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    1 ' I - ...
It Wouldn't Pay' to Advertise
A Poor Article :
i ';... -i. - ' "' ; t. "
Nor proposition of doubtful merit or honesty for ad-readero.
adsyt, DISCRIMINATING. - They know values they know
JlNUIN thltiw 9"'" tpportu-lllee. .
Any artl' h,oh 0'" ,0!d b y-r,,,l',a that toot,
000D rtle- V0U ,rt ,n lu)',B th,"B which hat "etood
,ha lira of publicity" , r . ..iV- - ,-. . 4 '
TM maker of a wldaly dvartlaad artiste, or commodity, I
,yto trial for Ma business Ufa.' Ha cannot shirk, nor ahoapon hla
.uCL,nd thle la the boat possible protection for tho conaumar.
you ara SAFE In buying advertleed , things It's tha' loglo of
bualnaaa conditions.
Uiaiilr and exclusive stylo
hTii at Ml" Ooldsmlth'e
I .. a ui.wk. of Aihland.' waa In
KoTcttV Wt-dncaday vlaltlnE with
Lrt Una c.f mllllnary to bo found
KM C Uoldainlth'a.
, u Upton, of Portland, on atlor
i of that city, was In Orogoa City
, Mil outmost Wodnaaday.
Davldaun. road supervisor,
Tloma la at Oswego, waa In Ore
icity Wedncsdsy on road bualnaaa.
Tos Uko no rhancaa whan you
, flour at llarrla Grocery. Wo
Jrj only the "money back" kind of
i u judd, road supervisor out Mar
ts iray. was In tha city Wodnaaday
rtJior to Justice W. W. if. Samaon.
W Irvln, ono of tho prominent
MMssa of Clarkamaa county, waa
(Woo City on bualnaaa Wed nee-
jrsrard Iltatt. who baa boon spend
iths winter In tha gtato of Califor
nia returned to hla homo at Mount
Dried frulta aro getting scarce, but
, ut still selllnK thoso flno dried
plat tnd peaches at lOo par lb at
trrit Grocery.
X. C Wheeler rf Vancouverf Wash.,
it is this city Wednesday calling on
Mda He waa a former resident In
li eiiy.
0. I Thomas, of Oswego, ono of tho
ill known business man of that
xe, wis In Oregon City on Wedaeet
j trilling up tho oatato of tho lata
MpaUmery. -
A netting of tho Oradod Sunday
tool Union will bo held at tho Pre,
ifrita thurrh Friday afternoon at
o'clock. Mrs. Wilkin, of Portland.
II be present and conduct tho Round
L I King, after spending tho paat
ir awotha with hla family at Mount
wuat, left on Tueaday for McOow
, Wuh.. where ho will remain for
tanner, Mr. King being Interest
It th sJeGowan cannery.
. C. Cwea, to whom waa referred
QlaAiune charter for revision and
t nniahad tha work and
tilt h ready to report tq tho Coun-
aajpl An effort win do raaua w
s awclal aeoalon tonight to be
lle work of approval. .
lit Ida Wmrren, of Oak Oroya, waa
Drersa City on Wednesday,
lit, frank Mooro, of Oreonpolnt.
as to Tbo Dftllea. where aho will
t with h'r Bitter, Mr. Alma Ooodo.
lias Nona King, of Portland, a pro
uonal Duma of that city, la TlalUng
i her mother, Mra. A. E. Kins, of
at Pleasant.
MrT...L-TurneiV-of. Stafford WM
!he dty Wednesday. 1U la getting
tj to go to Dayton, Wash., whoro
will spend several montha at tho
H of hla ton, Jameo A. Turner.
In Will Klngsland w takfa to
Oood Samaritan boeoltal, .Port
i, Wednesday whero an operation
I he performed by Dra. II. 8. Ong.
Porutad, and C. A. Stuart, of thla
Ir. 0. A. Cheney left Wodnooday
Portland, whero a birthday dinner
I ha given In honor of hla 78th
May. The dinner will bo gtvon at
i home of Mr. and Mra. A. W.
taey, and will bo family affair,
ir. R. 8. Coe, of Canby, waa In
noa city on wedneaday on hla way
Portland, whero ho will Tlelt with
vtte, who haa boon very 111 for
ril montha. Mra. Coo la at tho
n of her ton, R. 8. Coo, Jr.
n W. 0. Pellltler, who baa boon
tha Good Samaritan hospital In
tland, and who auhmlttod to an
'ration by Drs. Rockey and Btuart,
wttrlng nicely and haa boon tak
to tha homo of bar mother la tho
Clty. .
P. D. Newell, of Jennlnne Lodge,
waa In tho city laat week to report
tho theft or atraylng ho waa not cer
tain which of hla horses. Officer
8haw waa given a description of tho
anlmala'and began to warm up tbo
telephone wire In an effort to got
track of them.
Ono waa a light aorrel horse, weight
TOO, branded O on Bank, barefooted,
forotop abort
Tbo aecond waa a chaatnut aorrel,
weight 11 SO, II yearn old, tall abort,
poor wind. .
Wedneaday Chief Bbaw heard of
them from a Salem party who aald
they bad been disposed of some place
between Aurora and Salem, aa the aup
posed thief had ahowa up In Salem
and bad no horsee though be had 1een
traced with animals agreeing to the
description at aeveral points prior to
that. An effort will bo made to find
the horses and then-connect the bub
poet with the aale. ,i
Poet, crltlo and diplomat Born
Masa.. rob.
22. 1810; died
there Aug. 12,
1801. Qradu-.
a ted from"
Harvard and
there aa pro
f e a a o r of
modern lan
guage, which
place ue cold for -.weoty-two
years, r Waa editor of the Atlan
tic Monthly for five years and of
tho North American Review for
nine. Ho waa mlnlater to Spain
from 1877 to 18Ht and to Eng
land from 18H0 to 1880. Waa
brilliant aa a conversationalist
poet, prose writer, critic and lec
turer. Hla beat known poems
are "Tbo Dlglow Papers," -Commemoration
Ode" and "A Vision
of Sir Launfal." Many rank
Lowell aa America 'a greatest pa
triotic poet and be la generally
regarded aa our foremost critic.
JntheOeldpfdlploinacy he.
atarted the vogue of the Ameri
can embassy In London.
Tha Twlllrht TJtersrv HocletV mat
on Saturday evening at tho hall, and
there waa an unuauaiiy targe auena
anoe. The audience waa very appro
olatlva anil urk tin in her on tha nro-
gram received Ita aharo of applauae,;
many reaponamg to encore, ia
committee In charge Of tho program
consisted of Mra. C Marlon Thomp
son, Mra. Curtla Dodda -and Charles
Caldwell. .
Tho following numbera wore given
rvtmat anto.. M. 3. Laiolle. accom Den
ied by Mlaa Marie Harvey j recitation.
Mra. Curtia uoaaa; reaaing, wm ir
ale McDonald; dlnlogue, "Three
rnnU k fnnr hnva. Leonard Thomp
son, Kenneth Thompaon, Earl Mat-
toon, J. Ralney; reading, miss mr
garet Thompaon; recitation, Albert
u.. MninmiiM. HTha Fill Island-
era' rtaat" Charlee Caldwell, Thomaa
Kelland, Wallace johneon. '
Ono of the features of tho evening
waa the address given by Attorney
rr4A r Matndl. of Portland. During
the evening popular aelectlona on tho
grapbophone were enjoyed. Thie la
nt the most Intereatlna aa well aa
enthualaatlo meetlnga over held by
tho ooolety. The next meeting win do
on Friday, April 14, nt Twilight hall.
Back Into Harness Again.
i a nrA a well-known resi
dent of thla City, haa opened a real
estate office In tho Caufleld building
(n Eighth and Main atreeta. Mr. Swaf-
ford already haa many piecea m v..
ki tnr aaia and In connection
with hie real aetata office will have a
notary office. u
Celebrate fourth Annlvereary. 'J
rrlenda (ofr Mr. and Mra. Nick
Humphreyg gathered at their Weet
Side home . Monday evening to cele
brate the fourth annlveraary of their
marriage. There were 85 preaent and
It proved a very pleaaant occaalon. A
handsome picture waa preaented aa
aouvenir of the evening. Oamea, mu
alo and refreahmenta added to the
social pleasures of tb4 evening.
' Heslth end Beauty.
Dear American ladles, you are nor
very graceful. Tou are vary beaut!
fuL and you wear "marvelous tollefe.
hut you are not exceedingly graceful.
1 wonder why. Shall I tell you some
thing 1 bare eometlmea thought slu e
1 rsme to your country?
Grace, real grace. Is founded on nst
ursl. normal, .perfect health. No, I do
not mesn the robust; I mean the virile,
sinuous and supple. The big 1I. the
fst shoulders, sre aa unlienltby am
unnatur-l aa srrawnlness-and anae
mia, la there anything finer to see.
more beautiful, than the absolutely
aure grace of eiy living creature en
tirely health; T I think not.
Now you are going to ask me what
these tbltiga 1 aro saying have to do
with you. Must 1 make myself plain,
erf 1 have Just explained that almost
any normal, healthy living creature Is
naturally graceful. Well, then, can
you not conceive that an unhealthy
and abnormal creature might almowt
aa necessarily be awkwardT
No. I am not saying all American
women are unhealthy and abnormal;
but, to tell you ibe truth. It baa some
times occurred to me that a little more
work I mean by that definite and
healthy -occupation would make the
women of your country healthier and
happier, more normal and more grace
ful. Dear American ladlea. never atand
with your weight evenly divided, your
heele together and your ahoulders
squared that la, never atand In thla
position on leas you wish to look like a
German officer on parade. A woman'a
body aa aba stands In a drawing room
or pausee to apeak to a friend ebould
alwaya bo relaxed. 1 call all the great
Greek atatuary to bear witness that
what 1 aay la aa
Remember that charming broken
UnejDn the left aide of the Venus de
MlkP-tbe long, graceful sweep of the
right aide. That la the Ideal of what
I mean.
Alwaya allow tbo weight of tbe oody
to reat more on one foot than ou tbe
other. Have tbo foot which Is nn
bearing tbe weight lightly ton. uluj
the ground. After all. It la but ln lam
ing tbe body.
Allow tbo entire aide of the torso
to reU c with the foot and limb whlcn
Is ahlrklne; tbe burden. Tbat lets the
blp and fee aboolder down, tbrowa up
allgbtly tnd charmingly the hip aud
shoulder supporting tbe weight Tbe
attitude la graceful, natural, altogeth
er feminine. -Anna Pavlowa In Har
per's Baser. ,
B) o-ssaasassawa-
Best Way U Waah "lanaat .'
flanneta'ahoaM h waewed-inr warm
euds that have bad a little ammonia
added to tbem. Tbe fiannele abould
bo rubbed between tbe hands, not on
a board, and dipped up and down la
the auda until they are free from dirt
and atalna. Sqoeeae them with tbe
handa until as much water aa poaalble
la removed and then rinse In water of
tbe aame temperature aa tbat In which
they were washed. Wring out again,
hang In tbe ebade and prosa them out
on tbo wrong aide while still damp.
Fiannele abould never be placed In the
son to dry or they will shrink. Spe
cial care abould aiao be taken when
rubbing the. garments to aeo that all
the dirt Is removed before they are
wrong out and hunjjt up to dry.
r-gtmBlt Oirie Like Fejamoe.
Mothers of small glrla are finding ont
that their little daughters prefer for
their night apparel pajamae like those
worn by the boys rather than tbe more
usual lingerie garments. '
The Juat before bedtime romp, tbe
hour of all hours beloved by tbo young
folk, la "Iota more fun." eald a email
girl recently. "If you're not bothered
with Happy aklrta"
Tho pajamaa for glrla aro cut exact
ly like thoeo which brother wears, but
the materials aro daintier In coloring
and often In weave.
- .... i i t-n
Attractive Blbe.
The expression "In freab bib and
tucket4 will take4on new significance
If the mother adopts a novel Idea re
ceotly aeen. The ordinary child's blk
la extended to the waist line, where
It Is cut Into a belt to faaten around
the walat Thla ahape la neat, and It
etaye In place. It may be made very
attractive when embroidered In white
with buttonholed allta, through which
a ribbon may be run to tie at the back
of the walat. . '
- Novel Drees Per Olrl. """
A novel adaptation of the kimono
aleeve effect Is abown for the drees of
little girt.' Tbo elde body and tbe
aleeve of elbow length aro cnt in one
piece, which baa a lap extending from
the front of the oboolder to tbe bust
lino, tho lap buttoning over' upon tbe
double bos plait which extends down
to the hem of the dress skirt Simple,
yet chic, Is thla little frock, a patter
of which la given In one of tbe current
mttga sines,'
.v ' ' " v
To Identify Umbrellas. .V
Wrtte vour name on tbe cloth side
of adbealve or.aurgeon'a platter and.
stick on tbe Inside or your umoreiia.
raincoat and robbers; then you will al
ways find them.
Ed Rlngsted, city; Jameo P. Bates,
city; N. M. Burnett, Stockton, Cel.;
Louis Vlerhua, George N. Wells, Scotta
Mllla; D. N. Brldenatlne, Boring; Sam
Rastall, Jamea Raatall, C. Martin, O.
Bullard. Portland; N. BIalr, Hubbard;
Miss Smith, 3. L. BlacrL Portland; E.
A. Ward, Independence; Roy B. Hop
kins. Otto Hopkins, Portland; Oeorge
Vterhna, Belllngham, Waah.j Henry
plade, British Columbia; W. W. Mat
toon, Dolton. - - ".f
Monthly Meeting of Bible Claaa. '
The Friendly Bible Claaa held Ita
regular monthly business meeting In
the parlore of tho first Proabytorlan
church Wednesday night A number
of Important Heme of bualnaaa were
brought vp and disposed of. The ev
ening waa enlivened by an excellent
Informal program, and aomo time waa
apent In practicing the varloua class
sontfs. There wore about fifty of the
elaae present. - -,
Pomona Orange at Parkptaee.
Tho woman of tho Abernethy Orange
are preparing forvthe meeting of the
Pomona Orange at tho Abernethy
Orange Hall, parkplace, on Wednea
day, April 12. There will bo aa all-day
meeting, and . a banquet served at
Homemade Cosmetics.
Any woman who Intend making cos
met lea muat first uudomtmul certain
fuudumefftal rules or the will only
waste materinl. .
Fats, such as spermaceti, was and
others naturally hard, are to be aof
tened before mixing with other things
Tbey may er.en be melted a little, but
two facts are to bo borne In mind
Oue la tbat direct beat muni never be
employed. A "bath" ts the only wsy,
by wbkb Is meant putting tbe ma
terials Into a china or glasa vessel and
placing thla In hot water. Direct heat
will ruin fata.
Tbe other detail la that once' fata be
come actus. ly bot they are ruined and
will not harden when cold. Tbe Ideal
method la to break the solids Into small
and regular bits and eoften tbem In
tbe bath. If tbey melt then the liquid
will bo only warm and not bot unless
tbe bath la made too hot.
When liquids are to be combined
with grease, as rose water lu cold
cretin, tbe mixing must be slow and
stirring Incessant If hastily put to
gether tbey will not bleud. Tbo stream
of liquid abould be not more than a
thread In a lie, and If tbe mixture be
gins to harden too soon It may bo re
turned for a moment to the bath, con
tinuing atlrring.
buu anotner point la toat glass or
ehlna abould alwaya' bo the receptacle.
Metala will blacken creama and with
eome formulae will ruin the results
through chemical action. Stirring. If
metal la employed, most be done with
silver. An Ivory paper cutter la good,
only one must bo certain It ts Ivory
and not celluloid. Bone Is Ideal for
almost any chemical work, and a glaaa
rod la nnequaled. . .
When toilet waters are being com
pounded tbey moat atand alwnya for
ten daya before openlnc. nnd tur
months will bring better renults
Homemade powders afH rirly wuit-ewt
fOT only bet t tree tbeyan n.x mtA-d
ufllclently. Ten time lx tin-io to
many to pa a forum In ilmpii
coarse musllu.
Another mtiw ot failure Im that In
experienced .pemow attempt in worV
tbe perfumed oil ud Into the nv
der Inatend of the powder luto tUe
lis. .
Smootbneas la lnipnlbl lu either
case, bot la- the bitter way If a few
grains are abaorbed nt a time all the
oil la taken up. and matay sift logs will
finally distribute It tbe lumps being
forced through the cloth each time.
Lemon Juloe to Remove Stains.
There aro varloua preparations Bold
by manicures to remove atalna under
tho finger oaila. With careful laws
moat of fheee can be relied Upon," but
if there Is any doubt about a special
preparation aobetltute lemon Juice.
Ae a stain remover It la excellent
and the woman who keepa half a lem
on on the atatlonary waahatand whero
aho waahee her handa rarely will have
to blush for tbo nnslghtllness ot her
Oxalic acid la also good, but la In-
Jurloua to aomo aklna. It abould bo
applied with a bit of cotton on tbo
end of an orange wood stick. In nalng
the lemon tho tlpa of the 0 tigers can
bo rubbed Into a section of It Late
rinae well with clear water.
Stains on tho aides of tho flngere
are quickly removed with a moist
pumice stone. This Is invaluable to
get off the first blotchea after preeerv
Ing. pointing or doing any dlsAgurlng
work. In canes where tbe skin under
tbe nails haa roughened a little pow
dered pumice can be moistened with
lemon Juice and applied with an
orange wood stick.
Colored Shoes No Longer In Fashion.
Tho smart women In Now. York so
clety no longer wear colored shoes.
That lively fancy at lea it la vanish
ing. Black la now far more popular.
It la aald tbe fancy colors were given
up became tbey. made tho feet look
"so awfully big," aa one young ma
tron pouUngly expresses It Patent
leather la seen, and black velvet to
tho choice of the woman who can af-.
ford any number of pairs and who
motors everywhere. In certain cases
tho uppers of tbe new feminine boots
and aboes aro made of pale mushroom
tinted kid, and now and then one still
aooa tbo ahoo that matcheo tbe gray or
brown akirt For dancing the favorite
la a black velvet boot laced op tbe
front and faetened at ono aide with
a black pearl button. Black aaUn
dancing boota. wrought with gold and
allver were worn the other day at a
dance In a faahlonablo section of the
metro poll a. -
' ; . To Save Cologne. - it '
The latest crratal and allver cologne
bottles have an elonented stopper that
touches the bottom of the bottle, and
thla facilitate the use and aavlng of
the perfume. Tbo cologne, with tho
aid of tho atopper. can be qu.'.kly and
economically applied to either the
dreae or handkerchief.
Aold Frulta Foe Beauty. .
"To create and maintain a clear com
plexion," aaya a French beauty special-.
1st, "It la necessary to partake of an
acid fruit at leaat once a day. , ' This
vule Is eesy to follow, i .
LOS AN0ELE8, April I. (Special.)
Tbo Beavere won from the Vernona
again today In a game that waa re
plete with good playa. The aoore waa
6 to 1- , , .
CHICAGO, 111., April I. (Special.)
Believing that It waa time to loose
Editor Kohlaaat's tongue In tbe Lori
mer scandal matter the man who told
of tho 100,000 corrupUpn fund did so
today and Mr. Kohlaaat gave his evi
dence on tho stand. Edward HI nee,
millionaire lumber dealer waa the manj
. , . . . -i
wno mvuea mo Harvester comume
to contribute $10,000 toward, the fund.
The committee la aatlafled with the
WASHINGTON, April 6-8pc!al.)
One of the flrat namea ant ia to
tbe 8nate for confirmation by Presi
dent Taft wss that of Elmer B. Cald
well, to bo U. 8. marahal In the dis
trict of Oregon.
R. E. Jarl had the misfortune to loae
hla valuable delivery horse last week.
Jobnsrud Bros, broke the record
here by selling 10 Scree of the highest
price land rough and bard to clear.
An tone Yaba la tbe brave Inveator.
Martin Mlkkleaon la bleating atumps
preparatory to building his new house.
Birch Roberts, recently of Dover,
waa visiting In Kelso thla week. He
haa bought Peter Bwan'a homestead
at Cherryvllle and will soon move to
his new home. - -
Several of the neighbors have pur
chased high price horsea and teams re
cently. Our prosperous farmera have been
working about 18 houra a day getting
their cropa In during tho fine weather.
We are needing rain for tho cropa.
Mra. Eliza Dickenson and aona, Wil
li and John, have returned from Cali
fornia. Willie Dickenson, who haa
been away for the paat three years,
waa In Kelso Friday renewing old ac
Joel Jan baa nnianed clearing ana
seeding six acres of new land.
TheUecture given by W. 3: Wlrtx
Sunday afternoon waa well attended.
Mr. Wlrta expects to give a talk every
two weeks, for a while at leaat; the
next will be on April 18.
Mr. Brownell. of Portland, apent
aeveral daya laat week on his ranch
looking over hla nursery stock.
Tha Firwood Sunday ecnool win
alvo an Easter Drogram Eaater Sun
day after the regular Sunday achool.
Everyone Is Invited.
A family haa recently moved into
the Lizzie Koch place on Cedar Creek,
About 20 autos were out from tne
city Sunday. The occupanta apent tho
day fishing on Cedar Creek.
Clark Corey went to Portland Tues
day to act aa wltneea for Pridemore
ft Edgerton on their final prooi oi
their timber clalma.
The F. P. A. expect to give an intec-
Ktlne ororram and debate at their
next meeting. May 15. wuesnon lor
debate. "Resolved. That Boctal Life in
the Country la More "Benefit BTT Than
Social Life In the City." Tho subject
abould be interesting to all country
people, and no doubt many things will
be aald that will be of great Interest
Mra W. F. Fischer waa sick tho
first of the week but was much im
proved when laat heard from.
L. Pridemore went to Portland Mon
Mrs. W. E. Steven a and "Fred Lo
Grand drove out from Portland Sat
urday and are expecting to spend the
summer on tho ranch.
Soma of tho young peoplo aro ex
Decline to ro to work at tbo new mill
on Salmon River as soon aa it la ready
for ODeratlon.
The Firwood mill haa Juat put In
electric lights and Is expecting to con
tinue ooeratlon for eome time.
Mlaa Jennie Le Grand went to Three
Six Sunday for a few days' visit wttn
Mrs. Grace Pridemore.
Some of tho fruit treea aro In bloom
and aa It was rather chilly Monday
thev wranoed themselves In a thin
coat of snow Monday night
- Blasting can be heard at all hours,
which Indlcatea Improvement In the
country. Considerable clearing la still
being done oven though every ono Is
busv nutting in crops.
J. C, Smith and son are building a
new barn and improving their rancn
In general. '
C. Stromgreen was busy plowing
and harrowlna at E. TrUg'B laat week
Frank Countryman and daughter,
Hattle, were at Clarkea on bualnesa
Mr. Weatbura- purchased a . horae
from Mr. Haag at Tlmbergrove.
Mrs. Frank Bonney, of James, waa
visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bonney
laat week.
Charlie Freeman, of Elwood, trans
acted bualneaa at Colton laat Monday.
Mrs. C. Stromgreen apent a day
with Mrs. E. Trigg laat week.
U. 8. Dix and R- Puts were busy
hauling oats from Clark Bros. at
Clarkes laat week.
Mr. Lund, ot Portland, sold hla place
at Tlmbergrove for $2200.
Frank Robinson la working for W.
8. Oorbett thla week.
Mr. and Mra Llndstrom made a trip
to Portland on account of Mrs. Llnd
atrom'a 111 health.
E. Trygg took a contract of clean
ing for C. stromgreen. , "
Grandma Dix and son. U. 8., and
Mr. and Mra. J. Puta called on Mr.
and Mrs. A. Anderson laat Sunday.
Henry Warner la back on hla'homo
atead aagln and la now busy building
a new house. ' '
Joe Carlson Is logging for W. 8.
Oorbette with hla team. -
J. Engstrom had tho misfortune of i
loosing a horse.
School waa cloeed Monday on ac
count of Miss Dahlstrom, tho teacher,
being alck.
Mra. Stella James spent Monday
with Grandma Dix.
Charlie Swan haa been hauling lum
ber for Henry Warner laat ween,
J. A. Stromgreen waa butchering
hoge Tuesday. . - ' '
Mr. and Mra. Freeman, of Elwood,
were vlattlpg with Mr. and Mra. Llnd-
atrom Sunday. - ' ; ''"
A. Bonney was at Ciaraea on ousi-
neae Wedneaday. '
, Mr. Diets, of Portland, la out apena-
Ins- a few weeks witb ms mono, Mr.
Warner la tho hills. ,...
Mrs. Carr, ot Bee Hills, Is otaymg
with .Mra. E. Llndstrom, who. la un
able to do the housework. -
Unole- and Auntie Stromgreen were
guests at Mr. ana Mrs. retierson
laat Sunday. ' "
Olio Hanson, of Bhubel, spent laat
Sunday at Colton,
Miss Nellie Bonney spent Sunday
afternoon with Lena Pats.
Charlie Bockman had tho misfor
tune of getting hurt badly with a
crosscut saw. A doctor, from Molalla,
waa summoned who attended. Mr.
Bockman Is getting along aa well as
ean bo expected.
Meaara. Dots and Warner, from the
hills, were visiting at J. Puts' Sunday,
this week.
I. 3. Jones Is busy planting onions
"C. Haag made a bualneaa trip to
Oregon City Tuesday.
A. Anderson took a trip to Upper
Colton last Tuesday.
1 Mr. and Mra. Carl Stromgreen and
daughter spent Sunday evening at 3.
IL F. Olbaon and wife were visiting
Jamea Gtbsftn Sunday. t
Mtts rttuA Douglass, who has bees
working In Portland for about two
months, returned homo Monday. .
Hunter, Pluaa, Lena and Oraco Ca
b) II hve the measles..
' Mr. and Mrs. B- B.' Gibson were Bar
ton visitors Monday.
Mrs. Linda Hoffmelster went to Es
tacada Satnrday on a shopping expedi
tion. II. S. Gibson went to Eastern Ore
gon on a business trip Monday. .
Mrs. Pease, Mr. Huntington's slater,
who haa been In Portland for aomo
time, came out to her brother" e last
week. -
Tho Estacada Oraya played a game
of ball Sunday with the Portland
White Sox, winning the game again.
The score was 19 to 4.
The Clackamas Amateur . Dramatic
Club will give the play, "Little Buck
shot." In- the Orange hall, Clarkamaa,
on Saturday evening, April 8, 191L
An epidemic of meaalea has been in
evidence for aome weeks. There aro
several aertoua case a.
Mis Opal Eangenberg returned
from a Portland hospital about a week
ago much Improved In health.
Tho heavy frosts following tho late
rain ar a menace to fruit budar
W. E. Leach recently sold one-half
of hla ranch. Including buildings and
other Improvements.
J. T. Strite la putting his newly ac
quired property in good ahape. Mr.
Strite la planning to take a trip to
Illlnola and Kansas next month.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred MetnoQ and two
children, of Portland, have returned
to their bc!ie after a week-end visit
with Mrs. Melndl's parents, Mr. and
Mra. George Laielle.
John Graves, formerly of this place.
but now of Aurora, haa been visiting
with old schoolmates, Albert Scheer
and Eldon 8 wick.
Mr. Bullard. of Salem, who pur
chased the Faulk place, has taken
possession. - Mr.' Bullard la welcomed
in this place by the neighbors.
Misa Lenette Snooke attended tne
rag doll social at Warner Grange hall
at New Era on Saturday evening.
There waa a large attendance, tho pro
ceeds amounting to over 830, wuicn
111 go towards the school fund.
Mlaa Nettle Burgoyne. of New Era,
waa an over Sunday visitor at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. 8 nook a.
Mr. McClure, ot Texas, who arrived
here-about a month ago,- has pur
chased the Lnndgren place. Mr. Lund
gren expects to go to Ashland, where
he will enter business.
Mrs? George Laxelle, of thla place,
went to Canemah Tuesday where she
remained over night with her step
mother. Mra. Jennie Blngman. Mra.
Lazelle also visited Mra. Clara Flelda
before returning here.
Warner Grange haa purchased a new
upright piano for tho Grange Hall, and
the organ belonging to the Warner
Grange waa d re Rented to the W. C. T,
U. tor the halt The piano for the
Grange Hall waa purchased from pro
ceeds of entertalnmenta and tbo ladlea
who have been Instrumental in secur
ing the Instrument feel proud of tbe
work they have accomplished. Mra
Hoffman was the promoter of the
movement In securing the organ and
Worthy Master Dodda Is proud of hla
committee In the manner In wnicn it
baa worked for the good of the cause.
All membera of Warner Grange are
loud in their pralae for the untiring
work of Mra. Hoffman and her help-
A dancing party will be given at the
tabernacle at New Era on Saturday
night, April 29. Many of tho young
people of thla place are planning to
co. A good time Is anticipated and
good music will bo furnished. . One
of the featurea will be the supper fur-
nlahed by tho ladlea of Warner urange
The proceeds of tho dance will go to
wards tbe piano runa.
Resolution and Notice for the Improve-
, ment of Twelfth Street, Oregon
,. City. Oregon.
" . Whereas, pursuant to an order of
the City Council of Oregon City,
; Clackamas County, Oregon, hereto
' fore made, the City Engineer of aald
k"clty haa aubmitted hla report and
, filed In the office ot the Recorder,
plana and specifications for an ap-
proprlate Improvement of Twelfth
1 Street, aald City from a point 105
feet weat of Main atreet, weaterly
"? to tho east line of Water Street, and
estimates of the work to bo done
,.' thereon and the cost thereof, and, 1
: Whereas, such plans, specifica
tions and estimates are satisfactory
to the City Council of said Oregon
City, therefore. '
; The plans, specifications and eatt
'tnatea. are hereby approved and bo
:, Resolved. That it Is the purpose
and Intention of aald City Council of
Oregon City to make tho said Im
provement being described as fol
lows, to-wlt:
.'The street shall bo brought to sub
grade tho full width thereof.
On the road bed macadam ahall
bo placed not leaa than ( Inches
thick at curb and not leaa than 9
Wanted At Once!
Oak Grove
Liberal terma to huatlera.'. See Mr.
Mlllee-lcirculatlcn Department, En-
terprlae, Oregon City Oregon. '
lachea thick at senior of street and
when completed the aald road bai.
shall bo brought to grade speclZed
In resolution adopted by aald City
Touncll adopted on Feb. 1, 1911.
Said street ' win bo properly pro
vided with drains, catch basins, and
gutters necessary to preserve tho
grade, embankments and surface of
tho street, and to provide all proper
drainage. Sidewalks ahait bo aaado
of concrete, except whero on appli
cation to tbo Council, owners are
permitted to have wood walks laid.
AH aldewalka shall bo alx feet wide
and laid to tho property lino. Curbs
ahall be placed on each aide of tho
macadamised portion of tho atreet
20 feet from the center lino of tho
street Where the road bed If 40 foot
wide. Curb ahall be of concrete
and set verically to sub-grade of tho
street. Croaewalks ahall be of wood
four (4) feet wide and not leas than
three Inches thick and all tho said
Improvement ahall be made accord
ing to tho plana and anoclflcatlona
filed March 24th. 1911, and approved
hereby. . ..-.
The Improvement shall b classod
as "Macadam" and ahall be main
tained by Oregon City for the full
period of ten years from date of the
acceptance by the Council.
Tbe foregoing resolution waa
adopted by tbe Council of Oregon
City at a regular meeting held Feb
ruary 15th, 191L :
By order of the Council of Oregon -City.
I 8TIPP, Recorder.
Wants, For Salc.Etc
Notlea under thea eUaatflad baedma
will b maarted at one cent word, flrat
Insertion, half a cent additional tnaer-
Uona. One men card. IS ear moatn; bail
Inch card. 4 lines) II par month.
Caah must coomnaa order nnlea on
Haa an opan aoeount with tbo paper. Mo
financial raponalbtllty for error; whero
errora occur free aorrected notice will a
printed for patron. Minimum charaa Ike.
WANTED Small advertisements for
this eol'imn. Price a very reason
able. Bee rates at head of column.
cents an hour. Call Pacific States
ltt acres on 'Division St, E rooaa
house, bath room and basement,
barn, chicken house, orchard and
email fruit city water. Frtoe) $1,100.
Terma. Clyde As McRao, 100S Main
atreet ; . , ;v
FOR RENT Light housekeeping
rooms, furnished and unfurnished.
HARRY JONES Builder and General
Contractor. Estimates cheerfully
given on all classes of building
work, concrete walks and reinforced
concrete. Ras, Phono Main 11L
O. D. EBT, Attorney-at-Law, Money
.loaned, abstracts furnished, - land
titles examined, eatatee settled, gen
eral law bualneaa. Over Bank of
Oregon City. -
UTUEN 8CHUEBEL, Attorneys-at-
Law, Deutacher Advokat will pren
tice In all courts, make collections
and settlements. Office In Enter '
priao Bldg, Oregon City, Oregon.
y. R. HYDE, Abstract Office
Land title investigated, conveyan
cing, notary public, '
Room 7. Barclay Bldg Oregon City.
K, H. COOPER. For Fire Inauraacr
- and Real Estate. Lot us handle
your properties we boy. aoll aad
exchange.- ' Office In Enter prise
Bldfc, Oregon City, Oregon. - .
FRETTAO ft MONTCT, Real Estate
Dealers, have choice bargains In
farm lands, city ' and ' suburban
- homes, good fruit lands and poultry
ranches, -. See us for good boy.
Near 8. P. depot f - "
When I moved Into my now atom
I put In a nice lino of NEW FURNI
TURE, which I am aelllng at the pri
ces ueually quoted for eocond hand or
ahop-wom goods. Come In and look
Fine line of curioa and relic.
-1 To Introduce The Morning
Enterprise Into a largo major
ity of the homes tn Oregon
City and Clackamaa county tho
management has decided to
make a apoclal price for tho
daily lasno, for a abort time)
only, whero iho subscriber pays
a year In advance. ,
By carrier, paid a year in
advance, 13.00.
By man, paid a year In ad
vance), $2.00. .
People who garo otrf oanvae
aor a trial aubocrtptlon for one)
. or mora montha, at ten conta a
week, can have tho dally dellv
, orod for a year for S3.09 by
paying a year In. advanoo.
People who gave our canvas
ser a trial subscription, by
mall, for four months st a dol
lar, may have tho paper for a
year far $3.00, It paid a year .la
advanoo. .. , ' .
-' Subscribers Jo the , Weekly
Enterprise may hiie their
Bubocrlptiopa to the daily, re
ceiving credit for half time on
the dally tbat the weekly is
paid la .advance. When they
choose to add cash to the ad
vanoo payment equal to. a full
year's advance payment they
msy take advantage of tho 2 ,
..We make this apodal price
so that paopl who have paid
in advanoo on some other dally
and wish to tak Ue Morning;
Enterprise, nay do ho without
too groat oxpenae.