The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, December 18, 1901, Image 4

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1 ,'-l i- .
1 I FT,-.., ' ' .-- -
Thy ot S31
Vaw. timet
Ten t I : '
And yet.U--j
': fcrt V -. I'MsVn y-edges cling
fl sadly microbes, . supppse-r
trs uic credence fn tnea. -too.
rot-yea, and strength! Tneres
-' -lfifi : : it ri) psjr'rUJt vy.
(Which rMk.- in long to do .: - -
The biLxhAE
There's that tii, t hoe .which.-nJtes m daxs
To pris- K' tiiStisana 'SanjrerB' every day
TTnors s it" in thse!- Where thou art there
I Hope ci.u.i her neat and frightens Doubt
"'a!- ' 1 J"'
.si i" " "3 ""T-ks .A
iah, thou art clammy to the touch
. (Sut,t yesterday, mayhap, thou: bdt're-
'"'Ieass . . x . . . '
From -o-nfehHet throat 'a-denkmNran-ry '
bllLO. , , iJ-iJ- J I j'-V I
tVjth ttioe, pe-rhaps. went Peace.,
lo '4e dark haunt,' where Hate' or Bo;
1, row sat who know?; t - f Jr. "ll
What gches have. fled, because o the, .;'
What im'e ichildrea 'tKWu ,h,ssf daubed to'
5 -f cdaji,j'A, hm: man; "a.-rbie , 3 ?.n ttlw
Ha bloomed because of thee? Ah. me.
Here on thy smeared and faded face
I t read the history of man f iThou art the
tiOOn. . , j " ;. ' r . -. y- -. , -J
For -which he goea through, danger aid
'i'awnte""' 'v -U.iJ
J And-1, alas, must part wWh thee so soon-!
--B. B. Kiser, In Chicago Record-Herald..
-'! fl P
'Mil 4
f' f - , .-", 'Ol tit
- ' - , . , . -
I7H1LE vhe amateur , expertment
rara la not ready to 'make
tfls finstl reports on-'' tie" subject;' df
- afoosqincoes,' a. su-bjeet r which -'seein
flo bi'-e .grosa'n,? the' attention of
ntfht pvtry-here, it is abttj make
e shOvy of substantial, TrogTesjj he
jnosquHoea forced tiiewsetves oqi the
attention of the atRotfciir; farmer on&
vet!iiig couple of wcaks-ajfo- wlnle
Jie was sitting out under', the oa6
trdes near the houife enfnying- "the
aiioonjisrht and the "breeze.' 'At 'first
th" f ffc-- was the riireetlon 6f 'cHre
s.hei3,i).Ba prevention. JtifeftelfowaBi
Misled JRcmedies :o font- 'ruasquito.:
feites,!! ti? ' soen;;baH 6ited3fit,h
jias; f oti! ? End paateboeml .-. bixe. ;
Kyeryilang' any-bixly ia-d ...ever;
lfpcomineoded Ea a. cure for mosquito .'w ii -p-'os.iired, a,nd afir one had.
fti ointdJ' a fciSt lf with' half ia 'dozfen
ot ' these " preparations mosqrutoes
fwere tne Jeaat of Jiie troubles. The
irnok ?S'"j-, -,-lo most, persistent
id tlieir a .' sooit developed a face
v 'iirh resembled the -palette of an
irwpr'es Zionist. paintw nd.a ahe. s Xansr
uount'cd that if soir. acting- was not
ne to h' 1p her she wa trolng- baek
o tcwu.- In - complex i(?n; was ruiaeu,
a-.jrva. si- 5 i-a-., r,,j(,,
lUJi-rpi.-rs-a agTiculturlst cameorei
(cne Tnorninir ai3 ch,uclcled r.unjileas-
- untly as he looked at the 'row of bot-.
Ales. fie had forpotten ;hi false
leeth and "was, consequently, -icf-' a
ijos sarcastic mood, ' ;-:-jAi , -r,-"It's
eaey enough to get rid of the
fekeeders,"" he s,i:d. All. 'you
Co is .-tovtake chjiwro fine scut nand
a-ub a leedla curosene, ile cjny -yere
Sface, oji' bo4 Nb,t a skeed-Jt-r'la
tnoch yet. . . j u' v
An altoaipt was made to get'-the
?ssistanf acrriculturlst to--apply the
lire cut and the kerosene; but' W rer
Xnsed - to sacrifice himself - on the :al
tsr Of-science. Aecording-lyv-iti ia. -ira
fosslb)e to state " positively (whether'
Kt rtoti v'ic vtitadejt -of the- retired
fegricuJcurist i an effective - one,
Ihoug-h it sounds as if it would- be.
fatal, to the mosquitoes at least.'
It was the laJy of the manor who
-finally, in a moment of' inspiration;
devised what promises to '' bec'an
epoch-makin? invention in the mos
quito line. She drove downtown with
the-, ussifltant .experimentalists. . one
morning and ..returned shortly ; -with
the surrey full of lumber, and cylin
drical bundles. When the'. -experimental
"farmer started for the" city
the assistant' was already busy with
eaw, hammer 'and nails. A' When ne
msked- what wo being- - built" he? was
told .to wait and ee. T ?!:iJ P. : :
- When . he gotback home that even
ing the lawn near-th'e house, wa dot
ted , with what looked like, the-s.un-fletih'id
sltel&tons of . small ( chicken
noyi. fr., le each was a xocking;
cl.air ar, a small tabled on which
fctood a candlefiiick and a book.-
-c "I,ofi," nid tjie lady of the manor,
trminphanily, "those- are individual-anti-mosouito
cages. They, are cov
ered with 'mosquito netting. You
step inside. - su down and pulr - the
flaps together,''--and you- may5 enjoy
the moonbght and the breeze as long
ever you without theislight
st danger of being bitten, by most,
jjuitoes." .
On his own motion the assistant
experimentalist had gone even fur
ther. He liad built for his own use a
jlindrical -mosquito-proof , helmet '
una a 'pair of trauntlets, incased in
hich he couid safely defy anything
twhich hies, and which enabled him to
kKspeuse viith an anti-mosquito cage
and- move aoout at pleasure. .?.,. v. t.-rx-
After dinner tue entire, family! got
3nto their cags and proceeded to en
joy the ciol of the evening, the glo
riti' of the ciuiset and the splen
dor of. the rising moon.-.. This .proced
ure acted as a spur to , the, taotive
-uii6sity,of thi retired agriculturist
eind hie wife, who live in the cottage
.across the way. : The old - man got
tout his- spy glass and from. s a point
'of vantage on the. ro.of i of ilua; porch .
" studied the s)tuation--long-and care
fully Then he went down-stairs and
Barren d'ered the spy glass to his im-pati'n-
wife. . ,- , .
"The'"e people are plum crazy," he
eaid. "They've got a whole lot of lit
tle chic''en coops built and they're
sittin out in 'em like prize roosters
to th rpjnty '"'" N
" A loig distairce Tiew in' the moon
li?ht was not eatisfactory to tbe wife
of the retired r ericuiiirist.
"I'm golnf - "find "o-i "wEat's the
-beJlb"f dfd'nii?.f3-iiu''
She stopped t-her garden and
piiked'TJisadfiurbf. lettue." ' lase;
Theaih saiiEr.eros3 ;tlxe jroawJ to .t he
experimental farm and walked up the
lonsr lane to the house. f.v'.. -
i i 'IWhyhowdy.ydo.-sbe she
approacnea tne ni?ioi ; iiie y cages,
"Our1 lettuce' is so; fine' that I thought
I'd' bring ' ye :Some over: f Ain't ' it a
piirtfy'ttfght. il
' JFe-w' tn-e::igarden 1 atJ the erperlm'e-otit
al farm- is-'partioularly long--on let--tuca.
- Xterm-raItabr''lEAt-tadsv
standing ,-reproaeh to-' the -ptheryege's,
i)tes.;;.fiosth.e1 lettucej as : peace .of
fering was not a success,, The dady.
of the manor rnade no answer.
"Thank you 'so "much,. Mrs.". Mcfid-
wards" James'this'to' the'' assistant
ej!perimhtelisyj"bring ou " W !'cge
rbFflrtrs'-IVfoEkiwitidB.'-' It i'a-loye9yi
Tnmg."i''J'3ri rtW- ? -T'skHi.
1 I BtCf i Mre.a ' McEdWard-a waited- to
hear no.moce. i Her. worst fears were
reilieed-'j' iHej iBefVi-aieigbbor-rjwere
plainly itinatica.. (" .Ttey 'even swan ted;
to., put. her. an af cage,- She , scuttled
back across" the road UHe a scared
old-h'en1"; l'0,: T0,'',;'"'."''
; 'The'"'' f ollowbg nigiit ' theVerT was
' great excllment'at the 'amateur ex
periimhtil 'f ar:'m?i r'Af ter' the? ' Thosfc
quitoes "had: been Concjuered. burglars'
appeared uooii the scene-thus- show
ing jthat lj ,iaiaeontan,gu,ece6ipp
of .conflicts'.
.It -is nat, likely , that a-, burglar who
posses-sedany. signs 'of humanmteliT
gence would pick out the experiments
, si farm as 'a" -likely placfffronl which,
to make'S VTbh hauht'feut!if"'heidrd'hiEr
would And the -old b.ouse1 an easy 'onie
to enter.' .'Consequently; sotniewli&t
elaborate : - preparations', "---have been
made for hi reception.-- The lady of
the.. manor-, keeps;, beside her -bed .a
huge-farm .bell,-used in. tbe old days
to call in the farmhands to- supper
from the distant lieids. Its voice is
- that of a fire alSrm gong raised to
the tnth power. The amateur farm
er" hlmsclf-'tiaV ' ar revolver;1- ."The re
volver' Us! kept ia one' apVi o ' Che
hems& aivd-uu-U cartrWgea in another,
so th?rt , the- j-ismg, hope of tht rep-
lie mty .no, in. small boy-fahioa, x
periment ..witlt em- -1 - Thus , armed;
the f amilyf eels ,itself ,-ready -- ton any
foe.. -, - ',''.''"'- -
On the tn1ghl in, qiiesf jon the ama
teur farmer Was wa'kened by J the
shrill and brazen clamor' of"the' gting.
Th Ta.d-y-(3f h-maiior wafe wav-mg 'it
frantitfallvaniboW "hand:' f-i tr".""1
""What's..' the :-nlatter ?t;' asked" the
amatenr' farmer, rri' " t . -r-j-jji
j -"Burglars!-,-' They;haTe .ai-light
dpwntairs. (listen! f , You can hear
them moving -around .-the house;'; , n
o.;The amateur -f artner advanced rto
the head of the stairs. Plainly,, in; he
lower regions he could seethe glim
mer of a light and hear, the 'creaking
'of 'doors'. '- In" his deepest 'baSs' v'ofce,
with- the 'tremolo, -stop" pulled; out -to
the rlitnitr r.he ; demanded:'! '''Who's
-there?" ,t -' ' t' -;!.,r o
-j-.Therert-was-; nq( ansvfern --Ouly ;the
Jtglit suddenly, -went .out, and another
door creaked- - Jhenjthe -lady of, the
manor' again Jet loose" the' brazen
thunders of the farm bell. . It sound
ed as if three 4-11'fires had been let
loose' in the-same block. Then 'armed.
with ant empty irevolvers and heavy
hand . njJ-rror:.the r assembled ; family
slowly descended the; slaws, -the gong
still- doing its worst. - . ... - .
- Below stairs all doors leading to
the . kitchen were .found . open, but
neither door nor window opening on
the outside had been disturbed,-nor
was any trace of a ' burglar ;' found."
Finally, coming from' the -dining-room
closet were heard s sounds of sup
pressed sobs and convulsive swallow-
ingsu:- With a great effort and against J
oesperatei resistance from iwitnin the
idoor was -finally pulled open", tv j i " "i
..r l was the - eoon . lady, si Between
snivels ; told ytjhj 'Stpry.f. a 1 1 y j . -ip--,
j "1 - baoej dirsty .n't,I goj me. ;down
stairs to,', gs-me ,trinkof water,,;
dot hell ;ring em you yells -,( Wh, (is
dot?' an I dinks aboud dot revolver;
ant I get me in de closet an' make, de
door-shut-. 1 bane so scart," and re
newed and em barrasslng sobs - broke
-but.!1'' "f; "'".t .jr,-.f, ' ,
- Just than rapid noof beats sounded
on! ther.Toad'-leadmgtrt.'the- barn.i' In
the moonlight? old Mazeppa.-Tnosf re-,
epectable jot t- phaeton, r horses,- - was
seen rushing .towards the road with
a man, on, hi back., He .was, stopped
by shouts, just as he turned into the
main road. The jnan was the. assist-,
ant experimentalist. He was accused
of running away from .troublebut hei
declares on his word of honor that he
was simply and naturally, going for:
the police. Chicago Tribune. r--
Flnds ReLv Are I.d, v -
B. B. Widtmer, who left,, his home
in Owensboro Ky., 30 years ago, and
went-west to seek his 'fortune,' went
back the other . day from' Seven Dev-;
its Hills, Idaho, to see his sister-in-'
law, : Mrs Pauline, -W'idtmer, and her .
daughter , Pauline. ,vHe brought with
him.. $10,000 inv- fmoneyf to give -. them
and -intended to take then -back -to
his mining camp in Idaho." "When "he
made inquiry- 'about them he learned
of theirj 'tragic-death' o-o:the"night 'tif '
June 30,v 1897, Jwhen- the committed"
suicide: because of : their- extreme pb-v"
erty. - ' - '- i - .
- Thirty,, years ago :Widtnier and his
brother- icamet io .-, G wens boro . j -f roin-
SwitKerfand" and ran a small ' dve-
works establishment. He went west
and his .brother soon-, -died. '- For
awhile he wrote letters to his broth
er's. -wid,owy, initv, ftnally.i eeaspd vto 1
write and she believed him dead. . He ,
broke down when he; heard the sad
news and1 left at once for Idaho.
-, A Hindrance toWlllutlsa,''1 :
Civilization would.-slip-. forward' ey.,
eral- notches, -sayg; the Ghiea'go Becr
ord-Herajd, if .she could-.succeed' In -
illingthe-, loose dog. and Iheitoyt.
istoliWfib"6'tk Btdne, l"
Test of a Disease Developed to Kill
' ,-Otf ' tljjB Pest-kr'V'
, t - -, O't.
SoTtniunt BrlaBeiril:OeMsl
mmnUluevltm: Nwttfcf Ctfltai'HsT-' li " -BMlU-oa""-wttBi
rafHrl "
. Sni.' --- '-.'-
. T t .t". i
''- - o-:i'jtrx-1-i''rA
JSince it became knowb that the bu
bonic plagie-.-wijsvspread by.rats.f the
question of raeans ofedestroyiag Jtlieni
- has assumed-greater rHiportanceii -The
i discovery 'of- -perfect !Tat-6Vsftrbyer
. would-be, of vast, benefit to ther pub
Hp health, says -tb IyWi York Sun. v
,- :- M. J. Kcwenao,' (director' -of the hy
gienic laboratoryw Sox h" ' -' 'Uriited
States marine' "hokpitaf servibe,"' has
recently investigated 'a 'new method
for destroying rata by nieans" of cul-
- tures of a, certain '.bacillus, This
method was, .developed . by fl .Danyz."
The ' virus -which he, obtained, while
far from being , certain , means of
exterminating rats In -a - particular
place, mayrbe '.usednas one weapon in
the fight against--them ---i ;c-t
- A culture 'of - a' bacillus - isolated
from 'a- spontaneaas epidemic-: among
harvest mica was selected, and grtown
: in bouillon.- to-- accustom- it- to. n 'ex
istence without oxygen.' This wa,a ac
compb'shed by growing the culture in
flasks as completely: filled' as- possi
ble. - -- The flasks were placed in an
incubator .until theTculture developed,
aim men Kept, at ai) , pruuirj; , wm
perature .until a, deposit. formed and
i the bouillon' became). prefecly clear.
From the flasks the -.cul ture t was
passed into a . collodion sack, . which
was kept for from a day to a day and
a half in the -abdominal oaviy-iof a
rat, then-, kept,., anew, in ordinary
bouillon and thence again -in -flasks.
This series -ot -operations, woa repeat
ed several timesv and -at the fourth or
fifth repetition: a (decided .-increase' in
virulence tor- mlce'Fwa 'notedw !-.
SEie Qiasi atoes. ki' cite ex-
primeHl by vomuz nrtts tnrrf ?t or
six weeks old. IfeTKt ivUler rates:, were
used. I'rtKteetiuig in. th-i way . the. cul
ture was specialized.: a4 Cauyz . final
ly succeeded.: in! rendurwigvifr; regular
ly virulent foT'grfTats.iblaisk-urat-R
and whit-e rats,' whereas 'it wasfrorjg
inally only slightJ;yt virulent for- the
KTay rats.and entirely ineffective for
the others.-" ' - ---- ... -
Dr. Rosenau- fed 115 rats with the
eu5'tuesdriiaj.afc-ioouTSj ot 'various
experiments: -with;the virus.. OfftJhse
only 46 died. The results seem to de
pend, largely -v-upon- fthe-amount of
culture -ingested. Byj.stavjng' the
rats;, for .a eoujple. o. dnys and . then:
giving' them all they would eat a very'
.positive jres'ult 'Was'fobtitiaed.-.' "Tvreav
tyJaertB:Tat!f' so'fed all died ?wrtbin. a
week. - If the rats ge. only-a small
amount, however, not-only is the ef-;
feet uncertain, but tfe,e sunvivprsnber
corae imrnmeiand.roan-.feedjupon, the I
cultHres; 1 1, their hearts' content and
be nope,' the .worse .ior. -itv-; : ,....-a . .
.J.t would' seem that the virus is not
unlike the laying of a-r-chemical" poi-'
son, 'depending as' it does upon the
atndtlhf. "ingested. s ', ' Vhile -the
chemical poison- 4ia -the advantage
of- noi "producing fa-n."immunity,-; the:
virus -ha th very -decided. advantage
oi' being,' -so: ;far -as le- known narnv
less for man-, and; domestic animals,. .;.
."Dr. "V?illiam Lord Smith, of Worces
ter and Boston, lately returned from
Kadiaik island; oh' the-Alaskan coast,
where he passed several months hunt--:lng,
the big bear! of th ;isJand. He
.'brought home(with.iirar-fIie ikin ,of a
,&Up-poundeK, reports , a.-'. Worcester
j(JVlass.(corresoondnAo he .Chicago
"inter "Ocean, y r .
The' Kadiak bear is the jargest mem
ber of jthe'bea' fatal iy According to
'Tr.'Smith,'ftis not.' agtrizzty; although"
it closely resembles the ilvr tip tti't'-h?
-Bocky; nioatainsf'' "It has tie griszly
sjhead,'.:K hafheenr ireputftd to gro'wito
.enornioui-st'ynctQtia tweurht of
.?,J0O poundbtt.jarff.jjmith, wa,nri;
.able to, ge eyidenjoepibat it excd.e4
ll,200 poundsJevenJ in aut-uipu, , whe-u
very. fat,, ready' f or ItsTlong "winter
skep. l-The fur;-when, in its prime, is
a fich' brown and vy thik,' butinNlhe
-spring -and ear'ly sonimer it i6 rather
.a gray Vhan browii. . V !
The '-Worcester hunter wa .Jicconr-panied-
by a Boston 1 in nd. duOTng his
. first few weeks 9n K.ad1ak.t The.jr firt
day's hunting, brought, themt a ,62i
pound bear, which fell to the -rifle of
the Boston "man, the two having tossed
a coin for the shot. .The only other
oear they 'got was shot by Dr. Smith
on almost the last day of hi hunting
to- the middle of July, more- than t wo
mont-h after his arrival tin the island.
It was about . 10: 30. p. m., .whieh- was
dusk in that latitude, JThe doctor and
a native had followed the beast, and
got within 30'feet of he; ' She- was a
mother-with a cub along, and -was fish
ing in the shallow waters of a little
The Kadiak bear j a fishetater, and
this particular bear was u clover, for
.the, dog salmon j. were running up
stream In water only &W inches deep.
Sha reached with her great pa w, armed
withv'claws more J than?-- three 'Inches
tong, and with- a -quiek' sweept tossed,
the ,almon .to .tie shore, where she
Killed and ate them. -; ' ' '"'"-' ; --
Dr. Smith believes that the- Kadiak
. .bear zthnbst-eaiials-the grisaalyin-fie.rei1-ness,
Jmt h ioldstlurt n f?u-Tear 1-neai'-i
so u i r j-erons to Swsa a the r
reputation would indicate.. Their eye
sight is poor-, and they seldom see the
hunter, and, -unless wounded and eor-nered,-they
prefer to' run 'rather than
fight.-; The Kadiak bear has the speed
of a fl hors,, Ir. ,c,uiirh has hunted
big game in Africa,aQdlh;i.";ij.n:d:lijLn,
elephant, and rhinoceros; hunting 011
foot, but he "bas'-never"' seen any ;wilrt
Jbeast vrayi hygiiji.hj .sMh,. tBe
Kadiak bear. y
JinM, I'TCfl- EST
l Mr -h vvy r' w fl i n-
"--for Snfants
.,'.-;,..- .nntne TurJi
. u ti st-i l f twin"' .u-ciii-un
i til
In U ser For- O
ftii VKS '1 S - ' -.1
I -J-iS S-Si.
:r-,tt r.
Clean -in
1 its
J.-" -SCO
. JS K-saswv- ai,v."-,ft' il ,K i cv. -sari in. vsasBv.
, - by our new iaventiofL- f-Otify.
' F. A.
Genlirmtn .
f, a full history, of nivcase.rto.beuscdatvoiitdipu
, wL ; et"rs "Eht ear began
any hearms m.this ear entirely; T &t 1
Albiit fi
t ' - ,rf " "ci,l"'t tor.aiRrrn, 49sgtare tnotniis. without onv success, consulted nun,
r Jphysirjans, among others, the most 'cminentear speeiahtt of ihi ciH- who told me that
nOtriy-aB, epeAtmi't ecqild help jne. siid ven- that onlytenipcTanly.Tihat the head noises would
then cease, but the heanns; in the affected ear lot forever. j -
- .then saw your- advertisement accidentalljrin a rfew "York paper: 'and ordered vourtreat-
. Went. AlterJ had used jt only a few. days according to pear diTt-ctions.:the noises Ceased, smd
-to-day atter five weeks, my hearing in the diseased ear has been entirely restored.-. I thank vou
..- heartily end-beg to remaia j, ., Veiy truly, yours. - . - - - ". .yuu
:,,. ,i . ... . .. t. v -A. WERSJA11, 730 S. Broadway, Baltimore, Md.
yur ircuimem uoes not interfere wttti pour usual occupation, ;
Examination' and '
r . -say ice tree.
5- '"(is
- i i ; i' ,t!i. ;i (,' ' i'J ,-' s - -
n vi i-':1"'--: i -.'--I s. . j, "',"1'', "5-
5! 5? ' j. " ' - - 1 - 1. . . r r, , Jj
5.' wv ' ' - ' ?-! ' ; ' ' f- ":''' ,:t ' t C?Sw
U fip '-i ; ' - r' i " ' " "!1.' CX5!
g,., .... ,r ' , - -
'rtg. V. " ".'' "-."W ' - 'fig
-;- .-. '.:"';; fe'
& ' '-'A.: : j,.. . :-;.v - ' v- 5
.',.lt;, -- ".'.", -t : iytW.iQ ' afe? ."ff";-.". C8
I J .:w " ? 1 'p?'1' JLJ ' a1 " - 1 " '
nd Chlldren. s
iimiti m-t. 1 " !" '
x 1 ra'ir I -i .
i i fifirr .uoaiir
ver 3 0 : JYe&rs.5-
1 ti.
t :
"m, ties pi .cccn-'.'i u bt'-i- t,
OF 1 r j i 1 ,1 ' ;
fSosV bx-'d-iBfelifldurablfe:"'.
- rf.tion , , - .
toTung, and this kept on getting worse, until I lost
c-j ( vi "-f i" "i.;--:' , ft
at a nominal
-i t . . , .1 , , ,--- M'
E. JEl, ;Bryspn,
. lAttorney-At-Ldw. '
f ZthygbGMftlojid Surgeon,
PHILOMATH 1 ' -' " : 'OREGON - '" 5
Gt AiRpbinsoix;
Real Estate; 'Insurance" and House
Auctioneer .Sales Anywhere wanted
f' 'ATTOltN-y-A-T TW'.'r "' '
Stenography and: typewriting -done. -1
Office in.; Burnett brick .Cotvallia.. -Oreg
- fi'v -. c1 ' ' -
Notary Public, r -
.e. :kwiLsoN; v
Offlee in 'Zlertoif 'e buUdlng.
B. A, CATHEY, M. D.?
Physician s Surgeon.' '
Office: Room 14,-Bank Building; .-
Office Hours , f jo to 12 a.m..
" ' ' - 2 to 4 p. m. '
, JPMjsiciajj , -Su rgcoii aiul.
Office over First'National Bank. ?
1 1 T OSTEOPATH " ' - i
; Graduate of,lr.. "A T. Still's
chool of Osteopathy. . f j .-
G. 11. FARilA,
It-' t , - '
t- Residence In front of court house facing 3rd
et. 'Office hours 8 to -9 . m. l to 4 and 7 to S
: -I'Sy ipefjapV;,,
:TKysiei(Lrran$ Surgeon, ,i
Office'over Post Office: Residence, Cor.
5th: & Jefferson fits. ii Hours io toi2a. m
to 4 p. m. Orders tnaT be left at Gra
am & W prtham's Irug Store.
: p Tor Infimti and Children. - - -
The, Kind You Have Always BougM.
- Sears the '
SieTAatnre of
rl I'
W iTDOtuanaa or garden .fc.
wry .year-and neer suffer X
-l dlsappolotmeiiU i: Cheap -svbstiniv
tuUm brine 1 orb. not navine crocs.
it navsr to oav a littler more for
-. fBBAT'tt Sbkup. itYB ceots-per paper
i everywhere, and always worth
Alwava the Bent: 1900Seed Annuarfre.
The First National Bank
M . "S. WOODCOCK President, . w .
C. E. MOOR, Vice-President.
WALTER T. WIJwES, Cashier;
GEO.' E.' LILLY, Assistant Cashier.
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon. '
Loans Made . -v . . -,
On slf kinds of,appro'l seenrityi and eftpecially
to encourage and -Iftuld up the legitimate -busk .
Bess enterprises, and industries of this couutry.
. j - t - , ' Deposits .' i ,-
Iteeelved suliject to check' payable cu demand
.'i ' j i-iv . ' i' c. -l - --:
- - : - Foreign Exchange '
Sight exchang and transfers soIT availdhle in
the principal cities ef England, Ireland, Switzer
land, Fraucer.Belgiiini. llolland, Norway, bwcdr
en, Denmark, Italy, Snssta, Spain, Portugal, Ger
many, Austria. " . iS j l , i
"7 -V-y ,r
- Letters, of Credit -
Imae nwilaUle in the- principal' cities o th
Cmted Statcsi - 'i' i ' 's
Principal Correspondents Upon Whom V
SU Sight Exchange
f fie frrnimerrHMf KationBt Bank bf Chicaeo. '
1'he First Bunk of PorBaad, OregonY
t lie Buk o-aliA4raia-8aaMau3afo,iut.,.
nglo-ealifirn(Hii Bank, frn Francisco, Cain, ait
"he NatJOBat fJilyJSlnk J. Yorlr.
'he Bank o New York Nation?! I --Banking Ass n.
-.iporters & Trader's Nation: Taint York'
i')o and leather Nationa Bank ot Boston, Mass.
hiladelphia National Bank. of rhiladelphia, Pa-