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Our oorreiKndenta will please tend
In articles More Wednedays of each
week, otherwise it reaches us loo late (or
Mainiam, May 13th. Mr. Jolin llU
surprised the neighbor a short tiuu' ago.
He hid rented hi larm to hit brother-in-law
and started for eastern Oregon,
but when he got as far as Portland the
limine on his Tartu burned down, lit
was telephoned for and ranie bark to
see about buililinjj another boue. Two
weeks ago he went to Portland aain
and returned with a w ife. He hai taken
up hi abode in one of Mr. Door's houses.
Mr. F. Riding's oldeat' daughter,
Marin, who is three years old, met with
a painful accident lat Saturday evening, I
while playing in the yard, She fell from
a box and dislocated her elbow.
Mim Van hart is visiting her brother
Mis Tensie Larkins' smiling couuteu
anee was seen on the streets of Marquam
Saturday and Sunday. She cm me home
from her school Friday eveuing, return
lug Sunday evening.
The Epworth League of the M. E.
church elected its new officer last week
for the coming year. Mr. I. P. Larkins
was elected president, Mr. A. F. Jack ' prices.
secretary, mum uenna uray treasurer.
Tearl Dunlavy has been on the sick
list for nearly two weeks. He has been
confined to the bed moet of the time but
is improving now.
Lift week Marquata came nearly
being blotted out of existance. Mr. F.
Hiding's bouse caught (ire on the roof
from a spark, and before Win discovered
had burned a hole about four feet long
in the roof. By prompt action it was
eoon jtot under control. It the house had
burned there would have been no possi
bility of saving the store and the direc
tion of the wind that day would have
made it impossible to save Mr. Marquam'a
Mr. Will Jack and wife, of Silyerton,
visited relatives at Marquam last Sunday.
orchestra and the Zoho quartet, a male
quartet and a mixed quartet from Ore
gon City. After the program basked
will e auctioned and refreshment sold,
consisting of cake, Ice cream, cattily,
nuts, gum and oranges. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
The bids for the new school house
have been let to Mr. Theo. Schniale, of
Stone, for MStl.
Mrs. J. Mumpower has returned from
California, having had a very pleasant
wait and being much pleased with the
country, but thinks it's not as good as
Mr. John Hatton gave a barn raising
Pr. IVrve'a lavorite Pttvriptinn and
rencvemnce in its ue will work won
item for the timet Iioih-Icm woman. If
last week which was a suirew in suite whose Utter ia given
. . .1 pciow, ima not rcniistrd In its iim aim
might never huv known the happiness
c. il
UPrT -
of the bad weather. The bain i gooil
and largo as Mr. Hatton expects to keep
a good many dairy cows for the creamery.
Mis May Andrews will close a very
successful four niontha' term of school
May 24, and we hope to ohtaio her ser
vices again for the fall school.
The follow ing named pupils of district
No. 30, Stone, have leen neither a bee nt
nor tardy during the month of April
Elva Watts, Holly Bacbman, Nellie
Kiebhoo. Alma McMurry, Clyde Me
Murry, Veda Walts, Harry McMurry,
Elsie atts, Anna Hemtich, Kay Stew
The Stone school closes on Friday,
Mar 24. An entertainment will be held
and an interestingprogram has been
prepared by the teacher, Misa Mar An
ew trlutineU ha la at nonulnr
.Vila .'oldiuUta
Our Motto I HUh )aaliyand
low price. .m Caoldsruith.
GkoRoi, May 10th.
The new county road between George
and Garfield is now completed and is
open lor traffic The road has been
built by voluntary work, mostly bv the
Miller Bros, and partly by the people of
this district, and has cost over a thousand
dollars. There are fine laid out grades
on both sides ot the creek and the new
bridge with its long approaches, which
was built by the county, gives the road
a fine appearance. In summer there
will be cool and shady camping grounds
. on botn sides of the bridge.
Our supervisor, Mr. Henry Johnson,
is working on the Eagle Creek road with
a foice of men to work out the voluntary
work subscribed by the people of this
disti ict. The road ia in a bad condition
now but will be in a better shape before
long. '
Farmers are expecting a large crop of
everything. Winter irrain looks well
and fruit blossoms are past danger.
Miss Helen Paulren has gone to Port
land to learn dressmaking.
Mr. Adolpn Miller, of GarGeld, was
Visiting friend here Uct Sunday.
Stone, May 14. Extensive prepara
tions are beinir made bv the minilaof th
school for the entertainment to be given
the evening of May 24, in the old hatch
ery building, for the purpose of buying
a bell for the new school house. The
program will consist of recitations, flag
drill, dialogues and songs by the school
children and epecial munic by a string
Shibxl, May 12 This hss been a
great week in Shuhel. The Lutheran
and Congregational churches have been
holding conference for three or four days
and friends of the respective churches
have been coming from far anJ near to
attend these sceWul services.
C. Sbubel, of Oregon City, spent a few
days fishing in our streams during the
week. He caught only a few. You
must remember, judge, our country boys
seldom know when you intend calling
on thera so they keep the water quite
clear and readv for more.
Frank S hoe n born, of Orgon City,
spent today with bis friend Robert
Will Hethman and Henry Guenther
have returned from eastern Oregon,
where they have been working for a
month. There's no place like home.
Mrs. Rusonich and children, of Oreiron
City, were out on a drive in our Village
The Lutheran people here are building
a neat fence around the cbnrch premises,
Kev. tddie Hornschuh, of Portlsnd,
was out on a visit one day last week
He did not catch many fish. Our
streams have grown to be "A delusion
and a snare."
Misa Lixzie Wolf, of Portland, is borne
for a few days, nursing her brother John,
who is very sick.
Henry Steiner and Mr. Tocker, both
of Walla Walla, spent a few days in our
of pet feet hcu'th. Pet Imps the reason
for her pcrsiMritoe was tn-cause she used
"Favorite Prescription" ai a "hist re
sort." Phviu'iiina h.ul failed. If "Favor
ite Prescription" could not help there
waa nothing to hoe for. It did help. It
always helps ami almost always cures.
It establishes regularity, drica weaken
ing drams, heals inlhitiimntiun and ulcer
ation and currs female wriikncas. It
imparti strength mid elasticity to the
organs of maternity and makes the
baby's advent practically painless.
Whrn 1 fniultrd you tu A, ..
In r"r hratih wrlirs Mis K II. Nrwtnn. il
Vinlniirn, Anwl.k Ca. Mauir "IU.1 lrn
Ih k sll wintrf . ami. in a. I I lo mr Inxililr. i
on mr tv.i iu maternity, ahkh tnf k1ur mu!
uM end oi v .lavs I was atmmt itiwmiraant .
am nix txrrt auv n-i. nut iiHHiunt in rn.l
was onlr a maitrr nf lunr. ami uM my two
iiilir, nitnrr.ra lillltlivn.
II m in I h i i-.Mi.lnnn that I Krcaa Iht um
or ymr valuamr mr.li4-nt On rvcritil of your
Irttrr of Aptil Mb my hnlaml purvtMirtl an
btatlrs of ' K'amru ITTaktliott' and 'llulilm
VotK-al Ilinrry ' ' an. I I uanl II aa you
cuurajcrmrnl on April irlh I hail m-rivrd bo
u min to l r u a lair trial I am now tak-
til lU ittlMMMlW AM. I 1... W.I.I- , k. -
jurrly hany irl Ihrrr wrrks tiM. that wrlghrtt
li poun.laat Mrth Mr baliy sa.l I ar rnl,-r-
l"rirct braitlt. thanWa lo yur wnlcrful
Bictliciar. to which I lirlirvt I owe my litr
Dr. Pierce's Pellets stimulate the liver
Mitcholl Wagons
Hoosior Drills
Oaso Plows
Champion Mo wors and Binders
Southwick Hay Presses
And n full lino of -. Evans Potato Planters
Agricultural Implements, Vohiclos and Bicyclos
First and Taylor Streets, Portland, Oregon.
Aims, May 11. How natural it seems
for all matter to be changing about
people go and people come. Mr. Henrv
Inlow and family now occupy the house
recently vacated by the Ingrahms. He
is piling ties for Erau.hall, and still
there ia more to follow.
it is cam tiiat tiimernien of old were
made fishermen of men, but Mr. C. P
Crooks, who fished for men for a season.
has changed the order and went to the
Columbia river to Csh for salmon.
Next Monday, May 13. the summer
run of K. K. ties w ill begin. Instead of
stacking them along the line of the
flume they will be allowed to pass on
and thone which have been stacked out
will be thrown in with them and carried
to the Kaudy river, thence down the
river to Troutdale.
Jbe weather is now favorable for
...-.. -L I . .... ...
vcKeiauieu, gruu anu iruit. All are
doing well except peaches, w hich have
Tide mountain air and water is enjoyed
ny ail.
should always be kept in
the house for the fol
lowing reasons:
FIRST Because, If any member
of the family has a hard cold, It
will cure it.
SECOND Eecauce. If the chil
dren are delicate and sickly, it will
make them strong and well.
THIRD Because, if the father or
mother Is losing flesh and becom
ing thin and emaciated, It will build
them up and give them flesh and
FOURTH Because It Is the
standard remedy In a!l throat and
lung affections.
No household should be without It.
It can be taken in summer as well
as in winter.
;oc. and $i.oo, all druggljtl. :
SCOTT 4 BOWNE, Chemisu, Nw York.
Wilhoit, May 12. .Spud planting is
the order of the day.
Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Groshomr were
doing burliness in ficott town last Wed
it. iiaun has started in the pack
train bUHiness.
Hert W ade is back at bis old trade
chopping bruwh.
Mr. Slauithter, a well known freighter
ot this district, hauled a load for Mr
McLearo last week.
Orlan Thomas left last Thursday for
eastern Oregon.
air. Miistead made a trip to the
county seat last week.
Cabcs, May 10. After an absence of
two weeks, Carus comes to the front with
but little to say.
J. Moore recently purchased a young
team ot horses from B. G. Fauet. Ha in
to pay for them by hauling wood.
Mrs. London, who ban been KeiiniiHlv
ill for about a month, is much better and
hopes are entertained for her recovery.
lotato planting is about done. This
stems to be the main crop this year
with Carusitea as it ia with a good manv
other ites.
There is a certain young business man
in our community utd rlcok. as he said.
to straighten up his Pa's busineai dur
ing his Pa ah' nee by trailing otTa
young heifer for two aheep. Hut when
his Pa returned home he simply straight
ened up the young man's businrns bv
sending the hired man to tell the other
party it was not a legal trade.
Carus and Molalla horse trader are
never too ill to make a trade. A few
days ago a Carus trader went lo the Mol
lala trader's bedoide and after an hour's
talk made a trade. It was hard to tell
which was beaten. B. Kauat, Carua
and B Darnell, Mollala, were the con
traitting parties.
Several Carus young folks attended
the necktie social at New Fra Fridav
Mrs. J. R. Lewis fell from the hack, as
she was returning from Beaver Creek
Sunday, striking her head on the wheel
and hurting ber quite badly.
The Cams literary society will give an
Ice cream social at the school bom
May 25, the money to be ued for the
beneht of the school houe librarv. Ali
are cordially invited and boys, idea's
have the dimes jinuling for there are
lota of pretty girls in Carus who appre
ciate a dish of ice cream.
ew airrlratU dallr la Iteadr to
Wear IfaU at
MIm Uolflamlfli.
tula Cretk.
EAOI.I CkSEI. Mav 14. The lirnmri
are busy finishing their spring seeding
that is, planting their spuds.
Koad work will soon legin. Poad
supervisor J. E. Burnett contemplate
doing some good road work this mt.,n.
Miss Hoi stroin will soon finixh a am-.
ceMfiil term of irhixd jn diri( t So. 17
Tl. ... 1 I . i .
mo Btiuiui uorn would a.) well to
cure Miss Holstrom to teach our neit
term of school.
Mr. J. Simpson took a load of sheen
pelts to Portland this week.
H. F. Gibson is doing unite well in I. in
new store at this place. He w ill put up
an additional bin din bem lonv
George L. Story, a successful attorney
of Oregon City, was called to Sandv
riaturdny lo hhow the (untie that he was
wrong in hi a proceedings.
There is a good location at Kairle Creek
for some good doctor.
Mrs. J. W, llawletl will soon return
from California, w here ah Is vmting
her hrntner.
FagU Ciei k has a good Snnd y school.
1'arenta should encourage their chlldten
to attend instead of idling altout a drug
store ued aa a litpior iiiep.
Miss Zara Forreater was visiting Misa
Pearl Foater fujnday.
Mi Maggie Smith viaited her grand
father at I'urrlnsville. He Is unite low
with sickness.
Mr. Zeak's little boy met w ith ipilte a
severe av ident a fw days since, by
falling olf of the feme and breaking his
arm. The bn pfimtrated the llwh and
would have gune in the ground had he
not a coat on. A physician from Greidi
am attended the boy.
The Artisans of this place cave a social
ami supper Saturday night. A good
time was enjoyed.
in the way of (wins. Titer are u her
room four pairs of Ulna, two pairs loing
hoya and two girls.
The Portland rlly dirwt.iry nun u
taking data here this wevk for the tin
dirot lory.
MiUaukle Is vUlud nearly every dav
by thiMw deairlng la buy or rent pruprfly
la the vicinity.
Mrs. (. J, lloliert will rel'iraitit th
as to strike his land within avrrt j
, i inner and ofl th tUl nnfj
and rad that run Ihroiigh Hibi.,,.-,
eighty and waa changed U iia
ai iimiit of Inultig at IhU a;. .V, v
rorn.r, (feucing lu ln..) ,. h qj
utrr reai bed the linos lakltiif in a.....t
.i.i t . -t .
rrvaiM iii juriian una. I Her tMt
! tu I a ildTnrvtira betWoon Ulng slrlanJ
I to a rs I or Uiug a friend to
w, ,.im.w wi.t f .--. ... ihv iu a ri j ui ii llieilij 10
Mllaaukie Chriallan Kn leavor at lh I erati that wanta a ri I. AiiJ
K. rotiveiitinn lot held at 'hoard of roiinty ioiiii.iial,,i,ni, (,,t
Baarttka yf 1M I t-i T.I HjH Inn fofl
' rm A. i a, a -Vi
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kldnev trnuKU
j ----- y. -j m yNii mo llllllli, UI3
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
ana cneertuiness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that It Is not uncommon
for a chllH In rw Vr-
y ; 0 VP-t amic,l wk kid
J4?j r- "the child urin-
'm inn fi.n it .1
urine scalds the flesh or If, when the child
reaches an ace when it .hn,,u .1.1.
control the passage, It Is yet afflicted with
. 7 ? y "na upon it. the cause of
the dlificu iv is HHnov
step should be towards the treatment of
these Important organs. This unpleasant
irouwe is flue to a diseased condition of the
Kidneys and t adder and nni . koi.i.
most people suppose.
Women aa well as men are made mis
eratle with kldnev anH y,iJa. ..n.
ana botn need thn imm
Ihe mild and the Immediate effect 0!
Swamp-Root Is soon realized. It Is sold
by druggists, In fifty-
r-nt anI nr. .11..
nave iBjKTr t nrr
sample Dottle by mall UgiiZJ
free, also pamphlet tell- Hom. ot Swaurun
lne all about it. InnlnHlnir mom. nf ih.
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Blnghamton, N. Y., to sure and
mention thU paper.
SrArroati, May It. Memorial aerv-
ices by the Iwys In blue, Co. C. 3.1 lUui-
ment, O. S. U., Sunday, May Mb, at
the Stafford cemetery. Co. C w ill leave
Portland over the Kat Side Electric at
S :M a. m. ; leave Oregon City at 10 a. m. ;
arrive at cemetery at 11 :30 a. m.; atark
anus and partake oi noon day rations la
a urove near by. Friends will come ore-
pared to spread theli lunch with the hoys
In blue and partake of army rations
U. S. hardtack, canned horae and Uant
from their knapsacks. At 1 p. tu. pro
ceeding to the grave of IViw Hoy (isue.
a fallen comrade. Invocation : irreellnif
to the boys In blue by Hon. K. A. M-
es : resonse, Capt. Clothier; unveiling
monument and memorial services by Co.
0 (strictly military); two songs, "Blest
Be the Tie fhat Bind" and "Sweet live
and Bye" lo which all are requested lo
take part. Alter eierclses at the irreve
Co. C will proceed to a meadow near
P. Gage's home and drill for 45 min
utes. A sham battle will be one of the
feature. From the meadow thev will
return lo the car.
Mrs. M. A. Gago will arrive from Cor
vallis Friday. '
Mrs. Ague Howard will arrive from
Lyle, Wash., Saturday. Other relatives
of the deceased ill arrive during the
Capt. H. K. Hayes was a caller here
the laid part of lite week.
Capt. A. W. Clothier, of Portland,
spent a day in our midht.
B. F. Wed lie and G. Moner are clean
ing their fence row.
John Muer is adding an L to his
Mrs. UicckhofT and wife, of Aurora,
passed through here Monday on their
way to Portland.
Sheep raisers here have prepared to
dip their sheep this spring to rid them
ol ticks. 1 here is a marked Im rirriVM.
merit in those that have been thus cared
for in the past year.
state V.
Salem, taken a loi'lllh In Which Iu Heir tl.ua.
Ti n following delegates reprrinlp. oilltlv Inform Ibeiliarlvrs aa lo I, a U. la
the Kitirtli I-rag'ie at the rout t.ilu.n In the raae.
In Tai-nliia, Waahlliwtoil, laat week: - -
Itev. (i. S. ltov. r, Clara llntirirtnan,
Annie Bertthar I and l! -e T 'ki'it.
Mrs. i. Ilaaa, of 'urtti., la vUiting
Mrs. Bonnnl.
Mr. J. Anderson Is ron fined lo Ida hrd
with the nuluajf,
Mr. F. J. Gary, una of our promlnri.it
Clacaainaa rxinty leat her, waa in Mil
waukie la it haturday Ir atia ting bua.
nea and vlaltmg hia friend.
Laat rvk al tv hool John Kobrrt had
h's non broken by a colIMou aitii a
sin!'r boy.
' -- a. X XV .
IM Hind fou Han klmn BoujM
Nkkuy, May The weather
been quite nico for the pant week.
Mr. Askin's counin bus arrived on a
visit for a few days.
Catl Koiwhak will leave next Thorn.
day for GeiHo, Ore,
The roads are splendid around our
. The Needy Cyclone nine played with
Aurora and were beaten.
The road supervisor has had a 1lnl0
trouble with some of the neighbors.
Emil Mantandon was in Oregon City
on buainess last week.
MiLWAUKiK, May 14. Canper Ken,
Milwaukio's famous blacksmith, Is build,
ing a fine residence on his now property.
Mr. Tschamer hits the contract for lis
construction and is progrewung well
with the work.
Mr. T. J. Gary has Hold his aero in
the Lewelling tract to Noah Hublor, who
will build a home on it in the near
Miss Casto, of the primary room of the
Milwaukle school, can boast of a record
MoLaLU, May 13. Weather aa
changeable as ever, but geitittg warmer.
Spring baa suddenly opened out In all of
Its splendor.
Our physician Is kept busy looking
alter the sick txtople ol ltuvlle
Molalla has a laundry now and should
have, creamery.
Joe llarlea has a little black . dog
about the slae of a common "bhuk rat."
thai ha killed over luO gray s-julrmls
title spring.
Carry Herman was brought home
from the Baghy saw mill with a tuaihed
foot and ankle, the effects of a log rolling
loo near him.
Cains Herman arrived home from
Washington logging ramp laat Friday,
and reports thai hi working partner
waa killed by his aide In felling it elr
third tree.
J. I). Jordan, goes to Southern Oregon
this week, lo look after hi mining In
toieala there, for a short lime.
J'iit a lot of corn Is being planted In
this locality this spring for the gree,y
cu -worms to work cm.
r.ti;-inere 1 quite a lako ba k to
slot k snoecrilior on the improvement of
the Everl.art hill, parthular to Ihooo
that ejpected to drive a team to the
amount of their subscription, and now lo
be confronted with the task of digging
out oak grubs among the rock and blue
clay, for the new right uf-war. with Ike
temperature and inclination of thu sun
al IK) deg., will U a trial on the grubbers
stability. Then If the "luuilri r" is to
be "spill" and too, the "bo" will have
to draw largely on his executive ower
to keep bis "gang" from all taking to
tbeahaily woods In the heat of the day
1 herein a mile or Iwo of the Molalla
and Nowland Mill road that rune thromb
the Jordan ranch that ia up before the
county court for consideration j owing to
tiie establishment of three other county
roads, through and along said ranch,
this section of said mill road had been
vacated by the travel and road iiinervt-
sore for 20 years. Yet in the muddv
season people have been In the habit of
crossing the ranch in many directions.
Within (ho Inst year those Crosn lot fruv.
elors have Wome convinced that the
owner of thu land Is In earnest u!.m.i
fencing tip his hind and confining tho
travel to tne (i:any county roadn. One
Hibbord who also owns eluhiv
land In this immediate vicinity wants
mis old lorsukttn part of the road revived
very much, but not enoMni, i.. ......
land for the road-way of "public utility"
( ?) on these grounds, he worked up a
"request" lor a survey and . ..ui,.i..
liMliinont of said suction of Nowland Mill
road. Io supervisor was unii t
work this section any tnoro than they
Imd for 20 years put, no momher of
lioiiseliolilers put down thoir signature
lo u,o requeet" for roeHlablinhmtuit,
whud. the lamencHH of the law dune not
require for roHtirvnylng old rna.la. n,.
rcsurvey was ordered and ma-loj Mr.
Hibbard guts two of the viewer aoleclod
relatives of his. Tho rr,0,l ...
. ling 1fJUII
viewed and surveyed, Just diagonally, so
l P.o'l Join U now a via t ,i at Mr.
J.C Siii.ak.
ly J. M. I'arl"f and wdota,k tU
tram f Portland thja ttutrning
Jnnih Oalbrrl has a It a r oiiiun
yard. II say' the ptoaiv.l ho u
brtlrr fo a r'l crop
P J. Merk, our btlUher, I 6vW 00
the l. k liat.
Mr. C. J. Hall, who has Un al.k
for Hue lliiirt, a how up Saia
H.O. Hay nt len ga'lonaoi ctaam
to NtwUrg Ulay, II make iuah!t
Uielil etery wk lo the ir-au.nr.
Kevervtid J. W. Fldrikly and (irtot
WolmravlorlT went Ut Ifayvtl lu hold
ervhe laat Sunday,
The lai rain did Iota of good. The
prirct for a f! bay rrup never
Our old lltn friend A. I'. Todd, bat
been shaking !,e very rtli Hailing
lump ol late. That's rl-hl llMUr
lAacts, Mav 13. We are l.arlng
lowly weather now. The lr er are
all vry buy putting In gardia and
planting putatora.
Our roav lxa. A. W. Cook, is mak
ing aotiie big lmprvmenu In the Iwki
of the dlflerent road a in this aectlio.
II will lie-in soon lo arri and ift lo
order Urn road from Witiaiun's hill duo
to the tlamaatu store and will begin
eying the plank aa soon as It I ready.
The tle ll at the t'nloit atleiul-
hoUMi, given lor the benefit of the M. E.
church, Friday ulgbt, was a grand sue
CM. Tljey cleared alrotlt lilteen dollar.
Misa lli-iavl Ihiwiiliig, ol Portland, Is
llm guoal of Ml. Boone Jiihliioll.
Mr. Chapinaii, an employe of John
son's mill, had the mlaforlillie 10 get his
fool badly crushed this week.
Mrs. Nellie Mulligan, of Portland, Is
visiting her mother, Mr. J. Poicing,
Inn week.
Them taill Ixi a ilnwa at JuhlUMin'S
in the big hay barn neat Saturday night.
Tim WiMulnmn ira maklnir tirenart-
lions for a big celebration the Fourth ol
July Aa It. la lm ll. rlnl lima llamas-
inn. .im.
cua has given a celebration they IlttoliJ
tu have a grand allalr; good uitmc,
good prcgrain, and almve all a roimlng
good time. Dveryhody Invited.
Hurrah for old llamaaeiia I This com
munity la Inat heirlminiif li And out that
' r " a. "
they are alive after having been asleep
for so long. For (wo or three years
there has been almost nothing going on
in the way of amusement; now there Is
church, Sunday school and singing every
Sunday, and (nxials, bulges, unturtaln
uiunla of some kind ever week. That
ia the way to do bo social and live liko
someone while we do live.
The Woixlinen have a lodge held In
Illlluary's hull with a large membership.
The Modern Brotherhood of America
also have a good lodge orgiiulxnd here
and hold tl.elr meeting in the Uobt.
Lovelace building. We are glad w
Hamascti making a success of smno-
A number of our you
over to Die Columbia I
Ing lust Sunday. Tin
time, hut no fish.
Miss Pearl Lovelace Is expoctod homo
soon on a visit,
What Shall We Have 1'or l)eHi'rtI
This question arises In tho family "
ery day. Lot us answer It to-day. itf
Jull-0, a delicious and healthful donsurt.
I. .. .I U 4 ...!.... I. , 'Kn l.ililllllll
i iuiarnu in iru iiiuiuiun, -
no baking I simply add boiling water and
sot to cool. Flavors: Lomon, urango
JUripberry and (Strawberry. Got a paok
age at your grocers to-day. 10 cts.