Morning enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1911-1933, February 16, 1911, Image 3

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    "I. .
n flnata's family at Willamette, U
HI with I rimrm 1 f
nutter for eale Too at fleeley'i.
t. it HtlDD. of Pendleton, waa
'aM tti Oregon City business visit
or, Wednesday. - . ' -
gtork of P'no l,l,t r"'l
t. A H- Btunii. 401 Seventh, street
rhwry Clark was busy cleaning up
v Blith street w"unuj, u uii
gwd Jb of It-
W (illea has moved from bit ranch
, Tu"'"n t0 Willamette, when bi
J,HI make tla future home.
, Dr. Oeorge Hoye. Deatlet, Cao-
n.u or.fon cur-
Curl C'brlxtlanaon, of Molalla,, li vis
iting ,wltb hli ona, Charles, and
Jam' Willamette.
O A . ChMXi who haa been visiting
wliti hli.nm. A. W. Cheney, of Port
Uml. Tfturnwd. to Oregon C'tr Wednes
day. ' '
The Irlhlih Ohio will meet on Frl
d,l ftirnixn it tba bom of Mrs. O.
jl ilurdlnit, when Important bualneas
will be brought up for dlscuaalon.
Mr. and Mra. Herbert Itobblna, who
reside tuar Unan, where tbey recent
ly purchased property, win In tba
city on business yeitarday. '
Tln-re wit a good attendance at th
Valentine party given by tba young
jHs,plu of the Baptist church on Tues
dny evening.
Harold Ielkhton, nine year-old aon
" or Mr. and Mra. Lolghton, of Willam
ette, h gone Into the rabbit bualn,
and to (avrt In wttb baa ten choice
Aitornny J. E. Hedges did not talk
to the young people In the High ichool
Wednesday; as per program. Mr.
4leilu:i waa In Salem, taking a look at
tba .-liilature auu ua aoinga.
AMlranqu'lat, who la employed by
M off mt A I'arker, met with an acci
dent a few daya ago, when bla foot
was Injured by a plank falling on It
It wna firat feared that blood poison
log would reault, but (be attending
physician. Dr. If. 8. Mount, baa tbla
checked, and the patient Ii Improving
' A. W. Butterfleld, of Canby.'wti In
tr yeaterdayv Mr. Mutter
field had with hint the United State
flower map,, upon which he baa se
cured a copyright. Tbla map baa the
stale flower pictured on each Htata.
ind la very attractive. He la forming
a atock company, and many of the
peopie or uanny have taken stock.
After the company la organised the
mapa will be placed on the market,
au ihi auu Hi una a reaoy aaie,
Attorney c. Bchusbel has purchased
a new Ford auto, Model T, of the ag
ent nere, t neater Klllott.
Merrll Borlpture has gone to bla
ranch at Tillamook, making the Jour.
oy on i neaaay.
The Commercial Club annual dance
win te neia mis evening. Oreat pre-
paratlona have been made and It prom
Isee to be one of the moat enlovabl
runciiona or the aoaaon.
Dunclng partlea wlahlng to hire auto
make reservation with C. Klllott today
Mlaa Martha Cross, of Willamette,
la very III.
Grandma Rivera baa recovered from
her recent lllneaa.
Attorney John P. Clark went to
Portland on business yesterday.
tore. Baker, of Willamette, who baa
bean very III at ber borne, la slightly
Improved. t
Mr. and Mra. If. Davla, of Cania,
were. In Oregon City on bualnea yes
terday. Mrs. ft. II. Kafer, of Portland, spent
lh day Wednesday with hr parents.
Mr. and Mra. K. II. Wlshart
Mr. and Mra. Fred Oram, of Port
land, were In Oregon City Tueaday
vlsltlngJier coualna. Mrs. C. n. Millet
and Miss Veda Williams.
Mrs. Walter 8. Wells and brother,
Lionel Gordon, of this city, went to
t'anby Tuesdsy, where they spent the
day with their brothers.
Mian Veda Williams baa been ap
pointed visiting mlsalonsry for the
uaptlst. church. She will'. Uke the
unaay school census of the Oregon
City schoola. v , . T,
Little Ueorge Pusey, the aon of Sup
erintendent Puaey, of the Hawley p
P,r m'1'1. md who has been very low
wi.b tjpnoia lever, Is Improved and
t Is thought the worst of the attack
la over. ,
Mr. Thomas Oerber, formerly of this
city, but now of Portland, was In Ore
gon City Isst night to attend the wrest
ling match held at the Armory, repre
senting one of the Portlsnd papers.
Mr. Oerber Is telegrspher for the As
eoolsted press, with headquarters at
Portland, returning from California
last Kail. While In California be was
also one of the employes of the Asso
ciated Press with headquarters at Ban
Francisco for some time, and later at
Llat of Letters.
List of unclaimed letters at the Ore
gon City poatofflce for the week end
ing Feb. 17, 1911:
Women's llat Clinton Mrs. W. M ;
Isvett, Mrs. if. C; Lewis,. Busle;
Ohtne, Mabel; Kedman, Mra. Chsa.;
White, Mra. Mlttle L; Zusahler, Mar
tha. Men'i llat Drayford. C: Davidson.
Fred; Dumlch, Antun; Reach, Wm.;
Wilkinson, B.
alary" Hardly Worth Collecting.
The attention of Council haa been
called to the email salary being paid
to the city health officer, Dr. J. A.
Morris. Dr. Norrla haa been doing
the work for the city for the small
sum of 17.60 a month, and he thinks
there should be an Increase or new
health offloer. Not to scare Council
too badJy at one time the Doctor baa
announced his willingness to continue
to serve the city at tlO a month.
Property at Meldrum Moving.
Mr. Davla, who realdea on the Aber-
bind place at Meldrum consisting of
els lota and a houae. The price waa
$2800, and la a valuable piece of land.
Mr. Wamblad baa purchased an acre
south of this property from -Judge
Meldrum. and will soon commence the
construction of tbelr new borne.
Council Is planning for the Improve
ment of Center street td a point over
tne Hill somewbere across -Twelfth
street. And It la the purpose of Coun
cil to make a good Job of It when once
the work Is done. To that end Council
Is going slow 111 the matter and striv
ing to find out what the citizens want
who must of necessity pay the greater
snare or tne expense. :
From Ninth to Eleventh street the
width of the street proper has been
ordered made 40 feet wide. The full
width of the street Is 60 feet but at
the point In question the atreet was
ordered made 40 feet, with high banks
taking up the remainder of the width
of the street.
It seems that at the outset of street
improving tbla was thought to be per
fectly proper, but now that there haa
been difficulty with Eleventh because
of failure to Improve the full width
Council does not want to make the
same mistake again, and be subject to
the same criticism, hence it la plan'
nlng to make Center the full width, the
whole length of the street. The dif
ference In cost Is said to be but a few
hundred dollars t the most.
Miss Jennie Dlllman has returned
from Pendleton where she has been
for the past three months.
NotCfias. RaTnss, of Bolton.
The Enterprise of Saturday con
tained an Item relative to the intoxica
tion of a citizen of Bolton. Our In
formant waa mistaken as to the first
name of the man who waa mentioned.
It was not Cbaa. Raines who was In-
FREE-Piano and Other Awards-FREE
Piano Publicity Contest
and Prize Distribution
$5800 Free!
Piano and
Other Prizes
$5800 Free!
Piano and
Other Prizes
Study the picture; if you can solve
it, rush your answer in at once
This young lady is playing the Au
topiano. . She is rendering music
which, even after five years of con
scientious study under the most com
petent tutors, she would not be able
to rendrr as artistically as sle is doing i
now by means of the music rolL The
faces of five great composers, whose
music is being played, are hidden in
tr-it picture. Can you find three of
Adhere strictly to the rules.
oopyn-t, mo, r ru.r xcuio
, la uoorduet with U. Copr.
rich Aot of March 4, 1SOS. All rtsbls
lnrrTONi Trr. out (he llne of hcIi fare
llila or Fparal nhivt or paper ami mars
I tin,, , t. I Th eight nart corr t
i'wm will b alvrn Hie laht armn1 awards
atiov mplnn-1 a-vl ilia oOiora lit I tie oM-r
tiamvi. Kri mnleatani In alil.l by (he rulra.
1 ha tta-rlalon of lh Juitgra lo b final. In ?
ft a II. rlia of etmiliir value lo given to
i-nt'h rorttretant. rrnfeeelnnal artlate. mtialo
ir'e mliiyre and wlnnrra of firai prlaea In
l.rrvloiia rnntreia barred Htibmlttlna more than
one anawer from any aim family hura all. All
atiawera mini be mall'-! or hronam in le ua bv
J;jJi-2(L. lill.ll I M l!uIJr"", n addreaa Is plainly written on
V ii 11 r inivtr. in. a.Mrae! In PnMTMT- uaw.f-n-n 1 . -
rrsIT ruil-tllm OrehaetreJ rtsao or S4O0 oeah yarohsee ekeok toward
'aymenl a rennlae AstopUao.
iooid raji
TnsiB rani
-! .".V rew-oiiiui aimeie ossinet aad SIM eaam parcaeelnf eaeck.
""i i .'ii-nMiiriiw vi .ii t . r ui a i mj vomu pnroaaaiaa aoeek.
i',T rmir s raaov aerf via ai
FIOM1K PBIIB Faaev aoarf pl and I10S eaah Dnrehsatu ehank.
m Ilinil cheat er a liver a a A Sunn o.k n.Mk... .i..w
--Xrfilys r?14 wale aad (ISO eaah corckaelu ekeok.
aaej sasrr cla ana II 10 eaeh pnrohaalaa- ekeok.
The, la order of marl. SO Mpeeial AdvartUlB- beek hAaUf OkOoka,
lana-lnf la vejae fro at tka aeove rn te MS.
. . - mm
111 fr0i7 ( -
I I BSIkWBaaj T A. - AW A BSlLBv . W - '
toklcated, and Injured " while In thai
condition. Chaa. Raines la not a drink
ing man, so his wife and the neighbors
ill say, but a steady workman who at
tends to his own business and keeps
good hours. The Ralnei who was 1c
toilcated Friday night was the man of
that name who occasionally forgets
to go borne nntu a late hour. -
B. Kllensmltb, from Portland, was
out to visit his mother last week
Mr. "Wettlaufer lost A horse last
Tbey had a masquerade ball In the
Orange ball for Lincoln's birthday.
w. O. Kllensmltb was In town last
K. Kllensmltb went back . to Port
land last Friday.
Otto Hofistetter bad a runaway
last week.
Mrs. Nicholas and family are visit
ing with ber parents.iir. and .Mrs
Mr. and Mrs. Max son visited with
Mr. and Mrs. Lee last Sunday.
About one Inch of snow fell here
last Monday.
Ed Ball had the misfortune of get
ting a piece of steel In his eye.
V B. Oorbett made a business trip
to Oregon City last week.
Messrs. Hettman and Arquett took
a contract barking logs for W. 8. Gor
Clyde Fischer Is down with the
Joe Eulllvan left for Portland Mon
Mr. Robinson, of James, who had
been 111 for some time, died at Ore
gon City Monday, and will be burled
at the nix cemetery at Colton, Wed-iMMdayahe-lBUluj
Ouat Gottburg waa a business caller
In town last week.
Miss Hazel Freeman, of El wood,
spent a day with Grandma. Dlx, at
Colton, last week.
The cut whichjohn Countryman re
ceived through a misllck of bis axe
on hla knee, turned out to be quite
serious after all. The doctor has been
called twice.
Jay Dlx, of Shubel, was visiting
with hla mother, Mrs. Dlx, at Colton,
last Sunday.
Robert Pntx eaught a coon In one
of hla traps last week.
E. LI nd gtrom was butchering hogs
one day last week.
Messrs. Wallace and Martin, of
Highland, were hauling hay to the
former's ranch In the foothills last
Uncle Stromgreen did some busi
ness at the Colton store last Monday.
U. S. Dlx waa at Clarkei last week
to get some wheat from Clark Bros.
The directors of the Colton Cream
ery Company had a meeting Thurs
day and decided to establish a cream
route In connection with the Clear
Creek route.
Mr. W. E. Bonney, who had been
quite 111, Is up, out and around again.
Peter Westburg made a trip to
Clarkes to get a wagon which he pur
chased from Alex. Scherruble lately.
Kles-ul BUera Orokeetrml Ftao
11 ea.
first rrUs.
Largeat Western " Dealers jiT Pianos," in ' cele
bration of its Twelfth Anniversary, and in
conjunction with Boston's. New York's, Phila
Delphi1 anc Chicago's greatest piano makers,
will distribute to residents of Portland and sur
rounding country liberal prizes of particu
lar interest to those who have no piano.
Why It Is Done
7baalear ana dentlemen's
Wetcbee Free.
Tklrd and attxtk Vrtsve.
Our purpota in holding this eontrit ii to acquaint the people of this
intinn with the many far-famed makes of pianoi we handle. The
manufacturer! of theae pianoi are convinced that his form of adver
tising U far more effective than spending large amount! in magsiine
nd newapaper advertising, lubaidiiing concert pianiatt, etc., etc. We.
too, know that the beat advertisement for a good Piano is a satisfied
customer, and believe, further, that the advertising allowance should
Cheat a of Silver Vree.
Beooad sad riftk Msee.
- .
X ..... 'V,V.JXV
go to the person who buyi a piano. VV want every one to know that
oura are the only stores in the West that sell the famous Chickering.
the oldest and most expensive of American Tianos; the beautiful toned
Sohmer, the now celebrated Lester of Thiladelphiar the world
renowned Kimball (given the lfiahest Grand Award at the Chicago
Exposition, and again at the Seattle Exposition last year), the
genuine Decker, and our own Eilera Orchestral Tian'o, as "well as the
famous Autopiano, which every one can play without practice. The
Smith & Barnei Pianos, the Bush St Gerta and the Story & Clark
Pianos also are sold only by us. And we want every one to know that
we sell these fine dependable makes of instruments for less than they
are obtainable elsewhere. .
vsa tovb Ajrawn rouow m atiaa
nrromnATiow biwx '
Attach this slip (or one similar) to your anawer, writing plainly.
Name , . ,
Street No. , , ;.....r.
, . .
Poetofftcs. , , ....,.,..,,,.
tf poealhle, five below the namea and afldreaaas of two or more of
your frlenrta who you believe mlht oonalder the purchaas of a Piano.
Autopiano or Organ,
Nam . , .,..,. P. O. Address
Nam . . . .......P. O. Addreaa.
Name . , P. O, Addreas.
Also on or mors who might eonatder the purchaas of a Phonograph.
Nam . , ..... P. O. Addreas
Nam , . . ,P. O. Addreas
Nam . . . ,
i.... P. O. Addrea
MtTbi TQ1P 353 Washington St
Oregon's Greatest Musical Trade Establishment
H. O. Huntington returned home
last week from Minneapolis, where
he had gone on business. r-
Mrs.. Howlett was on the sick list
last week, but Is some better this
Mrs. Viola- Douglass called on her
mother, Mrs. Howlett, one day last
week. '
Mrs. Jones and daughter Miss Leah
called on Mrs. H. B. Gibson last Tues
day afternoon.
Charles Murphy and family visited
with James Gibson Sunday afternoon.
Miss Bins Douglass went to Port'
land Monday to work for a while for
Mrs. Storkland.
it- SGlbsonwent Jo Troutdale on
Tuesday to meet his brother-in-law,
Will Palmateer, of Morgan, who la
bringing him a fine team from East
ern Oregon.
Quite a large crowd was in attend
ance at the Grange entertainment
given by the Eagle Creek Orange last
Saturday night. An Interesting and
very entertaining program was well
rendered, and all seemed to enjoy it.
The CurrlnavlUe Band was present
and rendered some pleasing aelec
Oscar Erlckson started to take a
business course Id Portland the first
part of the week.
Glen Seeley has returned home
from a month's stay it his grandpar
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Seeley.
Mr. Barnes Is having a good crop of
violets and sweet peas this year.
Annie Gardner was on the sick list
this week.
Mr. Beta Is having his spring plow
Ins- done.
Hh. and Mrs. U B. Miller were cal
lers at Meldrum this week.
Mrs. George Sanderson, of St. Johns,
was a pleasant caller on Mrs. w. h.
Mrs. Catta, of Sellwood. spent a
veryl pleasant day with Mrs. Gus.
Wamblad this week.
The Pastime club met at Mrs. cnar-
lle Harris" Monday and spent a very
pleasant afternoon. Mrs. White read
verv Interesting article on woman
Suffrage and Mrs. O. A. Freytag read
selection from "Aunt jane or Ken
tucky," and the ladies reported they
had a lovely .time. Those present
were Mrs. Charles Moran. Mrs. Chas.
Harris, Mrs. Gus Wamblad, Mrs. Vic
tor Erlckson, Mrs. Alex Gill, Mrs. O.
A. Freytag, Mrs. Earl Seeley, Mrs. W.
M. Gardner, Mrs. Heathman and Mrs.
Mrs. 8..T. Brltton made a business
trip to Portland Tuesday.
Mrs. Sladen, of Fern Riafie, is Duna-
Ing a new addition to her house.
The masauerade dance occurred
this Tuesday evening instead of Sat
urday as previously statea. wiorai'
Consult the calendar when making up
vour Items of news.
. - . . . . . .
II. T. Latham has nougni me n.
Smith place near the schoolhouse. He
Is tearing down the old house and will
renalr It with a modern Cottage.
Mrs. Harrr Jennings, who nas been
very low with pneumonia, Is ilowly
rAraverlna. '
Mrs. Kunnenbender. nee Annie
Mooney, with her Infant daughter, has
been spending some days with her
Darents. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moo-
nv .'
Mrs. Jane Davis, or iwuwaume, mua
Mrs. Morey, of Molalla, were guests
of Mrs. J. R. Landes over Sunday.
Mrs. W. W Smith received a tele-
cram Sunday evening Informing her
of th death of her brother, Henry
Wortiale, of Charleston, Wait Vir
ginia. ,
The class for mission stuay win
meet In the Congregational church
OCX Friday evening at T:." This le
union meeting and has previously
been held In the M. K. church. The
Class has been and will for the pres
ent be under the leadership of Rev.
spies of tne M. E. church.
Marlon Johnson Is the owner of a
colt which, though hardly ten months
old. tips the scales at (00 pounds.
Owing to prevailing alckness and
Inclement weather. It was Impossible
lo carry oat the program as scheduled
for the School and Home club on
Thursday evening of last week. The
next day meeting will be the time for
tbo annual election of officers.
St. Valentine's day was celebrated
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. M.
Ambler on last Saturday night. The
evening was plessantly spent x In
games and music, after which refresh
ments were served. At a late hour all
departed for their different homes,
and reported a good time. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ambler,
Mr. and Mrs. L L. Clarke, Misses
Lora and Mervlo Ambler, Pearl Clark,
Hazel Thomas and Hulda Kaune;
Messrs. Mllo and Wendell Ambler,
Harold Kemp, Walter Kaune. Roy
Otty. Will Ctrange, Ethan and George
Raleigh Millard has returned from
a visit to his mother.
The young people gave the comedy.
"That Rascal Pat." at the Grange hall,
Lents, last Thursday evening.
Con Battln has purchased a team.
The' road boss has men at work
cleaning out the old gravel pit.
Margaret Alexander, who sprained
her ankle a couple of weeks ago, is
able to be up and around.
The-- protracted meetings, which
were to have begun last Wednesday
night, have been postponed for some
time on account of so many having
the measles and the grip.
Robert Kelland, of Sellwood. was
visiting with his uon, Thomas Kel
land. of this Dls . on Sunday.
Mra. George Lauelle and Mrs. Cur
tis Dodd went to Oregon City on
Thursday of last week, where tbey
attended the Women's Club and en
joyed the program given:
Mrs. Shlna'l left for her home at
Vancouver, B. C, after visiting with
ber daughter, Mrs. Charles Caldwell,
of this place. During Mrs. Shlnall's
atay here she made many friends, who
regretted to have her leave.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradtl'a home
was visited by the stork on Wednes
day, February 11, and left a baby
Miss Mtrlon Thompson and Mrs.
Charles Caldwell were Portland vis
itor, on Wednesday. Mrs. Charles
Caldwell and Mrs. Shlnall were en
tertained by Mrs. A, 11. Harvey with
luncheon on Wednesday afternoon.
and a most enjoyable time was had.
Mrs. Llnette Snook has returned
from an extended visit to Vancouver,
Wash., and Portland.
Mrs. A. H. Harvey gave a pleasant
surprise party at her home on Tues
day evening, the occasion being her
52nd birthday. Whist was played at
four tables, and the prize was won
by Charles Caldwell. One of the fea
tures of the evening was the piano
solo by Miss Marie Harvey, and re-
ponded to with an encore. Her num
bers were greatly appreciated. The
home of Mrs, Harvey waa decorated
for this occasion, festoons of hearts
of gold and silver being used In abund
ance, and these, Intermingled with
smilax, formed a very pretty effect
Refreshments were served. Present
were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Caldwell, Mr.
and Mrs. A. H.- Harvey, Mr .and Mrs.
George Lazelle, Mrs. William McCord,
Mrs. Frank Black. Mrs. Shlnall, Mrs.
Marlon Harvey, Miss Ruby McCord,
M. J. Lazelle, Clinton Black, Wallace
McCord, Alnsley Currant, Bert Har
vey, of Portland.
la bed Afcewtttii D t
" Mrs. E. D. Hart aad WtTTZ ,
Prtdemor) were traaraftettaf tajpts; '
in ffrtUnd this wk, v v r
Mr. . r. Hurt and Mr, star 1
ray were called to Cherry ville Ma. ' .
day to the deathbed of their mother,'
Mrs. John Kriel. who passed away a..'
I p. m. Monday. '
Bill Roth visited Woodburn c
CaL Wolfe visited Oregon City las
week. -j. -, ,
' On Wednesday evening Mr. aaaf
Mrs. Roth's hospitable home was tin
scene of a pleasant party In honor of
Miss Ella Bchults. Among those) pres
ent were Mr. Chas. Mitchell and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Miller, Mr.
Chris Christian and family, Mr,
Schultx, I. N. Strubhar and family,
and Mr. Baldwin.
Mrs. Phil. Graves is recovering
from quite a serious Illness.
Marshall Scranilin Is sacking pota
Henry Herkons has very much Im
proved the look! of hi place by grub
bing out the fence along the road. ,
On Sunday Mr. Baldwin received
pleasant visit from Mr. Fred Wallace.
of Mullno.
Richard Wright has been in Salem
for several days presenting the needs
of the country schools to the law- ,
Mrs. Grant Graves was a visitor at
the high school last week.
Forest Dunton, of Molalla, who Is
attending the State University at Eu
gene, passed through Macksburg on
his way home for the mid-term vaca
tion, and paid our school a short
visit on Wednesday.
A. A. Baldwin" and Strubhar
have put on a One woven wire fence
on the line between their places.
Adolph Greenwood, who was work
ing on the - Strubhar-Baldwtn fence,
was-takeo-ill on Friday and Obliged
to quit work.
Miss Olga Seward, of Mullno, -Is .
visiting her mother, Mrs. Seward,- of ,
Macksburg. u
Firwood Progressive Association
and the school will give an entertain
ment consisting of dialogues, recita
tions ana music on Saturday evening,
February 11. Everybody Is invited to
come and have a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Malar visited Mrs.
Malar's folks over Sunday.
There Is talk of starting a Sunday
school at Firwood. '
Theo. Koennecka was circulating a
petition against the Abbot bill Satur-J
Raymond Howe went to Portland
and -Vancouver .on, business, the. first
of the week.
James Dixon took a flying visit to
his home at Lents last week.
Mr. Howltt, one of the proprietors
of the Firwood mill, was out last
Friday, looking over business Inter
ests. Jess Siierman, veteran slab-slinger
for the mill, returned to his old
haunts for a few hours last week on
About three weeks more work will
finish the Cook timber the mill is now
working on.
Mrs. Tbeo. Koenicka haa been sick
Wants, For .Sale, Etc
' Nolle under three elaaeiried heading
will be Inserted at one cent a word, ftret
Insertion, halt a cent additional Inser
tion. One Inch card, fl per month; half
Inch card. (4 llnea) fl per month.
Caah must accompany order unless one
he an open account with the paper. No
financial reaponalbillty for error; where
error occur free corrected nolle will be
printed for patron. Minimum chars lie.
WANTED Small advertisements for
this column. Prices very reason-
able. See rates at head of column.
FOR SALE Six pigs, six weeks old;
also two brood sows. Inquire of O.
M. May, opposite Harris' sawmill.
FOR SALE 1 span of mares aad bar
' ness, weight - 2300, age S years.
Price $250. Phone or address J. E.
M alloy. Beaver Creek.
HARRY JONES Builder and General
Contractor. Eatlmatea cheerfully
given on all classes of building
work, concrete walks and reinforced
concrete. Res. Pbone Main 11L
O. D. EBT,' Attorney-at-Law, Money
loaned, abstracts furnished, land
tltles.examtned, estates settled, gen
1 eral law business. Over Bank of
.. Oregon City. L:
U'REN ft 8CHUEBBL, Attorneys-at-
Law, Deutscher Advokat, will prac-
I tie in all. courts,, make collections
and settlements. Office in Enter
prise Bldg., Oregon City, Oregon.
pR. L Q. ICE, DENTIST Rooms 4,"
6 and 6 Beaver building. Main St,
Oregon City. Phones: Home A-198
and Pacific States 122L .
MONEY LOANED We are acquaint
ed with the value of all farm lands
In Clackamas County and can loaa .
..your money. on good safe security.
Farm loans made one, two and threw"
years at 7 per cent Abstracts of
title examined. DIMiCK DIMICK,
Lawyers, Andresen Bldg., Oregon
City, Oregon.
To Introduce The Morning
Enterprise Into a large major-
ity of the homes in Oregon
City and Clackamas county the
management has decided to
make a special price for the
w dally Issue, for a short time
only, where tbe subscriber pays
a year In advance.
By carrier, paid a year In
advance, 13.00. "
By nail, paid a year In ad-
e vance, f J.00. I
People who gave our canvas-
ler a trial subscription for one
-or more months, at ten cents a
a week, can have the dally deltv-
ered for a year for 1,1.00 by .
paying a year in advnce.
People who gave our canvas-
4 aer a trial subscription, by
mall, for four months at a dol-
lar. may have the paper for a
4 year for 12.00, It paid a year In
Subacrlbers to the Weekly
Enterprise may change their 4
subscriptions to the daily, re-
e celvltg credit for half time on
the dally that the weekly Is
4 paid in advance. When they
choose to add cash to the ad-"
vance payment equal to a full
year's advance payment they 4
may take advantage of the M
rate. I -
' We make this ipeclal price
so that people who have paid
4 in advaae a some ether dally
. 104 wish to Uke the .Morning
e Baterprise, may ao so wiuoui w
t too great expense. ' e
t . r . ' w
V. R. HYDE, Abstract Otftes
Land titles Investigated, conveyan
cing, notary public. ' ,
Room 7, Barclay Bldg., Oregon City.
75 acre tract good land, no rocks, t
miles from Oregon "City, 1H mllea
from O. W. P. car line. Good fruit
land. Cut into 7 and 14 acre tracts,
$100 to $225 per acre. - Enquire of
D. K. Bill A Co., Room 9, Beater
Bldg., Oregon City.
E. Ii. COOPER. For Fire Insurance
and Real Estate. Lot ua handle
your properties we buy, sell and
exchange. Office In , Enter priae
i. Bid., Oregon City, Oregon.
tat Dealers, havo ehoioj bargains ,
la fann landi, ettj and suburban c.r
home, xood fruit lands and douIiv '
ranches. So 04 for good . burs-' - "
Near 8. P, depot, ! r ' 'r -'
MANY TIMES you can buy just the, " .1'
article you want, Just as good aa
new, at a email fraction of the post
of new, If you go and sea TO UNO,
the second hand man. Bla oallao
tlon contain! New and Beooad Hand
.'Furniture, Hardware. Tools, Curloa,
eta. Sea him; U coats nothing to
. Inquire. , i :
. 411 Hals. atwMft 4th aad U
unavun villi una.
J. 4. TOIIM, topretor,
Hotel j :
b 1
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