Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 27, 1904, Image 2

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The nrdinnxe evere-dne Ufa of most of crar women i a ccandcfui tnwlmill f work.
How much harder tho dailv tank Wootno when wmo tlcranp'rnrnt of the fcmulo owum
?nuk. wrv tnnvinwnt iwiinhil ami kiM iw the nervous r-vMcm all uiudruiu:. thw day hIio if
wivtchod and utterly mweraMc: in d;vy or two idw Li Mar and IuiikIih at Iicr foam, thinking
th.r i Twliinc nnn h tV null tr after all j hut in-fore niuht the deadly hu kiiclio reupiirarH, the linaw
tivmMo, the lijw twitch it m-tim aa though all the iinrsjtil iSatau were clutching her vltalM,Kho
in nii'ivM" and Is fhd nn vr hnck.
No woman oiiRlit to arrive at this terrilile utate of mise ry, int-aiu thene symptom an a Mire lix
rHn rt vmih dwawa. and luu liu lie irt nunlv a svmntom of room serlou" troiitdfl. Women hliu
wnw.ili..r that in almoKt itifalliMo run? for all fenuilo ilk mull na Irrejrularity of rvriodri which ruiwo w
stomach, trick headachy et, displacements and inflammation of the womb, or aiiy of the multitude of ill
Besses wuk h beset the U undo crguuifin may I found in
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
When medk-lne has been ancvessf ul in more than
a million eases, w by fchould you mj, -1 do not Ik-Hot
it would help me"?
;WI11 not the volnmes of kttni from women who
hare been mad tttrong by Lydia H. Pinkbara's Yece
tablc Coin pound convince other of the vliiuea of tbi
freat medicine?
Sorely yon cannot wkh to remain weak and Kick and
discouraged, exhausted with each day's work. If you
have some derangement of the feminine organ Um try
Lydia E. Finkham'i Vegetable Compound. It will
urely help you.
If there la anything in yoirr case aNmt which yon
would like btmtIa! advice, write freely to Mr. IMnk
ham. She will hold your letter In etrkt oonlldence.
She can aorely help you. for no pertton ia America can
speak from a wider experience In treatlnjr female Ilia.
Address In Lynn, Mam. ; ber advice in free and helpful.
ia ecANi acacaa.
akV Sf 1 --rrfV
' licta Mm hmnun!- AUmt two tram e I ronkultrd a
r)ijU Inn tknu my hrollh, wtilrh tmiiur w wrrU'hnl Ihkt
u no U'mrrr al'lr U IwnU'ul. 1 Imtl aevrrv I'm k lie, tirrli)(f
down (miIun, iwln arm Uie aldiiiMB, wan Trry tirnrni utitl
IrriUblo, ih1 this trvuMe yrvw wurw) rot-it uuth.
"Tle pliynlcUn prwwriiird for nn, hut I mwd dlmivrrwl h
wm (inAi'lit to lirlp bf, and I 11
l'inkbum'a VeurtMltle
thru tlfx-IUrd to try Lvtlia V.
Compound, and kxio ftmiul that
it waj Juliif bx My aprtito u irlumlnir, tl mIm
dikiKarii4', and U prurrai U-urWU went writ auu-brd.
" Yon rannot realli how pUim) 1 wta, nt1 after taking Hi
XMJW-Iite for only Uirre montha, I found I wu roniilrtcly rurrd
of my trotilile, and ba brra wrll and heart y rrr nine and no
more frar id ihe monthly nrrltxl, mm It Dow pamra w Ithoiit pal a
to n. Your very truly, MlM I'llM. Acaiaa, Stl North huav
M-r PL, Kalilllr, Tron."
FORFEIT U luriksiia r4ur ih.
orlaiiMU k4Mf ami (nalucanl ahva laUaoklal,
Its It. rink kam MatTf
I Out Cot respondents' Corner :
Brid Bite ol Gcuic From AJ Partool tikt County.
Correspondents are requested to re
aew their work. We will lurtiHh all
necessary suUonery. The news from
your neighborhood should appear in
these columns every week.
H. Vtri Johnon. ct Portland. M in
Eal Cwll at prrwnt aU-ndins to nat
tm awrtalning to tb Tctkn cf the
new Presbyterian church.
Surveyors are at work lsuonj; .cut. the
new town. The plana are very nne. A
real' eatate office la brtr.g erected, and
ether large bulldlnpi will b put up in
the near future.
We regret to that Mr. Robt.
Derine la aerloui-ly ill. Hr dauchler,
Mrs. Addie Burnett, remaina with hr
moat of the time.
Mr. E. Foster went. to Portland on the
2Sth inat.
Mr. John Tracy, of Ealaoada. Mr
Paulsen, of Georp. and Mr. Wm. Wood,
of Eagle Creek, report the prcwpectB ct
an abundant crop of chrrrka.
Mr. Lu Baker ir.tnds to open a lis.,k
amith shop in the new euburb
Mr. Webster and family will remove
to Barton next week. We regr-t to
lose auch worthy people
There to absolutely no aiakrx-ts in or
about Eagle Creek. It ia the mort
healthy locality we have eer Been, and
we bare been In at leact thirty different
Mr. Aleck Cawday, of Vmon Hail and
Miss Emma Btier. of Mackxburg, were
the gueeta of the Mia Edith and
Jeeele Jackson last fiunday.
Measra, Irvine Wheeler and Alvin
Phelps were callers at the home of M'
J. H. Buma last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs J"h"n Robbins were visit
ing Mr. A. P. Wallace and family, of
Mackaburg. Runday last
Mr. Chae. Thomas and Mies Elita
Buma were callers at the residence of
Mr. A. U Jones at Eldorado last Bunday.
Quite a number from this neighborhood
attended the bam-raieing at Mr. Julius
Mrs. Nettie Kigtrs visited Mrs. Sam
Wilkerson last Monday.
Mr. Cal Hoss, of Eastern Oregoi, is
visiting Mr. William Parker and family
at present.
Mr. J. P. Martin and family and Mr
John Molian and family went for an
outing down on the banks of the -Mc
lalla river last Bunday.
Misses Tillie and Mary Molian have
gone to Oak Point, Wash., to visit their
sister, Mrs. Orrtn Adkins.
Mr. Win Draper is working for Mrr.
John Bobbins.
Mrs. R. R. Peebles, of Portland, who
has been quite 111 at the home of her
Barents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bums, is
slowly convalescing.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hilton, of Canty,
were the guests of Mr. Frank Hilton and
mother last Sunday.
A lamentable accident befell the Infant
son of Mr. Otto fitryker and wife one
day yart week. The litOe feDow was
playing in the woodshed, when he
stumbled and fell against an ax, cutting
his bead suite severely. .
Mrs. Caroline Thomas and daughter
Nancy were the guests of Mrs. Martha
Bums last Tuesday.
Mr. Mike Huiraa and father visited
Mr. J. PerVinger and family last Bunday.
Mr. Anderson went to Can by last Fri
day on biurines.
when It became enraged and without
warning made for his horse, knocking It
aoout :i feet, he rider golDg still furthar.
His left foot was thrown out of Joint
and badly bruised.
Merchant D. A. James and wife and
niece. Miss Viola Fisher, of James, were
the guesta of Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Bonney
Ust Sunday.
The Colton nine crossed bats with the
Clarka nine on the Colton grounds last
Sunday. The reaults were 4 to I In
favor of the Coltenltes. but the Clarka
have the material to make an Interesting
game after a little practice, this bing
their first gam.
Our Sunday school ia progrrttslng nicely.
There is a good attendance eath week
and all sem intereatd.
Mr. Livingston, of Esta'ada, is spend
ing a few days visiting In our burrr
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bonney are visit
ing Mrs. Bonney a aged parents near
were the fut of Fonnie Bonney Jast
Ole Hinn l..iI a b.tn.lruising on
the ?d.
Mioses f.viie Coibrr and Grae Oi.r-r-tt
were visiting at Ellwood last Thurs-day.
Th.- auggrsiKin that any Dernocratlo
ranUidate on the tuket will be elected
la taken, e.-n ly "IienuM.rwtlc Mulalla."
as a jtke. v
Him. to the wife of L. W. Robbins.
May ;''th. another daughter. All iluing
well. The father is Improving.
Frlti Fryer had the misfortune of
getting his ankle crushed In a lot'irtnc
ramp on Coal Creek last Saturday. Ir.
Summer canv out and reduced the frac
ture Munday. It will be some time before
the aufltrrr wiU be on hia feet again.
If he ever his the use of his Instep.
Jam' 8. Herman and II. A. Kay lor
hate purchased a clover buller, which
they ralculate running this season.
The United Artisans of Molalla Assem
bly No. K, are taking In quite a lot of
members in ths contest that has been
going on for three months.
The first Saturday In June will be ob
served as Children's Lay by Mollalla
Crang' No 310.
Mrs. Orla Button, of Forest C.rove, Is
viltln; her old home on the Molalla.
Miss Mary (llpeon has returned home
fr a few weeks' visit
The switch board for the Molalla cn
tr.J station of the Mutual Telephone
nssK'iatirn was Installled for operation
May 23. The president and secretary
have been very busy for the past few
lays wiring up the town Mrs. Clifford
w ill a: t a operator for the remainder
of tie year at least.
Those not desiring am h a law passed
shuulj h ahok of electiicliy and
he awakened t their sense as well as
thiise who fall to vots for aurh a law
This ofBce was never before Iwittt-r
prepared to do job work of all kinds
on short mil Ice than It Is right now.
Sen J lu your work.
r i irmyii
The grangere of this placs held a I
ba.kel and lie nr sni s.. lal last "tur
diy evening The hall was well filled
In all Ita featurea ths entertainment
was a au -.
Th graduating tur li of eighth
gritde pupils In the Clackamas school
will take llk' Tuesday evening. May
II. In I. O. (I. F. Hall. Admission, lis-.
O. R Klppey. of Suwipter, Is making
hla family a Halt.
Mrs Hum Imel. who baa been visiting
In Seattle sines her mother's death, re
lumed home Ust Monday.
Mra. Uonbter, mother of Mrs. M. E.
Prettiman, hua sold her property In Hub
bard and Intends to purrchas sod lo
cate In Clackamas.
. j (Contluit'd on page 7.)
Curtd Hit Mother of Rheumatism.
"My mother has been a sufferer for
many years with rheumatism," says
V. H. Howard, of Husband. Pa "At
times she was unable to niovo at
all, while at all time walking was
painful. I presented ber with a bot
tle of Chamberlain's I'ain Halm and
after a few applications she decid
ed It waa the most wonderful pain
reliever sbe had ever tried. In fart,
she Is never without It now and Is at
all times able to walk. An occas
ional application of Tain Dalm keeps
away the pain that she was former
ly troubled with." Fur sale by 11. A.
Harrison Jones, of Brooks, is here
slashing, fencing and making various
other Improvements on his property at
J. H. Wright has sold his farm and
moved to James, where he has purchased
another farm, which leaves the Colton
school shy one director and three bright,
interesting pupils.
J. Garoett met wilh quite a painful
acx-ident the first of the week. He waa
erivir.g home an animal that had broken
his bounds and waa out on the range,
Andrw KmIit. the lmpl--nvr.t man.
made a b'jeinefs trip to Portland on
The directors of the Canby SthcKd hae
extended the length of the s hool term
two weeks, whkh will make the lenph
of the term this year eight months.
Charles Burrows, of this plat, while
cutting wood Saturday, cut hia foot very
severely. One. of his toa was severed
from the foot. Dr. Dedman dressed the
wound and he is getting along nily.
The Canby base bal nine went to Ore
gon City last Saturday and defeated the
Easiham s-.hoo! nine on their grounds.
The score atood IS to 14.
Mr. Sutherland has bougnt the two
corner Vols adjoining his property, pay
ing t300 for the same. He is now put
ting a nice fence around the property.
Five pupils took the eighth grade ex
amination in the Canby school. The
names are as follows: Ora Nora
Mack, Pearl Hampton. Annie Krueger
and Leetha Fisher. They are anxloualy
waiting to hear the result from the su
perintendent. Wesley Rlggs returned from Hood
River last week, where he has b-en visit
ing bis daughter, Mrs. Hess.
There was quite a wreck of flat cars
here Tuesday. Two empty flat cars
were broken entirely to pletes by being
run against by some loaded with gravel.
No one was hurt.
The children of the Christian church
are practicing nearly every day under
the direction of Miss Leetha Fisher and
Miss Mabel Knight for the children's day
exercises to be held there.
Mr. Sutherland, the furrniture man,
has bougnt one and one-hallf acres from
Ladru Mack and Intends soon to com
mence building.
Geo. Hampton has purchased ten
acres of land from his father and has
ordered the lumber for a new house.
L. Orailer has bought the property
where he has been living, and contem
plates making some improvements.
J. U. Sampbell, of Oregon City, was
visiting his friends in Canby last Sat
urday. Incidentally he stayed to the
Democratic speaking in ' the evening.
The school at Riverside will close
next Friday with a picnic In the grove
near by. By direction of the teacher,
Howard Ecclea, a programme has been
prepared and a good time Is expected.
Last Saturday the Democratic candl- j
dales put in an appearance ai uie 1117
Hafl and spoke very eloquently. Col.
Veatch, for congress, and the county
candidates, except H. G. Starkweather,
who was sick that evening.
The Socialists spoke on Tuesday even
Mr. Howard, candidate for county clerk.
and I'.ob'-rt Onnther. candidate for school
auperiritendcnt. The Jtepubiicaria have;
the closing argument, for tlwy are to
be here on Thursday, May 26.
H.irran for Wilaonvllle. for It seems
to have been dead a long time, without
having fie news printed In the Enter
prise. The M.sixmnan are still Immigrating
to this part of the country, a large num
ber having arrived here In the last few
weeks. Some take up residences In dif
ferent parts, when you "show them" a
place, and It seems that Wilsonvllle still
has a chan'-e of becoming a populous
Henry Aden, the new business partner
of J. Peters, is quite busy in his n' w
Norria Young, who attended the Hill
Military Arademy of Portland the past
winter, has returned home to spend the
Mrs. Wm. Probst, and daughter,
Sarah Kft last week for a trip to their
old home In Southern Illinois. They will
also visit the World's Fair and relatives
in St. Louis.
The Democrats had a little rally at
this place last weelt Thursday evening.
CaA. Veatch, nominee for congress, made
the first speech, which received but mild
applause. J. E. Hedges then rave one of
his short, pessimistic taks, which seemed
to take well with a few of the voters,
though It was indeed very hard to un
derstand! The Wilsonvllle school rloeed last Sat
urday, with an entertainment at the A.
O. V. W. Hail in the evening Aery ap
propriate program was rendered by the
pupils and the.lr teacher, Miss Helen
Murray, assisted by some local talent
After the program was over, ice cream
waa served, which was soon "finished"
by the large crowd In attendance. A
number of the pupils tried the eighth
grade examinations, and are very hope
ful of passing. NEW COMER.
Weather is fine and the farmers are
happy. Crops loot weU, considering the
late spring
S'hool is in progress. Miss Kerr for
Mr. May lias purchased a separator.
He must expect to enage In the dairy
Mr. pagnea has returned to Oregon.
James and Mark Pagr.ee were visiting
him this week.
What are the farmers going to do If
their stock cannot run at large? There
Is pen-ling to be voted on at the June
election a law that prohibits the running
at large of stock In Clackamas county.
There are many farmers In this county
who have but about forty acres of land
from whl'-ri they are unable to make
a living, and in order to do so they raise
some stwk. There are thousand and
thousands of acres that are not now
feni'd nor will they ever be. Tlo rt can
be no possible harm done In allowing
stock to run at large on siuh premises.
floney ;
Cream Cheiae t 12 1-2
Itlre. .04 1-2 and 06
Tomatoes. J for .ib Ot
Oysters. 3 (ana 6
Arm It Hammer Soda, s . 2 lor
15, 4 for . :t
Arm & Hamrn r Soda, bulk, 2 1-2
pounds, 10c; 7 pounds il
Coffee, equal to Arbuckle's 12
l-2c; better IS
Coffee, equal to 30c goods,,,... 20
(Samples free).
Hard Whent Hour, sack. II Ot;
barrel 4 06
Extra Flour, aark II 10, a barred 4 26
10 bars Elk Soap 26
Com Starch, c; gloss starch.. 04
Clothespins, lc dos; toothpicks,
box 03
2 Doxsn Orangas for 16
Stylish Millinery at lower prices.
Better Shoes for ladles.
Better Shoes for boys.
Ladles' 11.26 Patent Slippers. 76c.
Hlg lot Ssmpls ahoea, all kinds 1-4
Plaster, grain and feed, ablnglea, etc.
Trade for produce.
The F-nterprlM, II 10 a year, and worth
ths money.
Indigestion Causes
Catarrh of the
Fsr many years II has been supposed thai
Catarrh of Ihs Stomach caused Indtfasltoe
and ytptpals. but ths truth Is siacily the
opposite. Ind faallen causae satatrh. Ks
pas lad attack of Indtfattisn Inflames the
t an ttcs us msmWsnM lltuii ths stomach and
; aiyoaaa Ihs nerves of h aiomach, thus esus
Inf the f lanes t secrets mucin Instead f
I the Juices ef natural dlfaafloo. This I
sailed Catarrh at the Slomeea.
Kodol Dyspepsia Curo
ralleeee all Intlammailoa ef the mscess
SMmWanes llnlnj ihs aiomach. protects the
aerwea. sad seres bed bras la, sour rUlnfat
tense ef fullness after sarinf, Ind-fastlse.
dyspepsia tnd all stomach trosblea.
Kodol Digest What Yon U
I Make the atomac Sweet.
liiWIail r PJ.wi ans. tl 00. Vi4i 24 gakat
I la Mai , wkick MiUfw (0 SMa
reap seed f I. 0. O.WITT a 0O. Ok, Skj
HoMhr U. A. llAKHINtl, UruKHlat
ITT7' A T7 - TT Or-T
air Renewed
II it true you wint to look old? Then keep your jrayhilr. If not,
then use Hall's Hair Kcoewer, and have all the dark, rich color
of early life restored to your hair. a'?r.75?tCsV,
ifeiMo i i
Ck r
We have removed into our larger and Utter bulldlnj at Mala and
Twelfth streets. We have added con slderable new machinery, and ara
thoroughly equipped to handle all classes of work.
Building and Repairing of
Baw mill gupplies, shafting, boxes and collars In stock; Babbitt Metal low
and high grades; emery stands, swing saw frames and harbors; pulley! oa
hand and made to order. We also do a general machine blacksmlthlng
buslness. Tlow shares ground and sawi gummed.
First Class Work.
Prices floderatc.
Twelfth and Main Sts.
Oregon City, Oregon