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New To-Day.
lowest rale. (', II,
lr rf til. lariu curty.
AM) 7
U'lUx A
(!. If. t"aiifl..l.l .l ... 1 1 t i I it . . .
1 1,.,.. .i , " "T" moveu uarriaon yiuarn, formerly ol Iteedy
." M'""y ''"" Seventh J anil a arhool rhum of W, II. If, Hamaon,
ii uiiiriiT, Tiniinu nern una wees, air,
A J urn it now located m Dou.la county.
Henry Moore, a ho lis" licrn visiting
In Oregon t il y Ilia last year with In
Money Uiluaiii lni rates. T. It. Thorn and Geo T Myer Jr o( ,"u""' w " Hamsun, ha riurm-d
IIhih.m .V (iMirntii, Portland, were visitor, in tl.ia ,-ii '!.,. '""' in Huhuyler county, Illinois.
Mr. J. M. l.rHiii l..fi
lien. I, Ks.'crn Oreifon. where she will I
I pun air Lawrence and make her home.
.1 ....
j iir. i.awrenre in io'at0i at ltnJ aa t.
. . ,-, lumiiiissiont-r.
1 1 us !!, 1 AA::.? . .. ,,. Me,w, a
i ju,i, Willi. O.M...- .,. M!r ,'J.:...fi ""'"y'.'H
, , M.... .. II li i . ' . ! ' .'iiiw ri ..i.-,.hij r.urr a Vldll Willi
, Mim.vill,j Monday lo east a vote for Mr. friend- in Ponlnnd.
(ilUI. WAN I Kit K) liKNKHAL Iteame. I '
tiotmewoik. (iiHul wnifK. i..!,! i-oiniwiniit I . .. . I J' Janes, former flmt warden of t lie
i.elp. Inuiilrw Iloliuin' iit.r store or -i V. A . .'n'. n""l",I"'f man of . slate penitentiary at Kalem, a- in the
Ifl.J. i "-" "rrgoil ;liljr llim w-l-k IOjKIIIK OVer AOIIIf sutmrb
1LIIV til . tank .. .
Mia Jiinl. (''III.,,. ,.i H...H i .
Holiday last the guest of Mini Nellie U.
T. It. Thorn am! Geo. T. Mynra, Jr.ol
lurtlaml, wir vlnltora in thia city Una
MlIU K.lltll lUluiraliMn 1.1. .rl-
Ili K-iMt of Mim Vn.la Williami'u.t
nu mi ay.
gruaaa, etplodwl, throwing tlm lanl all
ovr hia far and ahonnlnra. Fortunate
ly, hia altfiit w.a not oVtrove., bm be
ill bt-ar .tar. lor trie rt of hit lil(..
All I'attern IIU rolur..
Jr Miaaf. Ool.lnmiih.
The amount of himinta tranirid
tlirouk'h tl.e Oreon Cii. I.i.il ,,fli,.u (,..
the month ill M.v lIM.n i.i,,.,
....I..... . . : '"
ir.irn. m re em y4r. JJuririx tlie lant
month tl,ef witw 54 limner land mina
n. li'i homenlM.,! Mlinnn. I'afnta l,.ve
"in rnceivwl lor the lolloaiifjr ppmonf :
J.iiml.n.l pati-nia Charlra K. Ailama,
M. ICo:nliauiii ami K A. Nortin (2);
1tnr pa tenia llorare K. Weaton, Al-Ix-rt
Hifrt, I'Dtt-r C. fvenaon and Keth
a .men.
f raldiinre.
rty annuity al o per ii-nt, alwi mi .p.
proved I'latirl rr. liiily i 11. Iiim.i k,
attorney al law, Mrvfin JIuildiUK Oie-'
If' i ii City.
wiiiiih hi iii.Hifr iirionginki o private
lii.livliliialtKlii. lil.nl aiilliorluil to
loan, mi Ioiik liinn .1 U and 7 pvr ri.t.
Coal ol loan will I made very rroi.
able. II. K. (.'mow., attorney at law.
!(. 1.. Il'iluun, h'adiiiK uiidnrl.krr
OrrK'iu 'tly. Ori-Kon. March 27-lf
Ci'y thli week.
William Ioora, of Marii.m, waa in
the city WedtiMwIay on hiiaineaa Iwli.m
the county court.
MiaaN'eva (iriawold, of Halein, waa
an oroperiy. Mi. Im-a la U.inkiiiK ol in
veetliiu In a amall raticli rn-ar Una city
and locating lifie.
Mri Marv C Kirk r,f Pr.t.v vl.it.l
with Mra. f. A. hlfiKht the laio-r part ol
part ol laat week
Mra. Jonea haa rctmtitid lo Portland
afir a viait with hi r ton, l.lnnwood E.
Jotii-a, ol thia city.
Mr. and Mra. L. H. Htinaoo and chil
dren, ol Salem, aH-nt Memorial day with
frienda ill thie my.
Miaa Arieliiiie Trilrhot. of Kaliatel,
Molilalia, ia viailinK at the home ol W.
I'.. I'ratl, lit toia cjty.
if. K. Ilavea. ol Mo.ir.l T.I.... I...
r.-en viailinK with lilt aon, Judge Oof don
KH Mad.lo.-k wa vi.itor o Canhy ', tay and Kale Marka
Tue.lay. ' j leave early in July f.,i a two monlha'
iait with relativea in Inver.
it. ij-.viii, ol llolaila, aaa In ll.e city
I Tersonal Mention I
m m '"T" vi.iiiiik wun nil i
- . - . JiK "y,. in thia city.
'iiawu.u, hi raiein, waa 1 " r . n. nieiKiu me laio-r pari oi
the if ue. I ol MiUM-e Marjorje and Kihel j '" In Hie rment elrction of ofTi
tJalllleiil hun.Uv . Cera ol tlm aioia Iful.k.l. ....... .i.i
Kred Htoro.er and W II....H n, Or.nd ( haplain
Hprlnga.ler, were in lite city the latU-r i Ale Croano rt-turnr-d Wednemlay even
ii'K from Oregon City and other point
f.d rwaiicon returned U'e.lnealav fvt-n
Vt from Oregon City, where he waa
urn io pr.neai a iioineMeid entry,
whirli he had ronleated The mailer
waa citniirontlKei and Kd'a filing c
cepled. Lincoln County leader.
Mr. J. W, Norria haa reliirne.i Iroiu a
viait in heatlle,
Kn-I Kllr-Kaen, of Slairrd, w.a ill the
-ily hattirday.
Hon. II. K. J.inoa, of loledo, waa In
the city Monday.
Mia Mary ('onei !. ieturne.1 Irmn
a vii.lt at t'lalakauie.
Mr, lieo. Iloxye hia hrn-n viiiting
with Irienda In s.lriu.
W. If. Ihugliar.lt. Kr , ol Salem, viail
l In I liia rlly Tueaday.
Nil iH-rlnlen. lent TifT.nv f il.a fir......
Water I'owi-r Itailway Company, ana
a Viaitor to till city Wedneaday.
Mi (Jrare Killard, of Ifi-ppner, vi
ile.l thia week at the home ol John
Lewlhwaile, on litir way lo Alank.
W, I Iti.ler. a ( inner Oregon City
hov. who It now liM-atn l at Snolioiuiah,
Waahinglon, i visiting in thia city.
Han I'iil-en, former reprnaentativp
in a'ale li'iriltora from tlua rounlv.
waa in the city ThurmUy from (ieorge.
Cinntv Clerk Sleight aqd family have
removed from (lib and Jl ireraon'atreett
II you want Mrirtly up-lo date Milli
nery, call on Mum V. tioldmnith.
Cull and lllirrnra frm. at fhirmin A,
Co.'a drug alore. See thefr adv.
The 1L'-vear nlil i,f Jan.o- Man 1-11
i Tueaday and received a aevere acalp
Cl. I' .InfL.l ir.i i iremnve.1 Horn nth and Jllferaon treet
Ile.i Kirk, of Albany, vialled Ihia week .... , , ,
with friend in II. ia city. . Mr N""-'- of I'ortUnd. alale organ-
.ixerlortl.e Royal An-anum, a in the
J. S Ilirdaall, of Keliw, waa in the icily Ihia week in the iulereat ol that or
city Monday mi huaine.a. gatiiration.
.u.'"!."!1! K?I,,L""" r Pur,Uni1'! - K-Sroit. of the Oreonlan. waa in
vi-lle llnthiaiiiy Miml.y. the , ily Wed..e..Uv. He w. trying t"
Mi 1.1m Alhritfhl ha reltirne.l fr.im " '"erauae ol l la. kainaa county no
Hub, the three-fourth Ten-heon atai
lion, w ill make the iwawin ol I'.m at my
place, 2'.; nnln northcatof Corrmaville.
lernia: v vt inaure in loal, payahle when
mare ia known to be in foal or parted
with. J. V. Dowry.
P W. Kinnaird and John Lewellen
have been appointed ntFinal road view
er lor Clai kaiiiaa county lor the ensu
ing year lo aerve in conjunction with the
county purveyor in locating and ettab
lithing roa la. The appointment of these
viewers ia made by the county court.
Bid we'e oneiifd Wedueaday by the
i.iiuy conn mr I lie huilding ol a vault
addition lo the court hotiae and the re
moleilnir of the interior of the alructure.
Thrne ot!,-r were re.eiv-d a follow: K.
H. While. I'orila.id. KY1; J. Zenello,
I ortland. I741 85; J..hnaon A Andrewa,
Oregon City. The certified cl.tM-ka
of the two I'ortUnd bidder were re
turned an.l the le.ard lxjk nnder advise
nient the oiler of the l.xl firm.
Suitor. Shirt Waiat Hal in all the
latest My'e. Mia C. ioldsmitb.
Wednesday w is the time set for the
preliminary examination of Thomas
K linen and (ieorie U'
oi larceny from the rn.in., ThedBlend-
ania, who had depoeited $I(K caah bail
for their aooe.r.nr-A. f.il.l t.i rit.rt in
justice court and their bail will probably
"o luiieiieu. nnson ana u Brien are
the nii-n who nicked the nnt-koi. f .n
old soldier on a Southern I'm iflc traiu jn
this cny about May 20. They are now
in jail in Tacoma on a similar charge.
Cups and inirrnra free at Ph.m,.n JL
Co. drug store, bee their advertisement.
Mr. and Mr. Milem, of Monnl Tabor,
yisiled the old place and pot flower
upon the graves of her mother and sister.
Mr. Milem's maiden name waa Haye.
She is the eldest atanghier of Capt. H. .
Ha Tea. wh.i vr n. i.. .....-. i
. - w ..o .uv pim.o u.t;il.sl.
by hiin long year ao an.l to which he
urouKiii in young tjride Irom Connecti
cut in 18-M.
The graves of our dead were pretty
generally cared for on Decoration day,
although rose were late in blooming on
account ol the weather which haa pre
vailed. Mr. Julia Gentry' young brother-in-Uw
is slaying with ber brother, Mark
Uaker. Mr. and Mrs. Gentry removed
iu rfrueraon, wnere mey have pleasant
home. Minnie, an older daughter, who
lost her husband last Jane in Alaska
and came to see ber sister married, re
turned to ber place in Aberdeen, Wasb..
last Wednesday.
Gardens are growing finely now, al
though more rain ia nMll l.;,.l. ,n
be thought unnecessary remembering
Ibe many umbrella days of the past
month; still, but little over two inches
fell, altogether, which is not enough for
thirsty Oregon ground,
E. A. Mnae hrnnht fl.iar.ra r... t kA
.".no IV, .lid
grave nl hi. vifa an.l ula,,...i ki.
if uin rimer,
Mra. Gage, over Sanday.
Mr. lieihle. whn haa .,,fru,,l f. . '
I . , ' -- - . ,vi m
number of year from the effect of a
. crushed eYtnw. ia nnm ait ill fn.ih.. .1
flitted witb an aflat-iion of the eye. A
specialist said last week that tlmr !
not much hope as his nervous system
bad become so weakened.
There's an affair planned
For Saturday, June 13th.
It will be worth while.
Wise one's are saving
A date for
Saturday, June 13th.
It will be a week
From next Saturday
You are expected.
Everything about ready
For Saturday, June 13th.
We hope you will be ready.
a lao week's vir.il in I'oitLud
Norwood Chaiman haa gone to Chico
Calil., to j .in an engineering party.
Mr. Annie ll.iwird and Mr
lug for lUaiiic.
Miller visited in Cortland Saturday.
Mra. A. A. Siiiiirla, of Cortland, vis
ih d I'li-ml in this city !..( NiMiIdV.
, Miss ConaUnre Holland, of Portland,
j visited Oti'gon City friend lor a few
Matilda m -V" ."n T '1(""e
v..t . i in,, it, iaM-.il.
Harold A. Kami, who expects soon
lo .hi some survey ii, g in Idaho, was en
tertained Tuesday evening at the home
of Mr. S.-ott at Kails View by the young
People of the Kirtt'reshyterian church
of Ibis city, lia.nes, music and conver
sation courtitutrd t tie program of the
Thompson' Haigian store for clr.se
pil. es on Dry Goods, shoes and clothing.
kl f - 11 1 I. L- . . . . . ... t I II '
i-nww i. ii'nrit-ne rv winner, oi aioiu ," nip, to rooiiiitie ineir vihii.
spi-nl Dm Week i(h (lien, Is iii this city ,. , ,
I r. S. I.. I.aghy, maiiHgerof Kaghv
Neil McNsmara, of Tekoa, Washing- l.uinlier Couipany, ol Needy , w a in the
ton, has relurned after a viait in tliia ! ''i'.v Wednesnav on hia wair lo 1'ortland
city. I to get skilled labor for his mill.
The many relatives of (irandmother
Ranch desire t.i pinri-u thuir hartfAit
; gratitude to the aiany dear frienda who
I were j verv kind and lovinir to hr ilnr-
Mr and Mrs. U. I,. Kvestone, of Iowa illness, and wvre so very
wlio have been visiting' at the home oi ' k""1 n'1 lfnHr.iiia in their contribution
G. K. H.irton. in this rilv tv .,. i,. ' "' "IH".V t's-act lull ol nature's most de-
... I ,1 " . ' ' O' .
IVter KliK'slra. an employe in a local
meal market, was scalded by boiling
lard Tuesday afternoon. A double dip
per, a l.ii-li he was handling the boiling
The memtier. nl tha r,pu..n fn. a:
- -- " vt.j ui-
vision ol the woman's department of the
Lewi A. Clark V
iiaf v a.cu
'be initial steps looking towards the rep-
resemauon ol Llackamas county st the
Vnf, lair. Mr. N M f.rv,. u.. I
Uradlev. Mrs. (!. C. M,lir Mr! xi r
Charman and Mrs. A- W. Cheney were
on Wednes.lay appointed a committee
io comer with the board of trade of
this city and secure the making of an
exhibit at the state fair of the resources
of this county, the principal Darts of the
exhibit to be preserved for exhibition at
the Lewi A Clark Kxposition at Port
land. Another committee on distribu
tion of literature to enlist interest
throughout the county in the plan was
named. It consists of Mrs. Linn wood
E. Jones, Mr. W. S. L"K n and Mrs. T.
K. Kyan. Mrs. Emma Galloway, state
oiganizer of women's club, was in at
tendance at the meeting and addressed
Ibe ladles. She told of the organization
of the thirty clubs throughout the state
and the work that each is doing. Other
sections of I he s'ate. reports Mrs. Gallo
wsy, will proceed with the organization
of club as soon a the necessary sup
plies can be furnished from headquar
f 4 H I H i l l i-l H i H i i i-t--H-M4M-t-M M l i-H H i i i i t-H-U-H H U4U44W-Hi-M-ntS
Mr. John II. Birchard and Miss Chris
tina M. Seeder were married at the Con
grega'ional manse, this city, on June 1,
Rev. E. H. Bollinger officiated.
On June 2, st the Coni;rei?ational I
K. Cline and Phoebe Rals-I
This affair of June 13th
Will take place at
Huntley's rain or shine.
Mr. George Marr and family, of Port
land, visited the family of Ed" Andrew
Sutarday aud Sunday.
Children's Hats and Baby Cap a
specialty. Miss C. Goldsmith.
Veteran or first Oreiroii Cavalry and
Infantry Hill Meet In Portland.
"Please announce thrnnoh ih. i.
nmns of vour valnahlA u. !,. tk.
Veterans of the First Oregon Cavalry
and Infantry will bold their second re
union, in conjunction with the encamp
mentoftheG. A. R., at Portland on
Saturday, June 27, 1903. All survivors
of those regiments are invited to attend.
"NdTKnilWri .,( flru.,n an.l UT.l.l..
ton are requested to publish this notice."
W. M. Hilleabt, Commander.
Turner, May 2yih, 1903.
Wanted at Once.
3000 Strawherrv nh-lrara at Itvrl T?lo.
- j r " twu it, iu.
Plenty of work. Good pickers can earn
Woo a day. Take Regulator Line
Steamers from Al.lnr Strsat pn.t.
land, dailv. 7 a. m. Pure IY,r mnn.t inn
2.00. Children, $1.00.
manse, Isaac
ton were united in
Bollinger officiating.
matrimony, E. S.
rf rl r.
Keep Tooting
Wo want your attention that's why we keep tooting our horn.
We have the things to hack up the noise we are making, ami
we helievo you'll be willing to say so yourself after you've ex-
1 a 1 .at "
aniined the oU'erings
? Kit winniniiiirptlll
W 'Nsw U - f " Val
Iron Beds
Are rccognicd as the most
healthful, most stylish, most
modern, cleanest and alto
gether the most desirable.
We are showing no les-i than
35 dill'crcnt styles aud prices
from neat and plain beds nt
f.t.oo to handsome and highly
decorated ones at f io.oo.
Come and look, at them.
j - - -
l or porch or lawn. Lightly
made, prices enable you to have
something novel and attractive
without much cost. They are
as comfortable as they look. It
will wear aud look rigk't.
FT Lawn Mower
That Mows
lucre are imperfect lawn mow
ers and perfect ones. We have
the perfect kind. A little deter
mination, a little push and the
mower almost irocs itself. It
is so simple it almost keeps itself in order. We would
like to sell you one for about $7.50 but of course there
are cheaper ones, not quite so good.
1 zu y v
Hose Quality
There are t;ood, had, and indif
ferent grades of garden hose.
Poor hose rots, cracks and bursts.
In two seasons you need more.
That's expensive. Good hose
cost a third more, and if proper
ly cared for, lasts rour times as
long. That's economical. We'll sell you the kind you
want, but advise the best.
1 mm
W'e have them, also window screens
ry cheap this season.
Extension Table, 6 ft. fS 50
25c per foot
We guarantee our
Granite Ware.
Itcvolulloa liuinlneait.
A sure sign of approaching revolt and
serious trouble in your system is ner
vousness, sleeplessness or stomach up
sets. Electric Hitters will quickly dis
member the troublesome causes. It
never fails to tone the stomach, regulate
he Kidneys and Bowels, stimulate the
Liver and clarify the blood. Run down
systems benefit particularly and all the
usual attending aches vanish under its
searching and thorough effectiveness.
Electric Bitters is only 50c, and that is
returned if it don't give perfect satisfac
tion. Guaranteed by Geo. A. Harding,
Dentil of Urde A. Phillips.
Died. Mav "A. I'M:! at tha
his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Phillips, of Clackamas, Clyde A. Phil
lips, aged 30 years and two days.
Clvde A. PhilliliR waa unli knnfn in
railroad circles on this part of the coast,
having served in various canacitie dor.
ling the last ten years on the roa.rs of
Oreiron, Washington and Idaho. He
leaves many friends and relatives to
mourn his departure from among them.
Cttambcrlitln'M Colic, Cholera
ml lMnrrhoeu Itemedy
Ia everywhere recognized as the one
remedy that can always be depended
upon and that is pleasant to take. It
iH eSTieiMullv Valnaltlu fur enmni.t- .liu.. !
r ............ .... 1. 1. .. 1 1 . . u.cat-
rhoea in rhihlrpn an.) ia iin.t,.iiKiu,ll
the means of saving the lives of a great
many children each vear. Kor sale bv
G. A. Harding.
70 Cents
20 Bars Perfection Soap
95 Cents
2 Gallon Caa Syrup
5 Cents
Can Pork and Beans
25 Cents
4 Cans Soup
45 Cents
Do Cans Deviled Ham
121 Cents
2 Pounds Bulk Coffee
35 Cents
1 Pound M. & M. Blend, very fine
Next week we'll have time
To tell you about thia
June 13th business
At Huntley's.
Kcboul Report.
The following ia the report of Cnrrina
ville school district, No. 7, Clackamas
countv, Oregon, for month ending Mar
15, l'J03:
The following named pupils were on
the roll of honor: Addie Kitching, Lu
lu Dowty, Harry Kitchinu, Geo. Kitch
ing, Clema Harkenrider, Lena Ilarken
rider. Martin Barnerfiend, Echo Gth
en. F.thxl Hala M-kl t lnn lm-: n
, - a.,.,,,, acinic vui
rin. Mamie Heiple and Alva Linn.
umoer uays atiendince 554.
Number days absence 70.
Times tardy 8.
Average daily attendance 28.
Patrons and frienda are cordially in
vited to visit the school.
An.hi HiciNBoritasf, Teacher.
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that there are
snfficienB funds on band in the General
Fund ol Oregon City to pay all outstand
ing warrants endorsed prior to Mar. 7,
1901. Interest cease with dale of thia
notice. F.J. Mevib,
May 22, 1903. City Treasurer.
We handle a full line of Valley
and Hard Wheat Flour.
Stat of Ohio, Citv orToLtDO, as.
Ll'CAS Coc.ntv. j
Frank J. Cheney makes an oath tha
he is the senior partner of the firm of P.
J. Cheney & Co., doing business in the)
City of Toledo, County and State afore
said, and that said firm will pay the aura
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrah
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, thia 6th day of December,
A. D. 1896.
IL) NotaryPublic.
Hall's Catarrah Cure la taken inter
nally end acts directly ou the blood and
mucous surlaces of the svstem. Send
for testimonials, free.
F.J. CHENEY, A CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Treasurer's Sotlce
I now have mnnev to nav winni.
warrants endorsed prior to Nov. 1, 1900.
Also road warrants endorsed prior to
March .1. 1'IO.t. I Fi t Arfttifc Will ,4 tW
such warrants on the date of this notice.
Lnos Cahili.,
Countv Treasurer.
Oregon City, Or., May 15, 1903.
CO CO coco cccoo ccco coco
Letter List.
The following is the list of letters re
maining in the postofficeat Oregon City,
Ore., on June 4, 1903:
women's list.
Eirans, C.G., Mrs. Hedky.Thersa.Miss
Miller, Minnie Waikins, Sarah A
men's list
Buckler, James Johnson. Axel
Boen. H. E.
Bucker, Nekolaus
Baker. Jacob
Jay. R. H. 4 Co.
K. J. 8.
Toss. Sam
Hoffman, Sidney
1 I V JT 1 1 1 V LJ J U jr I I
Koonlz. Mart
Long, C. S.
Menic Voeek
Kay. Bill
Tyler, E. E.
Wendt, John D.
Weslr.n V. I
A Coat I j .Mistake.
Blunders are sometimes very expen
sive. Occasionally lile itselfis the price
of a mistake, but you'll never be wrong
il VOn Lata Or k'inj'. oar I ila I'.IU In.
Dyspepsia, Diuiness, Headache, Liver
or oowei troubles. I hey are gentle, yet
thorough. 25c at Geo. A. Harding's
Drag Store.
0-- ' : ". - F O
The only first-class Second-Hand Dealer in Furniture
Sto ves and Ltensils. It is worth your time to come
and examine the stock. You will find a full line
of New and Second-Hand Furniture, Stoves, Crockery
Hardware, Ltc.
lO M'Bhe8t cash price paid for second hand good-
Indirdnlals Money U L ea
At 6 and 7 per cent. Call on or write
J.vo. W. Lodeb,
Orefon City Oregon
Stevena' building.
I. To I p o 1 a v
mam on I LLI
One Door North of Commerlcal Dank
- ' w
a" f
' W W W WwwJ J a-wwsV sJ W w w w w