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Mrs. Carl Smith, of Jennings Ixxlge,
entertslned In a tuost delightful man
ner at her summer home Saturday af
ternoon the Sundsjr school rlaaa of
Mrs. U. C. Latourette. of the Baptist
hurra of this city. The affair was In
the form of a cherry party, and limbs
of the delicious fruit were used pro
fusely among the decorations. Durlug
the afternoon refreshments were serv
ed, and before the return of the guests
to this city they feasted on cherrlea.
The borne of Mrs. Smith Is beautifully
situated, and like many other of the
attractive new homes in that vicinity
overlooks the Willamette Kiver.
Those present from this city were
Mrs. William Andresen, Mrs. C. O.
Miller, Mrs. Fred Olmxtead. Mrs. U
Olrostead, Mrs. Hugh McLarty, Mrs.
Martin, Mrs. A. Lenuon. Mrs. E. L.
Pope. Mrs ft D. C. Latourtte, Mrs. L.
Smith. Mrs. Joseph Myers. Mrs. Ell
erd Bailey. Mrs. Elmer Ma.wille, Mrs.
W. H. Calkins, Mrs. F. A. Hay worth,
Gordon Miller, Burnett Pope, Emma
Leonon, Walter Smith. Doris Mayvllle.
At the Portland Theaters
lo take those wishing to go, and from MIM AVI. PMcn i v.-
l-oriiaaa inwjr win v " I , , w..- UJHI
steamer Undine. There will be base- popular rsrwpi. t-w" t, .....
hall nmt and other sports. The cl
bratlon will close with a dauce at the
opera house under the auspices of
the Uniformed Rank K. of r,
.i f
V ,u . ?,. a.. -----
, fcws vy, .,,4 s..
s Rllrod Man's rid.
Walter M. Taylor, son of P. D. Tar
lor. of bis city, and who Is secretary
of Assistant OeneraJ Manager Stack
of the llarrlman lines of the North-
went was In this city Baturdsy morn
ing and obtained a marriage license,
his bride-to-be being Miss Avis rreuoh,
one of parkplace's highly esteemed
you in woiitett. The marriage will be
Koleiuulied on Sunday afternoon at 4
o'clock at the borne of Miss FTeuob'a
brother. K. D. Freuch. The youug
people are well known In this city.
rd cutupaulooa at a princely feast, the been boiled tfy .
entire sum of unuey disappeared as ater as oon It hi
. t .. 1 1 .. . ..l - ... I ftra. vi- - ... ' as flni...j .
ir II uau Trr vvm. i a-vs u
neit umrnliif solx-r ax an w aud
could give mi acrvuutltig of tht trans
action. The home wrw fime, aul tblr
earuluirs went wltk ibeln ' ' t the soud ZTT kp Isio
mry though :z r. ir r!.
- " rigi
the right tl
bat It Is.
t .
. ere ,
firtt this iu Vst,
......11. a ...u .. t. I ' uiar lia aur. imr ,
uiiwihuu a in mi i t- - fuvaiii i Bol " nil Jnu,
pe. sum lue young nisn coum ut recoi. do --"j- uwk Into tku ?
le. t wbst be bad done wltb the money. WB4t t tn,0 b.g M
SHU II was iiuaiij nim miKM luai wnai
he had not siienl In eiitertsluuienl ha
bad beett rellrved of l y bM Kuai rupO- Utter, It . u.f'4 to H I h
lous combanluua. The money waa gone I P t from eltht i . q ,b iprhi.
I'n. Uncle I'hlleiuou . WM (AC
Hotel Arrivals. .
The following axe registered at the
Electric Hotel: John Hendo, Port
land; W. O. Matoon, N. Blair. A. Ul
Shore, John Hulbert, Salem; F. W.
Butner, Sprlngwater; Edward Goug-1
lass. Barton; J. W. McCubbin, M. W. l
Johnston, Bert Warner, Fred Warner,
J. Wolfes. Bert Z. Dixon, C. W.
Helm, Castle Rockv Wash.; M. H.
Hendricks, Tacoma.
'" f.? k-V w" V j'-
.... m"-.
. A4 ..
w . '.;0.; .
I Philemon's
And How ll Visit Were
Copyright ly Anwrlian IVao Aa
,'lalloit. lull.
H 1 I M H I I I I I I I ItrrHIH
tud Uncle rhlleuiuu'i
I la I &
wsa dlMgrscea. I " 'sy. ,, TT
"lie dltHl a modtfrslely poor mau-- ' criwhad ari!: Httla
laud tHHir-and Knlity the dlaeNr w" " "",ly as possnJT r w
''110 REWARD
For the arrest an conviction
of any person or persons, who j
unlawfully remove copies of The !
Morning Enterprise from the
premises of subscribers after
paper baa been placed there by
- !
" "".' T,,' '. ,
aaUUNW.Vi.a. '.Wv", i-."i V , : ' j . -V :4'AZ
... 4- .i.vt4 t f ;V ! " ,v
Charles Frohman presents the charming actress, Blllle Burke, at The He!
streets, for three nights, beginning Monday, June 26, with a special prl
set Maugham's witty Comedy, "M rs. Dot" - '
Ilg Theatre. Stvinth and Taylor
ce matinee Wednesday, In W. Soiner-
Gemmed Anklets Are New Wera Over
;Thc erase for barbaric jewelry, es
pecially sets of Persian or Indian de
sign, has reached a tremendous vogue,
all of the real articles having gone up
la price and a great many good imita
tion ornaments being now on the
Some .beautiful specimens are an
klets of beaten sliver and gold, a
Persian anklet set with semiprecious
atones and a beautiful Indian necklace
made of braided silver set with tur
quoises snd emeralds. The Venetian
beads which were so popular a few
years ago nave given way to heavier
jewels of a semiprecious character,
chains of gold and silver ornaments,
and especially to plaques of Jewel,
gold and enamel, worn oo the breast
and suspended by a slender chain.
Among the many other jewels which
form novelties of the season are the
extraordinary finger rings and hand
harnesses, consisting of one or more
rings, a bracelet and a jewel for the
back of the hands. TbLi In distinctly
an oriental fashion snd hi nnt.-been
seen on the ttsre nntll the present
Popular Actress Show For Thrse
Nights In "Mrs. Dot"
Miss Blllle Burke will be the at
traction at the Heillg for the half
week, beginning Monday evening. June
26, when she will appear in "Mrs.
Dot," the comedy by W. Somerset
Maugham, In which she baa scored
such a great success. Miss Burke is
one of the most popular" actreases,
as wen as one or tne prettiest ana
most charming women on the American
stage and local theatergoers would bg
delighted to see her In any play In
which Charles Frohman might choose
to present her, but there is no doubt
at all about the warmth of her wel
come in "Mrs. Dot.' .Several of Mr.
Maugham's plays notably "Jack
Straw," "Lady Frederick" and
"Smith." the piece In which John
Drew Is appearing this season have
been seen in this country and have
made hits, but the critics agree that
"Mrs. Dot" aa played by Miss Burke
E;3 a a Russe.
a. sirs a la itusse Is an artistic d!n
and most apnutslng. It Is composed
of whole hard boiled eggs from which
the shells ere carefully removed, then
the eggs laid about a round dlnh like
a soup piste, their surf seen devorated
wtyi little pieces of truffles, a border
of finely minced vegetablee flecked
with little mounda of caviar, and the
whole fringed with white lettuce
leave and diamond shaped piece of
amoked salmon. Trie color scheme of
thli dish Is most novel ami attractive.
A Oslieieus Fruit Salad.
81i large. Arm apple, one banana,
one orange a small bunch of white
grapes, half a cupful of broken walnut
meats, half a cupful of sliced candled
fruit and one teaspoonfnl of vanilla
extract Chop the apples, orange and
banana very One. add the nut, can
celed fruit and vanilla and mix wU.
fsBrnUh th eaeleK k. mm
is far and awartbe best of the lot halved and seeded. If the apples an
A pretty widow, with more money i ery sour add a little sngar Bare
than she quite knows what to do with. I 0B imali dj,,,- putea.
falls in love with a young man and I
little backward in his'
are the popular style in home
architecture. I specialize on
designing and building bung
alows that are convenient in
arrangement, homelike in ap
pearance. At Moderate Cost
If you are thinking of build
ing call and see me, or phone
for an engagement.
Clarence Simmons
Ninth and Main Streets.
Phone PacMaln 3292.
when he is
lovemaklng takes matters In her own
hands and pops the question to him.
And he refuses her! - Oh, he Is sane
enough and willing enough, too, only
he happens to have popped the ques
tion himself to another girl a little
while before and been accepted. Nat
urally, not being a cad, he has to
stand by his agreement and say no
to the pretty widow, whom he really
loves. That Is the foundation for aa
witty and amusing a comedy aa has
been seen on the stage in many a
long season. The widow solve the
problem, of course. How? That must
Iq seen to be properly appreciated. It
Is enough to say In advance that Mlaa
Burke is charming in the role and that
it gives her plenfy, of opportunity
to display her talent aa a comedienne
of the first rank.
A Japanese Touch In
Smart Summar Fashions.
Te Fry Mush Qulokly.
Make the mush In the uausl wsy, ex
cept thst It is not neceessry to cook It
so long. Have a tableapoonful each of
lard and butter smoking bot In a skil
let Lift the bot munh to the skillet by
spoonfuls and flatten it ont It fries
sulckly and is sweeter and crisper than
when allowed to get cold-and. pea
fried. It la delicious when served wit
fried chicken.
Grant Maun, of Cornelius, Washing
ton county, who has a state-wide rep
utation as a breeder of polled Jersey
csttle, wltl probably move to Clacka
mas county In the-near future. Mr.
Maun was In Oregon City Saturday,
snd said he had about decided to buy
a ranch near this city for hit herd. He
sars he thinks the soil here Is ad
mirably adapted to cattle-raising, and
believes he could obtain better results
by making the change.
Mr Maun Is the only breeder of
polled lersev cattle In the state and
he has made a big success of the busi
ness. He will enter several cows for
premiums at the County Fair. Mr.
Maun was a Uitor at the Commercial
That for a glioa!" crUtf Clarke,
with a contempt uoii snnp ut bla Da-
gem. "Who ever saw uner inn yuu
"IVrbsiNi said bis friend
'I'm not certain whether I did or md
That' why I Invited you down to keep
watch wltb ui and make uiuertaluty
'In other words, when Is a ghoalT"
jeered Clarke. In bis favorite vsude
villi n manner.
Tsuslly st 12," returned Kvsna dry-
ly. "Now, ao that you may not beroine
nervous through anticipation. M us
forget the grvwaorue story of my I'm-le
rblleuion's Tori I'bllemon and turn
to plnot-ble."
They drew r loner lo the library fsble.
while the arrratit plied more wood on
the Qr snd plai-ed a irsy of refresh
ment cloae at hand Then the man
'Itbdrew, leaving the two friends sit
ting In the large, high relllnged spurt-
ment. whose wall were lluetl with tall
bookesaee variegated with lame fam
ily portratta.
'Who la the gent with the leery
yT" . demanded Clarke suddenly as
be flung down bla csrds snd faced to
ward one of the palntlnga. "That over
the fireplace f
"That's my Uncle rhlttuton'a I'm-le
rhllemon." explained Kvaua solemnly.
"The old party who wslksr asked
Clarke, a trill put eat la manner.
-Tea. WbyT
1 wish you'd bang a curtain ever
the picture, Wltb due respect to our
ancestors, Evan, old man, be' about
disagreeable a part as I ever met."
Evana smiled rather malu niuaiy. "If
yo prefer It Ed. we ran go In some
a nee of the money In as uitiili a mys
tery aa ever, lliey say liiul the old
gentleman return now ami lUeu, ea
pecially on the aunlveraary of the day
on which he mad the iiulisppy deal
wltb lit bttrae buyers, lu order lo make
more thorough aesrch for the alias
ing money. I saw hluj a year ago lo
Bight, aud I hope you are scheduled to
be cured of your douliia." Evans light
ed bis cigar oix e more snd leaned com
fortably back In his rbatr,
Clarke ahrugaed his shoulder and
furued over the leaves of a magaxlue
Wltb rareleas Indifference).
. "No objection to uiy "putting at bltu
with my revolver r be asked bone-
"Why, tt-ao long a you don't cut
a bole lu the portrait." saaeuted Ev
ana "Are you a good shot r be asked
as an afterthought.
"Am 1 Ask Timothy Allen. 1
knocked the builou off bl cap tht
other day." .
"I ran trust you wltb Unci rhlle
mon. then." said Kvaua. relieved
"Want somebody els luT asked
Clark.' " ran run out and ak,oo
of your servants la If you want m
to." He turned toward the door.
"They won't do at all-loo much of
tb emotional about I bout. What we
Deed for these experiment are men of
pbyalral muscle as well tbos of
mental power. Understand F
"Trying to." said Clark helplessly .
-rv Deen thinking. Ian." went oo
: Quartet of Philadelphia
leans Easll Greatest lo eart
0.vla. Cellina, ,B, .
Us Old
iHfttl I
Balttmsrs u
Th Philadelphia AiuerV sns1 Ba.j
nsrry .. Millv VH
Barr an1 n.k... . "T
t In baseUU ,,NVi ,ttiw4l
wonderful cub n..i,i cf
Eers. Tinker and Ht..r,.,it TbTsS
Cub quarter has U.-ti sh to
Chsuc Is out of it, ,, wit. hjj
rles; Rvers tins been Inld up u
US trouble; Is gone- TkJ
I the only one left.
The old ChU-sgu intlrld wu k
greatest sin, a J..K i, nrj
van thoughtfully. -why wouldn't It T" T""' T 1
. i l . . . """" aiarnii a llli Bill
" - a "' yv i aiep an IO I orlnl n-i. .
tb hd of m nm-i. mA I " ir m
to prove whether bl guise I that of
real flash snd Uood or"-
" Whether he's a comblnaUou of
sshrty grsy chlffoosr ended Clerks
disgustedly. "I'll not do It. I'll take
shots at him. though."
Five minute before It the clock
gave a Utile warning click, wblcb was
followed by lb clicking of Clarke's I Infield surpssa all other of the As
" ww waepoo. . can ana National l-arnp?
"Somehow It doesn't seem just the The snswer: There ire 00 ttun h
right thing to Uke sdvsotag of so Belders on any othw tram b n
old mau Ilk thai." Evans wss begin- bine with bsachall inMiiKenr at h
Bin, rather uneasily, whan the big Collin. Rarry ami linker. n
clock In the ball boomed out the hour three players go throui-h lame tn
oi la. to ie loimvaiateiy roi lowed by I game without plsylug s alngl ball
loo smaller cnime or the library clock
greaieai up lo lli.-lr ltt - (he Mt
me t-utie snii now i!. AtliMlrt.
Bom baaeeall eWts ft rn hsTsm.
so far aa lo asr Hist the Alhleav
Infleld la better than thst of tbCs.
but thst la debstsblo Cbaors ilwu
baa been and still U a better flmt lam
man than Harry list Is
Where and bow diea the Atbletle
Boiled Dressing.
For boiled dressing beat up two eggs,
add half a pint of vlnegtir. one tsa
spoonful of salt a dash of red pepper,
four tablespoonfuls of sugsr snd twe
ounces of butter. Mix well and cook
In s double boiler, stirring constantly
until the dressing has thic kened. Then
cool and serve. This dreaslng may be
(binned with either cream or olive oil.
F. D. Sturges
When yotf wish to hire an
automobile. At Elliott and
Parks Garage
Horn Phones A-72, B-80. Pacific 3302.
Oregon City
Furnished with operating
room, ward and private
.rooms. ',
Graduate Nurscst
I - 0
Pac 2243 - Home D-298
1 rJ?Z.4.
ag' i 9
Cresm Sslsd Dressing.
To prepare cream aalad dressing rub
tb yolka of three bard boiled eggs to
a smooth paste, gradually add one tea
spoonful of aalt. one teaspoonful of
sugar, two tsblMponnfuls of vinegar
and one teaspoonful of mustard. Whip
up one pint of double cream till smooth
and stir this a spoonful at a Urns Into
th egg mixture.
Brotherhood to Cslebrste.
8everal member of the Fraternal
Brotherhood will go to Camas, Wab.,
on the Fourth of July, when on of
the biggest celebrations will be held.
A special car will go from this clty
Edward Humphrya Celebrates Birth-1
day Anniversary.
. Edward Hiimphrys, little son of Mr.
and Mrs. John R. Humphrya, enter
tained a few of hla friends In s most
delightful manner at the home of hla
parents, on Twelfth and Washington
streets Friday afternoon. The after
noon was devoted to music and games,
the occasion being the celebration of
the hont'e seventh birthday anniver
sary, The rooma were prettily dec
orated with roses. One of the feature
of the entertainment waa the supper
served the youngsters, which consist
ed of all the delicacies of the sea
son. Before the departure of the
Clients they voted Edward a most hos
pitable host, and wished him many
more such happy birthdays. He waa
the recipient of several handosm
Those present were Luclle Evans,
tieraiaine Schwab. Helen Jvett, Max
Ine Meld rum. Dorrls Meldrum, Ber
nice Barlow, Tom Lovett, Herbert Bar
low, Teddy Hendry, Sarquar Haley.
BTttrrso BaaiLT to tu naoAi mislf.
other room my den. for Instance only
I thought you dldu't mind Influences
and small matters of tbsi sort" hint
ed Evana.
iuo library for mm" iu.rti
Then It was that they both found
tbetr attention attracted to tb picture
of Uncle Philemon over the II replace.
Some unseen wind was blowing It
gently to and fro; out from the wall
snd then back again, and tbey dis
tinctly heard lb rub aud knock of lb
heavy frame as It pounded the wall
llttl drift of dual floated down
from the disturbed frame.
"My Lonir gaaped Evan excitedly.
But Clark was speechless wltb
amsxeiueot, his band holding the
cocked pistol resting on tbe edge of
the table and quite carelessly pointing
the weapon at tbe buge Chinese porce
lain vase that stood a I oue end of tbe
The drift log dust seemed lo Iblcken
and form s flood which obscured Ibe
picture for a moment Then It Ihlnsed
again, and out of tb frame tber
tapped Uncle Philemon's Uncle Phile
mon, resplendent In velvet cost and
lac and bewtgged sod powdered snd
patched. He stepped easily to tbe
broad hIf snd paced down Its length
toward lb Chinese vase, bla bead
towering upward, bla banda clasped
behind bis bent back. Been tbroagb
th mist It appeared that tb portrait
of Evans unci wss tlU In tb frame,
snd yet be paced tb broad mantel,
dexterously evading tbe few orna
ment with bis silk stockinged Ugs.
Th two watcher gasped excitedly,
and then Clarke's nervous finger In
advertently pressed tbe trigger of tb
pistol, and II went off wltb star
tling detonation la tb quiet room.
Tbe form on tbe mantel shelf seemed
to rusn bark into Ita frame, which
hung rigidly aa before. The dust dis
appeared, and tbe room . lay batbed
In tbe warm lamplight aa It Was be
fore the clock bad struck. '
Tb room waa th asm, sav that
tb treat Chine vsse which had
tbe wrung bound, aud they tr fu
Clarke stlitly, snd then tbe plsy went stood on tbe nisntel shelf even hefor
Hopp Wleland Wadding Today. on for another hour, but all tbe time
and Mr. Charles Wleland, of this city,
win w solemnised this arte. noon at
2:30 o'clock at the Zlon Lutheran
church. Rev. William Kraxberger,
pastor, will officiate. Many friends of
tne young people will be present
... . ,
Cor. Vaugho and , Twenty-fourth St.
fun 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28.
Game Begin Wkdy st I p. en.
Sundays, 2:10 P. M. .
Boyi TJdr 11 Free to Bleachers
Tbe gelsb sssb combined with one
of tb new tsl.llcr effef ts gives strik
ing appearance lo rhl gown of mus
tard bcewu satin, wbhh is Just th
thing for smart afternoon wear. Tb
geisha sashes are known lo Paris as
"la Japonalse."' The, have short wide
bow snd ar worn high. Tbe tabllera
are embroidered In oriental, fashion In
old gold and color.
'ut s few grain of rice In your salt
shakes. They will break th lumps,
gather th moisture sod mak th salt
com out freely.
Olu pieces ot Mi or pieces of old
rubbers to th bottom .of tbe chair
lags, sod there will b no scratched
fjoors and loss nols.
Phone Main 1 and A-1122 Seventh and Taylor Streets.
Special price Matinee Wednesday.
Charles Prohman Presents
, . The Charming Actress
, In W. Somerset Maugham's Comedy
3 Night and Matins Wednesday.
8plendld Cast; Magnificent Production
Evenings: 12. $1.60, 11, 76c, 60c.
Wednesday Matinee: $1.60, $1, 76c, 60c, 36c, 26.
( Seat Sal opena Friday, -June 23.
3 Night beginning SUNDAY, JULY it"
- ; 'A Special Prlc Matine Tuesday, July 4
Th Favorit Comedian
In tb Musical puy Success
"The Tovmoks,,
$1, 75c, 60c, 26c, 26c.
July 6, s, 7, S, t.
hi chair, evidently III at ess over tbe
close scrutiny of theberutlled and tie
wlgged old gentleman standing o stiff
ly In th gold frame over the fireplace
-Oh-ah"- yawned Clarke as the
nour or 11 waa chimed. "You licked
me all to bits, Ed. Let's oult. I'm
dying for smoke." "v
Same here." ssld tbe other, acrati-h-
lng s match. ,
What did tbe old fellow dor ask
tbe day when Uncle Philemon's Un
ci Philemon had lived In lb old
brick mansion was shattered by th
straying bullet from Clarke's csrsless
wespon. . "
When tbey gathered their wlta to
gether and convinced themselves that
tbey wer not dreaming that tbsr
bad simply talked themselves Into see
ing ghostly vision snd after tb re
fresh ment tray had helped to restore
their courage they gathered up th
broken porcelain vas and found wltb-
Photo br American frtm Aies1" '
atntaaji or iTHt.tri)8'oiiSiTo,irlB
Snd har food arms. Tber
ti,tn.lit iH ihnl hlnved htD I3
bounds, or "hoim." and grs"
battue than Collins. Harry is
snd It Is doubtful If any thru PJr
on on team ever played tha
S welL
r'm A n.. .nrs S bH
many years sgo when to tb sowing IJZT ! Lt,.r thn ny
of hla wll.l oat. h. oh - .rtloP' tra b"Mer-W . '.We,ti
off bl. falber-. b.ooda.1 totTfc SLT H,
mnnM al at as II kAU S . 1 UU IIUIIT ( l.llTl V ' Va k
s w Ml 3 IVSa MJ IUfJ fftllla
"I ras tbe old felloir bs raised
ine mortgage st last." aald Rva.n a
llttl hreathleesly after thev bad
counted it and examined It to their I
nearts content." ,
d Clark after a silence- which he bad I r lu ''"'d shell sll th money
vainly employed In endeavoring to uorl niiemon's Unci Philemon bad
sure Uncle Philemon's Uncle I'blle- ""'""'r lowed a wsy that day so
mon out of his disagreeable counte
nance. "What waa bla particular wild
oat that b must come back to see how
"Horses." said Evana laconically.
"Extravagant, I suppose, and out a
mortgage on th old bom, 1 that
what th doubl unci dldT
"Then b's a double dyed old villain."
nlffed Clark. "Ought to bad his bead
bumped. I suppose th other unci,
bis namesake, tb last on, bad to
work off tb mortgage."
"RlRbt again."
"Well, wbat's Philemon back avsin
fort Trying to raise som mors mon-
ey oo tb picr
Olv It up. n's been hanrtn
sround tb last three year now, doing .
"biu oia sronr. Ton see hla
llStf S tkAatlflenl ...1.1. . . . . a .
, (, .,aulv ol Diooaag ........iu, Biue msy r man oil bav to b taogni w v" " - --
Dorse, and st one ttma arhan Irtce. rtnlt a hni -i , ...L m t..k aava Barry
i . -- ngi m wir i moif - - - .
i- s ,,, .... n.rrv. bat tall
tb best tht Cub pslr d'4 Ji .
Collins nor Barry nilajudga PJ",
langth of a bound one out ' '
k ,A irh.r In throwlcf L
... iw-il ihtt rtD0T
And laid his own .h h- s i --a balL Thy get vry . ,
time." .dded aarke aerlonsly. which tb ""T ,h. DV.y
wss quite true, for Unci. Phll.mon'S M" .K.nt -'
to o reaay iw iu"" ,
Uncle Philemon never walked again,
for be bad accomplished bis long post-
ponea set or reps rst Ion
Always nut Of till lMnnna
is wrong to te aon today.
a,- .... - iu .hlr haada,
, Baker cannot play th rljM c
Collins snd Barry do t"
pas olthr room nor Urn t si
baa to com. In or to
h.n h..r ha handles leas Bir
Hat your knlf tfor cutting bard than any otb.r third ba-"-
An emergency glu may bs mads of bav to b taoght to fiy
old gentleman wss
rhllemon wss
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