The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, March 28, 1903, Image 2

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    Corvallis Times.
Official Paper of Benton County,
Disposition of Cases by Judge Hamil
ton at the Late Term.
v Margaret Logsdon ' vs. J. A.
Hawkins. Dismissed on motion of
A. B. Hammond vs. W. F. Cros
by. Continued for term.
City of Philomath vs. J. W. Ingle
et al. Costs taxed at $51.50. '
. State Land Board vs. Thos. H.
"Cooper et al. Continued for term.
A. E. Laws vs. Sarah Stewart et
-al. Judgment for $155, and $30
attorneys' fees and decree of fore
Wm. Groves vs. John M. Osburn
Second amended complaint filed,
demurrer overruled. Defendant
given 30 days to answer and plain
tiff ten days to reply.
E. A. Parker vs. W. H. James
Amended complaint filed and E. E.
Wilson , appointed referee.
Oregon Pacific Colonization Go
vs. M. P. Burnett and Benton Co.
Decree in accordance with pleading.
J. C. Taylor and Paulina Kline
vs Abisnil Elliott et al. Decree
entered declaring plaintiffs to be
o'.'-pr in fee of property.
James P McBee vs Thos H Coop
er. Judgment for 8546 with in
terest and $40 attorney's fee and
sale of attached property.
. James P McBee vs Thos H Coop
er. Judgment for . $802 with in
terest, and $60 attorney's fees. Or
der for sale of property attached.
: United Brethren First Church of
Eugene vs John L- Akin, J Q Rod
gers, and J. W. Ingle. Stipulation
filed and defendants given 30 days
to answer, and plaintiffs 30 days to
plead. Case to be taken under ad
visement. M B Davisson vs John L. Akin
J. Q. Rodgers and J. W. Ingle.
Same as above.
- State of Oregon vs John Fier-
stein; Dismissed on motion of dis
trict attorney. -
Canning Wallace & Co ys Thos
Raney. Demurrer- Dismissed on
motion of defendant. '
Bertha Herron and Archie Her
ron vs J E Henkle, Sam McLain
and J. W. McLain. Continued for
term by agreement of counseL
Seth H Childs vs R E Longbot
tom, D D Longbottom, J J Long-
bottom et al. Demurrer . to com
plaint: D .D- . Longbottom with
draws appearance - and refuses to
plead further. ;
Albany Hardware 6o vs H C
Mahon. Judgment for $123.81
with interest. Order for sale of at
tached property.
Huston & Bogue vs H C Mahon
Judgment for $267.58 and order of
sale of attached property.
The Curtis Lumber Co vs H C
Mahon. Judgment for $2,255.91,
attorney fees $160, and order for
sale of attached property.
Elizabeth Gant vs W A Gellatly
apd Isabel Gellatly. Settled.
Julia A Douty vs F A Douty
Decree of divorce.
SN Steele & Co vs Libbi e G
Rothell. Continued for term.
W S Locke vs Fred S Elliott.
E. Holgate appointed guardian ad
litem. Order appointing referees
to partition. .Decree entered par
titioning the land. -"
Sol King vs Scott King. Con
tinued for term. '
The Coast Land & Livestock Co
vs The Oregon Pacific" Colonization
Co and Geo Selover and S F Cook.
Judgment for $101,361.59 and de
cree of foreclosure of mortgaged
lands. .,: . , '.
Determined Not
and Convention-
to Hold Primaries
-Named Delegates.
The democratic ceunty central
committee met at. the court house
yesterday. On account of the busy
time and the short notice given
several outlying precincts were not
represented. Chairman "'"1 Davis
presided, and there was : a general
discussion of the question of holdr
ine primaries and county con
vention. Committeeman . Joseph
Smith of Soap Creek, advised
against the plan, and Committeman
Wood of Bloderett, took the same
ground. It was pointed out that
there was no contest among the
democrats for the nomination, and
there was a general expression to
the effect that primaries and a
convention would be useless waste
of effort. By unanimous vote it
was determined that the central
committee should name , the dele
gates. The committee then pro
ceeded to elect delegates to the Al
bany convention with the following
result: Adam Wilhelm, Monroe:
Joseph Smith, Soap Creek: Abner
Woods. Blodgett; S. L- Henderson
and B, F; Irvine, Corvallis.
X he committeemen tor tne var
ious precincts are, Fairmount,
Henry Hector; Soap Creek, Joseph
Smith; Kings Valley, W. S. Al
corn; Wren, James .Robinson:
Summit, Fred Duncan; Blodgett,
Abner Woods; Alsea, A. L.. Clark;
Bellfountain, C. E. Banton; Mon
roe. C J. Ralls; Willamette, James
Erwin; Corvallis, J. D. Wells, C. L
Heckart, S.. L. ; Henderson and rT.
H. Davis. .
How, Upon a Time, He Procured
Means of Securing Drinks.
James L Lewis vs John
vonnnuea ior term.
Ruth D Thompson vs Wm F
Keady adm et al. Johnson Porter
appointed guardian ad ' litem for
minor, and judgment entered for
amount due on note, and : decree
entered for foreclosure of mortgage.
H C Davis and L Schryder ' vs
M. P. Burnett. Answer filed
plaintiff given ten days in which to
reply, -and case continued for term.
Geo H. Burtch et al vs. Jennie
Churchill et al. Order confirming
sale of real property and ordering
distribution of proceeds,
State of Oregon vs. Arthur Bak
er, Henry Baker and Clarence
Powell. Recog, Not a true bill.
State of Oregon vs. Richard
Fawcett. ; Sentenced to one year in
Nat Butter
Is a very popular substitute for fats
and oils. At Zierolf's. ,
Kline's for your spring suit.
He came in from Independence
on Thursday and emerged from the
train with an Irish bundle on his
back, tie was greeted with a
chorus of short whistles from the
bystanders. The queer -looking
little fellow . acknowledged the at
tention by responding in kind,
and adding, "The boys all know
Yellow Pup." Out of a dozen
present who seemed to know 5 him
well, no person could tell his real
name, but all agreed that it is
Mack something. The name,
Yellow Pup, is self-inflicted, but to
give Its origin would be too long
a story. Anyway, this name does-
not require a history to lend it
lustre. Mack is rather a noted
character, locally, and what dis
tinction rests upon him has been
acquired without the aid of news
papers. As ne is tne author ot his
own name so he is the author of
his own fame. . . ' .;,
Mack roams the Westside ter
ritory between Monroe and Inde
pendence, and it is a pleasure for
him to lie in city jails and partake
of a bread-and-water diet. Police
men, therefore have no terrors for
him. In truth he greatly enjoys
the diversion of making himself
obnoxious in the presence of offi
cials. The only class of town peo
ple he seems to respect is the bar
tender, and he takes off his hat to
him only when he is broke. . "
, Once upon a time early in the
morning, he was out of funds and
no amount of blandishment would
procure him a drink. Her went
out on a disconsolate walk to, pon
der over the ills of man, and hap
pily chanced upon a lady working
in her flower garden.
"Ah," said he, "I am very sor
rowful this morning, my dear
lady." -,.
"Why sir, what is the occasion
of your sadness?" she inquired.
"Oh, it nearly breaks my heart !
to think of it, A very dear friend
of mine died at Monroe last even
ing and I am down to . order the
coffin and get a few articles of
mourning for the family."'
"That is, indeed sad." ; :
"And if you could possibly spare
them, I would so much like to take
some of those beautiful flowers to
lay on the coffin as a tribute from
a poor but devoted friend."
' "Why, my dear man," said the
lady sympathetically, "I am only
too glad to be assist you."
A massive bouquet of choice
flowers was gathered and tenderly
handed over to Mack. He was
profuse in thanks, and departed.
He directed his footsteps to the
nearest saloon ; and easily bargained
the bouquet for four drinks of
whiskey. In answer to the bar
tender's inquiry as to where he ob
tained the flowers, he smiled, gave
his accustomed short whistle, and
in an undertone stated that he had
put up a job on a lady living back
by the Congregational church. .
In Litigation Over Osburn Residence
Property Plaintiffs Again in Court,
There is a new development in
the litigation over the John M.
Osburn residence property in Cor
vallis. A decision by Judge Ham
ilton, recently . mentioned . in the
Times, seemed to give Mr. Osburn
undisputed title to the property.
But, at this week's term a new le
gal move and . a ruling obtained
thereon, continues the matter in
court, and seems to leave , the ul
timate outcome subject to that doubt I
that always attends litigation.
The case is known on the docket
as Groves versus Osburn. When
Osburn went into bankruptcy the
Corvallis residence was set aside by
the bankrupt court for the benefit
of the bankrupt in compliance with
the homestead exemption act of the
state which releases homesteads
from exemption for debts contract
ed after passage of the law in 1893.
William Groves brought suit to re
cover money on a note given by
defendant prior to the - passage of
the homestead exemption law. At
the November term Osburn' s attor
neys filed a demurrer, which in a
decision, handed down a few weeks
ago, Judge Hamilton sustained.
At this week's term Groves' lawyer
filed an amended complaint to
which defendants demurred, but
the demurrer was overruled. The
defense has been given 30 days in
which to file answerand plaintiffs 10
days for reply, after which the court
stenographer is to take testimony
and report to Judge Hamilton in
July, at Toledo during the court
term of Lincoln County.
A lady's belt.
Found. .
Call at this office and
For Sale,
A choice lot of Scotch Collie pups at
So each. ,
, ' Spencer BickneJl,
Corvallis. .
Fifty thousand pounds of mohair,
highest market price, at Kline's.
Notice to Bidders.
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be reeeived by me up" to one. o'clock
p m Wednesday April 1," 1903 for the
construction of one milo of road between
Philomath and Corvallis, in accordance
with plans and specifications on fil e in
my office at thavcourt house. Each bid
der is required to deposit with his bid
five per cent of the amount thereof, as
by law required, the County Court : re
serving the right to reject any . or all
bids. .- . .1
Thomas A.'Jones, .
' .' " County Surveyor.
Corvallis Man Abroad Big Promotions
- . In Position Come to him. ,
All old Corvallisites remember
Rowland Smith. He is an English
man who wore spectacles and came
to Corvallis 20 years ago. But
little was known of him till some
years later when he became auditor
of the old Oregon Pacific. There
he achieved reputation as a scientific
accountant, and in a social way his
friendship came to be prized by
many. . Then he left Corvallis and
went with G. .W.Hunt as auditor,
on lines the well known contractor
was building in the vicinity of
Walla Walla. More of Mr. Smith's
history, and "new developments
therein, are told in the following
from the Portland Journal, r , -
Rowland Smith, for 15 years
auditor of the Washington & ; Co
lumbia River Railroad, has accepted
the position of assistant comptroller
of eleven subsidiary companies , of
the Northern Pacific, and will here
after make his headquarters at Ta
coma. Mr. Smith is well known
in Portland and throughout the
Pacific Northwest generally, and
hismarked advancement is being
favorably commented upon today
by his many friends here. News
of this appointment was given put
this morning by General Freight
and Passenger agent S. BV Calder
head of the Washington & Colum
bia, who is in this city from Walla
Walla. The roads over which Mr
Smith is to exercise jurisdiction are
as follows: '
, Northwestern Improvement Com
Seattle & San Francisco Railway
& Navigation Company.
Rocky Fork Coal Company.
Northern Pacific Irrigation Company.-
" ': " ' "
Northern Pacific Steamship
Port Townsend Southern Rail
way Co. - ;
Monte Cristo Railway Oompany.
Bellingham Bay & Eastern Rail
way Company.
Washington & Oregon Railway
Portland, Vancouver & Yakima
Railway Company. -
Washington &. Columbia River
Railway Company.
Rewest Klasb Goods,
many Exclusive Designs.
We have been selling wash dress goods for nearly a month,
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Samples on Application.
Elegant Olbite Goods and Embroideries,
; : For. Sale. ..- '. v .
, A span of young draught ', horses.
Weight 2700 lbs. At my , ranch six
miles west of Philomath on : Alsea' road,
B. G. Pugsley.
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