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Vol. XIX,-No. 2
B.F. IRVINE Editor.
. and Proprietor
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Jo Ho Harris
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Governor and Prosecutors Ihreat-
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will be the next one to telt what be
knows can only be conjectured. If
it will be anybody it will be Vin
cent .St. John. He is the weakest
character who has not talked.
St, John is a etout, well-made
man, and from his actions while at
Caldwell, while the grand jary was
being organized, it was clear that
he was extremely nervous. Every
time he got a chance he would pace
back and forth over the courtroom
floor like a caged animal.
3 r
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Gorvallis and Philomath, Oregon.
Boise, Idaho, March 3. Great is
the consternation in and around
Boise tonieht. s On the heels of
Steve Adams confession cornea the
startling news that between 600 and
00 Dounds "of dynamite and dyna
mite cans'' have been stolen irom
the various powder houses located
iri the tiills northeast of the city. -;
--Last: night employes of the Kasf-
bc ah'-Teller Hardware '"Company
found, upon' gofaog'-to their powder
louse, just bey'ond the Boise bar--
racks, that about 6W pounasroi
dyriamlte'ahd daps had been stolen
from' tHe'powaet Tiouse,. i ne news
that the toowder house naa .Deen
rrobbea prea nice wiia-nre ovei
Che city, and the officials and men
about town," who were '-discussing
the confession of Steve Adams,
turned their minds from 'this sub--
ject.1 ; " " ;-&".'.
With " the dame ' prom pt 7 action
which characterized his movements
in the assassination of ex-Governor
Steuhenberg,' Governor Gooding im
mediately had one hundjcedor more
guards sent but over the city, and
especially around the penitentiary J
These guards were scattered over
the' town, and because almost all of
the men whose flames - have been
mentioned in connection' with the
prosecution of the officers, of the
Western Federation of Miners, had
received 'threatening letters eigced
"Koeebone," a name adopted by
the Inner Circle to Etrike ' terror to
those whom they wish to frighten,
armed men were placed around the
bonus of Governor Goodin; Special!
Prosecutor Jame3' H.' Hawley, W.
E. Borah and a number of others.
The receipt of threatening letters
and even the theft of the dynamite
last night has Dot frightened Gov
ernor Goodm and the men who are
aiding Gim in the prosecution.
Guards have been placed around
the homes of these men, not through
fear," but out of precaution. ' -,
' This morning the- -excitement
about the stealing of the? dynamite
was about to pasa away, when ' it
became known' that all of the pow
der magazines back In the hills had
been bioken into. In all there are
about half a dozen pawder maga.
zihea situated in the hills beyond
Boise, and, while the' authorities
will not admit it, they have all
been eutered and powder stolen.
It is known that the powder-
house ol the Carlson-Luek Hard'
ware company and the Idaho Hard
ware & Plumbing ''Company were
entered. - " " ' : i -
The job on the Eaetman-Teller
maeazine waa ceatly done. The
masonry work was torn out, and
when the dynamite and giant pow
der caps were removed, the break
in the wall was patched up. The
discovery- would not have been
' The theft of blasting powder is
not uncommon at this time of the
year. Mmers, so tne story is toil,
who are without means make it a
business to steal what powder they
canUsually however, when dynamite
has been stolen in the past, only
the No, 2 kind: was: taken. - This
time it iB the No. 1 that was taken.
A citizen here who knows all
about dynamite feels confident that
had miners stolen the explosives
tbey would have taken the No. 2
because all miners know that this
is the less dangerous of the two
Warden Whitney denies that the
reason he had taken out the electric
lights in the cells of. Moyer, Hay
wood; PetUbone and St. John was
because he feared that the prison'
ers would attempt suicide. "
Beyond admitting that Steve Ad
ams' confession was what the offi
cials stated it was, even more sweep
ing than "that made by Orchard,
nothing- more could be learned
Adams told of crimes he bad com
mitted for the Inner Circle of which
Orchard knew nothing. Hehas
been longer in the employ.-1. " f
Now that Adams has confessed
it is fully believed that still another
confession will be forthcoming in a
lew days, 11 not more. Just , who
Clarksburg, W. Va., March 2.
An agreement was suddenly , reach
ed during the trial today in' the
United Slates "court 'of the" Red
Rock Fuel Company's suit against
the Baltimore & Ohio railroadcorri
pany and the suit was withdrawn.
The suit Was brought tdenfor'ce
a recent order of the interstate bom
meree "". co'mmisBion " directing ' "the
railroad company to cease' Its" die-
crimination against the Red' Rock
Friol rvtmnariir ' Rtr IhB" o-Wia! ,Jrf
tne agreemeni xne ranroaq . compa
ny"wlu"prbvide the Fuel 'company
with, 'railroad connectibhs' at' the
plant near Buchanan,'' this etate. 'at
unoe, auu will graui iue urm iu tun
boal dist'rictli jSir "rate and' fnVnish,
distribti'lonbf care." " 'i 'T ' '.
r.Tbe'Red5 Rbck'Fuel Cbrnpn'y'ie-.
laipe au oi 11s legal rignis wiin ine
understanding that it , may Furnish
the'' interstate commerce '66rxStb;is-
eibn and Senator Tillman : with all
ne lDioripaiiou . iwj , puasesBiuu
and all it obtains about alleged die-
crimination by railroads in '.West
Boise, Ida., March 1. Harry Or
chard, the alleged assassin' of for
rner .Governor Frank Steuhenberg,
whose confession implicated - Preei
dent ' Mover." Becretarv'1 HavWobd.
Executive fcorhmirteemahTettibone
and other prominent' members of
the . Western Federation of ' Miners,
was taken from the penitentiary to
day to appear before the grand ju
ry at Caldwell: .' -';' ,-
A Splendid Prize will go to some Corvallis
I have for sale here in Corvallis a beau
tiful Schumann piano. As is well known
it is a most superior iestrument in every
respect, being one - of the old reliable
makes, it has . been familiar to the mu
sical world for over fifty years. - There
is the fine, delicate artistic timbre to the
benumann tone that places it in the class
of the very finest makes. It is well con
structed in every particular, and all the
materials entering into its makeup, are
the very beet. . Thia Schumann piano,
which I. am going to sell, is one remain
ing of a car load by a representative of
Eiler'e Piano House, at a town near here.
I have been authorized to close It out at
at a price, way below, what it ordinarily
sells for. It is the best value I have ever
been able to sell in Corvallis. Is Is hand
comely cased in mahogany. It
secured by paying thirty-five dollars and
small monthly payments. The-Biler's
Piano House fall guarantee goes with-it.
17-19 Ind. phone i&s,
. feb7 3t.
; V -xi
Boise, Idaho, March 2. Harry
Orchard, the confessed aseassln of
ex-Governor Steunenberg, resumed
his testimony before ; . the
errand iurv at Caldwell this morn
ing. : His testimony occupied the
entire morning session.
According to the testimony of
Detectives -; McParland before the
grand jury Messrs. Moyer, Hay
wood and Pettibone experimented
with ' bombs on - the 5 prairie four
miles north of Denver and had a
regular dynamiting school . there.
Orchard knew about this. ;
McParland-also -gave testimony
corroborating Orchard s cocfession
in regard to the murders of Super
intendent Martin lileason at tne
Cripple Creek mine, pf Superintend
ett Arthur 2ollinB of, the Telluride
mine and Superintendent Barney of
Telluride, who has bBeen rnissmg
since I9O2. , ; : ,
McParland classed Haywood as
the engineer of the murders, Moy
er as the dupe, and Pettibone as
"in it for the money."
It leaked out tnls mormog that
Orchard had two trunks here, one
of which was checked at the depot.
Storage was paid on It, Orchard
visiting It daily. After his arrest
the trunk was turned over to a de
tective, who found . mysterious pa
pers, from which was worked out
the cypher key to what is claimed
to be startling disclosures. ,
" . '
New York, March 2. The
Armstrong committee's insurance
bills, which seem 'pretty certain of
being enaeted into laws, are creat
ine the gravest concern in Wall
' Not only will insurance business
be revolutionized, but a number of
big financiers will ' find themselves
deprived of support upon which
they have depended for years.
It is estimated in the financial
district that the "Big Three" alone
have holdings of $300,000,000 in
stocks and bonds which come under
the bah. - About $l25,ooo,oco' are
in stocks and the remainder in
bonds. The "B:g Three" are the
Equitable Life Assurance Society,
the New York Life and the Mutual
Life."---'' :
The stocks alluded to above,
while the property of the compan
ies, were practically controlled by
big financiers, who had the proxies.
Up to the time of the shake-up, E.
HrHarriman and Kuhn, Loeb &
Co. were the dictators of the Equit
able stock; J. P. Morgan, "through
his partner, George W. PerkiuB,
controlled the New York Life, while
Continued on page 4.
Large Stores Demolished and Bury
Employes Negro Quarter Ru
,, ( . ineel and Tn Burned. "
'''".. ".Othex.'News... ,',
Mobile, Ala , March 3. Inform
ation has reached Mobile by, tele
ptiobe that a destructive tornado
visited Meridian, Miss., at 6:3o last
evening, killing 21 white persons
and over lpo altogether, and dam
aging' piQperty to the extent of $1,
SOOjOCOi -.There were also scores se
riously injured. by being caught ' in
wreckage of houses,; , ."'
The tornado caught the city on
the southwest and traveled to the'
northeast, '' spending itself in two
suburbs, where many cegroes' were
killed" or i dj u red ,'a whole tenement
dietrict ' being wiped but;' Two
large wholesale stores; one smaller
one, the principle hotel, the electric
lighting plant and all the smaller
pibperty betweea.the Mobile &..0
hio road depot and the busioees
part of the city are badly damaged.
Twenty-one men were caught in
a restaurant and several . were kill
ed. ;.;
The negro tenement district in
the north of the city was demolish
ed and the debriscaught fire, threat
ening a new danger, but the local
department, assisted by hundreds
of citizens, overcame this after a
hard fight. They were assisted by
the- torrential rain following the
The city is in darkness and the
full extern of the disaster will not
be .known untll daylight. . The
known path of the storm was about
600 feet wide and one mile in length
About 6:3o P. M. the clouds be
gan to gather. Tbey came hurried
ly and hovered close arid black ov
er .thecity,. It baa estimated, toibe
of four minutes' duration. Daring
this time a reign; of terror: was over
every one. The air was filled wttk
mifl iilea. - . : l . ; -. :
The residence portion of the 'city
was safe from harm. Meridian, a
place of J.4.00Q, has always coneid
ed'itstlf tornadoproof. Moubt Bar
ton and the Sand Mountain hrlla
were accepted 'as a sentinel Sgafnst
such 4 disaster.--The Sowasbe gal
ley was crossed" by the' ;Btorm..'nd
this was unexpected.. : ; . "
: -In a northerly direction the Wind
wound its . way,: 'tearing a path
through a negro settlement. Little
is known of the loss of life there".'
The electric power fetation was
visited and, while the chimnev ' es
caped the fury of the wind, yet oth
er parts of the plant are- eo demol
ished that it may be ten days before
it is possible to re-establish its light
ing facilities.
North of the power house the
storm overturned "a few box cara
and crossed the tracks of the Ala
bama & Vicksburg railroad. There
is' a closler of depots in ' thia vicini
ty j and two operators in them were
injured. -The buildings were dam
aged but no lives lost. - : 1"
The Tom Lyle Grocery company
was crushed to a heap of splintered
lumber, and 'fire' followed its fall.
ine rioeoucK ljumner company,
one of the largest in Eastern Mis
sissippi, had its yard swept away.
r' William Ethridge, a young man,
was carried loo yards through 'the
air and set down Well balanced on
his feet unhurt. ' ' N' "-"' 1
; Nearly every house on Front
street is reported to have been de
molished. The Armour Packing
company plant is the only building
left standing, and the roof of that
is gone.
Spraying arid Whitewashing
Done in first class manner.
Montgomery & Tedrow
Phone 374. 2-20-1 m
Rape seed for sale
cents per pound.
at Kline's; 7
Made from ure Grape Cream of Tartar
In baking powder Royal is the standard, the
powder--, of highest reputation ; found by the
United States Government . tests of greatest
strength and purity.
It renders the food more healthful and palat able
and is most. economical in practical use.
A. - Housekeepers are sometimes importuned to
buy alum powders because they are 'cheap.','
Yet some of the cheapest made powders are sold
to. consumers. at' the highest price.'
Housekeepers should stop and think. Is it
not better to buy the Royal and take no chances-
the powder- whose goodness and honesty are never
questioned?.- . , , ' ' . ; ' -
Is it economy to spoil your digestion by an
alum-phosphate or ; other adultered powder to
save a few pennies ? ; -f