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l News of the Week
fta A iY rCV a -a. A A 1P1
Friday, June 2.
- King Edward continues to improve.
William liuaie, veteran salmon packer,
ia dead.
Tells How Hospital Thyslclang
Use and Kdy upon Lydia K.
rink hum's Vegetable Com
" Pkab, Mn. Pinkiiam : Twelve
year cvntiuuua service at the) sick
1....I J . . a . . i
e i i . i w ui noma ui uui jinuuiuvn iuwii
tpec!l envoys and visitors are leaving ulS( M weU mt pTate hom,.8t hM
riven nw varied experie.nces with the
roue to many shippers who liave no out
lit for their produce but the Columbia
and Willamette Itivem
The Senate passed the general defici
ency bill.
A reciprocity treaty with Cuba is being
urawa up.
The House passed the Philippine gov
ernment bill.
Shipowners experimenting with oil (or
fuel on Great Lakes.
Liquidation and selling causes decliue
In wheat in the East.
Yale defeated Harvard io annual
eight-oared 'varsity race.
The International Sunday School Con
vention opened at Denver."
Tim Hegarty knocked out Billy De
Coursey in the ninth round.
Convicts Tracy and Merrill continue
to pillage Kelso.Wash., section.
Portland Chamber of Commerce starts
public subscription for h re boat.
Eastern lumberman plan to start saw
mills in Urvgon ami Washington.
The House and the Senate agreed to
we couterence report on the canal bill
diseases of women. I have nursed some
Special intereessionary services were
ueia at m. raul s and other English
aorthwest League games: Seattle
Deat Portland, 2 I ; Tacouia beat Butte
10 8; Helena beat Spokane, 12 5.
Michigan Republicans made the fol
lowing nominations; Uovernor Aaron
1. Bliss, oJ !!aiuaw. LieuteDant-(.4ov
erner Alexander Maitland, of Mar
quette. Secretary of State Fred M
Warner, of t-armington. State Treas
urer L'aniel McCoy, of Grand Rapids
Aod.tor Perry F. Powers, of Uadilae,
Attorney-Ueneral Charles A. Blair, of
Jackson. Couiuussioner of State Land
Uthee Ldwin A. Wildev. of Paw Paw
Superintendent ot Publ'ic Instruction
D. A. Fall, of Albion. Members of Slate
Board of Kdiication Patrick J. Kelly, of
rLi.:,. i u-: i , '
liuuii, ii. i. ii rigui, oi ironwooo.
Saturday, June 28.
King Fd ward's recovery is believed to
-De ash urea.
Seattle baseball team wins from Port
land o to 1,
Corn touches a record price, but drops
oerore uie close.
Much of the coronation week pro
gramme will be carried out.
An amnesty proclamation to Filipinos
will be issued Fourth of July.
W. H. Mead, the well-known Portland
railroadman, dies at Spokane.
Convicts Tracy and Merrill appear at
Winlock, Wash., and secure a meal.
V. A. Schilling, prominent railroad
man has, mysteriously disappeared from
King County, Washington, Republi
cans indorse Harold Preston fur I'mttd
States Senator.
Trade reviews show business to be in
a state seldom equaled and not excelled
in recent years.
B. B. Tyler, of Denver, was elected
president of the International Sunday
School Convention.
Eiuene, Or., man kills married woman
believed to be former sweetheart, and
then himself at Pearl, Idaho.
Senator Mitchell presents Oregon
memonai lor iwo rair ana makes a
great speech for the exposition.
Walter F. Matthews, of Portland,
nominated for United States Marshal of
Oregon, and I L. Patterson for Collector
of Customs at Portland.
- -
Pnwldontot huri.'AMtcillon, lTtown,N.T.
most distressing casea of inflammation
and ulceration of the ovariea and womb.
I have known that doctors used Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vejretablo Com
pound when everything else failed
with their patients. I have advised my
patients and friends to use it and have
yet to hear of its first failure to cure.
" Four years ago I had falling of tho
womb from straining in lifting a heavy
patient, and knowing ot the value of
your Compound I tagim to use it at
once, and in six weeks I was well once
more, and have had no trouble since.
I am most pleased to have had an oppor
tunity to say a few words in praise of
your vegetaiue compound, anil shall
take every occasion to recommend it."
Miss ViuoiNiA Chases. 15000 for f, it if
ata Uxttmon-at it mot omnuin.
Lydia K. riiiknum ir'taIIo
Compound has stood tho test of
time, and has cured thousands.
Mrs. Piukham advi.M'.s sick wo
men free. Address, Lvnn. Mass.
Wednesday, July 2.
Congress adjourned yesterday after
noon. The President signed the Philippine
and naval bills.
King Kdward coiitinnes to improve.
China refuses to pay the present in
deinuity installment at the present rale
ol exchange.
The Cabinet considered the Pacific
Cable Company' proposal.
Shop men of Hi Northwestern and B.
A U. are on suike.
Columbia Uiver salmon pack this sea
son will be the largest in years.
Convicts Tracy and Merrill are seen at
Teniuo, Wash
I'. S. Marshal Mathews takes over the
ullii B Irum Zoelli liouser.
Minnesota Kepiihlicans made the fol
lowing nominations: liovernor Samuel
H. Van ant, of Winona; I.ii'iitenaui'
tioveruor Kw W. Jones, ol llenni'pin
County j Secretary of Slate Peter A.
Hans, 11 ; Stale Auditor Sammd U Iver-
son: Malo treasurer J. H, Hut. of
Nic llett County ; Attorney-lie neinl, V
B. Hoiiglss, of t'lav Coiiuiy; Clerk ol
Sup emeO'iirt--C. A Pidgeon.of Wihht
Coiiniy. Kallioad Commissioner C. F.
Maples, ot i'ukola Coumv.
'"She Let Concealment
Uko a Worm 1 the Bud
Teed on ncr Damaak
lamn til ICltlbU flab. I
A few d:ty ngo I was nsked ly for
flgticr, "Why do you say 'two herrings'
and 'two aoles and not 'two oisla' and
two sliuonr" I do not think my 1
uiiHwer was very satisfactory, but tin!
ijticstlnn Miiggcsted tho tlioiight thutj
there are several eases lu which U
would be dlfhViilt to say whether there 1
la uiiytlilng like a consensu of opinion j Slikrre tourhes ths
us to whether u plural form of the 0lnn chord In woman's natiirs.
nnnie of a IIhIi I admissible. Wt all jilf suilcr in silence i diw s curtain
spenk of soles, herring, sprats. Inm ,Ver h.-r pttvsle .rniw. and cudutrs
rrevs mid anchovies, the Hliignlnr form mtll rndtiraiice r .,r,,u'
nev'cr. I believe, doing service for the rbis is r,,-cully the
Plnrul. No one. , think, say. mucker. JZjZ
els. cods, saluions. trouts. brenms, T". ,' , llll,t,v.ll,,d vrt.althongtt
sliiuls, curpa, plaice, busses, luirbcla. 1 ' kIOW thry' lirrd liirdii ! aid
froiu reading It that uV. i"l
clue would do in mft
the homt diclor Ul mt
ou had told tut l would du
risHl I would havt ,
that much kkmL' 1 tan U,
was surprised at the iH-orlii i
I f St. do all my w.,1,1,,.
my flower guidm. n 7
fret lm( all the time. Aa . t
mine aald to im wi, j
...11.. wiii. ......1 1 t
in, .vi iiii yiiur 10Usr.ii
wrilllit ilu liliol.. -1 '
again ' I told her I had
of lr. Plrri-t's mr,lu I
E. G. Rathbone at-ks Conirress to in
vestigate his case.
The American yacht Uncle Sara won
another race at Kiel.
Great forest fire in California is likelv
to destroy famous trees.
Steamer Potter leaves on first trio of
the season for the beach.
General J. H. Smith was found eniltv
of violating the rules of war.
Convicts Tracv and Merrill steal razor
and mirror near Centralis, Wash.
Thomas J. Grillitts, well-known Wash
ington lawyer and politician, is dead.
Civil government will be established
throughout the Philinnine arehiiielHun
July 4.
Major Gardener testified before tllH
broad of inquiry that is investigating his
Oregon Slate Teachers' Association de
clares in favor of Lewis and Clark litera
ture in si'hools.
Northwest basebsll scores were: Seat'
tie 2. Portland 1 ; Tscoma b, Butte 1 ;
Spokane 7, Helena 2.
The session of Congress which came to
a clusttodav aecoiuplirhed much lor the
1'acilic Nortliwext. Boih Oietfou and
Washington have fared well si the hands
of ihe first Heasinn of the Kifl v-sevenih
Congress. In fart at no other Congress
have 1 hose slates fared so Well as at III s
sefsion, although large appropriations
were made by lormer i"e!Moiia lor river
ana naroor improvement ror riven
and harlxirs. Olefin, including the Co!
uinliia Kiver, nets atiout $J,,r)S!l 000, and
Wsslimgtoii over 'Hil.(KlO The Indian
bill earned the neressary amount lor
cou'iniilng Si'huols and agencies in tsith
stales, w bile minor appropriations were
made in the sundry civil bill. The Port
liinil Mist 111' e is assured ol IlMX) IHH), and
$10. INK will put the tini.-hiug lour lies 011
the (.'11-toiii House. A-hle from appro
priatioiiH, Oregon Iihs Imm-ii exree lingl
Ii rliinsle in local legislation, ifellimr an
Iiidiui) w sr pensinii bid ; the Crster Lake
National Park ; aiilln.r;zs'ion of Ihe salt
ol Cinttiilla lainls, and reliel of Sheimau
t ouuty settlers, axide (10111 a liumlier of
private pension bills. Washington, in
adilnion lo $1,100,000 (or ihe I'uget
Sound Navy Yard iiels several light-
11 uses, fl 1 ,iw rt tiilrseinent tor slate
expendituies, public tiinl ini,'' at Spo
kane and laci'ina. and a bridge arr.n
the Columbia at Vancouver.
Sturteon. perch, mullet, pike. turlKit,
tunny und skate have Hot unusually
the plural form In "a."
Fishermen and fishmongers are In
clined to avoid the plural form In some
Instances where It Is employed by the ' j
majority ot educated people. 111 some
cases there la considerable uncertainty.
This I have nsi-erhiliuM by inciina of a
fair number of tests. Among tliciu are
carps, shads, tenches. Compiler of
Kngllsli grammars, so fur ns my expe
rience goes. In treating of plural forms
of nouns mnke no note of the nnines of
Ilsti which do not vary In the plural.
Note and Queries.
Tharkrrar m Nhutvnian.
In Thackeray's ense the Justlllcntlon
of nrtlticlal 1111 Hies, If It le right tu
speak of Justlllcntlou, lie In this, that
with all the solid reality of the life por
trayed we nre never allowed to lose
1 sight of the author and his art In por
tralture. lie I ever at hand to under
lino the snobbery or hitigh oh the pa- ',
tho. There Is a strong strain of the1
satirist In him, and satire Is nklu to al- ,
legory. There Is even a strain of the
caricaturist ready to emerge In the 1
midst of his noblest art.
He Is especially fond of putting on
the ulrs nud grnees of the showman.
Ills preface to "Vuulty I'nlr" Is headed
"Before the Curtain," and this great
novel of real life concludes with "Come,
children, let Us shut up the box and
the puppets, for our play Is played
wut." And we accept Thackeray's
showman' hiunor.-lilnekwood' .Magazine.
ilirv choose rather 10
xarthe ills tli'rv know llun to submit
the eiamiiwtlon of sow local phy-
h-M 11 m,
Ml 7 i J 1 i J I r I ; .V "i
n :i 1 J 1 1 1
1 ii 1 1 11 1 d
" I I 1
m in tiu i
It is .ml
It is not i
mails 1,1
certain k
It Hrfrtly, tt
wonder , ,t
whu h pulls ,
"oj, am
years younger, loo."
Ilowrvrr wonderful It ,
IVs tor I'lric.'. I......:" T.r
1. ------ --"ill- nrf
- " '"-"nil m
peculiar 10 women
ful as it appear.
to us, that mat bin
lo do 1 I
o not ,
Thursday, July 3.
Steps to be taken to put the new Phil
ippine law into itlei t. ,
The lectures of the new warships will
be the streiigili ol bnllurit-s and thickness
of aim jr.
King Kdwurd'ac tidition is satisfactory.
Kiols occurred in Southern Russia.
What t Oni lo rurUnhllna.
The now disreputable amusement of
cockllglitlng, which was once nspi-c-tuhle
enough to divide with scholar- !
ship and urchery the attention of
Roger Ascham, has provided the Ian- ,
guuge with "crestfall " "In high 1
feather" und Shakespeare' "over- '
ililan. I'or thu rrawm many a woman
let ilisnic t it-.tr 11 upui her. , he con
rills hi-r coii.lilloii and rndiiirs dally
ll.ut viiloni ol miii bt-cause hrr mind
revolts at the thought of hiImiiiwuoii to
:he treiitmnit lir knows the hsal prac
dtionrr will moist upon.
Vrrv many woiis-n have writtrn grate
ful lrltris to I r. K. V. Pierce, ol lliilfalo,
S. V., briiime tliry have found ill his
methods an ewae fnmi the o(Irniv
pirstions, the obnoxious risminutuiua.
lid tlie dlsagrrrablr hsal It raiments
Insisted 011 by hi many home ptin um.
These thing are, n a rule, not tircrvwry.
Dr. I'ipfCr's rutsTiiriiee and snccrss in
crow (cr. to crow oven, 'lo show the u-atim? hundirdiol ihmiind.of women
Monday, June 30.
Battle is raging in Hayti.
Storm des great damage in
Sunday, June 29.
The triple alliance was renewed.
Union Pacific machinists strike.
Kick Anderson acquitted of murder.
King Edward is out of immediate danger.
First Sunday session of Congress foi
91 years.
Frantic womsn burns herself to death
in San Francii-co.
Automobiles ran from Paris to Vienns
at 51 miles an hour.
Georgia. Democrat ignore Bryan
the Kansas Clly platfoim.
The L'tnon I'aeitie strike has
down to a ttuiihoiu (outest.
AlliiUMt Schieve is hiilliied at St. Helens.
Or.,lur Ihe iiiuider ul Joseph Miii.kowvm.
,1 SI
.uarjoii couniy hopgrowers
prices to go nijuw 10 tents, am
this ollur.
I'onlaiid sawmilis enter into combine
in local trade.
white feather" Is from the siiine
source, since white feathers In a gniiie
ctM'k's tall are u sign of Impure breed
ing. Often the origin of such words
or phrases tins been quite forgotten,
but when traced discloses their true
character lit once. "Kalr play" Is still
recognized as a tlgnre from gambling,
but "foul play," now specialized to
"murder." Is luinllv felt 1IM II till! IllJiitP
settled at ull.-Open Court.
Rainfall for 24 hours breaks
all July
Harry Tracy, the escaped convict from
Kettle llrlilura.
Perhaps the most remarkable bridges
III the world are the kettle bridges, of
which Cossii-k soldiers are expert
Winders. Ihe materials of which they
hip ciiiiairiicieu nre uie sumier lance
nml cooking kettles. Seven or eight
lunces are passed under the handles of
a uumber of kettles and fastened by
means of ropes to form a raft. A sutll
clent number of these rafts, each of
...... It- B 4 1 1 V. I BlIJItTII
'ioims nzuEFl
A really healthy woman has lit
tle pain or discomfort at tne I
menstraal period. No woman
M i- . .
uccus 10 nave any. Wine of
Cardul will quickly relieve those
smarting menstrual pains and
the dragging head, back and
aide aches caused by falling of I
the womb and irregular menses.
has brought permanent relief to
1,000,000 women who suffered
every month. It makes the men
strual organs strong and healthy.
It Is the provision made bNa-i
tare to give women relief from
the terrible aches and pains which
blight so many homes.
flMbmrnn. t . f a.
iir".tik.en w,:h . -"r pain In my
iVri-a t , no: V "licf until
for I hd Uken til of it I .ii.a I
11 . m7 doty to ujr tiu.t jou'hive a 1
wonderful medicia.
Mm. M. A. Tockt.
uoveinor ueer lias not yet decided lo
call special session.
One killed outright and 30 injured in
railroad accident in Colorado.
Tracy and Merrill leave a hot trail in
Thurston County, Washington,
It is ascertained that the man killed
by an officer at Whatcom was insane.
With exception of iron and steel, our
exports this year beat any previous
Portland beat Seattle, 3-2; Spokane
beat Helena, 5-4; Tacoma forfeited to
Butte, 9-0.
King Edward's coronation aain a.t
lor enu oi r-eptember. King's health
continues to improve.
Tuesday, July 1.
King Edward continues to improve.
The international Sunday school ron.
vention adjourned .
The Marietta has been ordered to pro
tect American inieresti in Hayti.
rjy him at Ul.wnpu. lie impressed a
cm ot lour men t the point of a rdle
and compelled them to hriiiu him m
Meadow Point, just outside the northern i u,l(1 Mft-'tJ.
boundary line of .Vallle. Couiiellii.g
two of Uie men lo bind tirst one and then
anoiher of the boatmen, he aided a third
one in tying another man hand and loot.
Taking the fourth man wub him, he em
barked and went into liallard. six omen
troiu fu?at tie. there be onlered his in
voluntary companion to leave turn. A
posee is now in pursuit of the convict.
are fastened together, and In the space
of un hour a bridge Is formed on which
uii sruiy miij- cross witu contlcleneo
Lnion Pacific strike order went into
euect yesterday.
Eastern capitalists began drilling for
oil near S-lein .
Convicts Tracy and Merrill are ttill
moving toward Puget Sound.
Company incorporated to build fine
Hour mill at tlood River.
Portland wheat shipments for cereal
year were 17,000,000 bushels.
.Heed .More Help.
Oiten the over-taxed organs of dilu
tion cry out for help by Dy-pepma'a
pains. Nausea, D.z.iness, Headaches,
liver complaiuts, bowel dinorders. Such
ttouh.es call for prompt use ot jt.
King's New Life Pibs. The uie gentle,
thorough and guamnleed to eure. -Jk
at Uto. A. Itariliiig's drug store.
She Knnr thr Itraaoa
"Can you tell me why it Is," he
growled ns he began diving under the
bed, "that my slippers always seem to
get pushed clear over ugulnst the
"les, dear, she answered
"You can?"
"Yes. dear."
"Then why Is Itr
"Hecause you don't put them nway
In the slipper ruck when you tuko
them off, dear." Chicago Post.
One Pnllrtrff.
"It's funny our minister never gets
uiurrled." remarked the young hus
band who bad Just refused his wife a
bonnet In his endeavor to change the
subject "I think he'd make a good
"Well," replied the wife warmly, "be
didn't seem to make a very irood one
Corn jumps to highest
years in the East.
price in ten
Portland sawmills unite and miaa Inm.
ber prices.
Senator Bailey, of Texas. ARM) II 1 toil
Senator Beveridge, of Indiana, just after
the Senate adjourned from executive ses
sions. The affair ws the result of fr,
bitter controversy which the two Senat
ors had during the afternoon. Bailey
demanded that Beveridge retract the
language uttered at that time, and when
the laiter declined Bailey seized bini by
the throat and threw his weight opon
him at the same time. The two uieu
were separated, however, before damage
was done.
Filty river boats and 200 engineers
will be affected by a strike of marine en-
engineers which will probably be called
today. The men ask an advance of $10
a month per man. which the onr of
j the boats say they will not pav. The
, result of such a strike would be' disaat-
.11 oilier Alway Keep It lluody.
"My mother sufi'ered a long time from
distressing pains and general ill health
due primarily to indigestion," says L.
W. Spal lii g. Verona, Mo, "Two rs
ago i got her lo l.y Kodol. She grew ; when he married us."
oeuer at once ami now, al the age of
seventy-six. eals anything she wants,
remarking that she tears no bad elleets I
as she has her bolile of Kodol bamly."
iJon't wate time doctoring sympi. m.
Go after the cause. If your stomach is
sound you. health will be good. Kodol :
resis the stomach and ftrengihens the!
body by digesting your food. It is na-1
ture's own tonic. Geo. Harding.
.v"I?',f,e dplmpl on her face, but
he Imi beno taking- CASCAKETS and they
hsre sit disappeared. I bad been troubled
witb constipation tut some lime, but after UK
L,?u flrJ' Csacsret I bare bad no troul,l
witbthl aliment. Ws cannot speak too blub.
l70'.f,CrU " FR0 VAR7UAH.
I7M Oermautown Ave., Philadelphia. Pa
A Sirret.
Old Iinehelor Uncle-Well, Chnrlle,
what do you want now?
Charlie Oh, I want to be rich.
"Rich! Why sor
"Because 1 want to be petted. Ma
says you are an old fool, but must be
petted because you nre rich. Hut It's
a great secret, and I mustn't tell It!"
fAl) CANOY i
ThrllllnsT Moments.
"Johnnie," called the mother. "1
want you to go to the store for me."
"Walt a second, maw," replied the
youth, who was absorbed In a five
ceDt volume. "Pepperbo'le Pete has
thirty-seven Injuns to kill, an' It'll only
take him about two minutes." Ohio
State Journal.
enables him at oner to deb-runnr fioin
the written iitatiitirtils of wouun the
form of dm-asc which it is uri riuwy to
trvat Sick women atr invited to con
sult Ir. Pierre, by letter, Jiff. All
corrrsjsmdpnce is sacredly confidential
lud the same stru t piofesnolial privacy
KH.irds the written confidence of womrti
as is observed hy lr. I'lerce and hia atall
in prrsonal consultation with women at
(he Invalids' Hotel and Surgical luttl
tute, itullalo, N. Y.
"I enjoy gl health, thank to
IV. Pierce's 1 svonte Prescription and
'Coldcn Medical Ihavovrry,' " write
Ml. J J. Schnrtvi-r, of I'ontiac, Living,
tea Co., 111. "Have taken sis buttle
ol each kind. I was taken sick Inst
l'tbruary and the dis iors here callnl it
'Grip.' I lay for four week in l-d,
then whm I got up I found I had In
placeiueut.' Had am h schr and pallia
in my hack ami limb could not stand
any length of time. I knew that our
home doctor would insist the first thing
on sn examination, and that I would not
aobmit to, unlrM I was dangerously sick,
and then it would be too late to do any
good. My son had your Issik, Common
lie iirei Hu es lo ihe Kat.
Tlm contemplating an eastern trip
will la) interested to know lb it there will
-hortly bo on sain greatly reduced rate
iikels in roiiiieclioii wnh !il0 ci
Grande System, Ihe famous "Scenic Line
of I be World."
This liim i.fTers lis psssi-ngers a most
leligbtful and cuinforabV journey to all
eastern points.
It is Ihe only tuinscootinenUl line
passing directly Ihrougl, ,,,,!, ,, ..j
tiirenjue Salt l,.k,i City, "Ti,., clly
The hail.ts," beautiful I ilenwood SoriliKs,
ladville, Pueblo. (
w here a side trip may b.i made lo the
Garden of ihetioda and the suinmii ,.(
I Ikes 1 ,.k over the cog-wheel railroad.
-.It. ' '
aim nenver, tl.H.p n ciiy of the inter
.iioooi.in region. Mop overs are allowed
on all classes of tickets.
Three daily express trains make close
connection, will, all trains east and west
and afford a dcice of five distinct routes
of travel. ' he eipilnmenl of these trains
l the best, im tiding free reclining chair
tliouih i
nothln, f J
know Hi J
... . i . . -
W e do
niuaitai am-i
frwaki whu iiu
Stililiirut snd
know that con,
the enables 0
romiiiaiid uf
board. Ut .
ro. -.l .1.
U-a -; rvrr an
the pl.no, and
key. rar1 lu
into iliat oof h
lr. Pine in 1J
J lion" only
Was mule to d.
Pierce knoai i;
Kmut of the ,
Katiiain. Wlifi
eerniicrd pi,
pro. I in r i t qi!
eitM-rirni( and
sblr the prul ,
eriect lurnu i
iltcieine !(,
auci rs of r. T
the uiibliary pr.
In the trrstmrnt ami cure u i
aiinipma im iiip iiiurrrii'. r iirts
nd aui'i raa oil the our hauj au.
eapeiicnce on the other.
" I tisik four Kit tlra of )r.
I'avorite PirM-nptioii aiut
't.oblrn Mrdlial lliHovrry'
ceivnl great lirllcdt, wrtlri M:
I). Miraie.of Mnuuthiipt, lnc.
Pa " 1 do hot have thoar ink
formerly. Hefote I tcsik your rl
1 cotil.l hrllv walk at limca, !
Uterine trouble. I can truly
after taking four Uilllra of '
Prr r i pi um ' and two of 'C.nl.
ical Pistovery' I did not
more. 1 gained tell (aiundiis
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Address Dr. K. V. Pierce, Aufhilo,
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What caused PuIIlelgb's fallureT
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sive means ot crossing the ConliriHiit c.
he found than Is provided by these
For additional details, address,
J- D. Mansfim.h, (ieri'l Agt.,
Rio Grande Mm,..
No. 12-1 third St., Portland, Oregon.
ExiKTlonPO ConvlncoH.
Trove its Talus by inventing JO cent in
trial size of Ely's Cream Italia. Druggist
iij iiu w man it. i un size 00 oent.
JiLY UROH., 68 Warren Kt, New York.
Clifton, Arizona, Jan. 0, lRy'J.
Messrs. Ki.i IIbos.: Please send me a HO
cent bottlo of Crsam Halm. I find your
remedy the quickest and most permanent
enrs for catarrh and Cold in the hsad,
1)eixM. Pottib, Oen.MgT.Ariz.Oold M Co
Messrs. Klt Riios.: I have bean afllicted
with catarrh for twenty years. It made me
so weak I tbongbt I had Consumption. I
got one bottle of Ely's Cream Halm and In
tl,rM day tha diharge sb.piwd. Jt j, th8
best medicine I have used for catarrh
Proberta, CaL Fa ask E. Kmdlwwmc.
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Dyspepsia Cu
Diacsts what you ea
This preparation conuln all 06
digestants and digests all 'n1
food. It gives Instant relief naJ
falls to cure. It allow you toe
the food you want. The must"
stomachs can take It. Py )wuse '2
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fured after everything elte j',e'l
It can't help
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Watches, ClockB, Jewelry
All kinila of repairing- neatly
and warranted.
l'oaf office 111 Jar. VmobJ, f