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I'oultry tnt'ii have been put on
tb'lr mettle y the BtorU'H recently
printed In the New of record jIi-WIm.
U K AniiHlroiiK uiiym that he cnii
lettt Mr. Hatten'ii hcim hy half an
eg ti month per hen. Mr. ISatteu'ti
IliM'k avernK''l 1 vtw each In Jan
uary, while Mr. ArniHtrontf mxytt
that bin latdlUeKK" each In Iecein
Iht. He say h:
"During the month of December
Who Said Real Estate Did Not Move Last Year?
We Did Pretty Well, Thank You.
Jan. 10: Mrs. VanAusdale to W. S. Farris..$ 6,000
Jan. 25: Lee Morse to W. S. Farris 15,000
Feb. 10: Jos. Copeland to Mr. Gooch 20,000
Feb. 21: Joe Henghst to W. S. Farris 10,500
Mar. 10: J. W. McCready to H. P. Coburn . 9,750
Apr. 18: Mercer & Clark to Mrs. Hammond. 10,500
Apr. 20: W. S. Farris to C. B. Chapman ... 45,000
May 5: Lining to W. S. Farris 10,000
May 11: R. E. Harbison to W.S. Farris.... 22.000
May 13: Radliff to Hangsman. 6,450
May 20: J. W. Shipley to E. 0. Hall 15,000
June 10: Shrum Bros, to Frank Fenwick 7,500
Aug. 5: Clapp to Capt. McCan 17,000
Aug. 24: Cutler Bros, to W. H. Johnson..... 30,000
Aug. 26: Wilson to J. L. Carter 2,150
Sept. 2: W. S. Nichol to F. X. Arens 14,500
Sept. 2: Walter Austin to F. X. Arens 600
Oct. 30: Mrs. Mortimer-Johnson to F. S.
Holsteen 15,000
Total $262,950
W. S. N I C H O L
We still have a few thousand
Four to
Six Foot
Our trees were grown wide apart in the nursery row,
and were given every possible attention. The
soil in our nursery is peculiarly adapted to the
business and our trees show a root system
which can hardly be duplicated.
Address communications to
J. W. SHIPLEY, - Phone 2182-M
Mood River, Oregon
"Don't 'Wait lntil Jou JVeed
It X5omorroiiD
TtlG NGWS Equipped with one of the best
printing plants in the state.
We print everything from a dainty visiting
card to the most artistic color work
jSccond Street, bet. Oak and Cascade - -
my 17 heim yielded me a total ol 319
etfifH or an average of exactly 19 eggx
per hen for the month. My flock
coiiHlHtH of ux White IKhori)M, ten
Huff Orpington and one Rhode
Inland Ited. My grown reeelptu to
taled f!).i0 for the month, the price
of egtf n ranging from .'(5 cents toM
cent a dozen. I conxlder tliln a bet
ter record than Mr. lWitten'u becauxe
of the fact that egga were much more
Bcarce In leceinler than January
and coiiHKuently tlie January priced
were lower.
Head the New'n Want Add.
very fine, stocky.
Ind our representative tuitl
call on yOU.
Commenttiig upon a recent Mights
tlon contained In the Newd that In-dudtrl-d
within the city might be
profitably encouraged, W. It. (iood
tiough of Oak Grove dayd that he be
lieved Mood Hlver Id Hplendldly lo
cated and equipped for manufacturing
IndiiHtrlPH. He polutd out the ad
vantage of traudportatlon facilities
by both rail and water and edpeclal
ly drawn attention to the unlimited
water power which inlgnt be utilized
and which Id at pretient going ol
modt entirely to waHte.
Mr. (ioodenough wad formerly en
gaged In the manufacture of the
liner graded of paper und stated that
taking that lnduntry ad an example,
I Hood Itlver would be admirably
adapted to the requirement of such
a factory. He makes thin Htatement
: tinned on hid kuowledge of dtmllar
'factorled which he had superintended
In the Kudt. Manufacture of the
finer graded of paper Id an lnduntry
which had not yet been attempted
on theCondt, lie stated, and explalufe
that all of thld stock Is now shipped
from the Kant. Mr. (ioodenough be
lieves that Hood Klver could do no
better than encourage the establish
ment of some such manufacturing
A. I. Mason has just received a let
ter from Attorney-iieneral Crawford
making suggestions as to changes to
le made In the good roads bills pro
posed by the grange, and which will
be Initiated at the next general elec
tion. Among other suggestions Is
that the stite highway engineer be
made a deputy of the state engineer.
Another Is that his appointments be
approved by the governor, this, In
the opinion of the attorney-general,
operating as a check on the employ
ment of assistants. He also makes
the suggestion that road supervisors
Instead of being discharged upon the
petition of 25 per cent of the taxpay
ers, should be su'iject to discharge at
any time by the county court. He
also suggests that a clause be In
serted providing for a sinking fund.
They Can All Draw
It takes a rich man to draw a
check, a pretty girl to draw atten
tion, a horse to draw a cart, a por
ous plaster to draw the skin, a toper
to draw a cork, a free lunch to draw
a crowd, and a well displayed adver
tisement In the Hood Hlver News ot
draw trade,
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chnmberlalh's Liniment and bound
onto the affected parts Is superior to
any plaster. When troubled with
lame b'ick or pains In the side or
chest give It a trial and you are cer
tain to le more than pleased with
the prompt relief which It affords.
Sold by all dealers.
h NOW!
Hood River, Oregon
By W. II. Lawrencc. County Fruit Inspector
The presence of so many sadly neg
lected, diseased and oftentimes par
tially dead fruit trees, standing In
vacaut lotd and In the lawns, has a
very depressing effect iip.m visitors
and prospective purchasers of or
chard tracts. In fact it id not until
one has mnde a trip tnrough dome
portion of the valley and has actual
ly viewed the well kept orchards
that he recovers from the shock re
ceived In passing along the streets of
this city. Concurrent with the neg
lect of these treed, orchurd pests and
especially the Sau Jose scale have be
come very abundunt and have In
many cases so badly Injured many
trees and shrubs that It Is advisable
to destroy the plants. Now Is the
time for the property owners to co
operate In destroying all useless and
diseased plants and to spray the
ones which they desire to suve.
In removing all plants, especially
fruit trees, It id advised to dig them
out In order to destroy the roots
and prevent the formation of suckers
at a later date. All the rubbish must
be destroyed by burning as soon as
possible. Oreen apple wood will
burn as readily as when dry. Start
a hot fire by using some good dry
kindling. Destroying all plants use
less for fruit or shade Is by far the
easiest, cheapest and most effectual
method of "cleaning up."
After the destruction of the uude
slreable plauts atteutlon should be
directed to the proper pruning and
spraying of the plants which are
worthy of a place In the la wu, gar
den or vacant lot. Pruning should
preceed spraying. The one consider
ation In pruning Is to so shape the
plant that It will be possible to
spray It and spray effectively.
Since lliue-sulpuur wash has the
combined properties of both an In
secticide and fuuglclde, this material
Is the onlv one recommended for
early spring spraying, unless the
spraylug Is being done for some
specific trouble. The winter strength
1 1 part of lime-sulphur to '. to 10
parts of water) should be used and
the application made before the buds
begin to open. In case late spraying
becomes necessary there Is some dan
ger of injury to the fruit and foliage
of some plants.
While spraying there are several
things to bear In mind: . I'se a pump
that will develop 17." to 2M pounds
of pressure; Is'glu spraying In the
most dltlicult places to reach; spray
thoroughly so that every surface Is
coated and all the cracks, checks and
spaces behind the buds are splashed
full tif the spray. This can only be
done when an extension rod eight or
nine feet long with a 4." per cent
crook equipped with a noz.le which
will give a driving spray Is used. The
Bordeaux noz.le Is the best type for
this work. In spraying tall trees It
Is necessary to spray from a tower,
unless one climbs up In the tree. In
order that the upper surfaces of
limbs, buds and the angles between
the branches and stems nny be filled.
Since It will be necessary to spray
a majority of the plants In the city It
Is suggested that all persons desiring
the advice of an Inspector do so. It
Is hoped that all of the diseased fruit
trees and other plants Infested with
pests will have been destroyed or
thoroughly sprayed within the next
six weeks. Later, as time permits,
a careful Inspection throughout the
town will 1h made and additional
work necessary to secure complete
results will be done.
Cash to Loan
We have cash to loan upon Im
proved ranch property.
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If you have dizzy spells, attacks of
momentary blindness, with ringing
noises In the ears. It Is nu unfailing
sign of a torpid liver, a condition
which brings on some serious sick
ness If IK glected. Ilerlilne Is a pow
erful liver tonic. It puts strength
and activity Into the liver, purines
the bowels and restores a feeling of
health, vigor and cheerfulness. Price
:(lc. Sold bv ( has. N. Clarke.
When you feel 'ZS:
vous, tired, worried cr despondent it i a
sure sin veil need MOTTS NERVERINE
PILLS. They renew the normal vigor and
mnke life worth living I e sure end etk for
Mott's Nerverine Pills
WILUAMS MFC. CO., Prop,., CWveUnd. Ohio
l or Sale by Carl A. I'lnth, Druggist
J 2
J. R. MUM SIN. Hroprlctur
Breeder ol S. C. w. leghorns. W. P. Recti
nil S. C Rhode Island Rede.
Indlen Nunner Uucse
Krrirn nn.l Pur OH ( lin k nfu-r .Inn. lit. Or
I.t IhxIkiI .v. I'nultry nl I1, mile
wint of city, at Krnnkli'li. I' ItXJ X.
. IT-
Heights Improvement Club met In
regular session In Holman Hall Fri
day night. Several matters pertain
ing to lighting of the city and city
and county taxes were discussed at
length but no definite action was
The committee appointed at a pre
vious meeting to Investigate the
matter of more efficient mall service
for the city made Its report ami re
commended the adoption of a reso
lution petitioning Hon. C. P. (Jran
field, first assistant postmaster gen
eral, for an extension of the free de
livery service In Hood Itlver, Includ
ing a redlstrlctlug of the city and the
addition of another carrier.
In the resolution it is recited that
the present delivery Is Inadequate to
meet the demand of a rapidly grow
ing young city and It Is suggested
that the addition of another carrier
would make It possible to give free
delivery to all sections within the
corporate limits of the city. An ad
ditional postoflice clerk Is also asked.
This resolution was passed with
out a dissenting vote.
On next Friday evening the mat
ter of re-adjustment of dues will be
taken up and a full attendance of the
membership Is desired.
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor
vallls, Ore. Nurserymen, as well as
others who wish a thorough knowl
edge of trees and shrubs, will lie in
terested In the new course In dend
rology started last week at the
Oregon Agricultural College by Prof.
C. L. Flint of the landscape garden
ing department. In It he Is laying
special emphasis on the native Ore
gon shrubs which, though grown
wild here, are nevertheless sold for
good prices In the east, where they
are used effectively In landscape gar
f.iiwix firms
I'M win Pettis died Saturday morn
Ing at his home, corner Fifteenth
and Columbia streets. He was In
his eighty-third year and old age,
collided with a severe cold, was the
cause of deuth.
Mr. Pettis moved here from North
Dakota nine years ago. He was a
native of New York state, but had
spent most of his life In the middle
west. He was an old soldier and be
longed to the (J. A. It. The funeral
wan held Monday afternoon at the
Met hi m list church, of which he bad
been a faithful member. He Is sur
vived by his wife, three sons and a
Handicapping the Burglar.
Burglaries lu private houses in Vi
enna nro rare, because the doors art
locked from 10 o'clock at night to 0 In
the morning by order of the police. Ad
mission and exit between those hours
nre given by the house porter, who re
ceives a fee for unlocking the door
and Is bound to report to the police
the doings and mode of life of all the
Inhabitants of the house. This system
of lock money is tiresome, but In Vi
enna, as at Naples, where It also ex
lsts, It obliges burglars and other crim
inals to operate during the daylight
and diminishes their chances of suc
cess. The landlords tried a few years
ago the system of giving the key of
the house door to tenants, but the ma
Jorlty of the keys have been with
Wonders of Modern Drama.
The heroine of the play had Just re
ceived the telegram from her faithless
lover. Then she fainted, and the cur
tain went down.
Loud applause followed, particularly
In the gallery.
Instantly the curtain went up.
The heroine, having miraculously re
covered, was on her feet, bowing and
More wonderful still, tho faithless
lover stood by her side, also bowing
and smiling, having traveled a distance
of 287 miles In ten seconds In order to
be on hand to acknowledge the ap
plauseChicago Tribune.
A Good Goer.
"That's a Que watch you've go there,
Calhoun," said a friend. "Is It a good
"A good goer?" said Calhoun Clay.
"Well, you bet your life It's a good
goer Why, It can do au hour In half
the time!" Exchange.
Ho Can't.
"Before you were 'married you said
that you couldn't do enough for me."
"Weil, I guess that time has proTed
that I was right"-Detroit Free Frees.
The motto of chivalry Is alo the
motto of wisdom to serve all, but lore
only one. Balzac.
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Mt. Hood district. Near Mt. Hood
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When her child Is in danger a wom
an will risk her life to protect It. No
great act of heroism or risk of life Is
necessary to protect it child from
croup, (ilve ( hamberlaln's Cough
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"Scratch" Hats
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