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MverUaemente In this column ehargwl foe
at ibatawoflt oenu per Un. . : .
Transfers of real estate filed
for record during the past few days
are: C.E.RobinMjn o R C.Thbmp
son, the Maxfield property, adjoin
ing Corvallis on the north. 5 acres
$i,7oo; Mary C. Bryson to Virgil
E.. Watters, block 15 and half of
block 18, Dixon's second addition,
$100; H. Milbourn and wife to
WillianMilboutn, land near Philo
math, $100.
The well known farm of W.A.
Wann at Yachats has changed
hands. Mr. Wann has sold it to
Mr. Seigel, lately arrived from
Arizona. The price paid was $6,
e.00. not including the cattle. The
new owner has taken possession,
and Mr. Wann and family have re'
moved to Salem. - A son, Fred
Wann is a student at , OAC. The
father goes to California shortly, in
the hope of finding relief trom
asthma. Mr. Wann is one of the
stable men of the country, and a
gentleman of high character.
E.'U. Will,' Albany's - music
dealer, is closing out at' "Vacnfice
sale" his 'entire stock of music.'mu
sical instruments,' sewing machine.
Every article at cut price, many ar
ticles to go below cost. . We want
to open a general' music house in
Portland, Ore.', by Nov 1st, so to
avoid, boxing and , shipping, we
give the public the biggest bar
gains ever offered in this line. 20
sewing machines to close out. Sec
ond hand organ's- from $10 to $25
Come quick, we want to close this
sale by Nov 24th.
It was very narrow escape.
It happened in the Corvallis S3W
mill the other night. The machin
ery was in notion as Charles; Bard
well stepped over a shaft. -' The
pin in a collar n the, shaft "caughfj
toe lower portion ot his ; overalls.
Slowly but surely the leg" of the ov
eralls began to wind aronnd - the
rhaft. Closer and closer the- limb
was drawn down to the revolving
piece of steel V , The victim .shouted
and fortunately the mill operatives
heard. Fortunately, also, the ma
chinery was not running-' at full
speed, The wheels were quickly
stopped, ana in the nick ot time.
But a fraction of one more turn of
the shaft would have broken : the
Plans are materializing for an
extension of the C & E track along
Water street to the Corvallis saw
mill. ' Superintendent Sullivan was
in town Thursday, and with Maria
ger Strong went over the ground to
ascertain the feasibility of .the
scheme. It is understood that the
mill people have offered lt6: furnish
.the ties as an' inducement to the
railroad to put in the extension.
No announcrmeut as to whether or
not : the plan will materialize has
been made, but it is known to be
in contemplation, ' " ' J ' ? " f ' "
Emmett Tayior and a friend
hunted birds on Muddy the other
day. . They chased about, here
and there, through field and wood.
just a9 hunters always' do such'
things. It was late in the day
when they arrived on the bank, of
a stream that they thought was
Muddy." "By gosh; I never thought
xauaay: fan :this way belore'. re
marked Emrre t, dazed like. "And
I'll be .'durn'd il it isn't a bigger
and clearer stream than it" used to
be" he added as in open-eyed, won-,
derhe surveyed the swift' moving
waters below."" "This isn't' Muddy;
It's Mary's" river," remarked a far
mer standing by. - And so it was
Mary's river, a full four miles from
Emmett s rig,' tied on Muddy: the
rig tnat was to carry mm and his
companion to town. . Of - course
Emmett wasn't lost he had hunted
all that territory over from boyhood,
and knew it, .inch by inch; it. was
Muddy .that waa.astray.
A citizen remarked yesterday
upon tne apathy 1 with respect to
issues In the present political, cairi-
paign, and 'added that, after all', it
was just as well - Another said
there may be lack of interest in
political issues, but it is more than
counterbalanced by growth of in
terest ia the pending question of li
quor or no liquor in Benton: Every
where, be said, the question of
whether", the saloons are to be
banished, is discussed, both in town
and country ; districts. .1 The ques
tion, he said; completely over
shadows presidential issues. In
view of the interest In the question,
the Times column's will be opened
to a discussion of the quest from
au standpoints, if there are corres-
ponaents wno desire to do so.
Articles should, be" concise ,and
pointed, and not to exceed 7 or 800
words in length. The fair 'way in
such matters isVto let the name of
the. writer' ;appeafot: j ubllcaUfoij
dui aanerence ,to th?s rule tf,nrifit
w-iEElvw, ",
OAC Football Eleven, Game There
This Afternoon. , - V
.The eyes of OAC students end
many townspeople are on Seattle
today. There this afternoon, - one
of the stronges: football teams OAC
has put out in years will go against
the University ot Washington team,
that for two years has held undis
puted supremacy in the North est
as football champions. The game
is the fourth between the two; in
stitutions. " the Oregon boys having
II on: victory to their credit, and tne
I lX7ackincrtn nn turn : : IHi A ri tQ a
II strong hope among their Iric.ds, ' yrds- 'v.
.1... 7-v. . -A.1- p-aDes in a rarmer s c
mac me vregon xaas.wui ue me
annual scores us a result 'of tins
afternoon's battle
The OAC men,1 with Coaches
Steckle and Trine, lett Thursday
afternoon. Thay took
an 11:3 train out of Portland, and
should have reached Seattle at 7:30
yesterday moraine. At Corvallis,
a large party of students and mem
bers of the faculty, including Presi
dent Gatch, were at the station
to see, the boys off. Good wishes
JKand God speed were in every greet-
ing-wiTfl taenia tanuwi-ztp
Beoffl Bee'the stfOng metf were
sent alone their way.
The teanr uf in excellent condi-
tion fojrthe game. u - Bvjs not in
thlineup,s bit Steiwer, a promis-
Otherwise; a$,f jMfi
Cooper ia at the other . end, aad
Abraham and Bower are at tackle.
The guards' are". Bnndy and Dun
lap,, and big Walker, is at center.
Root" and Williams ' are., at half,.
Rinehart at quarter and Captain
Pilklngton atfullback. The latter
faces the Washington men for the
..first time,, one .incident or another
having kept him out of the games
of 1902 and 1903. The same is
true 01 uunay, wno, tnougb a
1 member f the team, both yeari1.
took no part in eitber game, - on
account of his late ' arrival ' each
time at college,; is In ;fact,r all along
the line, the team is stronger, than
it was in either of the contests of
the past two years.
v Information from Seattle ia to
the effect, likewise, that the. Wash
ington men 'are a strong aggrega
tionl They have swift backs, Cand
though several men in the team are
new, the statement is that they are
good. Dean, a half back of whom
much is said, is a high school play
er from Bellingham.: Neither Mc:
Donald, Shearer,' Speidel,vSigris.t
or Lantz, alt' star players, of last
year, are with the .Washington
men this season.
.ut suDstitutes. tne UAU men
took a goodly , number. Carter and!
Finn go for ends, and the latter
also for tackle. ;. Little and .Von
Der HeUen for substitute ' guardsj
and -Sweek - for full or nalfBack,
Without Breakfast and on an Unknown
Path How Senator Avery
: 1 he man who : journeyed with
him. tells this abont "how Senator
Avery recently traveled to ,Corva"
lis; The two, one of whom was
Abe Woods, were enrout by train j
from Eugene. The question -" of
whether they should go to Albany
vnd hire a rig, or foot it over from
Tangent came up. Avery , was for
the Albany method, and :. Woods
for the Tangent route. At 5:. last
Avery rami; over, to Wo d's way
of thinking, and at four o'clock on
a, Sunday morning,t, they, hoofed it
out of Tangent t on the, seven or
eight mile walk to Corval!is.r ;-.
L Of breakfast, ' there a none,
for the farmers all along the way
were, still abed; ' Wop-Is' vowed tie,
knew the way well,"," and Avery
trusted everything 10 him"; -V, '
' They leacted the Calipooia
bridge all right, but . there . they
took the wrong road " Meantime,
according to Woods, "the senator
was getting leg weary , and was
disposed to lag behind. One time
he looked backand'saw Avery 400
g-apes in a tarmera dooryard.
All this time they wers steering in
the wrong direction,' and it was not
until they had gone four expensive
miles out of their way that they
discovered the horrible truth.
"The Sunday school bells were
ringing7 and the forenoon was far
spent when two leg-worn footmen,
dusty with the 14 miles walk with
out breakfast, limped into town
and headed straight for some friend
ly spot on which to sit and - rest
their tired bones J' Senator Avery's
rifcxt trip from; Eugene to Corvallis
Will not be by the Tangent route.
Stylish- Styles; for : Women)
,5 Yoa'll never know what exctlleut gar-,
ments are made ready to wear fur women
until you have seeir our new display of
Fall styles. They are better by far than
you would exct to see. ; v
There's so much style, such graceful
fit.- heat work and beeomingness to them
they're sure to please you immensely.
The fAm-field standard of. Styls" la--bel
sewn in every itarrn, a guarantee ,
of all that's desirable in high class attire.
We pell this lint-, .because ,itV. the kind
women of good taste appreciate.
1 Whether you are tbiDking of a coat or
a skirt, . they're jlL ihe tacue , in good
qualitiesiV f
; f Call and see what is "the fashion." t
.Tf Trices range from $3.50 to ?2U
-IfA ' wonder" at $7.50.
The White House
: Corvallis, Oregon.
'U. HUM, J .... , 1 . 1 mmimmmmmmm
1b4 They Call Back Other la Acttrs
Sequel to Ftotball Game. .
ItJs lots f of fun, to .read the
Albany i and Eugene papers,
on the football game - W e d -
nesday between elevens i... irom
the two towns. A head line in the
Eugene Register, reads thus:. "Ore
gon wins from Albany. : UmcialJ
Stewart the Varsity's most formid
abl opponent." A headline in the
Eugene Guard goes like this: 'As
saulted , football players Albany
toueh on college team, struck Frank
TemDleton." Trouble occurred tn
gymnasium while -y cleaning up.
General nux-up averted. 0 y. The,
Albany Democrat says; .'.'One big
fine looking. ,,. football , 1 man . from
Eugene childishly said, ." Well, I'll
never play in Albany again. , Boo
hoo..' . :
TheTopening sentence in an arti-
cle in the Eugene Guard is this:
"In the gymnasium of Albany col
lege,, after, the football game yester
day, occurred pne of the most brut
al- and dastardly assaults on ,a col-
lege man yet recorded. With
great indignation :he. , Guard pro
ceeds to explain the details like
this: The University of Oregon
players bad gone -to , their dressing
rooms and , were , conducting themr
selVies'1,111 a. gentlemahlv manner,;
whn f withoht ' a sign of warning,
Sansi i!i)olan,' t ?a "young'; tough siof
Albany, and whq plays pa thg team
stepped and planted a'terrific:
blow on Frank Templeton'3 face,-
Ladie's Coats, Children's and Misses Jackets
i a .
Our Fall line for 1904s comprises a variety
of styles .frichj cannot ail to win your ap
proval a-Nowt is, the vtimetto btiy while our
stocH:isi: complete in every detail:
ft D6n?t buy until-y ou have seen this line;
Root is Jn; training, a-ssnbstielgtagripg sbim andcovering-him
auarter. and has develoned fine-1 T.;ir3s - ' 'Tt.'- -rr.s-
quarter, and . has. developed fine
ability for Jtheplajceii .'. '
utners wno accompamea -tne
team are:,Mrs. Trine.LBush Davis,
manager, stimson U. G. Simpson
ahdW.R'.Burrowsr - "
i W
m: j
r; -..;
!lt ' '
. Ne FaU Shirt Waists in Mohair, Silk and
Flannel. : Styles and prices- to suit all.
" The Eilers Kano House T is
selling out the .stock of pianos and
organs at.E. U.. Wills .musjc,store
at Albany .during, the next ten
days. Prices; are cut to close out
40 pianos aad organs, in two weeks.
New pianos, 147.00, organs ; for
$45.00. ' Sale 'will close before Nv
ist.' " ' ' " '
Highest price paid for young
pullets ,'. , ! ' Sl' BrBane. :
Estray Notice.
with . Tblbod! . v"The 'affair was" tin
looked for as there, was cause for.
such action '.A number of Eugene
;play ers ' immediately interfered,.
amongbom ,wasl JJlaude.rray, .
who received a stiff blew on the
, neck,'taggerijpg him for a moment.
Templeton was wholly unprepared
and was not looking for troubje ;,but
after the affair happened he begged
to have it put with Dolan. , ,
' As a result of the assault, school
spirit was running high in Albany
last night and for a while further
trouble was feared.;
The 'varsity students declare that
never againwill they play Albany,
and also that if. Dolan appears in.
Eugene he will he run out of town.
Until Albany -can cut out such men
from her school other colleges will
have nothing to do with her, among
which wil be the Oregon Universi
ty, which will do its best ' to get
even. ., .
A young bull .about 3 years old,
came to the Whitby farm-10 miles
northwest of Corvailis ,two .weeks
ago. Owner can get hm ,by .pay
ing for notice and . pasturage.. He
is very gentle butbieachy. : '
Exchange. -
Xos Angelea oity property value
I4.500. Will, Jrade. 4 tot JBentaa.
county farm. i.
,Five acres, Xmprqved, near- Sa
lem, Ore, will trade for i 'small
iract MMftVaf XJorvjaUe,',
Atnwer J? Watttre.
$io.oq ewfijdl4, s " :
Lost, it rayed or stolen, black and
white Llewellyn eetter dog, about
three yean aid: left Corvallis about
ut of Jnne, goes, by : the . name of
Mack, hs icar on hind leg, made
by barbed wireI will pay $10.00
reward for information leading to
the recovery of the "nog. . . , -If.
JP. Burnett.
yaqaina.pystera. -
Will arrive for the first time this
season at Zierolfs today, and will
Bplete.i;with' Kne Fall Furmturt; lot the" arJbnamcnt of the"
home. Aijd right here you -wiU' fiod'rare aluM ;
less bargains. This popular establishment is ar-tnouey 'SaYing' -center
for ,you on - i :
We hav just received a large line of stoves, to ; wMeh " We "
cordially: invite your inspectiorri' we " also - handle 81itha! 104 '
Wasdrhgfanitev?are and tinwarei .We keep picture mould
ing and do all kinds of:picture-fraiming ?with neatneSfranddis-" -patch.,'!,:
. We are fljC'Hpnse-Fnrnishers And don't - forget itl :
:l .3 --ft
N B. Second Hand Goods bought and sold. -
Physician & Surgeon
Office over poatoffice. Seaidence Car.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hears 10 to
IS a. .. 1 to A b; at. -1 Ontars tan; faa
For Saleii 'iu . :
Firatclasa Bhakes.-"-Enquire of
Tozier& Ingle har&efB etore r. 1
' I am Hefe
Bar qnidk and safe delivery. Call cn
r ,! ttt . j n , j ....... .
urasuiiuu w 00a oaw.
. Those desiring '" wood sawed caiti !-
secure services by1 leaving word-t
J. il'$itTy. We'save you'jjW4
by it or own foel-j;0ur oba8f.r'
ea me too highfr. than,';.othersi
fcpJwii h Woraata'a bm