Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 12, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

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Correspondents are. reipieated to re
new their work. We will supply all
necessary stationery. The news (nun
your ntiltlHrlio(Hl shuuld appear in
these columns every week. The busy
season i past you should renew your
correspondence work.
The weather is warm, warm, wanner,
Cherries ami strawberries are getting
Miss Elsie Falleit spent Saturday ami
Sumlay at her home near I.oan.
Neal Smith, of Loisan, w ho was badlv
hurt by a log rolling on him, is reported
a little belter.
Miss Iva Olmstead, who is attending
business college in Portland, came out
to the luange on Saturday, the tith inst.
Mrs. Spn gue Logan is the pos-sessor of
a brand new surrey.
Some low-down miscreant tore down
the mail boJes betweeu Stone and Lo
gan on a certain Thursday niht, about
9 or 10 o'clock. Some one w ilt be put
on bread and w atei diet if he don't go
Who fays we are not becorninii me
tropolitan. One beggar and two agents
in town lately. The climate here does
not seem to agree with book agents.
F. S. Hutching has improved the en
trance from the road by some tine stone
Heps to the front gate.
A great many people from here attend
ed the session of the State Grantee at
Oregon City. Next tune a delegation of
Grangers visits your town perhaps hotel
keei eis will learn that Urant-ers have
appetites and prepare accordingly.
Harding Grange met in regular se
f ion on Saturday, lit ti inft. Fifty-six
aM-enitileU lor the work of the order.
nr visitors were present. Five candi
dates received the degrees of the order.
Committee reports consumed considera
ble time, and w hen dinner was announc
ed everyone had a good appetite, which
was soon relieved, for there was enough
and to spare. A iienerons box was rilled
and sert to an altlicted family. The
contest between the ''Harding flust
ers" ami "Logan Lookouts" was con
cluded in the afternoon in favor of the
' Hustlers" by five points. At the next
meeting the "Lookouts'' will serve a
treat for the "Hustlers." The young
lulks weie tendered a vote of thanks foi
the entertainment they had furni-hed
the members and the interett manilest
ed. They have made great improve
ment in six months.
Mrs. Fred Geiber spent Saturday anil
Sunday at Gresham with her husband,
who is employed there.
The school is making preparations for
a weight social on the evening of rrulay,
the 1-th, to raise money to get a school
rla!, a praiseworthy object, and should
he liberally patronized.
Mrs. Weieenborn and daughter, Mrs.
Polivka, and Mrs. Borland visited at
Mrs. Game's Wednesday.
On Saturday, the tith, Bee Gage, who
has been attending the Stafford school
and will shoitly return to ber home in
Tiliamook, entertained twelve of her
young schoolmates from 1 till 5 P. M.
Gaines under the trees and swinit in the
big barn helped to pass the ail-too short
aiternoon, and after a lunch all returned
to their homes, tired ljut happy. Those
present were Clara and Carrie Whealtie,
Martha and Mary Scherive, Susie and
Anna Schattz, Gertrude KlleKsen, Julia
Weddle, Ellen Coudit, Clara Uldenstadt,
Matie l'emperine, and Lottie Borland,
and Miss Norman, the teacher, and .Miss
Whealtie, the minister's daughter, who
kindly helped to entertain the young
gir's and make it a red letter day in their
lives, long to be remembered.
Mark Baker is very handy to have
ar&und in gooseberry time. It is safe to
bet that each girl gets lots of berries
when Mark helps.
Miss Kate Wetd is visiting her silsr,
Mrs. Weddle.
Henry Schattz has a promise ol a large I
crop of onions for the size of the pate i
put in.
C. M. Gage, of St. Helen's visited at
the old home, returning down the river
Wednesday afternoon. He reports the
river rising rapidly at St. Helens and
the mill shut down.
The weather went op to the superla
tive deuree, but on Tuesday it took a
slump. Possibly the committee got
enough names upon their petitition to
submit the rjuettion to the people, the
tirst successful referendum in Oregon.
Little Switzerland could do no better.
Cams is having very warm weather at
Mr. F.d Howard and family, Frank
Shoenbnrn and Nell Stevens spent Sun
day at Mrf. Faust 'a.
Mr. and Mrs. Slater, of Portland, and
Mr. Eastman, of Oregon City, took din
tier at B. Faust's Monday.
Chris Bull and Mary Hornslmh, of
Oregon City, spent Sunday at 11. Horn
shuh's. The Maple Lane nine played the Cams
nine Sunday afternoon. A large crowd
witnessed the game.
Mother's Ear
a womo im moTMmm-m mtm i mnmrn
mummmtt ah imrtmr, ako im rum
month that com aoa that
mummvmm Turn kmtha mrmtmoTM Amo
uuwixvorr mo mmcmtmr mom
Send for free sample.
STWT KOW.NE, ChenrHtt,
409-41$ Peari .-itreet. N ew York.
yjt. and 1.00 ; an druggiau.
" I had a terrible cold and could
hardly breathe. 1 then tried Ayer'a
Cherry Pectoral, and it gave me im
mediate relief."
V. C. Lr.vton, Sidcll, 111.
t 1 .... 11' . 1 .
How wi,'l your couh
be tonight? U'ors?, prob
ably, for it's first a cold,
then a cou;.;h, then bron
chitis or pneumonia, end
at last consumption.
Coughs always tend
downward. Stop this
downward tendency by
taking Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral. Tarn iltM : 2k.. Stt. St. Alt entity
Cotuutt your doctor, tf he urt take It,
then rio ai mt. If lie tell't you mil
l take II. tln-n don't uke II. He kuuwe.
Leeve II with him. We ar wllllne.
J. C. AY KK CO.. Lewell. Maaa.
Emma Inskeep took dinner with Ber
tha Spmigler Sunday.
v Martyri Christenson, of Union Mills,
was the guest of Winnie Howaid Sunday
Alice Purant took dinner Sunday even
ing with Kachel and Maggie 1Cwn.
C. G. Stone and family have moved to
Miss Jennie Exon was visiting her
giandpareiits. Mr. and Mrs. W. X. May,
at Oregon City, one day last week.
Charles Miller is having his house r
Charles Tallman, of CUrks, bought
three Jersey cows Irom J W. Exon last
Wm. Brow n has gone to Albany for a
few days.
The S. T. R. R. Co. very promptly and
satisfactorily settled with J. W. Kxoti
for smashing his wagon.
Eva Mattoon la working for Mrs. Geo.
J. Sevier is slowly recovering from his
Pretty warm here Sunday; the ther
mometer registered ninety-lour.
F. M. Osborn and w i fe attended church
at Stone Sumlay.
Earl Elliott and wife, of Powell's Val
ley, were guet-ts of .'. C. Elliott Suudav
Frank Grimm, of Molalla, was visiting
relatives and friends here Saturday and
W. J. Howlett and wile, of Eagle
Creek, made A. W. Cooke and wife a
pleasant call last Thursady.
Hairy Feathers has purchased a fine
new buggy. Now, girls, get ready ; see
who will get the first ride.
We are glad to report that Mrs. Fritz
Matthias lias so far recovered from her
late illness that she is able to be up
The dance given by Herman Ritzau
Sa'urday, June tith, was a complete suc
cess, both socially and financially.
It Bounds real nice to hear the Bob
White ii tils whistling. Tne first one
was heard in this vicinity Sunday
George Derry, wife and daughter vis
ited Mrs. Merry's mother and father, Mr.
and Mrs. Starkweather, of Concord,
Dyspepsia Cure
Diaests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestams and digest all kinds ol
food. It g ves instant re'icf and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the 'ood you want. Tlu; most sensitive
stomachs can take it. Hy its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. It
A unequalled for all stomach, troubles.
It can't help
but do you good
Propared only hy E. 0. ImsWitt k (C, Uilrano
TJie 1. tioVUb contains!! ',4 UnieattiuuUc Ma
If you want to buy a mower nr hay
rake, get prices at Wilson & Cooke be
fore you buy. You will save money.
The Oregon City Band meets regularly
for practice and is developing into a
musical organization of which the city
may feel proud. It is now up to the cit
izens and business men of the commu
nity to arrange for the giving during the
summer of band concerts several even
ings each week. The boys are willing
to furnish the music, which is certainly
enough for them to do. They think the
citizens should provide a suitable place
for the holdings of these concerts. At
the present time the city is without a
band stand, hut the people of the com
munity should Bee that such a building
is erected that concerts may be given
regularly throughout the summer.
Shubel school closed last Friday. Mrs.
Moennke has taught a very successful
term. An interesting program was ren
dered and was followed by a pie social ;
$10.50 was raised for the purpose of buy
ing a flag for the school.
Miss Mildred and Elnora Ginther were
home on a visit for a few days last week.
Miss Lena Hornschuch, who has been
visiting friends at Salem, has returned
The people of our neighborhood were
called from their homes at noon Sunday
to b!p put ont the fire which broke out
in Will Moehnke'a sawmill. The mill
was burned down, and all that was saved
was a few loads of lumber.
t ight Will lie HUtor.
Those who persist in cloning their ear
against the continual recommendation of
Or. King a New Ihaeoverv (or Conuiut
tion, wilt have a long and bitter light
with their troubles, if not ended" earlier
by fatal termination. Read what T. K
Heal I, of Beall, Miss., has to sav : "Last
fall mv wife had every svinptom of con
sumption. She took IV. King' New
Discovery after everything else had
hilled, linprovemeiit came at once and
four hnttles entirely cured her. Guar
anteed by tieo. A. Harding, Hrutigist
Price ROc and fl tX). Trial bottles free
For Young Men and Young Women,
There is nothing that will arouse the
ire of a young mat) or woman soipiick as
to have interior laundry work put oil nu
them. They may dress ever so well,
but if their shirt front or shirt waist is
niussv, their neat apitearance is spoiled
The Troy Laundry makes a specialty of
ls.dlt'9 ami gentlemen a line wotk.
There can be no belter work than ia done
at the Troy. Leave your orders at John
son's barber shop.
If you don't got the Entbhi kisk you
don't get the news.
ItcslilriitM of On-tfon City ,4r
lio u th Hay,
Only one way to cure a bad back .
Liniment and plasters may relieve it;
Tliev won't cure it.
Backache means sick kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills cure all kidney
Read a case of it :
Mrs. J. l. Kennedy, who resides at
"SO Corbetl street, Portland, ssns: "I
have been altlicted with kldnev trouh'e
for thirty years, and for the past twenty
vears I have never beeo entirely (roe
from it in some form or other. I suf
fered terribly from backache and could
hardly stoop over ami got Up again.
Trouble Jroin the kidney sscretions ex
isted. At times I was greatly blunted,
my feet swelled to twice their natural
si.o, mid 1 was seldom without a luster
on my back to ease the pain. 1 dm tor
ed a great deal and used morn medi
cines than any one person could carry.
Go to Wilson Cooke for Aardeii tools,
such as hoes, rakes, Ac.
If you want strictly up-todate Milli
nery, call on Miss C. Goldsmith.
Cups and mirrors free at Chanmin A
Co.'s drug store. See their adv.
The 12-year-old of James Man tell
Tuesday and received a severe scalp
Bob. fhe three-fourths Pendn-on stal
lion, will make the season ul l'.H).! at my
place, 2.'.. niihs northeast of Corrinsville.
Terms: tt to insure in foal, navahle when
1 mare is know n to be in foul or purled
with. J. W. Dowry.
Falls City Lodge, A. (). U. W., will
serve refreshments to the members Sat
urday evening, June 13, l'.Mj:j. There
w ill he an impromptu program.
Wilson Sc Cooke carry a complete line
of all kinds of funning implements, such
as plows, harrows and cultivator'; also
hay tools of all kinds, such as hay forks,
carriers and pulleys.
Beaver Creek.
G. Thomas has conquered his wild
bronchi , and has now started to haul
We are all very sorry to hear that the
Michael Moehuke Si Son sawmill burned
to the ground last Saturday morning, at
a loss of !()II0, without any insurance.
This is the second time for this unlucky
lamiiytobe burned out in less than a
year. Won't the fire ever stop?
John Wolf was parading the streets
here this week.
A large number of the Beaver Creek
young folks attended the pie social at
the Shubel school house, and all enjoyed
a good time.
Rev. Bruce, of the Presbyterian
ch'irch, will deliver a sermon to young
men, and w ishes all to attend. Come
one, come all, and bring your girls.
Beaver Creek and Shubel have organ
ized baseball teams.
Go to Wilson Sc Cooke
buy a sickle grinder.
if you want to
The best washing machine that was
ever invented is carried by Wilson &
Cooke. Fully guaranteed,
All Pattern Hats reduced.
J5 Miss C. Goldsmith.
Oregon I'llr Market Report.
(Corrected Weekly.) J
Wheat- No. 1, 70c per bushel.
Flonr Portland, $4 00 per bbl. $1.05
per sk. Howard's Best, $1.05 per sack.
Oats in sacks, white, $1 to $1.25 per
cental, gray,
Hay old Timothy, bales, $15 per ton;
loose, $8 to $11 per ton. Clover $12;
Oat, $10; mixed hay, $10.
Millstuffs Bran, $22.00 per ton
shorts, $23.00 per ton ; chop, $21.00 per
ton, barley, rolled, $20.00 per ton,
Potatoes 40c to 50c per hundred lbs.
Eggs Oregon, 14c to 15c per dozen,'
Butter Ranch, H0c to 40c per roll.
Onions, choice, 5d to 75c per cwt.
Dried apples.Oc to 7c per lb.
Prunes, (dried) petittv3c per lb; Ital
ian, large, 5c per Ib.'mediutn, 3Jc;
Silver. 4.
Cabbage (new), 2!c per lb.
Rhubarb 2c per pound.
Gooseberries 5c per pound.
Apples, 75c to $1.
Dressed chickens, 10 to 12 c per lb.
Livestock and dressed meats; beef,
live, $4.00 to $4.50 per hundred. Hogs,
live 5)2 to 0 cts; hogs, dressed, 8 to 8jc;
sheep, 3to3c; dressed, 7to8cts;
veal, dressed. 5 to (ic; lambs, live,
ic; lambs, dressed, 6,'c to 7
Wanted Competent stenographer and
typewriter. Box 340. bregon City. Ore
gon City girl preferred.
Tt la a laudnlilr ambition to reach the top
of the ladder of success. Hut many a tnaa
wno rrafnta me
topmost rung
6uils bi position
torment initi ad
of a triumph, lie
has aactilii'rd Ilia
feraltll loaiiccesa.
A man ran sue
cred and be
strung if he llrriU
Nalliir'a warn
ings. Whrn tliiMe
is imliKe'lliin,
loss of appetite,
ringing in thr
ears, di.jinrM,
puts hi'ioir li e
evra ir palpita
tion of til- IiimiI :
any or all of thi-r svrrip
lorus point lo w
rus point to r:uiu 1 v;'v i
III lna of ntilutliill. Al(..'J
r. PirUT'C..i!drn Mivj. fvr"',
nl IliM-tivriy la t u c f v i
medicine to tin 11 to.
paid liy the W01I1I a I'm
prnssry Mrdual A-. .
nation, Pioprir'.nta, Huf.
falo, N. Y.,il"lliry rmtmt
aluiw the tit initial na
ture of the iinlivulti d volim -
ternnu the testimonial Ik-Ihw
and iiImi ul tin- voili i.nl every
U'sutnoumi iiuiotig- trie thou
sands which lliry aie constantly puhtisll-
ing, tliua pmviiiK tlirir (frniiimneaa.
"I'or shout lo nr I mi Ternt from a rrry
olialiiintr i-i.r ol il .r (.-.( 1 " wntr K. K. Siiimf,
. ul it I' iil.-ui r . Top r. 1. liiitnrlo. M
trietl a strut lurulw' ,. rtmrihr without atic-
cr I Rim.-!v l..-.t i.oili iu thrra all. I w
fur xoiie I1. at I con.. I not . i a l,.:,a liuir l.rur
anv oltil i.m .1 in mv nriiin, )i; Irll iiirlutu-lioly
atut ilrreiu ! Coel.l hot iorri not loilotv mv
lKvliuiti.n. S.ne tour mo-itli. .u;o a Irlrml
mtiiiiiiiriiitr.l .,iir t..it,ti-n Mr.'u.il IiK-ovt iv.
After a wroL R t If :l lilt-Tit lilt. I rlrnvr-l mi much
beitrtit Hint I co:uim;. tl . ii.r .tcit'r . I Inivc
taken Ihlec U.tll.. - . 1 n lit c. io in l It ll.il
ill my caw u.co!iii'ti-:M ! .1 im-yiii,i 111 cure
Call coil-Klclltlou.lv rrtolunieuil It to tor lllou-
aaintot iIi-ikoiu-. t' 1 -i m 1I.1 i.uit -
The "Com mi in Sct.se M. dical Advi-cr,k
lor later puce. 111 j aper i-oi-cra, ii ci-.t
on receipt of ;i i.tu n .s'.i-iini o piv ri.
peiwe ul ri' Hut; 0'1'y. Adult l)t. K. V.
icrct, lluil.iiu, M. V.
The Knterpri-e $1.50 Mr year.
If jtin htTn't ri lr, blitiy tnnvftcDntnf th
bownii ovry tlr, you' t 1U r will bo, Kp youff
bowii ci-rtt, Biid fi wl. Porro. la tti lift,'
vtolnnt phytlo or pill iolou. U tlitfrtm. Th
mtMithfMt, iMlrtt tit at twrlVrl way wX llMpiuj
Xh9 bowala civc ti4 cUu la to uk
riMK'it, I'alalalila. Potent, Tmta Onnil, T
O.mhI, .Sovrr Sicken, Waa-D orOrlu 19, la anil
llenti p-rbui. V.'rltnfurroaam(ila,aail tKM'k
luloa health. Aildma til
ttarllnt Rcnttfr Comcarrr, Chicago r He York.
jt'iixul Catftrrli quickly yieWi to treat
ment by Kly'a Croam Halm, which ia ngn--ably
aroinntio. It is received through tho
noutrils, cleai'KCS and heula th whole sur
face ovor which it dilfuai-a itnelf. DmggiaU
ill the Me. Bite; Trial sis by until, 10
cents. Test it and you are suro to coutiuue
the trcatuii lit,
To accoimnoilatu thoso who are partial
to tho use of atimii.ors in applying IniuiiU
into tho DOKftl panHnge for entiinhul truiu
Ui t, the proprietors prepare Cream Halm iu
liquid form, which will be known as Kly's
Liquid Cream Halm. Price including tho
praying tube i 7."centH. DniggisU or by
mail! Tin) liquid form embodioa Uia mod
iciual proportit of tho solid preparation.
A 4'tl) llUluhe.
Blunders are eoinelirnes very ex'n
Hive. Occasionally life ilaelf is iIih price
of a liiistHke, hut you'll never be wrong
if you take Pr. King's New Life I'ilN fur
l)Hpepsia, I )i . 1 iii'mh . Ileudaclie, Liver
or Bowel troubles. They are gentle, yet
thorough. -); ut lieu. A. Huriling's
llrug Stole.
I Mil i r I ii 1 .1 Ih Mniicy to I.iiiih.
At (1 and 7 per cent. Call on or write
J no. W. LoilKII,
Cireguil City Oregon
Stevens' building.
j Dancing School!
TURNKY will conduct
a dancing nchool at
Beaver Creek II a 1 I.
Meet every Tuenday
Evening. Dance BtartH
at S o'clock riharp; cIoho
at 12. A d in i 8 8 i o n
CO Cents: : : :
All diseases of Kidneys,
Bladder, Urinary Organs.
A Ln D t...ma.l am tlanl.
ache.HeartDlBOaHB 6ravel.
Dropsy, ttmo.it Troubles.
Don't become dlieonraged. Tbera li
cureforyou. If ii:iHsury wrIW 1 Jr. reiiner
lie lias nperit a lite IIiiih riirirnt Just aucli
cases as yours. All consultations Free.
"Eluht months In lied, lieavy liuckache,
pain and soreness aM'niss kidneys, also rlieu
matism. Cltber ri-rnedles failed. I'r. l-en-ner
n Kidney and II. irk hi-he Cure cured me
completely. II. WATKIW, Ilamlot, N. V."
r)riieitlsts.50c.,ll. Aik forf'onk Hook-Fres.
CT UlTHC'flAL'PC Hiir:ure.Clrriilr. Iir
Ol.VIIUO UAflULKcuiior. O'ridouiu.N.y
For Sale by
Cbartnan & Co Huntley Brothers
Doctor Sponge
lias u very largo prnctiro, lut it would ho imicli
larger if jkoj1o only know what an excellent t.hyBiciun
hois generally ami how moderato aro hin ohargon.
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ttl to givo him up. llo comeH in all wies at all prices
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is worth money to you. Try ono iu your hath to
morrow try one on the baby use it for everything.
Buggy sponges at special prices.
, Reliable
0. R. & H-i
Oregon Short Line
and Union Pacific
Through I'ullmati atiiinlard and Tour
ist sleeping cum daily to Oiuiiha, Chicago
"jiokaiic; tiutrit alecping cur a daily to
Kun-aa I ity; through l'ulluiiin tmiria
slcejiing cars (personally conducted)
Meekly to Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis
and Memphis, reclinitiu chairs (sent In-c
to the cast daily. l'nnil 1'ortUtiil
( lii r ii tco
I'orlla ml
):.i) a. m
H, l.i II. Ill
via limit
Initioii .
Ni. I'aul
Fa-t Mail
li p III
Salt Lake, llmiver. Kt
Wnrlli.i linalia.han
tnn I'llv, St. Lulus,
Cldcaitu and Knit.
4 ,:io p.
Salt l.akr. Iienver, I t.
W'ortli.i iinalia.Knii
as I'll)', SU hiiua,
Cliicai(o ami Kast.
10,10 a in.
Walla Walla, Uia-
Inn, Spokane, Mln
urHpolia. St. I'aul,
lliilulli, Milwaukee,
Chu'Sk'o and Last.
i:X a, in.
Portland to Chicago
No Change of Curs. Tickets cast
via nil rail, or lioat and rail via Port
land. Ocean and River Schedule
B p. m.
All Siiillng iliiti-n mill
I Ji-i-i t" ctianire.
Kur an KrHliriuro
Mail every ftiliiya
4 i. m.
llnll.v Kx.i
Sunday. f
M i. III.
SHliinlay .
In p. in. !
Colli mill a River
To Aa'oria a it Way
Latnliioia. I p. in.
K. Sun
iliiy. C. W. Stringer, City Tkt Agt.
3rd and Washington Sts.
L. Craig, Gen. I'nss. Agt ,
I'ortlauil, Oregon.
Astoria & Columbia
River Railroad Co.
July .', I!C'
P.M. A.M. A,M
7 mii M (10 l.v. Portland Ar II In
H ll.'ii 0 (ft! (lotila 10 ti'ij
II 10
8 :v
H 20; I) Isj... Kainier .... M
H .'Oti I) . . . I'vrainlil .... I) Xi
H II !l 41)1.... Mayifer .... 0 Ti
8 20
8 no
7 M
8 Wll 0 Ml .... Quiucy .... II 17
H M 10 (Xj ... ''latskanie ..0
7 4i
7 :w
7 28
7 17
7 tn
n 42
U 32
fl 211
fl HI
UOH.IO Id ... Marshland .. S fit
9 !l 10 HI .... WestKirt . .. 8 4'l
II 37 10 .'HI (,'lillmi 8 .Tt
10 00 II 7 .... Knappa.... 8 PI
10 H II Pi Hvensen ... 8 117
10 2011 Ur.... John Day... 7 fift
10 7i' , 1 1 .U) Ar.. Astoria . I, v 7 4.'i
11 3.1a. m.
S .V) p. m .
II .'Ma. m.
8 l.'i a. 111 .
fl 15 a. in .
2 30 p.tn .
A 00 p. 111
u 40 a. ni .
7 40 a. m
. . .4 oop.m
...10 30a. 111
. . . SMIp, iu
...12 30 p. m
. . . 7 20 p. m
...I 30 p. m
... 60a. in
All train make close conuectioni at Oolile
with all northern I'acilic trains to or Irom
the Kast or Bound i'oiuts.
At 1'ortland with all trains leaving Union
I 'p pot.
At Astoria with t. R. .t N. Co.'aboatiand
rail line, ami Steamer T. J. I'otter, to and
Irom llwacoand North Ileach I'ointa.
Ticket ollire, 2'i5 Morriann at., arid Union
Heiot. J. (J. MAYO.Oen. 1'as.Act.
Astoria, Or
Subscribe, for the Enterprise
are no higher I ban those In any other
trade, 1 I ours are 11" higher than nor-vii-e
rendered demandN.
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leaky pipes, loose coiiuei'tiniin or other
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ask for any dediictinii.
Noiiiii not mi.
:iki a. 111.
11:22 a. in. (Albany Local)
0:10 p, 111.
SOUTH llllt'NII.
!i :22 a. 111.
4 :.r)il p. 111, (Albany Local)
it :l l p. 111.
Daily River Excursions
nlti'.liON CI I'Y II (ATS.
IKII.V nt'll Kill' I.K . '
liare I'DltTUM)
Foot Taylor Ht,
8 to A. M.
Il.'lo "
3 ini i'. m:
II l.'l "
Uave tlliKliON CITV
Foot ICightli St.
7 00 A. M.
Ill oil
I 30 P. M.
4 30 "
On-Kiin I lly Trun.iorliUlon Co.
Portland and The Dalles
Rtcainera "Regulator" and "Dallca
City" leave Alder St. warf, Portland,
daily at 7 a. in. for Molfctt's and Ht.
Martin's Hot Springs, Cascade Locks,
Steven-ton, Collins, Hood River, White
Salmon, Dinger, Lyle, The Dalles, and
all intermediate points.
Steamer "Metlako" leave Alder St.
warf daily 7 a. tn. for all points on Mid
dle Columbia river west of Warrendale,
All steamcrj arrive in Portland at 5:30
p. m.
Steamers make direct connection at
Lyle with Columbia River & Northern
Railway lor Wahkiaens, Dnly, Center
ville, Goldendale and all Klickitat Val
ley points. '
Excellent Meal.
Best Scrvics.
I'or detailed information of rates,
berth reservation etc, call or write to
agent at warf.
General Offices, II. C. CamprBU,,
Portland, Ore. Manag