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    - V - I'
( Ad jrttsenlent. in this oolumn charged . foe
A thermieoUt oentt par Una. - '
. ' Mrs. J. A. Harper Srlslted Albany
friends latt week.
-Mleg Dollle Browo Is visiting Mrs
Lee Brown at WelK
.. . . '
' Mrs Mary Bryeon left Thursday
to spend the wider la California. ,
f. Mies Myrtle Sbonkw tier returned
Saturday to her home in Oregon
City. . - : ..... ... ...
Fred Hereig moved into bis new
bouse oo College bill on New Tear's
day. " ;
Monroe Cameron and family
have returned from a week's .visit In
Portland. .-
Mies Una Stewart aPrlnevllIe,
arrived Sunday and has re-entered
College. ;
Cedar shingles, Stars, for f ale at
the Corvallis Saw Mill, at $1.75 per
''The holiday vacatlonended
the opening of college Monday.
Mrs, G. L. Paul left Friday
for a visit with Portland and Astoria
Thomas Cameron has returned
to Corvall'?, after an absence of sev
eral month".
Mr. and Mrs. Callahan returned
Sunday front a ten days visit with
Portland Mends,
Mrs. Will Webber and daughter
T Portland Were among Cnvallls
visitors this weej' -
The estates of John Wiles and L.
Dlller were finally settled In the pro
bate court Monday. . . .
Mi s Alice Stevens has . arrived
from Centralla, Washington, and is
the guest of friends.
Harry Waggoner entertained a
number of friends at a Watch party
Thursday evening, "
GlaUrl IUndVli left MondaV for
bH home at Olex, after a visit at the
Alabder borne. .
Miss Fay Cooley of Brownsville.
has been the guest since Saturday of
ber aunt, Mrs. J. D. Irvine.
Miss Lillian Banney entertained a
number of fi lends wi'h "flinch" at her
home Satui day evening.
.Tam'FIrt of the Time offt"p
left. Monday for a week's visit with
his mother at Boseburg,
Miss Alleen Webber of AhHni
ha been the ue"&t' for several day
of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Simpson.
The Evening Whlft Club watched
the old vear out Thursrtav nt, the
borne of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Knlsply.
Jihn Hiiffja'n arrived Sundav
from Portland. Mrs. Huffman bm
been a visitor In the county for two
weeks. . -
Will Pu'dv -loft yestprday to re
sume, his duties with the Standard OH
Company, after a brief vielt with Cor
vallis relatives.
Ml Winnie Gilbert, arrived yes-
terdav from Everett, WaBhlnston for
a vl9lt nt the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. B: M. Gilbert.
Capt. A. W. ' Rose returned to
his cbltMm ranch t Ohltwood Mon
day to await the 'fliw of Pap In the
spring and dream of big prices for
bark. :
The two board walk along the
old Whlr.ehorn orchard has been wid
ened and repaired much to the com
fort and eatls'actlon of all pedestrians
in that vicinity.
The First Spiritual Union of Gor
vallls will hold services tomorrow in
Barrett Lvoeum. Doors open at 2-30
Service at 3 p. rn. A cordial Invita
tion Is extended to all.
'The county oourt will meet this
afternoon and among other business
to oomn before it will be the appoint
ment of road supervisors, judges and
clerks ot election and the Axing of the
tax levy.
Miss Esther Purdy entertained a
number of friends Monday evening
in honoi ot her brother Will Purdy of
Portland. The evening was pleasant
ly spent with games, music and other
Mies Mary Nolan left 8unday for
Portland to resume her studies at St.
Mary's College. She was accompan
ied by Mrs. Nolan who goes to Port
. land to be at the bedside ot Mrs. Eb
ner, her sister, iwho was recently In
jured In a Btreet car accident.
The receipts at the Corvallis poet
office for the quarter ending Decem
ber 31st aggregated $1,850. The a
mount Is an Increase of 7 per cent. ov.
er the receipts for the same quarter
' last year, and shows a healthy growth.
The number ot money orders Issued
at the office during the year was 1832.
and the amount 810,101; the number
of orders paid was 1,031, and the a
mount, 811,336.
Two children of Alfred Johnson
are ill with pneumonia la Albany
where they were recently taken to the
home of a brother on account ot the
illness ot their mother in this city.
The father has been at the bedside of
- th children since Saturday. Mrs.
Johnson Is still ill at the family home
in this city, but ber condition Is some
what improved.
Mr. H. O. Miller, tor many years
Janitor at the publlo schools, died sud
denly yesterday morning about 10 o'
clock, ot Brlght's disease. Mr. Miller
was favorably known as a quiet, peace
able citizen and he leaves a large fam
ily to mourn his loss. ' Be was aged
about 53 years. He carried policies
Id the Maccabees and also the Lions
tor $1,000 and $2,500 respectfully.
most all the students.- after a . two
weeks rest have resumed their "stud
ies. A considerable number of new
studea'e are on the grounds and ex
aminations were in progress tbtoogti-
out Monday. . Clas3 work began yes
terday. '
I. M. Hunter, after an absence ot
seveial yea v, arrived in Corvallis
Sunday for a brief visit. He is an
employe in a large mercantile estab
lishment at Watervllle. Washington
He says Josppb.Johoson,r,who resides
In the vicinity is prominently men
tioned as a likely candidate foe sher
iff of the county.
" Edwin Johnson, a bright OA(J
graduate of last vear's class, , left
tor bis borne at Yale, Malheur coun
ty, Saturday, after a holiday vuit
with college and other friends In Cor
vallis. Though but a few months
out ot ooliege, Mr. Johnson bis al
ready become engaged la extensive
surveyim? operations In E istera Ore
gon, mainly in Malheur and. Harney
The Knights ot Pythias of Valley
Lodge Installed the following officers
for the ensuing term, last Monday ev
eningf James A. Harper, O. O; Alex
Bennle, V. CL; W. G. Emery, pre'.;
Chains Porter.M. of W.; Robert John
eon, E. ot B. and S.; B. W. Johnson,
M. of Ex.; Thomas Whltehorn, M.
of F ; Kdwln Rose, M. at A.; John
Zils, I, G.; Jesse Spencer, O, G,
Tfiere Was Consternation for a
Hme FiHay at the Walden home. ' in
the north end of town. A burning
flue that continued to burn after the
eoot bai apparently disappeared gave,
rise to extreme alarm, and persons In
neighborhood wete attracted to the
scene. S L. Kline and son, Walter,
happened along, and with their assist
ance, Mr, Bryant was finally able to
conquer the blaa,
The Corvallis public schools re
opened Monday after a two week's
vacation for the htsltdays. The teach
log force has been filled by the elee
tlon of MUs Fowells In the pHce ot!
Miss Kros, resigned. . Miss Fowelte !
has the fourth grade, and Miss Huft
has been placed lo charge ot the prim
ary grade. A petition wai circulated
among ber former pupils, asking the
retention ot Miss Hnff in her former
gradp. '
The f iklr who created such an
active market In. Corvallis In the el
ecti Ic belt business, is .meeting, with
even greater uceess In a tour through
tta state to the southward. He was
last) heard of at Grants Pass, where
he did a thriving business. He Bald
alter closing a pyrotechnic sale there
that Grants. Pass was a. good place
for bel's. but not so goortva9 ft ee-
burg or Eugene. At -Eugene after
pocketing a lot of csh tor belts, he
was assailed with stale eggs. '
A. device In the way of a pocket
lamp which is a substitute tor match
es has mnde Its appearance. It Is
shaped like a match box. and when
the lid U opened a stream of fljme
appears, which may be used for light?
log a pipe, t r looking at a watch In
the night time, and, for manv other
purposes. - When the onlooker first
sees it In operatlm, he Is civetr tha
Impression that the owner's box full
ot matches have all been accidental
ly Ignited. The nppllance is for sale
at a local establishment.
The chief of police .la doing a good
business with (ho dog tax. He has
disposed of thirty tags without any ef
fort upon hie part. So tar, there has
been no remonstrance agtust the tux,
and those who have paid only ask
that the law'be impartially enforced.
It is the intention oft he chief to call
on all dog owners within the next few
days and jt would facilitate the work
very much if each one would be ready
with the amount ot bis tax when the
call is made. Don'X wait one upon
another with the expectation that you
ni l escape entirely, as it is the inten
tion of the officer to enforce the law
and collect taxes on all dogs within
the city limits. s
Members of the facultj who went
to Portland to consider tbe proposi
tion ot tbe Fair managers for tbe col
lege to take charge of a tract of the
fair grouuds and produce a growing
exhibit at tbe 1905 exposition are pre
paring a report on the subject for use
of the board ot regents, whtch Is to
meet this afternoon. Fair people want
the college to plant about 12 acres ot
around to email and large fruits, tor
age grasses, vegetables and other pro
ducts, and have the same as far as
possible In fine growth or bearing dur
ing the exposition. They offer to bear
all expenses and to provide every fa
cility for carrying on the work. The
question ot whether or not the college
will undertake tbe exhibit will hinge
oo the decision of the board
On Friday evening at 8 p. m., at
the college armory, Coegrove's famous
orchestra, halting from Chicago, will
give an entertainment under the aus
pices ot the Athletic Union of the col
lege. The concert Includes many mu
sical novelties such as bell ringing, a
8500 set of aluminum chimes, etc., etc.
Manager Hayward has received, a
mong others, the following telegrams
from those having charge of the en
tertainment in other places : ' Walla
Walla, Wash., Deo. 23, 1903. Cos
grove orchestra beet concert enter
tainment ever given In city. Chair
man Odd Fellows Committee. Ore
gon CttyOr., Jan. 1, 1904. Concert
best everbere. Those missing It will
regret It. -Master Artisan. Hills
boro, Or., Jan. 4. 1904. Cosgrove's
Orchestra very floe: I can heartily en
dorse tbelr entertainment, ;
Cosgrove Orchestra, College arm
ory Friday evening at S o'cIocK. Be
served seats on sale at Graham &
Wortham. Admission 50 oents.
Death of Mrs Anna.' - Spencer It Oc
curred on New Years day. -
mortal remains of Mrs. 'An
na Blalock Spencer were, laid to
rest in Pleasant Valley cemetery
lafct Saturday. Mrs. Soencer was
the mother of Jeste, .Wil'iaa and
others of the Spnor boys who are
old and well known raideuts of
Benton. She died at the home of
her son Frank on Greasy Creek, on
New. Years day. There was a brief
burial Service at the cemetery, at
tended by relatives, and numerous
old friends. Tbe deceased was born
in Indiana December 13. 1810, and
was married in that stat-s to Francis
Spencer September 25, 1837. In
1841 the family removed to Missou
ri, where they resided until 1864,
when they crossrd the piairis. to
Oregon. In Seplember "1865 , they
settled in B-nton County, where
the hubaDd died abuut seven years
ago. The surviving children are,
James. William, Frark, Eli and
Jesee Spencer, all, of Bin ton coun
ty, Mh. Huffman ot Poitland. and
SI'S. Harriett Hulbert, of Missouri.
For tbe past fifteen years of ' her
life tha deceased was"a"o invalid as
a result of a stroke of paralysip.
To members of the Macoabees
and Lyons: You are herewith re
quested to meet at your lodge room
on Thursday at 9 a. m. to attend
the funeral services of our Sii
Knight and Brother H, C. ".Millet.
By order of the comtuender a&d
L. G, Altaian; Com.
J. W. Ingle, pres.
For Sale,
Twenty shares of stock in the Equit
able Savings and Loan Association! En'
quire Geo. E. Lilly, First National
Bank. ' -
l ag; ; Sate !
All 16.50, lj.50f 18, 20 and $22.50 Suits and Over
coats, &r...... ....... ..".v.. ...... $15.00
A1113, 14 and $15 Suits and Overcoats or.............. 12.50
All 10,. 11, 12 and $12,50 Suks and Overcoats for... 10.00
Alls', 8.50, 9, 9.50 and $10 Suits and Overcoats...... 7.50
AJi $7.50 Suits and Ore coats.. v........ .;....... 6.50
'Twenty per cent reduction on all Boys' Suits and
Overcoats, and Men's Extra Pants.
Ten per cent reduction On lace curtains.
Ten per cent reduction on dress linings.
Ten per cent reduction on W. B. corsets.
Twcnty'Five per cent reduction on back
and fancy combs. . ;
Twenty-Five percent reduction dress trim--mings,
lace all over. . ;
Twenty-Five per cent reduction wool
waists. . . - ... ' .
Twenty-Five per cent reduction ladies' belts'
Ladies' and Misses' skirts 10 per cent re
duction. t
Ladies' and" Misses' jackets 25 per cent
reduction. i . -' .
Wool shawls and fascinators, 25 per cent
'reduction. .'
L ,
Six and one fourth cent calico at ...5
Ten cent outing flannel.. gjs4
Ten centEanneht 8yi
Ten cent percale. ; 8i
Eight and a third cent shirting... 7
Twelve and a half cent percale... ...21
. Fifteen t ent ribbon..... 12
Twenty-Five cent ribbon. 20
Thirty Fire cent ribbon 30
Fifty cent velveteens ... .....45
Dollar and a quarter dress goods. ,.$1.00
Dollar dress goods......... ...... .85
Seventy-Five cent dress goods 60
Fifty cent dress goods...... ........45
' Twenty-Five cent dressgoods..... ...... .20
Twenty cent dress goods 25
Seventy-Five eent eiderdo wn '.. .... ...60
Thirty-Five cent eiderdown........ 25
. . , . ! ; ;
'S9 CorvaflllSo
All Mail Orders Received During Sale will be Filled at Clearance Sale Prices.
34th Great Annual ,34th
i- - - ;:" ;
Will commence to-day, Friday, January the 1st; like its thirty-three predecessors.
It will continue. for 30 days, and be conducted on the same broad plans that have made
themthe greatest bargain opportunities.
. 50c corsets at.:. .39 $10.00 suits' at ;..L 735' $ 5.00 overcoats at.. 4 00 Wool gloves in plain and
$1.00 corsets at .85 12.50 suits at.... 975 8.50 overcoats at.. 6.25 fancy colors.
.1.25 corsets at ...j $1.00 13.50 suits at 1100 10.00 overcoats at 7.35 Regular 25, 35, 50c
1.50 corsets at.. ..1.15 15.00 suits at.......... 1225 12.50 overcoats at 9.25 Reduced to 20, 30, 42c.
Broken lines at just half ' 16.50 suits at 1310 15. OQ overcoats at ..12,00 Kid gloves: $1.25 gloves at
price, or $1 corsets for 50c. 18.00"'. 1400 18.00 overcoats at.. .13.85 $1. Dollar gloves at 90c.
Ladies1 and Misses' Hosiery & Underwear Silks and Dress Goods
. This is the best moneysaving chance of the year in Black, white, and colored dress fabrics, black and fan-
the Hosiery and Underwear . Department. Every gar- cy silks, velvets and velveteens, at a great saci ifice.
ment at a greatly reduced price: " , . $ .50 dress goods at 39 $..75 silk and velvet at 62
3o cent garments at 21 cts 75 cent garments at 67J .75 dress goods at 62J l.po silk and velvet at 82
5o cent garments at 42$ c $l.oo garments at - - 82J l.oo dress goods' at 79 1.25 silk and velvet at 99
Trunks &3ags j LADIES' SKIRTS AND JACKETS Shoe Department
Trunks, bag and suit cas $ 5.00 Jackets. $3.95 $4.50 Skirts at $3.45 EvUnngiri shoes and
es at clearance sale prices. , n n JI . - r-r rt slippers for ladies, men and
Toys, dolls, games, etc, lU.UU Jackets, 7.y5 O.OU bkirts at 4.3 5 children:
all at greatly reduced prices 13.5Q Jackets, 10.00 6.50 Skirts at . 5.00 $2?Iadie?eshoaT$l 45
Boys' Clothing ; ,; 15. 00 Jackets,' 11.85 7.50 Skirts at 5.85 2.50 ladies' shoes at 2.05
00 E sSusaJ Children s and Misses' wraps are Included in ttC tll ll tm
2.50 boys' suits at Z 195 this great sale. 3.oo men's shoes at . 2.50
3.00 boys' suits at .... 2.45 - : : 3.5o mens shoes at 2.95
3.50 boys' suits at .... 2.85 Carpets and Lace Curtains . Grocerjes
4.50 boys' suits at .... 3.50 Our entire stock of lace curtains and carpets at clearance 9- a ,1 '
5.00 boys' suits at .... 3.95 sale prices. ' .... , " - . J - ;. Lr . . . . . 3 lbs 15c
Shawls & Fascinat'rs Men's & Boys' Underw. Wool1 Waists , g g eTLoceUye190
During this great sale $ -50 garments at..... .41 $1.25 wool waists at v90 3 for 25c
" , .. J5 garments at..... .67 1.50 wool waists at (.. 1.20 20c canned corn 14c
shawls and fascinators will 2.00 garments at ......... . .79 2.00 wool waists at........ 1.45 Good sardines.... 6 for 25c
be closed out regardless of 150 garments at..,....,..- 10 2.50 wpol waists at...... 1.95 Arm & Hammer, and S.'hil-
2.00 garments at 1.45 , 3.00 wool -waists at ..2.25 .ling's Soda.... 4 for 5c
cost- " 3.50 wool waists at.. 2.45 Naptha soap..,. 4 for 25c
' Our Annual Clearance Sale includes every Department of thi3 Great Stock of Good Merchandise, and the radical
reductions apply to every article excepting only a few lines the prices of which the manufacturers control.
Regulator of Cow Prices
Cbe OJbite Rouse