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some Facts About Kename Water Systems
XN AN isolated water plant the demands are peculiar and unusually exacting. Most
machinery is run by mechanics who can correct its faults, take up its wear and make
repairs. Kewanee machinery must serve the average man in the out-of-way place.
It must not fail; for water is life. It must go together without mistake, start without coax
ing, run without skilled attention, wear the longest time possible, and be repaired by the
unskilled man without tools or conveniences.
A KEWANEE SYSTEM meets these tests. It is a complete unit; every part made for,
and accurately adjusted to every other part. It is the nearest approach to inexperience-proof
machinery in the world. Every day for ten years has been a day of growth, of studying of
problems, of training of men, of perfecting of machinery and design. The elevated tank,
the crude assemblings of unskilled imitators, the unreliable toys advertised as "Fresh Water
Systems," seem like relics of the dark ages.
What constitutes an ideal system of water supply?
First It should not disfigure the landscape.
SecondIt should not be exposed to extremes of temperature or the action of the ele
ments. Third It should be so located that it will not be a menace to life and property in case
of accident.
Fourth It should be practically indestructible.
Fifth It should be absolutely tight, so that no dust, disease germs, or other foreign
substance can get into it.
Sixth It should keep the water aerated, so it will not become foul or stagnant.
Seventh It should have sufficient storage and high enough pressure for fire protection.
Eighth It should be compact, simple and easy to operate.
The latest models of KEWANEE SYSTEMS fully meet these requirements. They
leave little margin for improvement.
The steel tanks vary in size from two feet in diameter and six feet in length, holding
140 gallons and weighing 370 pounds, to monster tanks, nine feet in diameter and forty feet
long, holding 19,000 gallons and weighing 25,000 pounds. Any number of tanks can be con
nected in a battery, giving any required amount of storage. The line of pumping machinery
designed and built for the KEWANEE SYSTEM, covers the demand for every class and
condition of service in all capacities from 100 gallons to 12,000 gallons per hour.
A KEWANEE SYSTEM of Water Supply is up to now. It will give perfect water ser
vice for anybody, under any conditions.
Everything: from a Bucket Pump to a Power Sprayer
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Wagons of Every Description and Size
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illiii LL ii JL1 1 l LL vi
The Klickitat Indiana gathered at
White Salmon the lat of the week,
for a two days' convention, called
together liy George Waters of the
Yakima reservation, on matters con
cerning their finauclal affairs. Wa
ters was one of the Indian represent;
attves who met at Washington, I. C.
to Induce the government to grant
them methods by which their finances
would be handled to better advan
tage. One of their demands Is that
they 1 jermltted to draw their
money through the local banks.
Waters was accompanied by Johnny
Slaughter, au educated Indian who
owns lands on the north end of
White Salmon. White Salmon boasts
of well-to-do Indians, who own fine
tracts of tlmtier In Uip mountain dls
trlct. Some of them have cleared
land, planted orchards and grain
and own large droves of cattle.
When I'.allard's Snow Liniment Is
ru tilted In for rheumatic alns ami
aches, It reaches the spot quickly and
the relief Is very gratifying. I'rlce
i!V, .Vtc and f 1.00 per bottle. Sold by
C has. N. larke.1
Io you know just what you are
eating when you eat nn apple? You
are eating malic add, the property
that makes buttermilk so healthful,
and gallic acid. Sugar In a very as
similable fitrm, consisting of carbon,
hydrogen and oxygen, caught and
Imprlnoned from the sunshine, I
present In considerable amounts.
And phosphorous Is preetit In the
only form In which It Is available as
a tlssue-bulldltig material.
The acids of the apple (HniluMi the
acidity of the stomach. Apples are
nature's best complexion makers.
Aud the water In the apple Is In Its
purest form much purer than any
drinking water.
The ancients assigned the apple as
the food for the gods and believed
tln.t Its jilt-Ices furnished the nectar
which" the gods used to restore t heir
Men are the gods of today and the
apple Is their royal food. I'.nt apples
and you will put the doctors' trust
out of business J-x.
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nine and eleven months old, fine
stock, good layers. Write or call.
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Sore Throat?
Feel Shivery?
Then You Are Taking Cold. This is the kind of
weather for such disagreeable conditions
One of Our K. C. Cold Tablets
Taken every three hours for a day will
do the work quickly and well
Keir 8c Cass
Pc liable Vrufjts
Strong demand and good prices
for box apples, an over-supply of
poor quality barreled stock with
consequent low quotations, a pre
vailing quietness In general trade
circles, and a political activity in fa
vor of Theodore Roosevelt that has
every promise of resulting In his
nomination by the Republicans fur
the presidency, are the main com
ments made by Mr. Rose of the We
natchee Produce Company who has
just returned from a protracted so
journ In eastern cities. While away,
Mr. Rose tslted Salt Lake, Denver,
Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago,
New York and Philadelphia, anil In
all these places discussed affairs
with men prominent In trade, finan
cial and political circles.
"There are from l.OW.PoO to 1..VH),
IHK) more barrels of apples on hand In
the eastern distributing centers now
than there were a year ago this
time," he said. "The fruit Is keeping
poorly and operators are losing
heatlly. Stock for which t2."0 and
f 2.7.1 a barrel was paid growers Is
selling for f 1 .!'."; and there Is no re
lief from domestlc conditions In the
export trade. Foreign markets are
as bad, If not worse, than domestic
markets. Iiox apples, particularly
large .sizes, command good prices
and are moving easily Into consump
tion. The fine condition of the box
apple, market Is due principally to
the shortage of the supply and, of
course, to the poor quality of the
barreled stock."
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i a A A A AAi A A, 7. A A A Asi
At the last meeting of the New
berg Apple-Growers' Association,
an address was made by A.
I. Mason of Hood River, who
was present by In vltatlon. He gave
u detailed account of methods fol
lowed by the orchardlsts of that lo
cality and closed by saying what
was stated editorially In The Oreg
nlan recently that the chief prob
lem In that connection now Is to find
a market.
He said that It had been estimated
that the apple crop this year would
amount to L'T.fXN) carloads, but that
this would give each man, woman
and chllil In the I'nlted States only
two npples. Rut for all Is
only by a strong selling organisa
tion, he Insisted, that the Industry
can be maintained at a profit.
Mr. Mason Is one of the most suc
cessful of the Hood River growers,
anil on his own place receives nn In
come of ID per cent, net, on a valua
tion of $2ii0 per acre. He was se
vere In denunciation of real estate
men who plant out trees on land not
adapted to fruit-growing and sell It
In small tracts to newcomers.
KnthusbiHttcally Indorsing the plan
of K. S. Miller to form a selling union
with Hood Rlvernnd Wenatchee and
delegating a committee of three, W.
I. Vawter, R. C. Washburn and K. S.
Miller, to meet with representatives
from .these districts In Portland to
perfect plans for such nn ngreement,
the an mint meeting of the Rogue
Rler Fruit & Prodnce Association
was held Inst week for the election
of directors and odlcers.
Colonel R. C Washburn was re
elected president and A. (' Randall
vice-preside tit. According to the re
port 1.1.0 1! boxes of pears were ship
ped out by the assts lation In the last
year, and 20,071 boxes of apples,
which represent about 70 per cent of
the valley's output. The average
prices for fancy four tier pears were:
liartletts, $1.12; Clglrgeau, $121;
Howells. $2 21; Anjoiis, f 2.24; Rose,
f2..7J; Winter Nellls, 2.12; Cornice
ranged from $2.0 to SI. 13; Yellow
Newtowns brought f 1 IK) to 1 1 .11;
Hen Davis averaged $1.
And All Kinds of
The failure of the frult-buylng
firm of Nichols & Son of London,
which owed the Yakima Horticul
tural t'nlon $1,1,000 for apples bought
last year, not only wipes out this
year's profits of i'i.1.'! of the union,
but exhausted the reserve fund of
f 14,77S created at the end of the 1U10
season from the profits of that year.
The Yakima County Horticultural
t'nlon, a selling agency In which the
stock Is owned by the fruit growers,
pays Its numbers for their apples
and other fruit and sells them In the
markets of the world. If It reaps a
profit over the cost of the Bgency, It
Is distributed to the stockholders In
dividends. No dividend was de
clared at the end of 1H10, although
the agency had realized a profit of
1 4,77s. This was voted to be set
aside as a surplus.
Last year the union sold ls.1 cars
of fruit, of which M were apples, but
prices In the eastern markets were so
low that the excess of receipts was
but $0.13 over costs.
Averaging the prices for all varie
ties of apples handled, the report
shows the following averages:
Extra fancy, four-tier, $1 .IS 2.1;
four and a half tier, $1 4! 1 7; five-tier,
$1.30 2 9.
Standard four-tier, $1.03 1-fi; four
and a half tier, $1 00 2.1; five tier, M
The average price, per box, for all
grades, reached In the same manner,
was approximately $1 20 1-2.
The report of manager (.'. R. Pad
dock says:
"In making up the average we
have given nothing hut the exact
prices returned to the growers. The
only difference In the prices given and
the net to the grower Is the H cents
per box that we charge for handling.
As It Is the net to the grower that
counts, we are of the belief that our
prices will compare very favorably
with those of other organizations,
looked at from the growers' stand
point." Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor
exercise, Insufficient mastication of
food, constipation, a torpid liver,
worry and anxiety, are the most
common causes of stomach troubles.
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and you will soon be well again.
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