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    Vol. XIX.-No. 3
B.F. IKVI1TB Editor
and Proplleto
In the Circuit Court ot the state ol Oregon
Beaton county:
, for
J. W. Wkitsjian.
Plaintiff, 1
J. R. Rainwater and Lucy Rainwater,
his wife; William Rainwater and
Rtrdh Rulnwa'.er. his wile; Anna
Kling and Pf-ter Kliug, her hus
band; Uanic;l Rainwitter and Emroa
Rainwater, his wife; Emmett Ralu
Wrtter and Mary Rainwater, hi. wife:
Mnry Glurk and Merton OHrk. her
husband : Anna Duley and Frank I)n
Jey. fcer husband ; Emma Laughbead
and C. H. Laughead, her husband;
and Leo Cohen, Bessie Muller and
Paul Muller her husband, defendant".
To Bessie Muller. Emmett Rainwater,
Mnry Rainwater, his wile, the above named de
In tne name ot the state nt Oregon, you and
each of you are hf-reby summoned and required
to appea'r and answer the complaint of the plain
tin" in the above entitled suit now on file with
the clerk of the above entitled court, on or be
fore the last day of the tlnre prescribed in the
order lor publication of this summons, herein
after referred to, to-wlt, od or before November
2:5, l'jrjfi, and you are hereby notified that It you
fnil ko to appear and answer the said complaint
as herein required. f r want thereof ihe plain
tiff will apply to the above entitled court for the
relief demanded In his said complaint, to-wit:
that he be decreed to be the owner in fee simple
of the following described raal prjpertv, to-wlt:
Beginning at the K W corner ol the D. L. C, of
A. M Rainwater. Not. No. 697, CI. 61 & 39 In T.
11 S. R. 3 and 4 W., of Will. Mtr., Benton county,
Oregon, and running thence S. 26.94 chains,
thence E. 1? 27 chains, thence S. 8 deg., E. 3.10
chains, thence 3, 29.14 chains to the N. bounda
ry of said claim, thence S. 82 deg. 15 mln. W.
along Ssld N. boundary to place of beginning,
containing 43 20 acres, more or less, all In Ben
ton county. Oregon, save and except 13 18 acres
heretofore sold and conveyed to S. E. Rainwater
Described as follows: Beginning at N W corner
of D. L. 0. Not. 6U7. CI. 61 aud 39 T. 11 3. R. 3 and
4 W. Will. Mer., Benton county, Oregon, and
running tbencc N. H2 deic. 15 min. E. along N.
boundary of said claim 10.10 chains, thence S.
to the N. boundary of W. V. & C. R. R. (Jo's right
ol wav, thence westerly along said North
boundary to the west boundary of said claim
thence N aloug said west boundary to place of
beginning, containing 13.18 acres, more or less:
that the defendants be required to perfect the
title of said 'land by making, executing, ac
knowledging and delivering a deed thereto to
the plaintiff, or that In the event they fail so to
do that the decree of said courc shall operate In
lieu of such deed, and that plaintiff bave his
costs and disbursements, and for general relief:
This summons is published In The Corvallis
Times newspaper onee a week, for six successive
and consecutive weeks, beginning wun me issue
ot October 12, 1906 and enoing with the issue of
November 23. 19C6. under and in pursuance of
the directions contained iu an order made by
the Hon E. Woodward, judge of the county
court of Benton county, state of oregn, oaten
October 11. 1906. Date of first publication hereof
Is October 12, 19C6.
Attorneys tor Plainilff.
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E. E. WILStrN,
j Summons.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Beutou couuty:
Garrison Sheldon, plaintiff, 1
vs. t i I"
Ella W. Sheldon, defendant. 5 '
To E1U W. Sheldon, the above named defend
ant: lu the-name of the state of Oreg m, you are
hereby summoned and required t a;io-ar and
answer the complaint of the pinna ill. In the
above entitled suit in 'he above entitled court,
now on hie In the office of the clerk of said
court, on or before tlx weeks ftom the day
of te first publication hereof, to-wlt:
on or before November 13, 1906, and
you are hereby notified that if you fall so to
appear and answer the said complaint as here
in required, for want thereof the plaintiff will
apply to the above entitled court lor the relief
demanded In his said complaint, namely, for a
decree of rlvorce from the said deiendant, for
ever dissolving the marilage contract ezistiug
between the Plaintiff and defendant, aud for
such other further and dlHtrent rule, order or
relief as to the eou't may seem proper.
Tdis summons is pabllshed in the Corvallij
Times newspaper once a week for six successive
and consecutive weeks, beginning with the issue
of said newspaper of October 2, 1906. and enclng
with the issue ef Kovember 18, 1906, under and
lu pursuance of the directions- contained lu an
order made by the Hon. E. Woodward, county
i iidge of Benton county. Oregon, being the eoun
ty wheie the above en tit lea suit is pending in
the above entitled circuit court , dated Septem
ber 28, 1900. The date of the first publication
ireol is October a, 1906.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
E. R. Bryson,
Attorney At Law.
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Woman Tells of Plot to Burglarize
Jewelry Store aDd toSlay Pawn-
broker'e Clerk Dynamite
Hid Near Snyder's
Home Other News.
Hitlsbrrj, Or., Oct. 27. Before
District Attorney Harmon Allen,
hie deputy, E. B. Tongue, and oth
er officials, Mr. Madge Snyder, re
lated a marvelous confession of
crime thit morning, involving her
dead buebend and others in a series
of jobs tb&t vie in sensational dar
ing with the wildest etories of yel
low back fijtion.
Among toej ibs that were to have
been undertaken by her reckless
husband mi desecrate companions
was tbe holding up of tbe box office
of the He ilig theatre . in Portland
Another pln involved tbe robbery
or fan Marx s jewelry store on
Third street. .Plane of other crimes
were equa ly as eensational were
told by the widow. Many of tbe
plots were overheard by her, ehe
eaid, as sbe lay hidden behind
haymow in tbe barn where hr bus
band and bi9 companions met to do
their plotting.
' Openly and unhesitatingly sbe
-told today of .the plan to rob tbe
Foiest Grove bank. Ihe deed was
planned hy her late husband and
a man named Rogers, ehe declared
Her husband and Rogers quarreled
ebe said and it was because of tbe
quatrel that Carey M. Snyder did
not participate in the actual rob
bery. Sbe aho told where the ni
troglyctrine, dvnamite caps and
fuse, poit ons of which were used
in blowing the vault of the Forest
Groee bank, were buried near their
home near Glencoe.
Sbe further told how ehe had
been cruelly beaten and bruised by
her hu-band and his pirate crew
c-e ciuse sne reiusea, to c-ecome an
accessary , to their conspiracy to
murder mi rob. Once, she said
her husband fired two shots at her
in the hope of inttmidating her and
forcing ter to take part in the
crimes be planned. . The shots were
fired in their home and the bullets
buried themselves in the wall of
their living room..
The widow appeared here today
in response to a subpoena eerved
upon ber by tbe district attorney
diiectine her appearance belore
Judge McBride. For weeks Bhe has
bafflei every effort on the part of
the tffiaials to induce her to divulge
her secret, and threatened to return
to ber home in Kansas Cily.
Stie arrived here from Portland
this morning. She professes resent
ment toward tbe officials and offi
cers who have teen working on tbe
tase and alio claims that her life is
in danger as a result of her confes
sion implicating George: Perry in
the murder of ber husband. Offi
cers ani others, however, who know
tbe woman plaoe little cred-nce in
her alleged fears. Sbe doesn't
know tbe meaning of tbe word, they
"Perry came to visit my husband
and me in the early part of June,
1905," continued Mrs. Snyder. "I
soon saw be wielded a bad influence
over my husband and I tried to get
Carey to ask him to leave. My hus
band grew brutal to me under Per
ry s domination, and many times
struck and kicked me. Once he
knocked me down with a chair and
kicked me becauee I detected him
cheating at a game of cards with
Perry acd myself. Perry hated me
and never offered to interfere.
"On Saturday, Nov. 25, my hus
band and I went to Portland, and
from there duck hunting. We got
back to Portland Sunday evening.
The plan of Perry and my husband
was to rob the pawnshop next
morning. Oar room was on Fourth
street, not far from Oak. lit, . was
the corner of Oak street, on Fourth
which meant I had consented to
pick up valises containing plunder
when they had been left at Fourth
and Yamhill streets sod carry them
aboard the train, after leaving tbe
pawnshop, lor fear somebody might
detect them on description.
"Carey got up at 5 A. M. and
left tbe house; I did cot pasB tbe
corner as expee'ed and they were
afraid to do the job. On the way
to Hillsboro that morning my hus
band was so angry that - he would
not speak to me. . At Hillsboro we
met rogers, just arrived from Kan
sas City. He bad made tbe mis
take of going to Cornelius, rerry
said Snyder had shown a fac simi
le of bis handwriting to the cl?rk
in the Cornelius poetoffice and had
obtained two letters be sent rerry.
which would bave landed both in
the penitentiary if received by offi
ciale. This man had a lot cf ni
troglycerine with him aswediscov
ered afterward. My husbandandRog-
ers, said to be one of tbe best, fate
cracksmen in tbe country, returned
to Portland Monday afternoon and
I went to the farm Tuesday morn
ing. ''That night I met my huBband
with a carriage; be gave me an aw
ful beating for refusing to cairy the
grips aboard the train and tbus pre
venting the pawnshop robbery.
Carey afterward told me be and
Peiry and Rogers left Portland
Monday night for Forest Grave,
arriving there at midnight, and in
spected the bank premises. Then
they went to Hillsboro and under
cover of night broke into a grocery
store to get something to eat acd
spent the remainder of the night
sleeping iu a box car. Tuesday Ca
rey talked over tbe telephone with
Perry in Portland. Perry used the
name of Leaby, clerk in the North
west gunstore, and Eaid be was
ready for that dock bunt. This
meant ready for the robbery of the
theatre. My husband told Perry
he would not come and tbey used
words showing an?er.
'Friday night, December 1, tte
bank was robbed: Carey did not
bear of it until two days later.
Then be was furious and 6aid: "Per
ry and Rogers have doue that j.b
without me. Tby will bave to di
vide." ; .
"He was especially angry when
he learned tbey got only $6,000,
and said there was moed than $50,
000 in the bank and that most, of it
had been transferred to Portland
00 Thursday. He declared the
failure to get a bigger amoutt was
due to their not meeting him Wed
nesday night.
"The plunder was to be buried
a mile from our house. Cirep be
ing led to believe that he was to re
ceive a part of the plunder, and
that on reaching the spot he was
was killed.
San Francisco,;03t.,26. Tremb
ling with passion, his voice raised
to a high pitch, Franth J. Heney,
tbe prosecutor of tbe grafters, leaned
acroes tbe table ia Judge Graham's
court this afternoon and, shaking
bis finger ia Abe Ruef'siace, stout:
"These are the men, these are tbe
graiters we are after."
Jsjlt was the concluding scene in
the court drama in which Ruef and
William H. Langdoa had sought
for recognition as district attorcey,
Langdon, who was removed from
office last night at the dictate of
Ruef, refused to vacate the office.
Judge Graham reserved his decision
until next Monday.
Heney appeared in tbe capacity
of assistant to Langdon. The re
moval of Langdon was ordered by
Acting Mayor Gallagher when it
was learned that Heney, assisted
by Detective W. J. Burns and
Ivingdoa, bad gathered evidence
which tbey claim will send Ruef,
Mayor Sehmitz, Acting Mayor gal
lagber aod tbe 18 supervisors to
the penitentiary.
The day was replete with excit
ing episodes. A crowd of 3,000
people gathered about the court
room and, when Ruef emerged,
rushed at him and was only kept
from doing him violence by tbe cor
don of police which surrounded
him. As it was, Dr. C. Beasley,
an ex-Army surgeon, clashed with
Ruef and the two engaged in a fist
fight, but were soon parted.
lonigbt Kuef and Lanpdon each
Ruef's first act in court today
was to eppeal for protection. He
stated that be had information
that Heney was armed. ; .
"The gentleman is incorrect," as
usual," eaid Heney. The two men
looked at each other, the crowd
Z i. 3 1 il , 1 1 . ,
wuiieu wcatniessiy, out mere was
Life Like His D.ath Was Tragic
Under Indictment for Bribery
Paid Councilman $00,000
Kansas City, Oot. 27. Robert
M. Suyder, millionaire banker and
promoter, met death in his automo
bile here at 6:30 o'clock tonight.
His chauffeur, Frank M. Schroeder,
attempted to steer clear of a mes
senger boy on a bicycle the machine
collided with the boy and the curb
stone at the . same moment. The
shock threw snyder from his seat
and bis head struck on an iron trol
ley pole. Soyder was at once car
ried to the Agnew hospital. He
died there upon bis arrival. His
skull had been fiactured. Arthur
Odell, the messenger boy,, received
injuries that willl probably cause
hi? death. The driver was not hurt. ,
Tbe death oi Robert M. Snyder
was as his life tragic. He was un
der indictment at tbe time of his
death in connection with the brib
ery of members of tbe St. Louis
city council. Joseph W. Folk, now
governor of Missouri, waB at that
time ciicuit attorney in St. Louis,
and was the prosecutor. This is tha
story be proved: .
Snyder went to St. Louis in 1898
as. a street railway prone o'er. He
rented an expensive suit of rooms
in one of the large down town hotels,
which he stocked with fine cigars
and liquors. Then he invited to
these moms men of influence with
the members of the city assembly.
Tbe Central Traction bill was
through both houses of the council,
but was vetoed by the mayor. It !
bad to be passed again over tha
veto. Then U hoff, who was in
tbe council, demanded $5o,ooo for
his vot. Snyder gave it to him,
and borrowed it back again 'he
next night. Then he went to New
York City.
Uthoff Joilowed. In another cafe
scene, where champagne flowed
freely, Snyder presented a letter,
exonerating himself. He told Ut- '
hoff be would get $51, 000 if be
signed it, otherwise nothing. Ut
hoff signed the statement.
"You are as far above giving a
bribe as I am above receiving."
Snyder was sentenced to five
years in the penitentiary, but tbe
supreme court reversed aod re
manded the judgment to tbe lower
court. Recently a new indictment
wai returned against him by the St.
L -nis grand jury.
C rey M. Snyder, a son of Robert
M. Snyder, was convicted of hold
ing up and robbing a Kansas City
pawnbroker of $6,000 in diamonds
continnedon page 4.
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