Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 09, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Legal Notice.
notice, lor liibllrnllon.
Timber Land. Ad Jim .V 17H.
United Sialro l.atnl OHloe, Oiem City,
reeon, June 10. l:il.
Notice Is hereby Riven that In compliance
with Ihe provisions l the Act oi votaress
oMnnert. 1ST.S. tiililleil "An act forth
ale of timber lamls In the Chim of Cli
form. Oregon, Nevada ami Washington
Tarrilnrv." as exteiuleil to ll the ruhlic
Land Stales bv . t of AikuM 4. l!r-
homkii u. pihois.
of Kprlns:water, county of Clackamas, htate
of Oreiton, has this tiv flM In llii oltti-e
hit aaorn statement No. M-7, for th pur-
rhaseof the lot ilnl Section N. S-, In
Township No. 3 S. KmiK No. 4 K. ami will
Iter rMf to aluiw thai the latnl tii,;'it i
more valuable lor in timber tlmn for crl
rtiltural ltiriMiae. ami to establish hi
r li in to sai.l iami before the Kegisier and
Kceeivernf ihi office at Oregon City, t tre
iron, on Monday, the th day of August,
lie nimn a witn
W. J. 1eaelieu. i'ain Kalney. John Heed,
John Siormer, all ot tpringaier. ureiron.
Anv and all i-ersons claiming adversely
tha atove-i1escnie.l land are requested to
flle their claim in llii utllee on or before
aid'Jith day o( August, I'M.
In lh Circuit Court of lb Plate of Ore
gon kir Tb County of Clackamas.
C. B. Dindca and O. V. hast
ham, partners doing business
under the linn name of ihm
kk A Kaalham, plaintiffs,
Helen Robinson (formerly
Helm Yarwood defendant.
To Helen Robinson, (formerly Helen Yar
wood) tb atxive-nauied defendant:
IN the name of tbe State of Oregon : You
are hereby required to appear and an
swer the complaint tiled against you in the
mbove entitled action on or before the 3ith
day of July. llK'l. that being the last day
prescribed in the order of publication of
Uii tumnioni upon you, and if you lail to
ao appear and iniirt aaid complaint with
in aiJ time tbe plaintilf hi rein will lake
judgment against you for the relief de
manded In said complaint, to-wlt: Kor tbe
auni of 25.3n together with interest thereon
at the rale of 8 percent per annum from
the 1st day of January, 1"?'7, until paid, and
for the further turn ol JAM, together with
Interest thereon at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum from the 1st day of January, l-C'7,
until paid, and for the coel and disburse
ments of this action, and plaintitt will
apply to the court lor an order to aeil tbe
southeast quarter of the southwest quarter
and the southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter of section 17, 1 4 a, r 3 e of tbe Wil
lamette Meridian, now held under attach
ment in ibis action.
Tbis summons is published by order of
Hon. itioa. r. Kyan, Lounty Judge o(
Clackamas County Oregon, which order
wa made May 31, llt'l.
Published first lime June 14. 1001.
Attorneys for tbe Plaintiff.
In tbe Circuit Court ol the Slate of Oregon
for Clackamas County.
Louisa E. York, plainUtTj
"W. H.Y'ork. defendanLi
To W. H. York, defendant.
In the name ol the Slate of Oregon, you
are herebv required to appear and answer
Ue complaint filed against you in tbe above
entitled suit on or before theuih day of
Be pi em ber, pjul, that being the time pre
scribed in tbe order of publication of sum
mons, and if you tail to answer said com
plaint, tbe plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief herein prayed lorto-wit: A
decree of divorce from the bonds of matri
mony now existing between you and the
plaintitt, and that said bonds be forever
Tfiis summons is published by the order
of the Hon. Thomas F. Ryan. Judge of the
county court notde and entered tbe 2Kb
day of July, l'jui, and the date of the first
publication is July ', I'M, and the said
publication la to ran six consecutive weeks
from the said date.
Charles H. Glos ad
J. WisLir Bill.
Attorneys for PiainutT.
Dated. Oregon City, Ju'y l!U, i:Jl.
turn in on)
In the Circuit Court of tbe State of Ore
gon, for Clackamas County.
Wm. H. 11. Rlaney, pltf.l
vs. f
Mary E. Biauer. deft, )
To Mary E. liisnev. defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, vou
re hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint Died against you in the above
entitled suit within six weeks after
tbe first publication of this summons, to
wn: (in or before the (it b day of Septem-
oer, J jui, uat being ihe dale prescribed in
the order for publication of summons, and
4f you tail so to appear and answer for want
thereof plaintilf will apply to the court lor
me relief demanded In said complaint, to
wn: lor a decree of divorce forever dissolv-
ing me ooiiusoi matrimony no existing I
between you and the plaintilf.
This 8u in mons is published by order of the
Hon. Thos. F. Ryan, judge of the above
entitled court made ami entered herein on
tbe 2"tb day of July. l'JOl, and the date of
tbe first publication herein is July 20, V
and the last publication is September 6, l:Jl
Emmom & Emmoks and
J. Wesley Bell.
Attorneys for Plaintitt.
Aduilulatralor'rt .Hotire.
Notice is hereby given that the under-
io ..mou; ."u ilia, me uuuer-
8 been by the honoraMe county
.e Slate of Oregon. forClacka-
ity, ajiiKjined adminiittrator of
eigned has been
court of II
sunn i-uuuiy, hp pwipo. aumin lBtraior u
the estate of James E. Currie, deceased".
All oeraona limine i-lsiima auainut uui.t
All peraoni liatinir claims against oaid
estate are notiCetl lo present the same
to me tiroperly verified, at the oflice of
James U. (Jampbell, Esq.. Oreeon Citv.
Oregon, within six months from the date
of tiie first publication of this notice.
runt publication July 19, 1901.
A.M. Ckawfohd,
Coiiuij- TreuMiirer'at Notice,
I now have money to pay county war
rants endorsed prior to July 13th,
ana also road warrants endorsed
prior to Nov. 19th, 1900. Interest will
cease on the above included warrants on
the date hereof. Oregon City, Ore.
Aug. Oth, 1901.
A. Li'eluno, Treasurer.
Clackamas County, Oregon.
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Ueai tin Circular to WILLIAMS MFU. CO., Bole aVgeuts, Clavalaod, Ohio. jfafmfV9
For sale by Charman & Co., Druggist.
Nl .M1I4M.
In the Circuit Court of the rotate of Ore
gon, for the County of Clackama.
Washington National lUnlding 1
loan aim investment Aoct
anon, a corporation, plalnlitl
George V. Sinker, unmar
ried, Ilia M. Mrvker, linniar
riett, j. a. uarker and M . J.
Uarker, his te, J W. Did
ler, and I'ldier. hi wile
defendants. 1
To Decree VV. Sinker. J A. Parker,
and M. J. Uarker, hi wife, J. W. Pidier
and Oidier. his wile, delnilaii :
In the name of the Stale of Orrgxm you
and each ol you are hereby mimrfM to "ai
ear and answer Iheromidainl tiled a'u.rl
you In the above entitled cause 011 0, before
Hie last day prescrthed In Hie oiMer lor
publication of Ihlsinimmon. U) wn : On or
hetore Ihe tit ts day ol September, jmn, and
II you fall to so eper and answer a l
crt-e will be taken against you for (lie rlief
,,r .-.-,- ....i .,.i....i....
.... W ,t., , .1 . " ' ' , -"" :elet In thei lerk s nine ol said court in said
ige W. Mrvker, lor Ihe sum of imru,,, .vi..i,..,f 1. - . ' .
thousand dollars with Interest and pre
uiiuni Inereon, each at' the rate of ti per
cent per annum Irom and ever since Ihe
lust day ol March, lt until paid and Ihe
further sum of one hundred dollars attor
ney's fee in this suit, and the costs and
disbursements of this suit, and that all of
lb above-named sum are a tirsl hen on
the land hereinafter described, and upon
Idsharrsof the caplial slock ol idainlill.
sucsoribed by the delendani, (ieorge W
Stryker, on or about the 7th day of IVoein
ber. lSte, and by him pledged 10 plaimitl to
sreure the promissory note herelnalter
inentioned, and for a foreclosure of a cer
tain mortgage given by said tieorce W.
Stryker lo plaintitt dated levemter 7. IN'.',
to secure the payment of a certain promis
sory nole mad by said Cieorge W. Stryker
to plaiutiir for the sum of one tnouaanil
dollars aid interest and premium, and
a reasonable attorney's lee 111 case suitor
action should be Instituted to collect said
nole or any portion thereof, by which
mortgage said Oeorge W. Mrvker conveyed
lo plaintttf all that certain lot, tract," or
parvel ol land, situate, lying and being in
the county of Clackamas, Mate of Oregon,
to-a it: Mock numbered right (1) In t-e..
wooil't Addil'on lo Milwaukee as shown bv
iu mviuru nat turreoi 01 record in said
county and state, and lorecloaing your, and
k nl V..I.V KM. I all -- . .. - . ...... .
- m v. j itx.iiv vibiiiiiiib; ot 1
through, or under you. or either ol you.
equity of redemption or other Interest in
right to or lien upon said mortgaged pre-
mtses and the whole thereof, saving only
Ihe suiutory right to re-leem. and for.
Closing the lien of plaintitr. upon said Id
shares ol slock pledged by said Cteorgs) V.
Mry ker as security for the paymenl ol said
promiseorr note aa aforesaid, and tor an
orderofsaieof said mortgaged premises and
said stock to satisfy said decree;and you and
each ol you are hereby nolitied that on the
i.in uay 01 juiy, t:ji, the Honorable
tbomas F. Ryan, iuds: of the eonnie rtiun
of the Slate of Oregon forth County ol
Clackamas duly malean order that service
ol suuiinons in tuts mt be inula nmn !.!
defendants, lieorge W. Stryker, J. A. Ur-
jer, ana n j. Barker, his wile, J. W.
1'iuier, ami duller, his wife, and up-
on each ot them by titiil,-aiin thereof, and
that the dale of the first publication of tins
summons is July Ji, I'jnl. and that the dale
of tbe last publication of Ibis summons is
September b', l'.Ul,
Attorney lor 1'iaiulir!
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon, for the County of Clackamas.
J. R. N. Sellwood, plainlitl,
John F. Broeije. Marie Bro
etje, Helen L. btra'ton.
Creed W. btratton. Land
L. Stratton, MilUin Ray
mond StraUon. Carrol E.
btratton. John B.Clelaud,
W A. Cieland. N Sim
monson and Fred Strong.
. Defendants;
To Creed . Stratton and Milton Ra.
aiMiiu oiraiion, aeienuaiils:
si j ... . .
in the name of the Siate of Oregon, vou
are hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint filed against you in Ihe
... . v,m ,j, uTiurv me i'.til
day ol August, l:Jl, the lasi day of ihe
time prescriljed in Ibe order for Duoiiraih.n
01 toin summons, io-wii: on or before Ihe
explialiou ol six weeks Irom the dm i
the first publication of this sum-
mons, the hrt t'Ublicatioii thereof
thereof being on the 2ilh day of June. 1U01,
and it you lail to answer f.r want Hiereot
toe planum win apply 10 ihe court for the
relief demanded in said complaint. I,i n
i-or jiiagmeni sirainst the deli-iidanls, John
F. Broetie and Marie Brotieinthe sum (
K,vjz.ip, wilh Interest thereon at the rate
ol ir cent ir annum Irom the first dm
of Mar. KM. less lKI.00. nsl.l N'onmhar
24. ltrt; 10ij paid June 1!), lrt; 70U0pap
Katilatnlf fiik I tut ..l.i V . ... I
, wi,iuv;vu .luieiuurr
H, with interest thereon at the rate of
eight per cent per annum from the date of
said note, and for the sum of four hundred
uoiisrs attorneys lees and for costs and ilia
bursementa of this suit and that the de
fendania and'all persons claiming under
inem. oe lorever barred and foreclosed ol
and from any and all rights, title interest
or equity or redemption in and to the said
mortgagfd premisra and from every part
mereoi, ami lor a decree lorec osimr n am
nn s mortgage described In the complaint
upon me following uejcribed property sit-
Dated in Clackamas County. Oreiron. to-wlt!
A part of the south half of the Oeorce (.'row
donation laud claim, situated In sectiunsone,
two, eleven and twelve, in Townshio two
south of ranKe one east of the WliUmeii.
Meridian and begtimine at the east end of
me line dividing Ihe Ueorge Crow donation
land claim into north and south halves:
thence westerly along said dividing line
aweinj eigut en sins aim eignty-nve links
toa point; thence south to the north line of
the lorty acre tract set apart by decree to
l.oiiia Jane Bunnell, thence easterly
... .. .d alonir tha norih It,.. .I .!.. ...
to the east line of the said George Crow
donation land claim; thence northerly
am injriii hub oi me ixiuisa Jane lsunnell
. .i f . . A n
Irani on and rani- thanm nnri...i.
long said east line oi said claim to the I
place of beeinninir: tein the east, tiil.tv
I'10 Hf bRinnlng; being the east thirty
5nrM ' U',e f?r,jr "cr? trsct 1 P"rl ''
3tn. . u t .,T ;w ' ".
, ' """ -ane uuiineu anu i. acres and iota l and 2,or section 7 contain
J.yrow; and for a sale of said property to Ing f .17 acres, more or less, all in T US
satisfy said Judgment and barring and H H K of the Willamette Meridian in Clacka!
loreciose you oi all right, title or interest in
and lo said property and equity of redemp-
tion to or upon the said mortuaimd nrand.
ses and every part thereof arid for such
other and further relief as the natnre of
vunc .no, iwuirc anu as hj tuiH court i
...,i .
"'" nicei.
lliis publication Is madeby the order of
the Hon. 1. A. Mcliride. in dee of the cir.
cuit cgurt of the state of Oregon for Clacks
mag county, which order was duly made
and entered, June 18th, 1901.
Attorney lor PlalntilT.
Dated June 21, mi.
Gun repairing. Johnson 5t Lamb.
iii:itn 1 'n wi.i;ii i:i. i
1 10 .
In the Circuit Court ol lle Stale n( (iregon
tor IheCounly ol Mulliiomah,
I'lirlUnd Tnisl Company of
t)ngon, plan. till'. ,
J C Haiy and Anna
llavely, di'li'iilnts.
Srtn orKMKiioM.
County of Clai kamaa I
Hv virtue of judgment mder.
and an execution, duly lsued mil of nod
under Ihe seal ol Hie athit rlilillrd to. 11 1,
in the alniv iitilled cause, to me duv
ri-cted and dated the :1th day of June,' !X.
iiwn a Judgment rm Irrrd and sntcre.l in
aid court an lh ImIi day ofJiiK, l'i
In lavor of I'orllnnd 1'rnsl Company.td Oie
gon, plainlilt ami against J t' Havelr and
Anna llavely, dffeiulsnu, ami H. W, Uoss,
surely, lor Ihe sum of .Mti .tl, alih Inter
est llierisin at the raleol 10 -rr cent rr an
uei ,. -.... . ,
J - ! ,1,'iunij, I -' I Mil II
ahra, notice of coniriliuHoii and repay
ment was lllrd by l.uclnda Rosa, admlnls
iratriiand Minnie l r'oalrr ami 1-ior a
Ri'ss, by her guarldiaiK l.ucliida Rons, Nov.
1. I'M), (Miiiiuanding me nut of Ihe .wrsonal
nroperty ol sail delendauta and II. W.
Ross, surely, and if sulllcenl could iml l
lound, then out of the real property be
longing to said defendants and surety 10
satisly Ihe sum of III.? l now due 011 said
Judgment with Interest thereon at the rai
of ten r cent per annum Irom the n
day of lecvinter, I'.kk), also costs uioii this
Now, therefore, by virtue of said execu
tion. Judgment order and decree, and m
compliance with the commands of sanl
writ, bring unable to llnd any perwinal
pnierty ol said delendanla or surety's I
did on the l.'lh day of July, I'sil dulv levy
iipon Ihe folloaing descrilied real property
ol said defenilant and surety situate and
neing in me county 01 Clackamas, stale of
Oregon, to-wlt:
An undivided four-ninths Interest In and
lo all of the billowing described real
property lo-il.
Uite three (J) and four (4) In blot k (.') in
tbe town of Canemah, Clackamas county
Oregon, a shown by ihe plats and surveys
ol sanl town of Canemah now 011 rile In the
county clerk's otflce of Clackamas county
l.t . - 1
The north one-half (S)of lol No. on (It
and the north one-hall ,) of lot numbers-d
ighl(t)in block numbered twenty-seven T,
ai-cordiiig to tbe map and plal of II toon
ofPreir m City, urrmin. on rli. in u,.
county clerks ottice of Clackamas C...,i.-
said lute commencing at Ihe north wrst
corner of said block twentv-aeveu
(-71 and runnlnif tnnr ...i.riv
leet ; Ibence southerly 31 feel
"I3 inches; thence aesterly :'10 frei to
Main street ; thence 34 feel and 3 inches lo
e place 01 beginning.
The south niishiif ILI nf 11.. I......
Waldmp Donation Und Calm, notiflrailon
No. 7CJ. in sections on, tweltv. and ihie
teen, lownshln three III aim in r.n.n. til
sl of Willamette Meridian. In Clackamas
couniy. tiregun, ronlaining one hundred
'' nil) -three lilj acres more or less.
IWmnlng at a stake l. Nl t hai us aiitilh
nd 4.1 chains west Irom Ihe northern cor-
' John b. Howland Donation Und
claim ; Ihenc south i degrees, ti ininulrs
east in cliains Ui a stone; thence soulh 4.1
degrees. 3U minutes wert 8 chains to a
stone: thence north tl degrees, 7 minute
est 40 chain 10 a slake on me north west
boundary ol said claim; thence north 4-1
degrees east 7 10 chains lo the place ol be
ginning, containing SI acres, more or less,
lit Clackamas county, Oregon.
Begluoing at the northwest comer of
Isaac Oordon'e land, or laud formerl)
owned bv him, tbenre along the line of sal I
(lordon'a tract In a southeasterly direction
70 roils; thence at nghl angles running
westerly lo the line of a trace of land
formerly owned by I. D. Harding; thence
northerly along said line ol said Harding's
tract of laud To rods, more or I, to L D.
Harding's northwest corner; llieuce In an
easterly direction lo the northwest corner
of a tract of land formerly owned by I.ury
A. tiurnelt; thence southerly lo the souih
west corner of said tract formerly osnnl he
said Lucy A. Burnett, llu rods; ihrnce
sterly along Ihe line of said Lucy A. Hum
,r,c' ' 'nd to ihe place of lginning.
con t'ning IUJ acres, the same being part of
" r w aa, v., 111 vaiaaiiiB
"iy. Oregon.
Hi-glninng at a point thirty f.Vil feel east
toe souin line 01 section nine !il
toatiship two south, rarure two fl! east m
I lM " '"ametle Meridian, crosses the center
i tue uregon and I alilomia railroad, run-
"ln H'ence northerly, tracing the eastern
baundary line of said railroad right of way
" "'"7 l"J roosnortnoi sanl sc.
tion nine (:); thence ea-t parallel with said
w"' amy eignt rods lo the west
boundary ol the county road: thence in a
oinnwestriy direction tracing the west
oouiioary line ol said county rord lift and
one-half )U roils lo line of said sociii,,.
lBI; thence west thirty-nine I3!i nnl,
Iraclli, hail! &-tlj,(, llr,A ,.. ..I.. ..I .....
, --r- - - . . ...i. hi iiai.a ui iirIU'
iiiiik, coruaining inirietu and Ihn-e elgnls
acres, more or less. In 1'iart.m..
county, uregou.
Also, lots two, three, four and six, block
tnirij six in uregon Lity, Oregon.
anu i win, on
at the hour of 2:0) o'clock, P.M.. at lh
ironl door of the County Court lloii-e
ti me Cltv of Uregon City, in said
t-ouiiiy anu mate, sell at nub! c auctnu.
subject ti redemption, to the huhei,t bid.
der, for U. 8. gold coin cash In hand, all the
iK", ime anu interest which the within
named defendants or surety or either of
mem nave in or lo the above described real
property or any part thereof, to satlisv id
cActuiiuii, iiiuk-ment order, decree. Interest
ixjsis anu an accruing costs.
BherifTof Clackamas f'on.its fi, ...,.
Dated, Oregon City, Ore., July 12. l'tji.
police ol Hale of Heal IlHlej
Notice Is hereby idven. that, pursuant In
"n oraer or the county
of Oregon, for C.acka,
f "d1n"'f,re1 " -
, ,'.r1'r,lf,"1 ale
an oruer oi me county court of the Stale
nas county, made
day of July, y.M,
u",' !7, ,lfJ"1i 'ol'Jhig described real
""" to-wit:
on anu alter Aug
ineowtf or section fl, containing MO
mas county, Oregon,
tii apt rr
IllAtl 11
I! eg! mil tig at the intersection of the Needy
nd Rutte Creek road with the northbound.
srv ui section. It In F F H It I 1 ..r
..." '." "
too tvinatrietie Meridian rnnrii.,..
thence south 34deg. 40 in In west 1) lochalns"
thence east K deer 4M ...I.. i m !
merice norm s,; chains to section line1
thence west on section line, 1 M5 chains ui
the place of beginning, containing V,i acres
thetir.e ....all. CI !i9 l ... '
more or lens also the riast l of N tv . ,.r
section 8, t 6a. rlK. of the WliUr,
Meridian coritaliilnKHU arn-ii more nr l,.hu
all in Clackamas county, Oiegon, belonging
to the estate of J. L. Cochran, deceased.
uitia win m received by Ihe undersigned on
the land last above described, which Is near
visuaiinu uouniy, uregon, until
the 17th day of August, 1901.
Terms ten per cent on day of sale.balaiice
on confirmation by the court.
Dated this loth day nl July,
Administrator of tha K. Hlitta nl I
Cochran, deceased.
The place to got It fixed. What?
Your wheel. Johnson Lamb. Main
oll e o I'ImmI lleiHeiil
N.illi'n la lierehv ulvfll that the under-
I slgni'd, a rtecufls of Ihe esiale of John
jti. Ilounell. dnvas,l hsi ft her final fe
. rt aim the county court of Claiksma
iMiiniy, Oregon, and that Ihe Hon, I 'liomss
V imi, Judge ol said rouM ha sl Mon
dsv. the ;M day of Seplemher, !d. at In
o'clix'k a. in as Ihe lime fur Ihe sriilrineiil
Ihrtcof and hearing objections Itirn lo,
ai'V be made.
lied. J tii v :r'i
I.te- unit
j - . - - -
.otlo far ImIII'Mimi.
Tlml.i r I. slid Ad lime .1, IsTh.
I'nllml Stairs Land tUllce, lregn I t'Hy
(ri-n.iii. Julv tl, I''1!.
V.tir i herrliv given Hint III compliance
anil Ihe prot isioiis of lb ait ol t'.mg'r-s
id June .1. IVS, eiitlllrd "An ad l"r Ihe
sal of 1111111 lands In Hie Sla'i-a ol t'all
l.ifii'a, tirrou, NrVada, and WiilUKton
Irrrlinry' asexeinled to all tte I'litilic
ad of August I. I vi.',
of I'oitlanil, county of .Mulluoiiiati, S'at ol
(n gon, has this day iHnl In this nlllc his
saurn slAtriurnl So, M'nl, lor the puicda-e
ol Hie nf, ol .S.-ction No. ,lu u ,inll'
So. ,i S, lUngf No 4 K and will id'rr pnml
In show thai Hi land sought la mure tahi
al'l b-r it limber or stone limn fur agri
culutural puritwrs, and lo eslnMlnh his
claim lo said land hvfure Hi Rrgidrr and
R.-ciMter id this oltlc al (Irrifuii t'liy. Ore
gon on Saturday, the day of Snntchi-
brr, I s'l.
lie uamra as witnesses:
Hans I. I.arsrii. r W. Merrill, A. It.
Mrmlenhall, J. C. Hurk, all of I'ortland.
Any and all prrsous claiming adtrrsrly
lh almt descrllied lands are re-firstr-l to
lile their claims In this nltW on or tirfor
aid h day of N-ptrinlirr. I'ail.
t HAH. II. Ml toll KM,
l Mt
In Ihe Cin nil Court for Ihe Stale of Ore
gon, for Clackamas coun'y
Maggie Johnson, plaintiff
Frank Johnsau defendant!
. To Frank Johnson, the bImiv named
III the nam of Ihe slat of Oregon, in I
pursuant lo an ororr road and entered bj
the Hon Tho F Ryan. udk' of the
county court of said cumy mi thr "'h day
ol August I'Ol.dlrvi ling thai this siimmoii's
he published unce a Wrrk for sit colisei u
lit.-seeks Hi first puhllralliui tlierr. l I..
Iieon lh tb dav of August. Iisd. you are
hereby rr.,uired lo appear and siisaer lh
complaint tiled airalnst yuu In lb abot
entltleil sail on or hetor lh '.'1st lv
September. n, tl,al Iwltig the aa day
Ihe tune pres. -rtbed In said order ol pulillr
tion, and If yon fall to aosaer or appear, I
aant tl.ere,.! the plalnilll adl apply lo if
conn lor in rliei nsmanded In lh Mm
plain! lo-w it: For a decree diisaiiving ibr
ootids nl liialrliuonv nu etiating !
you ami Hi piaimilt and for rostsof lh
t'regoii Citv, Oregon, August a pd
J.F lntsirilK.
At'nrr y l.o ihe ( Ian. hit
police lor lsMlr.l0ss.
Timber Und. Art JunS. s7s.
I riftanl State Und Utile, Oreguii ( i
Oregon. Aug S I'1.
Notice Is lieraby given that In conplUnr,
wun me provision ol th art ol Comrresa
of June 3, Is7. united, "An act lor the
ale ol limber land lit the Mate id Call
forme. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
lerriloay. a extended lo all tne I'ubllt
1-and Mates by act ol August 4, s;r.,
.an . . ...
oi l oruami, county or Multnomah, state ol
Oregon, ha this day tiled m ibis olll. l.er
sworn statement No MVi lor lb uohar
oi tnesoi nwiaiid w . osi. of seciloi
.su. in mwnanip ."o. d S.IUIH. range .o
3e, of lh W. M. and alll idi-r brool li
show Hi at Ihe land sough! is more vaiuahlt
for Its timber or stone man f r aKricnltiira
purpose, and to establish her claim 1 1 said
land before Ihe Register and Rn-eiver ol
Ibis office at Oregon Cry. O.rir n on Ihtir
oar, tne .un uay ot tl -tuber, r
She names as ailna.ses : J. i! Hnrke
tiuis iijouipsnn. t Is. 11. James., n, ol
rortland. and Ada-rt K g' of Molalla
Any and all person claiming adverse
the anove desrriliel Ian-Is are requested
lile their claims In this olfl -e on or before
aid .'llii day ol October, ri
In the (ircull Court for Clarkamas
County, State of tlrrgvn.
Amelia Otlo, I'laintill l
Adam Otlo, defendaiil.)
To Adsm IHto, Ihe st-ive named defenilant
In the name of ihe Slate ol (irefon v.m
are hereby required lo appear and answer
the complaint lile. I again! you In the
aoove entitled suit In Ihe above named Cmirt
on or before Friday September 'Joth. I'i.
the same being aevru weeks from Ihe Ural
publication ol ibis sumiuonsi ami vou alll
laae nonce that II you fail lo so appear and
answer said cornplsint plalnilll mil apply
to the Court for the relief ili-ninniltd in said
complaint lo wit: that the bonds of m-iri-inony
eiling betwien you and plalnlitl Ik?
uisuivei .
This summons is published by the order
of the Hon Thomas A. Itvan, County
J udge ol the County ol Clarkamas and Slate
ol Oregon, in the Oregon (,'Hy Kulerprlse
wcei7 newspaper printed and published
and of general ciruulallon in lh
County, Oregon, for seven successive week
commencing August 9th. and cnritliinlitui r.i
aim iiiciuuing rriusy, nepteuilier )lh, likll
Attorney lor i'laititiiT
Stock IioMits Meellnif,
Annual meeting of stockholders ol
Capon Hhoa Co., will he held at the of
flee at Willamette Fulls, Ore., Tim-day,
August 13,1001, at 2;30 p. in.
Oregon City, Oregon, Aug. 7, 191)1.
Atiniiul In t tufe.
Arrangements are being made to hold
the annual Teachers' Institute for Clack
amas County during the first week in
J. C. Zl.NHKIt,
Rupt. of Hchools.
t'lackaniiiH County Hchool Funds.
To answer numerous Inoulries ol
school olllcurs, as to the probable amount
of school funds available for the current
year, I will state that according to a re
cent report of the state treasurer the
state fund will amount to (1,22 per csp
Ita, or $9225.fi4, which is hbout t2fK)0 less
than last year. This together with the
lower county valuation tor 1900 will re
sult In a shrinkage of school money of
about $2500.
J. C. Zinbkk,
Bupt. of Schools, I
CoiiiicII Hffusi'H hnilior I'rhl
liKfH to (ho lr. 0.
Midi ll(MMS 1lliSA(1:i.
K illnnjr C inpiiny Had trtlglil drill
nance rn i.ircil II u I II Has
S lulroiluti J
The t'otiiii ll liu'l Tut's.ley evnnlng v. lib
a full atteiplatii'd.
SaliKiu llreiisea ere gratil'l to K oily
Noliillt and lldwanl Hyriie.
The rei-orirr was Inslrm tcl (hat It I
the aioise ul Hit i-oiiiirll that water inalna
le put In on all atteta running iioiih
and aoulli, ao that any mtoii desiring lo
mak rouiiiH'lioii with the: main could
do ao,
A reiiinusiraiiie agalusl the lurther
linproM'iiieiil of (Vnlor street front Fifth
to Sevelilll aa granted. ,
Ti e trrasiiror's report was rrlerred to
the llnsiii roiiiinlltee.
The chief of ilca wa intrm te. lo
notify property owner thai er aaae.
nieiitf tiiiisl i palj allliiu two week or
their property would t sold In act-ordain-
with lh provisions of the charter.
Tho rei-vrdi'r'e report was trad ai.d
The nl lift committee wa Instructed
to pros-red lo collect Hi I oil tat al out.
An uidinaiii providing for th light
ing o Oregon City and authorising eie-
I'titltin of an agreemeiil with th rortland
tieneral H Irs trie Company therefor, aa
read first time and ordered printed.
An ordltiani-ti wa lntro.in rl and read
drat lime an.) ordered printed autliorli
Ing the sale an I tonvet an.e tal lot on In
bliN-k "'i and a srttnu of lot eight In
block lor a consideration of (.'! Id
the Catholic. The Mine ordinam au
tliorlre the sale and conveyance of th
pioperly formerly mm pled by lh old
cement mill lo th I'ortland General
Flet-tiic Company lor f.'II Nl.
I lifl I'lulun waa eluilo.1 city seilon
of lb cemetery.
Th street coinmltle we aulboriavd
to piircliaae I'.Ylssj ret of lumUr,
ahirli 15,lM)Vel la lo U Uaed on th
Apperaonrued and l(),tJ0 feel lof lb
Urongliton brldgw between Mth ami IS
at reel.
The street committee tii empower
toeitend lh awwrr otillet. l'rorty
owner complain that that llier la an
ofTenslve islor emenatltig from th out
Tbe commit! on street and public
property waa Instructed lo com -el John
II. Walker In lak up '.DO leet of tiles!
drain pipe, end leplac lh a in with
prowr material.
a . ,i . . . ,
n inyuon to anow toe inerciiania aao
cialioll I ho use ol lh city ball Iff meet
ing wa oa(.
The street committe waa Instructm
to remote oUtiin-tnrne on Jatkaon
street bettseen Filth and 8Ulh, and
build a bridge acroae Jackoon street,
The lomtnitleo on fire and water waa
inatrtictvd to retit't th water commis
sion to p'ac hydrant al the corner of
Eleventh and Jackson streets; also al
the corner ol Seventh and Adam street
r, . ai - - a
no lire ami water commute waa
authorized to purchase five hydrant
I biff of Toilet) Hums waa Inslriu to.
to notify all property owner to connect
their respective premises with sea era
within four weeks.
ihe matter of granting a nw (ran
I'hlsw to the rortland Cny and Oregon
ICailway loiupany came before the conn
til. Attorney Minor was nrtment and a. I
lreest'd the council, asking that a new
Irclght fraihis U granted. Hie finance
otnmitiMi rcportml th payment of
$1193.31 by thti company being the bal
am e due oil the Main street improve.
menl. The company heletofore claimed
that there waa only about iQ due th
city, but the balance I now paid, they
accepting the llgures computed by the
municipal authorities. The imynuint of
this balance gives the trolley company
the privilege of running an express car
on Main street lor six years longer, the
UJ-ynar franchise being conditioned on
the payment In full of the Main-street
improvement assessment.
Councilman C. O. Huntley Introduced
the following resolution which was tin an
imously carried :
"Kesolved that It Is the sentiment of
the council that ordinance No. 201. un
ler which the rortland City A Oregon
Haiiway Company Is now operating an
xproHst nr, is in the Judgment of this
council fair and etpiable, and that a new
ordinance granting irruiiter nrlvil,,,,...
win not tie considered."
The following hills were ordered paid :
nice C
I 25 30
uiiks. r . unrns m on
it it ti
I'.Kl'wW (10 00
0. Ilartmnn in nn
Frsnk IhiHch, nails 7 ;q
Portland ionerul Electric Co.... 131 25
(i. A. Harding, lamp 40
L. Dickleman, cleaning Main Ht., 40 65
Oregon City Courier-IIerald 4 f,o
Oregon City Enterprise 05 7q
Acey Iloylun, hiiiiling 3 50
A. 8. Dresser, prosueutor's fee. . . 2 CO
tVilnon 4 Cooke, nails,..,., 7150
Hedges & Grllllth, atty'a foes,.!! 25 00
Jos. Itenner, moving city hall,. . , 114 00
Liverpool & London & Globe Ins.
Co., premium 71 25
I'-lull nn In, (.V, irctiitiiit
I, . Kut'iiiilrii, Inealsal Jail,.,,','
John Urei'it, alrent wuik,, ,
( II. Hlralglil,
II. II Nliknli, "
Cliaa, Hliuiiiiuia, ' iif
('. W. Voiplnralia,
Aiilmr ilbtl,
. (. long, (Ire supplies A t,,,.'
S, J. Vanillin, team at Mulr flm.,
A. I', Long, Iman mpatplnr
II. II Nlikpla.lelili llinsolHmsn,
Ivl Hoik per, spur', iillrw
l.lnn K. Imiesj
I.lmlsay AH ! Id
l . I" ... '
12 0
3 60
a It)
41 to
44 ti)
12 SO
t; to
I'eiiinleiy,, ,
vel for walk,.
O i
A.- .iJ Ihr ( osrt IIuhss.
Over IIM.isklof (be tat., Uj
paid, teat Ing f l.'I.KM still to l.clla,,,,.
A llrnll In Wi w ile, Tile,),,
lo J. t', Campbell, ,1 If, A(i
I'aullng, agn. '.'ll,
A demurrer Was filed by ,trf
snl In lb rase of II. C Ulevem vs. J
I Vote Jobnatiii,
11. A. Iieacb, a linlnlatrstor n( i,a ,
tat nf ( jiiaaia K, Uearh, llx raae.), ,M
tiled bl filial aietitllil III th eounly rasjrt
and ha been ills, hargixl and bis lai.
men eoneiald
MiefllTt'ia.k ba --tp.,ned ll, sal.
of properly bid In by ('lai-kaiiia routity
on account of dellnipietil lain
Heptembrf II Th atlitieaiefl is
mad bex atise tt an error in n
ol aa!.
In th ca of Martin (irlswy vi.J,
Vor Jolmaon, el al., lb tlefsadiata
have (lie.) a demurrer to the pUlnta",
rtimptaltil for lb reaa-n thai lU mc
'! not stat facia suftl lont la
lute a ran of ami against them.
Th ratal of Margaret WiIm,, aV
t-eae., has laren settled and ihtttiW)
and lb adtiilnlstrairli ttlt hrd ui
ber bondsmen ei ineraled. Th kelrs
Mary J. I'lrken, Jemima Kirk , Jta
Jan 11 1. lie and FlUsbettl Mort.iQsxl
receive f 14 '.-I.
Ameba (Mii baa commenced still la
to nrcull cunt agalns Adam iHiJ
ill von e. They wer married lo lloa,,
.NovemUr, Jfr;, and Otto doeerted
plaiiititT November 2v, Mi ni
lo I allow.! to reeum ber U.idca
nam of Ashner.
In tUeatat of P. W, llowell, th
sal of real smUI by AdmlnlatraUaf
I'-ruc C. Curry has been confirm!
Th prorty I lol 7 ami H lo biutk 119,
Oregon City, and puicbaaej by
llatti Aa hlory lor who tuurt fay
lh aewer aaaeMitienl agalnal th pruje
rty and lake (or 1" 0,
A lianacrlpt of Judgment (rum lU
jtistlc court has lrrn filed lo th county
clerk's ufTUo In lhraof Henry lli.U
V. V.. S-hu'ierl, lor th rerovef si
I0 20 with 10 per tent lntret fiotn lb
Ut of not and 1 10 attorney's (e uA
I'J US cost and disbursement. The
judgment isentered by default.
F. C. Huecker bat been aplntej a4-
mlnlatrator of the estate of lloaall Ja-
cotwoii. ilmwaeed. At lh time u( br
loath the deceased wa reel lent of
"ante (, Cal., but left an ttt la
Clackama county lo th Valu of IA
Tbe heirs of lb estate am Julius Jacob
u, Italph Jacobann and IMl JroliB,
all resident of Cahfurnl.
William llloniit, administrator of tii
estate of F.llialieth Itlount. dm-nased, hl
Iteen dlacharinl and bit bondsmen tl
rrated, tbe estate, having Iteen willed.
Tho admlnlairator la a brother l Uit
luceaaed and I entitled to one-half ol
th real estat and cash, amounting to
IMOUand I'.') tor bl service. FreJ,
Oscar and F.llitahelti Hloiint, children f
Kanlrsn I. Illoiint, deceased, brotliof
of Klixabeth lllonnt, ilnreaaoil, recelv
the it'inaludor of the real estate ami
equal portions of the cash or :H.()3 eacb.
Ilurke Fvumi (iollty.
Juliu Kurke, of rortland, was trleJ
Itdore a Jury In th justice court yester
day (or cruelty to animals and was con
victed and sentenced lo pay a fine of t&
t Friday Hnrke seciired a team Iron.
Voting's livery stable and drove to Al
bnrt Ingall'a place, eight mllna from Mo-
lalla corners, In (our hours. The Jl'
tutii-e Is 2S miles, One of the a in mil
was completely exhausted and still re
mains al Ingall's place, as It cannot be
driven home. In the absence o( Deputy
Olstrlet Attorney CamplMill, Attorney
drowned prosecuted the case nti
Hudgct and (Jrifllth am Hruce C. Curry
represented the defendant.
Their Nt crct Is Out.
All Radievlllu, Ky was ctirloiii to
earn the cause of the vast Improvement
In the health o( Mrs. 8. P. Wliltaker,
who had for a long time, endured untold
suffering from a chronio bronchisl trou
ble. "It's all duo to Dr, King ft
Discovery," writes her husband. "H
completely cured her ami also cured our
little grand-daughtor of a severe stuck
of Whtxiplng Cough." It posltlvoly
cures Couglis, Colds, La Grippe, Uron-
chilis, all Thioat ami Lung troubloii.
Guaranteed bottles 50ti and $1.01). Trim)
bottles free at Geo. A. Harding's 'r"'
Bosr.th, xlls3KlnrJYoilHirslsnriBo