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Vol. XX.-No.2
By a F, Irvine;
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Prepared to Outfit The
1-jr4f -.It Iff l.aM.u .nawrit- J.
The Boy
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I Our LmeZof MediumZPr iced Shoes
Only Two Causes for Death When,,
; , Proper Anti-toxin Treatment
r. .is Evolved, Says a Baltimore
, -Washington, March 26, An in
cident reported in the mail just re
ceived at the Insular Bureau from
I the Philippines ia that as one of the
boats belonging to the gunboat jw
Cano was being rowed oat to the
ehijR in Manila Harbor, 'February
9, the plus came oat. and to pre
vent the boat from being swamped,
J, J. Dunlap thrust his forefinger,
into .the hole, ' The ringer was im
mediately bittn off; bv a shark.
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S-- iu
. Baltimore, April 5. According
to Dr. H. Barton Stephenson there
should be only two anpreventable
causes of death accident and . old
age. "!! ""
He believes that all germ diseases
are curable by anti-toxins, and.
that the" production of anti-toxins
ought to be the first thought of the
medical profession. j.
While some anti-toxins can be
secured from animals, there are
others., that can . be secured only
from Ihuman beings, r By way; of
snggestibn he asss wny-'not give
persons convicted of crime the 'al
ternative of going to prison or sub
mitting to become SBti-toxin 'fac
tories,.. The,' possibilities of fatal
results. Dr. Stephenson says, are
very remote. J -"" fx
SavB Dr. Stephenson: "A toxin
la the poison of a disease germ
When such a 'germ' enters the body,
nature, to combat it, provides in
ineDiooa a suosiance wmonr-fliurai
ize the action of the germ's poison
Xhia eubBtance is termed an jantl
toxin. "' ' 1 i'
"We say of aiphthetia ' that
runs its couree in ' Be ven aays, in
typhoid fever that it runs its coarse
n twenty-one days. We mean; by
this that with diphtheria it requires
seven days for the body to form
the anti-toxin which renders ! the
germ's poisou harmless, and-with
typhoid., it requires twenty-one
days. By the inie'ctioh' of ahti-tox
id In the early stapes of -diphtheria
the poison is conteracted at once,
the disease does not have to ran
its course, and the attendant dan
gers are done away with. 1 : '
As a result ot this great discov
ery man's alloted tnreescore : ana.
ten will soon cease to be a myth.
It will make disease a harmless in-
disposition and make death by ac
cident and old age only, burgery,
electrotherapy and Roentgen rays
are daily -demonstrating the fact
that hitherto unconquerable dis
eases ere yielding to treatment, and
sernm-theraphy is becoming a
reality. " f :,
"The theory upon which l- sernm-
theraphy is based has been' proved
to be correct beyond a doubt. The
chief difficulty in the -way of its
more general application is the fact
that such anti-toxins as have come
into common use are obtained from
the domestic animals, and only a
few of the domestic animals are bub-.
ceptible to the diseases which , hu
man beings are heir to. i
'The anti-toxin for diphtheria,
for instance, is obtained from horses.
The process is this: A horse is inos
culated with diphtheria germs., He
gets the disease. More and more
germs are .inoculated, until finally
theyr? produce no effect. No. signs
of ' the ' di6eaee ll show themselves.
That coriditidn proves that the an-
'mi hofBeB oiobd sufficient to make
TOria "immune. Then atf amount of
With the work io the, hands of ex
pr fenced rheit 0hc n for the med
lcal.,acbmen, and not by political
lnnuence," a human-produce anti
toxin, couldr be., furniehed which
woqld'eapply the medical prpfesBion
for'ali, or nearly all the kBOwu dis
easetdtre tfr getmeu v AodiitAWooJd
noyie JSangeroas ito Abejjulnecjg,
either..- . .-.t . -' ,'
the AboTO'jejpggtl' ;top
rautcai jor auoption m ine preseni
state of public opinion, muob good.
can? sua be done 11 the State and
National: -Ooyernm9hts-Vwiir co-opn
i; 'il. . . ' L- t.: .
nraw wium ioe meajpai proiession
in' the works-, ot ; investigation - ap'd
m, in fitture. Anti-foXln produded
by-corporations -are ;placed. at . so
high a figure that tbey, are ,eyond
the reach of the pot-,and.are soph
a drain on the. ricb.that a, disidcll
nation to. their ttse ieifodwcff.'r''!
" ""The state 'now ;giyes many thou
sands to the-'Collegei v ansUExneri-
rmental ; Stations in -.order "'that
methods ofc forcing,,, sriring" 'onions
may be found, or means to kill a
plant lpuse"discovered. -? Why -not
give as'tnany thoQBandsta an anti-
toxin iostltutloa to .protect the lives
or us crituren. - , , . ,4,: v 1 ;
. . - . - ' --J-i . J. I
Berkeler, Cal.V April 6, A I3-
y ear-old school girl, . Gelda Mc
Chesney, a pupil at the Lincoln
school, was atreBted this morning
oil (Complaint of the government
authorities charging her with hav
ing attempted to- raise a postoffice
money ; order which i she,; tendered
for payment at the South Berkeley
Dostoffice, She admits having at-
tempted casti ; the raised order,
claiming that she needed the money
to;i purchase--a pair, of- eyeglasses
When accused by Detectives Henry
Jamison and Bert Fraser, she de
nied he't guilt .at first, but later
broke aown-ana-admittea navingr
attempted: to rals.ejthe money orders
Mise McChesney is the daughter
of G. G.McCbesney, a harness-mak
er.,' Shortly after t&- o'clock ! she
entered the' South Berkley postof-
fiee, ' The face of the order readily
shQW'ed that f 2 bad' been: paid 1 at
the Reiving' station.' raThe ufaot
that the ink had. hot been blotted
ever the extra olphers wh5ch tte
girl: had added led to the immedi
ate discovery of the trick. ' . Liter
Miss MbChesney' was released j and
allowed' - to ' return to the home of
her parents. ' ' f -Qi:;,'
' Hagefstown; Md, April 6. Af
ter reaching this4 town peanilei
'.. a v" 1 . 1. j j .
ana nuugry, uutuurubscu us irnmps
and having beaten their way acrof s
the contioent oa.freight trains, Mr;
and Mrs.- I,yon JJenson started to
night fpr their old home inTacoma;
WoohliKiInn . - - . ...v
The prodigals
Mrs. Benson's parents,-who have
forgiven the-runaways '.-who left
home that they, might be married.
She was only 16 and ; Benson . 2I
when they ran away-' Benson' fur
nished the old male enit ia which
hia'ewee'theart traveled with hinov rj
; . iMarylahd1 mtUa'cted "the .ouag
coeeattee 'of its' broadsiaz
rige.,lawsv lM BeTson'ei;fir8t- move
was io secure- work arid ' then; they
w4re married'. ' -Tbey '-ead enough
to establish" themselves jmforta-i
bly, , The parents relented a and
sent' for tfthe cdttple. ' Benson : re
tbrDS lb wotk'for hi father-in-law,
y - '"I"' ,-ft-fl --,f bU.t
J . i' ifvdl ..-; . .... - .
, New . York, April 6: That the
oneest drawn-out trial, now in- Its '
twelfth week, will be finished this
coming week now seems certain;;
There no signs of any more de
lays. . " . ; ""I K - v(
: , Dr. Alien' MoLane Hamilton; the
ilienist who Was bh the staod when
the case Was suddenly -interrupted
by the District Attorney'e shgges
tiom for the appointment of a com
mission in lunacy" will probably, be
recalled Monday;. This lunacy com
1 ' 1 . ij. -j.j . . 1 mi
mission navim? aecraea tnac iobw
is now. sane, Mr.' Jerome ; probably
will .be prevented from aekiog Dr.
Hamilton regarding his opinion as
to Thaw's1 present sanity. "There
fore there is little that hscah croes-
examine the alienist on.
"Whether the defense- will.' call
more witnesses is problematical. ; It
is stated' that Thaw's attorneys .ex-
pect to 5 require"-no 1 more- than an
hour, to complete their case. - If
this, is true there is no reason why
the case should hot go to the Jury
Thursday.' ,v ' -:.. ; ,
District Attorney- Jerome said
onight " that' he ! had no mor e wit
nesses. ' Under 'legal procedure in
New York: 'the sur-r'ebuttal- of the
defeiiBe ends' the' case; ' The only
way in which the piosecution can
get evidence befofe the jury after
the defense closes its enr-rebuttal is
by special rjer'mifisibu-bf 'ithe- oart
on the ground that eviaence ! is
newlv discovered or tbe witneBaes
were iitit within the-jurisdiction of
tHe'cnuTt-wheh: the prosecution iw'as
putting fn its direct Case. ,,ii :iT i "
' Some weeks ' ago - 'at one of the
manylimie's .when' the case eemfed
hearing its' clofe, it -was Agreed' be
tween the attorneys that each should
hayd ' full1 day- for summing up;
iti!dtber Words, that neither: should
be forced "to' break iisaddjeBB in
tube middle. ' Mr s Drlmas stated at
that Xpe that he would not require
more inan one day tor ' bis argu
ment. It is said now, however, that
he may require two. If this is the
case' he: will . probably begin Mon
day, He should finish Tuesday.
"- Mr. Jerome fiays, that he will not
require j more -. than r one day, and
therefore at the latest he should
. Justice Fitzgerald' s charge to the;
fury should not require more than,
three or four Hours, and it is there
fore very probablethut iheicase-wlll
be in the jury's bands Jhorsday.' r
i Mr. Delmas wiU plead for abeo-"1'
lute acquittal oh the ground that
Thaw's- mind, .was. , unbalanced. , at
the tiqae he" committed the" crime,
and, that in, vie w of ' the ' fact, that
ha has since .'recovered1 hi mental
balance ho should be allowed to. go
free: -Mr- Jerome, p& other
: hand,;wiU :,argue Thaw, waa
sane within the meaning 6t the faw
whea be .killed Standford ' White,
that the crime tob planned and
premeditated, ' and . that . he should
suffer the extreme penalty, of the
law. of in-
-f r...
Real Estate Transfers. -''
-' New deeds filed at the recorder's!
office are as follows:
S. E. Ellsworth and hus. to W.
P. Caldwell;, ons and; onerthird lots
in Philoma h, $1100.
Isabelle Gellatly"to Adam Keast
ef et al, right of way, $1. - ,
C. P. Hodges to H. T. Ridders
108 a. near Wells, $3797.
J. M. Howard to W. A. WilliamT
son, one .and one-half lots in b!k
If, $1025.
M. E. Pangburn to O. Howard,
80a. near Monroe. $i.
.240 a.
are returning to
enjoy the .fatted calffextended by j d ;ra'plete his argument Wednesday.
Anna Hill to H. Parker
near Summit, $2500. ' "
' Thomas Whitehorn to W..T. &
C. E. Small, party wall agreement,
$35o. . . t
; S. X. Henderson, and wf to W.
T. & C. E- Small, party wall agree
merit, $350- .. " . . -
! . - .1 ' .
. A. J. Hodges and wf. to W. E.
Rodgers 1.8 a. near1 Albany. $4.
, The colonists rates on the rail
roads," under which people can come '
from the Missouri Valley to Western.
Oregon f6" i$25,p'and to Eastern
Oregon ' f of' $22J 50,' Expire with this
month. The, Portland Commercial
-iuo uigiug jrcgomans to write
letters to' their friends'.in 'the East 1
urging .them to' tome While the
rates are', still "'in effect, s to" the .
Wonderland of the r" West to' reside
-in. ft a n
Invitations have been received
in Corvallis for the marriage of
Miss Anita -'Harking! ; formerly of
Corvallis, to Dr. C. L. Masters, at
thehome of the bride's father at
Loomis, Wasnmgron on Saturday,
Apriiv 13th'. ." Miss" Harkin is a
grand-daughter of Mrs. C. P.
(jreffoz.-- After the. wedding, a re
ception is to be given in their hon
"or at the home of Mrs. Herbert
Gregg nee Carolyn Harkin.
nn hu un nn wa ' nf
'L--'.-.Xi LXl vzm.m
, . t'Tl h ' '''3.' ii'iijtl
The Finest and most complete line ever brought to the city.
Also a Full line of Base Ball Goods.
serum 'eeparated f rom ;iti for it is in
the etum:that!the anti-toxin, lies.
TBS semrh isr tnejeaav;':for inoo.
Milft-i inftmatf ;beings '- afflicted
Mlh?aipmneria.I9 m :w ..
" Swyjsglitfordiph
" erftti'Wl6liotii w for many
oiner uiayases.-i-. innorse is not
.'sa&epilb'le to them,,"
f 1iilH,?o o. - iikai"n1a
less, Caniife s using the
crimlnais" la 'Ohrperiitentiaries for
the.' production pf anti-toxins.; A
law making the punishment of cer
tain crimes optional with the con
victedimprisonment on tbe one
hand; iuocculation with certain die
ease germs on the other would
solve the problem for ell time.
Mill . 'mmm
Fir turn &&r&2s"C:
VMLTr 1 liaaP8a.f .'Klvi ifA ...
'.vv.4 r ....
JKcy usually, want
something from
.! -5.-;:
YolTfemcmber the hunger you had
Home cooking . counts: for much
in the. child's- health; do not imperil.
it.;tj&70;.Cod-by' tneiise. of ooorbakina powder;
.Haveyadelicio'usp ready whea they
come in; ToJpe sure of the purity, you must use ": ,
Royal makes a' difference in your home a difference in your health.
,; ft a cuiierence in yowr cooiaiig.