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    Corvallis Times
The reports are that seventy
square miles of timber has been
destroyed by the fires now raging
along the head waters of the north
Santiam. On the burned area a
few days ago there stood possibly a
billion and a half to more than two
billions of feet of the finest timber
in the world, and tbe resultant
property loss aggregates millions of
dollars. By what act of careless
ness this enormous destruction of
prbperty was occassioned will never
perhaps, be known. That it was
carelessness ot the grossest .and
most criminal character is undoubt
ed. Some hunter, some camper,
some careless smoker unguardedly
touched the flame and launched the
conflagration. Time was when
forests were looked upon as a vast
waste, so abundant and so unsought
as to be valueless, and to this idea
is often due the fact that careless
fires are lighted which later fan in.
to wasteful and wanton destruction
The timber on this new burned
area was more thanusually valuable
because a railroadalready linked it
with civilized life and made it a
part of building operations when
ever it should be required. Its loss
is shameful because, little by little,
the world's supply of timber is be'
ing exhausted. It calls loiidly for
every violation of the laws for sav
ing the timber to' be punished,
fully and freely. Careless people
who so to the woods should be
taught by law to be careful.
Henry Meldrum, ex-surveyor
general of Oregon, to party of land
fraud friends. "Well, boys; I'm
on belore long tor a trip. I m go
ing up to McNeil's Island to a
kind of resort they have over there,
I'll soon learn tbe ropes so that
when Hermann, Brownell and the
rest of you boys arrive, I can shsw
you a good time."
With two aeronauts dead yes
terday, one the day before and s
usual grist of about three a week it
will ce seen that tnose who go
ballooning are about as ill balanced
mentally as the average Chicago
professor. A law to prevent bal
looning and another to prohibit tbe
professors from talking would be a
blessing to the public.
More News from the O. A, C.
Lieutenant Was Sent North
of Manila.
Another little scrap of news has
been received from Lieut. Floyd
Williams, and which bears some
what on tee question of whether or
not he was in command of the con
stabulary at the time his friend,
Lieut. Worswick and a dozen pri
vates were killed. The informa
tion comes in a private letter from
Mrs. Williams at Manila to a friend
in this city. The letter says that
July 9th Lieut. Williams left Ma
nila with the company of constab
ulary of which he is in command,
and went 40 miles north to subdue
a bunch of Ladrones who had brok
en out and were giving trouble.
The letter is dated July 10th and
says: ' 'He (Lieut. Williams) left at
seven o'clock yesterday morning
for the Bosque to be gone indefi
nitely. The Ladrones are giving
troub'e about 40 miles north of
Manila' at a place called Malolos,
and he has gone up there with his
company to try and capture the
leader, Filippe Salvador and his
men. They had a fight up there
yesterday and I haven't heard any
particulars yet, but I do not think
he was in it." :
In another place the letter says:
'Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippine Is
lands is our station, but the com
pany that Lieut. Williams was
made commander of has headquar
ters here in Manila at present."
As the letter indicates, Lieut. Wil
liams left for the north of Manila a
little more than two weeks before
the fight on the island of Leyte,
which is several hundred miles
south of Manila. He went north
on the 9th, and the Leyte fight oc
curred on the 24th of July. Unless
Lieut. Williams was suddenly re
called and sent southward, he was
not in command at the Leyte fight
in which - Lieut. Worswick was
Fancy Prices for Nye Greek
Lots Will Railroad go to
A big lamp in the prices of .Nye
Creek town lots is one of the things
they talk about over at the New
port beach. Saturday, a man was
offered $500 for a lot that he bought
last February for $100. In another
case, a woman bought two lots last
summer, and built a fairly good
cottage on one of them, ,. and the
other day sold the other " lot , for
enough to pay for the cottage and
lot on which it stands, so that the
holdings she had left cost her noth
ing. A single corner lot in a good
locality brought an offer of $600
last week, and the offer was refus
ed. The owner has one of the best
if not the very best cottage on the
Creek and can now sell his sur
plus lots for enough to pay him
back for all he spent in the pur
chase of his lots and the erection of
his house last year. The boom is
attended with numerous transactions
and the erection of a great many
cottages. A new hotel is project
ed far the locality, and it will be
ready for guests next season. It
will be owned and conducted by
Mr. Damon who has a large and
popular boarding house there this
year. If the confidence in real es
tate values means anything, the
future of the Newport beach as a
summer resort is assured.
It is common belief that the C. &
E. will be extended to Newport by
another season. Perhaps it is the
general fitness of the thing that has
most to do with the opinion. That
Is where the railroad should have
gone in the beginning, and where
it doubtless would have gane , but
for the visionary plans of Col,
Hogg, to build a city at Yaquina
and grow wealthy by sale of hill
side lots. One authority says the
line can be built through for $25,
000, though that seems a low es'
timate. Guy Talbot, the new gen'
eral manager of the road, accom
panied by Jack Mayo and some of
the other officials, went over the
proposed line recently. It is known
that Mr. Talbot said afterward that
" The plan presents no engineering
difficulties." It is known that the
late Con Sullivan pleaded hard with
the authoritiesjof the road to make
the extension long ago. It is said
that he offered to take the usual
operating force of the road, using
no extra expense for extra men,
within two years o pu' the exten
sion through without cent of cost
to the owner-, except f .r such ma
terial as would be rtquiredo. His
offer was 1 ever accepted."
The manifold advantages to re
sult from the extension to thrust
themselves into the minds of ev
ery man, woman and child that vis
its the locality. The ; tiresome,
dangerous, tedious ' transfer from
the train to the boat, even with a
small crowd is en awful drawback.
Many and many a time in the out
ing season, the train could be in
Newport before the transfer boat
leaves its dock at Yaquina. . The
little launches that leave the dock
after the arrival ot the train reach
Newport so far ahead of the big
boat that passengers have time to
eat snpper and get settled for the
evening before te big boat arrives.
When the business men in Portland
and elsewhere look over the hor
izon to see what place to go for an
outing, the varied and manifold
attractions at Newport appeal to
him; but it is doubtless true that
many a time he thinks of the bun
glesome and tedious transfer at the
other end of the line, and selects
some other spot. The managers of
the transier boat do everything pos
sible for the comfort of passengers.
Every courtesy is shown the travel
er, but the traffic in the summer
time is simply enormous and such
facilities as can be afforded are en
tirely inadequate for the rapid trans
it requirements of these days of
swift going and coming.
The claim is that there are 8,000
people at Newpoit. No crowd so
great has ever been there before.
Every hotel, every lodging house
every cottage is full, and there are
hundreds of tents and campers.
The tent city extends as far to the
northward as Jump-off-Joe. Seven
coach loads or nearly 400 people
went in on Saturday's train. Eight
coaches carrying 655 f people went
in on Sunday's excursion. Four
coaches jammed to the doors went
in yesterday, and today's train was
equally as well patronized. Sundays
excursion train out consisted of a
double header and there were ten
coaches all filled, and many per
sons standing. It was the banner
excursion of this season of banner
crowds. The day however, was
one illy suited to the occasion.
There was a heavy fog throughout
the morning which at noon broke
into a drizzling rain, audit pre
vailed until evtbiug. It was wet
enough to penetrate the overcoats
of the men, and accordingly played
havoc with the white dresses.
white shoes and white stockings of
the many who went to the seaside
in that attire. The -' bedrawled
plumage of poultry in a v rainstorm
never exniDiiea more undoubted
symptoms of total.wreck than 'did
many of the gay and feetive- girls
who ventured to the Coast that
day in fair weather attire.1 It is en
tirely probable that manva on of
them took the train for the return
trip wet to the skin. It was im
possible to go on the beaches and
the time was spent in . . standing-
under porches and umbrellas and in
hueeineas close as rassihle to
friendly walls.
For use of Sidewalk for A. J.
Johnson Brick What
They are.
Mayor Johnson has been granted
by the city council the right to
have special use of a portion of the
sidewalk adjacent to the new brick
he is to build. The ordinance
says: It is ordained "that A. J.
Johnson is hereby granted the priv
ilege of using a section ot the side
walk along the south side of lot 12
in block 5 adjacent to the building
line and three feet six inches
wide, commencing at a point 10 feet
from the west property line and ex
tending easterly. 20 feet as a space
for the erection of a basement stair
way and to erect and maintain such
stairway within said space. Also
the right to use a section of side
walk along the westside and ad
jacent to the property line of said
lot three feet six inches wide and
24 feet long commencing ten feet
north of the corner of the property
line on said block and extending
north for an area space 15 feet long
and a space tor stairway entrance.
"Also the right and privilege of
using a section of the sidewalk out
side of the property line of said lot
and inside a line drawn from the
outside line of said basement stair
way space to the outside line of
said area plat, running so as to
pass not tc exceed eighteenjinches
inside the corner of the property
line, said line at no place to pass
more than three feet six inches out
side the property line as space for a
circular step approach; also the
right and privilege of erecting and
maintaining suitable railings about
such basement stairway space and
area plat and of placing and main'
taining a glass surface in the side
walk within said area plat. The
privilege is hereby granted of con
structing the sidewalk along the
souta of said lot, 10 leet wide."
Newport, Yaquina Bay, Breitenbush
Hot Springs From All S. P. and
C & E. Points.
Ob and after June 1, 1906, the Southern Pacific,
in connection with the Corvallis & Eastern rail
road, will have on sale round trip tickets from
points on their lines to Kewport, Yaquina and
Detroit at low rates, good tor return until Octo
ber 10, 1906.
Three day tickets to Kewport and Yaquina,
good going Saturdays and returning Mondays,
are also on sale from all East Side points. Fort
land to Eugene, inclusive, and from all West
side point?, enabling people tofcit their famil
ies and spend Sunday at the seaside.
Season tickets from all East Side points, Port
and to Eugene, inclusive, and from all Wes
Side points, are also on sale to Detroit at very
low rates, with stop over privileges at Mill City
or any point East, enabling tourists to visit the
Santiam and Breitenbush Hot Springs in tbe
Cascade Mountains, which can be reached In
one day.
Season tickets good for return from all points
until Oct. 10. Three-day tickets good going Sat
urdays and returning Mondays only. Tickets
for Portland and vicinity good lor return via.
the East or West Side. Tickets from Eugene
and vicinity will be good going via the Lebanon
Springfield branch. Baggage on Newport tickets
checked through to Newport ; on Yaquina tick
ets to Yaquina only. Sunday excursions to New
port on the C. & E. will begin June 10th or 17th
and run every Sunday thereafter, leaving Alba
ny at 7:80 a. m.; leaving Corvallis 8a.m.
S. P. trains connect With theO. & E. at Albany
and Corvallis for Yaquina and Newport. Trains
on the C. & E. tor Detroit will leave Albany at
7:30 a. m., enabling tourists to the Hot Springs
to reach there the same day. Trains from and
to Corvallis connect with all East Side trains on
the S. P.
Full Information as to rates, time tables, etc.,
can be obtained on application to J. C. Mayo
Gen. Pass. Agt. C. & E. K., Albany; A. L. Craig,
G. P- A. 8. P. Co, Portland, or ta any S. P. or 0.
& E. agent.
j Rates from CorvaUU to Newport, 13.75; '
To Yaquina, $3.25.
Three-day rate from Corvallis to Newport, S2.B0.
In Self Defense.
Major Hamm, editor and manager of
the Constitutionalist, Eminence, Ky.,
when he was fiercely attacked, four vears
ago, by Piles, bought a box of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, of which he says. "It
cured me in ten days and no trouble
Bince." Quickest healer of burns, Sores,
Cots & Wounds. 25c at Allen & Wood
ward's drug store.
WANTED 50 cars of oats and wheat.
Will imp from nearest K. K. station,
get the prices of others, then get mine.
Send eample of grain. I keep all kinds
of farm seeds. Yonrs for business,
L. L. Brooks, Corvallis, Or.
FOR SALE Two good cows, both will
be fiesh in September, one a register
ed Jersey. One .fine Hackney year
ling colt. One pony cart; all at a bar
gain if taken soon. J. A. Gilkey, Col
lege Hill, Corvallis.
FOR SALE. Six horse engine and 12
horse boiler in good repair, and cream
ery fixtures, to be sold separately or as
a wnoie, ana at a Daagain. George Tav
lor. Independent phone 407.
for Sale.
Three piece Mahogany Marble top bed
reomsuit; good box' Heater; 2 burner
oil stove. Bargain if taken soon.
S. L. Kline's Residence. - '
For Sale.
House 6 rooms and burn. 1 lots in Tnhs
House 7 rooms, barn, a lots nur the
House 7 rooms, b&rn. 11 lots In Wil.
kins Addition.
Inquire of S. H. Moore, Ind. phone,
713, or any of the real estate men .
Well Drilling.
T. It. Slonflr ia nrpnarerl tn ainlr vnOla
r- 1 - x r - . . .-.u
throufih auick sand and ' crravel. Root
drilling a specialty. Inquire of J. R.
smitn & uo., or address j. is. sioper,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Hop Pickers Wanted,
100 hundred hop pickers wanted
in September to pick the crop on
the Island Home Hop yard on Ki
ger8 Island.
Good camp ground; no loose
stock to bother you; plenty of
shade and good water; free pasture
for your horse and cow.
We hope to have all our old pick
ers with us again this year. Price
and conditions same as last year.
Oswald West.
Hop Growers!
One hundred dollars will buy a
Franklin Hop Baler. For sale at
F -anklin Iron Works,
Corvallis, Ore.
Don't Pass up the Newest Fad.
Letterposte Photos.
A choice of twelve styles.
Twelve Photos of your self done
in novel style.
Come in and ask about them.
The Corvallis Studio.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned,
Helcena Wright bas been appointed administra
trix ot the estate of Thomas J. Wright, deceased.
All persons having claims against said estate
are hereby required to present tbe same, duly
Verified as by law required, at the office of J, F.
Yates within six monthB trom the date of this
Dated at Corvallis, Or., Aug. 14, 1900.
Administratrix of the estate ot Thomas J.
Wright, deceased.
Job Printing
is the Best
Piles of Remnants have accumulated during our late
sale, the decks must be cleared before our New Fall Stock
arrives. There are Remnants of
Wool Dress Goods, Wash Goods,
White Goods, Ginghams,
Percales, Prints, Muslins,
Sheetings, Silks, Velvets,
Embroideries, Ribbons,
.Laces, Table Linens,
Towelings, Etc. Etc.
All go regardless of Value.
Broken Lines Mens and
Mens Suits at half price.
Come at once and get the cream of oar last royal bar
gains for the season.
There is one guaranteed Specialty that occupies a
position of particular merit among goods of its class
because of the care and specialization which enter into
the manufacture of the entire product. The name is
Packard Shoes
Dealer in all Mens Furnishings.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Insurance That Insures.
German American of New York
Possible S. F. Loss.
In addition to the above the Company has the legal
reserve carried for all other outstanding policies and
claims. Choose your company. Select only such as
can meet another large fire now and pay 100 cents
on tne dollar. The German American can do it.
Resident Agents.
For a Fine Line
I Guns, Fishing Tackle and
We carry the Famous Bristol Fishing Rods.
Women s Shoes and Boys and
Surplus to Policy Holders.
Over $7,924,674.
-nn "till nu- tin-
Ball Goods go to1