Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, October 25, 1911, Image 2

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ft I. BROOIE, tdlter V4 Publisher.
m iMaM-dM Mttr J
IT . 111. at tha eoe mw at Oraaua
L-iiLraa"n, hm in Act M
tons wtscitmtii.
owe, Tmt, by mall ..
.... l-M
four Moatha,
k by
.. l.S
fee by aarriar.
Klrst r" avr mca nrat laairtina....le
Flret Pass, pet kick ada4 laaartlnai. ,iae
STeferree' aoaltHai any aaew. par
ttrsv. tnaertMm 1
hhnd pnaittoa aay sag-a. Bar tavah
aaSed Karri tow. la
sum papar ihr Ikaa nrat . par
rtret laairttun
Rmb papet sthar JKaa ftrat pace, p
a44 teaarllona. ......
uaraJa' te ar Nate; to reawlar aaVar
wmt So Dm.
Wear T Sale. Ta ftaav. ewe
Ml ward fire iaeartl ; aave-heat eaaxl
Mrh eddttloaai.
Ratee tor rarUtm hi Waahly
Spii pi tea wtU ba taa aeaaa aa to ta
. eatry. (or oartiaeeata eat sapaasaltr
tmr trie weakt. Wtiara tba MWlairt
la transferree from Uk. dally to tba aait
f. witltout cMaa. tba rata will ka to
' an tof k for raw at tba papar, aad Ito aa
kick (or apactol aseluoai
Cash akould aceeassaar ardar
party to uakaoww ta aaalmaa affta at
tka Batarprtae.
Laa adrartlativc at total ad 'i art taki
Ttrcua adverttslne and apaota traavasaat
4vrt tains at Ac to Se aa toon.
a ta aaealal aoajdittaaa
, "Fire Sato- and Bankrupt Bala advar-
tariaaata tt tack nrat inaartMa; ae
tmnml knilloai aaoia taattar toa kaab.
- Newa Item and wall wrtttsai artlataa
af taarn. wttb Intaraat to local raaSaea,
ill ba (tadry accepted. Rejects wa-
, an lata waver returaad unieaa
tot ay ataaiDS ta prepay kosta
' Is oa sale at the following store
every day:
Huntley Broa Drugs
" ' Main Street.
J. W. McAnulty Cigars
' Seventh and Main.
4 . E. B. Anderson.
- Main near Sixth.
' : M. E. Dunn Confectionery
' Next door to P. O. .
City Drug Store
- Electric Hotel.
, Sckoenborn Confectionery
' Seventh and X Q. Adams.
Oct 25 In American History.
1806Ceoeral Henry Knos, 'Wa.ihlng
tofi's Mrretiry of war, died at
Tbomaston, ITM.
181-Tbe Unlr- d frigate United
la tee. under Commander Stephen
Pecarnr. defeated and captured the
British frigate Macedonia la a dee
- perate battle off the Canary la-
' landa.
18Dt-Commander William E. ITojikln,
TJ. 8. N- retired, died in San Fran
rlsco; born 182.
1810-Brtradler Oners r Henry L.
Chipman. a pioneer O. A. Ii. vet
eran, died: born 1823. David Tor
ter Oeap. brtradler reneral TJ. S.
A- retired, died: born 183.
" (FTom noon today to noon tomorrow.!
Snn seta 8. . We 620: moon sets
6 2 p. m. .
The attention of tbe nation is cen
tered upon the trial at Loa Angeles
of John J. and James B. McNamara, In
dicted for alleged complicity in the
dynamiting of tbe Los Angeles Times
' Indications now are that about 425
witnesses will be called by the prose
cution, and 135 by tbe defense. There
are 50 lawyers Identified with tbe
ease, ten of whom will appear in the
court proceedings. The' defense ana
prosecution are said to have engaged
a total of 600 detectives, and the ex
penses Incurred or to be incurred by
both sides are estimated at $1,000.
000. The effort of the state will be to
show that the Times building way
dynamited as the result of a conspli
Private Own
ership of Public
Utilities Root of
Civic Corruption
By FRANCIS J. HENEY. Noted Craft
FK have been trving stif
tbe PROPER wy to cast our BALLOTS, and we got
this from faroff Australia. In fpite of Fourth of Julj peeche, in
which we assure each other that we are the most intelligent people on
earth, we baWu vet attained only a PARTIAL SELF GOVERN
MENT. In onr city government we have ten tbe mt CONSPICUOUS
UTILITIES it at the bottom of about all tbe troubles we. Lave.
Small off .dors can b 'punished, but not so with men connected with
public utilities.
To JAIL individual ap-uta is like screening a yellow fever pa
tient to that the mosquito cannot bite the patient and thus spread
tbe disease. Effectual progress can only be made by destroying the
CAUSE of the corruption.
t evi ctrrr.AL prosperity in the city through ep.
"Nit r these tilitieb.
acy with which th defendants war
connected. Tba defense will snder-
take to prove that th tarrtblo iph
Ion of October 1, Ml, was caused
by gas. dpert tMtlmony will bo k
noiablo faaturo of tho trial.
Thar wilt bo aa tmmanao mau or
yidenco prooented to tba Jury, knd
fair-minded people , will await the
preeenUtioD of this testimony before
forming an opinion aa to the guilt or
innocence of the accused. '
. - ,
Scientist are trying to dlacover
wbat language Adam spoke. When
they have found out they will prob
ably tell ua what he aald when the
dispossess notice waa nerved on him.
The women of Atlanta want whlp-
nlnr abolished In the schools. Are we
to be threatened with a maternal cor
poration punishment trust?
If microbes were visible to the
naked eye we would all starve
to death.
Says the Toledo Blade: "Singing
the 'Star Spangled Banner' won't
make a patriot of a man." No, tbe
voter rather than the vocalist, is the
real patriot.
Dr. Webster, Chicago bigamist, who
murdered one of bis wives, is going
to plead Insanity as a defense. He
had no other alternative, having con
fessed his guilt.
. ! '
Abe Martin observes: "Did you
ever notice that th' most dlsobligin'
folks lLdeal with hold positions taat
any buddy could Ml?"
Cave Mint a Start.
"Now. tben." ssld th- soctloneer.
holding up s pair of autique, silver
candlesricks. "give me a stsri."
"Half a doiiarr came rrom a voice
at tbe bark or tbe room.
"Wbatr reclaimed tbe hornfled auc
tioneer. "Ah." said tbe bidder In an under
tone and with a chuckle. "I thoogbi
that would give 1m a start r
Nigeris Mahogany.
Mshogany grows rapidly in southern
Nigeria. Tbe site of a town destroyed
sixty years ago has been covered with
a forest containing mahogany trees,
some of which are more than ten feet
In diameter.
Her Missing Arms.
The Venus of Miio explained.
"1 aewql my anna oft making clothe
for my summer vacation." be cried
Thus we see tbe snclent substitute
for nervous prostration. Harper's Ba
The Morse.
A home will live twenty-Ore dav
without solid food, merely drtaklnc
water, seventeen days without either
eating or drinking snd only Ave dsr
when partaking of solid food without
Nature's Baauties.
If we were charged so much s bead
for sunsets or If God sent round s
drum before the hswlnorn came in
Bower, wbat a work we should make
about their beauty. Robert Louis Ste
venson. Net Full Gnaf.
"Gladys is very strut In ber Ideas
sbout tbe spprupriate touch in dress."
"Is sher
"So much so that when ber naif sl
ter died sbe would not wear sny but
half mourning." Baltimore Atnerfc-an
j He So you think I was IntozlcateO
j last nlgbt? Do you know that I sat
up for an hour reading after I came
j home? Sbe Yes. snd do you know
j that you were reading my curl pa per
; Exchange.
Hard Work Far the Girt.
In a New England weekly newspa
per there sppeared not long sso th
following advertisement:
"A stonemason or bis daughter mat
1 reretve one quarter's music lessons l:i
I exchange tv 'irk on a cellar "
Road -the nomine Ecterprlsa
gove-rnmcnt for OXE IIUX-
if CtJ ' 2 o
rz I u
Tk Arat aml.mnnt hlv teachers
meeting under th supervision of Mrs.
Emille 8. Shaw was held at the
Wlticha school house last Saturday.
About thirty teachers were present
The primary work was ably taken up
by Ml is Sedwtck of the Wlticha
srhool In actual class practice, while
Mrs. Shaw spoke on mathraetlcal In
struction. Refreshmenta were served
bv Mr. Gibson, of the school board.
The following resolutions were adopt-
"Be It resolved by the teachers
present, that we extend our thanks to
juta KMlwick fur her tucellent meth
ods shown In her prtmsry Instruction.
. .. i . I , . . V
to Mrs. MOllsman. principal wi m
school, to Mrs. 8haw for the Interest
b la ahnwtnr In tha school work of
our district, and to the directors of
the Wlticha school for the use or me
school building.
The Evergreen school, six miles
east of town, will probably he tne
place of th next meeting, two weeks
W. O. Vaughaa has leased the race
track of the Clackamas County Fair
Association at Canby for the winter.
Mr. Vaughan. who Is the owner of
Captain Apperson, Haltamount, and
other fine horses, will use It as a
training track. He expects to have
many horses to train. Mr. Vaughan
was the manager of the races at the
recent county fair, and waa highly
complimented upon his work. Captsin
Apperson and Haltamount were two
of the best horses In tbe Oregon cir
cuit tbe past season.
(Continued from psge 1.)
same as last year. Assessor Jack says
he thinks that 1910 assessment was
under tbe real value of tbe property.
G. B. Howard, part owner of south
east quarter section H. township 3
south, tange 5 east, asks that the
assessment be reduced from $1,600
to $800.
G. Moehnke, of Oregon City, com
plains that he has been assessed for
ten acres more of land than he pos
sesses. Mary Hahn, owner of prop
erty In section 30, township 4 south,
range 3 east, says her property has
been assessed fifty per cent too high.
The other complains are of minor Im
portance. .
New Medals In Tailor Madas.
It goes without saying that tbe
burning question of the hour Is tbe
tailor made suit. Tbe loncer cost pre
dicted by some fashion authorities is
conspicuous by its tweme. True, tbe
hips are covered, tbe length extending
at times midway to tbe knee, but even
that can scarcely In the true meaning
be dealgnsted long.
A new feature is tbe belt, -snd pos
sibly this may portend more thaa Is
st present suspected. Hut for the
most part tbe coats follow that t-lvrer
semlDt by wblcb tbe limn of the Qg
are are hinted at without being ac-
r P- i
ras nasTD nnriisD scit.
toally deOned. and a large number
carry tbe capuchin rs. In seversl
quarters there I s dlre-t attempt to
revive the greet aquare d I recto! re
revrra. and. on tbe other band, tbe
Itossian tunic, more or leM tempered,
claims Its votaries.
The graceful tapering Uuee In Ibis
little French walking suit Illustrated
i re due nirtly to tbe clever rut and
Kirtly tn tbe braided design which
inpers downwsrd oo coat snd skirt
Tbe snit Is bnllt of black broadcloth,
a ltd collar and ruffs sre of soft finish
ed) satin, trimmed with crochet hot
tons and cord loops.
Good Fee a Celd.
' Plenty of cold water between meals
la oo of ns tare's best remedies for a
cold. There Is no danger of overdrink
ing; th only limit being th patient's
era rs parity If there Is aay ques
tion shout th purity of th water It
should be boiled before H la
fteely , N ,
v. ;
.... .t,u3tJ I i
re r-t-t tratsrarw-w.
Railroad Bridtfe In Kentucky Is
508 Feet Above the River Level
fn ' i-Tic
s 'iih. ml' - W
r ci - - ' $ H v?SV4iar
KENTCCKt can now boast tna nig neat bridge over a oatlgsbie aires
In America. Tbe Cincinnati, New Orleans and "ailnr Kallroad torn
pany baa recently constructed a bridge over tbe Kentu. ky river that
bears this distinction. It Is 3Ue) feet ebove tow water - The bridge
la 1.230 feet Ion r .and cwt-$liV.U0 It Is thirty feet higher tbau the old
bridge, around wbh h It was built Tbe oldbrllge waa used ttmstsntly while
the uew one wss being constructed, snd there wss no Interruption of Irsrtic
Now that tbe new bridge la In aervke tbe old one. wblcb csn be aco In the
photograph, will be removed Tbe new bridge ta mu.-b more maaalve thso
tbe old. and It is est lniaied by engineers ss being font Umes ss strong as tba
bridge It replscea In tbe picture above tbe Bret pasaenger train thai crossed
tbe new bridse Is shewn
Wants, For Sale, Etc
MaiR-rs anaar mm alaaaifiatf haadjxs
will ba maarise at aa oral a ant ta-ai
inMrt-iKm half a ewit a.Uiiaa!
I ton, one Inch Cr4. U aar BinaiU. naff
trcti aar. ( naaaj st aae saoaia.
Caaa aioat low ipaar aaar' unl aa ai
has rt aaea account with lb fkapar. Mi
ftaaerlal reapimalblllty tar arrura.
errors aeeur fra eurretr4 atlea will S
arlniaS (or aatraa. Maiiaiuai eaarae las
WANTED Tourists and local people
to fe my collection of arrow-heail
coins, India! trinkls. ild st im;.j
and curios of .'. sorts Will t-u
or sell In tbu lius Have 4ne gool
bargains In se mtJ-hand fumltu'e
and tools. Oeorjo Young, Mali, li
near Fifth.
WANTED Immediately, girl or
woman to do general house
work for family of (wo (old
lady and young nan.) Good
home for any one. Inquire
for Mr. Miller, Enterprise of
fice or Wells Kargo. .
; WANTEI-Dres8raaklng out by the
(lay, Ull v 1 1,1-a wvt m a 1 """i
Mrs. W. C. Bnover, Roosevelt strei-t.
I WANTEIV-Glrl for housework.
phone 1511.
WANTED A red-blooded man
or woman, one not afraid of
work. A hustler should clear
120 to 3o weekly. Call or
write Circulation Manager,
Of eonClty Enterprise.
FOR SALE Registered Jersey bulL
See Al Cooke at Damascus.
t LODGING HOUSE to rent Furniture
for sale. Inquire 21) Fourth street,
' Oreg-ra City.
ATtSLA.S' DimFck'ai Uimick,
Lawyers, Oregon City, Or.
O. I) EBY. Attorney-at-Law. Money
loaiad, abstracts tirolsked. lead
titles exsmlned. aitaUa settled, gear
rraj law busnea Over Bank el
Oregon City..
I,' KEN A SCHtTEBEU AttorneyMt
im, Deutscher Advokat. will nrae
1 e In sll eourts, make collection
trW llldg.. Oresoa Cltr, Oregoo
SUIIDER ano CO"v")aCT0R.
IURKT JONEH Rttflder and General
"Va tract or. Estlmat ebewrtnllt
eiren on all classes of bofldlrt
work, eooerate walks ana resnfbrews
eonerete. Res. PVa Mala IP
It. I'OOPffTl, roe sir taeursnec
. nt Rest Estate. Lt as hssdl
vmt properties buy. sell snd
evehanr. Office In Raarpnae
Wdg., Oreeoe rtte, Orecn
DR. LENA R. HODGES. Osteopath, of
PortUnd, will be In Oregon .City
Mondays, Wednesdsys and Fridays
of each week, st corner of Sixth and
Washington streets, phon Msln
CHICAGO TAILORS suits mad to
order from f 10 and ap. W also do
elesnlng. pressing and repairing
Three doors south of postoffc.
1'HONE for Ueorge Itascuni. Main
3551. when you ere ready to clean
house or want your lawn cut.
city" notices.
Notice of Hearing of Ser DlstHct
No. 6 Assessment
Notice hereby gitn that :Lo torn
u liit app-ih.ted to . ra-i -4e
- U't.eris to each lot. or ail
thereof, or parcel of resl estate
lying In Sewer District No. C, Ore
ron City, Oregon, desi iilied aa lol
UeKiulitng a here the 'boundat'iva
of tfeaer District Nos. f and 3 JolU
at the southeast corner of Dis
trict No. 3 snd at the southeast
-.,r.r of lot I. block Id. Oregon
City. Oregon, thence ea.terly uUiM
alley across Van llureu. Harrison,
l'oln. Tavlor and llerce streets lo
Division street; theme easterly
along Division strict a runs iiu
rhaiian street to Lincoln street.
thence northerly along alley a ns
Buchanan street to soiuneasi cor
ner of lot 7. block 47. Comity Ad
dition to Orern City. thence
northerly along the east line of lot
7 and 8 to Ninth street; thenre
westerly alone Ninth street to
IMerca street: thence northerly
inn, Pierre Mtrei-t to intersection
with northeast extension of north
line of lot 5. block a. Central Ad
dltlnn to Oregon .City; theme
westerly along north line of said
lot 5 to alley between rierce anu
Taylor streets; thence noriherly
alona allev to Twelfth si reel
thence westerly along Twemn
street to northeast comer of lot 1.
block 1. Beatles Addition to Ore
gon City; thence southerly along
lot lines to Eleventh street; thetic
westerly alohg Eleventh street to
-northeast- corner of - lot-L block
18. Oregon City: theme southerly
along lot line and the imrtnerly
boundary of Dlntrict No. 3 to
point of beginning at the south
east corner of lot 2. block 105, and
constructing the com of laying and
constructing said sewer to each
lot or part thereof, or parcel Vol
real estate In said Sewer District,
according to such benefits, has
made Its report and tbe assess
ment based thereon Is now on file
In the office of the Recorder ol
said Oregon City and subject to
examination and the City Council
of aald Oregon City ha appointed
Friday evening, November 7. 111,
at 8 o'clock p. m. In the Council
Chamber of Oregon City, as the
tiro and place for hearing objec
tions to said assessment and you
sre hereby notified that any ob
jections, wheb rosy be made In
writing snd Bled with said Recorder
on or before the "th day of Novem
be 3. 1911. will be heard
snd considered by the said
City Council at th time and place
hereinbefore specified before any
ordinance is passed assessing the
cost of said sewer.
Dated October 20, 1J11.
L. 8T1PP. Recorder.
Notice of Hearing of Ninth Street
Notice Is hereby given that the ap
portionment of the cost of the Im
provement: of Ninth street. Oregon
City. Oregon, from th East line o
Center street eitendlng essterly to
the west line of Jsckson street, hss
been sscertalned and the proposed
aasessment has been apportioned
and Is now on file In the office of
th Recorder of Oregon City and
subject to eismlnatlon. Aay objec
tions thereto that may be made In
writing to the City Council of Ore
gon City and filed with th Recorder
thereof within ten day after the
first publication of this notice, win
be heard and determined bv the
council before the passage of any
ordinance assessing tbe cost of said
The property assessed for the said
, Improvement lie on both sides of
said part of ssld Ninth street pro
posed to be Improved and the line
of kits abutting on said part of said
Ninth street fartnereet from said
part of said Ninth street and aald
part of aald Ninth street.
cannot bosom employers until they
have saved enough sapltal te mss s
A saving seocunt at this bank will
net only prevld sanltat, hut will glv
s training In finance whlsh will prevt
a valuable business help.
The Bank of
II i.ATntmrrTR PrMsnt
rre-eaeu a -eT Baestwg B-
Gladstone Lumbor Company
l-umber. lalh.' shingles, fence-poet and doors, mouldings, sash sa4
all k'.nda of Inside finish. .ITjces right, lumber gusranteed snd protspt
Phone Main 8I. . V ' Farmers n
This notu-e Is published Itr the
Morning Enterprise, the Brst pub-lU-atlon
being tlctober 25th, lll.
and the City Council has set No
vember 7th, st 8 o'clock p. m. at
. the Council Chanilwr of Oregon City
aa 1 the .time and place of bearing
of said objections.
USTPPP, Uorder
The strong upaard turn taken by
I ue hop market within the past few
) fully bears, out the predictions
iiijilr t'y Home of tbe dealers a month
age At that time a 40-cent market
was counted on for tbe near future,
the trade figuring on the well knowu
shortage in English and on th Con
tinent. Values have already passed
the 4'1-eent mark, sales at 43 cents
having ben made In the Valley this
aeek, and the prediction' la freely
made now that the market will go U
a still higher level before the end of
the month
Within the paM week Eastern deal
ers and brewers hsve come lo a full
realisation of hat the future of the
market protnlcs In tbe way of price,
and as a result thejr Jisve gone Into
the market to buy in a much freer
way than at any time ainre the open
Inn of the present senson. The latest
statistics on tbe movement of bops In
the London msrket, as compared all!
the shoeing for epieinler a year ago.
Indicate that the English dealers hsve
to date sent out of that country for
the most part to the Continent a fat
greater total than In September of
last year, while the Imiorts this sea
son sre swsy short of the Imports of
last year.
Prevailing Oregon City prices are
ss follows:
HIDES (Buying) Green hides,
Lc to 6c; sailers,. 6c to 8c; dry hides,
12c to 14c; sheep pelts, 2&c to 7Sc
Hay, Grain, Feed.
HAY (Buying I Timothy, $12 to
SIS; clover, ft to ; oat bay. beat, f
to fn: mixed. $ to til; slfslfs. 11
to 1 16 . Ml
OATS (BuylDgl Gray, I2S to
1:7 ; wheat. $.12 to 133; oil meal, $13;
Shady Brook dairy feed, 12& per
100 pounds.
FEED Shorts. 2 to 30; rolled
barley, $37.50; process barley, 138(0;
whole rorn, $.17: cracked corn, 38;
$26; white, $20 to $27.
Butter, Poultry, tags.
FIjOCR $4.50 to $5.25.
BUTTER (Buying) Ordinary
country butter, 25c to JOc; fancy
dalrv, 30c; creamery. 30c to 35c
nrT, cresmery. 40c to JbC.
Iwu'l WBV , r . , . .
iwxwmi iiiiijmd-nmi, -
1 i 2 M I I I: broil, r. I ic.
E(i;S Jrrgon ranch eras. 3fu to
Fruits. Vegetables.
Wi. Peaches, inc.
$1.25 to $1(0 per sack; parsnips,
$1.25 to $1.50; turnips, $1.25 to 11.50:
Prunes, on basis of C 1 4c for 45 and
beets, t 50
POTATOES Best buying 70c to
85c per hundred.
ONIONS Oregon, $1.25 to $1.50 per
hundred; Australian, $2 per hundred.
Livestock, Meats.
BEEF (Live weight ) Steers. 6c
and 514c; cows, ic; bulls, I 1-Jc.
VEAL Calves bring from 8c to
13c, sccordlng to grade
M UTTON Sheep, Jc an tttc;
lambs. 4c snd 6c
HOGS 125 to 140 pound hogs, 10c
and lie; 140 to 200 pounds. 10c and
The Enterprise has a position open
for you. Call st once.
Trestment st Hot Uk. Inclt'ditig medical attention, board
baths, costs no mor than yoa would pay to llv at any ""'J-n
hotel. Room, ran be bad from 76 cents to $:.50 Pr r- "
..ln the cafeteria at served from 10 cnta up and la th r1"
usual grill prices. Baths rang from (0 cents to $100.
We Do Cure
Oregon City
J meter. csl-.
Oven free t A, M. ts I ,
- -r . .
Sunday was an Ideal (-totr dir.
. The sportsmen ate hai py u th
upvB) Mwmra ui wavrv are Trs 0Mf "
Tts rumored tbe oil well baa
ed hands.
Clear Crvek firamery kt oa Sal "
T8 feet deep now wiih-?-tea-sf wv-
A hunting party, Ned Hutrhla. 1
Koloomb, Luther Mumpower and Jca
lienor left for tbe mountains la saar
of gam and likewise a good tics.
It Is a rare treat when man get 1
chance to eat their own cooklag
Clear Creek Creamery patrou te
reived 35 rents a pound for their lit
ter fat lor September
Mrs, Anderson. trUr, aud Maaa
went to Gladstone Tuesday to call
Mrs. Fteylag who Is seriously 111.
Mrs, Emille Shaw, tba srboul s
apvetreaa. visited our school agalatkM
week and made some good ssigag
lons, yet, like all people la that Bst
of work, they overtook the fact Uut
It take money to do these- in&gv
-Henry uler Just finished csttlai
a field of barley, which ahoss tail
grain grows and ripens-most mt
old time1 In Clackamas County.
It W, Swlnk of Newburg mad IU
anaual trip through here ibis weM,
Uklng subscriptions for the Ote
Mra. N. L. Kirchem la vtftung rva
tlves at Currinsvllle this week.
Mr. and Mrs. M C. Ward sill hart
for South Junction Monday.
Mrs. Cordelia Kinsey ag"d 7( yssn
3 months and 12 days, died at tkt
borne of ber son Charles Kinsey. Mi
East 477th street. North IrOrtlaas,
Bealdea th sged husband. Mrs. Kls
sey leave four sons, four dausktert,
sll grown and fifteen graad-caildraa,
three great- grand- children. All at
her family was el home st tbe tins
of her death. Tbe funeral ssrticel
were held st the residence Fridif st I
p. m. Rev. Fllnn an old friend of US
family age 85 years, conducted lk
services. Interment at Rce Oty
Park cemetery. Mrs. Kinsey w
orn In Cordaln. Iowa, and cam t
Oregon with her huslnd In 1MJ
tllng In l.'nlon County. MovH te 0
Grove flv yesrs sgo and mad
home with her daughter. Mrs.
Cosgriff of Courtney Station.
R. E. Irwin and son Elmer retnr
ed from the East Sunday. They re
port a good visit snd sn enjorsws
Urn, but Mr. Irwin says. "1 wobm
not llv In owa agin If they wow
glv me my old farm bark. Oregos"
good enough for me." Mrs. Jreln '
te Portland to meet mem.
I .1. 1 wry ir trn s reliei asm
nl ......
lhai: gone to Canby to sci a a
... "
. aoi ascui ,. ..l
Jlrs. Phelps' sister. r.. ''-
from tfeattl Is vUltlng her. slss M
Prlc of Resttl snd Mrs- sckWA
Portland visited Mrs. Phelps T
dli. F. Melvln went to Oregos CIV
on business Tuesdsy.
Mrs. ner building a a-'
Udi I Irwin and Miss Hsttk . m
win left Wednesday evening t V
ath Fa'ls and Merrill, where ! ul
visit friends. atlftkaM
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R"
were visiting Mrs. Ryan
nts. Mr. and Mr. W.
week. Mrs. Rysn Is the
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Iond. They
on their wedding trip.
Mrs. Glna BlaUger g
to her many friend.
"SS. 2. A. Andrew, a-gjg'
Theltna returned,' from f'''B k
Saturday, where Mr. Andre- s
been visiting her mother for t P
six week. .
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tlfle direction havs c
thousanda. Writ f"' " ,
tratd booklet
Hot Lk. 8.n.eorlm
th mthods wwm2L.
Uk.S.nstorlum la aecj
slbl. a. It lIof?'-1J,rtta
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0,W. R. N. riT. M
apeclal curslon raw t
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