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Visit our Ladies' Suit Department 2nd Floor,
and see the Big Specials we are offering in
this line. :: :: :: ::
j y a We are selling a Genuine
w C .mm Panama Hat, new shapes,
You oughl not to overlook the special prices
we have in shoes on our bargain table.
There are surely some big values here. ::
special, each.
Methodist Church
Sunday ax-hool at WriNta. in. Preach
liiK wervlcea at 11:00 a. m Theme:
morning, "I. In tit nt Kventhle;"
evening. "The lVmoerncy of K"
Union " or (ieiiernl fonfereiuv
IiuprHloui." Keineinlier Junior
league at 3 p. m. KpwortliJ Ingue
at p. in. Prayer meeting on
Thurmlar evening at 7:W o'clock.
All art" cordially Invited to at tin J
Ihivf Mervlces. Stranger made wel
. mine. W. II. Young, Pastor.
Baptist Church
At the Tuewd-iy evening meeting
Mr. Hiirgrenvew will offer n conrwe
of tii'lli-H on ('lirlnllanlty Ana
lysed." the winn' lielng a coneidera
tlon of the organization and Hplrlt of
1 tie ChrlHtlan faith. The work w ill
h- presented In four ectloii a fol
lows: I. Ancient cuntom and their
effect on the vocabulary of the pre
ei.t; II. The Mechanic hope of an
cient day; 111. Innplratlon; IV.
The Chrlt for today. Any one de
Hiring to follow- these considerations
will lie made welcome.
United Brethren Church
Sunday School nt 10 a.m. Sermon
and morning worship at 11 a. in ,
Huliject, "The I'npaluted Picture."
K. at 7 p. m. I5tg evangelistic
meeting at 8 o'clock. Special music
nl rehearsal following the sermon
Wednesday night. A cordial wel
come Is extended to all.
Christian Science Services
Christian Science services will lie
held In the Commercial Club rooms
Sunday at 11 a. m., subject, "Soul
and Body."
Sunday school at 11 a. ni. In room
6, Davidson building. Wednesday
evening testimonial meetings are
held In Davidson building All are
cordially lnvltel to attend these
services. Heading room open dully,
No. 6, Davidson building.
H. R. Field has opened at 413
Oak street a vulcanizing and tire
repair shop. He has put in an
equipment to repair blowouts,
put on new treads and do tube
work and repairing of all kinds.
He also intends to carry a line of
rubber goods. Mr. Field is a
specialist in this line and invites
patronage of local automobile
men. It
If you want anything In the liee
line, ak W. W. Dakln; phone 107X
1j tfe
fTlen's CCctfies
See our Clothcraft Blue Serge Special
No. 5130, guaranteed all wool, and
fast colors $15.00
You have never seen, and we have
never before offered as good a value
as the Clothcraft Blue Serge Special
No. 5130 at $15.00. The cloth is every
bit as good as it looks. It is guaran
teed all wool, fast color, full Indigo
and full weight. The makers guaran
tee this clothcraft Blue Serge Special,
also insure lasting shape and satisfac
tion in every detail of workmanship,
wear and service. We back up this
guarantee with our own, so you can't
possibly go wrong in deciding on this
Clothcraft Bine Serge Special, at
You really cannot appreciate the
exceptional value of this Special Suit
at $15 unless you call and see it and
try it on. We have the largest and
most reasonable priced line of Men's
and Boys' Suits in the city.
4-in-hand, all pure silk ties, with sew
ed and open ends, full length and new
and pretty patterns. These are good
50c values anywhere. Our O
special price, only AJ
Ladies' Sailor Hats in light and dark
straw, Milan or Golf braid, Qr
regular $1 values, special VC
Men's fine French Balbriggan Under
wear, in ecru, blue, black and grey,
basket weave, plain brown or black.
These are odds and ends and are regu
lar 50 and GOc values. All sizes in the
lot in both shirts and drawers but not
a complete run of colors in any one
Ladies' Washable Underskirts made
of good grade gingham in stripes and
plain colors with embroider- A C ry
ed ruffles, each wt
Ladies' Washable Underskirt of black
and white striped gingham, with
pleated flounce with a jive inch accor-
dian pleated ruffle of black
sateen at bottom, each
Ladies' Underskirt of soft finished
black heatherbloom, made with tuck
ed flounce and accordian pleated ruffle
and extra dust ruffle, A7
each aPaH-y
Ladies' Washable Underskirt, natural
linen color with fancy embroidered
ruffle at the bottom, each,
We have placed on special sale this
week a bunch of ladies' silk and net
Shirt Waists that for value cannot be
beat anywhere made of good grade
white silk, trimmed with fine val lace
and insprtinn and some with embroi
dered fronts and tucks, values up to
$o.00. Special, your
CfiiCflren's Dresses
We have one of the finest lines of
ready-to-wear Dresses for Children,
in percale, gingham and Madras, nice
ly trimmed with contrasting materi
als and buttons all the newest and
daintiest styles for all ages from 1
year up to 16 years, and priced at
25c, 35c, 45c and up
adies' House Dresses
You cannot afford to bother with the
making when you can buy such nicely
made and stylish looking House Dress
es as we are offering you, at the most
reasonable prices. To appreciate the
big values you must drop in and look
them over. You will be surprised to
see how reasonable we can fit you out.
3fSD r LOO fit
V. R. Absten visited friends
at Husum, Wash., for a few days
last week.
Miss Lena Baker was called to
Portland Saturday by the death
of her little nephew.
The intermediate and primary
grades of Frankton, together
with Columbia school, had a de
lightful picnic on the banks of
the Columbia last Thursday.
The Misses Cora Clarkson, Ed
na Merchant and Davidson and
Mrs. W. T. Eddy went to White
Salmon Monday to engage in
strawberry packing.
Mother's Day will be observed
Sunday afternoon at Frankton.
Rev. Parsons will preach at 3:30.
Bible school will start promptly
at 2:30. Everyone, both young
and old, is cordially invited to
attend these meetings.
At the recent meeting of the
school board J. E. Stubbs was
chosen to wield the rod over
our school another year. This
is simpler than you think, providing you have chosen the right
Kodak and have been instructed right. Almost every day in
the year, Indoors and out, something
presents itself that is worth "taking.'
There's a fascination in Kodakery that
both young and old enjoy, and there's a
Kodak for all. To advise you in the se
lection, to assist you in getting Btarted,
and to help you in getting better results
is the purpose of our Kodak Depart
ment. Keep a pictorial record of the
things that interest begin now. Come
in and look over our line and
Have a talk with our Kodak Expert
The 5t&XcJ!JLi Store
will make six consecutive terms
for Prof. Stubbs at Frankton.
During the past five years our
school has ! progressed rapidly
under his direction.
Alderbrook was the scene of
a" merry party Saturday night,
when Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Nickel
sen entertained the Frankton
high school and Prof, and Mrs.
J. E. Stubbs. The evening was
spent in games and music. A
delicious lunch was served.
Oregon Lumber
Band Sawed Lumber on Hand
Estimates Furnished. Call on Either Phone
V. A. Rahlis of Portland is visit
ing his brother, R. A. Rahlis.
Mrs. Learning of Portland is
visiting her mother, Mrs. W.
Fred McLaren of Pendleton,
Ontario, is visiting his brother,
A. K. McLaren.
The Ladies' Aid of the church
will meet this week with Mrs,
William Crapper.
W. L. Nichols and family left
last Thursday to spend a few
days at The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. King re
turned last week from Victoria,
B. C, where they have been for
the past two weeks.
Miss Gertrude Irwin, who ha3
been teaching school in the Mt.
Hood District, returned Saturday
for the summer.
The West Side Tennis Club
Dance, which was held in Heil
bronner Hall last Friday was
well attended and was a success
in every way.
Mrs. C. N. Ravlin met with a
painful accident last week, hav
ing the tip of her forefinger bit
ten off and her thumb badly
bruised while feeding their horse.
It is certainly a pleasure to
know that Mr. Rahlis' boast that
it rains every time he starts to
irrigate his berries is not an idle
one. That rain Sunday wa3 a
fine one.
The vanguard of the straw
berry pickers has arrived for
several of the earlier patches.
The larger number of the grow
ers, however, will not begin to
pick in any quantity for ten days
or two weeks as yet
One of the Pine Grove Sunday
School classes spent Sunday on
Neal Creek.
Dr. and Mrs. Williams and Dr.
F. C. Brosiua and family spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. B.
H. W. Randall of Portland has
just finished setting five acres to
apple trees. This land was clear
ed this spring.
The contract for Mr. Sherman's
apple house was let last Monday
to J. H. Jeppesen for the carpen
ter work. Mr. Jeppesen also
got the contract for the concrete
work which he will start some
time this week.
M. D. Hicks of Hood River is
going to start clearing on his
40-acre tract south of the Chap
man & Sherrard place this week.
The game warden who has
charge of this part of the coun
try is inspecting all irrigation
ditches which take water of Neal
Messrs. Chapman and Sher
rard of Portland spent two days
last week on their place. They
burnt about 40 acres of brush
and expect to clear some of this
land next Fall.
A meeting of the committees
which are arranging the trip to
Portland next week Wednesday
held a meeting yesterday at
which it was decided that ladies
will also be taken along. Lunch
eon will be taken with the Ad
Club at the Multnomah Hotel.
Railroad tickets will be good
returning as late as Friday, May
31, giving an opportunity to
spend Decoration Day in the me
tropolis. It is absolutely necessary that
all those wishing to go should
notify Secretary Scott of the
Commercial Club and secure
tickets by next Monday.
It is expected that a large del
egation will attend.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Montague
Sidney are spending a few weeks
in Portland. They are having
an elaborate home, equipped
with all modern conveniences,
constructed on their ranch above
I Eat All I Want to Now. No Mora
Caa on tha Stomach or Sour Stomach.
No Mora Hoavy Faellng After
Maala or Conitlpation.
No matter what you'vn tried without
KettlnK relief JL'HT THY simple buck
thorn bnrk, Rlycerlne, etc., as compounded
In ril.KH-l-K A! You will be surprised
at the QUICK results and you wlll be
(CTiarded nualnst appendicitis. The V'Kltr
r I KM 1 lJnr will neip you itnn
treatment with ADLKIl-I-KA will make
you feel better than you have for years.
This new German appendicitis remedy
antlneptlcizen the stomach and bowels
and drawn off all Impurltlea. A PINOI.K
IK)SK relieve gas on the stomach, aour
stomach, constipation, nausea or heavy
feelln after entlnir almost AT ON'K.
A ahort treatment often cures an ordinary
caae of appendicitis.
Chas. N. Clarke
Sole Agent
For Hood River County
Mark Cameron's box factory
at Odell opened Monday for the
season's run.
Bishop Paddock and Miss
Knight are expected today for a
few days stay.
The copious rain Sunday was
of great benefit to all crops, es
pecially strawberries.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lawrence,
who have rented their place,
have gone to Portland for the
In order to serve as a connect
ing link between ranchers who
want berry pickers or other help
and the man who is looking for
work, R. F. Van Valin, repre
senting the employment depart
ment of the Portland Y. M. C.
A., arrived yesterday and has
established his headquarters at
the Union.
Mrs. Frank Warren, Jr., and
daughter Ann Elizabeth of Port
land are guests at Mrs. Alma.
Howe's for a couple of weeks.
Miss Rosemary Baldwin and
brother Albert, who have been
spending a month at Mrs. Howe's,
have returned to Portland. Mrs.
George Shetky has come for the
summer. Mis3 Mallie Effinger
has arrived from Portland to
spend a month. C. A. McCar
ger and wife of Mosier have
been recent guests.
Thraa Esaentiala For Success.
lie w ho woulj succeed must arm
himself with lb lee it is I and most nec
essary weapons lirt. lit- must tinve
ceaseless Industry; second, be must
have limitless ambition of purpose;
third, ho must possess unquenchable
enthusiasm, coupled with n determina
tion to succeed. IJIvp-n these three and
something else besides the gift of I in
agination und It matters not, I be
lieve, whether the life of a mno be
gins In a cobbler's shop or a grocery
store or whether It begins In such an
Illuminating Joyfulness In henutlful
things as that which brightened my
early childhood. Wltb any beginning
(success will, of a surety, be his who
makes himself truly deserving of It.
Howard Pyle In Woman's dome Cora
pan Ion.
Professional Prida,
A local pugilist was brought before
a police magistrate charged with as
sault Bald the magistrate:
"Prisoner, complalnaut says that you
willfully and maliciously knocked his
bat off."
Cp spok the accused, pride In bis
"No, your honor; I didn't knock bis
bat off. t knocked him from ander bis
bat"-New York Times.
Bargain Grocery
The Best Sugar, 15 lbs $1.00; per sack... .$G.30
The Best Patent Flour, per sack 1.45
Cloverleaf Butter, per square 75
Good Oranges, per dozen 20
10 Bars Good Laundry Soap 25
"Otter" Brand Clams, small flat, per can 10
" " " medium, 2 cans for .25
" 'large can 25
Lowest Prices, Highest Quality
Your money will buy more from us
Hia Way.
"At tbe beginning of each week Tlte
wad gives bis wife the money to run
the bouse on during the week."
"1 suppose be asks ber how much
money she wants and then bands It
"No, be asks ber bow little she can
(ret nlonjr with and hands thnt over."
Houston Post
We are now open for business
with fresh and cured meats.
Our goods will satisfy you and
so will our prices.
Let ms show you.
Carman s fflarftet
On the Heights
Phone 147X
(iO TO
S For Peal Estate Bargainr
Mellbronner Building
in Tojttn and Valley
hood Klver, Oregon
zxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzxz rn
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