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d ell .bsfa'safts
lBh arfl Jfi 8O5J90 J
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thnrmteofLt aento par Una. -
Giant Elgid",(af riwd J Saturday'
Mr. Bi d Mr. Jamea Taylor left
Monday r r Calif roia lo search of a
more 'a'- ribl-s climate.
- '
Mies Soph a Elgin returned yes
frley 10 8atmi, wliere she la stud
Alog our ii g at tbe8anrarlam.
. Ming Fa Wlfeearver returned to
bt r'bome Id- Melkftonvllle SuDday af-f-r
a vloit wltb Mlse Loulee Gllbrr.
' ' ,'
Mrp. . Mason went to Browna-
vfile Mooday to Visit leiatlvea for a
week on ea r'aye. y
Mr . Minor and daughter Crystal
ft re' it id 6a urday . from Olei,
wbern ibev tie it. last autumn for
benefit t f Miss Minor's health.
. A 1 e tile walk
Ftruct'd n the east
Taylor's r slderice. .
hai been con
side of James
Gyp ThnretJn, the wellknown
form' r UAU student and football play
er was lo town Hatuidty.
Mr'. A. D. Morrison left Saturday
to join' be bUfcl ard at Carbon. Mr.
M'irtlann recently purohts d a drug
store there.
Ml'ses Sophia and Mary-Elgin
nt-itilnrd a oumbr of friends Mon
day evening at their home on Col
lege Hil . Pit was the amusement.
Joe Smith arrived Saturlay from
Portlaid where he has been at the
bedbld'" f his wlf The latfir Is Irn
prJTlog lu health and expects f be
home at atn within a short time.
Elvlu Wltham 1a preparing to
build a mbstaotlal residence on the
WItbam f rm a ohcrc dlstttnce west rf
town. Wuik will begin as soon as the
weathir settles a little. The house
Is to cor t about 81.000.
The First Spiritual Union of Cor
yallis will hold uervlces Sunday in
Barren Lyceum. Doors open at 2-30
Setvlce at 3 p. m. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all.
' D". Drive was ca'led to Eugene
MMiaavto pnaon tne funeral te -
mon of an old friend named Wllklns,,
whone de th occurred In that city
Sunda . Dr. Driver returned to O. r
vall's jes'tn a afternoon in time to
cond ict the i-fti ruoon a' d evening
meeting yesterday.
- Bomrr Lilly, 'of the Centennial
meat ni rki't, killed a beet Friday
which ftreoited 59 pi r cent of the gross
weight. This 1b regarded as au extra
ordinary product.' The tlaugbtereil
animal wan a cow, part Jersey, fivO
yea"s old, and was purchased from We
G. Line. . Her gross weight was 112.
pounds, and she dressed 660 pounds
A rioaway team h"d the rlabt of
way on .VJan'stieet fcrafew e:oLl
"Sa'urdiy afternoon. The outfit
sia't'd near Horulng's black-mi; h
shop, a id u ra diwn street ar full
epe d, eidlntr ttrr.r to ptdt-etilanp,
teiuisle 4 and all otbere. At the
corunr uf Abbott's stable one hoiae
attempted to continue the flight o rth
while tie other headed, east, and the
eft-ct icat a collision with a telephone
pile. in wt'ich the wajon Wat con
siderably d imaged. The horses were
not ii'jiireii. The outfit belonged to
Ernest R gera of Lion county.
The annual Inter-society debates
for cbe Ga'r-h cup are to begin in a
short iluio at the college. The sched
ule ha alre-d beeo arranged, but
none of the subjects have been (elect
ed. The cup is now io possession 1 i
the F erians who won It as a result ot
list year's contests. The yfar be
fore it was woo by the Amicltlais.
Each society that holds it for a ear,
gets Its name -engraved on the cup.
and that one that can hold It for
thr e years r tains it for all time
without further defense. There are
eight societies at the college, and if
all contest, about seven deta es will
be lequlied to determine the issuf.
Twenty to 10 was the score by
wbloh the OAO men defeated the Mc
M'nnvllle College team at basket
ball In the Collexe Armorv Saturday
nlghr. The game was witnessed by
a lare crowd, who wa'ctud the sir ug
glelcb much interest. The play as
the score Indicates, was most of the
time In McMlunville territory. The
OAO team was Swan, Moores, Elne
hart, Cate and Stelwer. 8telwer and
Gate went out at the end of the first
half, and tbelr places were taken by
liilyeu and Qrover Cafe. A game
Vwlth Seattle is to be the next ta take
place at the Armory. It is expected
to occur about two weeks.
Probably the biggejt audlenre
ever assembled in the Methodise
ceurch was present Sunday at the ev
ening meeting conducted by Dr.
Drlver. The regular seats In the au
ditorium and annex were completely
tided, as well as additional stats In
Vhe aisles, wherever floor space could
' be found. In addition, there was an
ovetfl w of humanity In which evry
Inch of standing room was occupied.
The service was union in character,
all of the congregations In town hav
ing given up appointments in their
own churches to join In tbe meetiog.
The meetings as conducted by Dr
Drtver tor a week, assumed an evan-
g'Aletlo character Sunday night, and
niil be continued tbronghout the
ourreat week, with serv ice every af
ternoon at 2-30 and every evening at
Mrs Mary Whitby installed the
newly, elected -efficers of Cofvallls
Orange' fast Saturday. jj 1 .,.
- h Tgn'aaervfc8 will ba held
by the pa tor, at tbe McFai land chap
el, next Sondy morning. : .
Mrs. Ore file' d, nee Waa Maud Hrr:
has a rlvtd, aid was on the streets
yesterday- ' ; , ' '
' -Mrs. B. F. eely Is In Portland
taking electrical treatment for tumor
ous or other utT-'CUons, tne exact na
ture of which, seems Dot to be. tally
understood. .
Mrs. J. H. Harris gave a tea Sat
urday to thirty lady friends. A guess
ing contest and a delicious lunch were
features of the aftt raoon. V
Mis. P. T. Hall and daughter of
Portland, are guests of Mrs Bammell
at Hotel Corvallls. The ladles are
Dr. A. D. Moirlson, formerly ot
Corvallls, but later of Prlneville, has
pure! aed a drug store end located at
Carlton f the practice cf his profes
sion. :
Fifd Oberer spent Saturday and
Sunday io town, having come ip from
P. Ik county to pay off some cUlms a
galnst the Charter Oaksawmill.
Tert-r lay was ground hog day.
If tbe traditional hog ventured out, it
la-probable that be sneezed a time or
two In the tog, and bunled back into
his hole with an attack t f eblveie.
The O. A. C. basket ball team was
defeated In a game with the Dallas
College team at Dallas Friday night,
in a score or 13 to f ur. A retnrn
game is to be played in this city in tbe
near future, when it is hoped that the
record may be reversed.
; . . 1 ' - . '
The nlne-year-oll son rf Jesse
Moses rf Philimatb, Was 'repwted
dying with pneumonia Monday after
noon. There was a turn 'for the bet
ter during the night, and yesterday
motnlog there was a chance for recov
ery, though hope could not, according
to tbe physician be held out Until the
day had passed. -
Filday night twin children were
born to th- household of Ed Ldoney,
Monroe. For a time the Ufa of Mrs.
Looney was almost despaired of, but
later news Is somevbat encouraging.
Ml is Boee Ingram, who Is a student at
O. A. C, was on Saturday summoned
to tbe bedside ot her eUter, Mrs.
Lioney. N
J. A. Montgomery arrived the last
of the week from South Dakota and
expects to buy land and locate lu But
ton. He was ii Oregon last At gust
f jr a t'me, and he has learaed enuugb
about th country to feel that he will
bs satisfied to make hU future h me'
here. When he buys a f wm he will
r-Muro to South Dakota and bring our
his fumilf in which there ar several
boys and cirls all of wlicm, Mr. Mont
gomery says, a. e wtrki r-t. ..
Last Filrtay was the birthday ( f
JudgH Grtff z. When he arrive 1 home,
the eiht tbat, met his Cf zs was a num
ber t f his Intimate fileud-, ranged a-
( bout tie room. The expresRion that
restetl on bis face for a full tniaute Is
described as. a eroes between a love
stoiy and ho epileptic fl II present
ly flitted away, and gave place to an
apparetit expectancy that he ft"otl
lace to face with h Boxer uprl-iag or a
thr aud feathering party. When he
flaally gained hie t qutlibrium, he made
Lis guests more than welcome, ard tbe
evening, with a banquet and other fea
tures was felicitously spent. '
The local option petitions recent
ly circulated lo Benton county, have
been forwarded to the headquarters
at Portland ot the committee that Is
pushing tbe measure. The petitions
ask the submission cf a local opiiou
law to the voters in tbe coming June
election, under the initiative provision
ot tbe Constitution. The petitions
were only circulated atOorvalds, Phil
omath and Duety, tbe three places
supplying more than Benton's propor
tion ot tbe per centum cf voters neces
sary to secure submission of the la
to a vote. The number ot tlgners at
Corvallls was, 333; at Philomath, 79;
and at Dusty, 20, making a total of
Accounts pf the doings of tbe Ho
ly RollerJ lave penetrated even to far
off Scotland. A copy 1 f the EJioburgh
Scotchman, containing a column aud
a half story of tbe sect, has reached
the Tlmes""offlce. The article is sen
sationally written, ard mixed with the
truth there Is a varied but highly In
teresting amount cf the imaginative.
The Btory is founded on the original
outbreak cf tbe sect in which furni
ture, luusioal instruments and the bod
ies ot domestic animals were burned,
and it Includes the raid of the officers,
tbe examination for Insanity, and the
fl'ght and return of Brooks and Cref
field. A young woman Is mentioned
as being selected f r tbe sacrifice, and
the story of her doings 1 as Oreffield
stands with uplifted hands in the
midst of the smoke from a sacrificial
firs is dramatic In the extreme. The
article is ot engrossing interest-, both
as a matter of curiosity acd as show
isg the Intense interest the doings ot
the sect hive aroused all over the civ
ilized world. The story will appear
In full in Saturday's issue of the
. ... . . 1
Roll the First in the State to Reach'
. 1 ax collecting began at the sher2
ifFs office yesterday, ." and several
payments were made daring the
day. The Benton roll is the first
in the state to be completed, Clerk
Moses havipg turned the big record
over to iSheriff Burnett last Fri
day. " The present is the second in-
Aa4 Wanted te Firat ia , Court Trto
2 t4 hies tor. Fan Tas 1layera;;;a ; 2
-'Chirr Me is a Corvallis Chinaan
who is $40 poyrer is this worWs
goods than he was Saturday night.
The money with which he parted
is m the cofTers of of GJr
vallis, and is the price of a violated
gambling statute. Mr. Me was
fitii in TnHo-fc firefFnr ronrt ' M'ftn-
day morning, and for a time itldok-lstance i which Clerk - Moses has
ed as though he would elect to go been the first county clerk in- tbe
to jail. . He stood silent and sullen, state to complete his roll and
until, after repeated notice from turn it over, ior tax collection. - .
Chief Lane to "Come on and go to The total taxes to be collected in
jail," he finally dug up two shining Benton, as shown by the completed
$20 pieces and- relucantly: handed roll is .185,0324.2 .The amount
them over to the officers. A .terl was about $82,000 last year.., The
that he left the place, nursing, it i aggregate is increased, enormously
certain, a fierce thirst for revenze this year by the state tax, which is
on the men that brought financul
depression oft him. :
Mr.iMe is the proprietor of a
wash houe a few doors ' north ' of
the Farmer's Hotel. Several mon
ths ago his place was raided by the
officers, and a fan tan game surpn
sed m full operation. All the play
ers pleaded guilty and each was re
quired to pay the minimum fine
under the law. The raid seems mt
to have broken up . the game, for
.Saturday night Jim sing, the res-
more than the entire amount to be
sollected for county expenses. The
figures of the state tax ate JF24 745,
while, the figures for county expen
ses are $22,337. Out of this 822,7
17. a6 all the rebate allowed on!
amount the county actually realizes
U the above figures less the rebate.
The rebate usually amountsto $1.7
00 or . $1,800. so that the total
ajnount that will be collected for
county expenses willonly aggregate
taurant man lodged a complaint about $20,. 500, or morethanf46oo
with the officers against Chin Me
to the effect that the latter was run
ning a fan tan game. . - . J
The complaint was the . result of
the old story of a row between the
players. .'It 'neatly 'resulted in' a
riot in the office ot the police j udge
when the defendant and his accuser
stood face to face." Chin Me declar
ed that Jim Sing owed - him $100
and Jim promptly announced that
Chin Me was a liar. Even the austere
mien of His Honor failed to impress
the two heathen and in defiance
of all court rules they flew at each
other with war and blood all over
the horizon. His Honor called for
peace, but there was no peace. He
commanded silence, but the respon
se was a turbulent mixture of Chi
nese oaths and celestial jabbering.
Determined that his court should
not be the scene of a Boxer uprising
the judge laid violent hands on the
combatants and compelled a truce
Chin Me has' most "of the Chin r-
men in. town in his debt. Louis
the cook, who draws a salary of '50
per month owes him $11. Jim Sing
" gtoo and various bther of his courr
j trymeu sums of varying, .-amounts.
His game is apparently one of the
most thrifty enterprises in town.
less than the amount collected for
state tax. ; .
The state school tax . is another
item that also swells the final aggre
gate very largely. The figures are
$r5.693. or within about $5,000 of
the entire amount to be collected
for county-expenses. The various
items of taxes, the amounts of each
and what and where collected -for
areas-follows: -
special school Uist Jvo. 1
' 3
Road Dist, Xo.
William Albrecht Gives a few Season
able Suggestions.
This is the month for planting
and pruning. .Roses should be
planted while in a dormant sta'r;
for, if removed for transplanting
while the sap is flowing freely, ami
the plant is in vigorous growing
condition, there occurs too great a
shock one from which the plant
does not easily recover..
Plants of delicate habit and weik
growth require severe pruning.
Those that are vigorous in growth
should have the shoots only moder
ately shortened, but the branches
should be well trimmed out.
" Rustic work having shaved Sur
faces ought to receive a co t or two
of linseed oil yearly. Vases, trelli
ses or other painted "garden work
may now be put in order hv clean-
1 wg and painting. . rrepare new
trellises in good season.
Pruning of trees and shrubs is
now in order. Manure, whether
gardening for pleasure or for profit.
The ground must '; not be cropped
year after year not even of Jthe
grass without returning some
equivalent in the form of manure.
Well decomposed stable manure, if
it can be produced, should be pre
ferred to all others.
William Albrecht.
.., 2
: " 3 '
' Ml .
' "6
" 9 ,
" 10
" ' 12
' " ' -' "13 .
" 14
" 5
'' "16
" " 17
" 18
City of Philomath
City of Corvallis
Road Fund General,
State Tax
State School
$ 95-76
641 58
358 12
366 57
353 52
112. 12
. 149 30
. 377-03
214 97
' 165 88
' 288.47
95 00
170 80
' 66.94
593 00
22337 46
1 '"O'lj- ''vt!j
This month is cleaning, up month, stock adjusting ,
ime cleauing the dtck for spring business. There-"
fore you will -find here that goods are lower in price,
.not because they have decreased in value, but because
our policy will not permit carrying them over another
season. . . . .V ' '
Ladies' Jackets.
$3 66 Ladies' Jackets $1 50
A 00 Ladies' Jackets 2 30
5 0Q Ladies' Jackets
7 fiQ Ladies' Jackets
10 00 Ladies' Jackets
Children's -
5 00 & 6 00 Jackets
2 50
1-3 off on Ladies' Furs.
1-3 off on Ladies Wrappers
1-3 off on Ladies Skirts.
Corsets in broken lines 50c
on the dollar -A
few pieces of 50c Dress
Goods at 25c per yard.
Brussels Garpet
y 50c Per Yard. v 1
35c Cottage Carpet 25c yd. -40c
Win'. Shades, 25c each.
13 riff pn all small pieces.
,of Matting. . .
1-3 off on broken lines of
Lace Curtains.
1-3 off on Wool Waists
$1 25 Ladies Waists $1 05
2 00 Ladies Waists 1 35
2 50 Ladies Waists 1 .70
3 00 Ladies Waists 2 00
1-3 off on lee Wool Shawls
and Fascinators.
Values and the worth of materials not considered.
It's only how quickly we cih clean up and make room
for the hew spring'fabrics. At ;
" Regulator of Low Pj ices.
good bargains in stock, grain fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
see me. t shall take pleasure iu giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
-you over the country. v "
Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance.
Philomath, Oregon.
85032 42
Lounges, Coaches, Desks, Folding
Beds, Etc.; made to order. Particular
attention given to special orders and re
pairing. AU work guaranteed. One
door south cf R. M. Wade's, Main street.
W. W. Holgate,
Degree of Honor Entertjtarnent.
The members of the Degree of
Honor lodge will give an emertain
ment in their hall over Allen's drug
store, Eriday evening, Feb. 5th. A
program will be rendered. Ad
mission' 15 cents; children. 10 cents
The public is Invited.
The following is the program:
Instrumental solo, recitation solo,
farce, "Aunt Sophronia at the Op
era," vocal duet, v pantomine,
"Lockinvar," solo, farce. "Aunt
Susan. Jones," vocal duet. '
A new line of wall paper, go
carts and mattirg jus-t recfdved at
O. J. Blaikledg's Furniture store.
-For Exchange.
A fine residence in Los' Angeles,
good lonation, will rent fr $30 per
month, value $4000, for improved
farm about same value.
' -'. ' J. G. Simptou, '
256o N. Sichel at. 1
Lob Angeles, Cal.
Taxes And Where to Find the
Amount Sheriff Bnrnett's Plan.
Last year, Sheriff Burnett tried
the experiment of placing a numb
er of lists of the taxpayers and the
amount of the taxes of each in sev
eral places in the various precincts.
The preparation of the lists, with
2,500 taxpayers in thecounty. in-:
v lved a large amount of work, at
the sheriS's office, but it turned out
to be such convenience to the tax
payers that Sheriff Burnett has
put the same plan into . execution
again this year. " Lists of every
taxpayer in each precinct, some
times three or four lists ,in each
precinct have been prepared, and
sent ouN By reference to , these
lists the taxpayer can ascertain
the amount of his taxes and send
in the money without making - a
special trip to the county seat - for
the purpose.. Lists are to be found
at the following places:
Fairmount precinct George
Beams. Chester Skeels, T B Wil
liamson, and Frank Hughson',
Soap Creek precinct Store of J.
A. Carter.
Kings Valley Stores ot M. L.
Frantz and Miller & A lcorn.
Wren Store of Scott King.
Blodgett Store of 1. A. Wood.
Summit Store of Titus' Ranney.
Alsea Store of Wade Malone.
. Bellfountain--Stores ofN. Clem
and A. H. Buckingham.
Monroe Stores of A. Wilhelm
& Co and Norwood Trading Co.
Willamette Store of Norwood
Trading Co. and Inavale postoffice!
Philomath Stores of J. E. Hen
kle, F. P. Clark, MoseS ' Bros, Hill
& Son, Judson Weed.
' For Sale. .
At aboat 50 per cent on the dollar
large house, barn, and woodshed, lots
corner. 3rd and Washington streets. Ap
ply to owner. ' fr8oo, " , .
-; H.H. -Kreger, !
Santa Barbara,,'.
South Main St., Corvallis, Ore.
Carbon, Platinum and Platino Portraiture
S - Art Calendars. Sofi Pillow Cover?,
t ' r. And Other Photographic Novelties.
for February
D. G. Sugar, 100 pounds..... ..$5.65
'Extra C Sugar, 5.15
Padlock brand Peaches, 35c cans, for.... .-25
Palo Alto brand Peaches, 25e cans, for .20
Extra Standard crrn, two cans for ,.''.25
Extra Standard tomatoes two cans for............ .25
Six packages yeast foam .; .25
Six magic yeast :. .25
Four packages Arm and Hammer soda .25
Three cans fancy sardines in oil 25
Two pounds Golden Sunrise coffee..... .25
Seven bars Daisy laundry soap 25
Six bars Silk laundry soap : 25
Twenty dozen clothes pins !V .25
Ten packages toothpicks........ .25
Defiance Washboards.
One set decorated cups and saucers 50
One set decorated dinner plates 50
One setdecorated soup - plates 50
One set decorated breakfast' plates ..: 40
One set decorated pie plates 40
For Montb. of February only.
' ' When you see it in our ad. it's bo.
f . L.