The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, September 27, 1902, Image 3

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Bide a Rambler.
Miss Bertha Davis ia visiting Miss
Clara Irvine at McMinnvllle, 4
E Woodward and family returned
lauraday fromttieir Newport cottage.
Mra Case and daughter Mrs
Buckley ot Newport were in Corvailia
'this week.
v Grant, the five-year-old son cf
Mr and MraJViaLii Hemphill" la euff
ering with typuoiJ lever.
Mrs G R Irra. left last week for
Palo Alto, California to be at tne bed
side of her sister, Mra Cooper who- la
very ill,
Mrs Flett and Mra Gillespie are
on a brief visit to the family of W W
. Calkins and other Eugene friends.
They left yesterday.
M M Davis and family now oc
cupy their home in this city. They
came over from Newport Tuesday,
and are to remain.
A pair of fancy sheep was sold
Wednesday by John Wyatt to J J Nye
. lYaquina Bay. They were a thorough
bred buck and ewe, both .Cotawolds.
The buck went at 12,
Victor Spencer left Wedneaday
to take a position in a Portland drug
- store. Tuesday evening he was ten
dered a farewell party by members of
the Degree of Honor lodge.
John F Steiwer who i3 buying
cattle In Lincoln county for hia Mar
ion county farm was in town Thurs
day. He left in the afternoon for
Members of the family request
the Times to express to old neighbors
and frienda their profound gratitude
for the esteemed sympathy and kindly
assistance rendered during the Illness,
death and burial of the late lamented
H F Fischer.
United Evangelical Church. The
pastor H A Deck will preach in the
morning at 11 and in the evening at
7,30- Morning theme "Power", eve-
' i - ti -i T TT J 1i
ion to students Saturday Oct 4th at
Their new cottage on College
Hill has been completed, and Mr and
Mrs Frank Edwards moved into it
Thursday. It is a six room house
with three rooms on the first and three
on the second floor, besides all the
other arrangements that go with a
modern house.
J R Smith and family are to occupy
the R M Thompaon residence property
at the corner of Fifth and Jefferson;
t Durchased last week bv Mr Smith for
cz.uuu. xne removal oecurrs next
week. The purchase includes all tbe
holdings nf the ThomDsoca in the
o 1
block, and consists ot three lots and
two dwelling houses.
Oreditors'of the bankrupt estate
of Eld ridge Hartleys are receiving no
tice that a meeting ot those who hold
claims is to be held at the law office
of E Holgate. October 7th. The pur
pose of the meeting Is for creditors to
prove thelrclaims, elect a trustee,
examine the bankrupt and transact
any other necessary business. It ia
John C Applewhite, former resi
dent of Corvall' i and a graduate of
OAC has been in town for several
days, He la now practicing law in
San Francisco, with an office in the
Chronicle building. After a visit with
his brother, Avery Applewhite, who
lives at the home of Walter Taylor,
he left for Portland yesterday.
A letter from his attorneys an
nounces that Engineer Smyth, whose
offer to bring mountain water into
Corvailia is pending in the city coun
cil, is detained by business arrange
ments at Huntington, and cannot
come to Corvailia until after October
let. After that time he will meet
with the council committee at any
date the latter may select.
A number of art prizes were
taken at the State fair by Miss Maud
Kerns, teacher of the first grade in
theCorvallis public schools, Five paint
inga by Miss Kerns were in competi
tion, and four of them were prize
wlnnera. They were, portrait palnt
ing8 in oil on canvas, taken from life,
second ; flower painting in oil, from
nature, first; marine, in water colors,
first landscape in water colors, second.
Among tbe contestant were Mra F A
Wiggins, Mrs Geer, Misa Jessie Brey
man, Mrs M P Brown, Mrs R P Boiae
Miss Humasonand others.
A natty new rig with rubber tires
has made Its appearance on the
etreeta. It ia either a closed cab or
an open carriage according to the
Bweet will of the operator, and ia
owned by Frank Elgin. It connecta
with all trains, and for a small fee
carries people from one part of town
to another, to parties or elaewhere. A
ride In it, by those who have done
themselves the honor, ia described aa
most pleasurable: As it has been in
almost constant demand since it made
its debut the first of the W9ek, it
probably fills a long felt want.
Corvailia turned out almost en
masse to see a minatrel performance
in a tent Thuraday night. The tent
waa pitched In the vicinity of the
Corvailia and Ea8tern station. The
scene In a measure resembled a circus.
There was a good brass band, a
ticket , wag on Shetland podes and
other appointments to attract all the
youthful population, as well as the
eravbeards. These things, or some
thing else brought out a crowd that
filled all tbe seats in the tent, and
sent the managers away happy. The
performance waa by Beach & Bowers
minlatresl, and many of those who
saw It pronounped it the, best that has
been in town la month3 and months.
Dr and Mrs Harper are Portland
visitors, ,
Chester Avery and family leave
today for Silver Lake to reside.
Miss Cecil Erwin left Wednesday
for Baker City to reside with an uncle,
Rev Frank L Moore ia attending
the M E conference now in session at
Granta Pat a.
Rev T T Vincent will occupy the
pulpit of the Evangelical church in
Albany tomorrow,
it is now expected that the new
steam laundry will begin operations
the latter part of the coming week.
Alonzo Allen of Portland was in
the city Wednesday, attending the
funeral of his grandmother Mrs Bar
ker, -
Miss Mary Cauthorn expects to
leave next week fcr Chicago, whereshe
will pursue her musical studies during
the Winter.
The members of the T M C A held
a reception Thursday afternoon from
4 to 6 for the new young lady stu
dents at OAC.
- Misa Winnifred Cameron retur
ned Wednesday after a month's visit
with Portland friends,
G S O Humbert will occupy the
pulpit at the Christian Church next
Lords dav. Theme at II a m "The
Hebrew Nation"' at 7 3o p m '-If
-Christ be not Risen' Sunday School
at 10 a m and Christian Endeavor at
6 30 p m. Strangers will be welcome,
The statement of Jacob Wrage,
who returned Monday from southern
Oregon where he went with a party of
timber land claimants Is, that 21 per
sona from Michigan and other eastern
states weie locating claims In the
vicinity when he waa there. Mr Wrage
took in a party of 14, moatly from
Portland and Albany.
Small boy's about town are doing
business now. Numbers of them
have been provided with a aupply
of aeaeon football tickets, and they
are canvassing the field fcr purcha
sers. They get a percentage of the
proceeds, that enables them to turn
several honest pennies. The tickets
are good for such games as have al
ready been scheduled numbering
about five, instead ot six, aa stated in
Wednesday's paper. One lad seen
yesterday morning, had disposed of
six another of five, and several others
had the promise ef even a greater
number of buyers. Many will buy to
encourage the little chaps.
Two farms were sold by Henry
Ambler Wedneaday. One waa the
Henry J Thorp farm of 135 acres, two
and a-half miles south ot Philomath,
and the other a portion of the Rufus
Skipton farm In the same vicinity.
The first brought 84,000 and the pur
chaser is Ernest Seecheever of North
Dakota, and the other $2,800 was
bought by William Mettlestadt. also
of North Dakota. Both purchasers
are Germans, who are making a
change of locltion on account of the
cold climate of their present place of
residence, One of them has hia family
with hlm: having already disposed of
his holdings in the East. Tbe other
has gone back to dispose of hia farm
and return with his family.
x acts about tie work of com
mittee for securing rates on the rail
roads for tbe dedication ot Agricult
ural Hall, appear in another column
Senator Daly of the Committee, re
turned Thursday from Portland. Half
fare rates on the railroads have been
secured. The visitors over the West-
side are to come on the regular train,
and a special train will be in waiting
to carry them badk in the evening
Special trains over the Corvallls &
Eastern will eonnect with eastside
trains for similar conveniences ot the
guesta. The exercl8e8 will occur in the
afternoon and are expected to include
a banquet and speeches by Governor
Geer, Governor-Elect Chamberlain
and others.
For Sale
One hundred goats. Call at my place
2 miles west of Mountain View or ad
O Martin.
For Sale
One counter and three counter show
Pratt the Jeweler and Optician.
Furrfshed Rooms.
To rent. For particulars inquire of
Mrs. Ida Fitch, M E South parson age.
Millinery Opening.
Ladies, 'don't forget the opening at
Mrs. J. Mason's.
Fall Opening
Will have on aisplay a nice line of fall
and winter millinery goods on Septem
ber 26th and 27th. . '
Mrs. C. A. Gould,
, An experienced girl or woman to do
houaework in a family, of three. - A
permanent place for the right party.
Apply at the Times office, Corvailia.
Buy your red clover seed at ZierolPs.
He has an excellent quality.
A ton of vetch hay. Inquire at Times
office, . ' -
Fresh red clover seed in bulk, at Zier-I
olf 'b.
Former Corvallisite Short Ten Thous
and and Has Disappeared.
Albert E Lyford, formerly of Cor
vallis, where he was identified with
the Coast Carriage and Wagon
Company, is wante,d for , embezzle
ment. A reward of $500 is offered
for his arrest and conviction. Cor
vallis officers have received requests
from officers- at Rock Island. Il
linois, to be on the lookout, and to
arrest him at first opportunity and
wire. They say that Lyford has
interests in a hard coal mine near
Corvallis, and that it is expecte d
that he will appear in the vicinity
in the course of time. ' They close
with the statement that the missing
man is wanted for the embezzle
ment of about $10,000 of county
funds, and that they have a war
rant for his arrest. The letter en
closes a photograph, which is a veiy.
correct likeness as he appeared,
when he resided in Corvallis a num
ber of years ago. -
Other information on the subject
is contained in an Iowa paper that
has been, received in Corvallis. It
says that Lyford was deputy coun
ty treasurer at Rock Island, . and
that there is a large shortage in his
accounts. Also that he has ab
sconded, and that the officers are
looking for him.
In Corvallis, Lyford was well
known and highly respected. He
had a most interesting family, who
have many friends in this city. All
the latter are moved to deep sytnpa-
tey over tne news. Wnile ne re
sided here, Lyford was secretary
and a stockholder along with his
father-in-law', Colonel Burgh and
others in the carriage company. Af
ter the failure of the enterprise, all
the family returned to Rock Island,
their home before they came to
Also Bread But There was Hunger
and Riot Pap Hall's Late Woes.
A whipped canine is universally
a pathetic picture 01 humility.
That is the way Pap Hall has look
ed for a whole week. All that saved
him .from suicide or the mad house
has been his hopeful nature. The
kicks and cuffs of irritated patrons
nave Deen nis. tie wanted a new
oven for' his bakery and started - to
build it. Workmen failed to ap
pear as agreed, and that made - one
delay.' They wanted material that
wasn't at hand, and that made an
other. By night and otherwise
men were sent after it and failed to
get back on time, and that made
three. From bad to worse and
from worse to an awful mixup,
things went. -
Pap worked hard and lost sleep
oyer the delays, and in the mean
time, people were without bread.
All that Albany Had to spare was
brought up every day, but it wasn't
enough. Pap was threatened,
stormed at and traduced. Hungry
men, or women are neither long
suffering nor rosy tempered, and
the distressed baker constantly
stood face to face with riot and
revolution. Cuss-words fell and
rattled on him like hailstones on a
bass drum. The scenic effects
about the bake shop were all blue
and the odor was sulphur and
Thursday night however, the new
oven was completed, the fires were
lighted, and yesterday there was
bread and serenity at Hall's house.
Twice as Big a Town and Twice as
Many People A Wanderer's
Atter an absence ot 17 years,
Will Emory arrived Thursday for a
two week's visit with Benton coun
ty relatives and friends. He has
been since last spring at Newport,
where he went after being wrecked
on the Northern California Coast,
an account of which appeared some
time ago in the Times'.
On his return to the place where
his boyhood was spent, and where
he was educated, Mr Emory finds
changes far more sweeping than he
expected. Twice as many people
and almost twice its former area,
with a college many times its form
er proportions, is what he finds
Corvallis to be now compar
ed with the place as he knew
it. The faces on the streets,
and in business houses are mostly
new and strange, though here and
there is an old remembered land
mark. . -
Mr Emory is a graduate of the
college, and one of his first visits
that he made after arrival in town,
was to the big institution, so differ
ent now from what it was when he
knew it.
At Miss Johnson's Friday and Satur-
dav. September 26th and 27th. Will
have a fine display of trimmed hats.
This is one of the prettiest lines of
waists ever Drought to the city. We have
them in all colors and prices, from 75 cents
to $6
Tlie TTviIte House
(The Right Time to Buy
Right Styles is Right Now
Never before
;man exclusive, up -
"Shape Retaining Coat" is protected by a winter states pat
ent of recent date, being a means of preventing coats from
losing their shape and sagging or rolling at the lapel, the
primary object of which is to provide a construction where
by the front portion and lapels of a garment of this nature
are caused to keep their position with the use of little or no
padding, rendering the garment light and shapely. The
wear-resisting and shape-retaining qualities are guaranteed.
Our last year's overcoats sold out
we have nothing
you. No back numbers. A dressy top coat, absolutely
waterproof, for $12.50 is one of our specialties. If it don't
turn water you can get your money back.
"We have just' received our final shipment ot
Ladies' Misses and
Childrens Capes
and Jackets
Which includes all the
Styles and
Don'tfail to call and inspect this line he-
fore purchasing elsewhere
in Corvallis have I
to - date line of men and
but a new, clean up - to
L. Mil
new and up to date
been able to show a
boys clothing. Our
slick and clean, so
- date stock to show