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    Vol. XVIII.-No. 17.
B.V. IBVOT Editor!
wad Proprietor
tb iin-
Einron; i
j was made during December to I
I make our sales exceed any pre-1
yious sales for; this! correspond
ingmonth and: theff prt tws a
success. To make our January
sales eclipse any January sales
in the past it .will , be ;.no fault in
j tr; goodsor
I in our immense store will r be of--I
f ered at such a sacrifice as to in?
J vite i buying, eyn if y ou ohlne4
I half needifi Our spring purchas:
es . require room , and ? the goods ,
we now, have, must make a move.!
I Come and get your share. C
Ji Hi
I Hiveratriwi N.:,Y., Jan. 9. To
night seventeen 'persons are missing
and are believed to have gone to
their death when 13 houses on Rock
land street in Haveretraw - topled
over last night into a pit 60 feet
deep, which had been cut -by clay
diggers in ' connection " with the
brickmakrs industries here". Twelve
of the persons missing were occu
pants of the talien nousi e, nve were
amobg thft resauers who went Jthe
neighbors after the hrst house leu
and were carried down when the
twelve other tjouses went rcra hicg
over the piecipice. " The- wreckage
quickly caught fire, and those w no
were in tne mass were euner crusn-..
ed or burned to death. 1
Toniebt there is grave fear of
another cave-in along the eame
street, arid ahe occnnaots of seven
or eieht hooses have moved away,
Others are keeping an an ntgnc
vigil, ready to- a'arm their neigh-
. - m; . . j
bora in oaee oi, lmpenaiDg aanger.
The laodslide which carried away
the 13 houses was caused by the
fallin-in of a bank under which ex
cavators of brickmanufactores had
been workine for i nttmber of years,
The" ground began." cracking and
showing seemis af noon yesterday;
and some of tne occupants oi nous
e along the brink - tooki! warning
and left. Others believed mat notn-
ing serious would happen "and re
mained? Wbeij the -breaking o&
burred in" the I long " line 5fofla"nd
which formed the ragKed' ed((e 6:
Rockland street the . nearest bouse
toplcd over into the pit with all
WOO were Twiiuiu no nttno. iuouk
cuoanl8 of the other houses prepar
ed to leave in toe lace of a ciinding
enow stcrrnVe A nurriber of people
whblived' riear by rufhed' to their
a'-d ahd wefe assisting then in get
ting out when twtlve more houses
went'down,' carryiog with tbem not
oolr the families : which ' occupied
tberrii but alsb several' of Chose wtb
had cone to their assistance. Over
turned etoveeet tire to the build
ines." The landslide btoke the wa
ter main, then cutting off the entire
'supply, and the fire department was
helple B ' -.'--
List of Warrants Ordered Paid
s- - - - ... ..
at January lermoi
' V "! : Court.
The following bills were allowed
by the county court at the regular
anuary 1906 term thereof, Benton
county, Oregon to wit: "
G. Headrick : road work $
(jeo. Hockeroa , : . "
H. N. Robinson "
N. Hogue : !
B. Graves " .
A. R. Locke ? "
W, II. Malone . ' "
T. Phillips ; ' .
Vidito Bros; team hire
C. Tracer r " gravel '
M.-V Barnett : -Chas.
Cart wright " .
Ruble Bros. lumber
W. P2 Taylor lumber
W P. McGee road convention
A. Cadwalader ? ."
14 51
12 50
9 50
3 75
6 50
6 00
. 4 00
13 42
6 00
4 26
18 87
172 12
10 70
4 00
4 00
Gladys Moore rd. con. piano 5 00
0."L; Davis road convention.: 4 00
A.M. Gray : "' : .400
M. F. Fruit Corvailis ferry .52 00
Geo. Cooth ex. I. & C .fair : 3 50
W H; Malone id. wk. dist 1 12 80
j , The Name Niagara.
"Everybody pronounces ' Niagara
wrong," said a philologist. The accent
of this beautiful- Indian word should
not be put on the syllable 'ag, but
on the syllable 'ar" the penult the one
before the last Niagara means hark
to the thunder. ' Its accent should fall
on the penult because the Indians them
selves accent it there, because In prac
tically all our Indian names of places
the penult Is the accented syllable.
Think of the Indian names you know.
Don't you accent nearly all of them on
the syllable before the last? There are,
for Instance, Toronto, Mississippi, Alle
ghany,' Appalachlcola, Narragansett,
Tuscaloosa, Saratoga, Tlconderoga, Os
wego, Conshohocken, Wissahickon and
Hochelaga, In all these names the ac
cent is on the penult Niagara Is a
Huron word, and If you can find a
Huron you will find that he accents it
as he does Saratoga or Tuscaloosa. I
don't know, how we have fallen into
the habit of accenting it wrong."-Chl-cago
Chronicle. ! . '
15 Claims of Road Saperftsors..
. Policing are . t-'be. claims filed
with the couy clerk, by road B
Pervisors 'of Bsnton county, for ser-r
vices during 4th quarter, I9O5.
A R Locke, sup road dist No 1, $25.
' gravel
road work
C- C Johnson
E. B. Bo wen'
N. Pickett
W. H. Ish - -J.
E. Ziegler
Horning Bros.
Henry Hector
Miller & Alcorn road sup,
John linger ' wit cir ct 2 00
C W: Nironcare of poor 5 25
D, Graham draw jury list 3 00
'W. LV Price asst jury list f 2 00
M; I;. Frantzv " ' - 2 00
COrvkllls E: Xt. & Pi Co.ilights
"fundi 50
" : " 800
" "! 17 ob
- -' 6 50
; 2.5b
3 50
-12 50
4 45
- i A Good. Recommemdation, . c
-. An Irishman was charged with a pet
ty offense,:- v-
,,. "Haw you any one In court wh
.will vouch for your good character?!'
queried toe Judge , ' , " J-':-'
"Tes, sorr; there is the chief con
stable yonder," answered Pat. ; '" ' '
The ' chief constable t? waa amaaed,
!?Why;' your honor, I Tdon't even know,
the man," protested he :
"Now, ojT,?'f broke In Pat, ,"l have
tired in the borough for nearly twenty
yean, and if the chief constable doesn't
know me yetj isn't that a character for
. . - ....
A-oerman penoaicai states, that a
ivery strange but none tne leas true
fact is that the predecessor of the, late
Queen victoria of England was at one
and the same time William It .m.
and IV. He was William L ef Hano
ver, William IL ttf Irelaha, WilliaJn
nL'of Scotland and WDDam IV. of
tStaiuidr'-'- .''(ii-f.i4i-4
55 60
13 40
11 40
10 00
. 6 00
"36 50
1 50
r 50
; I 50
1 50
' Bring Your Watch
Your spectacles, your' clock or any jewelry"1 you may
have that is in need of repairs and we will do it quicks
ly and satisfactory.
The $30 Diamond Ring trill be irawn Jan th. Tickets givn with all 5
purchases until that date. "
A complete line of watches and jewelry. Eyes tested free and glasses
fitted by the latest and most scientific optical instrasaents. ,,
Pratt The Jeweler 6c Optician.
, Nagasaki, Jan. 9.News , that
that has Tailed- to leak through ' St
Petersburg becauee of the cuttirg
of communication came here to
day en tec arrival of the transport
Mongolia from Vladivostok carry
nig Roscian refugees. The Kus-
riaoe told a story of horror along
the B b'riao Railway,' as it bad
come to them from ' stories told f
station - blocked by mutineere, who
lcoted and burned "everything in
eight. '; j.; .
; Many of those who started for
Saseia have torced baok. Traihs
have been seized and turned on a
baokward course and Sreat gaps es
ists in tbe line - to the European
Russian frontier.. According to tbe
refugees there has been a general
uprising in Siberian Russia, which
will stop operation of - the railway
for the winter at least; considering
the difficulties maintaining the line
in winter weather.
The stories of .privation of horror
told by the refugees confirm in the
worst degree the small bits of news
that have leaked out from St. Pe
tersburg 6f the railway and the re
bellionjg he Manchurian army. .:
New Firm
New location, new fixtures, everything new and up to
date. Havingi-movedQtfr "reat market) to Berman's old
stand we are better prepared?" than ever to furnish you ALL
etc. V. i ' i-: Yj . . Ait U fA-
Call and See Us
CADY & . C0,
Proprietofs City Meat Market,
We run our own delivery wagon
yrcotrrt house ' -
W. A. Jolly' co comm l -
Pi Rickard - - cr-1
Mrs. W?B.' White assistance
co poor '
Ti A; Bell'Wit cir ct " - o : ?
E. R. Bryson' ekpense state
'-cases t'-- ''--' L'-r-t-t. ? ;
Paul Miller ' wit pros atty :
R. Handy" r--?.; V-'--:
ElBlakeslee -''
Hairy ;Httbler- 7 .:-
W. A. Buchanan sal.' county
I treasflter and stamp's -r x 92
V. P; Moses repairing type
writer ' .: 5 00
Mahr&'Beabh. hunters license - j
' 1 ''1966 r ' a h r -V4'oo
H; E. Hodes powder for rds -1 57
T. HJ Wellsher land for r6ad 30 00
S.' Bicknell ' rOad damages 165 00
Clara King - ' " ' '
V. E. & P. Brlen" : -
M. Thompson ' " 1 ; ; '
Wm. Crees ' ' " ' - 'T
f E. G. Young & Cb, and A.
Bxovm road damages -Attest:
' V'V'- .;'V ... :.-
; ! 1 County Clerk.
: 00 61,' '
Real Estate Transfers. -
N B Ave'ry to J K Brown, lot I2,
Avery & Wells addition, $600.
-Adella M Neff and husband to M
Burnap, two lots in Philomath,
State' of Oregon to Felix La
Arand55, acres in King's Valley,
$5,6oo. m
E E Wilson, to Clara 8 Bohan
non, block 26, Avery & Wells add!-;
tion, $1. h;
F M Rugg and wife to Adam
Keast, 32 acres, south of Philoi
math, $3,500. - g, '
T H Wellsher and wife to Ben
ton county, one;haltacre near Moo
81- 00
55 00
2 8 00
100 00
F.' i
30 00
Common Colds are tbe Cause of Many
.! . Serious Diseases.!,!
.. Physicians who have gained a - national
reputation as analysts of the cause of various
diseases, claim that if catching cold could be
avoided a long list f of dangerous ailments
would never be heard of. . Everyone knows
that pneumonia and consumption originate
from a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
and all throat and lung trouble are aggra
vated and: rendered more ' serious by each
.fresh attack. Do not risk .your life or take
chances when vou have a cold. Chamber
lain's Cough , Itemedy will cure ' it before
these diseases develop. 'This remedy con
tains no opium, morphine or other harmful
Jrug, and lias thirty years of reputation back
of it, gained by its cures under every condi
tion, r or sale by uranam wortnam.
H H Fleming,
W A Schmidt
O K Davis,
P F Ahermatt,"
(for"one year)
E M Djdele - "
John Price,
W M Clark "
A Cadwalader "
W P McGee; "
J R Fehler, ; V "
A E Buchanan "
J E BBnton " u
E N Starr . "
D B Farley '
James M Heron" ,
Doke Gray " "
3 ' a 00
,-4 -200O
6 - s 00
; 7 lo oa -
. 8 :i8oo
9 15 O0 '
10 42 5o
11 . 27 75
31 5o
75 00
37 5
- 5 00
9 00
25 00
35 00
S R Strow
Henry Hector '
B W Harris ..... "
1st Quarter . .
B W Harris" '
2d quarter "
B W Harris " . ..
-34 & 4th Qtt,,
J C Wilson ,,. '
AMliray , " -M
VLeepeV 1 '
for year -' "- '' ' 1 1B5
1 If no objections are filed to,al
bwanoe pf above claims!,, the , same
will be Allowed by' county court 'at
Febroarelfm,1- i9b8.: -'PablisWBKl
ty'ordeif of county court.0- '"-'i
-"Dated this 11 th'day bf Jan. 19bS.
County. Chyk
2o i.
2a 2562
' -hi
, h -
. . - V ; V
we A
VEGETABLE GELATNE is pure andnutr?.
tious, T Ordinary animal gelatines being made
from bones, tissues, skins and hoofs of animals,
containing ; little, or '( no nutrition. . Vegetable. .
gelatine is a clean wholesome sea product and
is recommended by prominent physicians' for
i'ts high hutritipus value.
Glucose, Confectioners Sugar,
- -.- !
always on hand
Hodes' Grocery.
': , i' The Gem Gigar Store
All Leading Brands' of Key West and Domestic 'Cigars. Whist and Pool rooau t
''-' Jack MjiLxi prop v;'" '-..
Lame Back.
This ailment is usually caused by rheuma
tism of the muscles and may be cured bj
applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm two or
three times a day and rubbing the parts
vigorously at each application. If this does
not afford relief bind on a piece of flannel
slightly dampened with Pain Balm, and quidk
relief is almost sure to follow. For sale by
Graham & Wortham. j1
b WeT win coritinueirour 10 dav offer for 30
be sold at a reduction of frdm 5 per cent to 15
per cent CASH. ' ' .r' "'"'V-
til -r.'Ta J.1 u u .. id. a. - 1
ome-witngooa sooas. lrus is:a
n -, Vila t V--- r-uT?j: . ( '-i trj. . ' .h4 ;
roposition'.'""1."-;.': - -V a;-:'rs
i V; ii
The House Furnishers.
. r.
) T HMIU M itH liiS
ufj A ,v" J".: