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    Con nty Clerk's &tfc
Vol. XVI No. 29.
Editor Mud proprietor.
' ' THE y Vy
Extra Floor Space
Added to our Store the past Spring i ,
Large purchases of
Men's Boys9 Clothiog :
Sweaters, Rubber Clothing, and
Men's "Heavy High-Cut Shoes.
Other departments contain Underwear
Hats, medium and fine Shoes, Slip
pers, Hosiery, v Umbrellas, Watches,
and in fact every article to be found in
an up-to-date Gents' Furnishing Store.
Call and see. ; . '-
-iUg Do JPot LXie
to as high a standard as our desire would promote (O
no Vint aaa flint, xrrvri maVA nn miatalrft in . " (0
v. v""- j ...
th, e house that keeps the hig-
- est standard of Grocer- " '
ies that is the
. , place ; to . .
Fresh Fruits, Fresb Ueflctablcs, )
Fifty Women and Children Return
ing from the Mountains were
Butchered by Turkish Sol
diers Kill Women in '
Revenge. . t
London, Sept. 19. As a result of
the intervention of the British Am
bassador, th9 decree of expulsion
has not been enforced against the
Daily Mail's correspondent of Mo
nastir, who, under the date of Sep
tember 16, telegraphed:
"A state of : terror exists here.
Susnected Christiana vanish utterly,
presumably to prison. Spies abound
on everv hand. The fallowing are
some tales of atrocities wnica J. nave
thoroughly . authenticated, , Tne
Turks burned 18 children to death
in a baking oven at Bisoler, near
Armetzoa, in September. - They
Massacred 200 women and children
at Jo van in revenge for a death at
the hands of the insurgents. amy
women and children returning from
the mountains to their devatted
homes were murdered by Turkish
anMip.rH. Between September 10
and September 12 the Basht Bi-
zouks destroyed four, villages near
Krusbevo. in the presence oi is.aim
kai (administrator) of Krusnevo,
i . u r a l z
massacreipg ana m.uuiiaung u iu
habitants." . ' - .
The Dili v Mail's Constantinople
correspondent says the Porte is dis-
Batisfied with Uuizaria's assurance
in w r Anne that, the mobilization pi
Bulgarian forces is only intendd to
nrnvent bands from passing tne
frontier, and a nieh military com
a statement made by. the local Ma
cedonia committee.
There was a lively meeting of
Macedonians last night in the Sec
ond Baptist church. G. M. Tsilka
whose . wife was kidnapped with
Miss Ellen M. Stone, gave a true
account, of the barbaric practi
ces of the Turks, and he related in
stances of j- unprovoked craplty of
which be had been a witness. . He
denied the reports that the brigands
who captured Miss Stone and Mme.
Tsilka were allied to or acting un
der the direction of the Macedonian
revolutionary party.
-When - the meeting adjourned
those present dropped their contri
butions into the folds of the Ma
cedonian flag, as it lay half furled
at the door. .
fresh everything to be had in' the market. We
run our delivery wagon and our aim - is ,
to keep whan you want and to '
please Call and see -
6 B Horning
good bargains in stock, grain, fruit and poultry
Ranches, write for my special list, or come and
see me. I shall take pleasure ia giving you all
the reliable information you wish, also showing
you over the country.
Real Estate, Loan, and Insurance,
v Philomath, Oregon.
Paris, Sept. 18. Advices from
5ofia tc the foreign office say the
13,000 men being mobilized in Bul
garia will bring the present effective
force up to 50,000: troops.
London, Sept.-21. The Balkan
situation pre s nts tew new teatnres
this morning. The German empe
ror's influence at Vienna is said to
have been thrown in favor of allow
ing the Sultan the utmost freedom
in suppressing the insurrection.
Both Turks and Macedonians claim
the victories in the dailv encoun
ters, f A;'- "-".-:- u::;v:-:''
f A report from Sofia states that
Bulgaria's military preparations
are reaching the stage of perfection
that will enabiethe concentration of men on the ' frontier within
4 week, and the stocks of provisions
weapons and ammunition are rap'
idlv becoming efficient. -
i According to as dispatch from
Constantinople to the ; Daily lele
Araph, the Sultan is so firmly re
solved to avoid war that, on the re
port that France was sending
Fleet to Turkish waters, and again
when it was stated that Bulgaria
tum it MtmnPR
i iHiui ii iiiuiiuuii Upfi:
' . . Tl
.. -: CANYON. - '
was mobilizing, he drafted a decree
mission is now sitting in the Yildiz jforbidding matsacres in Macedonia,
ana conierring more txiBuaivo iubm
adminifttative privileges: than had
fCiofik. cansiderine a plan for
invasion of Eastern-Rpumaluia. .'
'A-diepteblrom,. baiakov ..tor ' the
Time's., dated September 18, aays
the number of Macedonian emi
grants and refugees along the Iron
tier is daily increasing, and , it is
calculated that there ate now 20,000
in the various towns, villages and
border districts from Burgas to Kos
tendin, all eagerly ' looking forward
to the ' day of reckoning of the
Turks. - Many are compelled to re
main inactive through the insuffi
cient supply of irma and ammuni
tion. The committees find difficul
ty in keeping pace with the demand
for rifles, as the weapons are arriv
iog slasfcly and- irregularlj;pwing
to the various obstacles encountered
in transit. '' ' i ; : :' ";'
AccoVding to information receiv
ed' by the . American college ; here,
adds the correspondent,4 3000 refu
gees from across the frontier of the
Adrianople vilayet, are how in Bur
gassand, the -neighboring village.
All are destitute, and relief is ur
gently nteded. They bring terrible
stories of rapine ;,and.. devastation,
and report that no foreigner, official
or unofficial, is allowed to make in
dependent investigation or go any
where out of sight of the Turkish
forces. - .
been demanded by the .insurgents
them8elve;"but ?on each" occasion j
fieding the rumors unfounded, the
decree ivss rescinded. It ia believ
e(3 however, that should any power
(Threaten a demonstration in Turk
ish waters, the decree will be sign
ed. 1
Physician & Surgeon
' Office over postoffie. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. - Hours 10 to
.12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
left at Graham & Wortham's drug store.
Physician 4& Surgeon
, Philomath, Oregon.
B. Holgate
Stenography and typewriting done.
Office in Burnett brick Corvallis, Oreg
Physician and Surgeon.
Office, Room 14, First National Bank
Building, Corvallis, Or. Office Hours,
10 to 12 a, tn., 2 to 4 p. m. . '
London, Sept. 18. The. West
minster Gazette, says a well-known
London journalist, cables from Bel
grade as follows: .- ? . . ? , :
.'Starting with pro-Turkish sym
pathizers, I have found, overwhelm
ing evidence -, attrocitiea are rather
underestimated f in convincingly
proving that the Turkish reports of
British consuls,.: bankers and ' un
prejudiced people. Foreign Minis
ter Tsokoff tells me he knows cases
of starving women in the forests,
killing two of their own children to
preserve the third. 1 The forest wan
derers will all parish of cold within
two more months. . - '
. "Europe,", added the Westmin
ster Gazette, dealing with the Kas
toria reports, "is bound at' once to
intervene, whether by conference or
aB a concert. ', , '
Sofia, Sept. 18. Furthei reports
from Kartoria say that the city is
burning, and that the massacre of
its population, estimated to have
numbered 10,000 persons, was in
describably terribly. The Turks
slaughtered indiscriminately' 'Bul
garians and Greeks, men, women
and children. ' .
i Chicago, Sept. 18.-Many mem
bers of the Illinois militia have vol
unteered their services, to Macedo
nia, in the . war against Turkey by
New York, Sept. 17. A crowd
of several thousand saw an Italian
laborer slowly roast to death against
the electric' supply rail of the Brood
way line in the Subway ditch under
Forty-second street and Broadway
this afternoon and were powerless
to belp him for nearly twenty min
u'tes. ' I ' . .
The man was caught between a
great iron sewer pipe and the eup
ply, rail and the pipe was so charg
ed with electricity - that it was im
possible to move the burning 'man
until the. current Was ! detached.
His screams of agony could be heard
for blocks and traffic'on Broadway
and Forty-second street ; was bus
pended for nearly half an " hour by
the enormous crowd attracted , by
his cries. ,'y ''Z 'r' "'
Fully ' ten minutes . workmen
fought to get hold of an iron pipe,
while the screaming man slowly
roasted. At last a policeman ' se
cured a pale of water and poured it
through the trolley slot,, drenenmg
the burning clothing," but seeming
to add to the agony of the sufferer
by increasing tie electric ' contact
between the pipe and the feed rail.
Finally a policeman tore off his rub
ber coat and tossed it to the men in
the ditch, telling them to wind it
about the pipe and drag it off the
burning man. Ihis they did, An
ambulance surgeon said that the
man could not live.
Dr. E. F. Dimmick, of Oakland Is
Dsad -His Wife and Two Com-.
panions Are Arrested ,
, and in Jail. : .
Oakland, Sept., 19. Dr. Edwin
F. Dimmick was found in the throes
of death in a lonely canyon of the
Contra Costa hills last night. Thurs
day he threatened the lives of his
wife and Edward Troy, coming at
them with an axe.- Today he is
dead, and unless the circumstances
that surround is demise are
more j clearlv ' explained Sheriff
Veale will hold the whole camping
bartv of which he was a member
under arrest. : Obviously the whole
storv has not been told
This was a camping party from
Oaklandcomposed of Dr; Dimmick
Mrs. ' Dimmick, -. Edward ; Troy,
and a man named t Bishop. Their
explanation is that Dimmick turn
ed violently insane yesterday, and
in the evening fled from the party
and va lost in the bills. The tact
that his insanity; if there were noth
ing more, ' should have proved so
quickly fatal, appears to Sheriff
Veale in need of a clearer ' explana
tion than has yet been gi ven. Pend
ing that explanation; the surviving
campers will stay in jail at Martin-
D.' S.: Mulholland found Dim
mick's body in a lonely canyon far
out in the stretch between : the Fish
ranch and the Lafayette.' It
was lying in the' bed of . a creek on
the Carrol ranch. : ' Coroner Curry
took charge of the body ;. and noti
fied Sheriff Veale that the circum
stances surrounding the death- ap
peared suspicious. -- J.
When nrst seen oy muinouana
Dimmick was walking ; slowly , and
in a croucmne dobiuuu muug
tidne-of a.low hill back of the Car-
rn bouse. Jdte was noiuiuK ' uia
hands to his Btomach and, was evi
dently in great pain. . Presently he
threw his hands into the air, and,
falling backward, started to roll
down the side of the hill. At the
edge of the cliff which overhangs a
canyon, he iecovred himself and
Btood erect for a moment, only to
fall over again to the bottom of the
gully. . V'.'
Mulholland rushed to his asist
ance and found him lying face down
in the sand. His hand were press
ed against his abdomen. -; ''' '
Making Dimmick'a position more
comfortable, he hastened to sum
mon a physician. "When he return
ed about half an hour later Dim
mick was dead; g : 's
Several explanations are offered.
There is a story of a fightbetween
Dimmick and Trby; in; which the
former attacked the latter1 with : an
axe. It is known that - Dimmick
was' jealous' Of ;TrbyL ;i Owing to
the social and " professional promi
nence of Dimmick, the " affair- has
caused a sensation here.
ed is a state politician of New York.
ey eav that the announcement
this name will cause a sensation.
The announcement will not,, how
ever, be a sensation if the person is
the one hinted at . by the officials;
The government will, of courae
masnify his importance.
Ihe governnceat will be up a-
gainst the hard proposition sooner
or later that the ; subordinates ; did
opt see the heads of firms and . cor
porations which made contracts in '
volving hundreds of thousands of
dollars.. It is also a peculiar fact
that the heads, of big corporations
have not been indicted. If they
had been they too, would have been
able to tell with whom they bad.
their conferences when in Washing
ton and eUewhere.
.. A very important witness for the
government in the fraud cases was
before the Washington grand' jury
today. .. This person is a woman,
very pretty, and it is said that she
was able to give the testimony
which enabled the government to
get an indictment atf-curiu -ne of
those under charges fr -m New
' A Remarkable Record.
Chamberlain's cough remedy has
a remarkable record, It has been'
in use for over thirty years during
which time many millions bottles
have been sold and used. ; It has
long been the standard and main
reliance in the treatment qi -croup
in thousands of homes yet during
all this time no case haB ever been
renorted to the ' manuiacture in
which it failed to effect a cure,
When given as soon as the ' child
becomes hoarse or even as soon as
the croupy cough appears, it. will
prevent the attack. "It is pleaeant
to take and many children like it.
It contains no opium or other
harmful substance and may be giv
en as confidently to a baby as to an
adult. For sale by Graham &
Wortbam." - - . . -
Richmond, Va., Sept. 18. A
sparkling diamond brooch is now
on its wav back to Grand Duke
Michael of Russia, having been re
jected by Mrs. Nannie Langborne
Shaw, the "beautiful daughter of
Cbiawell D. Langhorne, of Albem
arle county, who met and became
friendly with the royal Russian
while on a visit to London several,
months ago. 1 f; -
: "It U true that; the broooh waa
sent to Mrs Shaw,'', said Mrs. . T., '
Moncure Perkins, a sister of Mrs..
Shaw, this evening, "and it is also
true that she sent it back. I know
nothing further about the matter..
. Mrs. Shaw is a sister of Mrs.
Charles Dana Gibs6n. Not many
months ago a decree wad filed in
Albemarle county giving her a di -vorce
from Robert G. Shaw,' Jr.
Washington Sept., i8.r-The end
of the investigation into the great
postoffice - scandals, both i by the
Washington grand jury and the
postoffice department itself, is near
at hand, and no one of political
prominence charged to have been
implicated in the scandals has been
indicted. ' : ' ' '
Already the charge is being made
openly that the tifficeis - of the ad
ministration who are charged with
"aoing to the bottom of things" are
making frantic efforts to indict mi
nor people in oraer , 10 unina , ine
people who are r really 'responsibla
lor the long list of scandals. .
It is of course known to the in
vestigators that neither Macben nor
Beavers nor any of tne lesser lignts
had authority "to make" contracts,
The v could recommend contracts
and they could assign reasons why
certain people, firms, incorporated
or otherwise, should get the gov
ernment patronage.
All of this will come out on the
trial of Macben and Beavers, and if
there is no indictment at this term
of the grand jury of some higher
officials, it is not possible that they
should escape when the minor . of'
ficials open their mouths and tell
precisely what happened for the
past five or six' years - in the post
office department. - , - . ,
-The grand jury here has found
two or three more indictments, and
it is hinted that one of those indict
.Washington,' Sept. 19. Presi
dent Rooeevelt has not an entirely
rosy path with the laborers. Noti-'
fication of this came today when .
the president received a set -kit :iV'
friendly reaolutious from the Cen
tral Labor Unioa of Washington.
He ceat the secretary of - the organi- -
zation only a formal reply, which
merely acknowledges the receipt of
the resolutions. It is not probable
that he will vouchsafe any further -
answer to the resolutions and It ia
almost further certain that he will
not accede to the union's demands
by ordering the discharge of -Miller
from the government printing office.
Constantinople, Sept. 19. From
the latest dispatches it appears thai
insurgents are daily pressing near
er to the Turkish capital. They
have already made their : way into
the vilayet of, Constantinople. -'and
the sultan has notified the" powers
of the danger which, threatens the
foreign ministers unlesa they; re
main in their legations, where, -he
says,; he is able to and will protect
them. Americans, owing to their
sympathy with the1 Christian move
ment, and cons'equently. with ' the
insurgents'; are in particular danger
from fanatical: outbreaks. ,
Owes His
Life to a
Mr. D. P. Daughtery well known
throughout Mercer, and Summer
counties W. Va. most , likely owes
his life to the kindness of a neigh
bor.. He was almost , hopelesly af.
flicted withdiarrhoea; was attended
by two physicians who gave : him
little, if any relief, when a neigh
bor learning of his serious condi
tion brought him a bottle of Cham
berlain's colic, cholera, and diar- '
rheoa remedy, which cured him in
less than 24"hours, For sale by
Graham & Wortham. '
Horse S rayed.
A large bay, Bear on left hin4 leg at
joint. Address.
- A. C. Guthrie,
t.. . Eugene, Or.
- Notice to Taxpayere..
, Notice ia hereby given that the county
board of equalization will attend the
office of the county clerk of Benton
county, state of Oregon in the said court
house of said county, on Monday, the
28th of September, I903, and continue
in session one week, at which time they
will publicly examine the- assessment
roll of said Benton county, state of Ore
gon, for year 19O3, and correct all errors
in valuations, descriptions or correct
qualities of land, lots or other property.
All persons interested are required to ,
appear at the place and time appointed ;
. . H. L. Bush,
' , Assessor of Benton county, ' state of
Oregon. " -