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Vol. XV1I.-NO. 27.
B. F. IRVUTB Editor,
and Proprietor
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Race Very Hot for Mukden Heavy
Rains That CauseB Floods Im
Dede Retreat of Russians
Mukden, Sept. 6. A Russian cor
respondent of the Associated Press
supplies the following: .,'..'
'Our retreat is bemg carried out
under heavy pressure, and with the
Japanese on. our heels. The task
ie additionally difficult owing to
the terrible condition of the roads
and the rivers, which are flooded.
"The fighting has now been
almost continuous since August 2F4,
and how much longer it will last is
impossible to eay, as the initiative
is in the hands of the Japanese.
"The number of lives sacrificed
and the loss of supplies by burning-,
bridges being blown up, etc, can
only be explained when we once
more have concentrated, and this
will occupy, ns for some das. :
"Do not be under any miBappre
hension; we will live through these
heavy days and still more alarming
nights, for, despite recent failures,
we have steadfast faith in the fu
tare, and the spirit of the troops
unimpaired .
Long lines of Commissariat wag'
one drawn, by steaming mules, hor
ses and even bullock', are straining
their way north over the soaking,
cut-up main road from Yentai. Be'
hind them come long trains of ar
tillery, and back of them still Ku-
ropatkin's arms.
Ihe main Japanese army is
marching up along the roads east
ward of ine Kusrim lines of re reat
which converge at Mukden. Anoth
er Japanese torca is also heading
-for Mukdea-fjemtbe" westward,
coming from - the direction of the
Liao river.
Marshal Oyama seems to be mak
ing a race for Mukden. He has
evidently a great superiority in
number?, especially in artillery.
The booming of the Japanese can
non, which are. in play 14 miles
from Mukden, was heard today
The skies are black and the air is
stiflicg with the sense ot suffocation
; which is felt here before a storm
bieaks strange harmony between
the elements and tbe menacing at
titude of the contending armies
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St. Petersburg, Sept. 26. The
war office is advised that the heads
of transport trains passed through
Mukden yesterday afternoon, and
the fact that the baggage torains
continued on their way northward
of Mukden, the war office explains,
does not mean that Kuropatkin is
bound further north at this time,
but is simply a natural precaution
ary - measure if he intended to
hold Mukden, the Russian forma
tion during tbe operations of an ar
my locating the baggage train 12
miles in the rear of the main bddy
ot troop?..
Once Yentai is passed Kuropat
kin's army , will have the Han river
between it and Oyama. The only
uneasiness is due to the possiibility
that Japanese light draft gunhoate.
wmcn,. according to reports, are
coming up , trom mu Unwatg
might suddenly make their appear
ence, tne river being navigable to
this point.
As Kuropatkin was just north of
Yentai when the neads of tbe trans
ports entered Mukden yesterday,
in evident .that the retreating col
umn is over 15 miles long. -
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voe Vremya this morning got out
an early edition announcing the
falf of Port Arthur, bat it . was re
called before the paper reached tbe
streets. Such a report is current
but it seems to have no basis in
fact. , ' '
Tokio, Sept. 6. An extended re
port from field Marshal Oyama, the
mese commander-in-chief, in
the field, was received in Tokio to
day and made public tonight. It
ie largely devoted to a review of tbe
bghung which took place- "between
August 24 and September 4.
The announcement that the Rus
sians will retain possession of the
Yentai Collieries indicates a strong
possibility of a battle there. Yen
tai is the only colheiy in Northern
Manchuria, and its possession is off
vast. importance to the Russians in
connection with the operation of
tbe railroad. ,
Field Marshal Oyama reports
that a portion of the Russian troops
hold Yingshuissu, south of Yentai,
and that General Kurokf s right
in close touch with tbe Russians.
He announces also that the left and
center Japanese armies, under the
command, respectively, of Generals
Oku and Nodzu have baited on the
left bank of the Taitz river, and it
is bis intention to dispatch a por
tion of them to occupy the heights
north ot Muchaug acd along the
railroad. -,'
General Kuropatkin burned all
the railroad and other bridges'over
the Taitz river.
The report says that the exact
cumber of Japanese losses since Au
gust 25 is not known at present,
but that casualty lists are beiDg
compiled. The field marshal pre
dicts that tbe losses will prove
The report does not mention the
number of guns taken, but' it ie
known that 16 guns were captured
at Anping and Anshanehan, and
earlier reports mention tbe capture
and use against the railroad station
at Lio Yang qf certain ten centi'
metysr cauet giiaa'I--.
Field Marshal Oyama says also
that in spite of continuous attacks
for ten daye against an enemy occu
pying semi-permanent fortifications,
and tbe heavy resultant sacrifice,
the spirit of devotion and determin
ation of the Japanese troops is ex
General Kuropatkin, according
to the reports, continued to receive
reinforcements until ' Aug. 13, and
his final strength consisted of at
leaet 12 full divisions.
The losses sustained by the Rus
sians are not known to the Japan
ese field force. '
General Kurokl encountered des-
Derate opposition in the battle on
the heights to the west of Heiying
tai, where he fought continuously
and fiercely for four dayB before be
succeeded in dislodging the Rus
It is manifest that the stubborn'
ness of the Russian defense at Hei-
yngtai saved the Russian line of
retreat and averted an overwhelm
ing disaster.
Eight Killed and . Fifty Injured
Day Coach Leaves the . Track
and,; Breaking Loose
- Drags Diner With - -
It Other News. :-
. ''. .:' ' r - N'. v
Moberly, Mo., Sept. 6. The
south-bound Wabash passenger
tram which left Ues Moines for St.
Louis at 6:40 a. m., was wrecked
today near Pendleton, Mo., killing
eight passengers and injaricg fifty
others. -v.
Immediately upon receipt of. the
news of the wreck, a relief train
ig! was sent out aud the dead and more
seriously injured were brought back
here. The train which was compos
ed of an engine, baggage and smok
ing care, day coach, diner and Pull
man sleeper, was'Srell filled, it be
iDg estimated by Wabash officials
that there were about five hundred
persons on board. The train .was
running at its schedule speed when
the accident occurred. - The day
coach left tbe track . and breaking
loose from the baggage-and smok
ing cars, plunged down an embank.
ment, dragging the diner with it.
The Pullman did not leave the
track . r
The heavy dining car crashed on
top of the coach, and the majority
of those killed and " injured were
paseengera in the latter. There was
no one in the dining car, it is stat
ed, except tbe employes, who escap
ed with injuries.
the body destroy all evidences of
Kieffer If 1 were you I would y
have the body, embalmed immedi
ately, although tbe poison which T
shall administer will be alt digest--,
ed in her stomach. ' - -
Shaffer All right. Doc. I will
rely on you to help me out. -' J
Schaffer then left' with the cap-
sules which he supposed contained,
poison, and which he had procured
from Dr. Ad amis. " - ; " ' '-''.-.
At about 8:30 this morning, and
about the time Schaffer expected '.
his wife to die, he was arrested and
taken to police headquarters, where, '
confronted by the detectives - and
doctors, he made partial admission .
to the correctness of the statements.
After a conference between the city
and .county prosecutors Schaffer
was 'finally released, he having com
mitted do act, they said, for which
punishment is provided by the stat
utes of this state. ' Schaffer ie the
father of four grown children, one
married. .
J Plump cheeks, ' flashed with the soft
glow of health and a pare complexion,
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dose of Herbine after each meal; it will
prevent constipation and help - digest
what you have eaten. 50c Mrs. William
M. Stroud, Midlothian, Texas, writes,
May 31,1901. "We have used Herbine
in our family for eight years, and found
it the best medicine we ever used for con-,
stipatlon, billons fever and -malaria."
Sold by Graham SCWortham. . j.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 7. Peace iB
eagerly discussed by thousands of
Russians in this city and in Mos
cow, notwithstanding what is deem
ed : the military splendor of
Kuropatkin's retreat. The Novoe
Vreyma sounding public opinion,
suggests a basis ot agreement where
by Japan would receive Sakhalin,
Kamschatka, the Ku riles, ' the
Simidore Islands, the Liao Tung
Peninsula and supremacy in CoreaJjVes, Neidergal and
x lb government ie not niteiy imme
diately to favor the idea of peace,
but may yield later. It is certain
that the public demand for the ces
sation of war is growing in infloen
cial commercial and - financial cir
cles. . '. . . : - " J
Chef6o,"Sept. 6. Firing at Port
Arthur was heard here tonight.
Two Chinese interpreters belonging
to the omcial household of Lieuten
ant-General Stoessel, commander
of the military forces at Port Arthur
have beea caught by spying at Shu
shien and Palungshan. They were
executed by the Japanese.
Chinese who arrive here to'day
from Port Arthur declare that the
Russian expects a general land and
sea attack on September 7.
On September 2 and 3 the Japan
ese bombarded the fortifications se
verely, and two Russian guns, on a
fort near Rihlungshan, were dis
mounted. r
The recent entrance into Port
Arinur ot a large steamsnip carry
ing provisions, chiefly flour, has
resulted in the reduction in the
price of flour from $5 to $2 a bsg.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 6. The No-
Washington, Sept, 6. The navy
department has received a cables
gram from Lieutenant M. A. Mo
Cully, dated at Mukden, saying
that he is leaving there immediate
ly for Vladivostok.
. Lieutenant McCully has been at
Port Arthur almost constantly Eince
the outbreak of the war. That he
is going to Vladivostok leads to the
supposition, that he expects the Jap
anese to turn their attention to that
port in the event of the fall of Port
Arthur. " - ..; ,
Dayton, O., Sept. 1. Frank
Schaffer, apromient wealthy busi
ness man, it is charged, arranged,
through the pretended connivance
of the family physician,- Wkllf his
wife. The police today arrested the
alleged would-be murderer. Schaf
fer is fifty-four years old, president
of an envelope company and form- j
erly owned and managed several
retail groceries under the name of
the Cincinnati Grocery Company.
The alleged wish to wed a girl in
the employ of the envelope compa
ny, and with whom Schaffer, it is
said, is madly in love, bred the de
sire to get rid ot his wife. .
According to the police report
and that of Dr. Charles A. Kiefer,
the Schaffer family physician, Schaf
fer . went to the doctor and pro
posed to give Dr. Kiefer $500 if he
would poison or otherwise kill
Schaffer's wife. Dr. Kiefer pretend
ed to agree' to the bargain, but said
he would not prescribe the poison
himself, but would arrange with
Dr. J . Q. Adams for a deadly drag.
' Meantime Dr. Kiefer advised Dr.
Adams, when the two agreed upon
a programme of. giving a harmless
drug to the iatended victim. The
police were also advised of the
scheme, lwo detectives were se
creted in an adjoining room Wed
nesday night, wnen nnal arrange
ments in tbe deatn bargain - were
made between the doctor and Schaf
fer, ana tbe harmless tablets were
given to the' latter to administer to
his wife. The first of these was to
be given this morning.
The conversation that took place
according to the report of the detec
Kiacaid, was
as follows
Schaffer Doctor, I have the cap
sules. -
Kiefer All right, Schaffer. This
is my first job, and it will be tbe
last, but I need the money.
' Schaffer, (pointing to his mouth)
Mum is the word, Doc. ; How
long -will it take to kill her?
Kieier It may kill her instantly
or the may Irnger for a short time
You cannot always tell
Schaffer When shall I give U to
Kieffer Give her a. capsuleat 8
o'clock tomorrow morning.
Schaffer Then I had bettet
downtown early so I will be away
They will call me by telephone, and
. - Bellefonntain Notes. i .
A family passed through this
place recently from Idaho.. They"
lost their1 team on the way, While. -crossing
the Blue Mountains they
turned their horses out to graze and
they left for parts unknown. Anoth
er team was purchased and after a y
few days delay the family continu
ed their journey. -.. . . '
' W. S. Humphrey has typhoid fe
ver, but his physician thinks he
-wilHrecoveri --i- -, -r i. ;. '-p -
Mr. Gleason is quite sick at ' the
home of his daughter, Mrs. John
Perin. V
Mrs. Fawcett returned to her
home in Portland Wednesday. -
Henry Lamb and Frank Porter
have rented Mr. Huggins' faim.
Virgil Landingham has returned
from Portland where be went some
time ago to consult a physician.
Rev. W. W. Davis will preach at
this place on Sunday, September
18th. ;
Mrs. J. Walters has been quite
sick, but is improving.: .
Mr. Stantruff is very low. He
has been ill a long time and is grad
ually failing.
Last Monday night the citizens
of this place and the adjoining
neighborhood were suddenly awak
ened from their peaceful slumbers
by the awful dm of artbany, clang
of bells and grinding of horsa-fiddles.
Judging from, the voices lift
ed up in awful warwhoops the par
ty must be whole-lunged, at any
rate. Twas just the boys celebrat
ing tbe return of the bridal couple,
Fred Porter and Miss Carrie Porter,
of this vicinity. They were married
at Albany, Aug. 31st.
Every part of the mucous membrane,
the nose, -throat." ears: head and lnnes.
etc, are subjected to' disease and Wight
trom neglected coias. , .Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup is a pleasant and effective
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Ballard's Horehonnd Syrup for coughs
and throat tronbles; it is a pleasant and
most t ffective remedy. Sold by Graham
& Worlham,
l will call you right away, Doc, so
you can be there. -
Kieffer How doyou Btand with
the coroner, Schaffer?
Schaffer I do not know, but
think I can fix that all right. You
will be the physician, and yon can
ion mm. sne uiea 01 neart fnum?.
Kieffer-Yes I will tell him I
have been attending tiim for a v-fw
for rVenmatisrM ( f li e l.eiittn i he
wi-1 take niv of.'
fch li.-i Win 1 1 not f mlia miug
Light and
are made with
anti'dyspeptic; may i?z eaten
. without isieor.ves'iince -1
even by perseres .
with titHcatc
. . digestion