Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, May 21, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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C K. BKOOIE, Editor and Publisher.
"Vnterwf aa rowd-ctase matter' Jaa
(ary . 111. at the poet efrlee at Oreeoa
City, Oregon, ender the Act of March
a. UTS."
' i TUNS tf SLYSCtirmN.
Ona Tear, bv mail ft M
la Montha. by mall II
Four atoatha. by matt... 1
far rak, by wrhr...,. .1
Flrat Paee, prr lacn first Ineartloa ....!
Plrat Pa fa, pw Inch addea tnaartlosa. .lc
Preferred position any par, per Inch
- flrat tnaartlon lae
Preferred position any pax, per Inch
added1 Inewtloaaw ...le
Run paper other than flrat page par tnrh
flrat Inaertlon lZc
Rua paper other than flrat pace, par Inch
advled Insertions ............ .c
looale ite per Una; to regular adver
Meors to line.
Wants. For Rale. To Rant, etc, ona
eat word flrat Inee.tlon; one-half cent
each additional.
- Ratee for adrertlalng In .ha Weekly
Enterprise will be the aame as la the
dally, for advertisements art eepectally
for the weekly. Where the advertkaement
la transferred from the daily to the week
ly, without chan re, the rata will be le
aa Inch for ten of the paper, and lo aa
lack for atcta poaltlon.
Caen - ahoKl4-aompany order where
party la unknown In business office of
the Enterpriae.
' lral advertising at lgl ' edvertletrJg
Clrcua advertising and apeclal traaalent
advert lelns at r(c to 10c an Inch. accord
In to apeclal conditions governing the
"Fire Sale" arid Bankrupt Sale" adver
tisements lie Inch flrat Insertion: addi
tional Insertions aame matter We Ineh.
Newa Iteir.s and well wilt'en artlclea
f merit, with Interest to local readers,
will be gladly accepted. Rejected manu
script never returned unleaa aorompan
tee. by stomas to prepay poaiaan.
At the Portland Theaters
Frank P. and luni R- Drinker to
J. M. Russell, 8Q acres pf section 14.
township south, range t eastj'IIO.
J. M. Russell to Gem Hammock
Fl Not Company, 480 aoree of see
lion S4. township 6 south, range 4
east; $100a
II. a. nd Elsie llsrtshore to OMo
Vi . y . .
4 J C
other European noblemen are acnem
Imt to got the child and her mlllloot.
Eleven Parkplacg PupMt Fall
ent mlnktlen.
MlM Mrl Holmca, the lS-yrKld
duht.- of Mr. nd Mr;. W. A.
llolee, m th only. pupil of h I
pine- lltcb School who piiaiwd the
eighth rdti eixkinlnatlon rerr-nily
Blven the iniplli tht n hwl. Twelve
twk th" fmlnkllon. Mlee llilme
itvernite wm eWl. her hllheet belnn
Urt. which In r1thiii'lo, nd In
live olhor nludlct mhm reoi'lved ner--.'iiit'
In tht ' ' Th niieailonk
Mere uutikiwtlly dirnvull.
WANTED You to Vn thl lh Kn
terprlae Job prlntln tie parlment l
the moat complete In the Htnte,
ouialde Portland. Try It for your
next prlntinr
There's One Form ol Investment
which U bkoMaly tafe fer vervana 1
It mmc klurnps In vlot.
lit Integrity la unqueetloned.
Tht return Is certain,
Principal la always available.
II has n lament of peculation.
It It a Saving Account In
vThc Banl. of Oregon City
Th 01det BarTC la Thi County
May 21 In American History.
i2kl John K ll. I.u.i .i-jlf t
llie iHii: UM tl. I
- tilV.'-fll-U IV'll All.H.' Vo. li I"
tllrtrtl a v .i. I. l,.f .a.i .l.'-. l
In Ni'V .rk; iirn ll.'
' Aliimii r'..ii,i-.'i."i,il w.i'im
uiid 1 il l'l.'l 't M.ti"
Ul at ilit-tl: tN.nt 1 -"v -"
' (Kruui uuvu loti.ijr i. u-ii luaiorruw.i
Euu iwli rl-o- mi; ium r;-"
; 1 :4U a. lu.; luoou ul tiivnlntl lilrultu
', east: auu'a Uevlliuiliuti. '-U3 derwa
' north of caleailal euatyr.
i ' '
' Mayor Brownell, In- assisting In lh
- proeecntlon of a saloonkeeper, charg
ed with violating a city ordinance, and
who a as fined $75 and given a sen-
. fence of tea days In Jail, baa. kept the
promise made to' the people when bo
was elected. The Mayor declared
then that the owners of saloons would
- not be allowed to violate the laws re
lating i to fralmbing, minors and wo
men. Ro Jo seeing that they do noX
The success of the promoters ot the
Clackam&o Southern Railway, which
will penetrate the rich Molalla valley,
should gratify every citUen of this
county an State. The railroad will
be of incalculable advantage to the
country, and every person who In
vests Jn the stock is sure to be well
rewarded in a financial way when
the line begins operation. ' -
Secretary Lazeile, of the Commer
cial - Club, announces that "Postal
Card Day" in Oregon City was a de.i,er wl,b, hom he lUBt c'ed, Ion
I DlinAAaaf ill ti crn onrn ash n ,1sm Wa
elded auccesa and that cards wereBpecla, Bummer engagement at the
mailed by the school children to all j Baker.
porta of the world. There could hard-' The opening date "of Mr. Sainpolis
ly be a better way to advertise the ,n j""1 uJ!day "; nd for
... s, , . the first week his sensational success
city and Clackamas County and we of h,B torm engagement. "The Mid
are delighted to learn that the "Live dleman" has been chosen by Manager
Wires" of the Commercial Club, are Baker. This Is the play in wBlch,
"Postal Card I 1 ne patneiic oia poyery-
uMwr air. aaiopuiia iairiy set ineaire
geers and critics wild, receiving col
umns of praise for his wonderfully sr
tlstle work, and causing the play to
run an extra two weeka. During his
coming season he will be supported
by the full strength of the popular
Baker Company and several old fav
orites will be found in the cast. All
the favorite old stock conditions that
have made the Baker o famous, will
be reverted to, including fhe extreme
ly low prices for the summer, and
with the three matinees Sunday, Wed
nesday and Saturday. ."The Middle-
tlon of the general governmtnt la Its
work of crushing the rebellion, recom
mended a spot on the west bank ot the
Willamette opposite this city, as the
most suitable place upon ttAf coast
of the Pacific for the erection of build
ings daapted to the manufacture of
munitions of war. Mad not the hostil
ities have so soon terminated, after
this recommendation was made, we
skeull possibly now have witnessed
the worka in full operation, and ob
serve frequent shipments of massive ,
guns, taken from the raw material
which yet remains -burled throughout
the surrounding hills. However, there
yet may be such an institution here.
If Mr. Johnson, by his style of "mak
ing treason odious" should -bring
about auch another Internal war as
that through which the country haa
but recently passed. Brother Jonathan
will again straighten up his lean,
lank form, and pointing to various
localities, say "That at Oregon Clly
must be Improved."
An OH Mill. Among other new en
terprises which promise to be under
taken In this city speedily, we are
Informed upon good authority' that
before long an oil mill, will be In
operation. There . are great Induce
ments for such an establishment. In
connection with the new paper mill.
The cultivation of flax will receive a
great Imnetus upon the commence
ment of this enterprise.
Ben Holladay has taken the 'new
mail contract from Salt Lake City to
The Dalles. From Boise City to The
Dalles, the mail wilt be carried by
C. F. Tbomaa Company, to whom
Holladay has sublet the contractThe
route will probably be In operation in
a week or" ten days.
man" will be followed by other great and Sofia Nicholson, 1 4 M acres of
plays and productions in. which Mr. section 18, township 3 south, range 1
SalnpolU hne created, his preatest east: 110. ;
suctpiea. . The Baker should prove
to be the moat popular, amusement
place In the city the next few weeka.
Quotation for Orsgori City.
POTATOKS Best. $2.50. good
IStS'; coir mon, S. Buying, carload,
st'lt'ot. IJ.10; ordinary. $l.0.
steady, soiling from t to 3 50; very
little of cheaper gradea. Feed Is
higher and rlalng slowly. Bran brlna
from 126 &0 to $27 BO. aborts $29 to $30,
rolled barl. y $:U 50 to $33.32, procoas
barley $33. whole corn $31 to $33.
cracked core $3 to $33. Wheat $33
to $33. -
HAY (Buying.) Timothy $16 t
tin. Clover. 113 to-114: oat hay. $11
to $16; mixed, $11 to $11; alfalfa, $ljrf-" pstlfic' Main 350?
OATS Buying Are higher, gray
$27 SO, white from
rx c. LATOimicTTi rrMMM p, j mktkr, r,h
CAPITAL, I60.000.0U '
Troneaeta a wearol nklnf Business. Open trv. a. w. (.' . fc
Oregon City Wood and Fuel Company
New Playing to Big Houaea All the
Time at the Bungalow. .
When you want a couple of hours'
entertainment of the Utht and airy
kind, with a score of pretty and clever
chorus girls, plenty , of music and
catchy jtongs and loads of genuine fun
and l:ighter. go to the Bungalow any 1720. j
John W; and Grace lodcr to W. S.
Thomas, lots 15, 16, Hock 4, West
Gladstone: 110.
RIH,mn. Neiil r.fjiM Ana M-latloa. from $25.50 to
to (!. U. and Ueorge USalle, lots 15. ft7 50 to $30.00.
Irt. block 52: $450. .BUTTER (Puylngl Ordinary
H. C. and Mary K. Stevens to Wlf- i.rH?fy Mn 'ro 1Ro lo t0e
Ham and Winnie And.-rsen to Frank fancy dairy from StV 'to 32c, cream-
Haggar. undivided 3-4 Interest lu Iota ery r:c to 350.
8 and 7. tlxfk 5. Oregon City; $10. Kt5(iS-lHuyiigi
s and 7. blook &. Ore son City: $10. KtKlS-1 nuyfiigi- Are ranging from
afternoon or evening and see the pop-
nlar Lyric Musical Comedy Company,
which under the management of Keat
ing ft Flood Is now playing at the eoty
uptown playhouse, for the summer.
Opening of Well-known Actor Sunday,
Matinee In Groat Play.
All classes of theatre-goers in Port
land are more or less Interested in the
special engagement of the eminent
character actor John Sainpolis with
the Baker Company, as Mr. Sainpolis
played two seasons here and was gen
erally recognized as the cleverest ac
tor who has ever appeared In stock
in this city. Since leaving Portland
he has for .several years been support
ing famous stars, such as Mary Man
nering, David Warfleld, etc., the lat
considering making
Day" an annual event.
45 Years Ago
From The Enterprise of October 27,
United States Armory. During the
year 1864 a commission appointed by
the 8!cretary of War, for the purpose
of selecting sites for the s ceo m mod a
Tbouiaa F. Ryan aiid Inet M. Ryan
to I-eo S. Burdon, lots 15, 16, block.
37, (iladstoue; $300.
I D. K. BIIJ to John W. Loder. north-
tw. i. . matin., .tort da at s-45 easterly half of lot "A", tract f.7. Wtl
and two evening performancea the t lameite tracts; $1.
first at 7:45 and the second at 9:15. 1 1
West ft Vack, those two funny corned- HEIRESS IS GUARDED,
tans of the tall Dutchman and thei ,,.. ,. .
short Dutchman variety are great! CHICAGO. May ao.-rretty 15)ear-laugh-getters,
and Jeanle Fletcher the old Catharine Barker, possessor of
prima donna Is a Scotch girl with a
truly marvelous voice. There Is never
a alow moment and the immense fol
lowing the Lvric Company haa won tn
thjs cltj Is the bet criterion of the
Tleaing shows theygive. The new
$30,000,000 Is today the matrimonial j earn
mark of European royalty.
The American princess, whose life
reads like the pages torn from the old
French chronicle, Is held a willing
captive' In the spacious mansion of
h lit-
Old roosteTs" are poor at 8c to lc, broil
ers bring from 32c to 34c, with, good
WOOL (Buv.'ngi iVool prices are
ranKlng from l3o 10 14c.
MOHAIR (Buying Prices On mo
hair have, been "vay up, some having
brought as h'gh sa 39o locally. Quo
tatlons are 374c and demand la strong
HIDES (Buying fireen hides. 5c
to fie; sailers, Slfcc to tc; dry hides,
13c to. 14c. Sheep pelts, 35o to 75e
! nuiL-n rDriT-i..i .i.. J,.
firm at from Kc to lOe on apples and
bill starts every Sunday, matinee, and
poisibi; to give better ind blgaer r !. latlw.t Michigan City,
shows than were ever known at the ' Guarding her arc atalwart, allent men.
down-town house. The same old pop- J The fiery dragon of the old chronicles
nlar prices prevail all the time 13c ; , mipp,nte4l j ,nll, modern story
aiiu ar, nmi iue rrr niuiirii, tn'
lure t)e Chorus Girls' contest takes
i of facts by n'soullcs corporation.'
place as usual after each performance j The guardian of Miss Barker, accord
Friday evenings. hng to the will or herTathr. la-fhe
directorate of the First Trust ft bav-
Over in sunny Sicily a young prince
of chivalrous nntnre, fired with love
and ambttlon, frets and fumes because
D.,1 r . . . . -v ........
The following are the real estate 1n" BnlL
transfers which have been filed In
the office of the County Recorder:
Anna J. Reinhardt and L. W. Rein-
hardt to W. H. and Susie E. Gordon
prunes, peacbea sre lOe.
SALT-Selllng fioc to uc lor fine,
50 lb. sack, half ground 40c; 75 for
100 lb. sacks.
Portland Vegetable Markets.
$1 2Mc$l 50 per anck; parsnips, $1.35
ri$150: turnips. $125$1.50; beets,
I 50.
VEGBTABIJ2S AsparasTtis, H)c
$1.75 per crate; enhbage, new, 3 per
hund.vd weight ; cauMCower $1.50O
$1.75 per dtxen; celery, California, 75c
i9oc ter doren; cucumbers, $!.&ff
$3 25 per doren; eggplant, 15c per lb.;
garlic. locQ lc per pound; lettuce,
5c per ilojen; hothouse lettuce, I.&0
Cf $2 pe' box: peas, 9c ft 11c per
pound; peppers, 3ocf35c per pound;
radishes. He per doxen; rhubarb, te
Your wants eoppHsd with any quantity of '4 foot or it Inch wood .
llvrod to any part or City!' Prieo, rossonablo. '
Satisfaction guarantee Phoro your ordar.
Cor. 6th and CiMw,
Orsgoa City.
Homo B-110
V I Jt ereta'o
MM tftr niwt it
osoeeja mum
I Jr-"? t-tilM-.'.; .i Jl.IZL.'
iaHfinrHipi, sun anoe van BAva1 rati aiaV7"
whldi UM you knar ride the I4erela and Z l I." i
If roa aralbea t perfMHlr aalUSeu w Al iL,i IluhTi ili?-
factc:y Faucis zztesv: ittffj
1 1 JJ actual faetnryenrt rnvaarallO lo M mliWlruwrrimSh.'S!! '
II V" - I--. . esa ae m ! . il,7" TI-T iXlT I
SlIS.lMS"Hl Hits! sSllas mmd '
30. township 5 south, range 1 east:
A. G. and Teresa Bornstedt to G.
F. Ruege, land in Clackamas county;
The hero of this thrilling romance
Is the Prinriplno di Santa Marghertta.
land in George Crow D. L. C: $2.VK) .; . n8 ,rom Amer'- f7sc rr mnd aprout.' c- TomatueV
J. J. and Caroline J. Stangel to' can p-lncess. and lcause bis missive, "2tanM' ?"-
opnrona jory, 62 acres of section of love have never reacnea her with POTATOES Oreicoo iobblne nrlce
their ardent words of his "grande I $2 50 per hundred; nw potatoes, 7c
passion." ". . f J7 He per pound.
onions Joo Ding pncea; Oregon
$375 per '100; Australian, $3.60 per
100; Teias, 2.25 per crate; Califor
nia, $2 per crate.
Oregon City Stock Uuotatlono.
HOGS Hoga are quoted He lower.
From 125 lbs. to 150 Iba. 4, from
150 Iba. to 200 lbs. 8 He.
VEAL CALVES-Veal calves bring
from c to lOe according to grade.
BEEF STEERS leet steers for
i w w 2.",.1T,tJJ f s.ttsjess4liiaWi.r .wmm .
n TiMJO FlefffMhrrn Pr-t-rn.PrARl t
esasa w qw s sjssewsass o S SSI '
U M aw awaav Asa as. a.asaJHa a.a
osrevr mr eaevi a awweif pmrw aaw p awa fait a) awes pf fa a" lsisamssi
i3KCXETc::urtcariCT!H (S
aii,a. Vsea.aeoiin w0 mmt let e street, f '' "
A auuureu UHMMauu nam aiMd lsi year,
rttllnr. verr anrahla and Itnrd liui.u oiiK
a simh-IsI ousllte ttf rt,lrfM.e. ahlrh Im.
nmiea corona and alilrn no email ""
V m tt.rm Ilt.-. l,.SI ........ 1. Ill hWlaa tka tklsk k
atatliurtbalUielrllrrabavevcily been iMintpedui one I J 'A"aedaaaraatnps''i"
vr Iwun In a whuin araann. Tliey welsh no more ua J I Oae "O" alas tim aina "M
aa ordinary UrtbairaiKjtorwreaLaUiiOQualiuee betng J'l peaeaal tta aatuaa. TlsS
a leen b aeeeral larra of thin, aeefilelle eeMred J ttra Mil eullest as HeJ
j ralwiaoti the tread. The reeulsr price ol theaa Urea V esa OOFT, ILASTK Md
i la 110 Oil per pair, bet risradeertlalne Himnsea wo ara EAST RlDiaO.
nikln a soeol.l fsrturr to the rt.ler o otil S4 lOper pslr, AllnrlenhlMfdaMN
! da t letter Is reoeteed. i alilp O. O. 1. oo aiisual. Vuu do Bot p s eeul until lut
etamlned and fcntnd them strlrtlr as rrentl. '
sMTJllLfT.? " 1 -riii mil i mit tw-w04.s srlr1lf eavtiass
' - m T?."- 4 " 1 ! " adi i hi iinv toa ras ee ttmk la mim sa imm
i """ l format r mm leeyaea a-4 lnnii i sissiine. ,.rt. .n,
aa assess a aa as la as a. If ra asaaraaair umss line, rx IS ism lWTiine
I I I I' i t II
- i
SI '
uregon sweiin eoionization com-, heir to one of the oldest and noblest
pany to Carl and Bertha Munther, , , . cu,,, . .
north half of the northeast quarter of huu"P,, ' Sic ,ly' H U th '"'n
section 8. township 5 south, range 8id,nt ' klnK"' 1ue,n"- ladies and
east; go acres; $1800. knights to whom romance and love
Edwin H. Peery to George F. Hen- j Were ambrosia and nectar.
nioger ana rnene a. Henninger, iu
acres of sections 9 and 16. township ,
4 south, range 1 east; $1000.
However, he Is not alone In his pur
suit of the princexs. At least a dozen
ih (oral mm lets i fetching 6Hoto
6'4c live wetirnt.
SHEEP aim in mi at c to 5o live
BACON, LARD and HAM, Rio Orm.
Subscribe for the DsJlf BntorprUe
The Real Cause of the
Cost of City j
. Ex-Mayor of New York
'HE constantly increas
ing cost of city gov
ernment is due to
causes far more SUB
than corrupt officials, dishonest
bosses or rotten political ma-
" ' " chines. . e
. This u the germ of collectivism which so largely INFLUENCES
jrabtic opinion in the United States and is expressed in our legisla
tion. , ; . .
. There is not t city in the' Union that has not joined the procession
toward collectivism as evidenced by the public utilities, public scrr
ices and free institutions it supports. . ' '
The city assnmes toward the citizen at his birth the relation of a
kind and generous if somewhat fussy grandmother and continues this
relation till he has passed away. This experience of paternalism
roiiE. :. , .v.
Don't throw your magazines and
periodicals away. There is
much valuable information in
them that will never be publish
ed elsewhere. The cost is little
Our boy will call for the mag
azines if you Phone.
(Continued from pago 1)
such rights were iiol "relinquish! Ai
these mtn are both of high repot.
nd lis apnearlof that there Is
mlsunderatanding, e do " Mo
Itrteot to render a uWIlon on thh
(nln. This msy nt bo law, M "
rrtms to us to bo Jurtlee.
"Third That the hestl of tbs
latins di-uartmeiil oftie Usgos had
' no rlgot to render a IJuhI dclslo si
til your protest hsd htn difldss oj
t lie Kxerullvt CommlHee.
"In conclusion, ss I'srkplacs U
acted lit gotxl faith, ws think, tot
withstanding the various IrrViuUri
tlfi, that the championship shouW
ftwsrdt'd to that school.
,' "resldesL
"T. J. OAKY,
Spin hs Plsts.
.1 t.l..t. la nil old fiimr rll'ra
uw-x . MH h int Bcntrntlooi
. . . . .. m all amr
I of rmiflrell. I ne rninii"- - .
Mini .w srrv the
given a fltie unrf l-M i l'l B
middle of the rm mlllng "
name of sm.thr .Mver
Tbs playitr h.e nnn..- I- '"';
ma and c-att h the pint.- i-f'- im'T
pinning. If he fH '",v; ' h.
felt, which he innM r-tt n.
performing wue -turn s-i"
nlt"l Oaf
ie miii'""'
. burg piarrr .)fl
t.i.k i. tn I ji r tr '
wuii'u lie ur arnr
In the center ant) tells a
,!,.. iirlnfflnl
In th names of the vrli
Chosen. At each men
tl.m t.f h" ml
that itnt
If "
mil ra ninvar renreMrntlnil
mill must get up nnd lmlfnt "
falls tn do so he must s totK"
to Ite redtHmed Inter
The Besoluts Ptsbblt.
It Is cruet, however you vl J
T chase s poor beer end to Hoe n
For miles as some hunt."
aid the rabbit. -1 won- e
And I don I ear whe Mks se t
The Oregon CitV
fruit and Produce
Arsenate of Lcod
Dcrry Crates
liay, Grain and reed
Implements '