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(Advertisements In this column charged for
t the rate of cents per line.
Wilbur Weeks arrived last ev
ening from Salem, for a visit with
Corvallis friends.
Gene M. Simpson attended
the poultry show in Albany Thurs
day. Ex-Governor Geer editor of
the Salem Statesman, . is about to
retire, to be succeeded by I. A.
Manning, the present city editor.
Dolph Norton left Thursday
lor Hood River, having been the
guest of his parents in -Corvallis for
a day or two, . . - .
"-E. S, Hornady returned to
Nashville Wednesday, having been
in Corvallii looking after property
i W. P. Lafferty and family,
moved Thursday into the residence
formerly used as the Presbyterian
parsonage. ;
Workmen have been ' engaged
this week in remodeling the inter
lor of the Andrews dwelling on
Fifth street. Mr. : and - Mrs-,, An
drews will occupy the residence
about the first of March.
F. O. Gray, arrived a few days
ago from Furnas cbunty, Nebras
ka. He is seeking a location in
Webloot. . In Nebraska. Mr. Gray
was a neighbor of J, J. Cady of the
furniture firm of Hollenberg &
.. Cady. - "
" A sale nf trie Milner interest
fnthe Milner & Wellsber store
transpired Thursday, The pur-
- 1 2- T "v r " t ill.
tuaaci is r. yj. j-ray, wnuse laic
eisewnere. An invoice ot tne stock
will begin Monday. Mr. Milner
who retires from the"firm, has as
yet no plans for the future. The
sale was made by Ambler & Waters
' A. Martha Washington tea is
to be given by the ladies of the
Methodist church the evening of
- February 22nd. The ladies will
appear in costume appropriate' to
the occasion and all the features
will be characteristic of the . time,
including a patriotic programme.
The occasion will be the 25th an
. niversary. of the Ladies Home Mis
sionary society of the church.
Following is the program of
the oiano recital o-iwpn oft-pr tVio
v, i O
.'.. iimcs press nour last nignt Dy
4 r Prof. Tafllandier in college chapel:
Schumann's: 1." Tramerei, Abends,
Warutn. 2. -Fascmngsschwank
aus Wien Op 26. 3. Marche des
Op 6. Mendelssohn's: 1. "Spring
Song, Spinning Song. 21 Etude
Op 104. . 3. . Rondo . Capriccioso
up 14. .. ...
Corvallis and Independence
are now in communication via the
Independent telephone.' Connec
of the first messages was from J.
M. Staats at Independence over the
new line to the Times oEbee at Cor
vallis, giving notification of the
new arrangement The line '.work-
J " 1, ...
ea exceueniiy. me route is via
the Mountain V View, rural line,
thence via Tampicoand Soap Creek
: to J. M. Staat's farm and thence to
independence direct. A line is to
be extended at once to Monmouth.
" Connection with Dallas, Airlie and
Kings Valley via the Independent
: line was established some time ago.
. .- They had a coyote chase out
in the Eellf ountain country, the
other day. Boys enroute to school
espied a coyote in a field, and gave
the alarm to a number ' of the
neighbors by use of the rural tele
phone at M....M.: Waltz's house. Ed
Belknap, Ed Williams, A W. Haw
ley and others of thexneighbors ap
peared shortly afterward with
hounds and the fun began. The coy
ote took to the creek, and the ac
count is that the dogs were thrown
. off the scent, and being inexper
ienced got aftqr a jack rabbit and
thereby brought the sport to an in
glorious ending. . ;
The city council has ordered a
fire alarm system for Corvallis. The
arrangement will be such that ev
ery Independent telephone whether
m residence or office, will be a firer
- . alarm box. In case a housewife
discovers a blaze about the premises1
she can .step to an Independent
phone and call up central, giving
the operator . notice of the fire. The
operator by an electric appliance,
" presses a button, and the fire bell
' begins to ring. The taps of the
bell will be such" that the district
in which the burning house is lo
. cated will be known to every Fire
man, Within a half a minute or
less, after the time the fire is dis
covered, the alarm bell will be ring
ing. It will be a great convenience
, ; and by reason of its promptness
will doubtless save much property.
J '. It will be installed within a short
time, and the cost not to exceed
-: $200. -
Services tomorrow at the
Catholic church at the U3ual hours,
Clay Rinehart, a former OAC
student, but now attending a Salem
business college, arrived yesterday,
and is visiting Corvallis tnends.
To accommodate a constantly
enlarging class in embroidery,
Mrs. Adams will be at her rooms
every day until further notice.
Congregational church: Sun
day school at 10; class for young
men, 10; Christian Endeavor, 6:30;
Evening service, 7:30; preaching
by Rev. Daniel Staver of Hubbard.
Roseburg Review: Mr. and
Mrs. T. P. Cain left Tuesday morn
ing for their home at Corvallis after
a month's visit here with the latter's
daughter, Mrs. Livingston.
Postmaster Johnson is to offici
ate at. a civil service examination
today, in which applicants for pla
ces as R. F. D. carriers will be ex
amined. The applicants are six in
number, and are all holders of cards
from the civil service, which cards
are issued to all, who apply for pla
ces as carriers on . R. F D, routes.
The inquisition will take piace in
the office of the county judge at the
court house, and will begin at 10
o'clock ; It is not known for what
routes the applicants are wanted,
but it is supposed that the new
Monroe R. F. D. route, shortly to
go into operation, will be available
for one of them.
Telephone construction is ex
tending beyond Alsea. over into
Lobster valley thence down to
Five Rivers, iip that stream eight
miles and on to Fisher pqstoffice on
Buck creek, three miles from the
mouth of that stream. The line is
being built wholly by settlers along
the loute, and the work is very
creditable to the enterprise of these
people. They will have instanta
neous communication with theput
side world, whereas, under present
conditions it requires three to five
days for a letter to go from Corval
lis to Fisher. The work of string
ing the wire is about completed.
Following is the program of
the local oratorical contest to take
place in the armory- next Friday
night at 8 o clock. 1 he winner is
to represent O. A. C. in the state
contest, which occurs . at NewbergJ
March 10th: Music, orchestra. Ora
tion, "Nature," Lucile Jean, Rob
erts. Oration, "Chief Joseph, the
Nez Perces, Ralph C. Sheppard
Oration, "Gustavus Adolphus, the
Hero, ' '. Hainan. Bilyeu. Vocal
solo, "Waiunjc," ' TyeHrWilliamsV
Oration ."Marcus Whitman," Lou
ise Gilbert. Oration, -"Alfred the
Great, the Reformer and Author,"
T2dna Smith; - Oration, 'The Great
Puritan and Conservator of Liber
ties," 'John Withycombe. Music,
Prof. Taillandier. 'Oration, "A
Message of Light from Darkness,"
Laura Pratt, Oration, "The Russo-Japanese
War; Its Place in His
tory," M. V. Weatherford, Music,
orchestra. Awarding of prizes.
To YaquinaBiy A. l ew Depart
ure on the S. P.
Eecognizir g a long felt want, and de
siring to give the'-public . cheap rates
to the Coast in the winter as well as the
summer, for persons who desire to see
the bounding billows .in their wildest
moods and imbibe the: pure ozone of the
winter air at the Coasti'The'" Southern
Pacific in connection with theC.-& E.
have placed on sale taking effect Nov.
2; 1904, and continuing until March 31st,
1905. from all points on their linesroucd
trip tickets to Yaquina Bay at the same
rate as during the summer time. These
tickets will be sold on WedneedayS""and
I Saturdays only and will be good for re
turn sixty days from date f sale.-"'""
Miee rr,nthoni'8 baths will be in oper
ation and anyone who desires a genuin
health resort duting the - winter cannot
do better than to spend a month' or so at
Similar tickets will be sold from vA.1
bany, Corvallis and Philomath and. all
points on the C. & 12. ;'
Full information as to rates, baggsp
etc, can be obtained by" applying to the
nearest S. P. agent or direct from W. E.
Coman, G. P. A. S. P. Co Portland , o
Edwin Stone, Manager ,C. & E. Albany,
P. S. Through tickets to Portland are
sold by the C. & E- at Corvallis and by
the S. P., Portland, to Corvallis via Al
bany and the C. & E. at the same rate
as via the Westside, 2.60. C. & E trains
connect at Albany with the . Albany.
Portland local both ways. . .
- For Sale. -
Mill feed, flour, wheat, oats, vetch,
chicken feed, potatoes, wood and grave
Delivered to all parts of city. '
Phone 342 Opposite Steam Laundry
John Beach."
Page Woven Wire Fence
Best in the market Most economical
for farm or other use. Orders' promptly
filled. Address
Charles E. Allen, Agent.
Ji4-im . Philomath, Or."-
Skirmishing Still on What
Businessmen Say.
The telephone war is still on.
Superintendent Thatcher of the
Bell company was onthe scene for
a while a day or two ago'. The
old company has forced one of-- its
phones into the local express office
by getting an order from the head
office of Wells Fargo at Portland,
directing the local agent to permit
the old phone to be installed. Many
businessmen of the town, resent
the interference of the express
company in the matter. , All of the
business men are stockholders in
the Indedpeudent company, and
when the Express , company gets
into the fight on the side of the
Bell company, it strikes a blow at
each businessman and many citi
zens who are also stockholders.
The present offer, of the Bell
company to put in phones free or
at greatly reduced rates, occasions
much comment. It reminds people
of an advertisement that appeared
in the local papers;about a year
no-n. in which the same pomnanv
gave notice of a proposed advance
of rates. ; January .30, 1904. the
local Bell manager gave . official
notice that on all new phones in
stalled after February 1st at resis
dences, the rate would be $1.25 per
month. The rate before that had
always been $!.-' There was then
no opposition nor sigh that a riv
al telephone company was to ap
pear, and instead of free phones
provided the subscriber would pay
1 a month for three more months
as now, the Bell people were act
ually giving notice of an advance
to $1.25 per month. I therefore
ha telephone in Corvallis now is to
be had free, it was not the Bellj
but the Independent phone that
caused it.; The reason that the
Bell phone is free is that it is try
ing to drive the Independent com
pany to the wall so the rate can
be put up to $1.25 or higher as
was proposed last January. If the
Bell people succeed in driving out
the Independents, -where will the
rates go? Will there be free phones
then? These are the questions
people are asking all over town.
They are saying that to stand in
with the Bell now and to Help kill
the Independent is ' simply to pre
pare the way for the Bell to become
master so that it can advance the
rates and make Corvallisites pay
dearly for the free phones the JBell
Corvallis business msn are deep
4' -a
iy concernea in tne ngnt, ana are
watching it from an - interested j
standpoint. ' With two exceptions
they are steadily refusing to install
the Bell phone again. Every' pres
sure possible has been brought to
bear on them by the Bell people.
"We are not goiDg. to "put in the
Bell phone again," said one of
these business men yesterday, "at
least, I am not, and I do not be
lieve the other business men will.'
We realize that if we J stand to
gether now and refuse to put in the
Bell, in short time this fight will
be over and there will" be no de
mand lor us to put it in. Bu if
we yield now, and put in the Bell,
we will have to keep it up. all ;the
time, which means that we "'will
have to keep - and : pay ' for '" .two
phones instead of one, and none of
us can afford that. I know that
the solicitors of the Bell phone are
telling around that the business
men are put in the Bell,
but they are lying. - One of theoi
admitted to me that he had to lie
in order to do any business in this
town." " '.- ;; ; '
Another business man . said;
''This -telephone fight Is bur fight.
It is an attempt to , bulldoze - the
business men to reinstate the Bell
phones in their places of . business.
This, the business 'men ; ':. do , not
proposeto do."' They cannot afford
to pay for two phones. Of course,
the Bell is free how' but it won't
be, if it wins in this fight. It isn't
long ago that the Bell was giving
notice of an advance in . rates, and.
a cut rate now; when there isN oppo
sition won' t wash &with sensible
people. . It will be the biggest mis
take Corvallisites evermade if they
do not stand first, last and .all the
time for the Indepeadent company.
They give a far better service, ev
eryone has their phone, and they
have never proposed higher rates.
Another business man said:
"You can depend' upon it, that
business men are going to stand
pat in this fight. They are trying
to force, us to put in the Bell phone
again, but we will not do it. -If
residences are putting in these free
Bell phones on that supposition
they will be fooled, that's all."
A large amount of no. 2 rough lumber
all lengths. f- . . A
At Corvallis saw mill for I6.50 per M.
IJ 2 cedar : shingles at $1.50 per
thousand. E. Wi Strong,1 ' 21-tf
For Lewis and dark Fair -Photoing
. , Everything at OAC . .
Great photos of OAC will form
a prominent feature in the educa
tional exhibit of Oregon at the
Lewis and Clark Fair.. The offi
cial, photographer of the exposition
commission has been taking pict
ures for a week at the" college for
use in the exhibit, and he is to re
main for several days more. He
has a huge photographic lens for
panoramic photos, and some of his
group pictures will be nine feet
m length. The cadet regiment of
over 400 men all drawn up in . line
of battle in front of Administration
building will be one of the promin
ent groups, while the entire student
body will be another to attract at-
teiftion. One picture is a flash
light of the interior of the chapel,
and.a series of photos will be the
various classes. Pictures . of the
bujldings, exterior and interior, to
gether with views of the grounds
anH arm will make of the exhibit
afineiillustation of OAC, and give
the Fair visitor, Eastern and oth
erwise, a nne idea of Oregon s great-
fes educational institution
Takes a Hand in Telephone War
.Argues for Independent System. -
Editor Times: The recent ar
ticle in the Times in ' regard to the
telephone war in .Corvallis has
aroused considerable , interest in the
country as the country people are
vefy much interested in the Inde
pendent telephone system in . Cor
vallis. ; .
Let us see what these country in
terests amount to.
The Mountain View line, which
ha the honor of being the first to
enter Corvallis has 13 phones, re
presenting probably 50 "people.
Next comes the Philomath line with
forty five people. Next comes the
Monroe line with 17 phones and
representing about 65 people. Next
is the Belltountain line with -20
phones, representiug probably 80
people. -
' The next line to come in, I think
was the Soap Creek line. This, line
has 10 phones. Think what it
means to these intelligent, educat
ed people but isolated from their
fellowmen. ..' .-
.The telephone' opens up to them
a Sew interest ; in. :( lit e,r and.-., gives
txTem an opportunity, to - communi
cate with their friends at a mom
ent s notice, liiis line also con
nects Corvallis with Kings Valley
and also with Independence, Dallas
and other points north as far as
Newberg, all on the free" exchange
plan '. " -
-. x ouowing in quick, succession
was the Plymouth church line, the
Inavale line, and one or two others
all tapping sections of Benton-coun-
ty peopled with citizens of "wealtli
and influence. I thiuk it is safe to
say that Benton county people in
terested are at least 300, and they
represent taxable property- to - the
value of at least '500, 0007 perhaps
if the tax list was consulted, much
more than this, certainly no less.
: JNow l understand mat mere are
several business men who are help
ing the Bell people to fight the In
dependent telephone system Can
they afford to antagonize the coun
try people who are interested in
this system? The Independent peo
pie did- not sneak into Corvallis. It
came before tbc people, along with
the Bell system and one other. S5's-
tem , and . was chosen because . it
offered the best terms to the country
patrons, ine system nas grown
more rapidly than its promoters had
expected, until at the present time
one living in the north end of the
county can communicate with one
living to the west or south of Cor
vallis at a moment's notice. The
cost to the farmer is insignificant in
comparison with the benefits receiv
ed, - Let the country patrons speak
up in defense of the system that has
given them an opportunity to com
municate with all ' the " business
houses and also a large part of the
resident portion of the city, at a
very; small cost. Let them give the
business men of Corvallis who are
aiding the Bell people in this fight,
to understand that they are doing
so at their peril; that if they 'wish
to retain the good opinion and pat
ronage ot these same country peo
ple, tney must at least remain neu
tral in this fight.
A Country Patron
Ladies! If you once-useCom
pressed -Yeast,, you will have no
other. . Asl for it, at Homing's.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that ' the' final
account jias been filed m the - matter of
the ljzst Will aud . Testament of Guilford
iiarnard, deceased, and Judeje Virgil B,
Watters has set Saturday. February lit
at 11 o'clock a. m; at County Court
room, Court house to hear" objections
thertto if any Uipi-a tw - . , ' ;
.Bc-br, Kyle, Executor. '
Dated this Dec 2g, 1904, -
Suits and
No reserve, every garment in the house Kup
penheitners and all, See our north -window.
- The "Flatiron" Hat
Latest Spring Styles Just Received
- Always $3, never less.
Our Great Sale !
The attendance for the first two weeks of onr Great Sale
demonstrates beyond any question the unsurpassed interest
that has been awakened by this sale, and we can assure om
customers that 'we shall do our part to furnish gratifying bar
gains to all who visit our store to take advantage, of this
sale during. the balance of the
- Every article in the store REDUCED
exceat W. L. Douglas Shoes . . .
Here are a few hints of the vast number of Bargains on sale:
r-Clothing and overcoats at clearance prices ' -
Mens furnishings, shoe's and hats at enrance prices
AH dress goods, silks and velvets at clearance prices
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Laces, embroideries and ribbons at clearance prices
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Muslin underwear and corsets at clearance prices
Lace cuatains, rugs and portiers at clearance prices
Fascinators and circular shawls at clearance prices
Table linens, towls and bheetiDg at clearance prices - ' "
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Sheets', pillows and pillow cases at clearance prices
every Jlrtick Reduced
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our silent salesman.'
1 4Z SL- Z- Z- Z-
Our ad., but our goods change hands
every day. Your money exchanged
for Value and
Line fresh
Plain and Fancy
A large and
Orders Filled Prompt!
plete. Visit our Store
c?- .'Sv -" -S -" -V- -S -5x -x I
S' -25 -2y -7 -7 v
- m
Qualitv is the idc
and Imported.
varied lino.
tfi QiiSFlOS li
' f
; ; W
m i hI Com- - , H
vst' do the H