Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, January 23, 1903, Page 2, Image 2

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SS tttx jtvg nfr .A. Aj&jft A -KV v .v-
t'oiresponihlUs are leqiestetl to re
ap their work. We will supply nil
it-rn-Kaiy stationery. I lie new Iroiu
j nr neighborhood elmiiht appear in
Il cse eiiliiniiis every week. Hie hnsv
i a. on is past yen slumUl renew ycur
vt ripomlence woik.
If y ktwo l rtiUr. hHlihr miTaiinl of the
lww.lt rr dvr.yoa'c tUnrwtU b. K'i'r
fc..wl. oi'n, nj b troll. ir In tho hj n( i
violent ihjitf or (till poUim, l ,Liirrviit. Tl I
nuHitho!. OMtcat. m.tot ttorfoot wav uf bMiUu
tht bow.li olru ftiiJ rloon ! to tk
pi out Is to ttlrtin Iae all manufactures lier of young folk alien Itiil, nil report
that nisy btiiltl up Oregon. In short, ill njovahle evening.
support hum ImliiKtrv. Th Uratigem i ,, ,
of l.niiaii, treated llieir visitors moat1 Mia Jeesiw NttUoii was ralliM 10 Ortt-
royally a ii'.n.l repast IhhIi for dinner , 1 "v ",Hl t'r'".v y ' serious
ami supper was hail.
U. T. Slaughter is on the s:ck list.
I'. H. Vorlu is is busy lur.itling atVtiie
A Wylaml made a trip to Silveiton I
It W days fO.
Mrs. Ann Kurneson in veiy low at the
piesent writing:.
Orlan Thorns has k'rtatlv improved
tie looks of his ranch by binhling a new
Frank Yorheie who has been working
in lonland lor I lie past year i visitinjt
fi tends in this section the past week.
John liruehont: who has been sutler
ii k' wilh pneumonia the past month, we
glad to report is able to Ik- up ami
an uml.
A Willioit has not h-'en rcpreented
in the columns of the Enterprise for
t me time, I will emleavor to send in a
ft w note to let Mr. West.iver know that
tin Kmerprife is still alive ami the old I
p. rty if he noes say not.
illneat of her giamliinither, Mra.
who lesides on the Went Sldo,
Molitlhi is to bv a telephone t enter in
the near future.
l'uvi.l Vox hua Hoi. I his saw mill to the I
Mtirvin tiros , who will move it to liar
PtoMn, PaUUMe, Pntont, Tn.to Hood, P
flood, h.r Sltk-n, Wain or ()rit 10, n it
to null iwr bo. W rlto tot trw tuuil, ami book.
Utoa health. AdJroaa tn
Hwllag RMNdr Comotmy. ChlttM er Htm York.
I he new aiilewalk to .ion eemelerv ia
eotnpletetl to tint home ot Mr. Ihilscliel.
The line ne.it her the past two Weeks hus
I n a great hell) torla tho work.
Several of the membeia of the 1. O. I).
K loibe went to Anioia TliniHtlay even
I ing to visit the lo.lne, the oi'tasioii being
Mis. Pavia an. I Mra. Lemon, t iar-' 'nstaiUiion ol otlieoia, tlegiee Work ami
lieM. are visiting their niollier, Mrc. J, ; iipfr aliei w ai ili. I'Iiohk going Weie
M. Mo.-re, for a few weeks, A.linn Knuht, An.ly Knight, V llnr-
...... i Mimlia, tV IUu'h, II. lUir, O. Kvaim, K.
i ii" linn n er ih a-f iimiuaiing iH)iisii- ias ami lr. It ilitian.
I erahle liniber at Wnghi'a luiilge Log ! .
uiiiiii:oi a ifiuoiia operuilon oil the
K lloring ia tlituiug his potato clop.
'. Stir lace ia Improving hia fjiiu very
in u l .
Wetlnesil.iy, the HM.. There w as a latge
attenilaiiee aiul an ei j ivahle time.
On Sainrilav evening, January St, at
the piibhf hall, the Orange will have a
basket micihI with annronriale liter.nv
exercise. Kverybotly is inviieil ee i ' Mias l.eona Ki rgbuiini is lionso keeper
allv the Utiles, who'll elteei (till v meet ' lor M r.. How mull.
Horn ; to the wile of Mr. Itowinan a
.ton, Willi a luce lunch for two.
The Starhuck-M.Kire debate
S.tbhatli otiestio
hi the
I .-.infant question is on in nil n ast.
1 lie moil enjoyable tlanee of the sea-j r.ight si't'echen on each sitln have al
son was given at t lie resilience ol Mr. I re.ilv been maile ami as each speaker
James II. 1'irowii last rrelav eve. Alanil hamlle the scriptures very eleverlv the
fony Aliens were present ami everybody ! people have hutl opporlunity to her tiie
deolaretl it was li-ie. M's. lirown knows ! word pretty thoroughly eMioiuiiletl eon-
Sh ubel.
Tom Puffy mile a business trip to
Oregon City Saturday,
Mrs. Fred Moehnke i visi ing her
d milliter, Mrs. Chris. Blnlim, of Oregon
A number of young folks attended the
Hance given by Fisher Bros.. Saturday at
CI trkes.
Miss Klnora iiinther spent Saturday
nsuinu her sis;er, Mrs. C. lirasier, at
Oregon City,
M:ss Lvtlia ll.irniluih spent Sunday
Willi Ijer Irien i, II tzel liiniher.
U io uml Albert llorushuli have me
to Salem.
Fliuira and Fra'ik Giienlher were ten-tler-d
a pleasant s irprise last Tuesday
night by their numerous fueuJe. All
i'j yed themselves.
A pleasant siinoi-e was tendered Mr.
ami Mrs. Albert M .iehnke last Thursday
n:!it by a number of their friends. Tde
evening was pa.-sed in games and dane
ii.g until a late hour, when all returned
home feeling hettei lor having been there.
how to enter'aiii her guests.
Mrs Wal'er Kircbein, worthy lecturer
of Marilnik' Orange, has oiganized a con
test amoiii! the youniT peoi-le of I lie
I giange, lo run until Jtilv, the losing side
loiuuiislian otier supper Tl.ey are
known as the l.octin I.ookoiita ami llartl
ing Huitlers. The I.ogan Lookouts car
rim! off t he honors hut time. Ilinry up,
Hust'ers .
cerning ihe "SahlHih. And the hel
I'HM o .lie ilisi-tis.-ion ia thai holh tin
piliants conduct themselvea as gintie
men slioultl.
Union lhtll.
J. H. (turns is clearing land
Charlie Thouus is ou the sick list.
T. J. Cirimes is c-uuing wooti for J.
Otto Striker is working i i the Adkins Several Loviinites eompliiln that they
Bros ' saw m 11. have had night victors in their chicken-
. M'MMes. une p.niv savs ins nocK is re
'lOl- ; , . , ,.
tin rti one nan.
l,"tii ami Mime.
Mr. ,, Hattou, of Stone, is very nick
this week.
Those lovely days of lust week are a
thing of (he ptft now
Mef-srx. (. riiik-lutiiks, of F. tst I'oitland,
have purchai-ed the (. L. Clarke farm.
M'S. 1' Smith, formerly of this place,
hut w ho has resided in Kansas, ia here
ak'in to reside ami is looking for a locution.
John I.a'iih was a vij-it r at John
z ins' lait Sunday.
Frank Hilton made a hiiMiicss
Canhv last Friday.
Joseph Perrim:er was ihe guest
Mike tl turns last Saiurday l ihi.
Mrs. J. L. Thoiims visited her daugh
ter, Mrs. Netlie Kiggs, Ian l'uestlay.
Horn, to '.he wife of O'rin A lkins. a
h . Orrin is proud of Ihe tact that he
l- papa.
Andrew (iraeshabor wti a uleaiani
caller at the residence of John Burns last
A Johimton !ia moved into his new
liun-e on the corner.
Pini-es see n to be j,e chief anuse-ui-'nt
in Logan now.
los got among Mr. Kerr's geese the
vtner night nil I kil.e 1 lour. I
.lames JI. Brown, on going lo his straw j
si a k last Frid ty noon, (jural one of his j
be-t cow s dead.
Mitt Mary Swales has returned hom j
from Oregon City, w here sba ha been
working lor llm p.i-t six weeks.
There is somebody w ho likes chickens, j
turkeys and potatoes in our burg and;
takes them at night. Belter be careful
People are not always asleep.
The many friends of Bilph Tricy ten
v.i ...... I ... la.. 11 ....... ....I i..
lr't' i.hte fr u,,.l ll..r.lin.. i:
Pomoiii Orange met at the MardiiiK
(range hall in regular session on said
day. Che hall was parked until wen
standing room was bard to find. Two
hundred and forty were in attendance,
of w Inch a class of tK were initiated in
the liti h degree of Pomona. The hall
was h tndioiiielv decorated with ever
greens and Oregon grae. The Mute
master, C. 0 Leedv, ami oilier late
tlignitarieB were present. There was a
double installation of nll'lcers, both Hard
ing and l'"inona cllicera were iustalletl
llenrv Knight, of Cunby. is hauling I ')V Mrs A Nitlm, of Fvening Siar
cedar uoits from riioins linmei l.laci. ! l,r""ie, the beautiful service being per
to Canhv. 1 1"'1 1,1 every tletail. Mrs. Niblm baa all
ihe work iiimnorined. A bountiful re-i
Past was eerved at noon, ami alsostipfa-r I
son, January 10 h.
Mr. S.trver has iputn a lot of ground
plow oil ready lor aeeiliug,
Mr '. S. Iliiiruian in tile a tup to Cur
ruisvibo olio tlaV laal week,
11. II. Andeta w fit and lam.ly were
Ihe RUi sis ol I'M Bates, Nun. lay.
Pock I'alinu'ecr ia liol so well. This
weallier does not ugiee wall him.
Win. Porter an I mother were the
iie.-ita ol Mrs. Chit'. Sai vui Miuduy.
The Mm. lay sclnsil is progressing
ill. -ely. .Uts.llold.il m Htioei iiiuuitleiii.
Win. Palmateer and wife, of lone,
tiille.l on his mother, .Mrs. Sarah I'at
muted .
II. Kpperson who his been absent
Ir.uii home on huiin-s, relurned ului-
tl.t night
Mrs Manila Pavis has gone to Port-
lund to vtnil her ilailglilei , Mis. 1.1.
Miss Mmjoriii Ki igb.tiiin baa none to
Oh i llirVi I le lo t ale for Mra. Jin. O.
l inn u ho is ipillo III,
W. P. SiniHiii and wife, of Mount
lilhor, spent the past a-,. It at Pork Pal-
III . h er a u i lil relumed hulne Alondav.
"Open Your Mouth
and Shut Your Eyes"
Tluil ii ii iiiiiil rtilo in some
drujc utorcs lr.it in ntlirrn vim
It iivo tti keep your even ivitlo tipru.
Otirn ih it httiro in wliicli you
nmy luiy lilintlf.iltletl.
ICvi'ry tjtmlity in right. Ami wo
give you what you iiHk fur without
Ytiu urn iih hhA1 wilh un ns
nro with your ilnctnr.
Ask him ho knows uk.
Reliable DrujjKl-ts
(Inrde Itulhllng
I.I N.N P. Jii.NFS
Miss A. Ilitkeii'-ioihein, our ellicieut
school lea. her. ia boar ling al John
Pans during Mrs. Irvuu's ahneme.
Mrs. K. Pavn ami her sister, Miss C.
Lemon went lo .Molalla to 'pen. I a fort
night with their nun her, Mrs. M. Moore.
Wm. Holder killed Ihe largest pork
jet killed III liartield. Weight, .'it III Ihs.
net ll was of BuiksliirH bieetl, J years
old and from Ihe I. "Id farm.
Lloyd Luna has his dwelling finished
an I is ipnte a neat lnile building. What
la lacking in si.e la made up in neaiiiens.
N Xl IS a boilHt-Keeper.
Ij lite a number fr itii tiarli -Id Oranga
F.ivery, Fi'ftl uml Sal Stable '
Duuhle iirnl SiiK'l" ilim. uml sad
U horsen ulwiiye on hautl at Ku !
IowfM iriiT.H. A corral I cDiniiH'tt't! !
with the Imru for lnotte Htuck. '
Information regarding any kiml m i
slot k promptly attended to by person . ;
Horsos Douir-ht and Sold.
woman ami s!ie
loses all conli
(lence in herself.
Her step is slow,
hesitating ami
uncertain Hr
I hands are raised
I to ward the im
I aginary blows
dered him a g trj rise last Friday evening. which threaten
Dancing was the feature of the evening, her. When a
Pomona Grange held its regular meet
ing with Harding Orange, No. U'2, last
, . . ' I... I 1... '..... ... i. I .v... .... .. f ...... a.
I 111 I lie evening, line important question
j voie.1 on was in favor of the $.-,0.1 00 ae i "tM,rl H t,M nj.iyal.lt, nine. Ihe
j iiropristmn bv the sla'e for the Uw js weather was hue lor the trip.
I nil. I Clark expoM ion. "K)ositiona are Mr-. -s. P. livan is til Spi ague vontiiig
I the time keepers o progress." Let us 1 '. er iLiughier, r. A Foli nil Slot
ha the ex i-it inn, hv all means. i lo"k her grain I -daugiiier w o h her as she
I ' : expei IS to h i gone noine lime.
Horses Itoartled ami Fed
hie terms.
in reaaon
KetlUutl ' ,
The new pastor for the Viola circuit
lias urn veil.
Smith t Stone's, saw mill whistle can
; now lie heard.
The liltle sin am
of Linns Funk are '
bad colii
li'tle daughter
ill with veiv
sic It woman
seeks the means of htiltii she is often
like a woman blindfold. She has smi
connuence. Mie cannut tell what her
effort will lead to. She turns now to
this side and then to the other in uncer
tainty and ihniht.
The sick woman w ho uses Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription mav do so with
absolute conhOence. It invites open
eyed investigation. There need la- no
-pt it . , v.l hesitation ia following the hundreds of
1 ne i.niKinpj' SICK, Wnatj thounds of women who have found a
a crowd of them there are: I SiJinrewon,il,,ly i,ls '" lhe use
PerSOnS Who are thin and! , ".Favori,te Prescription " cures irregu
. , I lanty and dries weal:i-nin;; tlrains. It
Weak bUt r.Ot SICK CnOU'rh ! llea! inflammation and ulreralion and
to go to bed.
"Chrome cases" that's : ;-n'"h,-'f-"
what the doctors call them,,"
Avhieli in common Knglish
means long' sickness.
To stop the continued
loss of llc-h they need
Scott's JimuNion. i:orthe
feeling of weakness they
need Scott's I:mul.-ion.
It makes new flesh and
gives new life to the weak
. i t
mm an.-i weak persons out
of the rut. It makes new,
rich blood, strengthens the
nerves and gives appetite
for ordinary food.
Scott's I-mulsion can be
taken as long as sickness
lasts and do good all the
There's new
and flesh in every dose,
Horn to Ihe w ife of Herman Shaslinger
on the 1 Iih, a hoy. School Put. .No,
is steadily growing.
I Ii. r. Linn la busy logging aith his
; donkey engine w hich Iih linds a great
i improvement over oxen.
I . P. II. Mosher, who has been under
uie doeior s care lor Hie past two mouth J mc.visit. Mr Slev.-ns returin
r, .... ,, , ir.n , .n uiiiovoig itiiu e.- leaving .tirs. Mevena an I son
tinte a inini'i -r ol the ciu.em ol H tr-
;'.eid, are sull 'iiiig wnh a severe cold I
whn ll seems to he epidemic. Archie I
Voiiliii was so sick that I hey had lo tall ;
a phy-of Mil.
Fred Covey took bis two oting-sH
umlherlt'sH children over to I'.oyd to Ins '
fithi-ranil inoiher, leaving the oldest
son for coiniauy to J. P. Irvan, bis.
giiludlatber. !
(iarlield I irangx is to have an enter-'
lain nun t and Im-ket so. nil in the near
future Ihe proteeiln to be il-e. in budd
ing the new hall. All are welcome.
Come spend a pleasant evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stevens of l
Portland, gave Mrs. Stevens'
cures female wenkne'-s.
" With a hrdrt lull . -r.o-n
int: nut over tl:- I i
w lit)--- I
nn wmin wi;I t-
rll- Mrs i . .rn I. I
nre. Wash v.---. ii O,
frrffl v-verlv fr.iTi frr
t in l-'l h trr-al ' .
ri' he barica. he aii'l
n'.wti. I ..in in. in . ! t il
ile l-rw-rii.M'.n. soul Im-ivh-n
I wa. . h.- if
w.rk wilh l.ul l:tta- t.:.
I hin(f an'i it ii. v. T ' r I
t;ik-ii .vn h..:tl ' 1
w rijae.Ti mill i.w .1 hi
Srnart W'i fl rtn.l ..--
l'-ll'-l.' l-.-Hn-c r
bail'l sav 1 li-k r r i
In. I'lerc-'s I'l -a,.-. nt I'eilets cure Lil
iousness and sic- he-nhicht-.
- lo von for n'-Tid-
l'l r.rul ii..- ;u nir I
that ..mii- r .nf-
'ir-rt.'- - .ii.lll.-i "
' . r - r ri -; .r i ii,; - ur-
i iml " 1 li t-! mif
i'-- i: .iri'l h-wl to
.( I...- l:m- tl.fi h.n.l
n hi h it M. V wliMi 1 irijf
:t!' Ijt I'.-r' f l-avi.r-I
lea tak-n two U.ttVs
" ... I ' 11 all'! ll'j mv
on. Can fen eat nnv-
n.f ;.-iv ii..,:.- Have
I'e ,i i- -, I ..v. nlr It
. f.mt '.iiTi'! Keini r,f
l .i .i hi I'. a.-oit
v. .!:,. My h.l.
J pects soon to be out.
K lward Morgan is repairing his sep
arator. This will till a long felt want as
, it ha been several years since there was
i machine owned hyVir own home poi
, ulace.
! Our vicinity is being canvassed by a
! representative of the Oregon Nui-ery
Co. This company has good trees, as
i your corrispondent viiited their packing
; hoii-n this winter and can speak from
I observation.
j Clarence H'.ilenstine, w ho is employer!
I as clerk in Fellow 's grocery store in
! Portland, spent Sum! ty vi-iling his
grandparents. He also called upon your
corn-hp indent.
tirain sowing and plowing has been .
the occupation of our busy farmers dur
ing Ihe past two weeks. A very large
aceritge lias I eeu plowed during the
good weather.
tst i
parents a 1
I home !
at her I
She and her halm have, a severe I
tj'iite an enjoyable candy pull and
p.tiiy was given the young people, of
'iarlield, hv the Messrs. (irover K rig
h.iiiin an I Millard Sarver assisted by
M'n l.eona K righiniiii ai the result-nee
of Mr. and Mm Conr id Krighauiu. All
report a pleas ml tun"
A surprise party was given by the
young people to the. Mies Lou and
Nora 1 1 il II ma n at Ihe new residence of
Sam Iliili'mau. '1 here were about ,'!
present ; afu-r spending some hours in
social chat intei-.nTi-. wild iniistt: and
games, the gin-siM parloolt of refn-sh-ments
and ba le their ho-tt g aid night
hoping to enjoy many iu-li parties. ,
2,HKI miles if l.ino ilir--
tance ti'li'iilitino wire in
Oregon, Viishiti(.'ttiii,('ali.
fnruia uiul Itlalm imiv in
opiriititui !y tin' I'ni-ilic
St lit ii ill Tt'li-iliiuie ('tun
puny, cnvirin L','J.")U
towns .
Quick, iu citriitc, i heii
All tlii Hfitisl'.ictitin of
persnii.al cotiiiiniiiicatioii
I'istanre no elli-ct to
ttli-itr tiiiiltTstiiiiiliiij. Sio.
kaiin ntnl San Francisco
hs fitcilv iii-anl m l'ort-
Orenon City oHici- nt
Hani hi js Dru Store.
are no higher 'hau ih.n in anv other
Iraite, and oon ate no higher than se.
v ice remlered ihoniirida.
Wbal we iiiideiliike lo do iii a thorough
Mild til i(.iC(m v manlier Theln will
i.mI be found alter nor wnltmaii git
Ihriiiigh w t b a j ih anv deli-ci jve j mil -,
leaky pipe. Ioiimc cuiineci imm or ollnr
I'M'I ' S of "scamped" w ok. L'vi I V
put will be ptole I, and look pifecl,
mi. I Ih n I he hill 1 1. in. k l n you'll i i
ak (or any i i i- I hi-' u m.
Family Wines3
Mulii St f, IM. Mi 1 1 1 ',i t
N E H 0 U
I Cnni
m$kf and Epreg
! Carl A. (Jhas.
riatzlall Moi.ln.ku
1 tis
We will be glad
to send you a few
doses free.
Tie ?-jre that W pirture in
the form of a m on ,e
rai, per ot t er y bo 1 1 1 e of
tuiuiaiuD yji Luy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c nd $1 1 til drujjhu.
; i: t-rr Itollle ol liiini Ix-rliii na
I tf'itii'rli lei.fBK.tflr lVnpi.i,i.l..a
j We guaiantee every bottle of Chum-O-car
Striker is slaying at home this . herhiin's Coiiirh Uemedy and will refund
ping fug lather tlo the the money to anvone who is not pat it- lied
alter using two-third of tht; contents. ,
This is the best remedy in the world for
la grippe, coughs, colds, croup and
whooping cough and is pleasant and safe
to take. It prevents any tendency of :
cold to result in pneumonia. lj. A. 1
Harding. j
winter and he
work on the farm
Our school is progressing nicely under
the able management of our teacher, Mr. i
K. Snyder, of Aurora. !
Hat- ;
-n Citv ..
ajar -".
Mr. AVilkiriHon, of Canby, was
guest of .Mr. T. J. tirimes and wife
urday night and Sunday.
I will try anil give you a lew Ileum of
news (rum thi8 place, as I see it is riot
represented in your paper.
The Smith family are convalescent
with the mumps.
(Six or eight wagon loads of machinery
passed through here last week for the
power plant.
On the 14th inst. I'omona or County
Grange met at the Logan hall. Over
200 mem hers and 00 visitora and children
were present. The installation was per
formed by a lady. The following resolu
tions were adopted : That the legislature
that is now in i-ession appropriate foOO,
000 for the Lewis and Clark fair that is
to be held in Portland in 1!H)5 and the
assessment levied should m so amended
that the corporations nhould pay their
eq'ial and just proportion of taxes; third
that the citizens ol Oregon invite and
Bean th t IM Kind Yon Hnw Always Boefit
I Canity.
The M. K. churidi has been holdiiiL'
I revival meetings this past week.
Mrs. F. Patch and Mrs. C. Durgoughs
were visiting in Uervais on Friday.
Mrs Ktahlnaker had a paralytic stroke
last Thursday. At last acounts she was
resting easily.
Mrs. V. Bridenstcin and children, of
Currinsville, are visiting her mother,
Mrs. Fletcher, for a few weeks.
A. A . Porter has moved from across
the river to the property he recently
purchased from Mr. Wilcox.
Canby was ligh ted by electricity fo
the first time last Friday evening. The
lights are giving good satisfaction.
Miss A. Larson, of Oswego, and W.
Gower and Miss E rn rn a Clayson, of Con
cord, were the guests of Mr. and Mis. K.
Sias last week.
K. Schilling, one of the steam-shovel
men, was injured by being struck with a
railroad tie. He was taken to the hos
pital in Portland.
There was a dance given in the city
hall last Friday evening. Quite a num.-
All disease of Kfdneyi,
Bladder, Urinary Organs.
Also Rheumatism, Bar. ic
ache, HeartDlsease (travel,
bropsy, Female Troubles.
Don't become discouraged. There Is I
cure for you. Jf neri-xsary write lir. l-eiiner
Ile has Se-nt a life time rnrhig Jtn.t bucil
cases ua yours. All consultations Free.
"Eight months In bed, heavy backache,
ptiiri and aoreues ocron khlneys, also rheu
mutism. Other remedies failed. ir. 1-en-ner
s Kidney and Itackache Cure cured rue
completely. II. WATKICS. Hamlet, N. V."
Irtiptnlsts.50c.. II. Ak forf!ik llmik-Free.
CT VITIIC'nnMPCureCure.rnrciilarT Ir
Ol'lllUO UAilUtrcuuer, i'redoula.N. V
rreilit and juirwlH delivered
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Extra Dry California Finn o ns Wines
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City Orders Delivered Free.
Order Through Your Grocer.
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Sli A. liKADY U
Watcht'B, Clocks, Jewelry and
All kinds of Repairing neatly done
and warranted.