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It's to Your Interest -tolCnb w That the Smartest Spr in q
Are now here ready for your inspection, and try-on and that we offer you and your friends the first opportunity'
of viewing the largest and most magnificent display of Spring apparel we have ever had. If you ' can't .come 'to-,
it yuu vvioii tu uieaa yhvix at inw.w e-speuot; u yuu wano a ui uvereottim smartest
iTi'Mo.W inri nvo.i-joY firm . ,. y .. ;,
j style and of strict high quality.. Its to your interest to come . -Wffii.
) here at once andake ahearlv selebiion. j j ''f'-Pf
.morrow, come the day after.
wneat oo: oats-35 to 40.
B'dft Seayef arrived last Wht
f om a weeks visit in Portland.
1 Frank kane left this morning
for Eugenerafter a brief r visit. ? in
this city. " " ... : , t--.J'f
i . Judge McFadden arrived last
night from a business trip : to Port
land, ' -;;J: . , ' v;'
-i Mrsj:WilIiaot Cree -who has
been seriously ill for two weeks, . is
convalescent. iz-;t . t vi.; ,-; -. ;!
which we show in'4 all the most fashionable' fabrics in
broad variety of handsome weaves. Look where you may
you positively cannot find values to equal those we offer
Spring Sack Suits for Men and
Young Men at $12 to $25'
of most advanced feingle an4 double. breasted style, 'with
; every detail as derfect as if 4xclusiyely cubtom-aUor.-made
"Mi. 4t
I' equal in value to most $20. suits. at: $15
The new spring styles in Hats,5 both stiff and soft $1.50 to $3.50
Toinbrroty' is1 Spring Openihg tiay.
1 Come early!1 "!; ' 7 ; ; ! I!
TV -fi t Dr,,.!,. v, ..,-.. f... .... . :
': The People's Store. ,n ,
,. - H, .. ... -..; -.-.Lti-XiOOAL LORE. Jl
Watches,1 Clocks Jewelry repair
ing pmpTly'lahd cotrecgfy; done
at Pratts The Ueweler & Optician.
H , :.-..nti iy- . . i ?.: . j. , -
a K- . : , i.'-y ;d v, ; .. . ., , - .
1 .... .
For advertlsemenb in this column the rate
of 15 cents per line will be Charged. ( .
cook. Enquire at
, We, have also received
ill l.-i-r
our.Sprinff lines of Men's Ox-,
etc in! alitthe latest hapet.tMlf! t
WnM: Saw 5 Per Cent.
ui your casn oy iraoing wxin us
- vr
When y6ii see it in our"adits so
'Earl Landers returned to Rose
burg Wednesday after a few days'
visit with Corvallis friends.":
1 iv.;i'.f,U i0
; 'Till further notice? ALL glasses fittetf by" PRATT The
the Optician will be ; ABSQLUTELV, GUARANTEED . for,
Miss AnnavThompsbn "has re
turned from a ten , days', visit with
Portland, relatives and friends. She.
was accompanied by her piece, Miss
Anna Ebner. .. :. ., , i .. . .. 'r iJ
; -Horses are advertised for sa le,
glrls are wanted,' money is ofiFe rd
for loan, and many other annOuncee
merits of interest are get forth in the
classified colamriw Read- about it,
and read all the;' advertisements in
the papeH r tThey1. mean . something
and they. interest yau .. ' :
Mrs. F.i Pi Sheasgeen returned
to Portland Thursday morning; af
ter a few days' visit in Corvallis,
' s j w'
Leder Brothers have bought
another house-moving outfit from
Perry M. Conn, "of Albany. The
amount .paid was, $300. j, J-! ;
The incident happened in the
alley" that thirsty pilgrims so often
travel. ( TheyTUsuaUyentet it back
of Horning' s and go south,' Within
a short, distance hey turn' east and
disappear among the sheds and
tdifii&sJfOhleng $he latter
this time, three pilgrims appeared.
pi hey had W package. It - was un
rolled. Then it was uncocked.
Theriv they had refreslltnent ..all j
round. They disappeared: then,"
gQjjig south. Shortly afterward,
nt morejthan a half ai ttjir.j one
lone pilgrim appeared from- the
shedsand buildings.. Under!, his
arm was a package, xolled'up in ;a
paper. From the shape, it appear-
,ed'tbS;a;qriart ho1:tleof vinegar.
Where there is ' hdfteyV:there!i the
bees go. Why shouldn't they. 7 :
Another change has aksn
place with reference to insurance
ratesTaccordlfiff Ib'Portla'nid'nainiir:.'
Ageri,?tliere are said to be Trice&i;
tog ltistructjons privately froinj their
companies to-ebateithe 25 perfect
excess a'ddeoTto f'ate'k after the 6an
Francisco earthauake. the i rebate
Wmp mm Jahuarsf'-lasijMosf
tlie'ek&ssJ t6 'their doHcy holders: 1
and alp new btisUn-is! being writ
ren'ac tno ngures lnr'oguej petore
theearinqoake. .Odd Corvallisj sll
fignts Mfe ujEideiSod:. W paying
thtezxebatevi tod writing new j Ktlsi-,
ness at the lower rates. Sometime
ago the Board of Underwriters' , re-
sdndedjifsttctipn ordering ,rfe-j
Date. r i"
It "hasn't been said here for' a
long time, but it is still a fact that
the date after your name in the' ad-,
drf ss on your -TiMES shows to what
time your subscription ii paid, and
the. neighbors are still able , .to see
therefrom whether or not you, are
in arrears. . ' J '.
; James Steel,; who isolated- j for
the appointment as ; state. bant ! ex
aminer a positioQ; provided, for in1
new law by rthe. T ''late ,-lamented"t
as v Col.r Hofer, calls it, left, yester
day after a day's busiijess:1visit ' to
Corvallis. a Mr. Steel was for many
years cashier of the First ,liorial
in Portland, vr; m !
They have a.H new": wrestling
Mass at the college, in. the 'physical
culture department, 'arid thereto
oangs an epioae. rue worKS:
sistant !'J DirectorEHattsbn; Who
handles the qew''cla"ss.3x?,Tlie! j first
lesspu-Maf-.; .wpUrefca Wedries
1 Miss Eda Jacob? and Mrs Mc
Mahon arrived yesterday , from at
tendance at Di .trict, convention 6!
the Rebekahs beldT at Harrisburg
and 3rownsvilIe..;; 7.',
' T. L.' Underwood and family
left last night for Lebanon . toresidei'i
Many' mends here regret their - de .
parturel J " !"':- '-' '
Deputy Gima , Warden Wells
wtnt to Lincoln county , Wed nes-
i .day, and it is. supposed that. trouble
is aneaaior, someDoay . in tnai
country,' "',.V "f '. 1 .;;v' , '
For the present Assessor Davis
is listing Corvallis tax (payers for
the new assessment, and is making
eodd progress.: He J will take to
the Country precincts when Toads
and' weather are better. ;
; The. Corvalfis Grange will hold
a meeting Jiri the administration
building tomorrow afternoon at 2:15.
A very interesting program has
been prepared. - . . ;
The high winds the other day
blew down hop driers; on the farm.
of John Burton near Independence,
causing a loss bf; $1,200. The in
cident is a remarkable one in Ore-
The total hop' crop of Oregon
last year was 1474066 . bales, great
er by' ,000 bales than any former
vear. The advanced estimate.. 01
the crop was 112,000 bales. Cali
fornia was;the nearest rival . wi.h
109,000 tales. ; . i,: "7 , ' .
;I Plans have been prepared for
a new iresidence. . E.: .J. - Harrington
will erred on lots recently purchas the southwest corner of the
Block1 iusi north of the court house.:
It'is' to ; beJ a 0 modern A borne
with about 10 rooms. Work ! will
begin as soon as the weather set--les
', and 'it is hioped W have ' it
ready for occupancy early in 'tlie
summer.:-'!;.; !'..:: M .
& As will be ' seen by the city
treasurer' $ notice elsewhere.- ' a
call has been issued for city warrants
There is suificient money on hand
to pay off all street fund warrants
indorsed and outstanding." -; In the
case of 5 the general fund, ' air war
rants indorsed up to March 29th,
loot are called, in. The city is
exactly four years in; arrears.
, A curious accident befell I. A
Peak; the Bellfountam mail carrier
last Tuesday d morning. -He was
about to start with , the mail, arid
was in the act -of.: carrying from
the house a jug of hot- water which
he was to take alone with him on
the' trio. The -iue-- suddenly ex
ploded,' and the boiling water flood
ed his lace burning him so: badly
that serious results . were , aimost
threatened." "'The' day was spent
by the ' family " in application of
remedies and a measure v of relief
was finally afforded. A correspotdu t
- writes that several days will, elapse
before he can:? resume j his ijusual
duties. ...
5 There is to be a fat and . lean
man's basket ball game in the
Armory1 tS'riighe ia whicbl down
town' people"1 will j participate. The
bill will be.: a triple affair with pra
4injmary'eventS'tttf,sfaapte of an
Indoor base ball gade" and a - basket
dodtesL n AcCbrdipg y rtp1? the hand
bill; advertisements, the ("Leans'.'
wpl be E. E. Wilson. Roy Hol
lenbergS T'.T Viricent.'Al J.. Metzi.
ger,4 'C611y "l Cathey.t 'Shorty"
kWade, and J.. CU.Hajaimel. Te
?, p ats T j according io; .. . ine same
authority are, F. L. 'Millet,'? Pug
Huntley. Grant Elgin, Dr.- Bell.
Charles Peterson; IraGiiggs, "Gun
Hodes,'-' and i ? Abraham i j Lincoln
Stevensan. ";,
V- A.inah 'gpt-,wfathy the other
He Wanted a Hop Yard Small Yards
r : Wete not big Enough for hi
' "i - Sack. ' ' ; "
" A ! Chinaman wo bores with v
a big augur was in town yesterday
looking for a hop yard. He had
opportunity to lease a yard or two
of ordinary size but he refused to
consider them because be said they
were not large enough. After such
a refusal, he was asked by a real
estate man how large a. yard be
replied, "l no care; may. be 200
acre.' may be more, nodifflence."
His name is Chan Chaip,: that at
least was the part of the alphabet
that he used when asked to.- spell
his name. He has been for some
years. operating at Independence ' a
187 acre yard which he has p?rted
with.; The statement of a man whb
knows is that Mr. Chaip cm bring
all kinds of money into the field if
opportunity for a big hop. yard is
presented. Chan Chaip was; form
erly .an operator in the mines in
liastern Oregon, where he is said
to have laid up a handsome sum.
WANTED A dining room girl. Apply ;
at Cauthorn hall. Independent phone.
73. - - - . - V -
FOR SALE spaa oE good brood mares
and a spaa of three vear old draft colts
W. L. Kice, Corvallis RFD 3.
WANTED. Girl or woman for
companion for young lady. Five
months employment. References
exchanged. Independent phone.
547 Residence 11 11, Sixth St.
WANTED- one foreman and sixVwood
.choppers. $2.50 per day.. Tools fur
nished. Good board 4 dollars per
' week. Write to Assistant Gen. Mgr.
. or Supt. : of C&E R. R. Albany, Ore-..
HAND made soft center choco-.
, lates at the Palace ot Sheets.
MONEY to loan,on . approved security
Apply to 8. L, Kline agent. . .
Get good garden, timothy, eTover
all kinds of field seeds at Zierolf's.
-. We have opecej an office over the
First National Bank, where 'we
are prepared to handle all kinds of City
property for pale also good fa-ms, stock
ranchee. small tracts, near ibi-City. If
you can't find what jou w nc come in
and seems, and talk it over. McHenry '
& price. Corvallis Oregon.
Bring your Eggs clean and'
fresh and ' we will . give " you
square deal for them, -i ?
dayffertQri theernel ! wa3i AI ' ' iT
thatthaleit moralng'-vm of fohe!:ffice ' to .abuse
boys hobbled np to" the collettf onW"'' 9sMlr5.?w;pPfc
p to" the college
three legs.The. enthusiasm 9t?the
instructor,' pervaded, the learners'
and the- foundations; for; jithet frifei?7!
f tf y , 1 us jai l w:if lictiu,
bV01 All V,e. Kr.... .'r,XiAr.' Ail JiJii
varying : from. misslngi skiii -dnd
bftirsedf;;T 'iMicAits: tifni
stiff1? Sck' 'itht) vfelilowtUl-'&i01
or FrahkPndergrasslmheriJ a J
sVunt' of a'i n'dtrf'ktlWiiflUitfE Ob the!
ijia'ts;-Iheboys .were' sent throng bja
task' & basketJ1all; ' In'ftietr'1
Mirhei"ar'onnd the-indnnrrtra 'in
thQ tO.miCTT AM1. nil .M.W1 BlU UiUI
mat. speii.on! ttte ,,honzontal biW" h -b
FOR RENT. House of eight rooms.
, Enquire at residence of A. W.
;'. Herbert. :
FOR RENT good house, reasonable.
." right parties, Independeut phone.
! Hill line. .. -.
A big-Eastern shipment of popu
lar music just receivedat : Graham
& Wells. -
Clover and timothy at Zierolf's.
For Sale.
FOR SALE afinie team of-mftres, weight
3aoo Matthew.' iThompson C. & E.
- crossing;.;: f; ' f ... - ,..
FOR SALE . As I am going out of the
.business I will "sell my grain ware
," house at a bargain or would: exchange
for good residence, iri' ."Corvallis or a
f mall farm ot equal value. Handled
47 000 bu of grain this season.. R. N .
, Williamson Wells,. Oregon. -
old, goods
Hedge, plants one,
roots. Phone 439. '.
tng'room.i He saw tbftjtrenupus
ey'piutrpnS tbe;"opefators; were go-r:
ingj..Wrdtr(li"; T!Wiidn,tt' have
tin"tiate:;dbr.:AIl';; 'over!
fhe'boaMy there were,:calls; for therd
nnft'f'hp-tf dirlrt'Sliawe! tima'to- ilook
nrejtig?3fe4 tot y min-
mte m; wonderment, it was a sight ot
tretttiotis 'activity, such s - he 'had
JfcWexfe&ted tb'see." iiJRfo anger
oftehea Wt6; & ': smile- and-' he . left
4 piace'ueiermineu never , more-
'it II I'll
i'TUertf'wash'tf'oa hit -I6f a'Prfelident J
tokveff sllV?, hMe I bosi-'f PfAO 'NING5 'tlbTto Marxist.1
FOR SALE one nearly new. top buggv
a leather top and cushions, nickle plat
' ed hub irons tosting"' $85.00; Will sel
:" for '60 dollars if taken' before April 1
also; seven ton' cheat hay: .'baled,
i. Phonej 6554 h-j.hf.i Brooks. ,-
"" Largest stock of Edison phono
graph rerords in . the Valley at
-Graham & Wells'." ; " ." .',
BEST-BREAD and pastry can
obtained at Starr's Bakery.
6f instruction
which all
in..hisdepart'mnti "ot;lr,4ough'e'in:iairg'radiesi'of difficulty."
thei)Ovs;st)Sak--in' nnmlxt hi FtankiAv -WhUet Phone.; Tio.s.
EGGS frotri thoroughbred' ? b rown
''.; JeghPrii?; fifty cents per-; setting
.'jIndendentphonejiir Corvallis.
TEA '5J ING .' an) ed . -AU :ld nds .' of jobs
. ' in i earning done. .-'Residence Ninth.
. . . tu Jack op.' ' Independent phone. O.
T ' Murphy,-Corvallis.' ' ,. '