Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, February 26, 1911, Section Two, Page 8, Image 12

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    Ctadttimas County Mas Splendid School Mnfe
SB ' I ' . ,' T. .
. - fT
By x. J. Gary. County SoperintetiJnt
of School.
Qackamaa county ia divided into
oo hundred tveaty-eixhl arhoot dis
trtcta Im which nor than two hun
dred earn eat teacher are ahaping the
destiny of Ita youth.
The buildings and grout da la maxr
of Ua districta are in good coodi
tioa. Da rtnc the laat three year there
hare beea thlrtj-to achool hooe
rected In tha county at a coat of
aaay thoaaaads of dollar. A very
few districts aar poor buildings but
oat of these will, without question,
be replaced by dv aad ntodera one
Ail of our schools have libraries ,
aad aaany of them hare the wails :
decorated with works of art.
The climate and topography of this
coon try make it as ideal place Tor
schools. The climate Is so mi id and
unable that a child caa attend school
erery day ia the year without ageing
dwarfed by the cold or enervated by
the heat Children la this climate
grow larger thaa their parents phy-:
sicaJly, aad it U to be hoped that;
climatic conditions eause aa equally
vigorous mental growth. There Is '
probably no better county In the world
la which to study nature. A child
There are fw is tt w 'vn
th size of Orwerjt r;.T ti-h can
boast of a baktry sa t t oi
aWy eoadvetied at SIS Main s-.rsf
by Mr. H gchradr and whose crod jt
! r
' ' f,- - J.,,.-.......-:., .
-iJr : : '
',: -Jj kr'- lm 12 J
I 1 - sabl m . - 1 "Ht 1 . L
; ' is la aa dmaad aa to aita,e
; ( thai esploraieat of a number of xjeo
peteat aad expert workmen to snpv?y
ia tr4. xr. Bebrader has been
- ecsxaected with tie baSiaes Jmtt
...- the dty fa- .a length j
s . of time, having bn a resident of the I
1 , city for tbe past thirty years, eoadict-!
! . ! hi presesat bwataeaw for about I
. lva years. Ta bakery is spleo-;
. npupyeu mm owiy ia purest
tsredieata are used Ia the prepara
tion of all food staffs. A distinctive
. feature of th business la their aom
ma bread, this bread being raised
wtth Bona made hop aad malt yeast,
aad tale ia the only bakery la this
ecooa asvowa to prepare bom made
axr. scarader I a pleasant
'view Crandstsod nd Raoetrack
pgTlasi'auf i in- r flTTJ iJflkTri i'sTIi I I li mJZtVtotVStSST&ttL
I .. T S A
W i'
can. without leaving the confine of
the county, see the different forms of
vegetation from the ' semi-tropical :
i figs are grown In Oswego and al
mond In Willamette) to the frigid ,
(arctic vegetation la found about ML;
Hood). Here we have all kinds of
soil from the rich alluvial of the river
valley, which produce vegetation in '
abundance, to the volcanic ah of the)
foothills, which is unsurpassed for :
the production of fruit.
The e&Vct of the tides on the ocean j
may be en in the Willamette river.
One of the moat magnificent, water j
fall to be found anywhere Is the WU- j
lamette rails of Oregon City.
In the southern portion of the coun
ty are level plains extending for miles
These are bordered by the rolling
foot hills, while back of these are the
forest covered mountains, and above
all stands the peaks covered with per
petual snow.
At Oregon City are foand extensive
woolen mill, an electric -plant which
supplies much of the electricity for
the city f Portland, and some of the
largest paper mills In .the country.
If ihe children from the Middle
West could travel over Clackamas
county for on week they would learn
more geography than they could In a
life time at home. ,
Clackamas county has an excellent
S'.el Bui'dinqs of C'aikama
g?t?man wi'h vtra it U a piti-,r
'o tnde. at;d he bit always main-,
tainM tk highest reputation for stri?t ,
Looor and intirrity and in cotute-;
j'ce tif trade is constanUy and ;
rnd!y lncreasiag. Th demand for
& tracer's home made bread far ex
ou the oTput st all time, while
th pie and otter article find
ready favor with prticular people.
Wagon are employed to deliver gooda
lo any part of :he city. Mr. Schrader
is In every way a model citizen, never
losing aa opportunity to boost for bis
home town.
There ar a nn ruber of local people
who are putting forth their utmost
endeavors to make known to th out
side world the many advantage and
opportunities la Oregon City and
Clackamas county for investment
and bona building aad on of th
most succs fnl of these Is Mr. Cyrus
at Clafcata County Pair Ground.
in i
library Uv'. which provides that ten
cent a h:i be apportioned each year
for each pupil of school agw la the
county. This enable the boys aad
girls of the country districta, aa well
as those of the cities, to obtala some
of the beat In literature each year.
Our compulaary Education Law Is
especially good, as it requires the at
tendance of children until they are
sixteen years of age unless they have
completed the course of study or after
the age of fourteen, are engaged la
some useful occupation.
All schools are required by law tc
maintain, school for at least si
months each year. Each school must
have at least three hundred dollar!
for maintenance. ' .
.A law has Jut been passed provid
ing that certificates to teachers wll
hereafter be Issued by the 8tati
Board. A certificate obtained la thi:
way good In any .part of tb
State. Diplomas from accredited Nor
mat Schools acd accredited College
and tniversies will be accepted here,
A law has been recently passed
which will give this county two Su
pervisor who will work la conjunc
tion with, and under direction of. the
County School Superintendent. It Is
their duty to visit the schools In their
district as often as they caa. and to:
help, id.. aad.,. Instruct the teachers
' I I -
' ft ' ' i ' I 1 ' e .r" . ".
Powell, who maintain an offlcjef at bis beet efforts to all plans calculated
71 Noble Bldg.. Main street Mr." for her benefit In tn stodio spwlal
Powell has located a large number of attention Is given to enlarging and
people in this section of the Wlllanv grouping, and there la no finer work
et'e valley, and all sem to be satis- done anywhere than that done by Mr. ,
fied with their Investment, largely Hart and his assistants, and no reel
owing to the fact that Mr. Powell Is dent of the city need feel that they 1
able to give expert advice to all who . are obliged to go to Portland for first ',
have any idea of becoming residents I class work tot tbls character, for It
of tbls part of the State, or even those i
who have resided In th immediate
vicinity of Oregon City for h Is gen
erally known to be on of th best
posted real estate men In th field.
He has made a careful atudy of this
section and 1 familiar with all condi
tions and his ad vie Is extremely val
uable to any contemplating th pur
chase of property, either for home
building of for Investment Mr. Powell
Is a man of fin business ability and
anyone corresponding with him iwtll
find him absolutely reliable. Thor
oughly Imbued with th Idea of a
rapid development of. th surrounding
country, Mr. Powell la , exerting his
best effort along then line, and his
Influence has been strongly felt In this
There Is probably no city of equal
size anywhere In th country where
such a complete photograph gallery
may be found, or a photographer of
sucn ability as Mr. P. M. Hart, of
this city, without exception his work
Is of the highest character and qual
ity, being fully equal to that done In
the largest cities, whll hi nhoto.
graphic work of children Is a matter
of wonder to all who see It. Mr. Hart
keep closely In touch with all of the
latest discoveries la th DhotosraDhlc
worm, ana nas ail of in latest ..ap
pliances, Including th finest lens
to be secured, resulting In th high'
st class of work. Howevr, price
charged ar no more than those asked
for the work of Inferior artists, and
consequently Mr. Hart onjoyi a con
stantly increasing trad. H 1 la
very way one of the most progres
sive and enterprising cltltens of Ore
gon City, always taking aa active In
terest la affair pertaining to th weV
far of the community and lending
In iw.i. k rtiim U la baawl up-
t.i aa thoM of th Cllr. CUIe
Ionic ko" lh of rymM
(wrvUloa o4 kat h4. but tbv
ctNintrjr arhooia bT hn !fl lo ahlft ,
for lhml aa beat lhr oouM ,
Wltfc all lb dvatara (b ouuntry t
chi'!a In Clackamaa county ijow bav ,
lbr b BO 4 fvr opJ
irft to th elU in or.Wr ibat tbf
tur vdurat tblr rbllJfn ;
CUrktnii County na .four HUb
School lt r-rr cxHirM'a. Tbr
T A Car.
1 1
re sli'een schools that are doing
ban four year, of High Sch work.
Utacada. Caaby and Stone not only
! r ,
live a higher education for thr'r own (lr maD years and which culminated
boys and girls, & they are conven- ,n h ,.,1,,,, of McUwghlln Inatl-
rrarwBJ,ng,w - eductHH.ann.tltutlon which
Oregon City la building a forty-thoo- ; has attained to a nigh position snd
tand-dollar- High School. With more hoM. future Is fully assured. Rev.
ban one hundred students, five Jn- M(11Drmn4 undertook the seemingly
V,lLfZP?l!Z u;mpalble taak of ral.lng fund, for
oil i Iberrectlon of the prent buildings
"k" " ot - bestcboos l but crowned hi efforts, and
he State. .... iln 1WT -they were completed. Ji
;J'a -eiia weB?nr.crnyPaT. ' U" '' outgrowth of
TSJ Ztt'Z 'I2atJ :. Johns rh.wl snd I. under the dl
in ge."atl wUhorierrl;rect sup.rvl..oa of Rev. H.l.el.r.nd
'1- IT u nJwmJ. ' principal.- He Is aaalated by a
will doubtless be working under this ,IAIU ln.n. . r-.ik.
system la a short time.
Eastern people heaitate to go to a I
new country because they rear tns
school facilities are not adequate. The -The greater part of the year In
writer has lived la four Eastern state ,'wet,rn Oregon the Weather la aarh
and can cheerfully say that the s4irjtha, ppi thoroughly enjoy them
rational outlook of Clackamas county J out " 0f doors and In ronse
abe present time, la better thaa that , 4WBr i bey enjoy better health thaa
of any Eaatern roaaty he ha known. ,
would be Impossible to secure better
work than 1 turned oat at tbls up-to-
date studio.
For the greater part of twenty
year J. Wallace Col baa been Iden
tified with the buslna Interest of
Oregon City, and notwithstanding that
there are some peopl who entertain
an Idea that a maa engaged la the
liquor bualnea must lose hi respec
tability and standing, nothing of th
kind has happened to Mr. Cole. - He
I -built" along different lines. At
all time his place la maintained at
the highest standard posslbl, rowdy.
Ism la not tolerated In other words
It I a refreshment resort catering to
th mors discriminating trad; Mr.
Col buys his liquors la larg quanti
ties direct from the government
bonded warehouse and dispenses
pure good to everybody alike He
has a large Jug trade, hi older pa
trons, friends and acquaintance rea
lizing that It Is not posslbl to secure
better goods thaa he furnishes, or at
lower prices, quality considered. Mr.
cole has aJway shown a disposition
to tak a front place among those
business men striving for a Greater
Oregon City, and la regarded as a pub
lic spirited and progressive citizen.
His place Is at the corner of Main
and Blxth streets, and Is conspicuous
tor we wen known and popular 01 ym
pia Beer sign. He keep that famous
beverag on draught, acting a agent
of th company In Oregon City. All
of th well known- brands of whiskies,
brandies, wines, etc., ar carried In
bottU and la imik. jUit as good aa
. - . f ' :
,',r ' J , '."V;
! To the untiling energy and unreas-
'in efforts of Rev. rather A. lllUs-
brand the peuplw of Oregon City sre
, . , . , xnm
Uwly M"
mation of plans which he entertained
. i-.,uMiir nnii. r ir reilaimia
wv .
Schools of
Oregoo City I itrictly In th front
rank of Western cities which main
tain their schools at the very highest
standard and taxpayers are always
more than willing to bear th expense
of ample provision for needed build.
Ings and equipment. furtbermor
only the best known and most suc
cessful educators are employed, re
sulting in better work In the Oregon
City schools than Is usual In cities
of this size and comparing most fav
orably with the largest cities In the
country. -
There ar enrolled In the Oremn
City schools about 1000 pupils, while
tne total enumeration In th district
Is about 1400. T. C. Toose Is principal
of th city schools and under hi most
efficient direction splendid progress
has been made. Twenty three teach
ers are employed In the various school
. People who ar coming West need
not h Ml Lata abnnt lnrHn rv..
m ,, u,rtuu
City so far a educational facilities
are concern a, ror may ar fully the
equal of those of any section of th
- Truck gardening .brings Immense
return In all parts of Wstm Or
" Clackamas County I espe
cially adapted to that branch of In
dustry becausd of It close proximity
to ths best of markets and good ship
ping facilities. -
Many farmer hav finished their
seeding this spring. Hav you far
mer of th Middle Wt and Bast got
started yet T What Is th us of spend
ing on's time In a cllmat where win
ter constitute th greater portion of
th yearf Com to Clackamas Coun
.ty and he happy.
. There, la no part of the United
Btste where the natural scenery Is
mor magnificent than In Wtrn
Oregon and Oregon City and Clack a
mas County certainly her their share
and thousands every year visit this
part of th Stat simply for pleasure.
Think of living right In th midst of
what people come thousands of miles
lo visit for a day or two.
' ;
... "!
McLooghlln Institute.
belief or rreed are admitted and ao
attempt whatever, is mad to Influ
ence tbem alMg theological line,
MrtMighlln Institute Include" In Its
curriculum both grammar and high
arhonl rourae as provided for schools
under Stat aupervlalon and furnishes
the further very material advantage
of more Individual attention to each
pupil. Vocal and Inatrumental lessons
are furnlahed by the painstaking, pa
tient and loving Ulster, any Instru
ment selected by parent or pupil
being tautfht with equal facility. Then,
again, the mental aad moral environ
ment at MrUighlln Institute Is all
that could pnaalbly b dealrwd. Com
plet control 4f pupil 1 retained by
the plater while they are wlthla the
building or on lb grounds, a fact
which has influenced many parent to
rhooae this Institution la preference
to any other. ' Thar are at prweeat
12S pupils enrolled, aa vldc of lh
high standing of McLougkltn Institute
la the esteem of thoe having children
la tboae sac t kins wher they ar
forced to remain housed np for at
least six months of th year because
of the extreme cold Come and so Joy
the ttn climate,
Oregon Cty and Clackamas County.
With paved streets, good business
structures, live business men and a
psy roll of three qusrters of a million
dollars annually Oiegoa City Is natur
ally on of th best cities of Its sis
anywhere In Weatern Oregon and
these brief facts are sufficient to
show to the Intending settler or In
vestor that ther ar genuine reasons
why he should come to Oregon City
snd Clackamas County. The greater
portion, of this Immense pay roll la
spent among merchant and business
men of Oregon City, th people as a
whole are prosperous aad happy, a
majority of them owning their own
homes. At nearby points there la
everything that might be deetred la
th way of pleasure spots, while th
sportsman will find this section a f
table paradise. risk and game
abound and It I not nscessary to
make long trip to reach them. Ore
gon City xtnd a cordial welcome,
safe In the knowledge that all who
come will be fully aatlsflsd aad be
come permanent ridnU,
Rssldsne of
i .
of school ag. The .,, button
well equipped, larj..
lry, while ampl. pi,r roqt4
b provided lo-Tn.ttr; ,
amount of out....r !!. fc,
boy and girl ar admlttai h a.
puplla. Tuition rhargea art van Z
Inal. being lioo pe, nwialh a, .
grammar rouraa and II u
lor the high .m-hmoI rourWTI
tlonal charge la made for tstriatT
et ruction In mu.ic or votaieir
Tb Popl of Oregon City aaTal
part of Oregon tali Just rlTaI
Louchlla Inatitut. not io kl
It wss founded In honor 'Wfr-T
of thU ctty. but alao, beca)-T
Bin wortblneaa and high Staafatk
ducstloaal circle. TMmtl
brand has been pastor of ft j.
hurra sine. )iti aad h) Z1
widely aad nut lirnrably ktowja
our pople, but la regudef aj .
tlactlvely one of th koat ptbai
Ited aad ntrjriing resMsiu a) at '
part of th mat
II sure and aeod sosm af tba
papers bach Lat to HopW rhtn
seeking Information about tab pt
of the eowntry, snd bs bmj bi
4ew4 to com to CUckaaaj Qbaw.
In addition to the towns aj
lag, which have been s-ta-elsewhere
thr ar mCUsus.
County a number of fl.mrtrtiai
mcrclal centers wblrb f J
peopl of those sections jJISJ "J
trading and shipping e"l""fcjt
who mrchsnis snd deslsn
alive to conditions ad
stock, ap-toosl awl .
price. a as
Among th towns mtf
Honed Mllwaukl. V?0
Estaceda. Bandy ijd .J1
These towns vary In sls
a strong Influence upon ttJJ i-
prosperity of Clackanuj C
ker Vsopls. and ar wUssI
rapldVrewth In th Iwmsdlsts w
Extra copies of this "Jtf.
had at the KnUrprUs offl
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llmltd, do not uei-7-
Gee roe, A. Mar1