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Until i-HJ, Kalartay, May , lSS.
ifte 64'
8. J. MoCoa mici, J'orttaiul.
J. U. Mcltnwa, hifuijttle.
C A- KltHD, Hulem.
Wm. 1Ulow, SIMla,
).;, W. Wanna, br (7ri-.
IR. Mkllt, lllmmntjlon.
J. K. Miarnr, huUirdnvt.
Amos Ilaavev, ' Pi.
Solomon Allkn, Im'y.
J. K. l'TLK, .
L A. lfic, Jackmnvllle.
II. IIaiiis, Cincinnati.
Jvtxil 8ELLlita, Yrrlca, Cul.
Jo. It. l'amo.i, WW Co. .
It. A. N. 1', Ouleihury, HI.
Tot Delegate to Oongreu,
ft Pru. Alltrmry, Ut Judicial Out.,
of Clarion County.
XV llaagl dfc ., Agents far soliciting
for Advertieamentj, aud collecting for Ilia nine,
T Merchant at., Han Franeiscii, Col.
A nut Man' Oplilaa at H.
"A eorreapondenl, high-minded and piuui
g' nllenieo, writing to ua from Jacksonville, apealu
of Iha Argus u follows: Onft Statesman.
'Tha foul villainy of that Oregon Argua ought
t ba kaowi I all tha honest world, Private ti
tan (at Wait pririla letter) waa received iu Ihia
valley, from Iha editor, making a very strong ap
:peel to Ilia native aanlimant, giving broad aasu
ranora ef tha Inlantkia la taka tha "American
aide," la politioa, aa Ilia niaia abjeel for which the
fsjaer was started.' " a
Nov ba it known to ill tho world, that tbe
statement mado in tha above extract from
t!d "pious" (I) correspondent i not true.
"We liave norcr written but ono private let
ter to Jacksonville, in relation to our puer.
That letter was written to L. A. Kick, Esq.,
.and any person wlio will produce it, and
bow that we gave "assurances of our in
tention to tnko tbo American tide iu poli
tics, a tlio main olijrct for tcliieh the jHiier
VHit itarted," will bo paid $100, whenever
.tbe letter ia shown, sustaining tbo above as
sertion. That letter was sent to Judge
Rice, together with a prospectus we got out
tail October, aolely fur tho purpose of ex
plaining fully and honestly the position wo
calculated to occupy upon the American
question. The proiiectus In-fore alluded to,
whilst it stated, that we should bo nr-utnil in
what is commonly tcrmtd jnirty jiolitics,
(what auy sensiblo man would any was "nei
ther vhiy nor democrat?) at tbo samo time
moat positively "reserved to ourstlf tho right
of making such comments upon tbe ncU of
any and all associations, and of government
officials, aa might be deemed just and prop
er." We are ready to admit, thai if wo lad
used tho word indejxndent In jmlitici, it
might have been less liable to misconstruc
tion, but t the tamo time, would huvo no
more legitimately set forth our position than
was done in our prospectus.
8uch was the light iu which it was viowod
by every man who hail any knowledge of the
laws of philology. In fact, a highly intelli
gent clergyman, who has long resided in
-Oregon, aud was once in his lifctimo au ed
itor himself, aud wJlo wo presume to any is
equally "piows" with the Statesman' cor
respondent, and who has left tho democratic
parly oil account of its corruptions, Informed
'til that bo fully understood tbe position we
-would occupy, as soon as ho saw our pros
pectus hut fall.
The Statesman's correspondent goc oil to
complain of us for violating our promises,
to advocate the "promotion of good men."
W'oll now aa tbo Statesman itself tins do
dared It to 1 the olicy of the K. N7 to
"elect good men to ollicc," might wo not
satuly advocate tlio election of K.N. candi
........ . v...vAj nuuuui uomg violence to our
plodgesl and aa we have occasionally t
.- mo uoeriy to recommend the support of
gooa men lorotnce, of both tho old volilieal
tlBrtsaUI. ItntW ABM MA l.A ..1 1 . I
v ng lNJ viwreu -fill! UHVlllg
atwii irom our logttiumto sphere f
ttr i . 1
n e anow exactly where the shoe pinches
It such demngoguea as this Jaeksonville
wresjHindent. If we should retail ah-
stracl tanierance lecturea from week to
-weak, advising the good people Mx ,0
!riuk any liquor, only "hcn they felt as
though they needed a little, and a littl,
would do them good," at the samo time ad
ising them to be careful and never mix up
lemperanc witH politics, bv votinrr for a Uui-
feranc man In preference to a drunkard,
or one who lend hia influence to the sup
port of vice, we should be called a very
clever fellow.
Such a course would not endanger the
rt(t by which theae political Judawe make
tliair bread. Only leave them in poasoaaion
of ihebeg, ,d they are satisfied.
We should be gratified to know precisely
ia what arAoof of religion to pU-e this pj.
ous- corre.pol.Wnt We used to read, when
a ooy, ol a -1-.OU, Kneru," wlu., Virj-il rep.
ing U eng.grJ much of h j
t!.,.. in such reliirious exercw as loowng
into tho iuttstinet of aniuial, in search of
such augurioe as Indicated the wishes nn.j
t.t ,U od Ju nitr. We have al
so read somewhere in tho writings of an old
fashioned author called I'aul, wmcthing
about a school of religionist, or " pious "
men thut existed in his day, whose "god was
their belly." Iu moderu times wo hear of
religionist who aro said to worsbipsome po
litical demagogue, for tho lake of the
"loavea and fishes." Theso might I classed
off under the head of tlio "pious" worship
era of Mammon.
Now, if thia "pioua" man will inform us
to which of the three eburcbee above allu
ded to he belongs, we will see that his name
is immediately enrolled iu the proper cal
endnr among his brother saints, and inugly
stowed away in it approprinto niche. The
member of all these churche are of ono
common parcntape, and tho religious pedi
groe of thit correiondeiit i easily made
out, from ihe fact that he has knowingly,
wilfully, and maliciously, stated a falsehood
concerning us, in the extract which we pub.
lihh. All uch characters are said to be of
their "fnther, the Devil," but tho only diffi
culty with us, is, iu not knowing exactly
in what church to locate him.
J Mat'a Teasaeraaca rrlacleles.
Iliia low Hung obuM.lliia vileat of blackguard
ism k from a proTMardly neutral paper, with John
1'. GaW name flying at it mast-head, suJ tern-
nvranca democrats are aaksd to aupuortit a "the
temperance (spar." The Devil, with leas eHronl
ery could ask for aid aa a niiuister of I'hriat Out
upua such detceUiule hypoeracy and b;uw villainy.
Thar ia not a man, woman or child in Oregon,
who kaowa Gen. Lane, who doee not know that
b Is a temperate moral citiien Ortgun Statii'
Wo have long since learned that before
disputant join issuo upon a proposition
many lengthy debate would Lo saved by a
niutuul understanding of tennt. Taking
your meaning of tho term "temperunce" and
we will, for tho snko of no argument, con
cede thut Lnno is a temperuuee man, most
of tho time, at any rate, thut is, ho is uot a
confirmed lot, wallow ing from day to day
in tlio miro. In fact wo know not that he
could hardly be said to be ndrunkurd, as we
heliovo it takes about a gallon to removo
his ceulro of gravity, aud wc dou't suppose
that we could provo that ho generally "bears
about in his body" moro than about three
qtutrti at a time I So you see thcro is no
issuo when tho tcrmt aro understood.
A tempcrauco man in this city, nud a man
of high atnuding, informed us this week,
that Lane, during his rcsidonco hero was tho
means of making more drunkards than any
grog-sol lor in town. I To snys that Lnno bus
actually insulted him, by motioning and
beckoning him behind tho chimney, and
!u!iirt te ...1 liim li l.itn nwir. nt tl.n It...
J O uiiii w Hmv w-nnig v luu Ju$,
which ho kept constantly on hand for the
purposa of soaking himself and treating his
friend. With your t'iew of tcinperatieo,
however, ho is certainly a remarkably tern
porntc, (0 man, although, as wo stated bo
fore, a denr lover of grog-shops.
t.C.ouie out of Her my People."
We ask tho candid attention of tho reli
gious community, to tho communications
signed "Kirk mail," which wo publish to
day. They wero written by an intelligent
gentleman, who has left tho dust and smoko
of tho political lialiylou in Oregon, and
taken a proud position on tho side of virtue
and political roform: Ho assures us that his
neighbors nro so disgusted with tho organ
of tho party in powor, that nono of them nl
low tho Siatesmau to como into their fami
lies. They havoa club made up, consist
ing of a number of gentlemen, who throw
iu euough each to pay for ono copy, which
is always left in a certain box in one corner
of tho post-olliee, and whouever they have
occasion to examiuo any ef the laws, or es-
tray notices it contains, Ihoy go to tho box,
and after examining it, return tho filthy
tiling to tlio box to await the next comer.
There must be some "pure ami undefilcd
religion iu that neighborhood.
loc it not speak poorly for tho virtuo
and intelligence of our citizens, who hav
elected legislators to oflico, who have becu
willing, merely for the sako of "party favor"
to conliuo the territorial printing to a jour
tiul which chrittiuns, and even wortif iufi
dels, are uuwilliug to iutroduce into .their
families, but are compelled to keen boxed up.
as mey wouut box up a basilisk f
.1 .
-We were honored with a call from the
ditor ef the "Democratic Standard," on
Thursday last. To hia subscribers who mar
wish to hear from him before his next issue,
we are happy to say he it quite as well as
usual, with theexceptions of a dreadful cold
ud the fact that tho latest new, from the
South, ha produced in hi miiid," certain
fearful looking fur, and hastouinc unto tha
ceuiing of the d.y of (political) retribution."
The K-hooner Matthew Vassar. U. :..
arrivej at Tortland. with . f..n ,
poods losuit the trade.
"- uu (.argu
Kr wOl War next week.
our trreort.
have surrendered much of ou
rial r-ace this week to Jur corrospoiidt-uU,
T ; eST W. stiil baiting!
.. :ii inii,ni inu mora
communication on hand which are crowded
llicso time aro so exciting that all of our
communication have decidt-dly s politicnl
oe wine , " -.
right, have warmly enlisted in favor of tho
election of Gov. Gaes. If any thing ia
wauling to fully enlist every virtuous wo
man in Oregon on our ido, it Is only an op
portunity of carefully perusing the organ
of Lane, printed at Corvallis.
The lust insuo of tliat aheet bear tho
most uumiatakcable evidcuce that it uc
ce ia foregone conclusion. "Samuel"
bo planted hi fangs deep in his uble
"calves," at last, and ho la'now writhing in
the ngonio of death. In hit 'foaming out
of hit own shame" he.bhudlj strike4nJt
i.ii at iha Aruus. and exhibit hi usuaT,,
horror for "cold water."
We hopo our Corvalli friend will "give
him plenty of room" in hi last convulsion.
Fur the Argut.
T the OrrgOB CU-my.
Rev. Csntleme.i : It it with pain and
astonishment that I have witnessed the un
manly attacks which have txen mado on
Your body. And now thnt a channel is
opened through which wo can speak one to
another, 1 wish to utter a word of encour
agement. ..Your approprinto work it ono
that involve great labor, and, also reproach.
Your great Master and tho holy AjxHtles
were assuilcd as agitators, and disturbers of
the peace as "turning tho world upsido
down." Your case is then not odd.
To you God baa committed the religious
moral, and social well being of tho people.
Not only tho work of conversion, mid tho
edification of the church, but tho moral re
form and the social improvement of the
community belong especially to you. You
arc God's husbandmen. And you are bound
not only to plant, and water, nud hoc, but
also to clear away tho brush, old logs, and
noxious weeds, in your Master's field. You
are Cod's ghepherds. And your duly is
uot only to feed tho flock, but also to drive
away the wolves that would devour it. You
aro God's watchmen. Aud you aro requi
red to proclaim with trumpet tongue the
approach of danger to the cnuso of Christ,
and tho souls of men. Do. buttle, then, for
temperance, humanity, aud right, as valiant
and brnvo-henrtod men. Tho satellite of
tho rum faction will clamor, the pamlerers
to lust will howl, the hirelings of tho op
pressor will trnduco, and corrupt-hearted in
fidels will sco IT, but what should all this be
to you I " lijesscd nro ye when mon shall
revilo and persecute you."
Tho tempuranco reform, prohibitory laws,
nud other wholesome moral legislation you
should always advocate. Politicians find it
easier to trucklu to tho vices of men than to
advocate reform, aud they will never de it.
Our hope is in your efficiency. If you do
not work on, and pationtly, wo must ulti
mately sink so low in moral pollution that
tho arm of Mercy will scarcoly evor reach us,
And whilo you nro battling for tho right
let tho cry of humanity, let tho voico of
ignorant, ragged, rum-made orphans, let
tho agonizing wail of tho heart-broken wive
and widows of drunken men, lot tho dying
groans of tho rumcd drunkards themselves,
let all theso ring so loud and shrill in
your ears as to render you wholly deaf to
tho curs let loose from tho political kcuncl,
and barkinre nt vnnr 1,p..L Tl,..
' ' "v" I
uarm you ; they aro toothless ; and in
a few more moons thoy will lick your hand
lor n few small crumbs of political influence.
You are iu tho right, Y'our success is cor
tain. Then go ahead.
A Suoiestion. Tho anniveranrina nf ilm
Oregon Benevolent Societies will lie hold at
Corvallis on tho 5th, 6th, and 7th of Juno.
iMinisters generally take pleasure in attend
ing theso meetings. Suppose thon that all
the earnest working ministers of Oregon at
tend these anniversary meetings, and while
thero hold a ministerial meeting, to discuss
their rights aud duties, both as ministers aud
A inerican citizens ; so that there may be en
tire harmony and concert of action in all the
work of charity aud labors of love to which
they are called. KlUKMAN.
We do hope that our Christian friends
will forgive us for the space we have taken
up this week in noticing the oran of the
' Clique" that is trying to plunjre iu mur
derous steel into the vital of Christiauity.
We could n't very well help it, but will trv
to do better next time.
0t rortlam Price f.arreat
Iay be relied on as givinsr a correct state
of the price below. It i vrr.v.ii ..
a viivh,u no Ji
ten as there is any change iu the market, by
a gentleman who can be depended upon,
It iVirml.l I J .t ...
--...v. inumuereu mar, uie rnees
given only erubrao the fat articles, whilst
articles of an inferior quality are told as you
KMl llglll ou cu.-ips. '
La.e bwww
KblTOE OF THE AeoX'S '''"' ! 1 PO-
ticed that the Statesman hn ituted, that
the government was at no expense in bring
Ing Joaeph Lauo to Oregon, when he camo
out a Governor of our Territory.
. . . . . i. 1. !,'
i in it ihp rrnni ueiiii: uv umhiii- ,
(La.o)ii well known to have been kdi .oik
a . . .
with an escort of ftlountuiu Miiemen, i.uui.
Ilnwliiiii in command, and Doct. lluydeii,
iforuiu, ami Lieut. Hawkins, arrived at As
toria, with some six or eight soldier.
Cituocs wcrb purchased at Astoria for
transporting tho company to Orogon City.
Dy Mr. Uawkim' account, Lano and hi es
cort wcro brought up from Astorin to this
city, at a eot of from ono thousand to twelve
hundred dellar to tlio Uovcrnmcni.
I huvo a distiuct recollection of theso
fuel, at I acted at Mr. Hawkins' fiscal
agent afterwards.
Oregon City, May 13, 1835
UoU Discovered So Uuutbai
Mr. McKiulay of this city, hauded ut a
table spoonful of black metallic sand, which
was tent to him by a half-breed who has
been prospecting on tho Columbia, ucar
Fort Colvillo about five hundred miles
above. Tho tand sec mod to be what a
minor would call "rich." We applied
quick-silver, to it, and took out thrco grains
of pure gold, worth ten or twelve cent.
The gold wot very fino, the biggest piece
Imiug not larger than a pin-head.
The half-breed sent it to Mr. McKiulay
for the purpose of getting his opinion as to
tho character of tho metal. He sends word
thnt if it is gold there is plenty moroTvhere
it cume from.
Wo hnvo long been of the opinion thnt
rich mines existed on tho head waters of the
Columbia nud Missouri rivers,
We talked with an old mountaineer in
California, six years ago, who told us that
ho had often passed over a largo section of
country, on the head waters of tho Yellow
stone, of precisely tho samo nppearniico of
the richest mining regious of California.
We aro no prophet, nor the son of a
prophet, but wo will venture the prediction
that there is a regiou far to tho north cast,
rich iu mineral resources, which awaits the
visitof Anglo Saxon enterprise.
The half-breed who brought in tho gold
has loaded a number of horses with provis.
ions, and returned to tho "diggings."
Who b..S.VMHl,
Wo have concluded to give the lion. Mr,
Kenneth Rayncr, of X. Carolina, a part of
our editorial space, this week, for the bene
fit of those who may bo upon tho political
'anxious bench," and honestly enquiring
after "Sam." To those, who nro ignorant
of hit real character, nud who are "travail
iiigin paiu to bo delivered" from tho shack
les of party slavery, wo commend it as an
excellent description of a political lender,
whoso "yoke is easy, and whose burthens
are all very light."
liogartn nimseit coutun t liavo itrnwn a
moro graphic and' life-liko picture of this
young champion of human liberty.
But we'll not detain you any longer, fc
wo know you want to be reading it :
"Thero is a certain pereonage abroad in the luud
at the sound of whoso voice the shackles of party
drop from the hands of our people, like those of
Pnul end Silus at Uio approach of the angel. XU
though the echo of hia footstep ia not heard, yet
to the demagogue and party hack, he is as terrible
as an "army with banners." He is no magician,
and yet the toueh of his wand, like that of the
s'ar 01 lmum'' C!,u9e ",e ma,lt 10 "P
the face of li
ivpocrisy, and exposes eelfuliness and
partinau bigotry in all Its deformity. -He comes
with his 'fan in his hand, aud he purges his floor,'
as ho goes. They call him 'Sum.' But it is not
"Uncle Sam."
Uncle bam venerable in years, with sound
head and an honest heart. Uut he is growing old,
bent in form, bowed down with the hoavy burdens
whioh the lazy, tho avaricious, tha cunning and
aeltish, havo heaped upon hia shoulders, and com
pelled him to bear. Thia pereonage to wlujni I
allude, is hia first born and dutiful eon. lie has
come to his father's relief. With all the wisdom
and honcely of his aire, ha poaseaaes the buoyancy,
and vigor, and the atrength of youth. Ilia mua-
ciea are elastic, aud hit ainews ore tough. Hia
rmiaaion is to visit every city, town, and hoiulel in
the land. He equally at home in the mansion of
the great, and tlio cottage of the lowly, lie takes
his eeat at the council-board of the wise, and
ministers at the couch of the alllieled. Hu whispers
the word of hope, which crvea the arm of the
mechanic iu hia workshop, and walka beside the
farmer aa he turns up the furro-a of hia field.
Ilia march ia ever onward. He paaaee rivers at
a bound, aralea mountains at a leap, and through
wamp and forest ha never loot hia way. He
never stops, except to drop a tear upon tha grave
or some revolutionary hero, for bis heart ia aa ten
der as his nerve are atrong. He watcbe around
our dwellings when wo are asleep, and slumber
never weighs heavy on hia eyelids. He carries in
his hand the flag of his eouutrv, which has euoftcn
withstood tbe battle and the breeze.
The halo of freedom beams upon his countenance
and the t semiea of the Union fly at hia coming,
like kilea aud crows ate eagle's swoop. He
never strikes without warning, but when he do.
the edge of his claymore seven joints and manow,
aud a hecatomb falls at every blow. The creed '
of h a f,th, is the euuslilutioa of his country, and I
Luther and Washington are hi. two great ex-1
.alar of religious liberty and civil freedom.
K,t,nlha chicanery of nud-
. walU
.......j u i.uilt too hiirli fcr him to scale.
thtlm'I"'e"ue row dumb Ul"1';
..! bkh..iV miter oJ Jnuita robe faU
I from U.a he.l of , ii-lnc ad bulking
knavery at it touch. JUcneer w -
h..nea, tha paUi-tir, and the good, with the .mile
l...natl fill
couulrv., de, toihe
I.vurtrincal. the Klfuh, he p
their day of doom. After having g-ma in oeaunou
round, he will finish his labors hf huhlng with tha
thongs of popular iudiguatiou, from the temple of
leuuluticn at Waabiiiifloo, those ho have beta
dcaecraliug freedom's llani by offering victims to
DoLtical idol. After such a Herculean labor, b
" at I .r I
will need a least four years' re-oe, which be wul
peud in tli 'White lloulle., .
Whin he retire (rain to private life, bo will
l.... hia mii( dmonition with hi oouulrymen
to preeervo our uutituU'oiie from tho evil and cor-
- r an CaUeic ln.
, J ,d w mantaiu and defend tha Union, to
,l..ri.h a cordial, habitual, and Immoveable at
tachment to it ( accuatoniing Uiemtvlve to think
aud apeak of it, a Ihe palladium of their politic!
anfety aud pronperity J ud watching fur it pre
aervation wilh jealous anxioly.'
I am, with much regard, your sincerely,
wVarutcr" ou ! Aiai.
Wikciiestk, 0. T., May 9th, 1855.
Pea Sia-Sinee I wrote you last, but little of
interest haa trun.ired in thia part of the country
aside from noliU'cs, except a fatul accident which
occurred a few mites north of here.
Mr. Elisha Williumsou, was riding a vicious horse,
which suddenly look fright, threw him off aud
fmniun-d hia akull. Ho died ia a few momenla.
llora racing, with Its accompanying vice bos been
practiced lo a great extent in thia neighborhood
of late, aud it bio be hoped that this aad casualty
will ba a warning to those engaged in it. Mr.
Williamson was an estimable citixeu aud leaves a
family to mourn hi loss.
tio election ever held in thia county lias caused
the Bumo excitement that (hi ono does. The
interest felt ia very generul aud both parlies will
uo doubt strain every nerve to secure the success
of their candidate.
Iu this county Daniel Stewart, (l)em.) is nom.
iuulcd against James Cole, (Whig) for Kepreacu.
tative. The latter Is very popular, much better
qualified for the office than hia opponent, and in
any other, than so strung a demoemtio county as
this, would I think surely bo elected. The result
ia most doubtful.
Levi Scott (Whig) of Umpqua Co., is running
agaiust II. E O'llryuut (Dem.) of this Co., for
Council. I was in orror m stating in my Inst that
Chupman wm tho democratic candidate in Um
pqua Co. for the lower house. A Mr. Coiad
is the nominee. Underwood is the whig nominee
as stated.
Gen. Lano and On. Guinea have returned
from Rogue River. They spoke the day before
yesterday at this place, yesterday at Culupooia and
Yoncullu, and to-day they aro to speak some
where on the coast fork of the Willamette.
I don't think Gen. Lane seems in as good
spirits as when he weut out at all events his man-
nor is not so confident as it waa then.
I w as astonished to hear him deny yesterday iu
tho mot positive terms that he came from California
in 1851 to run against Mr. Thurston. Gaines as
serted that ho did aud I.ane denied, whereupon a
little discussion ensued ending in an issue of
veracity between tho two gentlemen. Neither
would reced and I am very curious to know who
waa right.
I was not in the country at the lima nud of
coursu know nothing about it, but I have always
understood that if Mr. Thurston had lived Gen
Lano would have been his opponent.
Lano conies out warmly in favor of the Xe
braska Bill, which I regret very much. I dii!
hopo that upon this all important question of
Slavery there would be no divisiou of sentiment
among the people of this territory and that all par
ties, all creeds and nil sects would combine to keep
the curse out of our laud. But sineo tho question
has been ugitated I am astonished to find what a
number of people are iu favor of thtitwbill. If the
question of slavery or no slavery were submitted to
the people to-day the struggle would be a close one
in this country.
Your position, Sir, as editor of a paper which
owes no allegiance to whig or democrats, giveu
you an influence which no other man has. May
not we who love the right, who behove that all
men were bom alike free and equal, hope for that
influence on our side ?
The national issues upon which the old parties
divided have become obsolete, neither whigs or
democrats any longer regret them. Ought not
tlio Anti-Slavery and Temperance men to unite in
organizing a party devoted to tlio furtherance of
their principles? A FARMER,
Ex pods.
Ed. Abgus Dear Sir: We give you
below mem. cargo Bark C. Devans, recently
loaded for San Francisco, and carrying out
ono of the largest cargoes of produce which
has ever left our Territory.
lours, Arc, G. A. & Co.
12,797 quarter sacks flour.
19D sacks seconds.
3i!5 oats.
25 packages butler and egga.
3,000 lb leather.
2 lota Furniture.
20,00 feet lumber, on deck.
Oregon City, May 17, 1855.
Fnr It. J-...
31k. Ewtob: Almoran Hill, residing
near Wapato Lake, Washington county, it
the owner of a cow which gave birth to a
heifer calf, a few days since, which is hard
to beat. It weighed and measured, when
oniy lorty-eignt hours old, as follows
Length, from point of bins to crown of
Head, three feet, three inches hcighth, two
feet, eight and three-eighth inches. Weiiht
one u"uJred and eighteen pounds. .
HUUboro'May 8, 1S50.
I'uttlUal l)tfcat.
Wo clip the following from tho "Suites
man,'' for hut aomu of our reader mny not
see it.
Theso apwintmoiiU woro nuwln for Lane,
without ever conferring; with tlor. Gaine.
Lane nwured liuiuc at Jacksonville, thatbe)
hod left hi hod Nat Lauo to confer with the
other candiduto, ami umke the uomiiinliona,
but, true to thoir incaking political policy
they proceeded to uiuko tho appointment
for Lnno without cvor mentioning tbo mat
tor to Jov. Uninc, although Nat Lane saw
Gov. Cuine n he passed up country! Gor
Gaine will, however, (Deo volentc) uot bo
very far off nt the titno those appointment
are filled, and wo hop that every body, tut
and near, will attend them and hoar for
themselves. Pou't fail to go and hear both
sides. 'Twill do you good :
Democrats Attend'
JOSEPH LANE, DanocMTio Ckdiot
ro DeLforra, will addreas hia fellow eiuxeu at
the time nd place named below t
Ijifayelle, Yamhill Co., Taeaday, May W, I. . j.
At Smilh's blacksmith shop, north fork of Yamhill,
Wednedey, May 23, l.r. . '
Tualatin Academy, Fores Grov, Wahlngtti
County, Thursday, May 24, 1. P. sl.
llillaborough, Friday, May 25, 1. 1. at.
Portland, Saturdny, May 28, 1. f. .
Milton, Columbia Co., Monday, May 88, 1. P. at.
Columbia Slough, at Lewi Love', Muilnoinah
Couuly,.Wdudy, May 3D, 1. P. n.
Milwnukic, Thuwluy, May 31, 1. p. .
Oregon Cily, Friday, June 1, 1 P.
Harrison Wright', Mulalla, Sat'y, June 3, 1. p. af.
litanies ef Teaiweraace Heeling, OretOB
City, May i t5S.
At a meeting of tire Clackamas County
Temperance Society, and friend of Temper
ance generully, held in the M. R. Church,
tho committee appointod at a previous meet
ing presented tho following a their report :
"A Convention of citizen from various
parts of the county, favorable to political
action on the question of Prohibition, con
vened at two P. M., May 8th, in tho upper
room of the Drick Store.
J. K. Hurford, Esq., was chosen as chair
man, and T. Pope, secretary.
After nn interchnngo of view, and intel
ligence from various precincts, tha following
resolution wm discussed nnd unanimously
Resolved that as tempcrauco mon wo
re-nllirm our intention now ami always to
bring the question of Prohibition to tho
polls, until success is attained :
Thut we disclaim all such connection with
Party ns demands n surrender of this point,
and that so long ns Prohibition is uot u
wntch-word of either of tho political pnrtiee,
so long wo expect to nomiimto a distinct and
scpnrato Temperance Ticket for members of
the Legislature.
Ou motion, W. T. Matlock,' Esq., was
unanimously chosen.
It was then proposed to select tho names
of four gentlemen, to ho waited on by a com
mittee, in order as elected, beginning with
tho first, who should bo solicited to become
candidates for tho Legislature, on tho Tem
perance Ticket, and with the pledge on their
part, to openly advocate tho piusago of a
Prohibitory liquor law during the canvas's,
and iu tho legislature if elected, Tho two
names first asscnliug to such nomination to
be placed on tho Temperanco Ticket, to
gether with tho name of W. T. Matlock,
if ratified by tho meeting to convene on
Friday evening, May 11. , .
The following gentlemen were thereupon
nominated : J. N. Danker, Chas. Bcutty,
P. II. Hatch, Henry Hayes.
The following persons wero then nomina
ted for County Commissioners : Geo. Hig
giubothain, Thomas Pope. . , r
Tho following persons wero then appoint
ed a committee- to wait on tho candidates
for their replies : G. H. Atkinson, H. K.
Hincs, Thos. Pope.
On motion, tho following gentlemen were"
appoiuted a Couuty Temperanco Vigilance
Committee, with instruction to take early
action next year in regard to elections r
Mahlan Brock, Sara'l L. Campbell, Charles
rope, L.D. C. Latouretto, G. IJ. Atkinson,
Allan Mattoon, Thos. Pope. ;-
Con. ndj'd tine die. -
J. E. HURFORD, Ch'w. .
Thos. Pofb, Sec'y."
On motion the meeting proceeded to rat
ify the nomination of W. T. Matlock, Esq
for the Legislature. The committee having
reported that the other nominees for Legis
lature declined running, R. T. Lockwood,
Esq., was nominated, and responded in an
address accepting the nomination.
The Committee reported James D. aU-
lor, Esq., as being in favor of a Prohibitory
law, consequently the name of T. Pope w
withdrawn, and Messrs. Higginbotham and
Miller nominated for County Commissioners.
It was voted to print five hundred Tem
peranco Tickets, and the society adjourned.
T. FUl'E, Sec y.
Has aince declined running.
Thaws, yon ttemllemew.
We are under obligations thia week to
many of our friends for sending us new sub
T Loafers.
. We would like to hare all loafer, of every name,
creed, and character, select aome other place t '
spend their leisure time, than ia the roooa of ar
compositors during working hoar. "Verbum sat