Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, June 21, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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    At I . vi'tV' ,lf.Mi i f'H '. ! 'ire I -V'i a
vl t .
Vi '
Big Uwri
Ladles tike, ii,
vAntkJe. of out
Social LaWfl
Sale. Ail 20c,
i5c and 3 6'c
lawns on Special
Sale for
I7c yd.
All our house
dresses at special
J.h Levitt
Suspension Bridge Corner
And Thef No Jake.
1 Fred haver and George Gregory,
proiuliwmt reaideuta ,f Molallit, trans
acted, business tn Oil city on. Tues
day, having oin in the former. u',o.
, Harry- Mllleri circulation .mauager
f tbe-Orgon fit y Enterprise, return
ed Tveedav roiu Wdorado and oilier
section of (lit county. k
Mr. J. H. Robinson ami twi sui.
KKwntnh and Ixjd. and Mr. J.i
Keating and. two children, Rodney and
Virginia, war In t)il rlly visiting
txlnltvna ,1 uvmlay.
Mian I'warl Jimes, who him been
for the past fiK.Hl. the Mui'hnk'J
aawniUI lor. Iti benefit of lier health,
has returned to har homo at Park
place inuU Improved i health.
Mm Myrtle iinl. of Arlington.
Kusterii Oregon. a arrived In Ihla
city, and la veiling her parent. Mr.
and Mia J inn 1'iircull, of Clackamas
I Heights. Hhe la accompanied by her
Utile." daughter, Helen.
I Mr and Mr J. Murrow, of Hills
I boro, arrived In Oregon Clly on Tuhh
I flay nmriiluK, having been suninoiiod
here by the Illness and deu'h of their
tiek-e. Miss May Uainlio, whosa death
oicuiied TnvHitiiy inoriiliiH.
' U K. Rill leaves thla morning for
HohhIiIv, mid from thorn will ko to
Cannon Beach, where, he will remain
I for several weeks. Mr. Hill will vim:
with hU win, lyinlar K 151 II, who I
In crmi,. of Hotel Hill, tat ubllsli
ment belonging to Mr. Hill and hi
mm. Thla I one of the most dellght-
f nl stiiniaar resorts, and Hotel LIU
will no dun tit have a Kood rnmlntm
I In- ruining season.
Oral A Welsh, aon of Mr. and Mr
Francis Welsh, of thl city, returned
Haturdiiy from Ann Arlior, Mich,
where hi- I a student In the medical
depart mriit of the I'nlverslty of
Mlrhlgun.- Mr. Welah visited rela
tives In (tip KhmI, among them being
hi aunt. Mra. Myrtle K. I'atton, of
Greenville, Iowa, formerly of thl
city, alao bis mother undo Samuel
Robinson, of Indiana, a well a Mr.
Rote -nid family, of Franklin, Indluna,
who wa a general mllonary a few
yar rk In OreKon, and who inada
ill home at McMlnnvllle. In Mil of
Mr. Wi lMh'a ' travel be think there
I no pliire like Orexoli. lie will re
l urn to Ami Arbor In September to
(umnleii. lila whole yvura courae In
rent of laat yaar'a ruu. . . . . .
K K ii a IUver. Oreaon. 60 to 60 Mr
ceut. of laat year'a crop. 4
Milton Freewater. IS to 16 tmr cant
of laat year's crop.
Other dlatrlrta In Oregon about the
name averaice.
League Managers ittef
Players Wlio Can Piitei SajKS
Poitmater Ooa To Olympla To Re
eelve Inatnictiona.
t'oatmaater Randall left lor Olympla,
Wab., Baturduy to bocome a member
of a claim of pontmanter. which will
on Monday and Tuesday be Instructed
in the metnoda of conducting poatai
aavliiK bank. The Oregon City bank
will be opened on June 26.
Portland Couple Get Licenses.'
The following have been granted
inarrlHKe license: Edith Ernalg and
Holoinou Gleck, of 230 1 2 Flrat street,
Hortland; C'orlnne Inex Jugb and
Jwiiu-h Krnetit Poole, 217 1-2 Cherry
street, Portland.
"Now. Willi, what on earth are you
rryliia llml way forT"
"tiyolioo! My teeth "teppvd on IIIV
tongue r'
. .
Uaht lunch and coffew aerve.1 Tiea
duy and Wrdnesoay, IUrri' grocery.
T. K. lilnford, of thla city, ha our
chased a 40 horsepower .touring rM.
XlUa (lrac Whlteh"ee api-nt Sun
day with Mra W h. StsfTord. ( .,
iam't miss the coffee demonstration
nt llarrla grocery.
Mrs. Jtrown and aon wori In
thl city on business Tuevlay.
John Hrown. of Cru. waa In this
city on business Tuesday.
Heclal prices on the best coffee
thl week. Hsrrls1 grocery.
William Lucke. one of tic promin
ent business men of Csnby, was tn
thla city on buslnesa .Tuesday.
Mr, ( axrle Jonea, of Haker, la visit
ing at the home of her unch, F. J.
Jones, of I'arkplace, for week.
MIm Konea Htafford haa gone to
fYirvalHs lo take a courae In the
college. . i .
WllhoU ataa will Wwe the Electric.
Motel etch day at 2 oclock, p. m
AiHilph Fredrick, of Ugn, w of
the .prominent young farmer of that
place, waa In thl city on iuemiy
Mra. John Davl. of thl-l clly. went
. . . V
to Hellwcmd Tuesday, on a
trip. '
An addition I being built to the,
rcitldence owned by Mr. Marie Oras
ler. of thl city. , ,
ivr. K. A- Bommof, formerijr of Ore
gon City, haa moved hl office to 1017
Cortiett building. Portland.
Charles Spence, of Beater Crek,
was In thla elty on Tuesday. Ielng
accompanied by his daughter, Mlns
Kuho Bpence. .'
Miss Nellie Miller, of Portland. hs
arrived t Olsdstone to spend week
with her parents, Mr. and MM. Thorn
aa Chamberlain. "
Thomaa McCarty and family, and
Mr. Bchoenborn. of Cam.- avere
mong the Oregon City vlaltora on
LHW"'- 4tiiT -H
Outlook In Oraflan, However, I Not
. promising.
The Northwestern Fruit Kxchange
reports a follow regarding apples;
Htalemetits In regard to the crops
wial of the MUsourt river are cnftlct
lag tn many ways, but the geimral toue
confirms the previously reiterated ad
vlcea thut the yield tn those districts
will be much larger than has been
harvested for a number ol years.
Msnv section In the Kasl nave ueen
vlHlted with abundant rain which
have helped strengthen the situation.
On the whole, the rain have been ot
exceptional value at thl time, follow
ing the extremely hot weatner ana
cevere drouth. The June drop will
1k much heavier. than waa expoted,
while a number of localities report
bleating of some varletlea. It seems
ronitlii that New York and Michigan,
at least, will have bumper yields,
siecallv in the fall varieties. The
Vlrilnlaa promise a very rair crop,
although smaller than that of 1910.
Information from New Yorg state
in.w rist of the 10th show heavier
dropping than I considered deerable
la Mine locallUe. wtjiie miners re
port blBstlng. Jiut on the average, con
ditions Indicate an exceedingly large
volume of tonnage.
Michigan report are of the same
goneral character. In some districts
the aummer varieties will be heavier
proportionately than the fall appres.
but the latter will of themaelve ex
ceed the production of the lust several
yenrs. '
Virginia report are recent and com
prehensive. The ShetiBndoah Valley
and Eastern panhandle of West Vir
ginia promise crops of uansually fine
quality, but on the whole the quantity
will hardly exceed 60 or 65 Jr cent
of last year harvest. The shortage
la attributed to the lt late frost,
and the excessive drouth lasting three
week. The drop has sIho been ab
.......... iiv heavv. The falling off In
th older orcnaras, wnicu mm
last year, will be offaot, to a large
extent, by the great acreage of young
orchard Just coming into oeariu..
Tha Shenandoan vauey waa
k hall, ligninuia '"
Detroit .Outfisldar'p. Ort u Run
fling H Won Many Gm Collm
, Phijadalpriis , Another rj lr 1806
White 8o 6pd Boys Baat Cuba. ,
Bpeed la one of the greHiext enen
UulS of miMleru hsseball It Implies
quick mental as well aa ph.vxleal ac
tlon, both offensively and (lefrnxl vely
Take any one of the major leutrue eii
nsnt winners .wUIJn ttie pust decadH
aiiU you will Hud tluti lbl uiiiiilty of
sliced bas leen Htrongly .evidenced,
bulb Individually aud collectively . The
wurJd's cbauiplon Athletics boast the
Onrt , ICdille Collins, i-niimplou baxe
stealer of the major league in IUIU
Ty Cobb's Med as much as his hit
Una; ability helped lluiiui JennliiKS
te wlu three consecutive pttuDuois and
la doing much to win another this eu
soa. .It was the sd ot .U.Htilcago
White Kui In luotl that Uwt t be Cubs
la a world's series, to the smuzvuient
of the country Fred Clnrkv's I'lrates
and Frank Cbauce's Cubs sre always
at or near the top of (be National
league beep because, even If they
boast no Collins or Cobb, they both
have some fan! and bendy .men.. ,
Sliding to bae Is also m, necessary
aacouipllshment In a great bane runner.
,1Umv to g-ii Into top speed. in the
quickest possible lime and bow, to
lljte can only be acquired by constant
There are two motives.. In sliding
The principal one is lo preeeot to the
gusrdlNn of station the smsllest port
Widow Clancy's
i Hi Put s Wrong Inter i
.1 pretstlon on What ,
, tie Heard )
. Copyright by Aoitrlca I'rau Auo- i
( clallon. IL . . V
Hurry liarry. sat under tbe shade of
hi broad brimmed bat estlntf bis
lunch. It wa a queer cougloiferate
luoch. the product of the cook' bur
rlal gathering of leftovera. , r , ,
Away off to the westward the. Crane
and C-abrkd were riding back and
forth, their form like pygmies agaloHt
the blue bate or the foothills.- They
bad consumed tbelr.bean sandwiches
U. V . . . .f. . W mi
! or '
tfrtX .it . ...
'' 'V' !? til
rork from wbUh noniuird a Btfla
grove of cottou w.mhjx . Krv'ii out ot
the rock there Issued a stream of pure
water' that stvsmeil a It lapped the
hot sandy bsuks. Under tbe cot loo'
woxmIs I here was a fictitious coolOeni.
aud Harry stsked his torsv and dung
himself dowu In tbe grateful snsue
and closed bis acbiu eyes.
If be could only stop thinking of tbe
fallhlesM Widow Clancy, wbo blid so
rutblexHly broken bis heart. Hairy
would tin re fell better, but tbe. love
smUieu yount man .was sore pressed
wllb recollei-tlon of the lender coiuel
rle of the pretty widow, who hud
loved, or pretended she did. aud. wont
of all. she was going to marry turn fst
faced Ormun butcher.
Itujler was fat faced, but there was
a certulu florid i-vmelliiexH about bis j
lookx us he Joitged Into Saliio's gulch
to seiin h for iilct aud shsde. He did
uot see Hurry Kurry. nor. did the al
tleimin we bjui until ltuj;er hud dis
mounted and was stuuiblli)K alNiut
among tlie stones: then Harry nrouel
aud sat bolt upright among tbe rocks
aud stared at bis siicceKsful rival.
"What do you waul?" he anurled
The tieruiuo toied short and
atnrwl ."That- no way to eak lo a
chenllemau.".he pdmonlslied severely.
"Thuj why I wj tt.lo .vou. Ruyt t'.
What are you idulug here?" . ,
"I came to cool off." iyj)d ,tbe (Jer
mQ ani;rlly. "Dls Satan ciilcb. It s
bubllc broperty."
"It's not big enough to bold both of
as." warned Harry, bis band on bis
hip pocket.
-Deo you petter .pe. going some."
aid poyter Imperturbauly.
"I wa here first," aritued Uarry.
"I'en vou should go first. You bud
your share or aer coolness so ruy.
Phlosea Are Striking.
Tbe varieties of phlox which
In a season are suitable for tbe idu
teur wbo wlxriee to produce a striking
effect tn her garden There are so
many different varletlea that any
bade desired except yellow may be
found Varieties differ In height, size
and shape of blmotu All are of
easy culture. The plants should bsve
a sunny olttou They grow rapidly
and their blooming senson is not long,
but may be prolonged by giving plen
ty of moisture and a partial shade
trip to Pqrllana Satyi&r, .
Tha Canby Red Mwyed a '
game with thf Molali Graja laat
Sunday. , Cunby won by aoort M
10 ti 2-, lThey played nlhe InMSca.
Molilla did not get a talley until tba)
eighth Inning.
8wt Paa Enamiaa.
Slugs and other pests must be watch
ed for. esiieclally in the evening, when
they come ou' to feed If put Into a
pall of strony; salt and water they will
die very qui 'kly. ,
If m:iU reen or hrown flies -ih!rtiH
iiper pn the plants. spray
I'jciu (it once wjth soft oup and water
mid kerosene or with some, Insecticide
fringe the plants wjtb clear water
the nett duy and "prjiy tbem( again
and again If ue:enry. till all tbe
aphides Hre ilestroyetl
, ; . Heuse Plant.
In dark rooms sin h. plants as the
palms, the .andiinus. the screw pipe
and evr f-iicln imI Hmx di- wel( , ill
the palms the fnu ami dole varieties
requjfe eal ,-nre I'hi-.rulils.r plnel
Is excellent. It w Ititured )y AM and
shonld be wuxlied f r.iuemiy
and dougbuuta and. . perhaps, even
their, etu,'Urry Barry shuddered-I ter ,at ueaviiy down on a rock neur
aud. were alive and able to riue arouna i narrT and mopped bi ciimon face
wUb some agtllty
AJor himself, he felt like a water
oaked log: a weight of tons seemed to
press on hi cbest; be felt melancholy
and down at beurt. There was noth
ing In tbe cattle business for him--tbe
bottom bad dropped out of every
thing that bright auuihloy dayn
"Cblmlny. but It' cruel hot. n
groaned. ' '
"Why. don't you go back- la the
ranch, then. I tell o thla place Isn't
blK enough tor both of uia, . . JU figbt
you for It." b auggetf4 tbra,tly)
"I ain't ii fighting inan.", murmured
h". crmrni heartlv.' "It's too biamed
tlfrbe bad been assistant foreman of I ho u B4D ,ByWay.
tbo. Looe Dull ranch. If be hud, heeu
rlilf herder of tbe outfit. If be bnd
beeu anything except plain Harry Bar
ary. the merrtesl. warmest hearted
camp the Lone Bull bid ever known.
he might have woo the Widow Clan.-
cy. ; let, uarry uarrj , uu.. uwu . -
ox wa In love, always fltwUd e
Uarry glared at the man wbo wjuld
not be affronted, the. man wbo.wouid
not,flgbt aud give liarry, Uarry an
owortuiilty to lay blm lo.gid thus
place the Widow Clancy, pqce more
on the free list. It came over him it
i nnn, then ihat'Of course If tbe
Wlduw Clancy didn't want blm why
ow wbo naa Dongui un wi ur
the Lone Ball and whose chief ad
vlser be bad been for several months
Ha tt wa wbo bad bounced her fore
maond installed In his place a atouL 1
caDOble. .Uerman.. who. .wa. Doneat
The Welsh Congregational church
Sunday school will hold it annual
picnic next Thursday on the cnurcn
lawn. There will be Interesting ex
ercise by the pupil and . refresh
ment free for everybody.. A cordial
Invitation 1 extended to all.
. .Aali YOur.Phyaiclaa.
It ta not neceaary, lor , ani aromas
to take our unsupported word lor any
statement toe make. '' Id ft, sh CAB
easily satisfy herself aa to tha efflcaey
of Kexall Vegetable Compound, If aha
will coma to u. let u acquaint ftr
wltri the lngrexllehta contained In tola
prejiaratjon, and then aak her physic
ian hi opinion of the treatment.
The formula,' after which Rexaii
Vegetable Compound I put up, I tha
same a used by a reputable success
ful physician In treating such ailment.
Since it baa. been op tne maraei, iu
relhiblUty ot thl treatment haa bean
deiiionatrated in, hundred Of Caa,
and today ao .post) ve are we ot tne
reaulta one ,may expect from a treat
ment of . thl preparation, that wa
offer o, refund any money you. may
have paid u tor Kexan - vegeisoie
Corblioiiod. If it, falla to produce pn
flclal resiills in your own case.
Hear In nilnd that Retail Vegetable
Corritioupd may be 'obtained only at
our. More Tbe ' Kexall Drug Store.
Price; f LOO per bottle. Huntley uroa.
Cbhipariy... .. .
' i'
In the County. Court of the State of
. . Oregon, for Clackamas County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ellery
Capen, Deceased. .
The undersigned having been ap
pointed by the County . Court of . the
State of Oregon for ClacVamaa County,
executor of the last will and testa
ment of Ellery Capen, deceased, noj
tlce 1 hereby given to the creditor
of, and all persona having claim
against said deceased, to present them
verified as required by law, within
six month after the first publication
of this notice, to said executor,' at
Ladd THton'a Rank, corner Third
and Washington street. Portland,
Oregon. ....
Executor of the laat will and testa
ment of Ellery Capen, Deceased.
Dated, June 7th, 1911. Sw
WantSi For &
at iuMILUmJ basar
hopelessly In love, with tbe yretty wld-1 wnt yer?, Wbat waa love
If . two did not, participates., Why am
Rnvterlf Wa It worth while 4 . .
,,He scrambled lo bb eet ao . whis
tled, to his borse. Ruyier looked. up
w)th dull Interest, "bat's rljfcbj. Mr.
Barrr. First you come und tirst yoo
abovf everyjblng elae, and that la. very 80eBo:.. - . ;
Important when a widow's funds are! yarry Barry stood lo froteo alleoce
Mrti -.T I
atorm on June 6th. the effect of which
could not be determined at tha time
of our advice. Whatever damage ha
resulted in the southern part of the
valley may be equalled by the benefit rail in Hi northern aecuon.
rrnn. of 1910 In Beveo . count lea
. ohnndosh Valley aggregated
1 nnn.nno barrels, or the equivalent
.st Kniwi carloads.
m Northwest coixlUlons continue un-
. a AKcordlna to best posieo
onree.' the outlook for apple la a
nort niver Oregon. 50 to 60 . per
I Y'wSs IS Asifeiiig:; J
I ASK.. :
Fo ml we will gWe.yo" w1"' I
: ; . mm I
MB V a
11 6 months subscription
i 1 By Mail I
a) at 2Sc the, month
TO THE . 1
4 months subscrfption 1
By Carrter
. at 45c the month
1 1 disbursed.
A, few careless words In tbe bunk
hmw rhst morning bad turned bis
complacency Into bitter connternatton
"la It true about Ruyter and the wld
wT Jim Lewla bad asked of Tim
othy. . , - . ' ' 1
-So I bear." Tim had carelessly re
plied. "Seems Mrs. Cllntock put it up
to. the widow, asking ber If Ruyter
wasn't the second. ADO. say. 4iui. jmi i . k,,. . hi. rjeaa ana squeaiM suiuij
tv.i1' he mourned. AD. Uotll
I'm dead as der doornails
ougbter seen how Mrs. Clancy bluxh
4 s, . . -T.
MOIwNINCj enterprise.
A Beautiful China PLAGUE029' A f.
v There arc a variety of patterns to choose from.V
Make your selection early.
Sobscrlber.MaylHave Them Too ... , ..
To any present subscriber who will bring us four
ncwuSsription, we will present one of these
beautiful dishes.
:. .. : "' '
. . . K aVlaT
D A n n , v 1 -
Pbotoa by American Prnsa AaaocUUlon.
kus viswa or ass .SUP..
rR .iiiia: No. k. bnoa silda; no. a.
anoih.r vlaw of nous allda.!
A . A ll M"'
of tbf apatomy, for in auyh lK;a. lb
Ukeilhood ot being taggea .u
,.i to a minimum furthermore.
Mri base and the plate are the only
siatlons which may be. overrun after
rescblna At sx-ond and third buses
,h. nmiwr uiuet not only touoo. Wit
.is., rwtaln the anck vtlft some. pW of
WsHHjrsoo, It ta.a fatal ,to..jv.raHde
,iM h. an Inch as to oe muaio
miliars V f
.There are many alnds, at .slides
' 1 . . r., MM,
Moat players prerer 10 uur
for ihelr steel aplke naturally intlmt
data the fielder Others usually travel
bead tlraC rluichkig tbe oase wnn oe
band and so bouliaM wi more nrimj
than If Ibef .QWOeUUe-J. ri) '
pikes. The Player sliamg twn or-.
bas- ao advantage-: oiiisiue "i
ral dnnger of encounterlug .foeniHO's
.nlkes in face, pAiJV!rw or n.ni7
11 hns the bug rtgni oeivn- ui- v.---
Whrea one who .lldea feet flr-t goes
. . nr was bv guess work once he
makes his- final hP wh-,ner
sliding head Mr-l or feel t1ri.. pmyer
must be able to Keep "' "
.11 times If plBVer;al-
ays slid right Into the bug Sould
. oinn lor I he npnosltlon 0 P'T
htm Hut If sometimes he slides In
rr..m miM .trie, sometimes from an
,.thr .nil .sain between the legs of
Mis onnonenl. as sometimes happens
fheu be ha Jut so mucb advantage
, Four Couple Gat Llcanaea, ,
The following were granted ma
rlttge licenses by County Clerk JduVvey
on Tuesday: Bade Evan and W mm
it. Lucke. of Canby; Emily Hewe
and Pr Hefty, Oak Grove; Alfra
Tannler and Christian Burn. Spring
water; Carolina Dahtn and Wilson 8.
Day wait, of Clackamas.
at wbat he saw. behind Kuytefa back
There, disturbed from. Jt a .reat.. among
tbe roc ks, wa a rattlesnske cojieo 10
aprtug Another Instant and Ruyter
WOV'd be beyond help uarry nvai
would be put out of tbe way. (
There waa 'a flash of Are. a report
thai detoualed among the ecattered
rock aud went echoing down the ran
yon. The German Hftedbotb handa
MACKS8URG. . , . .. ,
Miss Lucy Mitts haa returned home
from a visit In Portland and Salem.
Ben Jackson ha sold hla horse and
buggy. . ., , ...
cMtea Lmho (irlbUle attended the ball
game, at Macksburg Sunday..
The Canby boys .were victorious at
Macksbury Saturday. ; y , ;
August. ,WIHbroad ha gone to the
hospital at Portland. ,.,..,' - . ..
Mrjs, .Dreler wa a Portland vlattor
last week. i . .
Mr. Eby, Jr., fa putting np a new.
house. . ' . '.
Mr. A. Klelnsmlth and family, from
Medford, Or., vlalted their relatives
-M , n . I . J If T
smith, intend to atay with her mother WANTED 1000 loan on good prop-
I ai a fa m - un asiVttnaaavs
durina-the aummer. . eny. Aauresa a-i, v
Sum Elmer and family .attendee a
wedding in Molalla of Mr. Elmer'
neicevr -s . . . .
t. Surenaon Is working for Mr.
, Alexander Scherruble la working lor
Mr. Elmer , . , r
Otto Elmer has. coma home, .from WANTB3-rExnertinced , girl or wo-
school. ,EImrVna Edna Elmer vlalted 1 wn f0r general housework at Port-
Netleea nwdar tfeaea,
will be Imseriad at
iMuiim . haif . ant
tuma. uh tmch eara. U asK asawthi.
H.h rmr it itnaai si Dr saanth.
Caah must auosaipaay araar asBiewa
lima an cam acooual wltn ISO, Wi, f a
n...ri. mmon.lbflltr for errors; wbart
rmn oesur frae eorrecwsi aouo win
prlmtad for paHron. ayniroum
STRONG VOUNO girl wanted, .from
10 to 7 o'clock every nay except
Sunday a nurse girl and assist with
housework. ' Phone Main 3044. or
write Box 409. Gladstone.
. . . Ukai
ed right up. to er. pretty, ears on
said he .was. Wonder wnat uarr.v
will say to that." c ...... i
Suddenly Uarry arose ana. mounuog
bis horse, rode around o, w here i4
hHrt wss loping leUurely along "plant
ed hot. ain't It. Uarry boyf be asked.
-nades Isn't In It," growlea uarry.
mopping bis face, ""'"!,
yThlnga-U mighty. slow. A,rane jiu
me will get;alo .Bra rate. Uarry.
Why don't you lope over to the gulch
aud ake a snooee lo the ,rock? I
heard tbe ftream was deep8euougl to
take a dip In. Go along: w don't want
ou" II. r.
"I'd like to mignuiy. umn -
, The Crane rod np then, and .mingled
bla communda with tpos pi .vaui" -and
soon the two older men re
watching bla drooping form dl-appear
lug toward .Satan .. KUich. a bit of
coolness dug out of the foothills.
. .-I'd like to chaw up that Dutchman,
gfewled Gabriel without preface.
ere' .your . chauce." said Crane
dryly "he's coming now.',',.,, .
.KOabrlel turned , a, . saturnine couu
tanance toward a huge rol poly flKitre
bouncing aioug astride of a lull, raw
boned sorrel. The German s face
Crimson with the Dent, and bis fair
hair was plastered to his forehead In
dark string. - He pulled to a rtao.1
sttll beside tbe cattlemen und m..l
feu. brow with a bine cotton nandker.
chief. . :
It a hotT' he muttered .beliiiewly.
"Is Itr asked tbe Crane Innocently .
"Mr pardner here. Gabriel, was saying
, bow he wished I'd favor him by rid
lng borne for a extra blanket."
for exploded Ituyier. -You are
coldt bloodied.. Mr. Gaber 1
Gabriel .shrugged his shoulders.
Whv 'don't yoq t over to the gulch
Ruyter. and hav a dip In the stream?
Cool vou off.; '
I till." sld the other, with entbusl
asm. "I forgot that gulch, poys
"It'll make Harry feel peart to smash
tbnt Dutchman." observed tbe Crsne,
l nnlr wish I was there to see It.
deplored Gabriel '' '
Within Satan' irul-b Hstty Barry
let his horse smble to the npper end.
where there was a rained neap of
-Aw. wake mr Uarry permiitea
himself the pleasure of kicking Roy-
ter Into acUvlty. "Thafa wbat'a dead
. . . . ........ . ih.
aa a doornjui. ue. , isnym.,
twitching body of the rattler,,: Ita
bead wa blown to atom, and Jbe. big
German Blared until bis face was as
white a paper. .. , ...
-You did that for met" be almost
whispered.. ' '
."Ita nothlnn." ld Harry sullenly
ss he threw a leg over his borse. . j
There came. a. , shrill cry doTff.ahe
canton and a clatter of boot as a.ra.
Clancy pounded recklesaly am.qnj ;ha
loose tone. She drew rein at Igbt
of the two men. and ber eyes lingered
..n Riwter'a delected form.
. rfbet aald you and Ruyter were go-
In .to fight." she. said to Harry accus
ing lT, ber eyes blaxlng. her balr tinged
with tbe red of tbe sun., .
I baveu't hurt your Dutcbmaji."
said Uarry rudely. -He's perfectly
safe." '
"He aafed my Ufa from dit. . Mr.
CUncy." said Ruyter agtutedly. poln
lng a fat linger at tbe remains of tb
rat tier. . ,. -
She shuddered and tbeu. recovered
ber equanimity. Once more be wa
the cool, level headed little woman tnat
Hurry Barry bad fallen In love wltn.
t on, Ruyter.". be commanded tbe
German: ."you're got a lot of matter
to clean up. you know " . -W .'
, "Yea. Mrs. Claucy." he said, .gladly
leasing the place. When tb echoes
Of the Borrel' ham'bling hoofbeata
bod died away Mrs Clancy lifted ber
eyes to Harry's handsome, sullen fart
and spokes ' ' '
,. rWby caU Ruyter my Dutch
mauT" she dfmnoded crisply.
.."Tbe,v sa.v-they.nyryor golp to
pinrry blm." stammered Uarry. feeling
hot and foollb. .r v
"1 don't know who they are. b.ut.thcy
are dead wrong. No. air; keep your
distance! I dismissed Ruyter yesterday-
and the Cllntocks are .Jollying
me because he's the second foreman
Ey- had since I've been here,';,. Jw
eyes swept bis face and .then torn Ml
way. "Is that why you saved hla
life?" i - ! '
"1 thought they meant you,recond
husband." said Uarry. growing .bolder.
"I'm not going to hate a second
hn-ihsnd." -said Mrs Clanct decidedly.
tet showing tbe curve of a pink cheek.
vNever?" insinuated Uarry. i
Rut Mn Clancy did not answeryet
,h-n wna something In tbe demure
curve of her,Tlps tfiat.led Uarry Barry
to feel, riotously happy, and to alng
love songs In her pretty ear all tb
way home.
their brother at .the school In Cor
vaIHb for a few days- , , ..... -
Mra. Tall man la In Portland in the
hospital. ?he underwent an operation.
Mr. Sullivan hauled lumber laat
week. -
Mis Frances . Curran, of Oregon
City, visited Miss Zelma Cummins
Charlie Henton haa returned from
Washington.' i
Mrs. Haurer and daughter Tlllie,
went to Portland for a few day.
Miss Mary and Maggie Sullivan
have returned from OrMon City.
Mt. WaMoe,j of Highland, hauled
lumbr on Monday. , ..
Mr. Buttemlller la painting the root
rt 1a hnilftA.
W. G. Klelnsmlth baa purchased a
Edward and Otto Buel went to New
fr.ra on Sunday to visit their uncle
A. Durst and family, of Union Mills,
wan. in Clarkes on Sunday.
Mr. and MrMa. Solomon Glick and
haa mother visited hi sister, Mrs,
Hofstetter on Sunday.
Mis Emma Klelnsmlth haa recov-
rd from a aore throat. '
, rwona Klelnsmlth preached In
Valla last Sunday. . .'
George Clarke hauiea Bningies ini
Mr tlinann and his son lien, Ot
Portland, visited in Clarkes. They
want mountain-climbing,
Mr. Undon ha finished bla nouse
an1 la l-OHll tO mOVB In It .
Sara Elmer waa In town last ween.
Made Blrd Seeka Divorce and $35
Alimony Monthly. . .. ,
Made Balrd, Thursday filed suit
against Isom . Balrd, for divorce,
alleging cruel treatment im
Thou were married In thla city,
Oct 27 1"09. plaint Iff a vera that she
rf.'aortori and left with no mean
of tup-port, from May 10, until August
10 1910, ana tnai aeiuui.uv
hr of Intimacy with
,thpr men. She asks for the care of
their one child, Clnrence, and 36
month alimony.
Read the Morning Es'arprlBe.
land: good wages and pleasant
place.' Apply 1006 Main St.'; Oregon
City or 693 East Salmon 8t, Port
land. ... .. . .- .. ....
WANTED Ton to know mat, wt(buy
all klnda of.Curioa, tnat wa train
the market for second hand Ftrrnr
tur' and Tool. Wa alac ha a
good aaaortaaent .' or second, hand -garniture
and .Topit.. on band .for
aai .tpvthoae,. in peed. Come and
iee; pertape w'e few Juat what yo
want Indian Curioa and trtnltet
for sale cheap; some that are vary
unique and also very raru GXORGK
TOUNO, Main near Fifth atraet- .
I HEREBY notify all nuainea men
and deaktra that l win noi oe re
ponaible for any debts or bill con
tracted by my wife, Lmi V. Mold
enhauer, after June 10, 19U.-C-
... .'row aAue. -
ACREAGE Oh- to ve acrei n rtght
of Oregon City; ,160 ana iron w
acre; good level huid; on
from ear Kna. Oyde A McRa. 1001
Main 8t Oregon City.
r t. Porn ha made a. business trip
to Portland and St. Johns Monday and
Tuesday. .
Mrs Lee Eckerson visiiea ner par-
.... ... D...W. , ,
enta, Mr. ana Mrs. neurj unm -
Aurora over Sunday.
Mlsa Robbing, who Has oeeu veil
ing her brother at Hood River bat
returned to Canby. '
O. M. Mattlson. wbo recently soiu
hl.s, fiirm to Frea Hoiuman, ua
. . . ...... A,Aa ,.i.m trtnnll
QOiiKht iniriy-ums ti" ....... r-
SolMe. ' . M
Vroderlck Hahn baa now toriy-one
acres to Lars .Malum. for $4000. .-
E S. Balr. gf . l'ortiana. naa ut-e..
yUdtlng hla brother W. H- Balr for
the past few daya. '
W 1L . Iiuokee -mane a uiimu i-.e
to. Portland Monday. . ' .
ft J Vaughn made a Dusineaa iny
to Oregon City Monday. , .
W A. 8altmarBli ana tamiiy wem
to lbanon Monday, for a few daya
visit at tbelr former home. ; -' . .
Mrs. Charlev Thomas, wno nas ueu
visiting at 8ellwoid, returned to Can
by Monday.
Mr. Millie tAlvin. or uoi"'-""" .
Wash., Is visiting at J. t
Howard Eccleg went to roruauu
a visit Sunday.
Jamea Atkins haa purcnHsea u
,.,nnhila from White A . Sheer.. , .
Mrs. W. H. Place ,-ana. aauKiuer
Mrs.. Rohblns, visited Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler over Sunday.
-"- ... . .
W. J. lJmb will go to .aHicrn vjrv
goit for tne summer i""
GW. Smith, president of tha Clack
amas county fair was in canoy mod
day, while on hla way to the county
seat Mr.. Smith la maaing i enuii
to make the fair thla year tn oeai
ever held In the county. .
W. O. Vaughn or canny, na pw
chased an automobile.
John Lucy ha put in a name
shop In the old.. Trlbuna building. '
Miss Zora Peary of Oranta Paaa.
who ha been -,t,n i6,'""1'";
Doe, made a trip to Portland Mo1
day to visit friend. She will return
In a few days.
Mrs. Florence Adams, ot Portland,
visited her parent Mr. and Mrs.
urnnff Mnnrinv
. Warren Leoft while splitting wood
a.,n,Uv avnnlna. cut one ot nin nngera
Edward Krueger made a bualneaa
FARM LOANS -Dlmick . A Dlmlck,
Lawyers, Oregon wu, ur.
i -I -! 1. . , , r
MONEY TO . IXAN-rOn flrat , iwfi.-
gage; $500 and upward; ona leav
or longer, ADPJ onc-. CroP
Hammopd, Att,orney at Law, Bwa
ver BIdg.. Oregon Oty.
FOR RENT r- Bven-room was
house on .14tn ana Main, irw,
Oregon City. Inquire, roonj , Baav
.ver Bldg. Ci T. Tooie A Co....
Contractor. Bsamataa cneerrwny
gfran on all claaawe'or hdlMtaaJ
work, concrete walk aa rwlBfr4
concrete. Ree. PVmb) Mala 111. -
0,,D.K3t;'"AttoraeVat-w.' Moovy
tA ahaatla-tBl fnralamlhafawl 1 filial f
Oregon Oty- z.-r.' . ; a '- V
ft . a. . m a. ,i. .,
Law. DeiHawwaK-rWae. wffl r
tlce In all ejCMUla, aaak cotle-'
aM . BBMttkfc -6W Jtal ll
prtoe ViOnmom Or. 9Vj';;X
fe. h. COOPER, Fo- Fir ra.
and M.MtHll kfi
City. Oi
Notice of Application ff -JlX "
NOTICB.l J'rt&?
.i h. ruivt raarnlar MawtL! l.s
City Cott-wtt, aplHy
t,, sell lltjner at my phaOf tt T
ftJit, TneOM. Hla f
4tl Main aitewt, ! ft 9,- ,
three month.. ,nrg
t the atext recnlar UCzjt ct (
C1tyCoBcU. ',XI
U, tell liquor at t
neaa. hi VAr ttexA t.r" '
of thrwt a i-'f:-f'