Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, February 26, 1911, Section One, Page 3, Image 3

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H i tn lo on thoe tooth you admire a 'rftUcrTaj- f 1114 with oue
porooU'n inlays. They oro har) to detect. " . -
Children whooo tooth arc wol eared for ar not oo susceptible to
contagious dlsoaees. ,
For preferable lo H to go to a modern dontal offlco than to an old
fashioned chamber ( horroro.
Would you rathor have a oomfortablo oot of teeth then a cheap eet
(hat continually fall) outf You lot money If you don't aeo ua about
dentistry. - :
1 I
Dfo L. Lo Pickens
Dr Go A; Brown
Both Phonea.
C. i i 1 .
r.,.., ----- . . o
In our market you will find all kind of Fresh and Cured Meats
Phone Your Orders
We Deliver Promptly ,
local BRiers
Pest Hrd Wheat Flour for $1.40
Uck at lilKKcr e, Hevemo airoei.
Ceorgo Hulman and Mr. and Mra.
..ri... stelner. of ' Beaver Crook,
Lre among the Oregon City business
hslmr on Saturday...
0t a pound of that good cone for
kf at llmrla' Grocery.
0 J Mills, the bllllardlBt. waa play-
k fihllilMOii gauiva m luv-fv"'
Mr. Hmun, on main purti,
)ay nlghl
Now I the time to get Fertiliser ror
. ..II. J Tk.
rht kiiyl al llarrlaJjOrocery.
1 ih.hlemler. of Heaver CroeK, waa
L, orenoii. City on bualneea Saturday.
Hubert tilnther. on of to promi
nent n h""l teacher of thla county,
Show home la at BhUWV was in ure-
ton City on bualneea Saturday.
Fine Kedlanda Orange, sweet and
hilcy. Urro sla 350 per ooseu at
Harris" tirocery.
i e..rK. ,.,. is.
the Int. Many of them came from
e Columbia Kiver country and among
e lot are Bom very handsome one
fail City Butter Is always sweet and
it tho right flavor 75o at llarrta'
lltrv Dahm. of Clackamaa Station,
rill rjh burled Sunday at 1 p. m. She
Jed February 23 and li years of ag.
l DanlHh minister from Portland had
hari of tbo funoraL
A clilren of Oak Grov was hunting
)h city over for the Fruit Inspector,
k horn he waa told waa In the city.
U mill there were a lot of Infected
ree In that, neighborhood and h
tlihed to hav the Fruit Inspector
bik hem over and determine what
is to be don In the matter.
Wm. Detitcher, who Uvea on tho
'est Side, la planning to go to the
adraa country within a few daya.
e and several friend wish to aecure
land clnlm and will run up Into that
tmntry and ae If there are any to oe -ad.
They are planning to go by Mra. B. Warner, who la critically 111
To-Mght and Monday
Bill For Toes. Wed ; and Thor. M
Rooms e7-t Wtlnhar Bldfl.
team, driving the dlstance-'and making
their cam pa at the end of each day'a
I ra vet. : -
There, will do an addi-ea on Bach,
the musician, with a short biograph
ical sketch of his life and works at
tho (lladston church 8unday evening,
with a musical program In connection.
Plana aro making for a very Interest
ing service, to which friends and mem
ber of tho congregation aro Invited.
Mr. and Mra. W, Doe-Its, of Minne
apolis, Minn., who have been making
aa eitended visit with relatives In
Portland, and with tbelr niece, Mra.
Henry Streblg, of thla city, will leave
Tueaday morning for Ixm Angeloa,
California, where they will visit bo
fore returning to their homo In Min
nesota. They will ho accompanied by
Mrs. Streblg aa far aa lxa Angelsa,
who will visit for aeveral weeka.
Frank Schoenborn, who recently re
turned from Cotton, Wash., with his
family to make hla homo In thla city,
left oo Saturday for Bhubel, where ho
will remain for a few days boor tak
ing eharg of the grocery Store ha re
cently purchaaed on Seventh aire.
Schoenborn will take charge on
relatives at Shubel
Maater Creaton Brown, th 17-yr
old eon of Mr. and Mr. Frank Brown,
of Sellwood. but formerly of this city,
waa taken suddenly 111 Saturday morn
ing at hla parents' horn, and waa tak
en Saturday night to St. Vlncenfa
Hospital, wher a aurglral operation
waa performed on him for appendicit
is. Th operation waa aucceasful, and
It la thought that th young man will
soon recover. Mr. Brown waa In thla
city at th time hla son waa taken 111,
and returned to Portland In response
to a telephone message, and waa pres
ent at fh tlm of the operation.
Hon. J. A. Talbot, of Clackamaa.
waa In the city attending to matters
of bualneea on Saturday.
W. H. Duncan, of. Corvallla, waa
among the Oregon City vlaltora on
1 !
at her home oo John Qulncy Adams
street, remains about the aamo.
Mr. Charles Catta, of Bellwood, was
In thlaj city Saturday vlaltlng with
relative ana friend.
w; II. Treece, representative of tbo
Htudebaker Ilrothara' Company of
rortland, waa In tbla city on Satur
day., .
Mlaa Dorothy Htafford, daughter of
Mr. and Mr. Stafford, la 111 with
meaalo at tbo Stafford homo on lllgb
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hasting, of Pen
dleton, aro visiting friends In Glad
stone, gueata at the homo of Mr. and
Mra. O. EL Freytag.
Mra. George Brown, who ha been
suffering with blood poisoning In her
finger, la allabtly Improved, although
the flnicr la still lufneted, and It baa
been necessary lo have tbo finger
lanced aeveral tlmea.
Mr. W. B. U'ften, who haa been
watching thing at Salem for the past
fw day, arrived at home and waa
gristing hi Oregon-City friend Sat
urday, , Mr. Chaa. Kelloy, the young man
who waa aaaoclated with bis father
In 'tbo restaurant business for yeara
on Main street, la sick with grip at
his homo at Ureen Point. ;
County Treasurer J. A. Tuft la hav
ing g a1-ge of grip but Is sticking to
bl Job and aienda part of the day In
hi office at the Court llouae despite
tbo attack that would lay out an or
dinary man.
Miss Freda Martin, who waa severe
ly Injured In a coasting accident last
winter and waa confined to her homo
closely for aome week, la now able
to go to school but baa sot yet the
free ue of ber arm. It seem aa If
certain of the nervea In tho aboulder
have been torn loose and It la feared
her complete recovery will bo a mat
ter of aeveral yeara.
i ....
The, following tranafera of. real es
tate wore filed Saturday In the office
of County Recorder Wllllama:
A. and Oleana Qunderaon to Ned
Nelson, northwest quarter of aoutn
east quarter, section IS, township 2
souths range 4 east, 40 acrea; $2600..
Joa. H. Hlllyard to Ned and Victoria
A. Nelson, weat half of northwest
quarter of northeast quarter, aectlon
3, township 3 south, range 4 eaat, 20
acrea; $1450.
Joa. B. Hlllyard to John H. and
Olenora U Nelson, east half of north
west quarter of northwest quarter,
aectlon 3, township 4 south, range 4
eaat. 20 acrea; $1(60.
Oregon Realty Co. to Mutual Realty
Co.. southeast quarter of southwest
quarter, aectlon 20, township 4 aouth,
range 4 east, 40 acrea; $10.
Gladatone Real Estate Association
to Mra. Etta Chase, lot 6, btock 60,
Gladstone; $125.
W. W. Abbott to 8. E. Brune, 6H
acrea, John Mark'a donation land
claim; $5000.
Hiram Maden to J. U Ketch, 6
acre, aectlon 28, township 3 aouth,
rang 4 eaat; $1000.
William Andreaen and Winn! An
dresen to J. U. Campbell, lot 6, block
8, Oregon City; $10.
Gladstone Real Estate Association
to Warren J. Kinney, Otla E. and Jen
nie Unulae Lambereon, 1.03 acrea,
Gladstone; $260.
William and Winnie Andreeen to
John V. Under, lota 7 and 3, block 81,
Oregon City; 10.
Etta and E. U. Chaa to Elisabeth
B. paddock, lot d.block 60, Gladstone;
$10. . c
8. P. and Lealle T. Howland. and
B. J. and Lula U Howland. to Home
Installment Co.. lot 10, Plnehurst, t
acrea; $10.
E. T. Maaa. aherlff, to Tho. F. Ry
an, eaat half of northeast quarter, aec
tlon 22. townahlp 4 aouth.. range 2
east, 80 acree; eherlffa deed.
H. B. and Pearl A. Ballantyne to
W. R. Allen, lota 11 and 12. block 7
aecond aub-dt vision of Oak Grove;
W. R. and M. F. Allen to H. E. Bal
lantyne, northeast quarter of north
eaat quarter and north half of south
east quarter of northeaat quarter, aec
tlon 36, township 5 aouth, range 1
eaat, 60 acres; $10.
C. P. and Anna M. Andrewa to O. E.
Freytag. lota T and 8, block 34, Olad
atone; $10.
Musical Comedy Company
TrouWcs of a
The Time Sunday and Mon
day. - The Place Electric Theatre,
Oregon City.
The Girl And then some.
Albert Langton, W. R. Selgfrled
Grace (his wife) Mamie Haalam
Fiddler Cliff Lancaster
Servlna (the maid) Margurate
Nellie, Cora Haalam
TesMe... Vada Peek
Kittle....; Minnie Miller
Clara Marie Cahlll
Nettle ' Cecil Roaa
Mualcal Number.
Opening Chore ........ Choru
Winter ...v.. Margurate Doyle
Hoo Hoo. Ain't Tou Coming
Out Tonight. .Mamie Haalam
I'm Going to Tell on You, Cora
Haalam. -Final
........Entire Company
See the Bcoutiful
Electric Effect ;
Entire Change or pro
gram Tuesday
Mary Ann and Jamea H. Hatton to
O. B. rreytag, lota 4 ana , block 10,
Gladstone; 110.
Frank p. and Bertha E. Nelaoo to
W. W. Leete, lota 12, 13 and, 14. block
12, Gladstone; 110.
' John and Kate Rometach to Edward
Mendonhall, trustee, 20 H acre, Will
lam Arthur donation land claim, town
ship t south, range I east; II.
R. J. and Jano Moore to A. M. and
Mary R. Miller, one acre, William
Bngle donation land claim, township
I south, range S oaat; $10.
A. J., and Kate Lata to O. W. King,
10 acrea, section 6, township 8 south.
range 1 oaat; 1800.
joaepn v;. ana Florence a. rrrnum
to Fred L, Strout, 46 Vt acrea, L. D. C.
Latourette'a donation - land claim,
townablps S and S south, range 2 oast;
II. N. and Gertie Everbart to Clyde
and Otis Englo, 44 acres, section 3,
township 5 south, range 2 east; $2250.
Jamea L and Carrie DeLong to Ella
Carson, one acre, township 3 south,
rangel east; $1150.
Frank E. and Besale E. Aandrewa to
W. L. Lunt, 2.68 acrea, William
Holmes donation land claim, township
I south, rang 2 eaat; $10.
"barlus and Mary Demi Font to
Dariua Fouta, J., lots l and 2, aectlon
10, township 3 south, range 3 eaat,
11.16 acrea; $44. ' .
The program given at the Electric
Theatre last night by tho LeRoy Oa
born Mualcal Comedy Company waa
good, and each number on the pro
gram received It share of applauae.
The theatre waa packed to the doors
at each performance, and the corn
puny baa' been engaged to remain for
anotbei week. Lat night waa the
laat performance of the "Ice Man."
Thla playlet waa filled with humor
and kept the audience In good humor.
The aongt were catchy, and thoae ren
dered by Mlaa Margurate Doyle, Miss
Mamie Haalam and Mlaa Cora Has
lam were especially pleasing.
Th attraction at thla playhouse
thla afternoon, evening and Monday
evening will be "Trouble of a Lob
ater," and the eaat of cbaractera la aa
Tb Time1 Sunday and Monday.
The Place Electric Theatre, Ore
gon City.
The Girl And then aome.
Albert Langton W. R. Siegfried
Grace (hla wife). .Mamie Haalam
Fiddler .Cliff Lancaater
Servlna (the maid) .Margurate Doyle
.Cora Haalam
Vada Peek
- Minnie Miller
... ... Mario Cahlll
Ccll Roaa
Mualcal Number.
Opening Chorus Cliorua
Winter .uargurat uoyie
Hoo Hoo. Alnl Yo. 3omlng Out To
night .........-''Mamie Haalam
I'm Going to Tell on You, Cora Haalam
Finale ,..- Entire Company
Th... in xm aarvfaM at the Primi
tive BapUat church thla morning at
11 o'clock. c .
onrviraa in rhrlat Ev. Lutheran
k..k viia will K at 10:1ft a. m..
with preaching In Oemtan. The topic
for thla morning wm. oe --urwuau
Love th Fruit of Tru Faith."
Thar ill ha no Luther. Lecue sor-
vie at Zloa Lutheran church thla ev-
Mini Thura will he two D reaching
service, however. Tbe morning topic
will be, "Are iou rrepareu io uo
With Chriat to Jerusalem!- mis ev
enlng, at 7:45. the topic will be, "I
Am the Lord Thy God."
The boya' brigade that has been or
...i.i mi that St. Paul's EDlacopal
church met Friday night and adopted
th iwtnatitution an aeoiaea on
.rr. tn. th Uwil or anlia t Ion. The
.nan la sl Andrew'B Guard
TI..K. .n nulla m. numoer oi new
name presented at the meeting Fri
day ntahL '
Servlcea In the M. E. church thla
evening will be of a patriotic cnarac
ter, and Co. Q, O. N. G-, will attend In
a body. Judge J. U. Campbell will
make the address of th evening. At
the morning hour Rev. Zimmerman
will speak on -fTom bgyp
Th. Hnv.1 nrlfAde of the M. B.
A aav iLrj "
church held a meeting In the church
parlors Friday evening, une muer
i. Knatnut wn the dannlng for a
relay race, to come off In the near
future. The race win .De u uunuu
and return, it not being deemed wise
to attempt to cover too much ground
the first race.
Come and aee thoae beautiful Shirt
Waists In Holmes' Window.
You're tearing down th old worm
It makes a huge bon fire!
Replacing rotten, moas-grown rails
with anink-anan woven wire!
D'ye mind tbe time we built that fence
Some twenty year agor
Then Pa waa In th prime of life:
. We twlna were twelve, you. know.
I've aat for hours upon those rails,
Or loitered here about
To shoot gray-diggers stealing grain
And dlKKlna taters out.. ,
How hard Pa worked to make that
,i,Ajd wa nt he proud the day
II finished It now he'a gone, too,
Just died the tenth of May! .
Tea, Ned, tho fenc had served Its
time, .
Yet aomethlng grips my heart.
It'll curious how a bon-flrel amok
- Will make th teardrops a tart I
Let's take thla short-cut to th house;
The homestead Beams so dear
I haven't Been the old log house
For well nigh fifteen year!
. ... ......... i ....
I wonder where we'll cross the creek,
The atepplng sones are gone.
You aay there la a rustlo bridge
A little farther on,
Down by our ancient swimming hole
Which your boya use, no doubt . 1
Gee whit, you've widened thla old
And atocke4 the creek with trout)
We ought to otiike tho lane right here
Where we, with good old Tows,
On summer evenings, thru the dust,
Drov up th errant cows.
Th Ian la gone, bcaua you have
For It no longer need;
Your gentle, pure-bred Jersey owe
In fields of clover feed.
I tho't to sea the house from hero.
The roof la very low
What! have you torn It down and
That modern bungalow?
You have a barn that's up to date-
Say Ned, what'e that I hear 7
Your auto? Seems all right In town
But out here one aounda queer.
A little run-about, I aee '
Makea dally trips with cream
D'ye recollect our all dayjaunta
To town, with Pa's ox-team?
You tell me that the farm haa paid .
For all of thl and more
You have a telephone, the mall's
Brought dally to your door!
Well, I'm right glad you're proaperlng,
You were the one to stay
Upon the homestead, you knew how
To having the farming pay.
Nor la thla all for you have, made
Your home attractive, too;
No need to fear the clty'a charma
3VII1 lure your Bona from you. .
You've poisoned all the gray diggers,
The fern-brake are laid low.
No, Ned, I think I'll not come In
The Moss-back too, must go!
Goodbye, dear Ned, one boon -I crave,
Sometimes when looking back,
Think kindly of the old worm fence
The log houae, and of Jack!
Oregon City.
Mis Rambow Saya 8he Did Not Take
Thorn, Or 80 Them.
A case In Justice Samson's court
Saturday forenoon waa that of State
of Oregon va. Oda Rambow, of Glad
stone. The charge wae larceny and
the complaining 'witness Mrs. F. De
Mies Rambow waa accused of steal
ing a pair of woman's drawers, the
explanation being that ahe took them
for the purpose of wearing them to a
party the evening ahe took them. Mlaa
Rainbow denies tbe charge and aa ahe
waa under age tbe Judge aent her to
the juvenile court. From there ahe
was returned to Samson's Jurisdiction
and he released her pending further
hearing on her own recognizance.
Mlaa Rambow aaya ahe waa never
In the home of her accuser, and never
saw the drawers in queatlon. Her
mother and sister being alck with
meaalea. who will be her main wit
nesses, waa the excuae for postponing
the case. It la said that the Incident
haa something of the neighborhood
Quarrel attached to It. Neighbor say
they have their doubta as to there hav
ing been any then.
Two Additiona to Street Force.
Chaa. Wllllama, cook on the ateamer
Anna Cummlngs that run in nere
from Cams, was drunk and disorderly
and Officer Shaw locked him up. He
was before Recorder Stlpp Saturday
where he was alven ten daya In jail.
Joa A. Johnaton. a transient who
drifted Into town, was also taken be
fore the Recorder and drew a fine
of 115 or ten daya In Jan. neitner
could nav and both will be Put 10
work on the streets Monday.
ROBBED OF 110,000.
Had Just Recelvsd the Money to Moot
tho Pay Roll.
PITTSBURG. Kaa., Feb. 25. Mra,
Gua Joneph. poatmlatreaa at Fuller,
enal rarao near here, vtl held by two
highwaymen laat night and robbed of
tin 000 which ahe baa just -receivea
by express from Kanaaa City. The
money was to have been used to pay
off emnlovea of the Sheridan Coal
Company today.
City Wanta to Collect Dollar Auction
Feea. But Judge Wont pay.
Mra. Hill, of Ely, brought her horae
to Justice Samson Saturday ror him
to sell It The Judge at once got Into
tbe buggy, called about him the people
on the street, and began to cry It
off. A little later Tom Brown came
by and seeing and hearing the effort
stopped and made a bid or IZ5.
The horse was hitched to a buggy
and had a names on when Tom
Brown atopped to Inspect It. About
an hour later word was sent to Brown
that "be had bought aomethlng." He
at once went ud atreet to get hla
property when he waa told that he had
purchased only the horse; that the
buggy and harnesa were not on sale.
Brown kicked at the deception but
finally weakened and paid np.
Then came the aequenc to the
whole proposition: Samson made tbe
sale for Mra. Hill without any charge,
just to help matters along. Bui the
sale waa scarcely over until along
cornea Officer Shaw and makea de
mand for a dollar from Samson for
license for auctioning on th streets.
So far th officer haa been unable to
collect from Samson. aa he saya he
won't pay having done the work free
of charge.
5-room house and barn, new, cor
ner lot 60x100 feet, Falla View;
fine view 81100
8-room houae with bath room,
etc., good condition, 10th and
Adama atreets, Oregon City.. $1350
Small payment down, balance month
ly payments like rent good bargain.
JOHN W. L0DER, Owner.
Stevens Bldg. Oregon City, Or.
To Whom It
I am going to clean up or destroy
tho dlaeasod fruit trees of Oregon City
and want th eo-oporatton of everyone
Interested. You may got spraying
done by C.-C McQhanoy, Fourth and
Jackson, or by Clark 8. Fuge, Eighth
and Polk otreota. Thoae neglecting or
refusing to do the work will be com
pelled to do sot 'Attyon Interested
plosoo eommunlcate with A. J. LwJ
Fruit Inapoctor Clackamaa County,
Oregon City, Rout No. S. '
aUoBwa. : Adlainns.a
If you are looking for quality as well as low prices
you can certainly find it here. "We offer nothing
but absolutely first class goods.
Cloaronco Sale of
Ladloa' Suit
Our entire stock of Ladies'
Suits from such well known
makers as the "Wooltex".
"La Vogue" and "Printzess
to be closed out regardless
of cost as we need the room
for our new goods.' T" -
TO BOOM A. O-. U. W.
Deputy Grand MasUr Trauqer to
Build up the Membership.
, T. A. Trauger, deputy grand master
of the A. O. U. W whose beadquartere
are at Portland, arrived in Oregon
City on Scturday morning, and will
work for tho Interest of the order ror
month. On Monday evening March
6, a banquet will be given at th A. O.
V. W. hall on Seventh atreet, a; wblcb
time J. M. Dickson, grand recorder of
the lodge, will be tbe toaatmaater,
and a good time la promised. There
are now over 120 members In the A.
U. W. aud it Is the intention of
Mr. Traucor to Increase thla.
Wants, For Sale, Etc
Notice under these classified headlnirt
111 tx Inserted at one cent a word, first
Insertion, half a cnt addition! Inser
tions. One Inch card. 11 per month; half
Inch card, (4 lines) fl per month.
Casb must accompany order unless one
has an open account with the paper. No
financial responsibility for error; where
errors occur free corrected notice wlU be
printed for patron. Minimum charke lie
WANTED A first claaa organizer for
Oregon City; big money for hustler;
no other need apply. Address U.
C. S. 228 Ablngton Bldg., Portland,
WANTED Experienced girl for gen
eral houaework In family of three.
Apply at Huntley Bros. Co.-
FOR 8 ALE Mare, 10 years old. kind.
true, 1700 lbs. Trial given. Price
$175. M. -A. Hansen, New Era.
Car R, KelL
FOR 8 ALE Spac in this column
Sell that old plow or harrow; yon
don't ua It sine you purchaaed
your now on.
FOR SALE Rare bargain. 50 acre
farm. $125 per acre, actually worth
$200 per acre; only 2 ml lea from
Orecon City: suitable for subdivls
Ion. Need the money and must sell;
two-thirds clear. Haynea, 426 East
Harrison Street, Portland.
FOR SALE 10 acres orchard land;
7 acres planted to apple trees; 7
room house, small barn; 1V mile
from Oregon City on good road
$3,500: terms for quick aale. Tele
phone Farmers 213. 8. R. Cogaa,
R. F. D. No. I. Box 1S9, Oregon
City, Oregon.
FOR RENT Rooms In the Gambrinus
block, the Electric Hotel Annex, at
reasonable rates. For particulars
. Inquire of J. J. Tobln. at tbe Elec
tric Hotel. These rooms have the
latest convenience, with ateam
heat, electric lights, and the choice
rooms have running water, both hot
and cold. I ti
LOST In Oregon City Saturday, Feb
ruary 25. between Pope'a Store and
Farr'a butcher shop, .small brown
ourae. containing $30 in gold and
possibly some silver. Reward for
return to First National Bank of
Oregon City.
Q, H. DOUGLAS, Violin Teacner; vis
its or receives pupils, 50c a lesson,
one hour. 120 Jefferson St., Ore
gon City. '
HARRY JONES Builder and General
Contractor. Estlmatea cheerfully
given on all classes of building
work, concrete walka and reinforced
concrete. Res. Phone Mala 111.
MONEY LOANED Wo are acquaint
ed with the value of all farm landi
In Clackamas County and can loan
your money on good safe. security.
Farm loans made one, two and three
years at 7 par cent Abstracts of
tltl examined. DIMlCK A DIMICK.
Lawyers, Andreaen Bldg., Oregon
City, Oregon.
O. D. EBT, Attorney-at-Law, Money
loaned, abatracts furnlahcd, land
. title examined, estatea settled, gen
eral law baatnoea. Over Bank ol
Oregon City.
U'REN A SCHITEBEL, Attorneyo-at-Law,
Deutscher Advokat, will prac
tice In all court, mak collections
and settlement. . Office la Enter
prise Bldg., Oregon City. Oregon;
V. R. HYDE, Abstract Pf ftp
Land title Investigated, conveyan
cing, notary public
; to(x:;ic:dit
icmtz COPT
. Room 7 Barclay Bldg., Orogoa cy
Clearance Sato of
Men's Suite
Our line of Men's Suits are
from such houses as he
Stein Block Co. and A.
Kirshbaum Co. - This in
itself is a guarantee of the
quality. Your choice of
ny suit 7.00-
t and Beaver building. Main St.
Oregon City- Phonea: Horn A-1M
and Paciflo State 122L . t
75 acre tract good land, no rocks, S
mile from Oregon City, miles
from O. W. P. car lln. Good fruit
land. Cut Into 7 and 14 acre tracts,
1100 to $225 pr acre. Enquire of
D. K. Bill A Co., Room 9, Beaver
Bldg, Oregon Citv.
E. H. COOPER. For Fir Insurance
and Real Estate. Let ua. handl
your properties w buy. Mil and
xchange. Office in Ratrpria
Bldg., Oregon City, Oregon. -
tate Dealers, have choice bargain
In farm lan da, city and i suburban
home, good fruit land and poultry
ranch. 8e na for good buy.
Near 8. P. depot.
If you can make bida
to deliver ;
. In a reasonable tlm - '
A I piling
with 10 Inch top
not leaa than 45 feet long. .
peeled or unpeeled, )
delivered Portland.
Call on or pbon
E. C. Dye. , v
.1 th and Main.
' Both Phone. ' '
MANY TIMES you can buy just th
article you want, just a good aa
new, at a small fraction of th cost
of new. If you go and see TOUNO,
the second hand man. HI collec
tion contains New, and Second Hand
Furniture, Hardware, Tools, Curios,
etc. Be him; It coeta nothing to
Ordinance No
An Ordinance Defining Certain Dutieo
of the Chief of Police Regarding
tho Collection of Licenses. ,
Sec. 1. It I hereby mad th
duty of th Chief of Folic of Ore
gon City, to Inspect th license of
every person, firm, company or cor
poration, engaging in ot carrying on
any profession, trade, calling or oc
cupation for which a license akall
be required under Ordinance Na
207 and No. 323. of Oregon City,
and if he shall ascertain that said
person, firm, company or corpora
tion so engaging in or carrying on
such profession, trade, caaing or
profession, ha failed to obtain a
license as provided in said ordinan
ce aforesaid, th Chief of Polio
shall Immediately collect th amount
of such license du Oregon City
and pay th sam to the City Trea
surer. Th Chief of Police shall
also make any and all collections
of any and all licenses, fees and
moneys which are and may become
due Oregon City as th sam may
be required of' him by the council
of Oregon City, and th said Chief
of Police shall receive aa sole com
pensation therefor, th sum of 140.00
per month from and after February
lat. 1911.
Sec. 2. That Ordinance No. 358
of Oregon City, be and the sam Is
'hereby repealed.
: Read first time and ordered pub
lished at a apeclal meeting of th
City Council, held February 17th,
1911. '
U STIPP, Recorder.
To introdnc Th Morning
Enterprise Into a larg major
ity of th borne In Oregon
City and Clackamaa county th
management haa decided to
mak a apeclal prio for th
dally Issue, for a abort Urn
only, where th subscriber pays
a year In ad vane. 1
By carrier, paid a year In
advance, 13.00. '
By mall, paid a year In ad
vance, $2.00.
People who gav our canvas
ser a trial subscription for on
or more months, at ten cents a
week, can, have th dally deliv
ered for a year for $3.00 by
paying a year In advance.
People who gave our canvas
, ear a trial subscription, by
mall, for four month at a dot
' lar, may hav th papr for a
. year for $2.08, If peM a year In
advance- ' " - ' " '
Subscriber to- th Weekly
Enterprise may chang tbU..
subscriptions to tb dally, re--celvlng
credit for', half tin oa
th dally that 'th . weekly "
paid In advance. - When thoy -chooo
to add cash to th ad
vene payment eqnal to- A tan
year's advaae payuaat they
may tatt advaatag of th I '
rat. .,'
W mak tfchV c9
so that pa who ha.. . '
to ad van o aa some other daily
: and wlel to take the Morning
rMorprioa, aasy do without
too gr tape, - -
'' '
Sk '
- ' ' V