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Afcer4u nf ikrkiot.
' Tlio Wcitcrn C'liri:in Advocali rord
the follow 1113 ii)tcriti'ii tipecluto of Jatlc
run. TIo nccno or il wim in tlio Tcuiietnc
Annual Confiirnnce lielJ at Nimbville, and
wliiuli he lmd been invimd Ljr 0 veto of
tlio brethren tlmt limy miglit have lli
,lcfluro ofun (ill rojuction lolilni :
. "Tlio coii)iuiliu win np,bin!oil, mid the
(icnural fixed the lime fur 0 o'clbtk on
Muiiduy iiiurnin. 'I'lie Coiifvrcncu room
hding ton iniiill lo iNvoinniodnto llii litm-dn-d
wli"' d 10 witm i lliu iiilroiluo
lion, one of tin clmrcVii win nMtmlituted,
and nn liuur bi forn 1I10 tiinu filli d loovi r
flijwin?. I'ront ..a' er ren.rved f"r
tlio muiuUrvor lliu OmfirriiC'-f hitli
r.ill.Td loordr ly llm Jlilioji, leultd in
largo cliuir in I In- iiliar, just Lcfore iho j.ul
pit. Afu-r prayi'M tlm cmiinilUd rniind,
and n iniuuto nfu rent' r,d conJuuliiig the
limn whom ull li lighted to honor. They
1.. I liinl to tlio I!ilii'j' cliiiir, which wu
Hindu vacant fr liiin, tlio liiliofi mran
U'liilu occupying unollicr pl.iw williiii lliu
"Tlio Sftrtlary n directed to call lliu
nami.'V of tii MKii.tjTB ofCiiiferriici,l wliicli
lio did in oljiluli'tical onler, each coming
forward uii J reciving from llie llislioj, a
personal introiluclion to (he rx-resident,
and imniediati-ly reiiiing lo (jive place Id
flic next. The crcinony had tifiirly b;fn
completed, when the Secretary read iho
iiatiw of Jlov. J.inu: T ; an elderly
gentleman, tviili a ucu'hvr L..,t, n faco, chid
in a suit of j'-ii, and came fir ward.
I'e' iccuicd lo kii'in him. Jle had alii)
btcnon circuit, on the frontier ; nnd thoiili
ill a)' at Conference, lie He-vi r trulibh d il
with long pn.'clii'n, but kept bin 'at, und
RliiJ but lillle lliul lilllc, huuever, nan
oIwrv lo tlio purpose. Mr. T. canm for
ward and introducod to Gen. Jncknon.
Tin turned h'u fuco towards the (Jciioral,
vliu said, 'It sot-ma to 1110 that w have nu t
before.' Tlio pronchcr, apparently einhar
rasnvd, said : '1 was wiili you through the
Creek campaign one of your body guaid
nt tlio battle of Homo Shoe and fought
tind.'r your command at New Orleans. '
The General rnseuluwly from his sent, nnd
lui'jwing his long, withered, hony arms
nroiind tlio preaelier's lu ck, oxclaiiiiid :
'We'll soon meet where there's 110 war
whore llm siiiulio of battle ncrer rolls up
its aulphtiMis mc-enf !
"Aever Ulure, or mice, have 1 s- on so
tnuny tcnii shed uh then flowed forth from
tlio eyrs of tlmt vast assembly Every rye
was iiiuint with weeping.
"Kleveu years liave passod away since
that day. Tlio old hero has been more
than ten in his silent and narrow homo.
Tho voice that cheered tho drooping fight,
ami thundered in the rear oT routed armies,
is silent forever. The old preacher, too,
li.n fought his Iu4 lattic, luid his uruior
by, and gone homo to his eternal ret."
., -
New York Herald, alluding to tho Clay
festival at Slash Collage on Satuuhiy, 12th
of April, and lo the fact of so many distin
guished Democrats being present, and out.
vicing oen Wliigi in their piuisa of
IliiNiiv Clay, now Unit be is dutd and out
of thoir liny, inukes the following pertinent
reflections, which wo have no doubt sag
gesled themselves to many others in con
templating tho great and wondrous change
which has cine over tho opinions and feel
ings of lliu ancient enemies of tho lamented
fctntcsnnan and p'llri it :
"'. was a very interesting nfTiir, nnd
very remarkable from the fuion on tho oc
casion of tho ditinguisied politician and
Miitcsmcn of all purth s who wore there.
Could IIi:.niiv Clay have relumed for an
hour or tw o, in the body, to that "Slash
Cottage," on the day In question, unrecog
nised by the company, what a glorious sur
prise they would hao given him ! In hear
ing Caleb Cushing, Judge Douglas mid I
Senator Maum and liuth'r out eulogizing
even John Minor Kotts Liunelf, it would
certainly have led tho "noble Hurry of the
West" to exclaim : 'Am I that Mr. Clay,
vr uiu I not if I am, I was sadly beliJd
in my lifetime aiming tluso g.'iill, men if
lam tint, ihen soma other Uu.nhy Clay hn
Appropriated my Liory,'
"U halapiiy thutiho sinking of all per
nonal and political asperities against a great
und deserving man should come teu bite lo
do any g0l. As long as Mr. Clay was in
the full poiossioii of his streng'.h and fac
ultics, ho was di'iioanced fium one end of
tlm couiiliy lo the oilier as a very danger
ous and really de.p'uablo character when
lis Oceania siipeiannuni, J fioiu the infirm,
illes of age, and stood in nobody's wav, be
was ducoveud te bo a deserving patriot ;
when bo is (b ad ami buried, tin, vio.
lent omoiig bis enemies whil,. he livcj cx.
alt him and his services, bis virtues and bit
glorious name to the U'u."
C V" Tlltl la.l Ictli.'in fioin Cuu-I.iii!in,le
state tliai the S.ilian lias antlioriieil ibe
publication of a iicHsiaj r in tho Arul lati
g'M'e, fi-r circulation nmoii! t tic i.iliabi-
taiusin yrn, l.r',vj,t, ami uther parts of
his cm; im in hIi.'cIi Arabic is spoken.
This journal, which h Ik bear tlio liilu of
Miiul u AluJ (the Mirror uflhcIVopIe),
is to appear oiuu wcok.
iTf""Th silverti.iug columns uftlia Lon
J in '1 inns are rs iiniitcd to )iIJ the c.
tsl'li-lrnent the enormous sum of f3.0W,.
I,'0 ,ier aiiiiuni. One linn alone pays llie
'i'im, as hi;ih ss $150,000 a vrar for aj.
tciiMii'.'. and ibcreare several business
s.-t:iMMmr.nts that pay it otcr fiOOOOa
vi tV aJut:i-;n ah'Ui.
New York Koitipications. We copy
tho following interesting item ofncwi from
the Tribune:
"The late talk about war will) England
linn stirred up tho authorities at Washing
ton, and the .Secretary of War some time
since Issued orders directing those completed
fortification of llie Country which vere dc
ficient in armament, 10 bo supplied. Ac
cordingly this work has been going on
amnii; tho defenses of this harbor since the
opening of navigation, but will probably
not l Cn'slicd before mid-summer. It is
expected lhat tho supply of ordnance at iho
(Jovii'iinienl station hero will be iinumciciit
for lhe purpose, and in tuch case ruoro will
Imvo to be ordered from other stations, or
in an u fact u red in iho United Slates found
'Ft. Schuyler, at Throg's Neck, com
ui'indiiig tho East river, is now destitute ol
armament, though otherwise completed
it will bo mounted with 318 cuds. I t
Columbus nnd Castle 'William are both
armed, und when South Mattery has ro
cived its armament, the united force of the
three will be 197 (tuns. Kllis and Hedloe
Mauds are at tho present armed, having
together 02 guns. Ft. Richmond, on tho
3 n'en Island aide of the Narrows, is in
procesof construction, nnd work is going
on thoio rapidly, Batteries Hudson and
Morton, on the same shore, arc already
armed, Ft, Lnfayctto, nearly opposite, on
Long Island, is completed and w ill he sup
plied with 7G cuns. F't. Hamilton hat now
a full armament of 113 guns.
A ('iiKAT A iiTKsiAN well. A now arte-
siau well is being bored in tho Avenue
Ctinrles X, nl (he anglo of tho Avenue St,
Cloud and lV-lil Pare, near Parij, for iho
purpose of supplying tho ornamental lake
oflho liois do Boulogne. An interesting
paper has hern communicated to tho Acad
omy by M. Luinus on tho subject, from
which it appear thai Mr. Kind tho engineer
has undeitukcn to bore a well 29 inches in
diameter, und continue llie sinking, if no.
c wiry, lo tiio depth of 2,.r00 feet, and thus
obtain a daily supply of 10,000 cubic me
trcs of water, being nonrly equal lo the vol
nine of water delivered by the Soine through
the Punt do lit Tournclle, nt l'aris. The
boring was commenced on August 2nd last,
wilh a diameter of about 41 inches. For
some time when theopcrations wore through
marl and chalk, the avcrngo daily progress
was 1C J feet; then, through sand, it was
reduced lo $ to 10 feet ; and now having
reached another stratum of chalk, contain
ing boulders, the speed is 5 feel, and by
May 1st il is expected that Iho enormous
depth of about 2, MO feet from the surface
will ho attained, being mora than 1!)0 feet
deeper than tho Artesian well at Crenelle.
The motive power is a steam engine of
trtcnty fuur horse power.
Turkry. A memorial has been pre
sented to tho Sultan, in which his ministers
nro accused of having sacrificed tho nation
al honor, and the intorests of religion, 011
lliu occasion of tho Into concessions made
to his Christian subjects. They nro accus
ed of having granted to tho allies tho same
privileges which were demanded by Russia,
und the withholding of which was ona of
the chief causes of the war. Tho mem
orial (the nuthors of which nro said to be
known) wns presented to tho Sultan by
his grand Chamberlain, Jezzet I ley. As lo
tho effect it produced upon tho monarch,
nothing is known further than the fad lhat
Jezzet Uej has just been dismissed from
oflic,", Nichet Hey, an inferior chamberlain,
having been promoted lo his post.
total number of volumes issued from the
Bible house in New York last year was
about eight hundred thousand, and since
its fust operations in 1910 more than ten
millions. Il hasbceu carefully estimated
that siuco 1S04 (the date oflho institution
oflho rtriiisli ami Foreign lliblo Society)
the total nggregato of copies of the Scrip
tures issued through the medium of Bible
Societies has been 111010 ihuu fifty millions.
Of ibis number a proportion of about one
fifth has been published by the Americau
Society, and about three-fifths by tho
OrDurino; iho year lfi5."), there were
seventy-three battles fought, or moro llinn
one a week, with nn average loss of a thou
sand men killed in each, excluding those
who hnvo fallen by disease or skirmishes.
The number swept out of existence must
have been abnut 300,000 the bloodiest
year since ihe battle of Waterloo occurred.
jf iT The rose of Florida, the moal beau,
tiful of flowers, emits no fragrance; llie
bird of Paradise, the mosi beautiful of
biids, gives no song ; the cypress of Greece,
the lincst of trees, yields uo fi uit.
OT The application of towels wrung out
in hot water to llie forehead and temples is
represented to be an illicaciotis nnd speedv
remedy for headaches arising from ncurui
g'c atleelions.
N kkv LlkKLY. A foreman in a printiu"
ollice, who thought it would be a gooJ idea
to employ giiU as compositors, went out to
look some up. Meeting an honest me-
tliaiiic.liesaid, "Mr , have you any
gills who woulJ make good lype-setters !'
'No, sir," said , "but I have a wife
who would an citra gooJ Jnll.'"
(r Snooks says the prettiest sewing
machine he ever saw was about seventeen
years olj, wi;h short sleeves, low nccl
drc tad gutter lots on.
Fairn for Salo,
, , FA RM of C 10 seres of Imiil iu Vsm
, f. 3 lull counlv, sis miles fl of l.fnyll, Is
jliJLnltrcil fur !. Tln-ro sre KI sens in
euliivstluii, and l.',0 seres In pa.tjre an orchard
of 60 Iwsiiiiir PP' ,r"', '' lit pined is well ws
re, suil limbarrd, slid liu Iwu writs of excellent
Miitrr, (oo I Lii.ldin;'! slid out-lniuars. The lond
is t (00J u Hi' J" is la Orej in or llm world, snd
its locilion msiiei il a god u Block fur.11 ss lliors
is in llio Territory. r'sriuiiK uleiwils sud s'.oell
will be sold wilh III Ueo, if d red. l lie c'.mm
b well stocked wilh tstlie, hn, sud lioft, sud
can bo hd on rcainahle term".
J j- Imjuire at Tub A sot s OnVe, Oiegoa City.
Wrilifr I'ou'cr lor Knlo.
rpllH linilersiirnril would like lo sell oneliulfof
.JL lis mills and water p-nvnr on III" Tualatin riv
er, about three inilss from Mull City, known as
Moore's Mills. It is probably llif best wiitor wriv.
ill'."', with Ibe exeeplinn of llm grt-nl Falls of the
U illcmetle, thai there is In (Irrjron. I would like
to Bfll one-lislf or oi.c-fourlh ,.f my nlolm lo.'t-llier
wilh the mills and water power. My object is lo
ffel a partner, to en;ib!o me to piprly improve lbs
water power. J A. MM M. MUOIlK.
1 eb. 9, ljfl.
Something TtOVJ.
VXT p'rn Iiaviiijf a Meliloni Peropbine,
Accirdeon, or oilier rc-d jnairiimenl, wilh
broken or drffctive reeds, enu liuve lli"in repiired
by oi,!yiii(r or eeinlin; lo C'lms. M. Kilter, al bis
reideiu. two squares back from the Ilnptisl
.Mee'inir, in Iho North ptrt of Oro.'on City.
('hare;,! for inneriing lintu fioin f?l,.''0 lu
fj-l.W. Reasonable dniu -tioii lor a trrc.n. r num
ber. C. M. KliiiTEK.
Oregon City, Peplembcr 27, lSM-iiJ P JIU.NUK. Tualatin Templeof
X Honor, No. 1, meets every Wednesday eve.
uiu;, at the American Hail, rorcat (.rove, Orcein.
Ilretlircn of the Onler iu good itaudiug are in
vitcd lo visit llusT'empte.
Al. J I I I LI-., W.U. T.
S. A. Dixon, W. It. 2
JAVNK'.SAltorut!ve, Kxpcctoruht, und Pills,
Cud Liver Oil, Ca:nr O.I, on. I !Sivi. Oil, at
Al KXICAN Mustantr Liiiimenl, 0. W. Mer
cbaul's (jar'.'linc Oil, nt llm
rpill'.SM.S, n'lit and left and double, und Ab
I doiniiiat suf;iorti.'a, ot the
IJl liK White Lead, raw und burned Diiiber,
Crouie, (Jreen and Yellow, nnd oIliT piiuts,
ul the OKEUI IN CPl'V DitUij KTOKE.
I3EKFl'MKRY,at the
(jraefeubergSunuiparilla, I'lerincCulliu'icon.
" Jlysentery syrup, cuiuuuipliva
" Pile Ointment,
" Ilenllli Hitters,
" Eyo L,,liin, &.C., fi.,
To be found at tho nireiiey of Ibe Comtiaiiv, at
HAYMAN'S I)ypepiie Elixir warranlcd lo
cure llie dvi iisin just reepived nn,l for
sale at the OHEUOX CITY VltVG UTOltli.
"IR. Uuysotl's compound extract of Sarsapirilla
A. J and Yellow Dork, at the.
Oi it i . ,,, ,, ...
LD Dr. Jacob Tuwiiw-n,! s Saisnpou a, at
Sew .loMolIer.
TTAVINO employed one of ibe best Working
JL A Jewellers ou tho Pacific coast. I am now
fully prepared to inanufacluro every description of
Masonic Jewelry, Odd Fellows' Tins. Iiinirs.
&c, made to order.
r.ngruvmg neally done.
Cull and see (peciiueim of work.
X. M. I devote my cnliro attention lo repairing
ine Wntches. 11. Collies Husslns.
Porlland, Dec. 2.1, 18j5-a7ll'
"I"l. J. Ayrcs' ccicbiatcd Cherry Pectoral for
es congns, coiub, ana consumption, at tlie
DU. Townsend'sSursnpar'.lla, at tlio
SHAKER Surnapirilla, lit the
SANDS' Sarsapurilla, in anvipiantitv, at the
MOFFAT'S Life Diners and Pills, Bernard's
DyseiiKry Syrup, Wist.u's IJalsaia of Wild
Cherry, ut Iho
TL'ST RECEIVED at the Oregon Cily Drug
tJ Store, direct from New York and Sail Fran
cisco, u fresh supply ol DRUGS, MED1CIXES,
Patent Medicines, Family Medicines, Ac, A.C.,
which will be told at lorn fur eath as they can be
procured in the Territory. Cull uud examine for
yourselves, and (;et an Almanac lor 1S5G, gratis.
1)Ei:i'VI.VN Febrifuge, for tlio cure of fever
and ague, Ate., Ac , just iec, ived and forsato
MeLANE'S celebrated Vermifuge and Liver
Caiiciiiali, Xuv. C5, 1855.
ON hand sad for sale, low, for caali or prod uco
Paints it leud, chrome green,
while bad, priissiau blue
red do in oil, chrome yellow,
b!k. do " blue paint,
Common and permanent green pullv.g'ass
ilc' JNO. P. 1IROOKS. '
l and Cor $ulc.
I OFFER to sell lb't) acres of choice land for
two ,1011am snd a quarter au acre, cash. T'lia
cash Z
ii. ilia
land is a portion of my claim, six miles
layette, in Ibe county of Yamhill. Title rood '
Call and see for yourselves. "l'i. no.btato I
vtutui, si III, cs WCSI O I.:,. '
snow ine laud. s c AD VMS
Oleu Avoca, Dec. Solli, lgVi-ilTlf '
Tualatin Aiademy,
Forest Gioic, WmhiiigUm County, O, T.
w First Wednesday in Decemb.-r ;
Iaist do ' iu February :
Third do iu May ;
First do in September.
8l3 00 !
v ' ,
Tiniox ie ai-Aarsa:
Primary English
lli!nr do
Ancient Ijanguages,
French 4c drawing, each, extra,
Incidental chaive.
For information respecting Ibe School, addr,
o CIS.
Nov. S, 1S.,.)-S3-iuo Principal.
a?ft 6 5 i ) " Pa,1'ers for sale b
aP: i if r. jo 1 1 nso.v.
Central Produce Depot.
3 lu.Mi.V.TLY re,
1. i,. i
reeeivinj. f. esl, Trom ranch, 1
:ou, lard, butler and iue
- - uacou, lam. uuller am i,ii.
1 ' , .... '
I I 11. tltS l tuli prK', ps d (v
X 1. Act. S. WM. V. DE
DB. , . , - .. nciV uio roau craesei a lead
KILU Appl. iu h f and v. hoi, barrrls. at I ,n f"'ni aud Oregon City, "op country"
F. S. A. ll'il.HNOS. !'''""' way of Smith's bridge on the North Fork of
ClUAroi-Th,,,,,, chanco to pek i. at tbe
aor..,f ril.ilt.VAX WARSEK.
1I.Ol'K,r:nh, keMcohitamtv on hnd hr
1 E. S. A. A. ItOLI.AX D.
TJ ,'!,:K "JjVrtaarali,, - J
J- : t.'.IA'.V.I.V .y WAHNkHS.
New Eookj I
riMin suUerilxr lias J it received lure" as.
I aorlmeiil of IKIUKS, direct from Xw York
sinon whleh sre Hie following!
Alison's IL.I.of KuropeJAnwriesa Iiililutione,
hilliinau's do. I,ives of Ibe fiirncrs,
Jii-moeraey in Anu-rica, llabylon and Nineveh,
'(.und and la," "Ueck and Port,"
'Kea and Mailor," "Ship rilmrr,
ti..... V.Nnlii fTatifor.. Home I'vctonedia,
Cyc. of Literaliire, jl.'cyptandtlie llolyl-nnd
llucban's Pain. Pliys'ii.,ll.'ir'JnronM in t-aine,
Manual of pine Arm,
Alic'l Miiiiatteries,
Ietur.eon lbs Alt',
'I'mvels in Peru,
I'olar lierjimu,
.Vjbuii'a PhilosKphy.
;('liice Jiinjfrnpfty.
I'eruvian AnU'luilles,
Choice Exlraela,
A variety of 1 ocle. of fconders r-uer,
SIlO ' " Itradi-rs,
S',1) '' M'fJlllTey's iln.
L'.'jO " Web iter's Dictionaries.
Davles' Alflra,
' (ieoinelry,
'' Ihairdoa,
" Kurvej in'i
" cr iidre,
Tlioimu-.n's do.
Newman's Kli'toric,
Hoys no.
Parley's I' iiiv. History,
(ioodric-h's Piel. 11. H.,
Monleith's (ieoeropby,
"Utile hpeuker,'1
N. Americau .Speaker.
A Trosh Supply of Stationory.
i !),, U,ks. Jimniuls. J'ili'em, lleeonl Hooks,
Meiiiorundiiiiis. of all sues. Diaries, demote onil
i,elier I'niwr, Envelopes, I'eus, &.C., Ate. Kras-r
Knives, r.riisive I!ul,bcr, (Jumimd Labels, Fabcr's
Piueils, IMv, In 'turl and pint bottles.
Oregon City, August IH, IBaj.
r. S. & A. XXoUand,
DKAI.KP.S in Dry (ioods, Groceries, Boots
&. Mioes, Crocker)-, Uooks, Stationery, Scc.,
Mum Slreel, Urfgon l ily. Juuo JU, Itsoj.-y,
HaUolujah! Hallelujah I
rnllK Hullebiiuli. a new sinciuE book, by Low
I ell Musou just the lliliy f',r siueinir sclu,,lj
rorsaleat uejuj iii,u..i,io.
Progression, Progression, Progression
IS ever onward and they that do not make oil
ward i,m.'rei,.i"nre a l.ltlc liehindlbe liuic','
and fr the benelit of those lhat have a desire to
keen iid wilh this ' we have just received direct
frni New York the following list of HOOKS, of
which we eflcr at wholeso.c or retail, on terms to
Constitution of Mun, by Geo. Combe: Combe'
I,ee, on Phrenology) Domestic Lite Thoughts ou
its concord niiJ dotit; 1- amiliar l.owonu on i lire
noloL'V a,i, Psveholoirvi Love and Parentage: op
plied to the improvement of offupriiig ; Murriage :
its history and plulosoptiy, Willi uireeuons lor nap
py marriagre; Menioiy, and Intellectual Improve,
meut: Mental Science -, lectures on Ibe I'liiloso.
pby of Phriuiology J Maliiiuony: or Phrenology
aal PhveioWy applied, Sic. : Phrenology proved.
illustrated, ami applied ; I'lirenologlcal uide, Sic.;
Religion, Nuliual und Revealed ; Self-culture, and
lVrleulion of character : heir-iustructor in I lire.
uologyaud Physiology Temperance uiu) Tight
Lacing; Accidents und liuei'ciuics; Hydro,
pathic Cook Eooks ; Coiumption : its, pro.
venlion, u lid cure : CuricMities of roinmon wutcr :
Chuleru: itscuusc, Sic.; Doinestic Practico of
Hydropalby ; Errors of Physicians, &e. ; Experi
ence iu VnteMure ; Hydropalbic Family Physi
cian ; Ilydr putliic Eucvclopedia; Homo treat
nicnt for sexual abuses; Hygiene and Hydroputby ;
IntriKlactiou to the Wuter-cure; Midwifery, and
the Diseases of Women; Parents' GTiide, and
, v.i ihiitmn .iiaue Jjuey , I reiiuaucy
, iv,.,:,.. f u-, . ',.' .,.. ...
v "lC . lUr-cuir- ,V
Diseases ; utcr-cure in Every h
Childbirth Made Easy; Pregnancy and childbirth;
cure m Chronic
Known Disease ;
Water-cure .Manual; Aiuutiveuess: or, Evils aud
liemeilies, &.c. ; Combe on Infancy ; Combe's
i Physiology; Chronic Diseases ; Fruils aud l'uri
! nacea llie Proper Food of Man : Hereditary Do,
scent: its Laws, &c, Maternity : or the bearing
ana nursing ol clulilreu, iVc. ; ISutural Laws ol
Man: Phvuiolorv. Auimuland .Mental: Tobacco:
ils cited, &o. : Elunents of Animal Maanciism ;
rascinut.ou: or llie philosopliv of cliarming; Li
biary of Me;nurisin aud Psychology; Philosophy
of Mesmerism ; New illustrated Encyclopedia, com
plete in one vol. ; Spiritual Intercourse, X'hiloso.
pby of, Ac.; Fouiiliur Lessons on Astronomy;
Future of Nations, by Kossuth ; I lints towards Re
forms, by Greely ; Hopes und Hels lor Ibe Young
of both sexes ; llumuu Eights; Home forull, io.j
Labor: its history nud projects, iVc; Power of
KindiKbs ; omuu : her tuucatmu aud nil'.ueuec,
oie. t also
8 vols, Tvevelalious, by A. J. Davie, llie Clairvoyant.
8 " A ppioacbitig Crisis, "
8 " Iliirmoniul .Men, " "
8 " Special Providences, " "
8 '' Present A gj aud
Inner Life, " "
8" 1st, Groat Harmouia, " "
8 " 2d, " " "
(j 3d ii ii ii
June 30, 1855.-y F. S.& A. HOLLAND.
4(1 blf bbls N. O. sugar)
2U " " crushed "
5 bbls " "
40 malts No. 1 China sujar;
101) sacks Uio coliee;
I.MIIU lbs Eng. soapj
lUttU " taleratus:
10 cases olive oil;
4 " lobaeco;
1 " prunes;
2.'i CP. tea;
6 boxes yeast powders;
4 " candies;
lo " caudles;
4 bales shectiug;
1 " hickory;
1 " . blue drill;
1 " priuls;
100 doz. Coals' spool thread;
10 pieces alpacas and meriuocs;
Also, a lot of Bools aud Shoes, Crocker)-, Class
ware, and one or two other '-ictus" which w.. cnn'i
just now recollect. Uivc us a call, for we are de
termined to sell out.
feW F. S. A: A. HOLLAND.
Mcbaslupol lias l alltii !
4 K C1IAR.MAX & WARNER wish to
- ,10 cilwn, uf Oremni Pilv H ll,
i- . . B J -
' . B i. " ' "avB J""1 received a
J" f Gli"WS for
, 7'"' "," J1"'. iiiso, we nave rcceiveu a
'r'lhV s K,,x'eries, uch as Farina, Sugar
' "fiocoi -lnuu- Hoot, and a variety of other such
arucie loo nuinerous lo mention,
i Wo Imvo a Food nssori,..,ii nf I' I vev
GOODS for llie holidays, such as raisins, dales,
"Ci bottled pie fruits, raspberry preserves, and a
'-"'my ui oiner articles in tins line, smh as will
suit Ibe greatest epicure of Ihe laud. We have al-
so oa baud a good assortment of candies, and ore
receiving a supply nearly every steamer. So please
give us a call ; we will sell as cheap as any house
!" 0rrSa- 0llt motto is that a quick penny is
belter lloin n .I.;,e... "
W o arc now eonimencmir lo orenire in Ibe T?n.
Uery for Christmas, and shall have a good assort
ment of cuke. We shall also ke,. l,.l . ...
penor quality of butter crackers, Doston crackers,
and a so the sweet York crackers. Please o vo
oers tor Ihe above in good time. Our iirices shall
be reasonable, and the goods mai!e f ,lie b,s, ma.
terials m Oregon. vofll
Who Wants a C-ood Saddlo ?
' uir. sarcr,iH.r, hving five miles soulb-wvst of
m '5 b'JM"eM Making iu good earnest
. rps c011rla:"ly ou haud trfc best saddles thai
i-aiajeue, in 1 an, ,. count v. it. n.
vu . nuinacmred Willi tho materia!, at com
maud iu Oregon. Those wishing a genuine saddle
j warraute 1 to lii on both sides, and rigged out in
com:..ete style, cheap for cash, or good trade would
do wel to give me aeslL Sly shop is situated on
I lanilitiL
1 ITJ" 1 keen n.n tni.. In it.. i- .
ju,ri) rue, as
U-Ih-s, Martingale., Ilalten, Linen.,. &e
Sept '.0-SJu'. J. O. lltNDERsu.V.
A iuce Co ME LODE.
" -,:.l ow- K'"l"e t Ibe
CI TY VKI '12 x Tn o
1 )OWDER,t.-l i. d,,! cap,
A t' i -I -HOI,
Allan, IHCcRlnlajr tfc Co.,
nAVK iiwt received
od would Invito oJI those who lo iroeur
GOOD articles at reasonable prtew, to can sua
see Ibem. They consUt In partr llie following
grindstones canal A. win el bsrmws
grain cradbs fancy brooms
. i,. .( mkiIii ulula da
brush do do assort'd colon d palls
10 so harrows 23 tech
paimru inns
7-ina wash bourds
blacksmith's bellows
cross cut saws 7 It
do 6 ft
mill saws 7 ft
hair maltrasses double
do single
hair bolsters double
do single
sperm caudles
adamantine do
grape brand lubacco
lucke tobacco
garib n rukes
do lioi
do spades
polished shovels
iiuy forks
manure forks
window glues 8 by lft
do 10 by V2
do 7 by U
window sashes 8 by 1 0
do 10 by 12
ox bows and vnk
Ulieeliiiet Ticks, dc tfc.
And keep constantly on hand a large supply of
clothing, hardware, and many articles too aumcr
om to mention.
Oregon City, April ill, 1BM-Iy
Lato Arrival.
TV addition lo our present stock we ore now re
JL ceiving direct from New York, "ex cliper
II I, Plicnix, '
50 bbls. and half bble. X. O. Sugar
20 bids, crushed sugar;
111,000 11 Uiocoll'ee;
20 bbls. N O. niolawea; for sale low by
June GO-y Opjimite llie Land OlRee.
r A I1IH"S. Sunta Cruz Linio just received ami
fjv lor sale by
jei.3-10 WM. C. DEMENT &. CO.
Oregon 3acon.
1 AAA LHI'-rsulelry
100 boxes can lies,
20 bbts.poik, by
oct 12 WM. C. DEMENT & cm.
Ilgypliaii lVlivul.
FEW luahels fr sale by
novio nr. a vemcxt .j co.
A niri-u Climice
For lho$e engaged, or icUhlng to engage in
the v louring Uumuss.
WE have on hand ami for sale, Iho following
mueliniery for grist mills, which will be sold
low for cash, at eu a short time :
2 portable mills, complete :
1 run of four feel four iuch French Eurrs, with
spur wheel, 114 cogs, weighing lU'Ji lbs. ; with
spindle, pinion, brush aud oil-pot and collar.
1 run. same size, without piuiou. Ullier irons
the same us above.
ToL'cthcr with a general assortment of bands,
boliiug cloths, pulleys, gudgeons, wheels, couplings,
huugiiigs for boiling chests, fee, &.C.
in oilier words, every requisite necessary to the
compUtiou of a grlit mill by
M M. IMiJi.tlli.Vl co.
Opposite the Luud Office.
OneaoN Citv, Nov 2d, lbi5.
1 V "Susan Abigail" und bark ''('has. Dcvcus,"
from .San Fraucise'O, the following goods :
CV.OVFRIES:'M kgs E. li. syrup, S&8 gals.,
. ill) bbls ew Orleans do.
fitlllO IIm No. 1 Chiua sugar,
StilHi lbs bible sail,
200 boxes English and American soap,
20 cases pie fruit, sss',1,
2 gross P. i: 1). yeast powders,
5000 lbs tobacco, ass'd brauds,
100 hull boxes raia'iiH,
20 bbls and ball' bbls crushed sugar,
3 100 l'..s suleriltUS.
CROCKERY A General Awrtment.
DRY-GOODS. MO yds browu sheeting,
1000 yds tuliucls,
20JO '" prints,
10 pieces ulpacas,
50 pairs English blankets,
2U0 yds cuipctlng,
200 " oilcloth;
Together with a giticrul assortment of ready made
clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, and carpenters'
tools. 11 ,U. t-'. VJiMEK I d' CO.,
Nov. 10. Opposite l ie Laud Office.
To Arrivo
XTr'TIlIN a few days, direct from New York,
I I ex ciijiper ship "Uolden Euglc,"
400 giils. linseed oil,
1 j() gals. spts. turpentine,
SOU boxes window glass, (uss'd sizes,)
SOU kegs white leud. pure,
-','" giils. varnish,
QUO lbs beeswax,
iJ00 lbs resin, by Wm.C. DEMENT ico.,
oct 13. opposite tho Lund Ollico.
X bus. for sale by WM. C. DEMENT it- CO.
Mautii t'rnz Lltiie.
K fV KDIJS. for sale by
O J novl 0 WM. C. DEMENT & CO.
IN our bukery we keep constantly on hand
bread, crackers, cukes, pies, ic.
"BANDIES, mils, raisins, ofun excellent quality
x- jusi receiveo auu lor sale low bv
EECEIVED upou the urrival of every steam
er. Don't fail lo call on
INEKY TTIINO iu the hue of Groceries,
J as cheese, ull kinds of spice, sal soda, cabon
ate soda, saleiatus, cream tartar, Sic., ure sold at
flOYS, of dill'erent kinds, for sulc bv
Just Received.
Splendid ussorlment uf Family Groceries,
iJL such as tea, syrup, ugar, Slo. ; also rise
and coarse salt, cream tartar, apples, chili peaches
sardines, oysters, clams, yeast powder, also a lar,j
quantity of superior cheroot cigars, and tobaccoof
every brand-and almost every Ihing else in our
line of business-all of which will be sold as loW
as at any other place in town, for cash or pro
"nee. CUA'.tfV j- WARNER
BRASS and Iron Butts, Screws, Locks and
-SL Latches, Hammers and Haluhets, Axes,
.-.....jj-nnncs, uanasaws, Durry Combs, II,
Ilru.hes and Cards, Gun Locks, Gun Cuns.
un Cups, Wool
v-arus, tliest Handles, Plaucs. Ac
Carb. soda, lp;,er, Sp.ce, Alum, Borax, Cop.
Apriiit, lB.",5-llf
Just Rprelvi-d,
At the ' Old Stand,' Cauemah, April 2 1 , ' 55.
J- i ft Ltw- LiKbt Bruw Sugar,
1,W0 bushels oats, for sale wholesale or
To the Furuicra
YTE WOt'LP y, call .t , rtOT.;w.
f will lay vou wall (., v..
ii) 'other howo iu Oregon. .:,U will end, ,vor to
;ull as comi,wnil.. as we posi,lvcaD
Q ALERATUS, t,4Kicco, Bt hale cKsh.,,
JX. liiiieral Comuuasion Alreliauls,and wholes
sale end retail Dealers iu Dry Goods, Urocerieay
Hardware, A e., Ac.
( fioorge T. Allan.
Oregon City, -May 5. i ArebihaM M'K.ulay.
( Thomas Lowe.
L rieollsbiirg, L:nivjua, Oregon.
4 ELAN. M'KIXLAY U CO., Champ,.,,,
J.Y Oregu Territory. . May 5.
DEALER In Hardware, Croeericf, Dry Cad,
Clothing, IlooU & Shoes, Medicines, Hooka
and Htnlioncrr.
Main-st., Oregon Cily, April SI, 1835-Ilf
Wm, O. Dement 6c Co.,
WHOLES ALE and retail Dealer, in Grocor.
les, Provisions, ralnls, Oils, Jiooi, ln(s
Khoes, Crw kery, &o. Opjiosite the Land Office,
Main St. Oregou Cily. June 1, 1853.
ATToaasr and cocksslos at law,
Lafayette, Yamhill County, O. T.,
WILL faithfully attend to all business eav
trusted to bis professional care.
April 21, 1855-ltf
ll'Wrsa.V if. Retail Dealer in Gneeriv, Produce-,
J'rotitioni, ij-c. Main Street.
A General Assortment kepi up of Selccted-Cood
Cancmali, December 1, 1855. '
CA. REED 4. CO., sueaMn to Fellow,,'
, Reed if Co., dealers in Drugs and .Medicine!.
Hoolia and Slationery, Paiiils, O.I, &e. PWta.ii.
lur alienlion paid to compounding medicines.
ruierii, .-ov. a 4.
Wens, Fargo d- Co.'s Express,
Deticrcn Oregon, Calilornia, the Allantiq
Suiln mi l Eirone.
HAVING uilileadvuntngeo
arrongeniM,!. will, the l1,;t,
Ernies and rucilic ill ail
.,,. v ..,,.. lor imn-p .nation, we are now nr..
I,ircd to l'nrurr.l ISM I.... M..II. .. I .
ii I iiuuioii, ispteie.
V V -'' to ana noin N
iork, N.Orlcuns, San Irauc.scn, Portland, and
Jinncipal towns of California un I Otenoa
ri. .,. i. i- " .
," "r" J. ' Mress between
Portland and San hraueiNco. la disuiti,l,i.a I...
Pucilic Mail SiiuuihipCo.'sliiuhipColuiiibis
connecting at San I'ranoisco wilh our semi-inoiilh'
ly Impress lo Neu York and New Orleanr, which
is disialrhed regularly on the 1st aud Kith of each
moulh, by Ibe until steaniera and iu charge of our
own iiiostengors, through lo destination.
Our Exirciot from New York leaves regularly
on Ibe 5lb and 20lh of each month, ulso in charge
of nit sscu.'ers. "
Treasure ir.snred In Ibe best New York er..-.
panics, or ut Lloyd's in Loudon, ut the option of
Omers New Yoik. No. IC. AVII v
Orleuiw,No. I l.Exchuuge place) Sua Fraucisco,
No. 114, Montgomery street.
J. N. HANKER, As,t
Oreg,.n City, April 21, 18i5.-llf
Tclq Steamer Fortland,
Will run daily betweeu Porlland and Oregon Cily.
Leaves Portland at eieht o'clock, a. m. lteturn.
ing. leaves Oregon ("iiy at four o'clock, r. ,
fur freight or passage apply on board. ap2Iltf
Oregon Citg and Porlluml Daily Packet,
'li tionnie ciam,
Will ruu duily, (Sunjuys excepted.) iu the above-
named trade, leaving Oregon City every day at 8
o'clock, 4. M. Eeturniag, will lruve Portland al
2 r.M., touching u all intermediate points.
J'or Ireiglit or iujuge u;,p!y un board. np'Jl-tr
New Vcluunes cf tho Tour Reviews
and Blackwood.
COMMENCE with North Ilritish for May,
is:,5, ami the other Reviews uud Blackwood
for June, lc'55.
I emit of Subterinthn. Anv one Review of
lSlackwood, :) a year, llluckwood and one Re
viewor uny two Reviews, $.'1. The four Re
views und Uluckwood, 11). ' Four copies lo oue
Postngo ou the four Reviews nud Blackwood to
any Post office in Ibe L'uiled Slates, only 60 cents
a year on each Review and !M cents a year on
Address, L. Scott & co., Publishers, 54 Gold
street, corner Fulton, New York sep8
Reading for the Million.
sroiiE, FRoNT-sr, poiitlanu, ohsoon,
A Choice selection of Popular Books, News
la. papers, Slagazincs and Fancy Stationery.
Among the books on hand will be found works
on Temperance, Agriculture, Horticulture, History-,
Poetry, Biography, Medicines, Religion,
Science, School Books, Romances, io., &c, ic.
ILTSubscriptions received for Harper, Graham,
Codey, Leslie's, or Putnam, at 4 a year, pos
ae free.
lET Subscriptions received for any newspaper
published in any part of the Union.
Remember tlio Fiunkliu Rook Store and News
paper Agency, Front street, Porllaud Oregon.
tSf'A p.iced catalogue will be published early
in April, and will be sent to uuy part of Ihe lerri.
lury free on application.
Ladies !
T7"OU will find an exoclleut assortment of Dreu
JS. and Bonnet Silkt, Satin and Velrett; also
Bonnet Trimming!, Hosiery, Glocei, Lacct and
Ribbons, Table Cloths, Counterpanes, etc., at the
store of CHARLES POPE, Jr.,
(Slain-st., opposite Abernetby's store,) where may
bo fouad almost everything iu the line of
! v Ciooh;
Such as Prifils, Ginghams, Alpacas, 5Ietinoi
1 laid Liueeys, Muslim, Sattiuotts, Jeans, Flnni
n's, neeiings, Bed Ticking, Hickory Striiti,
'-otton Batting, tto.
Oregou City, April 21, 1855-ltf
Medicines for Sale By
vii.akljs fVVE, Ja.
I'lior, Gum Arabic. British ,.M T ..11; II.,, a.nn.
dd preparation, Roman eye balsom, Ualley's pura
extractor, Laudanum, Paregoric, Oil of Pepper
mint, Essences, Composiiion Powders, Carlei'a-
uuiiouiiry iiaisom, &ulpliur, hpsom Salts. &c.
April "I, lgJO-uf '
.War A.g ainst Hard Times I
The Place to Get your Money Back.
CHARMAN & WARNER are now carrying
business at their old slaud, where they are still de
termined to deal on terms to suit the limes. Out
motto is, "a nimble sixuence is k ii.r ih.n . !
shilling;" and we are determined to tell, if we do
sell upou a very small profit. We are keeping ev
I IKS, Jte., Ate., that were ever manufactured out
of flour. We keep also all kindsof GROCERIES,
such as Sugar, Cod'ce,. Tobacco, Cigars, Raisins,
apion, besides many Drugs and .Medicines. (Ws)
du t keep any "quack" medicines, however.) W
have bought out the other bakery, and intend te 6a
op another establishment soon. The press of bus
iness u so grcal that we are compelled lo ' spreud
oum-l res" over a larger plalfonD.
O" Country produce bought and sold.
Tu uo trouble to show "ictaa." Call and try Us
Oregon City, October 13, lSao. '
10COANCT3, Bananas, anj other tropical
fru.a, jiaa revived from Sandwich IslamU
fej ANDS' Sarsaparilla, Peck's Wild Cherry Bit
lers, Dalemau'a drona Hm,Hrii.' niu. r
!, Perry's Tcrmifue. Oiml.M,. V1..-
o. y .a. IIVLLJ.ND 4. - .1 , r. S. $ 4. UOLLXNffS,