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The Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Ites of
Public Interest.
A ttUgram from Mr. Emery to
'Vhis HHier, Mrs. Lelia Vtiderbuot,
ot Salinn. stUes that her husband'
brick building in tbatcity was bad
ly wrecked by the earthquake, bit
none af :he fim ly ii jurtd.
Presbyterian church, M. S.
' usti castot. Bib'e school 10 a. m,
werehip 11 uj., t-.ul.j-c, "A Si
lent God." C. E. meeting 7 p. in.
ia the eveniug at 8 the Easter can
tata wiil be repeated.
-TheCirvallis Ice and Ice Cream
Company, began the manoiacture
ofiueihis moruiog, and it ih the
purpose to run steadily frm now
oq through h3 season.
Congrfgatioul church, morning
permon, 'An Argument for the Im
mortality of Everv Ulan." Even
ing sermon, "A Folih Husband,
and a Wise Wife." or "The Aliau
who enjoyed Protection, but Refus--ed
to Pay Hia Taxes," The bist of
.music t the services and common
3ion at Plymouth at 3 o'clock.
George M, Cornwall, proprie
tor of The Lumberman, gave the
Totes a pleasant call Fridv. The
periodical of which Mr. Corn well is
the guiding hand ia published for
'sthe lumbering interests of the coast
,an4 it fills the field with remarka
ble euccees.
A Grand Entertainment.
The Dixie Jubilee Concert Com-jparry-,
said to be the greatefct aggre
gation of colored talentever brought
together. This is Lyceum T leut
and in correction with 5 Beaureaux
This company will give a concert
in the Presbyterian church under
-Tthe auepices of the Ladies Aid So--ciety.
Concert begins at 8. Tickets
"35 .and 50 cents; on sale at Graham
v& Wortham'sdiug store now. Watch
ior the posters. The concert takes
pl&oe the 25th of this month.
In Memory of Mrs John Diy.
iHigh place to the soul of the dead,
From the die m of the worid the
has gone,
Oa the star in her glory to tread,
To be bright in the blaze of the
In youth she wes lovely; and Time,
When be rose with the cypress
he twined,
Xeft the heart ail the warmth of its
Left her eye all the light of her
The summons came forth and she
Yet her parting was gentle, for
Whom she loved mingled tears at
her side,
Mer death was the mourner's
Our weakness rnay weep o'er her
bier, ' t
But her spirit has gone on tie
To triumph for agony here,
To rejoice in the joy of its King,
t ' A Friend.
At Belief ountain.
E. W. Howard and wife have re
turned from St. Louis, where they
have been taking a course in medi-'
The Bruce baseball team organ
ized last Sunday.
Robbert Dennis, who was raised
in our midst, but is now a resident
of McCloud, Calif., h reported as
; suffering with cancerof thestomach,
J3"red and Fay Porter are back
llrom Southern Oregon.
tHrass and grain Icok well in this
The Bellfquntain band will give
a free entertainment Saturday,
April 21st, at the hall. The fol
io wirg program will be rendered.
Bind concert at 8 P. M. ; opening
address, J. H. Edmonds; music, or
chestra; monologue, Mr. and Mrs.
Rlcpard; violin s lo, F. T. Thomp
Eon; rradirg C. E. Banton; music,
orcbellra; rcitation, Alice Reader;
. 6oio, Mabtl Hibbs; black face com--edy,
Bane Bros.; Eong, McCloekey
Broe. monologue, Solda Howard;
i-aud F. Williams; music, orchestra;
.reading, Edith Budkingham; reci
tation, Bertha Coon; Solo, Mrs. J.
H. Edwards;: recitation, D. V.
Gragg; music, orchestra. All are
cordially invited.
" A Subscriber.
Hot Only Do Wo Set Inspiration Fxoxs
Nature, Bat Eoaita as "Well.
For poot)!r! who are run-down and nerv
ous, who sufiV-r from iniiinstion or dys
pepsia, headaeho. buioiisiifs. or torpid
liver, coated tongue vitii biu.-r taste in
the morning and. poor : !etitc, it be
comes necessary to turn to sorw tonic or
stren-thener which v.iil assist Nature
and lielp them to rret on their fert and
put t!ie body into its proper condition. It
is becoming more Etid more ;pp:ircnt that
Nature's raot vulunble health - giving
agents are to be found i:i forest plants
and roots.
Nearly forty years afro, Dr. It.V. Pierce,
now consulting physician to the Invalids
Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo,
N. Y.. discovered that by scientifically
extracting and ecmbi:!i;ff certain medici
nal principles from native roots, taken
from our American forests, lie could pro
duce a medicine which was", marvelously
efficient in curing cares of blood disorder
and liver and stomach trouble as well as
nmuy ot'.ier chrouij, or lingering ail-ment3-
This concentrated extract of
Nature's vitality ho named "Golden Med
ical Discovery." It purine.; the blood by
putting the stomach and liver into
healthy condition, thereby helping the
digestion and assimilation of food which
feeds the blood. Thereby it cures weak
stomach, indigestion, torpid liver, or bil
iousness, and kindred derangements.
If you havo coated tongue, with bitter
or bad taste in the morning, frequent
headaches, feel v;alc, easily tired, stitches
or pain in side, back gives out easily and
acnes, belching of rras, constipation, or
irregular bowels, feel flashes of heat al
ternating with chilly sensations or kin
dred symptoms,, they point to derange
ment of your stomach, liver and kidneys,
which the "Golden Medical Discovery"
will correct more speedily and perma
nently than any other known agent. Con
tains no alcohol or habit-forming drugs.
All its ingredients printed in plain Eng
lish on wrapper.
The sole motive for substitution is to
permit the dealer to make a little more
profit. He gains; you lose. Accept no sub
stitute for "Golden Medical Discovery.''
Constipation causes and aggravates
many serious diseases. It is thoroughly
cured by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
One a laxative; two or three are cathartic
For Sale.
Black Spanish eggs at $1.00 per
setting. Apply at the ice factory
oh 3rd street.
Disparene Spray.
For fruit trees and shrubbery
See Monteramery & Newton. For
sale by
Thatcher & Johnson.
Lost or Stolen.
Black horse, white spot in center
of forehead, four white feet, scar on
lett tore toot. . J,elt my premises
Tuesday night. . Send or telephone
information to
R. L. Taylor,
Imported Black Percheron Stallion.
55296 Potache 0064
Will make the season of 1906 at
Abbott's feed barn, Corvallis, Ore.
Potache was winner of 1st prize
at St. Louis. Fair; 1st at American
Royal Live Stock Show, Kansas
City; 1 st at Government Show in
France; alsol international Live
Stock show at Chicago 1904.
-Mares from a oistance will be
furnished rt,t class pasture. Terms
$25 to insure.
. T. K. Fawcett,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Not'ce ti Property Owners.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of au
thority vested la me as ioHee judge ot the city
ot Coivsllls, and by oidiaance 38s. which pass
ed the common council on the Stn day ot Janu
ary, 1906. and approveciby the mayor on the
9th day of January, 1906, providing for the im
provement of certain utreets In Said city at the
cost ot the property abutting upon the same ;
that there is hereby assessed and levied upon
each lot or parcel of land heiein described, the
amount set lorth as follows:
Lot ten In block two in the county addition to
said citv, owned and undivided three-fourth
thereof by P. M. Eder and an undivided one
fourth by Bertha Greenberg, proportionate share
Lot eleven in block two in the county addition
to said city owned, an undivided three-fourths
thereof by P. 51. Eder and an i undivided one
lourth by Bertha Greenberg.
Lot 12 in block two iu the county addition to
said city, owned an undivided three-fourths
thereof by P M. Eder and an undivided oue
fjurth by Bertha Greenberg.
Lot 6 in block four in Wilkins' addition to the
city of Corvalll3, owned by Lida V. Davisson,
proportionate share $21.20.
Lot 7 in block four in Wilklns' addition- to
said citv, owned bv Li la V. Davissoli, propor
tionate share $21.20.
The west one hundred and seven feet of the
south fifty feet of block 20 iu N. B. & P. Avery's
addition to the city of Corvallis, owned by S. H.
Blanchard, proportionate share S22.60.
Dated April IS, 190i). . " .
Police Judge.
Notice of
Guardian's Ssle
Estate. V
of Real
Notice is hereby given that on Friday, theilth
day of May, 1906, aj the hour of two o'clock in
the afternoon .ofaid day, at the front door of
tbe county court house in the city ot Corvallis,
in Benton county, state of Oregon, I will ofler
for sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash
in hand, all the right, title. Interest and estate
of Archibald Johnson, in and to; An undivided
54 interest in and to the following described real
estate, to:wit: Fractional N E of Sec. SO;
S E of sec. 19; W s2 of don. land claim of Cyn
thia tS. Johnson, and the heirs at law of John
Feichter, deceased, Not. No. 2171, claim No. 51;
Fractional N i of aec. 28; fractional S of
sec. 21; also, beginning at the quarter section
corner between sections 19 and 20, and run
thence S. with section line 49.02 chalne to claim
line of claim No. 54; thence with said claim
line to N W corner of said claim NO. 54. thenee
north 23 69 chains to where center Hue passes
through section 20 ; thence west 5.18 chains to
beginning; also, beginning at N W corner of
John E. Porter donation land claim, and run
thence S. 27 03 chains: thence E. 73 chains to
the state road; thence lollowlng along state
road N 4 deg. SO min. E. 27.08 chains ; thence W.75
chains to place of beginning. All of the above situ
ate, being and lying in township 13 South. Range
5 west of the Willamette Meridian. In Benton
county, Oregon.
Said eale is made under and in pursuance of a
license and order of sale made by the county
court ol the state of Oregon tor Benton county,
on April 7, 1006, In the matter of the guardian
ship of Archibald Johnson, an insane person,
authorizing, licensing and empowering Cynthia
E. Johnson: as guardian of said Archibald John
son, insane, to sell the above described real es
tate at public auction to the highest bidder for
cash in hand, and to dispose ol the proceeds in
the manner prescribed by law,
- Dated this March 13, 1900.
Guardian of said Archibald Johnson.
Profit by This ani Find Safeguard
Ag inst H ny Ills.
Nothing is more important to Corvallis
than the pood heahh of her people. How
rail tbev fill their place in this busy
town unlei-s they are well?
No one trouble is responsible for more
nervous ill?, sleeplessness general debil
ity, weakness back-aches, rheumatic
pains, even ill-temper and peevishness,
than indigestion.
Fortunately a combination of reme
dies, called Mi-o-na stomach tablets, has
neen discovered that absolutely cures in
digestion and restores to health and
strength the whole digestive sv stem. The
use ot Mi-o-na is a safeguard against ma
ny illb ; it acts directly uuon the FastHc
uLtiids, restores perfect, action to the di
gestive organs, aids the assimilation of
lood, ana so strengthens the whple di
gestive system that you can eat anything
at any lime without fear of indigestion.
Just one little tablet out of a jQ cent
box of Mi-o-na" b-fore me&ls for" a few
days, and you will soon regain perfect
health and strength, and be able to eat
anything digestible withont fear of stom
ach dirhcu I tiee.
So reliable is Mi-o-na in ' curing all
forms of stomach weakness and troubles
that Graham & Wells give a signed zuar-
antee tha,i he remedy will coal nothing
unless it cures. Mi-o-na sells for 50 cents
and is invaluable to any one who suffers
with indigestion, nervousness or week
5 1 Cent Per Setting
For tggs. Beet brown Lpgborns.
T- B. Irvine, Corvallis.
For Sale.
Vetch and Cheat and Clover hay.
White seed oats.
Also one -fine M. B. torn.
T; A. Logsden.
Ind. phone 55, Mt. View line.
V Proclamation,
Whereas, the secretarv of state of . the
state ot Oregon, has notified me in writ
ing that pursuant to the provisions of an
act entitled "An Act making effective
the initiative and referendum pi ovisions
of Section i of Article IV of the Constitu
tion of the state ot Oregon, and regulat
ing elections thereunder, and providing
penalties tor violations ot pro
visions ot tnis act," approved
February 24, 1903, the Oregon
State Orange dulv filed in this office on
February 3d, 1906, an initiative petition
containing 7 648 signatures properly at
tached to a copy of said measure, certi
fied in accordance with law, demandiug
th-t a proposed law, the title, tenor and
effect of which is hereinafter particularly
set forth, stall be submitted to the legal
voters of the state of Oregon for their ap
proval or rejection at the general election
to he held in said state on tne 4th day of
June, being the first Monday in June,
ior 6.
Now, therefore, I. George E. Chamber
lain, governor ot tne state ot Oregon, in
obedience to the provisions of sa'd act
hereinbefore first mentioned, do hereby
make and issue this proclamation to the
people of the state of Oregon, announc
ing that the said Oregon Grange has filed
said initiative petition iih the requisite
numbei of signatures thereto attached
dpmanding that there shall be submitted
to the legal voters of the stute of Oregon
for their approval or rejection at the reg
ular election to be held on the 4th day
of June, 19:6, said day be'ng the first
Monday in ! aid month, r bill to propoe
by initiative petition a bill entitled "A bill
to propose by initiative petition a law to
provide additional revenue for state pur
poses ; to levy a license on the gross
earnings of Sleeping car companies, Re
fii jerator car companies and 0:1 compa
nies: defining a Sleeping car company, a
K -frigerator car company and an Oilcom-
ny within the meaning of this ac'; de
nning the manner of ascertaining the a
1. uunt of such gross receipts, providing
- oenalty for violating the provisions of
i act." the tei.or and effect of which
i . -irief is :
First. To require every Sleeping, car
inpany, Refrigerator car company and
1 1 company to pay in addition to taxes
I, w provided for by law, a license of three
V centum npon the gross earnings of
s .. h companies, annually, to the treasur
er -'f the state.
' Second. To particularly define each
of said companiesv included within, the
terms of said act.
Third. To provide the manner of as
certaining the amount of such gross re
ceipts by requiring the proper officers of
such companies, as particularly mention
tioned in said bill, to transmit to the
. state treasurer on or before the 1st day
ofMarch' of each year a statement imder
oath of the gross receipts of such compa
nies from business transacted within the
state during the .preceding, vear ending
December 31st, and giving in such state
ment information as to the name of the
firm, company, business or corporation;
the nature of the business transacted by
it; the location -of its principal office and
under what laws it ia organized, and
whom, if any one, it represents, and in
certain cases provided by the bill whose
wares it handles; the name, address and
place of residence of the proprietor, chief
othcer or managing agent of the business
or company in the state of Oregon; a de
tailed statement of the real estate owned
by the firm or company 'in the state of
Oregon, where situated and the value
thereof as assessed for taxation.
Fourth. To provide for the payment
of ten per centum additional to said li
cense lees in case of a failure to make the
statement or to pay the license required
to be made or paid by the terms of said
act, ?ndto provide the method of collec
tion thereof.
Fifth. To provide that if any officer of
any company or corporation or otherper
sou mentioned in said bill shall fail, re
fuse or neglect to make and file the an
nual statement therein required to be
made for thirty days after the 1st day of
March in each year, on conviction there
of he shall be punished by a fine of not
less than 500.00 nor more than $1,000,
or by imprisonment in the county jail
not less than thirty days nor more than
six months, or by both fine and impris
onment in the discretion of the court, and
making it the duty of the district attor
ney of the proper jadicial distiict to com
mence and prosecute for violations of
said bill in any court of competent juris
diction an action at law to enforce said
Done at the capitol at Salem, this 28th
day of February, A. D., 1900.
(Signed) F.I. DUNBAR,
v Secretary of State.
J Practical Shoer & General Blacksmith j
1 Prices for eeneral shoe- - Careful attention eiven
I ing. Setting 25c a shoe,
I New shoes $1.50 a hote. f lameness. Treatment
I No 6 and over $2. I without extra charge.
lememta Blackleflp is
We have just received 45'Mal-
lable Iron Beds, all prices, from
$2 90 up. One thousand yards
Matting, just in. New wall
Paper just received. Lower
than any house in Benton county
The newj foldingj Go-Carts jfare
For Floors.fWoodwork, etc.
Wejion't have time to change our ads every week, but
we sell goods to beat the band.
Dont buy until you see our large stock of House Furnish
ing Goods 4 rooms full. , Acme Washer.
Remember Blackledge is Here
The Gem Cigar Store
All Leading Brands of Key West and Domestic Cigars. Whist and Pool room.
i Jack Milxe, prop.
Why This is the Best
Glothing and Shoe Store
First we buy our clothing from the factory, we get
the same prices as the city stores. .
Second it costs us about one-tenth asmuch to run our
store as the city ones and we save you that differ
ence which is from $2 to $6 per suit.
Third we have "the best makes of ready-tor wear clo-
A. K.
Hand Cream Separators.
Hand Cream Seperators sold on $5 months pay
ments. Several different makes. Write journame
and address below and send to Independence Creamery
' -Independence, Oregon; for particulars and information
about the dairy industry.
Name Address :
E. B-
We are not inclined to spend much time in
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
and customers speak for themselves.
e B Rorning
Rorning "1
Grocer &
I knee hitting, interfering:,
The First National Binkof Corval
lis, Oregon, traoea-cts a general
conservative laoking business.
Loan-" money ou approved pecu
rity. Drafts bought android and
moDey traoeferredto the principal
cities of ihe United State?, Eu
rope and foreign countries.
Veterinary Surgeon
Office W'inegar & Snows Barn
Office Phone Ind $28
Bell 441
Resident " Ind 3S9
Physician" & Surgeon
Office over postofflce. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Honrs 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may. be
eft at Graham & ' -ham's drag store.
Zierolf Building.
Oily Set Abstract Books In Benton County
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK Bldg. Hosrst
lO to ia and a to .
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Orerfen.
E. It. Bryson,
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stair ii 8 irasrt Brick
idence oa tm cataer jf Jitiiji
Seventh st. ' Pa is i i n : . i I i
i Banking Company
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Buys County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
The Bank o
NEW YORK Messrs. J. P. Morno A Co.
CHICAGO National Bank ot The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. N" 91 Rothschilds A Sons ,
CANADA. Cnlcp "nt of Canada
Northern Pacific.
2 Daily Trains 2
Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
and the East.
2 Tpains Daily 2
Denver, Lincoln, Omaha Kan
sas City St. Louis and East,
Four dally trains between Portland and Seattle
Pullman First-class sleeping cars. Pullman
Tourist sleeping cars, Diuingcars night and day.
Observation and Parlor cars.
The regular Yellowstone Park Konte via. Liv
ingston and Gardjner, Mont., the government
ouiuial entrance to the Park.
Park season June 1st to September 20th..
See Europe if yon will but see Ameiica first.
Start right bee Yellowstone National Park
Nature's greatest wonderland.
Wonderland The famous Northern Pacific
book can be had for the asking or six cents by
The Route of the "North Coart Lsraited" the
Only Electric Lighted Modrn Train from Port
land to the East.
The tickut r fflce at Portland h at 203 Morrison
street, corm f 1'iir ! ; A. i. Carlton, Assistant
General Passeuscr Agent, Portland, Or.
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Cough
Itemedy in His House.
"We would not be without Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It is kept on hand contin
ually in our home," says W. W. Kearney,
editor of the Independent, Lowry City, Mf.
That is just what every family should do.
When kept at hand ready for instant use, a
cold may be checked at the outset and cured
in much less time than after it has become
jettled in the system. This remedy is also
without a peer for croup in children, and
will prevent the attack when given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even after
the croupy cough appears, which can only be
done when the remedy is kept at hand. For
saa by Graham & Wortham: