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    Soar? Cirk M
Vol. XVlII,-No. 1.
B.F. IRVIin Editor,
and Proprietor
, " ' SUMMONS. " , '
In the circuit court of the state of Ore
gon, for Benton county.
George A. Houck, plaintiff, vs. George
Schafer and Annie Schafer, Edward Donat
and Agnes Donat, defendants.
To Edward Donat and Agnes Donat, de
fendants above named :
la the name of the state of Oregon, yon
and each of you are 'hereby summoned and
required to appear and answer the com
plaint of the plaintiff in the above entitled
suit, now on tile with the clert or tne above
entitled court, .on or before the last day of
the time prescribed in the order for publi
cation of this summons, made by the county
judge of Benton county, state of Oregon
(being the county where the above entitled
suit is pending in tne circuit court of said
county and state), which said order is here
inafter referred to, to-wlt: on or bcfore six
weeks from the day of first publication
hereof, and you are hereby notified that if
you fail so to appear and answer the said
complaint as herein required, for want
thereof the plaintiff will apnly to the above
entitled court (for the relief demanded in
said complaint, namely :T for a decree of said
circuit court declaring- and decreeing that
there is due from the defendants, George
Schafer, Annie Schafer, Edward Donat and
Agnes Donat, to plaintiff, upon said promis
sory notes and said mortgage in said com
plaint described, the sum of- $4,760 in gold
coin of the United States,- togethar with in
terest thereon at the rata of 6 per centum
per annum from September 16, 1903, until
the date of said decree : and further decree
ing that $450 is a reasonable sum to be alJ
mwAci. nnn t l mwin fir tne same to mamtin. as
attorney's fee for instituting this suit; also
decreeing that the plaintiff , have a first lien
on-the following described real property, ' to
wit: The east half of the southeast Quarter'
of section 5; the west half of the southwest
cuarter. tne nortaeast Quarter ox tne soutn
west quarter, the northwest quarter of the"
southeast quarter, the southwest quarter of
the northeast quarter, and the south half of
the northwest quarter of section 4, all of
the foregoing being in township 15 south,
range 5 west. Also beginning at the soutn
east corner, of the northeast quarter of sec
tion 5, township 15 south, range 5 west, and
run thence west 15.25 chains, thence north
20" chains, thence east 15.25 chains, ancf
thence south 20 chains to the place of begin-
. ziihk, containing au r-is acres, -more or less,
all of the foregoing being in Benton -county,.
state 01 Oregon, togetner witn all ana singu
lar the tenements, hereditaments and appur
tenances thereunto belonging or in anywise
appertaining, for the full - amount of said
$4,760 and interest as above, with $450 at
torney's fees, and the costs, disbursements
and expenses of this suit, . and the sale of
. said real property ; that the above described
, real property be sola in the manner pro-
- vided by law for the foreclosure of real es
tate mortgages, for gold coin of the United
States of America, by the sheriff of Benton
county, Oregon, and thc.t the proceeds de-
- rived from such sale be applied, by the party
making such sale, as follows, to-wit: First,
to the payment of the costs and expenses of
said sale ; second, to the costs and disburse-
. ments of this suit; third, to the payment to
- nlnintfff nf thn nlim nf a a n tpb qonnhlo
attorney's fee herein ; fourth, to the amount
found due in said decree upon said notes
'and said mortgage that is, the sum of
S4.-760- tnerftther with"interst thp.rp.nTl ftt thp
rate of 6 per centum per annum from September-IB,
1903, until the'date of said de
cree ; and, lastly, if any, remainder there be,
to the defendants, on demand, as their inter
- -ests may. appear; that all of the defendants
. be forever... barred -and.-' foreclosed of all
. right, title and interest of. in and to said
i real property, and of all equity of redemp-
tion therein, except only, the statutory right
. of -redemption, and fnr su;h other, further
4nd different rule, .order-or-relief as 'to the
cenrt may seem proper Kid equitable in the
: premises.-:. . . - . . . - -
TSis summons, is- puoliaaed .in. the Corval-
weeks; begirralns with the issue cf FobruaT
11,- 1905.. and " ending with the issue .of
MaTch 25, 1905, under and in pursuance -o!
the directions contained ; in- an order made
by the Hon. Virgil B. Watters,-county judge
of Benton county,. Oregon, dated February
10, 1905. Date of the first publication here-,
of Is February 11, 1905. I
' Attorney for Plaintiff. -
In the circuit court of the state of Ore
Ron for the county of Benton.
George i3. Chamberlain a ; "r-:o voT rt '
jOregor,-, i . i. Dunbar a- sauretary ": e.
and. Charles S. iitore as slate treasurer of
tlio r. at, cf Crenf eontitnrln the state
lanC. b-.i.-A r-'lintlU, vs. II. 11. Dooat. Mary
Blaci and U-erge 'A.
Houok. defendants.
To H. M. Donat, Mary Donat, Robert W.
Black and George A. Houck, the above
named defendants: - . - .
In the name of the state of Oregen, you
and each of you are hereby required to ap-
- pear and answer th complaint of the above
named plaintiff in the above entitled court,
now ob file with the olerk of said court,
within six weeks from the date of the first
publication of this summons, and you are
hereby notified that if you fail to appear
. and answer said complaint as hereby re
quired, the plaintiff will apply to the court
for. the -relief prayed for in said complaint,
to-wit: the foreclosure of a certain mort
gage made and executed by H. M. Donat,
Mary Donat and Robert W. Black to plain
tiff on the 2nd day of October, 1903, to se
cure the payment of a certain promissory
note of said H. M. Donat, Mary Donat and
Robert W. Black for $2,000, payable one
year after date, with interest thereon at the
- rate of 6 per cent per annum from date, and
which said mortgage conveyed unto plaintiff
the following described real property situate
in Benton county, Oregon, to-wit!
The southwest Quarter and the west half
of the southeast quarter of section 5, town
ship 15 south, range 5 west ; also beginning
at the southwest corner of section 5, town-
- ship 15 south; range 5 west,; and running
. thence south to the county line between Ben-
tonand Lane county, in the state of Oregon,
thence east along the said county line to a
- point south of the southeast corner of the
west half of the southeast quarter of said
section 5, thence north to said southeast xsor-
, ner- of the said west half of the' southeast
quarter of said section 5, and running thence
west along the south line of said section 5
. . to the place of beginning; also beginning at
- the southwest corner of the donation land
claim of Kobert Boyd, being claim No. 44,
. in township 15 south, ranee 5 west, and
running thence north along the west line of
said Boyd claim to the center of the county
road as now traveled, thence north 82 de
grees 30 minutes west 4.10 chains along
4. said center of road-, thence west- along the
center of said road 10 chains, thence south
43 degrees 15 minutes west along the cen
ter ot saia roaa ie.3u cnams to a point on
the west line of said section 5. townshio 15
south, range- 5 west, thence south to the
southwest corner of the northwest quarter
of said section 5, thence east to the place of
beginning, excepting from last described
tract a certain tract of land containing about
10 acres deeded by George A. Houck and
wire to unarles Clem by deed dated April 8,
1898, and recorded in Book "W" a't page
491 thereof, records of deeds for Benton
county, Oregon ; and a further decree barring
and foreclosing you, the said defendants, of
and from all right, title and interest in and
to said real property and every part thereof.
This summons is published by order of
the Hon. Virgil E. Watters, Judge of the
. county court of the state of Oregon, made at
chambers February 10, 1905. The date of
the first publication of this summons is Feb
ruary 11. 1905, and the date of the last pub-
iiuuLiuii luereot is iviarcn zd, uo.
. J. F. TATES,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
- The
Corvallis, Oregoa.
Both Phones.
We all Wear Shoes!
Never bef oi e have we received such quantities
and qualities-in foot "wear as. this
Tans, Browns and Black . - : . . -
Low High and Medium cuts "";
- ' Prices High, Medium and Low
But in all grades the very lowest price -1
for the;.quality of the shoe.- Our efforts
will be great to increase our shoe sales.
- Shoes for-all Ladies , : Misses, Children , :
Mens; Boys and Little Gents. Don't
" forget our Shoe Department. .. r 7 ..'
m - m mmmt mim. temx
Leading Hoi el in Oorvallis. Recently opened. New:
brick. hniiding. Newly furnished, with modern con-;
veniences. Furnace Heat,
capes. Hot arid cold water
rooms. Elegant suites. Leading house in the Willam
ette Valley. V ' '.';." -;i; "
r Rates: $1.00, $1.25 and $2.00 per day.
Rubber- Goods
Millinery, . .
Shoes, Etc. . .
GREAT SlIOE Sale. The Largest (Assort
ment of Shoes ever offered on special sale' in Philo
math, comprising the entire stock of Men's, Women's
and Children's Shoes, will be on sale during the month
of February." at ' - ' . w-
J. llenkle's Gash Store.
Each will -Ise offered at reduced prices, "This reduc
tion is made for cash only. There are -special prices
on Rubber Goods men's, women's, boys', children's
rubber boots, rubber and oil coats. We also call your
attention to our large assortment of Millinery ' Goods
which are offered on special sale. . . '
J. E. HENKLE, Philomath, Or.
Free Bus.
Fine,Ugh.t.Sao!)! Rooms,
J. C. Hammel, Prop.
Electric Lights, Fire Es
on every floor. : Fine single i
- - At Bellfotnitain. ' 1
There ialscarcely a family in the
vicinity that has cot been' afflicted
with la gnppe this winter. ,N Some
have been very rick, while others
have had a comparatively mild at
tack. , ," ; --.
We aie glad to report Mrs. Read
er aa able to be out again, after the
recent ulnesB. : 1 :. - '
Mrs. i J. C. Ptrin is Buffsriue
from alrattack of rheumatism.
Charles Perin and famllv have
moved the Gleason saw mill,
where ihey have emnloyment for
the summer, v ; ;; '-
Miblv Inez . Williams is much
pleased with her echool at Summit.
Mrs. Sinclair, of Eugene, "but form-1
eily of? this place.-has not been
able-4p'walk for several weeks ow
ing to rheumatism caused by la
... Philomath Items. . ,
Re J. R. Parker has returned
from Lis eastern trip.
VanBIaricom went to Hood
River last week to visit his mother.
MriT. L. Wood has returned from
Coburg. " Mr3. Jane Wood came
back with her for a visit ; with
friends and relatives. .
Miss Fay Newth ia home fro.m
her School at Salem For a short vis
it. " '
Pfidf. Eddy, of Eddy ville, accom
panied by his bride, is spending
part -oi nis honeymoon in Philomath
visiting bis aunt, Mrs. Uollough.
. Driv Tutts, of Portland, spent
last Sunday in Philomath and
spoke'in the interest of the anti
saloon league. c ' . "
-Rev. ' Ware, of Portland, held
quarterly meeting at the Philomath
U. Bv Cnurch, Radical. :
- Peter Spedie is training his pa
cer, Altamont-Wilkes colt; He is
saidi to be a wonder. Benton
county for speed. "
Mrs. G. N. Hewitt, of Norton,
paid summit a call,' Monday.
Mrs.'Emery is very ill. . There
is small hope of her recovery. Dr,
Uathey was called into the case last
week. -Grace
Scott, of Albany, is assist'
ing her sister, Mrs. Jack: Coe, for
a lew weeks. v ,
Every one has had a tussel with
the grippe around here. ;
- Mrs. Emma Ron coe, of Polk Co.,
is teaching the Shot Pouch dis
trict. ' : . ' .
Miss Ines Williams, of Corvallis,
is teaching at Fern Kidge.
Mr, Marrow lost a valuable cow
last week. -,;
Mrs. Francis' Savage is visiting
ner daughter.Mrs
Ed King is visiting at v the Har
rison home. j -
: General Kuroki's headquarters
in the field, March 13. The great
er part of the retreating Russians
are supposed to have reached Tie
Pass. The pursuing Japanese have
frequent encounters with the rear
guard. ;.:
General Kuropatkin must remove,
his supplies from Tie Pass If he
vlios a retirement to Harbin,. as
they will be necpsssry to maintain
the army during the march. The
Russians have no stores between
Tie Pass and Harbin.
Blocks for chimneys at Whitney 's.
Estimates cheerfully given on any
kind of concrete work at Whitney's . .
, Notice for Publication. . . , :
Tljnber land, Act June '1878, -
, - uxiueu Dtates itanu umoe,
- , . Oregon City, Oregon,
: : . , Nov . 190.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions ot the act ol Congress of
June 3. 1878. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber .lands In the States of California Oregon
Nevada and Washington Territory" as extended
toaU the Public Land States fay act of AucuBt 4.
1892, Charles 0 Huff of Corvallis, county oi
Benton, state oi Oregon, nas uus aay niea in
this offise bis sworn statement No. 6519. for. the
Surchase of the 8. X of S. W. H ot 8ecUon
o. 82 In Township No. 11 South. - Bange No.
West W. it, and will offer proot to show that
the land sought Is more valuable for Its timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before Victor
P. Hoses, County Olerk, Corvallis, Benton Coun
ty, Oregon, on Saturday, the 18th day ot - Feb.
1905.,; .. ; - .. ... :- .
He names as witnesses:
Lawrence Sxovall of- Philomath, Oregon.
George BtovaU ' , "
Caleb A Davis - - . - ft- .
Zebediah H Davis o Corvallis, . "
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said 18th
day of February, 1905. .
; v Algernon H. Dresser,
? At Kings Valley.
. Farmers are nearly through seed
ing, and grain is lookiug fine. -
-L.'G. Price has a new engine
running. He expects to move his
family to camp4his week. "-
There will be'quite a demand for
work hands during the summer, al
so cooks. There will be about six
logging camps running besides the
saw mill. -
Nearly every one , around - Hos
kins has the measles. Dr. Luther
is kept quite busy, Mrs. Perry
Eddy,-just recovering from the
measles, now has lung fever. .
MisB Hattie Price has iust re-
i turned home from a week's visit
with Corvallis friends.
Mr. Logan, is making, prepara
tions to erect a warehouse. Me is
now getting out rock for the found
ation. His present storeroom is too
email, as he intends grinding all
the wheat raised in the valley.
: Rev. Plowman has but one more
appointment before conference.
Rev. Balantlne, the presiding elder,
preaches both Saturday and Sun-.
day evenings. Rev. Simpson has
moved his family to Albany since
tne parsonage burned.
Link Allen has been on the road
nearly every day . this week with
his fine horss. I guess E. O. Frantz
will be out with his horBe, just as
soon as he gets over the measles.
Grandma Maxfield has been quite
sick, tne last few days.
Goat shearers and nurses are in
demand. .
Miss Logan, the school teacher,
is giving excellent satisfaction.
MisB Hattie McTimmons, who is
attending school in Monmouth
spent Sunday at home. -
ine teiepnone line is being ex
tended up as far as W. M. Bryans
The new subscribers are J. Stroud
J C Lcudt, Mrs. Lillie Reed, W L
Reed, Y Matheny and WM Bryans.
ine poxes are au up, ana tney are
now stringing the wire. v
John Price and Link. Allen took
twenty coon hidea to "market ' the
other day, and-one mink hide. Can
you beat that?
We tliik "Uno" has the measles
this week, if he hasn't, his family
Has, so we nave taken it upon our
selves to write the items.
- - - i Don't Know.
In the Circuit Court of the State of - Oregon for
isenion uoumy.
; Geo. T. Vernon, Plaintiff,
N. P. Slate, G. O. Vernon, J. H. Vemon, Thomas
siate, Jonn slate. William slate, isaward Slate,
itsue Di&Lo nun xLerDen oiace, lieieua ants.
To each and aU of the above named defendants,
m the name of the State of Oregon, rou and
each of you arehereby required and to appear
and answer the complalut filed against you In
the above cause . on or bef on the 37th dav
of March, 190-5, and If you fa 11 so to answer for
wan' tnereot the plaintiff will apply to the said
court for the relief demanded In his oomplaint
to "It. an order and decree of the said Court
maklog partition of lota ene and two n Section
2, Township 14, S. B. 8 West, Wnl. Mar. In Ben
ton County, State of Oregon, containing. 13 61-
100 acres more or less, according to the several
interests of the Plaintiff and said Defendants
therein, er in the event that a partition there-
of;can not be made without prejudice . to the
rights of plaintiff and defendants therein that
the sale thereof be made by one or more ref
erees, as may be decreed by the Court, and the
proceeds derived therefrom after providing the
costs of this proceeding among the parties of
this cause be paid to the plaintiff and defend
ants according to their several Interests therein
as shall be found by said Court.
This summons Is served upon you by pub
lication pursuant) to an order of the Hon. Vir
gil E. Watters, County Judge of Benton County,
State of Oregon, made on ine 10th day of Feb
ruary, 1905. The date of the first publication
hereof is February 11th, 1905, and the date of
last publication will be on March 25th, 1905.
attorney tor fiaintin,
Dry Fir Wood .
At $3.50 per cord.- Orders solicited
for grub oak for summer delivery. ,
: Frank Francisco, -Corvallis.
For Sale. '
Barred Plymouth rocks 75c and
Brown Leghorn eggs at 50 c per
J. B. Irvine.
JThe prettiest and best wall . you can
get for that new house is , Whitney's
concrete blocks. ' ;. -
"Short" on Peruna but "Long"
on prunes. Italian prunes, 50-pound
boxes, $1.50.
F. L. Miller.
Blocks for piers at Whitney's,
- College View Poultry Farm.
Barred Plymouth Rocks. Brown Leg
horns. Eggs, f 1 per 15 at yards..
My Barred Rock hens are of the best
laying strain on Coast. I . have added
cockerels trom fares worm's best egg
strain, urown juegnorns as good as the
: J f, FT. Moore.
Ifld. phone 555." Corrallis,
Real Estate Transfers.
The following real estate trans .
fers have been , filed for record:
C. A. Fensketo Stephen Mer-t
rick, 280 acres near Gransrer.
Estella Hadden and husband to
ohn Beach, thirty feet in lot nine-
block six, $700.
William Ladd and wifetoT.,T.
Vincent, six lots in . block fivefc
Wilkins add, $150.
John Rickard and wife to G.'
Taylor and wife 112 acres near
Bruce, $3951-85-
W. M. Ladd and wife to E. E.
White, three lots in block 5, Wil
kins add, $75.
First National Bank to Eliza
Hart, 3 lots in block 9, Wilkin's
add, $875.
Real Estate Bargains.
No. 55a -I6o acres, 130 in. cult: irood
house and barn; fine fruit and water; 120
acres now in crop; 4 horses, 10 cows, 2
hogs, 1 wagon, 2 baggies, 4 sets of har
ness, chickens, farm to jIs, and house
hold furniture, 7 miles from Corvallis ;
price $40 per acre, ' -
No- 553 House and 4 lots inst north
of Mechanical Hall, house has n rooms,
wood shed, barn etc; stood fruit all kinds.
price $1500. , . "v,.
No. 554 170 acre stock ranch. t
miles from B. R. town, 90 acres cleared
and sown to grass, 60 acres nice saw tim
ber, fair house, barn etc : good orchard :
uno muo to scnooi, sjjereeas on placei
price $1300. , ,.
No. 555 Lot and frac with 5 room
house, wood shed and well in Corvallis.
price $675. ; ' .
xt ' s Sv . .
o. 550 2 lots, 7 room House, wood
shed and store room, choice fruit, lo .
cated in Corvallis, price $1600.
No. 557162 acres, 50 in cult, bal pas
ture & timber, nearly all under fence,
new 7 room house, good barn, machine
shed, stock shed, good orchard, running "
water on place, 1 miles to school, four
miles from store and postoffice, price
$2800. . ' f. '- : - .' -- .--,; - -'
ure and timber, good 5 room - house;
spring water piped to house, good orchard
and small fruits, running water on place,
splendid outrange, telephone to house,
i miles to school, 4 miles to store and
P 0;;price 1250.
Ambler & Watters, .
Corvallis and Philomath, Or.
. Notice to Creditors
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed by the County
Court of Benton County, Oregon, in pro
bate, as executrix of the last Will and
testament of Louisa J. Stewart, deceased.
All persons having claims against the es
tate of said deceased are hereby required
and noiified to present them, with the
proper vouchers, within six-months from
the date of this notice to the undersigned
executrix at my residence in Corvallis,
Benton County, Oregon.
Dated March 18, I905.
Henrietta Kandall,
- 5000
Thoroughbred Plymouth Rock and
Brown Leghorn hatching eggs, for sale.
at 1 per setting if, obtained at my resi-
aence nortn 01 mecaanicai Hall. These
fowls were bred to lay eggs and not for
the show room, You are invited to in
spect the breeding pens. '
Otto F. L. Herse,
mn im ' Corvallis, Or.
Gorvallis & Eastern
Time Card Number 28.
For Yaquina: -
Train leaves Albany.. 12145 P- m
" Corvallis...... 1145p.n1
. arrives Yaquina. . . . 50 p. m
Leaves Yaquina........... 7:15 a. m
' Leaves Corvallis...... 11:30 a. m
Arrives Albany 12:15 P m
3 For Detroit: "
Leaves Corvallis. 6:00 a. m.
Leaves Albany; i...v 7:30 a. hi
Arrives Detroit. 12 :02 p. m
4 from Detroit: -
Leaves Detroit........ 12:35 P- m
Arrives Albany., 5:15 p. m
. Arrives Corvallis.........." 7:65 p. m.
Train No 2 connects with the S P train
at Corvallis and Albany giving direct ser
vice to Newport and adjacent beaches
: Train No. 1 arrives in Albany in time
to connect with S P south bound train,
as well as giving two or three hours in
Albany before departure of S P north,
bound train. l . - '
For further information apply to .: --
Acting Manager.
FT. H. Crordse, Agent Corvallis.
I Ihos. Cockrell, Agent Albany,