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    Vol. XVIII.-No. 11.
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Gunsbu Pass, Manchuria, ; June
6.1 -Undismayed by Eojestvensky's
defeat and full of confidence as : to
tbe outcome of, the ' approaching
battle, Lieutenant-General ; Linie-
vitch is for war to the bitter end,
and he believes that the Manchun-
an army is now strong enough to
assume the aggressive. ' ' -r
To a question put to him by the
correspondent, oi tne- Associated
Press, as to whether he was for war
or peace, tbe commander-in-chief.
replied firmly and without tbe
slightest hesitation: ; . : . "
' 'Most certainly i. am lor war. i
mi . Ml
am a eoiaier. ; xne emperor s win
is naturally my law,- but my voice
now. as before, ib for - the continu
ance of the fight. '
."With the . destruction oi our
fleet, vanishes, of . course, the hope
of those who, at the beginuing :Of
the war, wished to make peace at
Tokio, bnt our defeat at sea has not
, - i ? a lit. l rUAr
lDierierreu wnn uuy - pinjiB-rrauou-
lutely not one whit? I consider
mvself strong enough not. only to
hold my ground. -but 7 ejen , to "ad
vaoce. .' ', - J,-
"I am no nronbet and nave no
desire to be one, but I certainly be'
lieve that I can and 1 will defeat .the
Japanese in Manchuria. - -
J'l have asked the war omce : to
send me reservists of the youngest
classes instead of older ones,; not
because the latter make poor sol
diers, but because with plenty of
young and vigorous reseryists it
would be unjust as well, as inadvis?
able t to caUjbe older r men -from
their more settled life', . ;. l --j.
himself did not leave the ship till
ne visneu itojestveneky on June 2. j
Copenhagen, June 6 The Cbris-
tiania correspondent of theation
al Tidenden say's: , y
It is- the general opinion -that a
dissolution between Norway - and
Sweden in now inevitable, but that
it cannot now occur without remov
ing or suspending the existing Nor
wegian legal pawer. '
JiercTe the end 01 this week the
Storthing will have' adopted reso
lutions which, from the instant
they come in force; will mean the
dethronement of the king.
lheJNorweglans maintain that
the kieg, by notrevoking bis veto
given at Stockholm of the law for
separate consular representation
and partly by his absence
from v Norway, has suspend
ed) his rights and duties as king of
Uuder article 13 of the constitu
tion,- the Storthing ,'will install a re
sponsible government, which in the
absence of the kit-g will' govern in
the king's name. -.
Notifications of eventual changes
in the constitutional situation will
probably be given to the powers by
special mission.
. ' PEACE.
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Tokio, June 6. "If Russia pre
fers to continue the war, Japan is
willing to meet the enemy's chal
lenge," says the KokuminShimbun,
a leading paper of this city, com
menting on Russia's apparent stub
bornness in admitting that the time
ha scome to arrange for ending hostil
ities It declares that.did the responsi
bility re6t upon Japan to decide the
question, the Japanese could not af-
lord to ignore the demands of other
countries for the cessation of hos
tilities, though based upon purely
humanitarian principles. As the
case stands, however, the Kokumin
Shimbun, it is the enemy who de
sires the indefinite protraction of
hostilities, and nothing prevents
Japan from shearing Russia of her
military strength as she has de
prived her of her naval power.
In this way it would be po6sebla
to liberate the czar's stricken peo
ple, who have long suffered from
the oppression of the autocracy, to
restore independence to the Poles
and Finns, to establish a free state
out of the remoiniug portion oi
Russia and to bridge the chasm di
viding that country from the pow
ers. Japan, it adds, is ready tor
any war programme, whether
for 2O, 30 or 100 years.
Christiania, June 7. The storth
ing today declared the union be
tween Norway and Sweden under
one king dissolved and that King
Oscar cease to act as king of Nor
way. . Tbe storthing empowered
the present state council to act as
the government of Norway.
"An. address to the king was adopt
ed declaring that no ill feeling is en
tertained against him,; his dynasty
or the Swedish nation, and asking
him to co-operate in tbe selection of
a young, prince of the house of Ber-
nadotte, the royal house of Sweden,
to occupy the throne of Norway,
"It . is, currently reported upon
good authority that Sweden has in
directly aesured .Norway J tnat no
forcible measures will be employed
to hold her within the . bonds of the
present ttnion.
; By ths ster taken today Norway
constitutionally sev.ers.its connection
with Swtden.- She jsaust howr either
elect a king as a successor to Oscar
or as is equally probable, b come a
republic. Popular feeling is run
ning high in tavor of a republic
and it is probable the constitution
and government will be adopted
based upon the lineE of the Swiss
confederacy. The most probable
candidate for the presidency is Dr
Nansen, the Arctic exrlorer.
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Chicago. June 3. "Bluebeard"
Johan Hoch is to be hanged June
23, Judge Kersten, who sometime
ago sentenced Hoch to be hanged,
fixed that date as tbe day of execution.
Takahira Sends inquiry Asks Ja
' pan to Tell Terny to Roosevelt
President Acts as Chan
nel of Communication
Alfonso Dethroned. .
St. Petersburg, June 7. As a re
eult cf the meeting of the council
of ministers held at the Tearskoe-
lo palace yesterday, instructions
were telegraphed this afternoon to
the Russian ambassador at Wash
ington and Paris to the effect that
Russia Is desirouB of learning Ja
pan's peaceconditlonB.
Washington, June 7. Prelimin
ary peace negotiations between
Russia and 'Japan are generally be
lieved to De under way, and vit . is
conceded that President Roosevelt
will in all probability act, not as a
mediator, but as "the friendly chan
net 01 communication. mere - is
yet no official admission that Rus
sia has accepted what.- Count Cat
sini in his cablegram to Count
Lamsdorff last week described &s
"the offer of good will of the Presi
dent,'' although instructions to the
ambassador are believed to have
reached here tonight in a long" ca
blegram which was received at the
Rustian embassy quite late and was
laid before the Ambassador just be
fore he retired.' ' ' V.
Immediately " after his return
from a long conference with the
president, Mr. Takahira, the Jap
anese minister, began tne prepara
tion of a dispatch to bis govern
ment, upon which he was occupied
until quite late. For the first time
since the annihilation of the Rus
sian fleet the minister did not feel
at liberty to comment on any phase
of tbe Situation.
Tnlr Bitrnrtiorr 'is -too" Jde'licate
this moment for me
thine," he remarked. "When there
is something definite, perhaps I
may have something to say, but I
do not expect anything definite for
forue days."
It can be stated that the president
through Mr. Takahira, is endeav
oring to get some definite idea re
garding Japan's peace terms. Mr.
Takahira is giving him all the as
sistance that he can, but the most
he can do is to lntorm his govern
ment of the president's wishes and
to emphasize his personal convic
tion that tbe president can be trust
ed absolutely to guard Japan's le
gitimate interests. Indeed a for
tunate phase of tbe present situa
tion is tbat both Mr. Takhari and
Count Cassini are personally con
vinced ot tbe president's absolute
impaitiaiity, and sincerity of pur
pose in tbe delicate undertaking
which he bas shouldered.
Washington, June. 7. Diploma
tic Washington tonight was arous
ed to a point ot expectancy une
qualed Bince th9 . inception of war
in the Far East by the news from
St. Petersburg of the czar's wish to
know Japan's peace terms. This
interest -was heightened by a call
which Mr. Takahira, the Japanese
minister, 'made at the White Hocse
by appointment.duringthe evening.
He called shortly after 9 o'clock
and immediately went into confer
ence with the president. They re
mained together about 20 mmu'es.
When the minister left he declined
to answer any questions about his
call. The Associated Press bulle
tin, announcing the cabling of a
message to the Russian ambassa
dors at Washingtoh, that Russia
wished to know Japan's peace terms
was immediately communicated to
the diplomats most interested:
Great Britain, as the ally of the
Japanese, ft is understood here, has
felt unable to participate in the pre
liminary activities initiated by tee
president ejnee the annihilation of
the Russian fleet. Desirous as is
the British government for . peace,
its officials point out that, so far as
an ally can determine; Japan has
not been unreasonable throughout
the present struggle.
v It is declared on. good authority
that thus far no circular note hts
been addressed t3 tbe American'
ambassalors abroad, but that di
rect instructions have been inform
al though dictate! directly from
the White House. V
' ' Saa Francisco, June 5. sixty
five butcher shops have been nam
ed by the health board as hives f. r
adulteration. A complaint is beirg ,
nrnnarail fnr ennh nf ftia vanAera
- . u
thus accused, to be followed bv ar
rests, of the entire 55 on Monday i.
As these complaints are beicg
prepared under the personal super
vision of the district attorney, with
the bestowal of particular attention
to the specific adulterant which
each offender is eccused of using,
fViA Vi a q 1 r V, Knarrl foda rnnfiHnt nf
securing a conviction on every
rrtntit'iThere will not bfrr sav-fchia-w
to sav anv- 'n charge of this prosecution, anv
suca wuuieeaie eeuue iruui ieg;ti
penalties as was enjoyed by the 23
cream sellers arraigned some weeks
ago, and speedily released on a
claim of technical flaws in the for-
Ibe principal adulterant em
plooed seems to have been sulphate?,
another name for sulphurous acid,
a real poison and an extremely
dangerous one. Others on the lirt
of mischief were boracic acid,
where a pound of meat so treated
contained four or five more grails
than a physician's maximum dos ;
formaldehyde, which paraiyze3 tl
action of tbe gastric juices, and ccal
tar dye, serviig to keep exposed
meat fresh in color, even after ex
posure bas tainted it, but com
pounded in anilite constituents
from which the digestive organs revolt.
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London, June 6. The Tokio cor
respondent of the Daily Telegraph
says there were ladies on board the
hospital ships captured by Japan
ese, including Vice-Admiral Rojest
vensky's niece, who asked permis
sion to nurse her uncle. rr--f
The correspondent says that the
total Russian casualties in the na
val battle were 14,ooo perished and
46oo captured, while 3ooo escaped.
He adds tbat a large percentage of
the pneoners are suffering from dis
ease. .
London, ,' June 7. The corres
pondent at Tokio of the Daily Tel
egraph says:
"It is officially stated that sub
marines actually were used in the
Tsu Straits battle.
During the battle Admiral Togo,
on the Mikasa, displayed admirable
coolness, r The Mikasa approached
nearer the Russians than any other
battle ship. While standing in the
conning tower a lieutenant at To
go's side was wounded with a splin
ter from a shell. Togo, unmoved,
went on his knees and tenderly lift
ed up the young officer. 'After the
battle, when he arrived at Saeebo,
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Togo allowed no one to land, and