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8 4NDY, Or.. Aim. :. Many for
est fires have been reported In the
mountains war here; the largest one
is on Shell Rock mountain, near Clack
amas lake, about 50 miles from here:
The fire has th'is far covered about 600
acres. Anotner tire is on iionnirs mu
te, about 25 miles from here. Several
smaller fires at different places on
the mountains were started by Hshtn
Ing Monday morning during an elec
tric storm. F. M. Morgan. Joe Laun
dree. Al Edwards. P. T. Shelly and A!
fred Hoi! are busy with their autos
taking loads of men and provisions to
the fires. Every msn who can possl
bly leave has gone from here and the
surrounding country to fight fire.
Threnhlng of grain is about over (or
this year and the farmer has no rra-
. - . i . i .. i . - ui- 1. 1 ........
son 10 lunipiBin, Uliirp. m. em. tvi-irj
too small for his crop.
SANDY. Ore.. Aug. IS. Union High
school No. 2 will open this year Mon
day. September 6. and about 25 stu
dents are expected at the opening. Pro
cessor Warner will be In charge.
The Union High school Is standard
ized. Professor rner has been mak
ing arrangements for the opening, and
reports the prospects are good for the
ensuing year.
ESTACADA, Ore. Sept. l.-The East
: Clackamas county fair will open here
Rovce Ridings haa hauled over 00 September for three days. Manyj
bushels of clover seed this year. 1""' f offered for the exhibits that
The Evergreen blackberries ar much IH range from farm products to Itiow
sought after. J. C. Manjusm has shh of needleork In the home. Special
ler over 11 ton of berries and Is still awards have been arranged for the
shipping. They go to the Salem can- Juvenile exhibit entries,
tierr. ' All display entries. eicpt livestock,
lloppl-king commences general' In mul be made by Soptemlier . and
all of the yards September 1st Al- that may be entered the morning f'trysnd Europe
II1UUI.1I WHIM IV II m " wn (ir n 111 ifT r O.
earlier. Those that sprayed early will Th E.tacada school fair will lie
have a good yield, but those that did MJ on Kpt)ru,rT lnJ t uga
not spray tin late win nave a iigni Community fair will oea at Georit
crop or nopa. - on September .
HuckUbrrryJng bus Wen the crae, The pro)(r,m , M folluwa:
for a week or more. It baa ben re- Wednesday. September . Juvenile
ported that there la 60 or 70 people dr Lecture. U P. Harrington. Ju ve
st Table Rock after berries thla week.' ., jpnrUnrnt of euprrintend
Quite a few from here went up and n, of wh(X)i,. lecture on poultr); en
came back well loaded with berries. J(,nlc coMftl t 0 w.; cooking d-imuv
Hundreds of people are passing ,,ng contest for teams,
through town headed for the fields, j Thursday. Community day-Hall
Mrs. R. A. Knight, of Canby. is vi fti Vg. Leans: rooking demon-,
Itlng her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. ilrBI0n. lecture on dairying, lecture
Marqiiam. on noBi and hog raising, awarding
Mrs. uuyer. or zsewport came out n 1
III 1 r. E. A. I'lcrie, Chalriiisn I'om
tiillle of risk Ind'slry. Portland
("oiiimcrt ll Club.)
For the aal seiersl years the Port
land Commercial Club has been Inves
tigating the growing of flat In' ths
WllUiiiftle Valley It rt a view of d
termlng Ha relative value to the grow
er In comparison with other crops. A
special commutes was appointed for
hi. hntiu. .. I . -1,,-I.Ia hi ,.. I
of data has been accumulated which
Includes a vast amount of correspon
dence and opinions front leading flag
eiperta In the noted flat centers of
the world.
The flai movement, led by Mrs. W,
P. 1-ord. of Salem, brought an eminent
flat Mpert from lielglum, Rugens
rtosse, who spent several years In the
valley experimenting with ths raising
and preparing of the crop for eihllil
Hon purposes, to ths effect that sever
al gold medals were won In this coun
The Investigation demonstrated:
First: That ths Willamette Valley
flag will yield from one and one half
to three, tons of straw to the acre, ths
length of ths fiber being from S feet
to 3 feet 9 jnchfs and of quality
that will produce when woven ths
finest linen fabrics This class of fiber
can bs produced In only two other por
tions of ths world's surface so far as
Is known at present namely, Ireland
and Pelglura.
Second: Flag la easily raised, re
quiring but little more cars than wheat
We are very glad to hear that Mr
ClirUlciuen who has been III III the
Oregon City hospital for Ilia past three
we'ks. Is sgsln at his home lit Mouil
tain (load.
'Mr. and Mrs. John Kslser retiiriiiM1
ticuiie from Nex.rt last Thursday
While titers they vUllcd Mr. II. Y
liaker, formerly of this place.
Harold Harrison Is I'll king pja'hi-s
In one of the -ach orchards at I'esi ti
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Undue, srcoinpa
tiled by a chauffeur, C. Pavlds. visited
J. Mlley's hnpyard Sunday. They re
ported being through picking the lut
ter part of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. (1. Selje vUlted at Hie
horns of Mr. and Mrs. C. Helm of
Peach Cove, Sunday.
Mr. J. Iiernert and daughter, Agnes
called on Mrs. Hodges Monday after
Meterorologlcal observation In the
Myrtle Point Enterprise: "Home peo
ple never hand In an Item of tie a for
publication, but lr we luppcn to miss
an Item In which they am Interested
they are sure to hand us a north pole
stare that would free ths liver of a
polar hear.
scutching hsve done away with the
tedious technliii followed In Europe,
and thus ws ars able to compete suc
cessfully In producing fiber.
Mr. Emlle Hansel, son In law of Mr,
Eugene Hosse, and himself an exper
ienced flax grower, has a retting and
scutching mill at Salem, where hs Is
growing a limited acreage and making
SPRINGWATER. Ore., Aug. 31. A
family reunion as held at the home of
J. M. Stormer in honor of A- M. Shlb-
ley and his sister. Mrs. Cyrena Hick
man, last week. Both are invalids and
were taken to the Stormers in an auto.
There were 22 present as follows: Mr.
and Mrs. James Shibley, Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Stormer, Mr. and Mrs. William
Bard. Mr. and Mrs. Elmber Dibble,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tenny. Mr. and
Mrs. Barney Schonburg. Earl Shibley,
Everett Shibley. Mtnta Hickman, Elva
Shibley, Evelyn Dibble, Oral Stormer,
Marion Hickman and Ellsworth Ten
ny. Dinner was served at noon and
during the afternoon light refresh
ments were served.
A concert was given by the Spring-
water Choral society last Saturday
evening and later Ice cream and cake
were served the proceeds going to the
Springwater Presbyterian church.
Mrs. Cyrena Hickman and daughter
MInta. of Portland, are visiting rela
tives here.
Charles Warnick of Florida, is visit
ing friends and relatives here.
Miss Minnie Aue of New York, who
has visited her brother, the Rev. C.
A. Aue, and family here for the sum
mer left Sunday for her home.
$ $ -j i!v ? . s ib j 5 sj
? ! $ 4 &$'?$$ 3
Threshing is all done in this neigh
borhood. Mrs. Tom Flom is very sick, but we
hope she will soon be well again.
P. O. Chindgren has some fine sam
ples of grain, which he expects to ex
hibit at the fair.
Mr. Cary had the misfortune to lose
one ot his cows recently. She got
down in a ditch and was nearly dead
when found.
Ralph Holman, Milton. Hen and Rue
ben Chindgren and Glenn Larkins
started for Warm Springs Monday
where they expect to stay a few days.
Several from here went to pick hops
near Needy.
Myrtle Larkins returned home Sat
urday from Marquam.
P. O. Chindgren's entertained com
pany from Colton Sunday.
remain until after boppirklng. Also
Grandma Daniels of Park place.
Mrs. E. A. Cummins returned from
Portland where she went to purchase
a piano.
Mis Myrtle Larkins. of Meadow
brook, who has been at her uncle's
I. D. Larkins for the last two weeks.
returned home last Saturday to go
Barton Jack and family, of Wood
burn, have been stopping at their place
near town, looking after his peach crop.
The Ladies' aid of Monitor and Mar
quam gate a play and Ice cream social
here last Friday evening, Aug. 27. I'
was a success socially as well as fl
nancilaly. A large crowd attended.
Bert Hubbard is helping J. C. Mar
qiiarm In the latter's store.
The Barth Brothers had a narrow
escape with their threshing machine
last week. The separator caught fire
but by quick action they threw the
belt off. ran the engine up and hitched
on to the separator and dragged it out
In the nick of time for the fire had
gotten inside of the separator. The
fire burned up the Btraw and what
grain was still In the stack.
His Rest Was Broken.
O. D. Wright. Rosemont. Neb., writes:
'For about six months I was bothered
with shooting and continual pains in
the region of my kidneys. My rest
was broken nearly every night by fre
quent action of my kidneys, t was ad
vised by my doctor to try Foley Kid
ney Pills and one 50 cent bottle made
a well man of me. I can always rec
ommend Foley Kidney Pills for I know
they are good." This splendid remedy
for backache, rheumatism, some, mus
cles and swollen Joints contains no
habit forming drugs. Jones Drug Co.
j .. j) s, 5, i$ ,s $ i j ,
; , S vJ. fa i
Among the huckleberry pickers of
this part of the country were John
Mrs. Wm. Krasch and Jake Moss.
Mrs. Leta Jones, of Portland, Is vis
iting with Miss Alta Server this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hieple and fam
ily motored to Portland Sunday.
Mrs. Ed Still, who has been very
sick, is able to be about again.
Mrs. A. L. Alspaugh entertained her
niece and nephew from South Caro-:
Una last week.
None Equal to Chamberlain's.
"I have tried most all of the cough
cures and find that there is none that
equal Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It has never failed to give me prompt
relief," writes AV. V. Harner, Mont
pelier, Ind. When you have a cold give
this remedy a trial and see for your
self what a splendid medicine it is.
Obtainable everywhere. (Adv.)
H. H. Hoffmelster was a Portland
visitor the first of the week.
Mrs. L. A. Woodle and daughter,
Miss Nettie, visited with relatives over
this way on Sunday.
Will Douglass and Roy Douglass and
wife, accompanied by some relatives
of Mrs. Douglass, went to mountains
last Friday returning home Sunday
with about 50 gallons of huckleberries.
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Elliott, and
daughter Elsie, of Powell's Valley,
made Mrs. Howlett a visit on Sunday.
Ray Woodle made a business visit to
Eatacada on Saturday last
The George threshing crew is again
in the neighborhood and will thresh
for those who were not ready when
they were here some two or three
weeks ago, then they will go through
the Dover country and thresh for the
farmers up that way.
Mothers Watch Irritable Children! j
That fever, paleness, grinding of.
teeth while asleep, and coated tongue
are indications that your child has
worms in Its system. Kickapoo Worm '
Killer quickly gets rid of these para-j
sites. It Is perfectly safe for even the i
moBt delicate children. It Is pleasant j
to take has three effective medical;
qualities: acts as a laxative, expels!
the worms, and tones up the system.!
Begin treatment today and eliminate
the cause of irritableness. 25c.
i h
"... .5
4r- -'41M
. 1
This is the
Time to put
In That
Perhaps you are not aware that you can have water
supply conveniences in your home and about your
place as well as the city man. IT IS A FACT
The Mitchell Water System
Affords you every convenience of water under a re
liable and dependable pressure Not so expensive to
install as you may think. Very economical in oper
ation. Easy to operate. LET US SHOW YOU THIS SYSTEM.
We Recommend
For pumping and other
services requiring a
dependable and ever
ready power. More
than 5,000 in use in the
1 H. P. up in Hopper cooled
and vertical styles.
& CO.
Oregon City
Gee. Blatchford
Agents for
Lewis & Staver Co.
m mi
rm a ii kVM jConlilfli sr
Opium .Marphmr nxfaai
Not Narcotic.
AMtfrcl Rrmrdv fncfttwn
tlon . Sour Stnndch.DlsrrUuri
hC Sin Sifurtft of
For Infunti arj Children.
The Kind You llavo
'Always Bought
Boars tbo
Esacl Copy of Wrappsr.
For Over
Thirty Years
Supervisor Talks Roads.
KI.IMHtAlK), tr. Hfpt. I (K.lllur
of tho Kiitriirl' I you ami a
li oIIhts ar wtr (t at I ii st rhaniti In
our nwl sysli'in. I rin'l hili lull think
yim int'iiii cll rnuiiKli tut If you had
rulilH up against rt'lil roaj IiiiIIiIIiik
you would not ailviMsta lint you do
until we fjud iii oilier way of mis
lug money than Ilia pri'si-iit. We are
diilntt aliout as well as ran "he dune.
1'OKTI.AM). Ore.. Sent. I. That the The p.oile pay the taii-s. They set a
hop crp of Orenoii will not no alxivej certain per ceut of their money to he
100.000 hales Is mm the opinion ofisnent by some one appointed hy the
some of the lesdlnit Inten-sia In the '""rt. usually twoinmeiided hy a vote
trade. First reports from fiiKKlo yards
liidlcule a liKht output.
While condition" are reported favor
ahlo fur a normal output In the hide
IK'Udence section, It la stated In re
ports to local deiilers that the situa
tion around Nowlicru Is very hud.
Around St. I'nul the conditions are
slmllur, accordliiK to the reports re
reived this ninrnliiK. In the Aurora,
Iluttevllle and ClismiioeK sections the
yards present a "spotted" appearance,
some of them sliowlnit normal prodiic
tlon while others are scarcely good
enoiiKh to pick.
MOLALLA, Ore., Sept. 1. The work
of grading down the Kohhlns hill, one
and a half miles east of here, will be
completed in about two weeks. One
week's work with the steam scraper
and one week's work with teams will
finish it up.
This Job was let by contract and the
work has been in progress for about
two months. When completed it will
be a direct benefit and a convenience
to a large section of'country tributary
to Molalla on the east, as heretofore
practically no heavy loads could be
pulled over the hill.
One feature that excited Interest
during the work was the discovery of
limbs of trees, some petrified, about
20 feet down. Many theories were ad
vanced as to how they got there.
Fossil Journal: Fifteen' bundred
pounds of Sears & Roebuck catalogues
arrived In the Fossil mall one night
last week. If all the money that goes
out to the big catalogue houses was
spent, with our home merchants, we
community prize. j or oats.
Friday, Old Settlers' day Address' Third: The flax cron docs not In-
by Farmer Smith, cooking demonstra
tion, award of premiums.
Easily Arranged.
A man took the following telegram
to a telegraph office: "Mrs. Drown,
Center Street: I announce with grief
the death of Uncle James. Come
quickly to read the will. I believe we
are tils heirs. Jolm Black."
The telegraph clerk, having counted
the words, mild. "There are two words
too many, sir." '
"Cut out 'with grief.'" wns the re
ply. Chicago News.
In These Martial Days.
"You muHt not be so quarrelsome,
Willie," said William's father Impres
sively. "Remember that 'the meek
shall Inherit the earth. "
"Maybe they will hereafter," re
sponded the young militant, "but
around In my school they are used to
wipe up the earth." Chicago ITernld.
What It Will B Called.
Teacher In Civics When we have
everything in common and your busi
ness Is everybody's IiuhIiichk, what Is
It called? Observing Student It Is
usually called gossip. Judge.
Log Angeles Times: The teacher
who shows great proficiency in dec
orating a schoolroom is soon invited
would have a much more prosperous to try her hand In doing as much for
a bouse.
jure the land if grown In rotation with
other crops. One crop of flax every
third year prepares the land for a
heavy succeeding crop, preforably of
wheat. '
Fourth: Flax Is indigenous to Ore
gon. Canada and much of the lands ly
ing east of the Cascade range are
able to produce a good crop for seed
with short fiber. , The farmers of Min
nesota harvest this crop for the seed
by modern machinery and use the,
short fiber for coarse material and
twine. The climate and soli of the
Willamette Valley enables the grower
to produce a grade of flax fiber equal
to any grown In the world for fine fab
rics. The altitude, moisture and char-'
acter of the water peculiarly fits this
section for the purpose of spinning
and weaving In a class with Ireland
and Belgium, thug making this one
of the chosen sections for the growing
of fiber and the manufacture of the
finest linen fabrics.
Fifth: The old Idea that labor Is so
high In this country that flax cannot
be pulled by hand and treated at a
profit is now answered by the state
ment that flax Is sown broadcast,
mowed, raked and bound as ordinary
grain, the wonderful length of the val
ley fiber making this possible. v
Improved methods of retting
There Is but a limited part of the
earth's surface which is capable of pro
ducing the first grade of line fiber.
The fiber grown In Russia 'being of
coarse grade and fitted for the coarser
products, Belgium and Ireland alone
at present furnish the high grade fiber,
which requires a long fiber of great
strength and silken texture.
Should the great war continue, there
must of necessity be a tremendous
shortage In the world's output, Ore
gon alone being able to meet the de
mand for this much-needed finished
product. An opportunity most forcib
ly presents itself to the citizens and
farmers to make the Wllamette Val
ley the home of the greatest flax grow
ing and linen manufacturing centers
of the world.
' C I trolax
flest thing for constipation, sour
stomach, lazy liver and sluggish how
els. Stops a sick headache almost at
once. Gives a most thorough and sat
isfactory flushing no pain, no nausea.
Keeps your system cleansed, sweet
and wholesome. R. H. Wclhecht, Salt
Lake City, Utah, writes: "I find Citro
lax the best laxative I ever used.
Does not grip no unpleasant after-ef-
and fects." Jones Drug Co. (Adv.)
Kggs I'er doi., 30 to !2c.
Dairy lluttT 31 to 3.1c.
Mb llrollers Iflc.
Springers 15 to 18c.
Hens 1-nrge and fat, per lb., 11 to
I. R. Ducks Live 8c, (nominal).
W. P. Ducks Llvo 8c. (nominal).
Geese Live, Sty to 10c.
Cabbages 10 to 75c per dot.
Onions 85c per sack.
Potatoes 75c.
Oreen Corn 10c don.
Cucumbers lWc per lb.
Fresh Tomatoes flc lb.
Hunch vegetables 10c dozen.
Groen Pens 3c lb.
Freen Plums and rrunoa lc lb.
Ilartlott Pears 50c to.75c.
Gravest Ino Apples 00c to 75c. ,
Green fleans 2V4C lb.
ChltUm Ilnrk 3U to .lc.
Grain and Feed.
Valley Flour J0.00.
Hard Wheat Hour $8.20.
Wheat $1.85 per 100 wht.
Shorts Por ton, $28.50.
Rran Por ton, $27. 50.
Dried Hoot Pulp $1.20 por 100 wht
Oats Per ton, $28c to $29.
Country Putter 65 to 70c, 2 lbs.
Livestock Market
Common Steers 5 to 5(4c.
Good cows 4 to 4 'sc.
Hogs 9c.
Veal 10c per lb.
Prime Vulloy Steers 5 V4 a 6c,
Lambs D to 6c. '
Hay CloveT, $l to $11.60; oft, $17
to $18; timothy, $18; alfalfa hay, $10.
(To Retailers.)
Flour Selling price: Patent, $0.40;
hard wheat best, $1.75, barrel, $6.50;
Willamette valley, $6.20; local straight
$6.20; patent, $6.20; valley, $6.00.
Eggs Freshly gathered, 20 to 22 Vic;
candled, casecount buying f. o. b. Port
land, 18'4 to 19c; case 2 2! to.
Hii'ter Nominal Wlllamufe valley
creamery, cubes, celling prlco, cream
ery, 70, 21bH. square; state prints, SOc
to 28c; ranch, 65c to 60c.
Hay New crop, producers' price
Willamette valley timpot'y. fancy, $18
to V'.
of the people In the district. Imperial
ly Is this the raso w hen a smtII Ui Is
"Now the farmers have Utile spare
time between fiirm work. They foot
the bills. Are they not entitled to
this llttlti work. on the roads to do
such work as the money raised will
do? Any chamce tuut will seriously
Interfere M-ttli this will stop all special
Ux. Then until some other method la
found to nil He nmney than we now huve
It Is useless to talk of any serious
t ImnKc. After many years of study on
Ibis waiter and some experience,
know we are doing the best we run
with whiit we huve to contend with.
! have worked for some years around
largo suw mills and mines, etc.. And
never found any pluce where the hired
help work any harder than the people
du on the roads and I have found my
people on the average lis good us ran
bo expected very free lo donate even
after levying a special tux. and you
ran rest assured both special tax and
donation will slop when any serious
change Is mude from ths present sys
tem and so far any change made In
the law tins been no good.
Tho liiKt change In retard to distrib
uting the money will lio found In be
worse thnn It hud been. The court
bus hy luw control of the road work;
let them shoulder the Job and see thai
the supervisors, play fulr and that Is
the best Hint can ho done with the
money at hiilid. This Is a new coun
try still lots of stumps, rocks mid
grading to contend with and this will
ho so for sometime to come. Instead
of finding fault let us pull together
und wo will Improve results.
LOS ANdELKS, Cnl Aug. .tO-Held
up by two armed bandits at Strawber
ry Park und Kinstroy avenues, Gar
denn, nt 1 o'clock this afternoon II. II.
Iiuchunan, a driver for tho Itroudway
department storo delivery service was
robbed of $70. Tho man in un nutomo
bile trailed Buchanan who was driv
ing a liorsa, several miles.
Tho description given by the victim
shows that the holdups answer, In ap
pearance, two of tho three handlls who
held up und robbed the East First
street branch of the Homo Savings
bank several days ago.
Atlanta Journal: Life thnso days
Is ono European government loan aft
er another.
An Appreciative Listener.
"Henrietta," snld Mr. Mcekton. "that
was a wonderfully appealing and per
suasive speech you made."
"The audience seemed to like It"
"Yes. A nd I wns proud to be one of
the audience. It's tbi first time that
you have talked In thn-t confidential
and respectful tone to me In years."
Washington Slur.
A clogged System Needs Attention.
Are you bilious, dizzy and listless?
Dr. King's New Life Pills taken at once
seizes upon constipation and starts the
bowels moving naturally and easily.
Moreover it acts without gripping. Ne
gleet of a clogged system often leads
to most serious complications. If you
wish to wake up tomorrow morning
happy in mind and entirely satisfied,
start your-treatment tonight. 25c a
bottle. ,A(lv)
Many Oregon City Women are Learn
. Ing the Cause.
Woimm often Buffer, not knowing
Hit caiiHe.
Backache, headache, dizziness, nor
voi.sncHS, Irrei i ii.r urln.i.-v passage wi'Sk
noHH, linipi.or
Each a torture of Itsolf.
Together hint at weakened kidneys.
Strike at the root get to tho cause.
No other remedy moro highly en
dorsed than Doan's Kidney Pills.
P.oeommendod by thousardu--
Endorsed at home.
Hero's convincing testimony from
an Oregon City woman.
Mrs. Jane Illanchard. 1102 John
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used Doan's Kidney Pills for kidney
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for years. I have had great relief. In
all, I have taken less than two boxes
of Doan's Kidney Pills, but that
amount was enough- to convince me of
their merit."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Planchard had. Foster-MUburn
Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. (Adv.)