislly, sn3
now have on baud, as usual, all kinds or GRO
CERIES, such as will suit oity and country trads.
which wo hops sll Who have favored ua with their
liberal patrouage know Tull Well. Call again W
will do our best. CIIARMAN it WARNER.
April 19, 1656.
GLASS, Queenswarv, and Crockerv, at
T TTE have a full assortment' of BOOTS &
VV SHOES, also Ladies' G titers and Buskins,
iu fuel all kinds of ladies' thoea
spl9 CllARltAN WARNER.
In our Bakery
TTTE keep a full assortment of BREAD, PIES,
V T CAKES, and C ANDY, at Wholesale aud
retail. apl9 CHARMAN $ WARNER.
Weddliif Cake.
MADE toerdcr, psrties furnished With lets
on shortest notice, Ate , by
Private) Boarding Some.
Opposite Holmes it. C'n.'a Firs-proof build-
ST Charges reasonuble. Nov. 3-Gin.
Splendid Jewelryi
G. COLLIER ROBBIN8 hut now on hind
ths finest aaaortmeiil of JEWELRY over
brouirht to Oresou. The assortment consists in
part of Ih following artioleti
Diamond broaches)
Diamond rings,
Gold rsilwsy tims-keepers,
Ladies' watches, in enameled esses)
Lsdies chstelsners)
Moaaio etr-ringi,
Gold thimblee, gold snJ silver psnti
Card csset, msutel srnsmeuls,
Csrd baskets, pearl ouskeM,
Gold guard, vest, and fob chain)
Sleevt buttons, shin studs,
Ladies brooches,
snd a variety of other goods loo numerous ttt men
tion. Call and ses th most mainificent display of
Jewelry ever teen in Orvgon.
U. CULiLilMl Kunains,
March 22. Front etreet, Portland.
Tilt! iiibecriber has just receiv
ed a large supply of FUltNl
IUKK of all deacripuont, coueiat.
in ia naft aa rolloWa. .-
Sofut. mahdguny and black walautt
Chamber eeu;
liiireaua, with or without msrbl topst
Office desks;
Rocking chsirs, stuffed ia hsir, csrpet, and With
an and wood seals;
Dining chairs, ean and weed seats;
Office chain, do do do
Children's do, hl(h dining snd rocking;
Uedaleads, various Kinds;
tables, eenior, card, and dining:
Writing desks;
8 d. boards;
Parlor eiiaiin ',
Rifling, tolfet, and work tables;
Mtltresaos, hair, moss, and wool;
Window shtdee;
Papsr hangings, af every styl
Oilcloth; Cbinrt malting; fluid lamps, nd burn
ing flu d ; with a variety of other article taw
urnerou to inentloa.
Persons wishing to ps'rcbsss will pleas call sod
examine for themselves.
Ail kind! Dfeoaiitry produce taken In sxsliang
for good. TUOi. J0H58OJJ.
Hatch 23, 1858. 49lf
DR. Osgood India Oiaiagagoe.aad Dr. Jsase
JLaSarvsa Chcsagofuat Ui
OREGON CITY ... ,.,j,
WboloaaU Yrloea Current.
MV oooos. I nanus It msdicixis.
6hsellag, 4-4... . 1 ls!2 J 100 pr, eUver N. Y.soat.
Drilling ISA raoouc.
Dlsschsd drilling U Wheat, pr. bu.....l,00
shirting, lal60sls de:....-.. 76
Blriped do IS, Potatoes do 75
Tickiu;... .I... Haiti Onions do ftl
Dsnins 15'liloar $
Blu drilling l4,Csru Meal, fresh C
I'lsid liusey I6a24; run.
Halintt 70s90 " dried do.13.alS
Kentucky jeaus...25a45.Feaehes, dried do 18
Tweeds 55s7U; " do pealed
raiNTs. Chili, dr.ed.SOaii
Blu and whit 19? raovuuoas. .
Ulus and orange 19 Pork, clear none.
Kancy 8a 1 ' meas J98a3
Furniturs do 10a 14! llama IS
do. wide. 191 Bacon 19
M. do Isliie 14u26; rowusa.
Ginghams 15a2i lleiard, pr ca SIS
Alpaca 25afi0; " pr keg SIV
Table dumask S0a75 shot.
cloths C5aU Small sixes tJinl
Irish liuriis 40u$l Buck 83u3
Sheep gray pants S2a.i3.Bur 20
Satinet do. . 8S iti While lead, In oil. ..I?!
Fancy case, do. ...$4a.V ooaosoa.
Black caax do. R5a7;Msuil!s, small Si
Redflin'l shirts 8 1 4a lb'
Blue do. do. $ 1 5a 18 Hemp.
Hickory shirts 5a7- . caNStss.
Cslioo do S'.lal'l AJmantiue
soots & suor.s. 8perm
Men s kip bootsS-la4i' cioaas.
super do. do.. ..04 Ilsvsna.... $40a80
Hue sewed C4 O'nnan ,. .tl0ii9i
Boys' kip boots 9, American )90a58
" he'vv w'x doSl n9' tosacso.
Mens brg's pr. dox..$l7 Priilsofthe Union. 40n45
" kipbrgsprdoxgOSuu JUoai
" talfaewed do.. K'2 1 Luke's 37
Women's h'vy sh's.313,' hasbwxss.
Hue do. 9 1 5; Hhovels j 5Sa 1
OHucasias. :Hvsdes I14sl8
Cofie 14s1C'Axes 812a90
ea 60aC5 Mill saws. 90a$U
ugar,no.l Cbi'a 1 1 X cutsaws. 75a$l Si
crushed 10' i utile cutlery, 10 peret
Sslerstus lOsIC' advance 00 N. Y.cost
Starch 1 4, Pocket cutlery, 86 prot
Syrup K Boston $IJ sdvsuca.
do. H laluud 90;uther articles or hrd
O Molusses i war from 90 to SO pr
Llv. Sslt
. 3a3J' ct advance.
, 3)u4;Nsils,sssdsites,prkg9S
, 2a2i' horseahos...95a3
3o! oils.
4u!Lmp $lii
80801 Linseed boll (UK
10ali;TurpenUnprgsll 9
Table Sslt
Sandwich 1. Bait
Allspice 1..,
Portland and A.lerlat.
The Splendid Steamer
WILL continue lo run regulsrly between Port
land and Astoria, si's Vaucouvsr, twics a'
wssk, leaving Portland on Monday aud Thursday
mornings of each wsek for Astoria j and Astoria
for Portlsnd on Tuesday and Friday mornings,
touching Vahcouvh, St. IWuns, Kaisiss,Catu
lamkt, dec, each way. r or ireignt or paassga,
spplyto K. MUX 1, Master,
jel6 Oratlloyt's Whsrf-boat, Portland. '
Citizens' Lino 1 Steamers
PORTLAND, Caps. Muaaav,
ENTERPRISE, Capt Jamison.
Will rua In connection, ths Portlsnd leaving
PORTLAND daily (Suudays excepted) for Or'
gon City st 10 o'clock, a. a., the Enterprise ma
king lemi.weekly trips to CORVALLIS, leaving
CANKMAII on Mondays at 6 o'clock Ails., aad
Thursdays st 2 r. at.
IT All freight lor ths abort lin will be receipt
d for at Hoyt'e Wharf Boat, Portland. '
Feb. 16, 1896. 44tf
Tamhill Trado.
aSaaaaaaSSa under lbs name and styls or th
Yamkitt Comvanv. are now building a stssmer of
sboul 30 tons bnrlhsn at Cansmah, sxpreaaly for
Ihe Yamhill trad. She will be ready to rua some
time in Jun.
Oregon City, April 5. 51 U
Drag's, Modicinet, Fainti) Oila,
atna vye-itani,
sepl5 Maiu Street, Oregon CUy.O.T.
, 1 .
Morrison st, between Front snd First at..
Chsrges reasonable. S. D. SMITH,
March 15, 1858-48 Proprietor.
W. aft Sum.,
WAOOX and carriage maker,
0 It K 0 0 N C I T Y, O. T. .
tT Strict attention paid to repairing, and sail
faction to patrons warranted. febt-43
ZrZorri. Vhomas,
Main it., nearly eppotitt Holme $ Co.'.
team or ihavino, ao.
Shaving twice a week, one shampoo, hsir
trimmed on e, per mouth, $2 00
11 one a week, on shampooi kslr
trimmed once, per mouth) 1 IS
Hsir Ui mined, 28
Hair cut and dressed, SO
8huvltig, and hair dressed, 25
Shampooing, 50
Oregon Cityt April 5, 1859 51
Peraont deairoua of getting good work don will
do well to give me a call, as my whols tims i de
voted lo Iho repairing of Chronometer, Lever,
Duplex, and lloritotita.
An assortment of Jewelry ou hand. '
Jewelry mad to order, and repaired.
Prices to suit tbe times. I sm thankful rot past
favors, snd hope to give satisfaction in future.
ID" Locsted st Ih old stand, opposite the Tel
egraph Offioc, OREGON CITY. Feb.!
To all whom It may concern
TAKE NOTICE, that 1 claim for myself tn.!
wile, snd shall insist upon holding, sll sf th
rouowmg described land, as our laud claim taken
and held by me under and in con-ipliauce with Ih
set of Congress entitled "A Act tscreal th of
fice of Surveyor General of Oregon." Ate., snore
ed Sept. 27th, 1850, and the amendments thereto.
an pretension or irm. tl. x. cel'oo to tbe eeotra
rv notwithstanding, to wit; Csmmenein at a
stskesn Ih Willamette r'.ver 19 chain aad ti
links south and 37 chai'nt snd 50 lioks weal of ths
aiuth-estt corner tf section 35 la township on
south of rang ona ast, theuce running aat 160
chains, th'ie north 68 chains and 60 links, Uiesc
west chains, thence south 54 chain snd 10
li'.Vs, thene west 80 chums t aaid Willamette
river, snd thenc up sard river with its msander
lugt to ths place of begin niog.
March S2. 1856.
To ail wbom It nay eoneera.
T AKE NOTICE, that I cUiin, and shall insist
npon holding, all of ths following described
land, as my Isud claim taken and held by me ea
derand in compliance wiib the let of Congreseeo
titled " An Aet to create Ihs office f Surveyor Gen
eral of Oregoa," eYc., ft., ipprovad Sept 27th,
1U50, sad Ih mendinot thareto, all pratansiaa
of Wui. R. B. Cotton to ths contrary notwithstand
ing, to wil; Commencing at a stake 18 chains
south of th south-east aoraer of aoetioa 31 ia
township on south of rsngs two oast, thence run
:ng south with taction Tin 40 shams, tbeae
west 113 abaias, thane north 30 ohsiu sod TJ
ticks, thenee east 91 chain and 30 links, ihancr
erlhl obainsand 25 links, snd these Mat If
eheias 50 links la the heginwna aoraor.