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Physician and Surgeon
Raaidtvea. Osk and Psrs. Office. Oak andSoeand
Offica hours. 10 to 11 a. m.. I to 3 and T to 1 p. m.
Rooma I. 4 and S. Proalua Block. Hood Rlysr. Ora.
Physician and Surgeon
Calls promptly ajiawerad In towa'or country, day
or nlrht.
TsWptoiMS-Residsnes'tl IT Office 611
Offlca In tha Broaius Build inc.
Physician and Surgeon
Offlea ova Firat National Bank
Homa"phona,Raa.TlB;"Omca phono Tl
Hood Rirar, Oracao
Physicians and Surgeons
Eliot Block FborwM
Hood RiTer. Orsfon
J. F. WATT, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Offloa, HonM pbona 90. Raaidanoa, SOB
Hood Rirsr, Oregon
Dr. M. H. Sharp Dr. Fdna B. Sharp
Osteopathic Physicians
Graduates of tha American School of Oateopathy.
KirkKTille. Mo.
Ornre in Kliot BuiWins
Phons Office 102. Residence 102-B.
Hood River. Oreron
Offlea. Hall Building, over Butler Ban kin Co
Office phone tt. Residence phone 28-B
Hood River, Oregon
H. Dudley W. Pineo, D. D. S.
Office over First National Bank
Office-Home phone 131. Residence-Home 1S1-B
Hood River. Oregon
Licensed Veterinarian
Hood River. Oregon
Smith block Hood River. Oregon
Attorney at Law
8mith Block,over Firat National Bank
Phone 168 Hood River. Oregon
John Leland Henderson
Attorney at Law
Hood River. Oregon
Hall Building
Hood River, Oregon
Notary Public and Insurance
Room 12. Brosius Block
Hood River. Oregon
Davidson Building
Phone 1
City Engineer and Surveyor
N swell. Goaan-T Walsh
Davidson Building Hood River. Oregon
Dealer In Pianos. Also Tuner and Re
palrer. From Boston and Oberlin Con
servatorv ol Music. Permanent resl
dence, 9 1 4 Eugene Street, Hood River.
Phone 22JM.
Trio Orchestra
U..-J. ...MULaJ tn all nMlnnS-
Inatrummtauon from three pieces to any num
ber desired.
Address or phone
U.IK 26ft-L Hood River. Oregon
Bertha Lalferty, an experienced
teacher of piano and harmony, a graau
ta nf Columbia Conservatory. Ol Au
rora, III., will take a limited number of
nunlls. Terms verv reasonable. Aa
Sressi Hood River, R. D. No. i.
For results, list your orchard Inn
with Devlin A Flrt'liaugh.
of the Columbia, and it is a big
idea that this burg and vale
We know how to slide our own
hrough it, but "a fancy label and a loud spiel don t get
the money you have to deliver the goods in apples as in
other things." And back of our claims are the demon
strated facts of a marvelous soil, water and climate pro
ducing fruit surpassing the Apples of Hesperides.
NO. 1. 130 acres of Ideal orchard
laud, the beet location (or a large
orchard In the Upper Valley ; mile
from Valley Crest school; under new
Glacier ditch; 80 acres brush, balance
light timber. 117,300.
40 acres of the above, with Im
provements worth over $o,000, 17
acres cleared; small young orchard;
room house, new; wood house,
large barn, stock aod Implements.
The southeast 50 acres, unimprov
ed: fronts on county road; elegant
sloe. f 'JO per acre.
Hack CO acres, 3 acres In alfalfa; lo
cation for orchard and building un
excelled. $M) per acre.
NO. 2 SO acres Upper Valley, 14
acres under cultivation. acres in
berries, 250 trees, 3 and 4 year; small
house ami good barn, 100 Inches free
water, some stock and Implements.
NO. 3. 4.1 acres at Odell station.
IS acres cleared, tiood, large house.
Will subdivide. $12,000.
NO. 4. 11 acres at lz station;
10 set to standard trees; small house
and barn. $4,400.
NO. 7. 10 acres adjoining "Uetter
'rult" ranch, 9 acres In trees, 4 and 5
ear, good Improvements. $8,000.
NO. 8. Ten acres on west side.
nenrOnk (Jrove hall, six miles from
Hood Klver. All level, cultivated
and fenced. Nine acres In trees, seven
acres In five and six year trees. New
house and barn. A lteautlful home
nd orchard, f 10,000.
NO. 9. Fine residence and lot ad
joining Dr. Shaw's, two blocks from
depot. $2,600.
NO. 10. Three fractional lots nd-
jlnlng "The Hrs," near school
house, unimproved.
NO. 11. Quarter block business
property, adjoining Jackson s, oppo
site court house, f 10,500. Muy be
sold separately at $6,000 for the cor
ner lot aud $5,500 for the side lot.
NO. 12. Kesldence lots, Sherman
avenue and on top of hill. $175 and
NO. 10. 20 acres In Crapper district
acres cultivated, A acres In 3 to 7
year trees, small House ana itaru.
$5,000. Very easy terms.
NO. IS. 20 acres, across the road
from new terminus of Mt. Hood rail
road, and from new school house; 12
acres in cultivation; w two yeur
trees, .TOO ready to Itear, 150 liearlng;
acre of alfalfa. Good new six room
house; barn 14x24, woodshed aud
chicken house, f 10,000.
NO.21. K0 acres, S miles out on east
side; 00 acres Al apple land; 10 acres
1 to 6 year trees; 5 acres In potatoes;
7 acres partially cleared. $8,500.
NO. 2.1. On Sherman avenue, three
blocks from depot.
Lots 9 & 12, Iiloek 24, Hood Klver
prowr $t"O0.
Lots 3 & IS, Block 24, Hood Klver
proHT. $..o.
Lots 2 & 1!. Block 24, Hood Klver
proer. $..o.
NO. 24 Idlewlld, Columbia Heach.
Lot S, Block 22, $400.
Lot 9. " f 500.
NO. 20. 300 acres of Pend point Im
provement Company; laid off In 10
acre lots; $50 jmt acre on easy terms.
NO. 27. For sale quick. A lot and
a half on Cascade, f soo, $000 cash.
NO. 29. S acres. 3 miles from town.
all cultivated, 150 trees, house, barn,
chicken houses and yards. If you
haven't much to buy with, buy this.
NO. 30. Lots 14 and 1, Block I I,
Barrett-Slpma Addition. $800.
NO. 31. 40 acres of brush back of
Lyle. 50 per ncre. we nave some
apples from that country that win
take the sleep out of your eyes.
NO. 32. 150 acres, three miles from
Htisuin, unimproved. $3,200.
NO. 33. 2,'i acres close to town.
all In trees, building new and good.
A neat, clean place. $3,000.
NO. 37. 10 acres, West side; 190
bearing trees, 290 four year, liu three
year, 30 two year; rnsplierrles, black
lrrlns. irraoes. strawlHTNes, acres
of rich black soli, great for celery and
onions, now lo hay; fine house.
NO. 3S. A summerland paradise we
can vouch for. Twenty-two ncres In
F.l Cajon Valley, California. Five
acres full U arlng oranges, nine ncres
muscat grapes, balanceln other fruits
and grain. Full particulars nnd ko
daks of bungalow and field. 14.000.
NO. 40. 7 Koom house, 3 lots anil
n. Mir barn, on the Heights. Will
swap for Falrvlew, Oregon, property
nt $3,000. 11.000 cash. Will rent
furnished nt $25 per month.
NO. 41. 40 Acres, 7 mile" out on
east side. Home Improvements,
NO. 42. 140 Acres, fir and oak. I
miles out on west side. Very easy
terms. $15,400.
bluff; but don't get the
have no other foundation.
trombone and pump wind
NO. 43. Two SO'a In 2 North 9, one
at $40, the other at $50. Half cash.
NO. 45. 6 Room house on Cascade,
$2,200. Oood terms.
NO. 46. Two lota and two houses
thereon. East part of town. $1,050.
The lower one 5 room house and
full lot, $050.
NO. 47. 40 Acres unimproved, near
Mt. Hood P. O., $2,500. Very easy
NO. 48. 20 Acres. Good piece of
land. 10 miles out on West side.
NO. 49. Ten acres, three miles west
of ball park. Seven acres In 5, 3 and
1 year trees. A lot of small fruit.
Good house and barn. $6,000.
NO. 52. A lot and a fraction and a
house of Ave rooms and a fraction,
on Sherman avenue. $2,500 (and a
NO. 53. 25 Acres near the Mount
Hood postofllce. $100 per acre.
NO. 55. Small house and 90x150
foot lot, on the Heights. $950.
NO. 56. 5,000 acres on the Colum
bia; opposite The Dalles. A level
leneh of 2,000 acres can be Irrigated
by a 150 foot lift from river; 100 acres
can be Irrigated by springs; 300 acres
of bench-like land, 700 acres of foot
hill laud; balance grazing land. The
soli Is combination of volcanic ash
and disintegrated basalt aud allu
vium a warm, sandy loam Ideal
cherry, peach and terry land. Stock
and Implements go with It. Two
houses, five barns; all fenced and
cross fenced. The location Is one of
the most beautiful on the Columbia,
with a magnlacent view of Mount
NO 57. 20 acres miles from I
O.on state road. 12 acres cultivated,
0 acres In orchard. Admirable site
for a sanitarium or summer hotel.
NO. 58. 40 acres 2 miles from town
20 acres cultivated, 5 acres of old or
chard, 8 acres of 5-year and 5 acres of
2 and 3-year trees. 8-room house,
NO. 59. 7 acres. One of the most
attractive places on the main west
side road, 1 3-4 miles from town.
Orchard In full Iwarlng; buildings
worth $3,000. $1,500 per acre.
NO. 60. Two nicely located resi
dence lots close to business center.
NO. CI. Four beautifully located
lots on the Heights overlooking the
Columbia. $1,200.
NO. 62. Four good laying lots on
the Heights. $1,000.
No. 63. 40 acres near Odell. All
but three acres In hay. One third Is
orchard land. Good house and
barn. Small orchard. Free water.
$10,000, one third cash.
No. C4. 75 acres, 1 1-2 miles from
Parkdale. 7 acres cultivated; 5 acres
mixed orchard. $9,000.
No. 65. 40 acres near town on
state road, 12 acres cnltlvated,
acres In orchard. Beautiful location
for summer home. $16,000.
NO. 66. 40 acres, mile from Val
ley Crest school; soil, location and
lay of land Al. Small clearing and
good log cabin. Will le covered by
new Glacier ditch. $75 per acre.
NO. C7. 80 acres In Mosler district;
small clearing. $1500.
NO. 69. 80 ncres near Lyle; little
waste, lays well; tlmlier; small clear
ing; $5,000.
NO. 70. CO acres 1 miles from
Parkdale, 35 cleared, 15 In orchard.
Buildings good barn and tool shop;
house newly remodeled, and all the
furniture Including piano. Farm Im
plements, team, cow, chickens and
hogs. $350 per ncre.
40 ncres unimproved. $150.
NO. 72. 80 ncres of rolling brush
land 2 miles from Parkdale; under
the Middle Fork ditch; just as good
soil as land that sold this spring for
$150 er acre. $135 per acre.
NO. 73. SO acres under the new
Glncler ditch; miles from alley
Crest school. 20 acres .2 cultivated
acres In strawlHrrles;goodloghouse.
NO. 74. 20 acres, unimproved, enny
clearing; covered by new Glacier
ditch. 2 miles from Valley Crest
school. Ideal location for summer
home. $40 per ncre,
NO. 75. 40 acres miles from the
Valley Crest school; 5 ncres cultivat
ed, 280 three and four year trees.
house, bnrn, woodshed nnd chicken
house. $8,500.
NO. 76. 40 ncres 1 miles from
Parkdale; unimproved; nil good
land, $125 per acre.
NO. 77. 1(1 acres, 3 miles from town
west side; H cultivated; 8(H) 2-yenr
trees, standard varieties; small build
ings. $7,500.
NO. 7S. 11 acres, 1 miles west of
town on the State road; all but
acre cultivated; 7 acres In 3-year
Spits and New towns; acre In 1st-
rles and other small fruit; free water;
good soli, no rocks; 7 room house.
NO. 79. Two of the Is-st lots on
the Heights. $650.
NO. Ml. A good forty In 2 N 11. $50
per acre.
NO. 81. A short quarter-section,
2 miles from Valley Crest school, ou
stage rniid to the Inn; 8 acres cleared
small buildings. $50 jter acre.
NO. 83. 71 acres, : miles south of
Valley Crest school; heavy timber.
Modern house, close in to trade
for unimproved land. John Leland
Henderson, Incorporated.
We have a very desirable residence
property on Columbia street, and
another on Sherman avenue, to'trade
for ranch property.
John Leland Henderson
Old Butler Bank Building
Hood River, Oregon
Objects to "News" Being Regulated
Editor News:
Incidents occurlng at Intervals dur
ing the year Just closed render It ap
parent that the newspapers and
business men generally of the city of
Hood Klver are Influenced In many
ways by the Impression that the or
ganization known asthe"PlneGrove
Grange," In Its various activities,
represents and voices the sentiments
and opinions of the people collective
ly resident in the territory known as
"Pine Grove."
This Impression was illustrated
with convincing clearness on the
Fourth of July last, In the action of
the committee on awards. When an
additional priae was asked for by
those representing the grange, and
strenuously Insisted upon, the com
mittee graciously yielded, disregard
ing their own convictions of what
was fulr and just, and assuming the
extra burden Imposed by the raising
of additional funds. This was done,
as members of the committee subse
quently stated, for "business rea
sons," deeming it to the commercial
Interests of the city to maintain
plenxant relations with the "people
of Pine Grove."
The misconception again becomes
appurent In your issue of the News
of the 22d ult., when you treat edl
torlally, with so much elaboration,
dignity and courtesy, a communica
tion said to be authorized by 'Tine
Grove Grauge.'Mn which that august
body of wise and honest statesmen
etk to regulate the political policy
of the Hood Uiver News.
Now, the writer does not wish to
be understood as objecting to the ac
ctlon of the grange In the matter re
ferred to. If it Is a political organiz
ation, ns Its action seems to
certainly has a consistent right to
protest against having the '-Assembly"
plan annexed to the present
primary methods of securing candi
dates for public office, and also, by
its superior wisdom, direct the News
editor clear of the rocks and shoals
of grave political error.
It has an unquestioned right to
make such application as suits Its
pleasure of the overworked quota
tion, "What fools these mortals be,"
and ascribe its parentage to the
funny paper "Puck."
It exercises a glorious American
privilege when It undertakes to flay
the News editor for his political
weaknesses, mental aod moral, even
though Its criticisms glaringly dis
play a disgusting over-abundance of
verbosity of the cheaper and coarser
As has lieen lutimnted, this writing
Is not Intended as strictures upon the
'Pine Grove Grange" for "pernicious
activity" politically, but to impress
the News editor, and many others
who may be Interested, that the or
ganization named Is not the voice,
only In small, very small part, of the
full-grown men and women of the
district known as "Pine Grove."
The ersonnel of the "Pine Grove
i i range" should be t horoughly known
In your city, so that they might re
reive all the plaudits to which their
meritorious acts and deeds entitle
them; as It now Is non-members are
frequently the recipients of unearned
honors, for which they haven't the
slightest use. A Shout Pink.
Upper Valley Lands.
I want more of them to sell. Kv
cry property excepting two that I
have undertaken to sell, and that
was listed with me, I have sold. My
work Is entirely In the I'pper
Valley. I believe In it and am per
sonnlly Interested In Its settlement
and In the well doing of my clients.
This has leen the basis of my success.
At fair prices there will lie activity
and I In-Hove holders of large tracts
should let go of nt least part of their
holdings, licvnuse the country can't
progress without people and people
won't come unless they can buy.
W. II. Mahuiiam
Stomach Trouble Cured.
If you have any trouble with your
stomnch you should take ChnmN-r-laln's
stomnch and liver tablets. Mr.
.1. P. Klote, of l'.dlna. Mo., says: "I
have nsed a great many different
medicines for stomach trouble, but
find Chamls'rlnln's stomach and liver
tablets more bencllclnl than any
other remedy I ever used. For sale
by nil good dealers.
Whether it is Just a Little Powder
that we know are pure and
obtain. Yours to serve,
Kier & Cass
-Smith Block, Hood River, Oregon
The Hood River Banking & Trust Co.
Conducts General Banking ;n All Branches
Interest paid on time deposits. Savings depart
ment in connection. Domestic and foreign exchange.
Safe deposit boxes ;you carry your own key. Steam
ship tickets to all European points. Call for infor
mation. We solicit your patronage and guarantee
entire satisfaction. Opu a Checking Aecomt with ns.
Warm Robes
More than half the pleasure of driving Is In being comfortable
when driving a person wants to keep warm. I do, and I believe ;
you feel the same as I do. iz
Doesn't make much difference whether you drive for pleasure C?
or business you neea a good,
can wrao vourself up in and feel
want to show you. Drop in and see the robes and get prices.
Yours for more business,
Harness and Saddlery
Hood River Apple Vinegar Co.
We are now receiving claer and canning apples. For growers located
on the Mt. Hood Railroad
Salmon we will
Bring Us Your Apples and
Manufacturing, Engineering Company
(Successors to J. J. LUC KEY)
General Machine Work and
Phone 305-M
Fresh and Cured
Phone Main 6
First Class Livery
Transfer aijd
Agents Regulator Line Steamers
Freight and Baggage Tran5fer
New Rigs New Harness
tiood Horses
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Preferred Stock, Heinz's 57 varieties Tickles, Krout,
Mince Meat, Catsup, Apple Butter, Etc. Splendid
line of canned Tomatoes and Corn at IO cents
...Your orders will receive onr best attention...
or some more important
part of Milady's toilet it
is here at its best and
daintiest. Our Toilet
Aids and Preparations
are standard in every
way. When you pay
for THE BEST you
should receive it. We
aim to sell the articles
the finest.quality we can
warm rope, anyway one inai you
comfortable that is the kind
and also at Mosier and White
pay freight charges.
Patronize Home Industry
Hood River, Oregon
P. C. YOUNG, Proprietor K
Meats, Fish, Oysters 3
Hood River, Oregon
Phone 5
Livery Conpaiiy