Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, August 02, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Legal Noticen.
notlre lor I'utillcmUii.
Timber Unit. Art June .1, IHTH,
Pulled Slate Unit Oltlce, Oiegon City
Oreeon. Juno 10,
Notice in herehy Iftven thl III compliance
with tli roviloniMf the Art ot Congress
fiMtinr.1. l.KT.i. f ntiiirtt "Ail aci ior me
aalenf limber lamls in Ihe State of Call
forma.. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Trriiirv."aextemle,t ti II II" 1 ublto
IaiuI Sialrs bv let of August 4.
of Kpringanter, county Of Clackamas, Stale
of Oreiton, has this le"v rile, in thi oltlo
tils sworn statement No. Sl.'T, lor Hi pur
chase of the lot t f Section No. -. in
Township No. S 8. Kange No. 4 K, ami Hl
offer proof to show I h.-tl the lni sought U
more valuable lor tl limner man tor agn.
rulturai iitrit'!'. ami to establish his
claim to aahl Imul before the Ucgisler d
Kecelvrrof this otliceat Ore smi lily. Ore
awn, on Monday, Ihe iV-'b ueyof August,
tie name a wlinsse:
W. J. Leeetlen, Sam Kainey. John Keed
Jotin Slormer. nil ol Springaeter. Oregon
Any and all persona claiming adversely
theabove-riescnt.! lamt ere miureted to
tile their claims In this office on or before
aid :Mlh day of A'ikiisi, l'"l.
In the Circuit Court of he State of Ore
iron tor Tbe County ol Clackamas.
C. B. IMmlck and 0. W. r.ast
ham, partner doing business
under the firm name ol Dim
kk Kaslhani, plaintiff.
Helen Robinson (formerly
Helen Yarwood defendant.
To Helen Robinson, (lorroerly Helen Yar
wood) tbe above-named defendant:
IS the nam of the Sialt of Oregon: You
are hereby required to appear and an
swer the complaint tiled against you In the
abort entitled action on or before the Sb
day of July. Ul, that being the Jul day
prescribed in the onler of publication of
Uiii summon noon you, and if yoii fail to
eo appear and aniwenaid complaint with
in Mid time the plaintiff In rein will lake
judgment againt you for the relief de
manded in aia complaint, to-wit : For the
urn ol iV." together with interest thereon
at the rate of S percent per annum from
the 1st day of January, K'T. until paid, and
for the further ium ol SjU, together with
interest thereon at the rate of 8 percent per
annum from the 1st day of January, t7,
until paid, and for the oueta and disburse
ments of this action, and plaiiilill will
apply to ibe court for an order to sell tbe
southeast quarter of the southwest quarter
and the southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter of section 17, t 4 . r S e of the Wil
lamette Meridian, now held under attach
ment in lata action.
This summon is published by onler of
Hon. Thoe. K. Rvan, County judge of
Clackamas County Oregon, which order
was made Mar 31,
rublished first time June 14. 1001.
Attorneys lor the Plaintiti.
In the Circuit Court of tbe State of Oregon
for Clackamas County.
Louisa E. York, plain tilfj
ya. V
W. H. York. defendanL
To W. H. York, defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby required lo appear and answer
the complaint filed against you in tbe above
entitled suit on or before tbe bth day of
September. l'.Jl. that being tbe time pre
scribed in tbe order ol publication of sum
roons, and if you lail to answer Mid com
plaint, tbe plainlilT will apply to tbe court
lor we relief herein prayed lorto-wlt: A
decree ol divorce from the bonds of matri
mony now existing between you and the
plaintit!, and thai said bonds be forever
This summons I published by the order
Ol the Hon. 1 hoiuas r. Kjan, Judge of the
county court nude and entered the 3ia
day of July, 11 il, and the date of Ihe brut
publication i Julv J. and the said
publication ie to run six consecutive week
from tbe Mid date.
Charles H. Glos ad
J. WeLir Hkll.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dated, Oregon City. Ju y 2u, i:Jl.
In the Circuit Conn ol the Slate of Ore
gon, for Clackamas County.
Wm. H. H. Blaney, pltf.)
Mary E. Blaney, deft. )
To Mary E. Blaney. defendant.
In the name of the State of Oregon, yon
are hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint hied agaiiiet yon in the above
entitled suit within six weeks after
tbe first publication of this summons, to
wn: on or beloretheub day of bciiU-m
ber, J'JOl, hat being the date prescribed in
the order for punlication of summons, and
if you lail so to apiiear ami answer for w ant
thereof plaintitr will apply to the court for
the relief demanded in said complaint, to-
wit: lor a decree of divorce forever dissolv
ing the bonds of matrimony oo existing
between you and the plaintitr.
This summons is published by orderof the
-non. inos. r. r.yan. judge ol the above
eiuitieo court made ami entered herein on
tbe 2uth day of July, 1001. and the date of
tbe hrst publication herein la July 20, l!il,
and the last publication is September 6, 1901.
J. Weslxt Bei.l
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Aiulniistra(or,aj ."ollee.
Notice is hereby dven that the under-
signed lias heen by the honorable county
court of the State of Oregon, for Clacka
mas county, appoined administrator of
the estate of James L. (Jurrie, deceased.
All persons hat in? claims against said
eHtate are notified to present the same
to me properly verified, at the office of
James U. Campbell, fcsq., Oregon City,
Oregon, within nix months from the date
of the brut publication of tins notice.
First publication July 19, 1901.
A. M. Crawkobd,
Oiiiily 'I rfUMiirt-r'n Police,
I now have money to pay countv war
rants endorsed prior to June 28ib,
io:hj, and aiso road warrants endorsed
prior to Nov. 10th, 1900. Interest will
cease on the above included warrants on
the date hereof. Oregon City, Ore.
July 2btb, 1901.
A. Luklling, Treasurer.
Clackamas County, Oreg m.
of menstruation.'; They are "LIFE SAViiKS" to trirla at
womanhood, aiding development of organs and body. No
known remedy for women equals them. Cannot do harm-life
becomes a pleasure, ftl.00 PEIt BOX Birr MAIL. Sold
by druggist. DE. MOTT'S CHEMICAL CO., Cleveland, Ohia
For sale by Charman 4 Co., Druggist.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon, for the County of Clackamas.
Washington National lliiihliug)
l.oan and Investment Assort
anon, a corHrstion, plalulill
fieorge W, Sinker, tinmar
rliHl, Ola M. Sirvker, unmar
ried, J. A. Uarker and M. J.
Uarker, bis He. J V. Old
Icr, and l'ldier, his wile
defendants, j
To C.eorge V. Strvker. J. A.
and M. J. Uarker, hi wife, J. V
wii.a .-,,-, n i,w, iiririiimi'ifl
In the name of the 8iate of On tini you
and each ol you are hereby required to ai
m-ar ami anower iiiecomiimiiit lile, airali.sl
yon In the above entitled cunie on or hWnre
Hie Inst day precrued In the onler lor
publication l Ihissummons, to wii - On or
belnre the tit tt ilay ol September, l'l'l. and
if you Ian 10 so appear and ansr ii
rree aill be taken sgainst vou lor the relirf
graved lor In the complaint herein, which
is lor a decree against said itelemlaiil.
tleorge V. Sirykrr. lor the sum of one
Ihoiltaml ilollars wild Intere'l and pre
miiiiu liiereou, each at the rate ol ti per
cent per annum Irom and ever since the
nrsi itay ol March, lvo, until ptul and the
lurlhersum of one hu ml re-1 ttollars attor
ney's fres in this suit, and the otls and
di'tiureements ol this suit, and that all ol
tbe above named sums arw II ml lieu on
the land hereinafter ilrecnlxsl, and upon
10 shires of the capital tK ol plii,lill.
suc-ribed bv the drlemlant, (ieorge W.
8lryker, on or about the Tilt dav of lVcem-
ber, Kr. and by him pledged to plaintit! to
secure the promissory note hereiuaiter
mentioned, and lor a foreclosure of a cer
tain mortgage given by said lieorx V.
Sir) ker lo plainuil dated lVcemtier 7. l.VJ,
to secure the payment ot a ceruin promt,
soiy noie made by said Ueorge VV. Mryker
to plaimirf for the sum ot one thousand
dollars aid Interest and premium, and
reasonable attornet 'a lee In case suitor
action should be Instituted lo collect said
note or any portion thereof, by which
niortgage mi J George W. Mryker oouvevetl
to plaiimtl all that ceriain lot, tract, or
parcel of land, situate, lying and being in
Ihe county of Clackamas, Male of Oregon,
to-ail: tliink numbrred riglil () In .-.l-wood's
Addit on lo Milwaukee as snown by
toe recoraeo piai uiereot oi.reconi in Mid
county and state, and lureclosing your, and
each of your, and ail persons Claiming bv,
through, or under you, or either of you.
equity of redemption or other Interest In
right to or lien upoti said mortgaged pre
mises and tbe whole thereof, saving only
the statutory right to redeem, and fore
ciotingtbe lien ol plaintitr. upon Mid in
shares ot stock pledged by said George W.
Stryker as security for Ihe payment ol said
promissory note as aforeMid, and lor an
order of Mle of said mongaged premises end
Mid stork lo satisfy Mid decree ;and you and
each ol you are herehy notified that on the
itb day ol July, luul, ti,e Honorable
Thomas F. Ryan, Judge of the coumy court
of the ttate ol Urrgun for ihe County ol
Clackamas duly made an order that service
Of summons in tills suit be made 0;on said
defendants. George W. tjtryker, J. A. lUr
ker. and M J. Barker, his wile, J. W.
Didier, and JJidier. his wife, and up
on each ol them by publication thereof, and
that the date of tbe flrsi publication of this
summons is July i, I'.tJl. and that tne dale
of tbe last pnbhcaiion ol this euiumona is
September 6, l'.il.
Attorney lor 1'iaiuiitl
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon, for the County of Clackamas.
J. R. X. Sell wood, plaintifl.l
John F. Broeije, Marie Bro
etj, Helen U Stratum.
Creed W. titration, Lovd
L. Stratton, Milton Kav
moiid titration, Carrol R
Stratlon. John B.CIelaud,
. A. tielaud. .N bun
nionson and Fred Strong.
Uelendants )
To Creed W. 8i rat ton and ililton
Mond itratton. defendant!
In the nam' ol the S.ate of Oregon, you
are hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint tiled against you in the
aoove entitled cause on or before the loth
day of August, lie U. the last day of the
lime prescrioeo in tue order lor puoiication
ol this summons, to-wit: on or before the
expiration ol six weeks Irom tbe day ol
the first publication of this sum
mong. tne hri,t publication therenl
thereof being on the 2th day of June. M.il
anu ii you laii to answer lor want Ihereol
the plaintii) will apply to the court for the
reliel demanded in said comnlaint. to-wit
Fur judgment against the defendants. John
F. Broeije and Marie Brotie in Ihe sum ol
.!iY0u. with interest thereon at the rate
ol H per cent per annum Irom the first dav
of May. l!li. less $.ni.00, paid Novemlfer
L'l. 1; li) pud June l'l, n.H; )7UlM paid
Hepiemter.rth.. 1: 7.VtHj i.ald November
, ihk with interest thereon at the rate of
eigm ir cent per annum from the date ol
aid note, and lor the sum of four hundred
dollars attorneys lees and for costs and dis
btirsements of Ibis mil and that the de
feiidants and all persona claiming under
l'l in. be lorever barred and foreclosed ol
and Irom any and all rights, title interest
or equity or redemption in and to the said
mongaged premise and from every nan
thereof, and for a decree foreclosing plain
tiir mortgage described in the complaint
uKii the following described property sit
uated in Clackamas County, Oregon, hlt:
A pari of tbe aoutb half of tbe Oeorire Cmw
donation land claim, situated in sections one,
two, eleven and twelve, in Township two
south of range one east of the Willamette
Meridian and beginning at t tie east end of
me line dividing tbe Oeorge Crow donation
ihiiq ciaim into north and south halves
thence westerly along said dividing line
twenty eight cnaina and eighty-live link
to a point; tnence south to the north line ol
tbe lorty acre tract set apart by decree to
Ixiuisa Jane Bunnell, thence easterly along
'" uunii one ui me iouisa jane uunnell
tract, and along the north line ol the forty
acre tract set apart by decree lo J. J. Crow,
to the east line of the said Oeoree Onw
donation land claim: thence northerly
along said east Hue ol said claim to the
place of beginning; being the east thirty
acres of the forty acre tract set apart by
decree lo the heirs ol OeorveC-ow den.aju,,i
excepting said Louisa Jane Bunnell and J.
J. Crow; and for a sale of said properly to
satisly taid Judgment and barring and
foreclose you of all right, title or Interest in
and to said property an( equity of redemp
tion to or upon the said iiiortiHi,.rl i.r.r,,,.
pes and everv imrt thereof ami fi.r aii. h
other and further relief as the nature of
this cause may require and as to this court
niay seem just and meet.
tins publication Is made hv the order ,.t
the Hon. T. A. AlcBride. Indira fif the cir.
cuitcaurt of the state of Oregon for Clacka
mas countv. which order waa dnlv m.,u
and entered, June 18th, 1901.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Uated June 21, 1901.
Gun repairing. Johnson & Lamb.
They overcome Weak
ness, Irregularity and
omissions, increase vig--or
and banish "paina
In the Circuit Court ol the Hlate of Orrgun
for the County of Multnomah.
IVriUml Trust Company of
Oregon, plaintiir,
J C llaveiy and Anna
llarrly, ili'lemlant.
tt or Onruon,
County ol Clackamas
Hv virtu of Imlgmeiil order,
! All,! Ml, r Weill Ulll llillv la:m,l mil i,l a. ..I
I ... .i... n.. ...i ... i . . ..
In Ihe above entitled cause, to me duly d
reeled and dated the '.Vth day ol June,'
upon a jndgiueni renlered and entered in
said court en the 1Mb day of Juhe. I'Ml
1 In lavor of I'linluud Trust Company, ol llie
gon, ' I is 1 1, 1 i It and against J t' llateiy and
Anna llaveiy, defendants, and II. V. Rosa,
surety, lor lite sum of to..Vki M, lth intur.
est thereon at ihe raleol In ier cent prr an
num Irom Ihe .'llh day ol July, I ,1, lir.
enrv which judgment asenml led and dock
eted in the rink s ntlue ol said rurt in said
tMtiniy on Ihe .Vh day of January, l i and
w heieas, notice of contribution and repay
ment aas (lied lv I. ncinda K .ss, admlula
.... i ii i i .
iramxanti .siiuiiie i roeirr and l.e'tora
Kos, ty her guaridlan, l.tii'lnda Ron, Nov.
!'. iMiuiiiandlng ineoiil ol the .xrvmal
I'toperty of sai l drlendama and II. W,
K. surely, and If stilhrenl ctiuld not be
tound, then out of Ihe real property I
longing to said di-femlanla and surety to
sali-ty the sum ol H.T M now due on said
J'utgiiient with Inlerrst liiereou at Ihe rate
of ten r cent tr annum from the tb
day of IVcemler, l'"i, also costs uihiii this
Now, therefore, by virtue of said eiecti
lion. Judgment onler and decree, and In
compliance with the iummand of Mid
writ, bring unable to find any fs,u,al
property ol said defendant or surety's I
dnl on ihe l.'th day of July, l'si duly' levy I
upon tbe lolloaing descrnissl real properli '
ot sal t oetemiauia ami surety situate and
I being In the county of Cla kama. stale
tlregon. Its-wit
All utidividej four-ninths lnlr.( In and
lo all of the following tlrat-rtbed real
property to-wit.
Lois threr'(.l) and four (tl In block C) In
the town of Canemah, Clackamas county
tregn. as shown by the plat and snrvevs
ol raid loan of Canemah now on lie In the
county clera's otttcw of Clackamas county,
The north one-half I S)of lot No. one 1 11
and Ihe norm one-h at 1 1 , ol lot numlerl i
eiittiU)in block numberetl weidy-ven '.T
according to the map and plat of the loan
of Oreg in t'liy, Hremui, on tile In tbe
county clerks o.'tlce of CI-kam Countv;
end lots rummencing at the t orin west
C-irncr of said block twenty srven
;.TJ and running thencw easterly
.'lo lot; thence southerly 3 Irri
uiulS Inche; theiii-ei weaterly '.'10 Irel lo
Main street; thence J4 feet and 3 tncbee to
the plai-e ol beginnti g.
Tbe stiuth one half IS of the James
V.imi lVination land l aim. notiticatiuu
No 7''J, In section one. twelve, and tbir
teen, township three t! south, ranira ! .11
east of Willamette Meridian, In Clai-kani.
coumy, Oregon, containing- one huiidrrtl
and hll-tlire lit; acres hmre or le.s.
Iteginulng at a Slake li chains south
and 4.1 chains weal Irom the northern cor.
ner ol the John 8. Howland IKn aikm lnd
claim ; thei ce south Hi dekre, ti minutes
east 40 chains lo a stone; thence stiuth 11
degree. M minute we-l 8 chain to a
sum; tnence north l'l degree. 4.' n.nine
weat 40 chain to a tak on me north wt
bouiit'ary ol sai I claim; Iheiice north 4-t
degree ctt , 10 dial' s to Ihe idace of tie-
ginning, containing ;rj. re. more or leaa,
In Ciackkma county, Oregon.
beginning at the northwest comer of
Isaac Oordon'a land, or land formerly
owned bv him, theme along the hue ol said 1
ttordon tract In a southeasterly direction
To rods; tbrnce at righl ang.ra running
westerly to the hue of a tract of laud
formerly owned by LI). Harding; II
northerly along said line ol aanl Harding'
tract of land 7u rods, more or leas, to 1, O.
Harding's northwest corner; thence In all
easterly direction lo Ihe northwest corner
of a tract of land formerly owne-l by Lucy
A. Burnett; thence southerly lo the ninth
west corner of said tract formerly owned by
aid Lucy A. Burnett, llo rods; thence
easterly along Ihe fin of said Lucy A. Burn
etl tract ol land to the place of beu-iiintn
con laming Ii'J acre, ihe same being pari of
I'blllp hosier a V. L. C. In C'ackamaa
couiiiv. Uregon.
twinning at a Point thirty I In! feet eaat
of where the south line of section nine (til
township two south, range two (.'J east 01
the VYniametie Meridian, crosses tne center
ol the Oregon anil Caiiloruia railroad, run
ning tiieme northerly, tracing the eastern
boundary line of aaiii railroad riuht t.f war
to a point forty I0J rods north ol said see
lion nine '.IJ; thence east parallel with said
section line sixty-eight (j rods to the a est
rxiundary ol the county road; thence in a
southwesterly direction tracing ihe West
boundary line of said county ror.il llhv and
one-half rods lo line of said aecOou
nine 9; thence west Ihlrly-nlne .1'if rod
tracing said section line lo place ol oexin
dng, containing thirteen anil
3J acres, more or lew, hi Clackamas
county, Oregon.
Also, lots two, three, four and six, block
thirty six in Oregon City. Oregon.
And I will, on
BATriUlAY, AUGl'HT ?.M, V.,,
at the hour of 2;fJ o'clock. P.M.. at tb
front door of the County Courl House
111 the Lity ol Orriron Citv. m said
county end Mate, sell at public auction
suojeci 10 redemption, to the highest bid
der, for U. H. gold coin Cash in hand, all the
rigut, line ana interest which the within
named defendant or surety or either of
mem nave In or to the above described real
property or any part thereof, lo smiii.v aid
execution, Judgment order, decree. Interest.
cunia anu an accruing cost.
Sheriff of Clnckama Counts nri,,n
Dated, Oregon Ciiy. Ore,. July 12, 1'Ul.
Notice ot Male oflteiil IHe
S- . . - , 1 . .
.-s once is nereny given, that, rmrsiimit in
an orderof the coumy court of the Hiate
01 Oregon, mr uiackanas cotiiuy, made
ami entered on the 11th day of July, 1:101,
I will sell at private sale on and alter Aug.
pst 17, IWil, Ihe following described real
estate, to-wit:
The SWt of section 0. containing IM
otic an,i iota 1 ana z,oi section 7 coritaln-
ing "i .5 acres, more or less, all in T S
H 3 K of the Willamette Meridian in Clacka!
mas coumy, uregon.
Beginnings! the intersection of ih V..,l
and Butte Creek road with the north bound
ary 01 aeciion, a in i 0 h, HI K of
tne wiuameite Meridian running
thence south 31 deg. 40 mln west 0 l.'ichains
thence east Ki deg 4M mln south 710 chains'
thence north 8.33 chains to section line
thence west on section line, 1.80 chains to'
the place of beginning, containing VA acres
more or less: also the East u if vi ..1
section 8. t 8s. rlE. of th Wiiu,;.n
Mernlinn coiitalnlniHO
all In Cluckamas county, Oregon, belonging
to the estate of J. L. (V.hran. deceased
Bids will be received by the undemignBd on
the land last above described, which is near
Needy, Clackamas county. Oregon, until
the 17th day of August, l!jl.
Terms ten per cent on day of sale.balunce
on confirmation bv the court.
Dated this Kith day ol July, Ifgii
Administrator of the Kstate of J L
Cochran, deceased.
The place to get it fixed. What?
Your wheel. Johnson & Lamb. Main
,otltc I'lstnl an ttlciurMl.
Nollcei linndiy given tlial Ihe iiinler
h;m,l Mliniuislialor ol Die i" laic ol l.nkn
Coiner, ilcci'asc.l, has film I in llm coiinlv
xuirt of the coiinlv of t in kstnaa, alaiti
I .
of Oicgoii, lila rinal ai count as audi ad
mlnlistrator of aai.l iwUio.an.l that Mii
(lav.lboMli tlity Aimusl, A.l. IlK'l l l'
hour of 10 .10 a. in h twit lined l.y
Die Hon. Tlma. K. Ryan. Jtnlgo anl
cmrt, a tlm tun" for biMiliig ol j 'ciloua
to !! rcoilaiiil llie scillmi.i'iil o eaid
i t'slalo.
(. I A I r I r I P,
.VIininili:ilor n( tin) ralatt ol l.ilVw
Comor, ili'i iaMi.
Paicl, June S.'i, I'Hil.
Malice ol I'lssiil 4 lletiiriit
I Notice Is herrhy given that the under
slgiod. as i Vei Ul'U ol the estate nl John
ti llonnell. ill-erased has llhd l.rr final 'e.
Iirl ail'i the coiinly court of Ua. sanns
roiiniy, Prrgiin. and that the lion. 1 hoinai
K i;n. Judge ol said rourt has si-t Moii
day. the ;'d day ol bpleinler. 'i, at lo
o'cIih k a. in as the lime lor Ihe arillemeiit
lhcri .il and hraili g ol'Ji-t lloi s II rrvl.i, II
anv le ma le.
Iaied. July l''l.
in'UA iitNNi:i r.
r'lr. Hi MI
I aseallrtl lor l arraiilt
Kolloaing Is a Hal of warrants remaining
Ui i'alir.l l.o In Ihe clerk's ultliv of I'larka
u a coiinlv lor seven yrare ending June,
.'.I I'S'I. and II not called lor In tMays liiey
a ill Ih C'Sncrllvd :
I 4i II
I .".'
it -
I'l.Ulip Tatm
itallace .ibrighl
Mis. A M. Mil. all
Mora .VIcMdlan
C r. Vseir
W. i, Thompaotl
fl M
J iJ
i :
t :
.1 Id
t :a
J isi
i :
i ;
4 .t
I :u
F l..hnrg
( Mit'onnell
II I. Ilarniim
A la L Howard
J. M. Mrn alsr
.s II Itsmaii
J. W. Ha-ker
John liranscro
l 10
a sir.
I.' M
3 ."
I "i
f I A t.l
lie-'rw andmkn
II Wbeimore
M Knrts
F War
l,oiili II atu
II Irani IVikal
Frank Itowmau
Ua HaUa
John Mate
Charira t'uehran
It Ki'irr
Pari Uase
Total.. .
Stdi or Omoosj
t'oi'SH or Claiktsua.s
I, K. II C.ir. roiinl clerk of the ali
I named phihii and stale, ai.il rink ( ih
1 cmnly court of the cm Mr id I l.rlii.,n
i ami Male nl Orrkon. do heiahv reriilv inal
the loregulng coi v of aarranla nrrf
sesen )ear prior lo June '.si. si.
ami uncalled
me compared
for has in by
lib the original, and
that It la a correct
transcript thrrelrom and
t ol the whole ol such original aa the same
appear in re.tmi ri my oltl.-e and In my
rare and ctialo-ty.
In testimony where.il hat hereunto set
my i.ami and altltad Ihe seal ol said court
this :"Hh day ol June, psil
F.. II CiHifKU,
' Coutiiy Clerk.'
Satire fwr Ihra t loai.
Tinitier Land Act June .1, It;.
l'plle.1 Males Land 1 irflce. Oregoj Cy,
Oregon. July . JU.
.Notice I hern,) given that in compliance
wtlh tne provlsliiua of the a- id Congre
of June 3. KS, entitled "An acl lor lb
a I of timber land In Ih Hta'ea of tail
lorn'a. Oregon. Nevada, and Washington
Territory" (amended to all the public
Land Hiale by acl of August 4. I1".',
of Portland, county of Multnomah, Hiale ol
Oregon, ha this day filed In ihia oltlr bis
worn statement No. M.VI, lur tne purchase
of Ihe tie; ol .terimn No. 30 hi lownaMp
No. 5 8, Kange No. 4 K. and will oiler pr.N.I
to bow that Hi lanat oughi ) mora valu
able for tu ilmiieror atone than lor ag'i
cululural purpose, and to esiahli.h his
claim lo said land before the Itcgister and
Receiver of this ullne at Oregon t'iiy Ore
gon on Saturday, the '.'Htn day of nepu-ui-ber,
He name a witnesses:
Man I. hersen. Y. W. Merrltt. A. It
Mendenball. J.t;. Burke, all ol Portland
Any ami all prisons claiming adversely
the amive descrll.ed lands are requested lo
lile their claims In this nllli e a f lielore
aui sum uay ol rtentember,
Mnlooai l.lrvnae.
Notice I hereby given that I will apply
to the city council at It regular meeting for
a license to sell liquor at my present place of
buslnes on Heventh itreel. License to dale
from August 'Jf, 1!).
Oregon City, July 22, I'M.
K. Brukk.
' Wood Wanted.
Bid will he received hy Ihe Hoard
County Commissioners for J10 cords of
well seasoned yellow fir wood four (net
long- cut from live timber, bids U be op
ened at the regular August term at
o'clock p. in. A Delist 8, m. Woo J to be
delivered on or before October 1st, 1001.
Ihe Hoard reserves the rlfht to reject
any ami all hids.
Dated July 17, 1901.
E. II. Cooi-kb,
County Clerk.
Notice Is hereby given that Ihe board
of county commissioners of Clackamas
county, Oregon, will receive sealed bids
up and until Angust Uth, 1901, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. in for the county
printing and the furnishing of county
supplies tonne ensuing year,
I . -
The printing to consist of tax lists.
execution notices, proceedings of tho
board of county commissionera, legal
blanks and all advertising and printing
which tbe county or any of Its officers is
required to do. Also, lo furnish all
stationery, blank books, registration
blanks, election tickets and duplicates.
record books and all supplies ol what
ever kind and nature uied by the county
The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids,
E. II. Coopkb,
County Clerk,
Dated July 10, 1901. 1
kka'ITIK i:li:i:tki.
( Iiommi (.t nriiil Sci n'liiry ofllip
V. M. V. X,
ni'iiM. t (isiMi iti:k .unuvrM).
I'fj.l.al II it lor to Ho iItIiI
Si I Icihb. r i iul 4r'lr tiuilt
( ommi m e,
The l-oar.l of iltfi lure ( lli Yung
Milt's ( litl-tliin Asm Ulloit lielil a
liirctlng and vIimIi'.I V, tiill.itt Itralli
general eocrriaiy nl lli aaifiaiuui, Mr,
Uratllo Ii 'eigne mi,ii In tlm I'ug' he
lilk'li n ln. I to snrpl I lir rail and will
take ai live tneaaure witlmlil delay lo
make lie bn al s-h lalloii all It alioutd
le. lie graduated wlili ligh Imiioi lat
June front Ihe Ciilverll of Oregon and
I an energetic capal.ln young man.
I'. It Jactiba.nl ll.o Oregon City Man
iiIji tiirit g t oinpaiiy, M Koaeiihauui, l
the Crow n l apt-r Company, ami N. It,
Lang, l 11.0 Willamette I'ulp and I'apt r
I'ompntiy, were appointed a rtuiiiiilllie
10 audit the iiIxk f pitioti. wdlt li total
l.'.oiki. Of tin uuio.int i.'.ism U
11 I to pay nil 0UItli.llng lndebtilliil
nd the balance) In Iniprovitig liiw liulnb
A physical tlirrvtor will m nuiployed
neat tiionih and rlaaare will te fornmd.
Mioilld it tint ! .aiblo to obtain lew
Ident duet-tor, tin litsard wl'l arrange to
as-ciire he aetViira ol the ilirtH'tor ol the
Portland Y. M. l A. for at leal lo
daya of the week
.Many mature relating lo the K'mmI i4
the aaatariatlon Wnrw kuliaidrrrd at lt
ii glil' nit-ctltig and the) hoard arrangrt)
uBlalls and plan of renovating lha build
lug and adjusting the indiditetliieaai.
Salmon ( miliars
It Onl'roy, of ra'rhavnn, Wash , pro
lliuter tsf the aa! limn combine, recently
incorporated with a capital of f .'-",(.
ha returned to the rsiaat after aotue tune
nl In New York City, enllling capi
tal fur the rnlerprlaai. The ttxiipalilna
a ho have voted loctma.ili.lata are ;
I'arlflc American Heleriral'uuip ny
One cannery at Friday Harbor, Man Juan
Islam), Waahltiglon, and three canneries
at Kalrliavrn, Wash.
Fetrhavru ('lining C'uinpanv One
cannery at Falrhayeo, Wa.h.
Ainawortli A Ounn One t annery at
Blaine, Wah , and oti at hcwlilo.
raciilc Mnarn Whaling I'oitipany
Seven canneriee in Alaaka,
Alaska Fishermen's 1'arkltig l'omsny
of Aetorla, Or. One cannery at Bristol
Bay, Alaska.
floaton KUMng k Trading Company,
of I'orilabd One ratinery at Yea Bay,
Chlliotil I'acklng Company, ol I'ort
land One cannery on Clulkat Illvef,
Taku I'at king Coinpariy, of Oregon
One cannery at Taku I'oint, Alaska. .
Taku Fishing Company One cannery
at Siii llUliam, Alaska.
Chalhain htralt I'acklng Company
One cannery on Chatham Htralt, Alaska.
(Quadra Packing Company -On can
nery on (Quadra Bay, Alaaka.
Icy Snait Tacking Company One
cannery 011 Jlartlitl Il sy, Alaaka, and
one at I'rterehiirg.
Western laherlea (ominy, of I"ort
land One cannery on Ihimlaa Bay,
Thlinket racking Companr, of I'ort
land Ofiscatiriery at fiirard I'oint and
one at Hanta Anna. Alaeka.
It Is understood that acveral other
plant will aMin paa In t the hands of
the truat upon term already accepted.
Hid will bei received by the Hoard ol
Count Commissioners for (17,o00 feetol
lumlmr for the Ahernethy road and
J,H00 feet of litmUr lr the Aiieroii
road, plank to he Ki feet x 3 In. x 8 to 12
In. Kald lumber to Imi delivered on
roads ready for laying down by Beptem
lier, 20, 1001.
Hids will be opened August 9. lOOI.al
2 o'clock p. in.
The Hosril reserves the right lo rrloct
any and all bids.
County Clerk.
Hids will be received hy the Board of
C. ..... r. 1. f .
wuiiiy onimisHioner ior a county
pnysician lor the ensuing year, said
physician to furnish medicine, medical
attendance, appliances and iierform all
surgical operati ms for the county poor
ajiti inmates for the county jail.
lMds to be opened at the reiitilar
August term at 3 o'clock, August 8. 1901
J he Hoard reserves the right to 1 elect
any ana all bpls.
K. II. Cooi-Kit,
County Clerk,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signature of
l'. ('. A; 0. 11, ( oiiiiiitiy Wniit
Nnv Ariuiiv'fiiM'iit JHilc,
kxi'mt mi. ruriuirr iummh,.
Couitt ll UOpp si'diut.uti,,, i rsKtt(
l riisinrlrtiMn 1'ilHipge mi
wals Mrrrt.
When the old l a.t M,n lUIUay, m
the I'orlUml City , Oregon ItalUav Cu
pauy aa hmll, the company r,B
a M) year fraiichlae hotil Oregon t'iyt
riincaisou Main sired ami eUut UM,
year ago were gr4iile. a lratii hlf,.
10 yrara to run an rat-re. i, tla,
original (tai'thiso aii nixlilng al.i
(relg'il t are ami tho mieyrlomim tJ lt
dmlare that Ii.hi car fi.i,i
limali pawngrr rare, urit.it- ff,),,
rar or apft vit, or nuno uiUr
of rar am .itillii,,
Last io.eiiilirr Ihe cdinpany sppllij
lof a i:l )er franchlw, Kivlng n.nq m
rUl.l to lay a d-i'iU.i track mi Ui
si rr-t ami lo run a paaapnger, frel(i,
and etnrraa hu.lne. The fiamhiie
aa grained but In January a nr con,
cil tame Into tanr and dmlarail U,
ordinance void a Il paaM-,j ,( M
a. Ijniifiifd liiTilng. contrary ,n,t
vlaion of Ih ihsrler. Tao m.mihti-,
one of the rmtipany's freight rar uv
ftire arreete-l fr vliWating an or,J.
nance a huh forbid runtiing Im.-tdf
Oil the atresia, II plea led lliailj,
f ram h:e ordinance a hie iisirt,'jg4
but Itecorder Currf rule-1 Dial I tM
n 1 Juatirti-atloit, a the ordinantw M
Void. Wheleuett the Coin-any fcr4
writ ol feyiew to Ilia rn ui riairl k4
It a ill piea.iiiial ly corn tip I r U4
In the NoveliilK-r Irriii, Mfarial.il ii
company have rn.de overture l (1
rlty for rt'iiipruni or llnanre, hat
dns lai. 111 or Sa'rremetil haa y t
rraihe-l. The Itlcrr of I Imi rtupar
talk a though, they Would rsneti lo IU
Bluiluienl ol the preannl ord.liaitce Ut
hea Vie I grnte. thnti.htii lUcoatail
d'a not mui diascHl lo (rant tsf
(might prlvilrgne on Main lrds ali
vidual opinion, among the ruutvil, s)
opiHaml .j giving ar frknrl.ls U.U
may he l4 large value In the fuhtre, id
II I bIm oppoaavl toperniUlingtheriiy't
principal hrtuglilre lo hra 1
paeaatfe fur (rrlghl trains.
In f t -itue of the councilman srM
In favor of rare running on Main stnet
at all, ami say that ncli a rik-bia
hoilld never have Uevlt given 10 Ua
company, but they would have n e-
Jectlon to freight train runnlrif
Water street, where tbe tratk tnJ
have laren ptacw.1. The only oba'atl la
the way la the Oregon Ciiy TrattsparU
tluri Corn p. 111 'a aharf, which roe J
eaaily he overcome by a treat!.
Another int ntra Into the quettios
ami that la the payment for street lac
provnnent The ordinance pa4 tow
year ago granting the company ll)
year frm biae io run an esprva car oe
Main etrettt, provide fur tho pymot
leiti againat the company and speclflr
that llHtkl hl be paid each year ontil
IM'sl It i pant a it tt right per rent la-trr-.t
from May 31, JhiM. A failurs of
the company lo mm ply with the provis
ion work a for fell mo of the oruinaeo
and the council claim thai the company
have me I no payments ainre last Feb
ruary. There I alio a difference ef
opinion lo the amount dun from It
company ami at present a been of f-3
a year la U'lng paid. This license
aolhorlitml ( tho ,.n was paid in full
prior to June I, IlktJ, but after that lift)
tU coon. II may determine the amooot
to Ixi charged.
Wirt Minor, of tbe Portland la Arm
of Cotton, Teal and Minor, attorneys for
Ihn I'orl!aiid City and Oregon Kall'sr
Comiiaiiy, was In town Tuesday In coo
sulfation with the mayor and the etty
attorney in relation to Ihe granting of
new freight franchise to the enmpsny.
but no definite arrangement has ba
The Oregon City A Southern IUII7
Company, which Is an extension of ll
I'. 0. A 0. Railway, Is contemplatl"!
the construction of a blir warehou 1
Canemah, preparatory to enlarglnK the'f
freight traffic. While the crossing! b
not lieen constructed over the Hotithero
raclflo Coiimativ's traca-s. ismdinK t'lf
acceptance of the reiwrt of the eotiimi
alon anoolnind lo renort on sdvlssliiHlf
of a grade or other crossing, tho 0. C
8. Company evidently assume that n'
report favoring a grade crossing will I
acceptable and the Interlocking- wlte,,e
are already ordered. It Is expei'M U
the tip-river Iwata will transfer llelr
frelnht at Canemah, near the end of l
trolley lino where the warehouse litoJ
coustrticted, ami save lockage charge! of
50 cents per ton.
For Vnnnir M.a anil Tnuila rVomOll
There Is nothing that will '""
Ire of a vonnir man or woman 0 Q,IICI M
to bavo interior laundry work put oil
tl,,.,., 1-1. n,u .tr.iua aver SO W"i
tiiiiiii, .lltJT oils mwnn v.-- .
hut it thoir shirt trout or shirt watJ
inussy their neat appoaranoe la spoil
The Troy laundry makes a specia'iJ w
ladloa' and umitlomen's fine w'0"'
There can be no bottor work than 1
done at the Trov. Ieave your order
Johnson'! barber shop,
til I1I1
0110 1
no." 1
s 1
Krcw 1
tiling 1
Idly; ,
fru U
"'at so
!"nly wtl
"'i-y .1,
I'Clnir 111
1 0 tlio n
J'fint nil
ft tl,
uougi, t
! I fol
yy. 1,
lon a m,
llr'i his l
T'lO Sfe,